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Monday, December 4th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question


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I mean what you're about to hear is real and the members of this radio program I assume. That breaks or what some people would call. Are merely. They're not trying to offend anyone. Have played doctors are. Lords and he invited to join the party. Good man you don't know. Big. The adults. The glass coffee when did what he. All gathered in secrecy. And flying. This is done men's room listen miles and spread. You know they say shake your radio more than three tell. Enjoy and play in the Olympics. Okay. It's. They go to Arizona or 2727. Net I almost even throw hill. To Ted's good. All of whom. To my car. Half. Yeah okay. Our enemy Israel. OK okay random question question is back. Your guess is as good as mine categories of roommates and food. The return events the men's room. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines and into Jonbenet fumbled a three males in everyone's favorite. TV time with the tech factory in it and I don't go to new York stock trader goes to coastal Rica to avoid bears and bulls and gets eaten by sharks. To Canada where else are now attacking dogs taking on four different eyeballs in one part. One both in a border trying to smuggle 227 pounds of baloney into the states. And fiction award for writing award is something to be set on one of your latest dates and a leg goes global health and cooks himself up. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question yeah. All of that visited good day for you and yours all right there's that old saying finders keepers. And that's great if what you find is something that you would like to claim. As your own for example woman and England. She looked out of a driveway and found our homeless couple had in fact not she says. She debated calling the cops or make mention in the end she called the cops. Now she found them but she did not want to keep them around. And let's stay in England for another example of finders keepers is only cool if you want. Fans of the film's villain black pants soccer team they found the guy sitting in this seat during the game of the fans back. He was both sitting in his feet and doing something that rhymes with city in his seats. For no other reason than pure laziness command defecated. Where he says business and her fans down face burned in the and the science and here's what one player of the pixelated picture. Floating around the web now someone found his little. Pile of offering but they don't wanna keep it. On the other end of the spectrum we all that you of hostile move from Florida and of course those also moved from Florida why do I say that while. Of this particular Boston found its way into a liquor store. Discovered Berman a link yesterday. It drained the Berman ending yes within their dad around. They fled to detox a thing as some animal shelter somewhere in my files they release the back in the wild they said before we released this thing back in the wild. We need to be thought of possibly bound Mervyn they kept over the these are some of the stories we saw that led to many many questions questions we'd like to ask uniform of a random question question and that does have a war. You call us we ask you a question the complete random and after you share your glorious detail with us we will share with you the story that inspired said question. Her brother join Iran question question call 844999. Only you can like humans are among FaceBook follow us on Twitter meant to live. Fans and those emails to the men's room and men's or live dot com. You are. You are listening to the metro radio network. JC is your. That's true motel Zelaya go out and it's not number 2727. It's. The only picture ever. Your guess is as good minor categories will be roommates and food things that your roommates do that absolutely drive me crazy. And probably lead to the last time in your life that you'll ever read said roommate and food around the world those are categories coming up. On your guess is good as mine also the return amass amend thermal drink it tells and of course another round coming up a profile lists and today is today we do our random question question. All right or press 999 cola and Brent code still in welcome to the major program. So the whole Iraq hello Dylan. The had to go and we're doing well are you sir I am that's the last thing. And do it all rate eat well we'll. We've had little hope you're not man are you wearing pants and AM well kind of ruler you gotta have no no no. There are some things much more lowering about the idea of you do sitting. As a naked on the chair talking to a right now the level do the same for you. I appreciate all have stories Dylan not only goes about pain at some families you've got a totally not wearing underwear now welcome babies and our number there. Canada there's not weren't paying him villainous snow and ask you this and other than pants what are you wish is still alone. Only in. RA had gone. And Nintendo 64. When Iowa is. Blake six. And I had every game alternate everything you can get four minutes on I was twelve I wanted to and Xbox and so I sold it to the neighbor kid so I. Thirty bucks and I wish it they'll have it because. I've seen what some of those he's go forward and call that night. I loved and gave it away. Yeah I am probably was similar to you know like if I went back to my original game controller probably won't even look up to the television continue like by the equivalent now all the games install like my kid doesn't know this but one move things a guy upper hand. For me to be done mountains there's like forty bucks and that's the size of I don't know takes a little small mementos from standard upright and as I don't know videogame. Thing. And as 84 like eight bit games built in like all the crap you plainly see Gallagher all I kind of crap and you know it's for need and are open his name out of O'Neal of that I'm gonna play for. But I wanna say didn't intend to open up the same thing a couple years ago were allied it would like to console you can look at a dual modern day TV wouldn't have played every game they never put out don't think I'll make you good guy the other there's certain arcade cabinets that have a track ball they have a joystick to have all the basic things that you need to play any video game. An amazing to stack the deck of a thousand games in one machine I dark yeah well runner phrase. I mean you're close to buying what you're dog and a full size like yes put in your basement some like man. That's a great idea and a look at the price signals like 2500 dollars and I still don't have. Death that I let Barley rye humor now very I Gary can't I can't do this guy had an idea that I didn't make sure gonna play enough. And number two you have the space for well I think you would play it just based on the fact that as somebody different games apart of the site a ball from my kid he doesn't know these games. I mean you are on the timer graphics look good to. But he's still young enough that these crappy looking graphics and the horrible music that goes with that is so cool tool. Plus all the sales and 84 games I knew most of my Mike and three double A batteries and tell me and my times. Reno asked what he would. There's still on this is the tough on a Welsh IT worker who lost a hard drive containing. Thousands and thousands of big goings. Now things he made a mistake that cost him around 74 million dollars well yeah that was a mistake James howls fortune is very deep below thousands of rubbish on the landfill site in Newport. He talked up the hard drive back in 2013 forgetting that contained. The crypto currency which even then was worth just maybe a few thousand pounds when the story of the news in 2013. It's hard drive was worth around four million. But one that going was worth more than 111000 dollars on Sunday night after its price surged by 1000%. Since the start of the year. The 32 year old beginning mining big coins on his laptop in 2009 he mind 7500. Which he saved the wallet file on his computer hard drive. He's and after I'd stop mining the laptop had used was broken into parts and sold on eBay however I get the hard drive and a drawer home longer contain my bitcoin private keys. So that it bitcoin did become valuable and a two of the points that I mind. In mid 2013. During a clear out the hard drive and worth a few 100000 pounds. Was mistakenly thrown out and put into a general way spend at my local landfill which was then buried on site. But James said he's not crying about it and added accidents happen I'll just get Lama that I'm always known that I'm going to go this high animal is now on the value of the hard drive would go up. He says in the future I see it easily being worth anywhere from 500 million to one billion dollar somewhere buried in a landfill in Wales and he's saying I'm just gonna let me go I'm Mike and his weapons. Gap like I'm lost twenty Dallas Alamo wall a blue and on the street and I was pissed. I got over that if someone told me you order the right now linked to block 100 and so million dollars well he says basically like it's worth enough or he has already. It's been seeking permission from Newport. To go to the laptop and we'll look forward in the landfill he believes he can pinpoint the laptops location by estimating its debt based on the date it was thrown away. James added a higher the value goes more chance to have recovered so it's just been a waiting game for the last few years waiting until the big corn price was high enough. To make the drive a juicy enough treasure hunt. What what point does he need that to get that or that. Worth looking he should Garth and if you lost. But I will also say this I think it's a good chance he finally goes to get it in just gonna be crap. You would think there's something else you can do to prove he's got a lot of the landfill there's got to be. Wetness that dumb uses Tommy and I am now dead you're I think you're the first person to tell me about their quarterback that made you remember what it was early on. I mean. I don't know what it was back and I know when I first heard about it if one thing it was late. A hundred some dollars for one Oka and now I think thousand initial different crypto currencies. But it's pretty amazing. There's 111000 dollars now so the Sherry and Bob for a hundred bucks will be worth 111000 dollars of pretty impressive for right now but then and there's so much stuff or from a bankrupt our currency select. Bitcoin is basically the MySpace alone don't we all know councilman several jumping on board. And I thought blown brawl on semantics of it but apparently there is a very specific nation working on. Our own group of currency that can be used anywhere in the world are basically won't basically what they did was that they did with apple music bid to win. The record industry bankrupted Napster. Right so tax okay. The banks and all that don't like big Cohen Bravo obvious reasons they don't but then some very savvy individuals who have enough I'll start up capital so it makes. This is what people want to trick people into serious training. People don't want to dwell excess taxes and all that map people like you meet but the serious players and world. They wanna use solar developing a woman will become apple iTunes essentially when the replacement going to be reduced to nothing but. Yeah some people get on board and go this is what people want maybe we should develop those through and Mary have. Ridiculous numbers of the best I know marijuana like the pharmaceutical hey Al we could make a week Bill Bratton I think they're all you don't have the consolidated. These are. Random random random write hello Marjorie welcome to the newsroom. And I did all I. A. Marty let's say here. Hello this report about it what's. What can you do really quickly what are you very efficient that. What in your life I know everything like K back in the place did you do real well are you good at folding clothes are you good at. Solving puzzles they'll get a guy in the building his assault group which you have thirty seconds. It's irritated. Well. A couple days I'm really did you folding laundry and dishes like David being that I'm Beth I probably won't enjoy it really quick. He was one time I had about unit I have to get home bullet hit back under the bus to go to work. And I got the bust yet he pulled up okay. Good work yes you it do do people compliment you on your on your joint rolling skills. I knew if I go to party particularly Estonian just throw punches are you just don't get the work and then we'll just keep feeding deer and I'll just keep producing and that's kind of that's what Vanderbilt a lot of. RD I passed as is not a bad gig man is this from practice or did you just find out like this comes natural to me I'm that you're joint roller. Are you a little bit of both on the other got a job in the kitchen I've got a roommate and I'll let you know how to do and I literally every report you just told me everything you need to go right you're gonna learn. And then I got to just how you can really. Well my joy ask you this what what would you say would be your biggest tip for the I joint rolling novice out there as far as what they could be doing better what they're doing wrong Michael what is your template year old joint. Lou. I really like he used to back cut corners and then I'll take heed bottom part of the paper entitled to make out a little square and I feel that that just helps keep you kind of roll up and over again and I can just enjoy. To mangled vote of the body making use a U shape folded up towards twofold here in your paper. Yeah I got mine another technique well I probably mine don't look aesthetically good. But I don't I don't I've known enough now not to roll them too tight where they can't burn through right now yeah I think he's due back in the day like rule and that is directly wanted to make joint. But there's not there's a reason why it's a loose leaf tobacco that put into the cigars cigarettes a garlic is loosely so loosely burns better than. Let's hold tight and again they're little painting earth. To make giddy Daniel Garrett idealist I did have to. He got out of there weird bend it. But he said that a little a little curve on yet the lovely and their penises what though just the way Motorola why they trick you fugitive your thumb and here. They'll figure. Every instinct is he's a point. You're right man somehow use the thumb in the middle finger can't are you borrowed that money than anybody hitting you might all right when you use the medal goes a lot faster and always more consistent never thought of that as genius that with the fingers on the you're here next figures can do some more control at the right. Wound pujols wind blew it. No dead serious. You never know not being good you have everything you make it's yeah now. Please go home now and I'm good Seattle home Canada. Almost our own and I rolled a blunt I am not roll a joint like that and makes complete sense though. And several joint but I always use my index finger I rarely write her battles over know though it's up to deride every thought that all right on the live everybody's welcome okay thank you I thought we asked for tips that I am an Angel I was weighing in on Barack and I am gonna help us. On Thursday. How are you ask what can you do really quickly or efficiently add we have we know Chris stables and is he's the other country music artist who goes back and as more of an old school version of god I was getting ready to say I had no idea earliest Chris stable and is a he's got a big beard and he's you you're a black. I don't know who we would like I am sorry I don't know what the time I was miles from the food you like Chris I do my John Singleton and now Chris they'd gas well imagine all the country music you hear. And then like old school country without. A man tar and get a deal like crispy all the good for you heard the name of the mayor ray Mormaset. Pretty much hit a lot of items rodent back home rule as it's pretty well like that yet. So Chris stable and is on a Sunday morning show that I never heard earlier heard a Sunday today what will league east Geist yeah what does that you know Willie Geist. Now he does although he was on The Today Show forever if you watch the Olympics he's only Olympics a lot. I know he's a very exciting guy to think it's little more did so cheating become okay I definitely got to know Ethiopia and Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgan we're on the show and they were talking about how Chris is a prolific songwriter. So Willie had heard they Chris wrote a song and ten minutes. So we asked him if that actually happened and it turns out the song is. Daddy don't pray anymore. And that from his travel or album and the story of how that windows pretty funny he was waiting for Morgan to get ready so they can go out won it. Now listen this is like it was a shock of your relationship which he was taking a little too long you don't while the parties and running late. Chris has quotes I was like okay. We're going to be late Google recently and she was like well go out there and write a song or something. Someone out there and arrows song and ten minutes and then we left. That I thought Bernard you're there do read almost nothing do reserve literally moved me and Israel is like a challenge humans alike. Like I can write a song and about time to take you to get the hell out of here. And she would let this go round strong man you and I are out of the Red Sox I'll show you Madden no prayer and Mo or thought I went down tomorrow morning some of my good he is the state didn't bore hole or Rendell Rendell brand new film that you always run someone who's gonna hurt you rarely get an error and I feel legal status and alone Jerusalem as old. He smells like Jude Jaffa road. Hello hole. I Bennett family welcome to the member of. Okay. He's. Hi Evelyn how aria. Okay this unity Emily I'm trusting your brains are you telling us Marlon you really think so yeah I. OK so this gives businesses a challenging question. What. It is not based on what you like is basically what you consume one for foods. Would you say you consume the most. So we have yogurt every day in your patio and every day everlasting mountaineers were read a lot yogurt that's going to be up there but would for food on. Coffee. Eight pizza from. Playing which are good morning I'm June 3 book you don't see it and are you a man who. I have not to eat out okay and what else. I know hundreds and it's not bad news and entertainment and I mean nothing and I love pizza chicken runners. Those same guys who bolted to the handshake but a case of coffee pizza wings and what else. Air beer garden god woman. Okay those are the fourth and you are. Yeah evidently okay. Others all right this thing really used to Wear clean and a lot of that was they wanted to veer to copy what else you really eating I mean you just out there Roth. Which I couldn't. How pretty healthy I like vegetable played a lot of vegetable. A big fan of bureaucratic. You can parents tied her for a healthy low and ask me that's not the worst thing you. And it's never like put it this way fried rice is all they like vegetables and how I Illinois vegetables that I can place them. But then when you do star Friday Kokomo and ads and stuff like I. An amount more I mean it just depends what you put in stir for. That is healthy as it was before you put curtains for front at least a little oil in their prime market good man a white rice by sourcing Kazuo would you say earlier. For food that you eat the most. Chicken that you can perhaps use race Zuback chicken wing dancing chicken overall. A thorough. If you don't throw spinach and broccoli and I. A three. You EL you love it. Broccoli pizza yeah I'd throw pizza in the air America I feel like I was in the tour don't they get repeats of last week. Even what oh wait I don't think I'd if Elena Kagan record vigilant. Maybe Coffey do topic actually got to live man put beer in there will be Nigeria a lot more do I drink coffee and Aaron you I'll vegetables are not going to be involved when you. Obviously veered to keep mostly Europe compete. I'm incredibly green and don't elbows and that the pizza thing hit the kids. You know what the one thing you can always agree are given what we need things like god damn. We'll get a pizza so I ended eating more pizza then I would normally need to buy didn't have kids but I can't really complain but otherwise here I'm beer cigarettes of cumulative Robin. Four man made the most of I ate more Brussels France and I'm happy to talk about Brussels sprouts some. Chicken pressure. You get healthy chicken and you have fried chicken Jacob you can mix it up which is nice it doesn't have to be really tell this morning. They know what the market timing chilly but isn't really look at this platonic people would have more French Fries and at the amendment. Or how many like I'm trying to think like I know some moderate surprise this morning I know for a fact that I get itchy on the locker room. Got a cheeseburger or Devlin put in their chicken wings it definitely have to put him there. But usually you're the person gets there I see you yoga they broccoli from a record number after yet another silly to pump yeah those are all on our eggs for sure exile here that the current level however Andy's. Brother chicken man I'm Tony retreated to meet in a thing to what we learned it from reduced milk we would need an opinion. Some other reason when asked what for foods would you say that you consumed the most. Let's see here others a book coming out and it's called led drumbeat from the inside story of his rise to the presidency. And it's buy it from former campaign manager Corey Landau scheme and it includes some details on the president's diet. For example the book says that a typical dinner for trump when he was on the campaign trail was too big Macs. To filet O fish. And a chocolate malt which is the talk of military cracked it's McDonald malt yet. They always nice dinner for McDonald the regional multiple should Oca. So it did all right I'm just gonna say this country mammoth pile on the mall guy and as a kid he would say hey do you wanna get emotion. And we would have to go forward NY and specifically for him to get a multi we could Bob McDonald are Arby's and Wendy's we'll have to go to someplace that was quite independently owned. But some guys scratch and has bugs smog and she says that probably 2600 calories more than most adults should consume an old I will say that. More than that average the attacks on though on trump about his choices. As far as what he enjoys to eat like I was a terrible call. And I would just say the last time I had McDonald's I got one big Mac and one face them until maybe like it's like he's our he's on the I got half of what he ordered it really does the worst order you could ever give mcdonalds a Mike. No it's not just presidential no it's not as a matter fact. Presidential presidential class concentrated areas you class late don't as well don't you busted dudes ass on what he orders McDonald's it's pretty solid. The books as one would did you order for McDonald's and was not gonna buster it's McDonald. Well if you would that help menu venue get to made me made fun but the book does say this boat on on trump force one there were four major food groups. Any idea what the four major food groups were and hammers. Because like McDonnell Donald's KFC Kentucky fried chicken. Pizza and Diet Coke. That is that the bank and they say that he's also. Ease it's kind of a journal told our guys are so he will not eat something that's already open so the other big bag of chips he's not gonna reaches ten of the chips and having co chips abstinence and above because of that the planes cupboards are stock with a quote Vienna fingers. I'd take it champs. Pretzels and many packages of Orioles because trump. Would not eat from previously own packages away Romans really annoys the little sausages vehicles. There you have fingers yet I think it's like the little Vanilla cookie with all the heat illness. Okay now Howard and I had her daughters to view their fingers are different in Vienna sausages are just gonna be on the throne because you're like I'm overly positive because if they make Florio's Vienna fingers. What he does indeed quality okay all right these are I was at their hotel Villa allegedly said the other day anything in the into the cookie too good to be stuck in between how far was that the kangaroo up or don't you know assaulted just like come on man do funny kind of amazing Mike and I mean pressing needs to eat that stuff that is neat you think you're the doctor if they stop that. Look but I don't Obama oh I think Obama's White House to the same thing. But whatever they had those videos they had apples everywhere but a pack they had. Tons of tons him and I didn't stacked all over the place Kelly had a lot of air who's in charge of ruffled shirt do you think your doctor. Has told them not to stuff. I'm sure hat at every time we see you Donald stockyards Shaw. Critical I think my today four point 9990. Lloyd got Mario golf coming up you are listening to the. Men's or radio network. Room with two miles since. Your guess is as good as mine Gary roommates and food your guesses because my killer right after emails and men's room and you're not and friends write any kind of a random question question made 44999. Hole off brand. Old La HO LA. Okay. OLA. Farm. Hello day low welcome to the men's room. All yeah eat hello I'm. Aware mode because it will not. I don't think here. Woods. Their Moody's. Say. That either you play in store just by chance. If somebody that you just have promised yourself that you would never do. Just doing DM or just do either do because you did it or just do it because it's something that you said you know what. I'm never gonna do that I never watched an episode of friends. I'm sure it's a great show I have seen a small snippets on the no once you like Ted with your never watching star worst thing once you kind of establish the fact that you say out loud that never wants to friends of his ability. Well you don't you know roads roads and Easter Lego like you know what I'm never gonna watch a sudden I'm never gonna give it a chance those kind of like that. And and I think because of that. I don't know anything really about John of the characters and all the actors and old actresses were on the you know all you need to know everything about the show except for a never seen the show before and I just kind of plays like I'm not gonna watch it. Good everybody's Vienna last day to my nine out. It's all right yeah whatever but still it's well all right. You know it's like a top forty hit like it's far in its mother's mouth and why don't call me. You know did you eat all of the global marijuana I'd never done heroin I know intent on doing right so mad says it. As somebody out who are never knew right after kidnapping someone I said I would never drink tequila again and to be arrow through the I was thirteen or fifteen years with out doing it. But our first sponsor a runs this show happen to be a guy named tequila company Amedisys that we try and earnings I've been trying to. Long Island ice t.'s us war on never had a look since then I just you know those times reminder racers you senior stood a good guy you Eminem and these are now charter aircraft or Aaron kind of angered you know that's why oncologists. Okay pole. Back about six C. You're all by then the a couple of Summers eaten all fired upon hearing them in Spokane. You're the girl there that I like crazy about and now he's. At that time like Elliott told me that if you take the whole package of Dramamine. And drink a couple of did it. You get are really cool like psychedelic trip. And all that I did that. And sure enough it was. Probably each of its trip I've ever at all because whatever I thought. In my visual like I can see it. So if you thought anything in some leaders permanent. Yeah and so all I know that it hopefully nobody goes out and try to get it efficient and that's really it hit terrible. It terrible. It's billion but why do you explain how to do it ma'am yeah. And hey around the Big Three matches he gives us some pilots make you crack I. So I thought I'd. Edit I was laying there and not in my bed with my girlfriend and dad didn't like they copy all the sudden the door opened in the light go on my buddy walk is. And I are out of congress they believe in and out like a lot area over here at the idea yet rob stopped. And my girlfriend legal you know give it back pocket if you did it on and off the gold. Global we have this thing now back doesn't. McConnell wants lower budget thing did you promise yourself you never do. Shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.