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In case you were somebody's imaginary friend during the last man. Madrid performance PU is what you'd miss. Very few things that bring me more joy than sending someone into a situation that you know we're going to be awkward but they don't. You know there's some perverse joy you get like oh yeah man that's about as mother or whatever it's completely my mother's well. I want that my mother set Leo but I guess there's some things up a hard time believing you could overbooked and don't forget to tell someone so the story in a nutshell was. She made friends with the balls that she had the balls and when to come over and done the deal among the tells me that's who she says may look. I'm like fourteen or fifteen civilian knew who don't to middle school. No props so my mother showing this woman around my house I'm trying to be division gentlemen she asked me to be our go to shake her hand woman around folder which is walking around tonight hey. At all at all and I hope it does not Obama like you didn't tell me that. Callaway is charged with a recording his wife's performances and participating in one sex act at a Jonesboro nature preserve. While inside of chatters according to report. Callaway also operated a pair of wireless vibrating pennies more eyes his wife so I guess you just have to control. And all the sudden like the appetizer comes in she puts them let me me me I actually I doubt. He did he dialed the Baghdad on the and then when she comes over getting dial that I got to do I think I lack the thing that. If that's. He for the Delhi or explosive turn of drivers which are hanging. Free on bail sessions of cal are you did. The vibrating remote control pain this describes my mile and I'm unfamiliar with the I just can't he going to SX shot against the go oh yeah after I just I didn't realize that it exists that potentially going to dispensers and seeing the remote control vibrating panties and you know. I'm above those for your moment in the we're gonna go to chatters can fix it even death illness sit down and no religious vibrate you while you eat those delicious Britney. You're I think they used to Wear back in the bay hills like a guy who was just working as a vendor or whatever but he would have. A clip on the side of his belt and have a quarters dimes Nickels and AM jail if pressing down at a drop money. Now thousand woman on where one of those on the inside and outside and have addressed. And in some of these changes for each other if contingency contingent pain and I hand turn up Obama it's that magic in it. I can make any kind of change you need. DD five dimes DV tin nickel they called the soft shot machine and how they want to do since two quarters put it off defense mckinny's. Changing changing changing changing James. If you would be entertained all day of icing on the woman like at the three setter must church and changing tainting what had changed again 37 the contingent tenure ago. The ones I'm simply no one cares. If anyone knows is that the airport. A good old. Saying I don't again grabbed the dog down. Back depth like even the same people may be quiet in the rest of an airport this about an airport it's understood the can really do. People yelling at the equivalent of take my kids have stored for long term equal drove them. Right it's only a bad static and ratings won't will yeah move to blockage in front of you who voiced. Airport. Dammit I gotta say I'll be right back where they're martyrs like he just doesn't matter. Yep that's what he had kind of been that person at the airport short I'm just like and we ran out with somebody and they got to drink right and they got the wrong thing. But we are closely geek since then as they just took the wrong thing thank you bitching about the fact I just said. It's only after they haven't hit hit it okay. You know what I did I wouldn't tell you this is I don't somebody bumps that are out there when you talk good drag. You should I say I don't want it or just you gonna have to suck it up include both the plane opposes the legislate for Powell he's an important public and I. One scenario in my life where I Mets my. To my grudges started dating this direct X more I okay. So and she dated him for probably four or five years they were one of those couples have been together for ever. So is much is. She obviously said that he wasn't the ideal person for her and updated him in the best light you know you know with a good you know I just you know like I should just hand. And I talked to ferment I'm like. Suspicions that he's critical. You know like you my first think you know he seems to learn you know and then all of a sudden just kennel like please give me this look like. I'm sorry I think it's. I would like I think that if you put you're is gonna have to find out on your own. When you write the he could be helpful and I do anything like this guy he's. All right very good bitter about it I had an I'd like to meet you pay either. By those old bulls are gonna lie and good luck on our prayers are active. Well I was you know more. Someone else what's the craziest goal moment that you witnessed in the way we go while sorting security a fine gaming establishment have seen up funny. Doubles getting into its the one stands out those couple who got into a huge screaming match. When I head over to ask what's going on the ladies' dreams. I just started my period and he won't take me home to get my tampons act her boyfriend with a speed of a ninja pulls on a handful of truffles and frozen and her and runs out the door. We'll try to pull the only indoor truffles. And take an early break so I go out the Florida left about the incidents for about ten minutes. That Josh Afro general and girls drinking what do do group had just go get moving to Tampa. Now with our troubles Jeff Gordon Brown well. Miles you tell that story about switching on the plate. And I this week just seats in that wreck if I completely forgot that had been that person on a flight that he's switching to some I do not which he unified. I was going to a wedding. Hand I had literally broken up with this girl like a week before that I heard this story yeah she's so I change. My seat. That we're not sitting next future I think I'm Smart coal yes right but then I saw her in the airport I think we should change his seat back at Ari. And who. We're. I dad 00 pictures she's in the middle I'm on the aisle I did it's maybe an hour into it there's a couple drinks and another five hour flight yeah. She once had that conversation. Ohno right in the slate. You've got to be kidding me I mean and I remember her and draft your trash like she's she's crying in lake it. And when we. Even leaning over to the guy I think we both were like we are really sorry and I just felt horrible for easy just sitting here in the window he stuck at the window CDs are couples I've. What whether I was you or someone else what is the craziest double moment did you witness 844999. Cola hello malady welcome to the men's room. Tell all hello I would have that's great are you want yes but the language in this country are you who are you calling from Reno Nevada. I just moved here for a lot of all well Leo Reno Nevada man oh man okay. While Obama has no I believe it well anyone who walked in their own power and think that this that they hit a good command of all lose appendages. It behind my fingers are mad men. Wow. Burlington free Joker who did this man Walter growth and improvement in ties are across. With a different. Thank you don't have is names there's Donna you know you're really I think. Now done men's room legacy can continue. And believe what you're about to hear is real. So this radio program are simply. That's trying to offend anyone. There's our. Ward. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. It is done. You know they say see your radio more than three times. And your. I don't want to go look at this another 2600. Instead of people are at. Along with Steve the thrill hill. We did today and laden. And applied posh. Do they are in the men's a. Dad today return of whom Sox last. The word has foreign language terms that make you sound stupid. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines read your job they fumbled as your emails and everyone's favorite TV time would take place. Flat did you drag and I don't go five nurses in Denver suspended for an marring the size location Steve McMahon stake. To Pittsburg where four year old stole the car runs over his brother because he's trying to get the Chucky cheese real quick. Where is hurricane arm approaching billionaire Richard Branson like Kevin Cronin decides to ride the storm out. To PG county workup delivers baby young side of the road while the mom did scream and count. And well and has one hell of a first date moved story that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. Oh not pitching is good day keep you and your all right the Oregon State Court of Appeals they won't let a couple. Has to have the vocal chords of their six adults. Cut. Yes you're correct we'll go through the details of a minute but just know that the couple's dogs. Apparently they start barking at 5 AM every day if they don't stop for the rest of today this has been ongoing. For fifteen years does not just the neighbors the couple's own kids don't wanna go home. To the market dog they've all had enough and a quarter great now they have been ordered to surgically silence their dogs. In Lynnwood Washington the local police department there tightening its policies that govern when they could release their canine units and this after one of the dogs bit the eleven year old kid. Now it's worth noting that the eleven year old kid who is also breaking into a store at the time goes on to give them a cent but nevertheless. The gym won't learn a lesson but apparently the police taxable reevaluating the moments when they can release McCain. We go outside of Atlanta Georgia. Where somebody. Somebody of the pet tiger well I'd just like somebody had a pet tiger because any state and because of the tiger and not yellow lab. Coupled other guns in my shop demo followed that they're look at the tiger. I understand. And an Argentine authorities of their bench until someone's pet pigeon. We're heads pigeon. They were suspicious of the president pulled on the grounds that blew the thing out of the sky turned up their suspicions were correct. We'll share that story with you in just a little bit but the point of all this that same man and each of these instances somebody is. Supposedly responsible for these out to right and if you have a pet or if you had to pay it. And are plenty of stories attached to that pat McCormick question is about today. What is the one story. You'll always tell about your pets your brother Joseph caught a four part 999 although like the men's room on FaceBook you can follow us on Twitter men's room I've answered your emails to the men's room at men's or my back out. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you is you. Threw Molotov LA bella was number 2674. What a huge. Turn it sucks lesson great stories Lauria as usual the word as us some foreign language terms. That we use all the time. Doral actually using incorrectly and make us some stupid so believe it or not with the word may do you think it's fun to say I don't know what's what's a with a foreign language term everyone uses they lobby say mommy I got a perfectly good example. I'm and we will have a bunch of those turns and why we're saying them incorrectly and why it makes us sound dumb to use them when we do but we believe those are the right. Times and in places to use. Our third fact. I what I discovered man in my limited trips to Mexico is. I never proclaimed to know the language very well but you think you have a handle on basics hello goodbye thank you bathroom Banja it doesn't matter what you say yes sounds stupid this is. Because no matter who are giving the select adios right you're the same rights that we did they said it but when I say they'll get the smirk on her face yet. Every time and that the one question the first summer went into quick side. Just understand these things there was a convenience store next to the hotel. And everyone in this area town with comment that the cashier got to work for an account. He uses this grumpy dude who never smiled and I never got it go listen man I'm telling it every time I go to displace those guys so friendly. Some are per week and every day billion pack more runs in that order my. I packed. Small rural so anyway it was always weird to me. Because even all right always bought the same thing he would never just grabbed the smoke and I'm ready playbook through and it he goes way from about whatever Salma lastly there I was informed that I spent the last seven days asking him for a pack of moral peaks ala apparently wrong hole. As red and that is why he was very friendly to me because I'm the stupidest customer durability and met the guys about from our reputed to have them. What is it man when I was on vacation want to cure so one year and those this kid. And he was like the global. Ivan is like seventeen years old eighteen years old but you can tell like he was kind of like the elder statesman of the life guarding community at this thing so. I walk up until like the first and of course elected aren't we're like it leader and as I optic. At home hold onto our energy EE basically locks up with like one of the magazines that you have that shows you all the tourist things you can I didn't know all the different stuff. In a weed is in the middle that has a fusion magazine there and I my god thank you man tell you for the magazine anyway I guy in school boy and a talking to play here I am like cool book music and man he's like on ago the United States and other you know travel I'll do some studies like Hillary's and here rants and talked everybody to speak much language. I'm gonna languages fate. The obvious this big English she's like I speak Dutch I speak Portuguese I speak Spanish and I speak one other one and a camera what the hell was. But the kid was seventeen years old he spoke like five languages and the staff and he's working at the pool. Well I didn't go to thought our guys Morgan at the polarizing figure myself like elect I don't I don't speak if you think this is this is embarrassing so we've got. Foreign language terms that make you sound stupid coming up with a word and today we're gonna talk about our pets now depends on how the story about. There's always going to be on stories that will always ring true about your experience with pets and whether that's one specific pet that you had twenty years ago. The bet that you currently on whatever the dealers even someone else that gap and I'm allowed to start with the one that that I will never forget and it just it's been recent and with the dog that I have now named chewing in Chile was out of her mind. She's a Beagle. She was part of a a rescue operations were a woman was a pat Porter. And she had a walk in closet she had thirty dogs didn't indulge Walken. They they all had all the closer all the issues in Dallas and are very organized debit that was just one area of the house and with a barrage yet crates stacked up she was you know how many animals that she had. Opponents and palladium walls of this one's eighty Frick an animal all together it's totally gonna eat any bobbled it ever all of recovered and fecal matter in nearly one out so it's just a disaster like I just. Why is Don Hewitt. Hoard animals the authority crazy amoeba like if you like animals that much that your hoarding them. So while they look animal organs like the always covered in the room who you think like if you like an animal that much like. Wouldn't you take the time to clean and at least it's over showed obvious that what you've eighty animals and taking care Romney are at depth but it's it's also different when your you know if you're crazy you're taken a big shipment in of animals from. From hurricane Harvey. The shelters understand the magnitude the number of animals coming in this little those random days were like. It's just a Tuesday and also an eighty dog show which you know normally get right you'll heads up on the campaign and they're like oh god or overall. So we took a stop. And I really of 79 and her name is Juli which is a little bit strange why would you name a female dog chew it away that was the name on the yes great so OK fair. Are you name any dog she is a better guy named them well that the I mean like I know bizarre got a few things but let's go all right so we we get a metal crate. And we put chewy into the bedroom and we're gonna go out. Maybe the second day third day we've had the dog through your dinner. So reporter in the great. And it's a metal steel crates and that we close the door on the bedroom which are the fan on return television on those who might be there were gone for an hour and a half the debt. When I come back I go to open. The bedroom door it will move. It is completely. The doors not Lockwood what is going on when it happened was that immediate dog had chewed through the metal crate. She had chewed through the metal crate pried the bars apart and she'd gotten out of the crate and then she proceeded to pull up the carpet. She pulled up the carpet she was each he had eaten through the pad. And now she was eating into the plywood to try to tunnel her way out the better. So if you if you have a new look it my carpet when you walk into the bedroom you can see that. Oh wow what a bad scene job was done right here because she was on her way to telling out and I mean. It was one of those things it was like a welfare Obama were you know he Backstreet an entire wheel of cheese like he wasn't even that I was mad I was just like. Oh my god program like oh my god like voted this this is unbelievable look what you did you don't mean you you pride through metal bars. And then you started seriously there was plywood like chunks. That she chewed up already shoots she was seriously working her way to supply will ever and she saw Shawshank. Until really that doesn't locked up a dog you let the DVR and charge a redemption probably came on slight. I can do that yeah I mean I can do so you know you give the stock prozac and nothing happens. You know like nothing happened this dog is just nuts you mean to a token in the dog you know some years later. Still nuts she opens of drawers she broke each I've got to put childproof locks in my kitchen. So that we could put her medicine and growers and all that kind of stuff but she's figured out how to open up the door put her Paul and she presses down on the latch and opens the door I kid I struggle with the I got him that. Have do you have security in your play like a video cam no but I'm telling don't wanna shoot don't smell a might lose well don't do man you are using it as a speaker on a radio today Jack Jack I just I got to see. Are you know. You'll wanna I wanna see you she movie Buffy moves bar stools so that she can leap from table to table to get on the kitchen counter you don't she wanna see physically nudged a chair over the lead from area to area from the couch. To the table to the counter and NET two count cat food on the on the count are too. If the dog is that Smart. Why did you keep destroying everything. If the dog is the dog as intelligent as far and has an ability to deal would cost you know I have been knocked somebody on the floor biggest regret it might even know how the broom words Blake broke don't have thumbs couldn't help so art. I don't earn his remarks. My dogs pretty Smart but like certain thing religious candidate well I don't I can walk in the door. And there she is and she's like. Aren't that are screaming out in all that stuff but if I walked in man and she's like kind of just like wither had little bitter tales like this. You don't you don't crap I know Austin's I'll walk upstairs in my are are what what what am I gonna walk into the present. A nervous you can find it. It was going to be given the roads give themselves of their life I think if you were a top. You wish that dogs can talk. My intention interrogation room goodbyes to the you don't to a person I want to Darman unseemly thing I don't know no I don't reckon that a dog boot. Yeah leaflets or we will ask you a question and we already know nobody's up there I mean. You go home you know your dog's done somethings they give that look and Ted to me this goes to like the reason I don't wanna see what happens at the home of the camera because. It's off and come home in the trash cans took over the trash on the floor and I understand. That in theory if you had thumbs you claim that adds up so I wouldn't know from my issues if you can't clean up your message you don't get to medical and that's that's the deal with the dog and she's pretty good but. You opened a door maybe you're a good mood in direct usually. The dog Abydos there tomorrow run up the stairs agreement by opened the door Nadal is already there she is Marie herself on the sword and but then I have to go to the house and find it what it is she dead. I like three weeks ago I get home and the dog has opposed him on my. God dammit man like or even which he did but he did so I'm looking manner and as I told dornin dead youngest. Bad girl ago it sold out to the twenty minutes upon and finally. Finally. I find the problem is as is pile of poop under table in the basement it but the way it's been explained to me like. After you've dealt with the doll to Bennett wanted to like you can't like revisit the same thing so yeah. I had to discipline her when I walked in the house and I have no idea what a disappointing or four. She's just wearing assurances. Joseph do you start look for my dollar and twenty minutes later probable will now man for real because the pilot as it is and make up but I can't really like say anything to the dogs the dogs like we are we already dealt with a. Tells march to city a dog August are right so evil yeah she will take a crap in the middle Florida prop that's very Smart and yeah this is how Jean issues now. This cat that I discuss doctor governments are we got hit by car. And he has a broken pelvis is a broken hip you just did the worst pets man and he has already Nevada has got to bro you go to the island of misfit boys as they look plain and simple doesn't work for has got them things got a bad later in your dog rescue. Yeah but there's nothing wrong with the dog at the worst of the dumbest of the it is just so did nothing wrong about it here's a thing like and a put back into another four Novak and I MI output doctor Gomez down on the floor if you rest you do wrong animals who runs it like. I doubt they'll rescue dog in his own mouth so raw home with the don't you get rescued animals and somehow your first late. You get what I'll call perpetually red stray animals don't they always do but here's a that Medicare would even get up to eat. So I would hold the ball in front left front of his face and he would sit there and he would eat now. Just to give you an idea to have major activist now he's the first time I saw him get up on two legs is gonna drag us back hind legs right generates six fold up on the front row. Was back his hips been broken and is gonna fractured guessing he's he's like he's been recovered again my dollars are it's no social and rescue he that he wanted to get up to eat right. But as soon as he had to use the bathroom. He propped himself up and he walked over on two legs any got into the litter box and he fell on his side. Any just took a giant crap that guy and a pissed all over himself and then got up and pulled himself out so is Smart is my dog years in theory. He's an immediate because this this cat. Act like you can't even move. Drags himself in new litter box lays on his side boobs all over himself just how Smart but he used the litter box. I am credit for putting heat out of foul play heeded advice did he can't score I would have fewer bathroom but I approved under floor and I could relate hey that he wants a rapper that he wants to go on the bed with you don't match to the soil tonight Penske pitcher Joseph Swanson family got off track example I'm trying to kind of like a kind of trying to take care this cats I've got to my bad manages reeks of year and he's got crap all over and select every damn my. Analysts considered. But yeah he's getting better now but I mean he was he didn't wanna poop anywhere you wanna use the bathroom and let me help I'm like if you're on animal. Get out of my attic and so did you just spotlight the just the bottom of what they were gonna put him down so I said I've made to determine if cat. The Hewlett cat they're going to be beat out right though that would knowing that ways that a little dogs maul bring themselves eat really I think delicately in miles is defensive there. Sometimes other people might have it it'd influence on his decisions sure bets show. The threat it was still I am so it's like look we're gonna Baskin Robbins. And I over the wanna get chocolate. And you're trying to force me to not get child who put the older flavors like heard with threes are no it's black liberation it right it was likely answer I don't highlighted a fascinating history why do we have to give this one right exactly why this wanna. So they're gonna put down the two leg tan they're I put it out other time I'll pay for the African operate there shallow yes exactly though these assay to cash and needed loses like they're gonna comes like first they don't work nobody out does it got a he's not the work Gary's fine he could walk he's limping. Into I'll be live image. People are worried on Twitter whatever word. Some people say you should try some CD do you oil that dark. For that that cap you mean of the dog the dog she went through everything. Maybe I mean the dogs on lycra the dogs are more medication the most human beings just gonna test them so I think it's a prozac it's a denials and in Chile is also another beef all right chooses to be. It is just before where there is word for now also say hey miles good. Your dog is board doesn't. It is my mild you understand. That we tried prozac for years it does not portable Benadryl Benadryl is a wonder drug and then now. I want with my grandson Bo after birth and then after that it's the Quetta and Robert they're both get a drop camper at the speaker. OK and I don't forget so if you see PCQ we up to no good. I don't let me just I'm usually you know whose voice is soon gonna talk to doctor Gomez took as he talks back really doctor Gomez. Is I think you've heard so much stories about my father in the crazy interactions fast food restaurant up stadium any other kind of eased up prozac for years. And zoom you Benadryl and that is something they don't support it although I don't. Reminds sadly I don't think we can just to ride I guess I can't either. What is the one story you'll always tell about your petty 44999. Ole saying no more. It didn't. Let them all pros I had a chance go crazy at the top. I don't take you to address after. At all animals loved after not your animal as they did a revision while the dog going in that time. I think this job bagel and Jack looked up and malt somewhat so I don't really go to the window and just get this mall all the personal stuff it's just talk. The hello good job cuts will come to the men's room. A lot. So and empty can are remembering a better story than it might not I could switch it up or just go to your original. Yeah and always tell my your monitor starts off don't do this to my man. Eight switch it out now ahead in every once your show we don't know all the cells that might not be the only person who knows if he's got a better story there. OK so so I was I don't know if they're seek greater confidence and them mom and her boyfriend and started apple. I'd like our Bauer I'm like that. So he lived down the word. And we didn't so calm so he you know. So guys give me a couple minutes he made a man with a dog you know and then put an end like those equal but for me bike camping coach. That's a record intends to equal amount to good to have property. So we could very. And that it's the big dog it was like. It was like I don't know three or were different kind of war mixture or something like that sort of really really big doc. And that I'm really surprising to speak English can't be just and so on a drive out of it to the would you begin while I had early and some way we. Back in the. So so we we get out there. Can't my buddy and I were quite different we're both probably be 1112. Cash and that's where you know the manual laborers we can okay here here's where I want all that deep hole comes we get the holdout. And then he's as nice as well you guys don't really want to. You wanna see it get dark so kick rocks for about five minutes and then and then come back until all so we get back in leash he'd just done. Just like a dark blanket with a one under. You know Dick obviously after the dark so we start on the hole out. And then I mean I mean I don't know if you guys don't agree before I haven't played it OK once you don't want to get so little bit you gotta jump on the dirt to console has success is our. Two. Don't you know you're ignoring him to work to go to like let me go. Into would jumping on the dirt to compacted in and also doing here. OK okay do. And we'd like Hamilton was called back. And dark side that this and how only go find him I need to talk that the dot look at either. Well we're clicking a little bit when I had accredited that Robert de ho word. We start digging looking up like all right we kept buried dead dog any good. Know guys it's Bedard not dead it's a year they can no longer liquidity needs there would be talking about. It into the lungs is. It keeping either do the back side or. I am like you guys are jumping on top of. Rates and that's what we were hearing aids is a bit I mean it's how read. Now what do you think now all the sand bass looking back you think you were doubled on top of the living dog you think it was errors keeping. Know he can put you wouldn't you had a really Great Britain with some of my day is like your mom's better boyfriends. Yeah that anything could happen. At. So Elian destruct on the coast of people out there are the best people probably be killed dogs and outlook to break its legs this company UK who not only go I think that's that's another level of late evil and and that's his pet dogs are fun but that's still in freaked him out. What is the one story you'll always tell about your pet a 449990. Like you are listening to the men's or radio network. It's miles. Our question what does a one story you always tell about our very far far 999. Cola. Surges up there are a tiger shot dead in Atlanta. This is pretty. Now mama heard under the finds her dorm before while those tigers over. In his tigers picked off from a Louisiana smell issue Louisiana yes I'm excited wherever. I can mechanical angle tactics and state authorities are working to determine how the tiger ended up and up residential neighborhood the the tiger was shot dead after it attacked a dog and was spotted roaming around Henry county neighbor no idea who the tiger belong to. There are a lot of theories but no one really knows. State department of natural resource is also investigating but has not determined who the tigers owner as tiger could have been a victim of the exotic pet trade. Woo yeah for good on a plane ticket and flew from India written and by the way they're not illegal to own with proper permits in the state of Georgia. Around 6 AM authorities received 2911 calls from people who want to pay. There's a tiger in the neighborhood. And fortunately jump the fence and went after a dog. Behind one of the residences there in the officers had to use some forest but the tiger down officers aren't equipped with tranquilizers for bingo tiger. Believe it or not in Georgia even invited trickle wise I'm using I mean I'm shooting low and the tiger was also right beside a school bus. In a populated there do you think that dog right now dogs are the dog thinks it's Melanie cat it's hard to Barkin and bargain and then it got named tiger jumped over the fence and you know that dogs like dude my bad I swear to god my bad I'm Susan and death as soon learned britney's back who owns the dog and said incidents said she woke up and her dog was going crazy. In the backyard. When she went back to her back window to check underdog she named. Journey. She saw the tiger in the neighbor's yard along the side. Why don't stop believing. Soon after the tiger jumped on her dog journey yes Blackhawk all. A separate ways. World the voter Americans and do. Exit dash around the deaths. Turn on the light pole is going I'll never heard of giant tiger to small dog knew why because small dogs GAAP and on time the tigers like that you know what I'm a tiger are right. You routed ball I don't think so gorgeous roaming around down the easiest meal a German. But. But I dread the tiger with open arms. I think he can't if you can patent it. It was like a full grown food tiger according to spec zoo tiger has again zoo attack on when you see that I'm an actor you don't like one you've seen the sale of Utah new tab you'll need. She presently breads are guys who giraffe you've seen them before you've been to the big city. Doesn't is intact when most. The full grown and dagger that I hallmark all right glad you grandma clearly got a new tiger in the back yard and what isn't so hot it. What is the one story you'll always tell about your petty 44999. Alone George yeah I. Download day welcome to the bedroom. And on top. And day out I grew up in Wyoming. There was. We add debt to attract coyotes at any time. What you know what pulled out four and I think I just. Pets. Coyotes you know like a wild dog that you allowed your home. Except it's a tight artist puts instead of guy duty is he says types what is the one story that you'll always still about your pets the coyote story on the way a 449990. Love.