12-07-17 Seg 3 Men's Room Loves Their Christmas Candy

Thursday, December 7th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes is all about Christmas candies! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Head Jeff unlike Ted mimic Dell's as the most popular Christmas candies around the middle do you as a male of course we will during it's those coming up with a shot of the day what are we gonna commoner to not lose a few I'll say in my favor one for last I just don't understand the house to rent out since the end. No tacos are Mexican are my nose wheel star a loving after the makes you got from global force him. If you if you hit hit hit hit. Whereas deals and from there we go to threads tacos and San Diego open. Our man I don't know your image in the remember let you know I don't know I mean I was down the authentic I guess it spreads the difference. It's. You know Fred he's got the most authentic doctor doesn't sound. I do this guy that thumb on the last call which is excellent that he doesn't like NHL hockey. Have you guys Britain's got the green light data to see men in the it's this they done a four point 999 although as our next contestant ready to play games. When he's talking about my prince does not have a beard that's Googlers who has. Look at them hello I am now welcome to the bedroom. And yeah. I've been. I'm assuming you're playing for teams over there. Okay. Why did you see in the vandalism does sound like in the drive. OK I don't know. And amid broom ball yet to give up one for life is going to be pizza burgers chicken wings are tacos but. I'm don't talk so if you think you and bacon for the rest of Obama and they cannot spot though this is stuff that's great. A girl's. Father would be. Megan and Darko. Had a top had taken on when and if that Taco Bell the may have abated they've they've of the GOP talk or something that for awhile they had a week. And at taco shell you just take a day like oh yeah Detroit and I will say this I've been to a place that had a breakfast talk though the was always on the menu. Annika had scrambled eggs cheese in Dayton. A pretty phenomenal. Do you know what that's good point a little barbecue place and at a breakfast tacos brisket and that change your mind about talk and no it's about the Bruce did the plow old man who pt down day you'd eat that apple just like he. I think Obama granted that is headed to Augusta and got them back and put on clothes. Are here is your question. In the united states of Merkin the RR fourteen states split into two times. Alaska. Casey and did Florida. Idaho Indiana went through went through before Kansas and it rock Kentucky Michigan Nebraska North Dakota south the caught up or again he knew him Tennessee. And what other state. But it is an animal fortunate. The and I do not like I'm glad that you would do. It. You're in area. And I don't know I don't think so I think this is one way to approach I think got a regardless and more are located right you want that they give a large plate right I've got two guesses on this one that's long in London today and do head. You know. Then. Along east to west. Larry yeah I think so my guess will be Montana Texas and Texas would be my. Yeah. The doctor then take my word for house or senate display size wise you know that would be exactly game is big dummy for 4999 alone who's our next contestant rated play the game. Carlos Spencer welcome to the men's room. Okay. But the number two for the day expenses are you sober are not sober. Over Spencer welcome. Threads or are miserable today you have to give up one for like pizza burgers chicken wings are dog goes where you go. They all Stucco. And today there's some stock goes. I'd been doing here is your question to a false. All are the buses grow up with both parents. Keep in mind they're aliens. I'm really thankful. This one to not do listen it's depressing and give the sad music. I do have zen music is a sub and the life of an octopus. Just stardom in the case you know and doesn't end Rudolph the red raider majors and I'm sure your district your sentence was music ago. That is in effect said I'm home it's supposed music you don't want it all depends on Obama and past talent. The mail are supposed dies right after making. So at least we know one thing about the relative he goes out the bank they all died doing they love the female octopus well it dies after birth no way. So bad dad after your mom your mom died given birth to you who. So wake up here and well acted below do you ever think then that the number lies it is if you're only replaced with one and that. This would not be good for high grade math knowledge to really isn't like every every tool then you get one eventually you're gonna have. You have none that's not that far off from the American theory behind why we keep producing depending. Two cents worth of material to create something that's worth exactly have that not save face they had more than one octopus at a time. And guess than Matt if mountain well in Rockefeller institute for one deal I don't know isn't it eventually that they wouldn't be a really into The Who won are or more because mom dies after giving birth Manama Melvin she dies and a lot of different a little warmer through like eight game is big dummy for. Or 999 all of what says she cares for her eggs and maybe tomorrow I'll get IRA are there headlined simply says octopus cares for her eggs for 53 months Osama. Then dies I scrambled to fail. Game is big dummy 8449990. Look who's our next contestant ready to play the gay Pelosi song on welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. And I John's over Minnesota. But fortunately until. John you have to give up one for the rest of your life we'll be pizza burgers chicken wings are talking. With there burgers burgers. Burgers out compared. Well I'd like to aggressively into garments come you want to occupy. Elusive not hockey poses listened you've sons of bitches. I already knew the rabbit hole we go out goddamn question that. I took time to look it up today. Before we got to the point because I knew instinctively that you be upset about this and instead in this case to use of the pluses. Or are deployed to Iraq the pluses instead what I looked this up today. Before I even asked this question because you know the kind of backlash we get from these guys they grammar Nazi sellable horse in this case is a look. You can use ar the pluses or Huff and puff and merry go. And I was waiting for your comments are. Why they employ you complain about everything. Aren't here is your question. John Henry is due to endorse. Became what famous country singer. Not a very good pilots but a fine singer. OK. I think Robinson did and he's a country music singer yes. I don't get a little bit country go to college I knew him you double earnings were not a very good part. Of my country music Harrison Ford. Even worse. People go oh I know it is just I know and now I'm Eric I know who it is. Right I. No he left on the fifth play. John Denver I don't think he's coming back. Yes not not not a big fat they're found John's at. I don't that's great that's true and true practice they found the rest of them yet but what do they think happened to his head. I can't emboldens our but I know he crashed into the ocean outside of most any it. It never found is that no comical call that Fred. And all priced out of the Richard quest. Jackie Stewart with the first Graham three driver to use what safety device. Ali law. Yeah. I was just thought look my dad about being a dad Billy. It could be at that little net please stay here. Carl I know you're saying no effect on supplies to the. So I'm gonna reflect comments are completely through not live on big dumbest. We know. I don't think that's news anyway and you've been bad chemical thing Elizabeth walked the thing with the chemicals in them that's not a mammal borrower may come up. To breaking. It could you just. Sand the flame says if if if if it if I next question can go to our country of Spain. Blew it today and yes you heard me right boom day as a day of the people can spend playing pranks on each other what day of the year doesn't follow up. She. Oh not to go to parliament knowledge here Ed good old US today that he April 1. Your is correct that day is April Fool's Day there won't go Buddha or European Allah do you do Oca that somehow doesn't boob who's not a Tara were booed I say my brain was completely so officers arrest a man for Smart about it now somebody show me. Game is big dummy par par 999 alone who's our next contestant ready to play the game. And lol that is very welcome to the men's room. Still I thought wow all right Larry sober enough so. February welcome to show. Larry get to give up one for life will be pizza burgers chicken wings are taco. It wins woke up and cared. Are you weird and the guillotine was originally designed to cut off what. Brilliantly. Is that not a part of the of bodies on the emotional part of my focus. No choice parent that's around yes. Drum feel sound right is that I didn't have army. It doesn't matter Oregon also moved San Antonio to make at least these out loudly don't sneeze and get whatever you damn bad actions or whatever you've done has got to hand off today against teams buckle and got both would be to jump really yeah. You don't get. Back in the day that wouldn't be that shocking but the thing is like if you cut off your hand I mean when you just bleed to death. Probably I mean no matter what like OK I don't have a hand but I mean at that point in time wait and they're doing that I mean it doesn't Connor writes itself as a slight my car horizon them. What I mean is do they have a technology in the short gap fire in your not gonna get like an infection and I didn't save that rat badges and it is hard to write a doubles early Tuesday to head off put it out of the slow death about a hand and mainly to get a Hammurabi fellow man are important to you stole from a jump out of hand they don't want you to Diana wanted to suffer so lovely gonna come Verizon to go around so people. Why is dealing with a man I'd much rather be getting into the junk in there. Hand and an end and I rather doubt my job. Hi John on the I had just annoyed dead meat and potatoes as popular Christmas attendees from around the good old US today. And the return coming up I'll know as Sherlock we'll take a break come back of those emails to commence or amendments or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio networks. It's you. True well I Sherlock cal lawyer I Farley drinking and tells with a Saturday the first half reviewing emails here for the men's room and men's or mud dot com column. Well imagine the the John Denver Joseph Torre and I yeah we're talking by John Denver did you know our former country singer legend and anyway he he died when his plane crash. Into the emotional dose of San Diego and you wonder of one of and then they never found his head none it and haven't come became man and said there was last week it was thank god I'm a country belief that. You're Karzai I'm sitting out number their quest to my son Zachary is now spun around the sun for five years now and I cannot be prouder of how he has grown up gonna you know they were. All right Jenkins and drill the Elson gets. That would be great send them maybe if Ted can make some sounds of a donkey noises because his favorite Christmas song is Dominique the donkey. And he knows Ted loves making crazy animal noises thanks guys. That's from band now official spokesman for the garbage plate around the country listening on 96 point five WC MF in Rochester. Move. Yeah. But Jolo and noble and oops. Did. Okay. I'm noises onkyo is needed organize food so you. But don't like where's my son Nicholas abbey thirteenth birthday he brings you guys are some righteous foods. Gonna you know what that F is that JI Joey chestnut followed by you three talking over yourself about what it's like to be a man party on dudes that from rob noxious yeah. Yeah I yeah. Person wanted to if you wanna be a man's ego and Julia and her sugar and clean up every and leave some meat on the kind of look I love plants and just lotion such silly don't you remember there's never usually straight or you're only our Bernie it can only like take insurance and I'm sure all the dogs always using saudis are looking around the shower every day you don't want to. Guys there's no brother Maher teeny weeny Evans dudes heard it twice third trip around the sun if you pulls and wish him happy birthday give a big old fat bong rip that would be read thanks bridges and keep on rocking that from Danes. Paula jog a mile from sister Taylor Tony Bedard today continue to face that would genocide going to be OK thanks guys that from Kelsey fish sandwich oh. Bullets holes at my best friend or whose birthday she's 25 minutes literally the reason why I'm still alive today and she listens to you guys every day. Have you ever shot out with a cut that big job next dollar and some dirty German talk that would make her date I cheers guys that from the lovely Shea. Pretty good no. Not at all. I'm a Leo they knew they glow coming Drummond dimpled balls and he too. Young I'm limited sit back listen to music. They see each day this will come together. I know I've never deja on the sky thanks for bringing me in your family and letting me torments are girls sorry I will be there to celebrations you guys but. Gonna get your peers is too small and some dirty Germans from dead and thrill thanks guys that from Jake. Oh yeah okay. Jobs a month ever make your son Woodson on the side you can enjoy the one night. Don like the famous candy from Germany. Opened the right carries a little enjoyment that. Joseph 10s1 noon 101227. Day alive which makes him 28 years old and we listen you guys in Kansas City every night when he picks me up from Oregon the rock station in Kansas City and we go Pokemon hunting. Could you Yemeni your peers is too small and little kids they Stanley's that would be amazing that from the lovely Leslie. Okay. They did review a play is always my bitch in boss they're happy thirtieth birthday let's get internal zags in the dirty Germans to talk about his favorite food. Thanks guys that from groups Sox. With today's food. Guess that I. Our whole nuclear improved and I'm assuming this kid. Done in the news or medium skinned bananas from ultra tough economic you've got Bob. Also made. Maybe you of these deadly attacks. It is there's. When Travis tore up her day we would love to wish him having 34 elsewhere you all the lovely don't love VW stealth and applauded you all last year. Which pleasing in the birthday song and in my face and we do some dirty German talk thank you guys that from Candace. Sandwich and I when I'm done with Julia would talk to me. Convenient store catching and some things. John the whole time streaming Sitchin. David is an Australia amber deja to my lovely fiancee at number announced flare. Yes you read that right mr. plain man is getting married sorry Ted I know the sponsorship but I. Move on I'd like free all to get my fiance a LeRoy Jenkins because he plays the game stop the hammering. On May be awesome Pittsburgh miles in the dirty Germans to tell my fiancee what to expect our honeymoon in Vegas after mr. plain man. Yeah. Not yet you guys are gonna get down and there's an avenue in advance. Make Israel both that was the plan. When the popular man bubble. I got nothing mr. Klain man. He got hurt it was always there. Unspoken. But it was between. No more. You heard tunes from London. In single and ban them or get out of who went down there and hold booster. Good Lewis Kevin happy fortieth it was a dirty Germans giving him a hard time now living in Oklahoma from your friends and family back on the issue and wish you were here. Nothing Roma Oklahoma oops oh OK okay. Now Oklahoma quite familiar with the with the wind could speaking down to remain. You should call him big hole in his home did you called the musical Oklahoma and god German I don't know much about the states. Illinois my amazing friend Donnie had the 44 trip around the sign he would love daddy plane's internal saxons of dirty German talk about space pirating. A love your beautiful redhead friend kinsey. Yeah you are a number of this cruel streak to arrange. I'm not know who would displays tired team in with something again that's been covered her face. Hi guys I know. Have you had a good to have you had to return today and had a headache and. I I I dated you made says. Yazoo did you German Bronson. Also available through news and world fame on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Know him Sean fly each. Should you become more here blue blue subject of pets guys who grew up on a farm and could probably write a book about pets we never went and picked up a pets they were all strays. We raised a dog that was dropped to the side of the road when I was less than a day old best cattle dog ever until she was kicked in the mouth by counts. She's had a German shepherd's delight to chase cars showing up one nation begin my dog for about five minutes she then got hits in those my job to put her down with a pistol. I want my sister's small check just yelled yeah had taken by a bald eagle I laughed and laughed and laughed and still think it's one of the neatest things I've ever seen. Stay classy bitches at from Scott in the upper peninsula. Of Michigan. And while more. Thank god the story's not about my pets my wife daughter and I were road tripping from back from Oregon. And we stop take a break and pulled into a mini mart with a little cafe next to him. We parked next to an SUV that had a boxer mix sitting in the driver's seat staring straight out the windshield. Don looked over us and gave us a little knob like he was saying what's up. That he turned his head back in stared straight out of the windshield. My daughter also noticed this we were laughing about how cute it lows and as we went into the mini mart we did our thing in there and went back out to our car. As we are getting settled to continue the road trip a couple came out of the cafe and walked up to the SUV. Woman over the past few yards and oh my god what's that smell. They went back to the back and open up the rear hatch in the moments that almighty god to do some they get paper towels or something Jesus. Whenever the dog's name was how did you do this. The dog dropped to deuce and earlier cargo area at this point we are trying to to bust out laughing and get out of there. As a relieving the dog looks me straight BI gives me another had not it was a good thing there again if I did that with the that there only be alone in the car get a sort of got to look like he was just smiling that he turned his head and continued to look straight at the windshield he. That's from buck on fox silence. Coming other chart of know ahead Cheryl I would first and agendas in the house once in December to its meat and potatoes. To news to lose funerals I. Okay. A lot of times people think about Christmas the all wrapped up in gifts and whatnot was already pun intended than. No actually with. Yet if he get caught up in giving gifts and I think that sometimes you forget one of the most quintessential things of Christmas. Some chocolates candies to the full stocky. The doorman right. When I was a child you have any gifts but then when you open that stacking sometimes there'd be no Lifesavers. Little Christmas storybook. You read the wall while cherries. No go to a man that you felt like that's from Salem street knew when he gets candy for Christmas I got like Netanya Stockton don't like candy just like little things like pencils and stuff. She's out of several bottles say lies to let my kids what would put the stock you make this is the stuff you don't actually. You're gonna need. But you know you don't really want the batteries for your future are stocking was always full of candy one piece of fruit Hahn and as I've gotten older memo put a mixture of booze at. Oh yeah I heard that when he was eleven yeah. Chocolate and a stocking over the fire. Rejuvenation so I'll always smelled the senator chip away at a high can I can make us stocking. Story that sat there. Was we will have a fireplace tactics so he's had a paper fake brick that we put on wanna poll. We Haider sucking dog that I think brick yeah colorful paper break whoa. That was you know salaries of the senate shall decision to break out the barrel that again now the paper prints it. Like the paper record sales I got a bright you know they're very good stuff. Yeah and then we just had a little place we could put it upon layers it was like your hang in a movers Jimmy we have achieved. My way children need life unifier the doldrums that he beat you if you don't have a gym near whatever Santa uses the dollars. Or self control can OS OK I think this can deliver the most popular candy Christmas candy each US state. A lot of these or repeat over and over sure. It when you guys are kids what was your favorite candy around Christmas. I'm just slightly chocolate bar GM I guess like like because he's that you broke out cookie is a lot more but if you like him sort of baking but with Arizona's cookies yeah Alex or talking can't yeah Christmas cookies are final I don't think you have the real affiliation to CNN's Chris is always really and I'm on the big I'm not ever get that gold. The little pieces of gold ever chocolate. Did and on the occasion geo political ad Belinelli ruled re election may be good now. Wow I mean I didn't I didn't those Jewish thing agro Catholic we always got the little baggage on women and chocolate yeah. I may go lie. Or you or do get the game for a picnic picnic at the commitment that if so North Dakota like that they say they like chocolate sales. Look at the evidence do you like Apollo he would realize if you like him thick in and all the way through. Michael Powell attitude is easier to you eat again in much better when I'm a big chunk of chuck it go by to have off at things affiliate regular giant chocolate figurines using Easter Bunny as opposed with Santa yeah. Re you start by byte has had offered of course always is our candidate emerged in decapitation. And you work your way down to get to the but. Let's see biggest state any state. Oregon. Or again no I hope not real reason it's many weeks I'm letting schedule and Christians about Louisiana nobody. All right let's go down to who we see an act as a flip the page and I don't know the alphabet but it's a totally unified. How do you handle idol doesn't it always indicative anybody else would improve their sleeve I don't trust very apparent that it might carry boy pads Thursday as investors bet. I'm I'm now well. But he would allows man to that the party time he would do one for the Pez dispenser when you're darn good the candies got a taste and in many ways that you know with the Pez dispenser was designed after. Not you know a lighter. Okay it makes the day when college for three abreast maybe the older guys on an island still had the the both apparatuses and make a lecture us cigarette and still introduces scared HR. Some stuff on here lake let's let's go to California they picked peppermint bark. Yeah I know that is is meant the like you take all. I think like you are I and they can't get any pain I suggest that as is going to be some relief candy but I think my favorite is peanut butter bread. I guess if cal Virginia but it's it's it's there that it's special time of the year to get that right that's fine my favorite guests. Yeah and here's the deal I like candy canes belly candy canes on my other sweet stuff kind guess one. Don't let the state of Maryland state on the air just from living our guests. Saltwater taffy. Is that your guests now think more personal wish you luck. Individual receive cuts your close man smaller. Received basic car. And now Iran now then yeah. Out of that rightly sees these I don't know pieces you recall presentation our call received BC's. Or and then disease did you ever get the fake plastic Katie came that was 11 am yeah that that our again like you pop back top off track Barak. Have some giggling about for I hate it if it about a half Massachusetts. Massachusetts your lovely Massachusetts. Oh both Boston and other great cities and after the I am I found it. Skills skills relic keep the rain I want to go to an era relatives and the Massachusetts for dollars. Yes a bit Cape Cod right after this kittles everywhere. The streets are flooded with the skip the street from this scandal and it was amazing my uncle Phil strong swimmer swim through all the scandals has made it Omar saved us. Yet played I think he'll. You know those skills does come to mind for Clinton movie came beat him. Yet to me Christmas is always more chocolate eaten that of course now my favorite one is the little Hershey bars. We get the pack that had the little trying to crackle we have our. Hit special dark which now as an older person. I like in the molten milk balls for one of those kind of popped up around the holidays like and a big carton starts leftover Halloween candy yeah but the ones that show the most on this list over and over like Hershey kisses and shorten with a classic Christmas commercial overdo the rapper what do we do you know one. Particularly and you know Virginia the down a lot of stuff. But Eminem's in this case okay yeah evidence to mere classic Christmas candy candy canes and that kind of stuff. You guys are had reindeer court. No I don't believe so well basically the candy corn people are trying to move in on Christmas okay so it's the same Katie know. I don't know nobody is different no no no and and and justice I'm guarded Christmas doesn't necessarily have a John Candy curse thing that no one likes you campus you can't slide that piece Chris as a Christmas man I'm sorry ID doesn't have a just like you and Shelly Beasley trying to fairly good jelly beans in this Halloween. And I'm sorry my panties it just doesn't belong there but it's Easter. We are right or leave Thanksgiving now but Christmas does have one of the things that people hate the most and I would prove Eric thank you. There through okay. And hey your mother and a good person I've even heard of that actually enjoys fruitcake that gap so why do people keep giving people fruitcake when the odds that the person be given to. It is about one and a half percent chance of a person knew the fruitcake to. Is gonna eat that some of the bench yeah yeah I mean yeah freaky people though are very specific anything you like it. They love at times I get fired up about the about the that the cookie tray with a all the varieties of cookies. And still the best when ever had a good that you have that you're traditionally put the recent kiss are there are largely a guest worker gets on top of this list that has these small little our receipt peanut butter cup yeah yeah in the middle of it instead I mean when I see that I'm czar gotta go with that I thought that. Did you ever had the little pretzel. You know at that time a pretzel. And then in the middle is like a piece of chocolate mints and sprinkles. So it's kind of like that cookie to the salty and sweet is it to pretzel had not had that sounds delicious Alia I don't care yeah I don't know what they're called my sister in law makes in their delicious care that's a lot of stuff to yeah and the New York tomorrow Christmas cookies would you say your favorite Christmas cookie. Who who don't know me are the oldest way it's like sugar cookie had a right to sugarcoat the look lace up like Santa Claus or L four. What's your traditionally there's a real. I mean because this is one that's always up in the air some people just replicate Thanksgiving. The other people are crazy and they might do like a Veba a roadster light in my family was always basically a Thanksgiving meal plus a tea. So now you just have more solid basically rated B the same exact deal whatsoever between Easter and Thanksgiving you to put it all together and then you have the same and as I've gotten older like one year me in my brother Justin likes seafood we got a bunch of crap beat Mike shrimp in this and that. I think a filly to Christmas dinner is much more. Interchangeable on the meats such as opposed to Thanksgiving you're kind of locked into the bird I think the best one ever had was an invite somebody else's house was making primary. Yeah Amanda was a jesuit right and I mean but at all do the effects so mashed potatoes and gravy everything else except for just the craziest tourney was changed out with a primary and all of got a was good and I think a lot of people's families who thinly Christmas to me it's like it did he give eating. I think I don't care for the meal. But like Christmas you stopping at somebody's house to say hi you get a cookie. Maybe they got the scenario some Buick lasagna for Christmas yeah and I mean it goes straight back to a Christmas is a much longer day of like great easy if you will that's. Evans says they're Allman Roca make the list and what the people that like Allman broken and it's a bitter group. They're gonna ask employment yet knowing Harmon Roca and all I broke. We think come up with a list you sellable bid for the dividend information basically eminent sense. Hey kids in candy canes with a big time winner here intention to make I had Joba impersonators don't doubled during a tells with a shot of the day and the return a no I Sherlock is coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Profiler is coming illustrate de Sade is most well the first our own Steve the throw hill Combs of the big things including birth stories and headlines it's. You can only. And Sharon I'm. 82% of women over the age of forty here you'll look good for the monkey's uncle. Jeff Locke. This was a percentage. 82%. More you're really good for your page and change them. Anti eight LG BTQ lawmaker caught in his office having extremely pro LT BP to use sex with men. I know there. And I'm. Stone Temple Pilots or take you reducing her out on tour. Right well. And we got a got a broken usable. And pollution can counteract exercise benefits. And no and sheer luck. Look at the pollution did. Don't have to work afternoon appointment would jump at the man extracted a couple of a carpentry blade in things went horribly wrong. And a half. I knew about it or read the story I'm like are you stuck. Who have you seen that picture and know it is very disturbing. My how the worst it was and I was face it looks like underneath his lip yeah looks like above believed. It was a big war in enemy look it's got a ton of little bubbles. It's. Humbly yap and then Brady got an infection when he popped it didn't yeah I don't need to see that. Observing YN and larger glasses encourages people to drink more and not sharp drop. Catch you. Electric bills reflect weather patterns. Monkey's uncle. Sherlock. They're good you this monthly seventy nights a week you kind of legroom you don't say it. Brick and mortar store will play a big role this holiday season. When I don't know. And show I've. You mean like when people go shopping. Thank you for the update it's not shopping its African market geeks who if you own a store where the good jailed people buy more crap right now. And carry him into it if it. Having sex right before bed is the key to great night's sleep. GU well look there's are you kidding I cannot believe that notion and Sherlock. Bolt right to women are upset that all right to mend or treating the interview. And. One of the reasons arguments in your head goes so well is because you decide would you the person sentenced to life well. And Kramer is studying here to figure that out arguments in your own. Well listen yeah Federer Rosenberg wait you know killing it's hard to lose to an argument yourself. Their editorial board says the joke these big tax win is a loss for the rest of yeah. It. Not saying that anyone's name but according to a new study the study finds that reading information aloud about yourself improves remembered. And now. Show us president to be bitter batter just information are you doing the worst it is the more likely you are to remember. Pelosi. And senator. Do you rods x.s mother says they run definitely is not in an election yeah. Yeah sure it's there are out of imaginary attacks. Many out there are considered to be ready. Great tennis and as usual always heads of the great dance dance even throw vilified on your. Tells them yes indeed Ed today we told Randy Earl James 25 years old of Cleveland Texas Texas not Ohio this is what you need to know. Beat Cleveland Police Department. Well they placed them in liberty county jail facing class B misdemeanor charges. For masturbating. In front of customers. Animal. What made this situation a little bit worse in this case is that he was already on probation. For masturbating. In front of customers. And Wal-Mart and in this case a repeat offender for indecent exposure in Texas must register as a sex offender they said it. It would be a felony if there's registration is not current loan so you dirty registered as a sex offender because you've estimated in front of customers who Wal-Mart. They put a mom probation and the next thing he does upon his release does go to Wal-Mart. And circuit masturbating. In front of customers again he was the greater. In my quest. I. Told you he said look man he's gotten as weird take issue is what he does. But doesn't have to be a Wal-Mart why does it had a QB Oklahoma I mean I have I think to me that's what mesa week high drama here. Did he go to target a major target I don't I don't know break up the nervous but I was a good target you can look good in all. Let's why does it has a game is a self standing store. You really set about those prices. I think is rollback is paying desert say if you had a and yes third inside the robot and a prize mom. I was on the senate with the Wal-Mart thing I have my first thought too that he either lives or hates wall while Wal-Mart. I this is a strength. Reporters lose an injury to his lose because we think it GMA I'll drag over the tong and down the throats to party in our Tommy's. I'm not a whole rabbit don't opt. To get a good does the lottery player profile that Celtic Miller nine right now a 44999. Alone. They shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.