11-30-17 Seg 2 Men's Room Has a Cat

Thursday, November 30th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is the men's room. Doesn't just follow three British ports rocks in Fort Wayne, Indiana also in Fayetteville, North Carolina Iraq one O three and 96 point nine the fox in Appleton. Wisconsin big show free gas to its meat potatoes coming up American foods the rest of the world has not tried no I Sherlock. And big dummy is a game if you'd like to be contestant 844999. Cola. Are both here is question number one for you or on big dummy. So glory the creator of two and a half man and big bankers. He also wrote and performed the theme song for what popular eighty scored two. I. It's still no idea who is normal. Symptoms. No no video. They'd cartoons and they're big guys so they didn't they like my son is a fan of. An updated 2012. Total shock. And our now teenage mutant ninja turtles community ninja turtles. Colonel power. Question number two what segments of the medical profession is more likely to kill themselves and any other profession. It's foolish or a loved urgent. Eusebio. Shawn desperate. Deadly offense instead as fast as you know I think they all the drugs into the mind. This isn't just in the medical profession were saying of all professions. Condenses or more likely to get your mouth and your hands in the mouth of some strangers everyday when you lose your mind. Absolutely but but again I would also think the bus and eight years schools some point oh. This really what I wanna do my hands got that email did and Hilliard what is Obama's gonna right now. No listen. Medical field I think they're saying everything in general granted but you also have the drugs to be able to do it right that's part of its it. I could be they did just good gig you know they but obviously something's wrong email she married then. You're not actually the one Dennis that I didn't that I knew. From right my dad took Norma. Not on purpose I don't believe that I don't thought yeah right yes it did not strike us as an unhappy person but went about it. Are there are four Major League Baseball team to have won the World Series every time it made the parents Miami Marlins to an old Toronto Blue Jays to amount LA angels and what other team. At one you know. And made a wants one who took. All. It's no wonder that hurt us early but. Then they did bought at least a year ago. It's not inherited Steve. Kind of race up there they Miami Marlins so there's four Major League Baseball teams that are born World Series every time they've made an appearance. I don't get me a lot of appearances but. The Marlins attitude the blue jays have to. Let's see angels and what other team won an oil well once that number. They call it. I'm Lincoln I know enough. And listen temporary. Arizona diamond. I I felt like senator they're not make it tells us that's gonna lose today for Kyra. But I don't wanna put my tongue gets in the club that might be misconstrued. No. Cards here is the multiple choice question for which of the following has the highest price markup alcohol food or cough. Our. Oh yeah to put it mildly so if you go to and the W Starbucks as an example vote roughly in need coffee place. The mark ups about 2900%. Get out of here as an cost you about ten cents for a couple golfer and home. They go to the George for buy your stuff to bottled water and amount call the U actually you called you about incidents. Here's re done 844 99911. Was our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello Evan welcome to the men's room. That has got to be an advantage real goat and a dad I'm sorry. So close to play. Hello Todd welcome to the men's room. Oh god yes. Johnny is over nothing over. The judge temporarily by leaving. I don't know it. It was a good job and your bowl for the rest of your life your partner has either a stutter lose my hair let her crawl side which when he taken. Bowler let it eat good smile Aaron yeah. Okay. I did you question. What key word. Come from John Milton paradise lost and translates to quote all evil spirits. Well you worded keyword keyword I believe it's also ruled the turn it. Not. Then again. What's the word comes from John Milton paradise lost for. To fall even scared I believe it's also with the goal didn't old pair. I think it would golden. The side and pandemonium and Hillary him. Or just embolden more panda may you need him. Are the word dilemma believe it or not that means a tough choice between two options. What word means a tough choice between Korea. Lamar. You got a man goes down now that try dilemma trial lemon all loyal owner have a you'll suffer from them yet again loses. The moonlight motorist and it. A lot call them out yet death squad monopoly that is the national and oh yeah my cat club is really an accused hooligans. I don't know man they showed one through four I don't know fools like it's a true orphans got a before. Dilemma and try them out dilemmas between two zoo rag and try to limit is between green and in the quad Obama. Support for you good to theoretically go to the club and get involved and adrenalin oh absolutely yeah. Yeah does make Demi 8449990. Look who is our next contestant ready to play the game that's put in work you gonna regret asking that hello east would welcome to the mound I had. If you. Yeah yeah. Oh yeah. I usually don't ever know. You know compared to open the show we put. Our men's room poll. The rest of your life your partner has a stutter or lose my hair clippers cross side regards. Well world war the saying no and no I have an unusual. Unless RS. You know they did strain in grade school the bureau who is this what it would immune from the location maker tongue point isn't flat. Blows the worst part about America back to get the look at your tone of the fact if you look at your face. Just a group of sitting around watching me do it apparently a little bit ironic though that it turn list bar I. As he is now one of the most difficult. Letter combinations to say if you have a list. I don't know we definitely don't. He's my work and throw it sounded. Like I was really can manipulate and that phone to 900 given up its. I don't know I had in me. Ole miss beat Heath would. Who should I guess the question what professional golfers nickname is lefty. Oh he's a left handed either displayed in right hander but the one thing he does let you know it all right handed these threats and everything plays golf right it was golf. Look I'm left in a monopoly based writer I don't think there. Marlon. Still boo making. Sure it's. Running up front on the fact if you get that wrong. So how do you end up playing left handed he's writing into our dad was left handed them at a headlines that in a close and I tell you sort of learn aren't. As our play days like you wanted everyone else play sold employed 100 played the way they play and I will say I nobody his son is a College Baseball player now and switch hit. Because he never let them hit right candidates who he was late late late to pass a new solo work traders that you hit left and we'll did you do let Kennedys would. Nothing not not. I'm I'm I'm polarizing candidate you know I was I used to have a dark business. And I got couldn't get the board there's nothing good Crayton and. DL effort access while my tennis and me aren't you. Laid out front or right. Are you question her only two states. And I both the white castle and awake crystal clear and only two states have book. One of those faces Tennessee. What does the other state and hence the governor currently is mr. Mac to bad. And it borders Tennessee. I have my geography right and I can't guarantee I have my geography right so I might be done wrong about the white castle in the white black white crystal and the white caps. Certainly look at Arkansas almost a one or feel a little boy grow the weasel also is and why all it's it's they may be short lived crystals announces Chris aren't yes there are you know I got on the average quarter of the way right on the I wanna bet that's that's exactly and I entered why gristle miles probably draw. Why Kristol likes white lines. I don't know English go to Israel but now. Alabama took him. Lucky. And decades. Is that correct. Illinois I was third and no Tony's been examining a total waste and sometimes. Because. Can't always so little footnote. Pointing me. How is that many spending Kentucky that anyone would say that Kentucky is like in contrast to your question we've been a Kentucky. Through part of once gated so much damage you have them sign it doesn't like Writely Internet man to me until they thought I had a hell why would you want back as he was born that is unfair and stale. Yeah then stay ma'am. Are assuming that it's true assuming that is true Courtney Love. Is the seventeenth child of what famous Hollywood had. It. A you important loves mother insists that this is true and there's other actor he bobbled sixty children on multiple women. It's no longer with us. It was a very well regarded and well respected back. And shoot the seats. We need to do you have no idea our brand. You know reverend Lou okay Jessica finger at someone who has millions of kids have been. Our number. Prolific. He continues to. All right this is a sad statement but here's your question there's at least 22 children in this country whose parents. Name them which of the following cable networks. ESPN. DIY. Bravo or bikes. ESPN DL I Bravo or vice. Well little girl. Best thing in my way Lima yes yes yeah. Are raised when Oregon question number five we have more of big dummy cover other dude like big contests and 8449990. My you're listening to the men's or radio network. How did you know you don't have enjoyed the men's room. Itself definitely have announced an agreement and. As American foods is the rest of the world has not try this coming up after emails from the men's room had been to live that company ten game is going down who got these little I'm working on question five and playing for team sober. He's still so we're Laura went and I know all qualifier is well always it's over there's no way he states are moving over. Marries again you don't destroy. You know well. I don't go around there it can here's a minute don't. Jesus Christ are you being for real. And yeah and then mom. I'm not just no way you can call for treating it as clean material out there and sun noon so now being described their son on his father is well anyway we're gonna. You as you called us first and then you're gonna get around abandoned cat all the babies. Sokol there. Then little into the ring no and there's all prioritize. He's put his tempo nobody ever told me in Russia calling me a government bailout sellout crowd had factual and what's his noon. Yeah. And it grows on making an agent mentioned on the ball almost 1000. Local agriculture baldor next thing I know I admission gently swabbed and everybody got a call me up tomorrow and opened up about 45 minutes from Gloucester and explain about the multi personalities and an ancient musical is available in Jordan's middle class. DO all of god. So you mentioned something the bubble and head off and yes that we'll get the police is that 45 minutes you deal with them and when you mentioned your name because you called this game. They relax Carl no worries now we know you're you're great you are crazy he's fine basically that's what they came out wearing say we got two out of this situation. It matters go out oh yeah and that's all and so boy they said we know this duties prisoner. The word that fire and ambulance and a long glad you got out of trouble least we are to our. I'll tell our cloud in the middle level but also on the ground and they want my guns and wanted if finish thank you don't like Norway and and it doesn't want to go but I didn't pay that maybe trying to help you varies. Can only be any helpful on Cleveland. That's. OK as long as you know the woman inside a car here's your question is what I like to. Did you fight and do all of you did your social and with this release which says that you know made some yeah. Any if only okay go up against a good time credit fighting and Wendy we are sending out there and then again he got more. Call me saying guys know. I Susan and is an important I'm gonna Google swat team debt and it's at bad. While both fathers did in salt. All right here Richard quest and tempore believe it or not is not it Japanese invention and actually hails. For once European countries Portugal Spain for a yeah. Dole Portugal. Nice work very important you know your finger what many nests are clearly from our city countrywide I don't. I don't know in the schools and safer Portugal but I think he sang Spain's game is big dummy for 499 I know logos are next contest and right to play the big game Ted knows what is Jiang James Rucker tournament. Going James is over that's over. And then my eighth ever over at this hour OK okay not failure now now. No never feel not it's 3 o'clock after 330 man I don't know. By James men's room pull for the rest of your life your partner has a senator Liz pair lived there are cross off with Lenny Pickett. You know I had plenty of time to think about that and and I think I gotta go with a list. Don't know polish children as long as she doesn't talk during. This guy I get a feel as not a problem you have I don't think you forget anything yet. Other than just had enough time just watching movies spat. Ideally. They'd gotten yes often tournament goes on which downgraded. I dared to question what kind of food item is an Edsel blue. To me can be only one of what. What kind of food item isn't as old blue. A food item like OK I don't know that it cooking. Is it an excellent. And I'm convinced the potatoes and apples all have like some kind of at a it was about a global protest. The purple heart and effort to. It takes just a gay nonprofit really doesn't purple but they always tell. Oh these are purple conservative purple potatoes and doing the right they taste like potato Brian coop program. Corporate real little fancy but they called like something little or. Now they might call little frankly what what can really use. Think rulings that I hate that I hate that word not a fan really angling no I like finger laying potatoes but I hate to say hey I'll take my finger and dealing. In Wenzhou okay and makes them a journal. Part would Italian tractor company tries its hand at making cars and 1960s. You heard of them who just can't afford. Oh boy. Limiting. Are you Lamborghini look elsewhere male and usually I've gone stretch for my. Making tractors to when the fastest production vehicles on and most expensive and I used to work with a big engines ranked tractors as strong point games they've done a 4499911. Was our next contest and ready to play the game. All I Dick welcome to the men's room. Oh you are. Okay I'm not. I thought I'm being told things. I don't know who you are good at new company and was not that of all the man's name is big reminds of the better I Dicker your summary nuts over. I meant server not so welcome dumbed down with these. You. We lose. Amid the Lewinsky in the great magnitude. His right there. We you know. Pacific and Africa. Hi there Dick miserable for the rest of your life your partner as a starter list pair left or cross eyed with Tony thank. Yes direction that they jump women anyway okay. Panel stuttering problem there Michelin suited to that maybe it you know my cousin did freeze. Years and same thing I ever wants us it is our nerves are what are well I don't I don't Gordon Deal work and you see a speech therapist and tennis and maybe use it to your prerogative but. Basically just slowed down his cadence. Yeah any kind of golf balls death and senate like these investors stuck edited starter and you just. Paul split and then my gut and ravens game is as being in school. You know there's like yeah you know I wrote my learning curve went up when I was glad to hear in the and then here's claim he kept getting is as crude as a man I think the media to your never. I mean anything do with a struggle like you are just an easy Marcum and yeah that's a sad truth horrifying thought his world. And trust me dude is gone great for himself now but when when the starters started going away and it was like man who I'm ready to go back to school. And we rose to command it was stuck it to us I hear is your question. Snuff argument emerald Michael. I knew a guy like that kind of made fun of Milan's stock yeah but then he got a starting position on the football team OK it's all as worries were over. And he made one of the worst mistakes are seen football him and he just was to this day people sort of a hard time about it to tumble day. No he was the senate. And he and he snapped the ball we lost to a team we should knuckle when he snapped the ball Beasley had better never got off the ground and find low he just kind of threw it between the quarterbacks with eggs if he's their guy pace that I outscored Texas Al. Don't say this is who's twenty years ago has never left date in my cell Steve blank I do like we have a way to go next Natalie called the incident. I don't know it just unforgettable play out. I owned blue moon. Good fuel and you still one of the greatest parties is the ever and we still dealing with the got a clue that he's a great party got just Phillips you and he's gonna go to a blog Florida one big party is not generate. Gonna get our your perennial of from a party bill but got an oral part of Al party to the wrong. Good good question it was a drag your mouse it's a good great tornado blew us got to put a picnic in Africa like Obama or damn straight pars he had. It's. I'm good with children everywhere I saw one more funny thing is the problem is as great as his party was it was the night that he had made the most. Okay how do. Taught. Here are saying that read it and everything around. I almost feel worse for nominate him it is it is still one over to Terry's. We don't blow it now I'm going to blow to us if they. Are here to question in an effort to confuse the double. Churches in Malta have two of white and you can absolutely doubled to Jesus and. No Walter. No I think. Two blocks. From one of the real harm. The other night I don't go to Anderson can tell me the devils didn't fooled by the road peddled their pet. Look do it this is just what I'm thinking. And these that even before we have nothing toward go the doubles places microwave yeah gone all the good god don't. That it could better admit I don't know I don't know new date is of the devil one of the original saint or whatever. Right many can't bail and don't get named Angel who everybody gets confused all the clocks. What the hell that he did it for the businessman. Architect world these number of what the are your question. 20%. Of car accidents in Sweden involve what animals. And well. Zero. Yes reindeer have moved moved its forecast yeah. It's a knuckle. One guy look what is that ground. What are you doing unashamed and get ready okay all right all right all right all right I'm very nice for starters there's only one of two answers I was cracking and I'm glad to know that first date. I. All night as a don't have try and make a girlfriend jumped. You're going out another girl to make your girlfriend jealous. Yeah yeah you don't have a better plan why oh why is this what you want to do him like a horrible idea. They actually then away from the apartment there Kinect stereo cabinet where. You didn't. Know you and I talk to her that you call. And 48 hour you're not worried you just assume that she won't blow did you guys have a big fight Ers on the before she left. Up and care and what are you shave another demo party about you shaved. The again you're doing well aware of your body are you David. If you're really drunk makes you fellows like clean up urinary gaskins and a little while who's this era. You know procedure for me or just save the middle of the steel look like about loop. Thank you wearing Fuzzy as writers acts like they just say you know I have problem with paper get hung up back there hasn't decided clear up the whole back yard to your girlfriend usually liberal if you. Yeah her from her two day. But the original thought is there any reason for you to believe the less than restore that you were not going to hear from her for forty amount. I all. Right. Oh called all. OK Jason this goes south for a while I've never seen here OK that makes a lot more sense this is Jane still right. Now the all of this is that it quote deck I you know what. You could talk to orbit go under date. Place prize money now returning the goals of the tax marijuana cookies shaped let all of us. You don't lose your face if you want Mumbai and then put some rouge on their man who midnight. Lol I Senegal's underground dance. 00 cream jars and Overland green who. You. You got greens and Italian she's still down I don't know if that's also more she's discussed at. The art is in question what artist sold the most albums in one day comes the day they die. I. Elbows out. We'll see million copies of whenever album. Let's go to the bird gently send. Told he would sit or lie. Do I don't have one of those and what didn't what was pretty good revenue Canada and you got to fry them. Yeah that's. Well look like it deep Fryer you know we are ready right Frye didn't bake in a banana and peanut butter sandwich. I mean I am absolutely yeah I do actually tell yes and and I can dial the toilet to. Aren't here is your question. No matter what branch of the military did John Glenn servants. Wall all over. You may marine Marines. Thank you go to NASA until the state. That town has kind of been in the air force connect anymore it's completely different you're listening we are separate. Federally funded staying. More than likely most of the people that depict this I guess the depends but. A lot of people that are captains. All the ships and opener they've served in the military because area some background we'll kind of equipment commodities have got a lot of scientists of all they're doing when I'm the captain of the mission. There's no desire to another get the space ice pick. It just dehydrated and maybe they got us into a pizza ice cream and some don't want to miss them of their woes of pasta I believe for some no no he's he's that I exaggerated bastions. Business as Italian as you can be improved to do it depends who. All right the question what fish can hold objects with its tail. Boy this thing. In this particular fish looks less like a fish the most unselfish. It is a pretty blue grouper. Don't work people feel there are FEMA. This superhero the road floors to our power format. After Emanuel and putting. And like so as a kid you're watching them some noise in the legacy here and how open is he a male stripper like what is that. Like social policy portly then Humana like a big ass tigers are going to get his green light strikes so he shows up on and in spite of the fact that he's dressed a little suggests Woodley for my taste but. He showed up on the tiger you go all right this guy's probably a bad ass right because he rides a tiger much LeBron James deal and every day out of scandal and I don't that's like SeaWorld come in even that would be something good looks like okay this dude is acrobat proclamation to policyholders. Relate dude it's. We're here do we still artists. Look at that picture on it yet it was a big Seymour put it's still seeing horsemen and he wrote a CPA you have the biggest horse in the ocean congratulations I questioned six Dick. Oh. What they listen movie director describes his actors just cattle. I guess that. Because it's an enemy the guy named Dick says his cat haystack. But I really. Man I mean you do the minority candidates say why he referred to as actors is cattle I don't know but knowing him knowing the truth of things he probably going to. I don't know it's like when a coach called the players by the number I mean we Tom Brady in the stores and over twelve UK yeah. Still to come they had seven house did to me in its nose as American foods the rest of the world has yet to trust the make an Enron that was no it's not it's not simpler stuff and the return and no I Sherlock another more of your calls and contestants on the game known as big dummy 8449990. You are listening to the men's or radio network. True yeah. I sure I've got to drive for a drink and tells with a shot of the day in the meantime the game is big Demi. 844999. Although it looks like we've got some comments Rolen hit a double outreach to them one Eastwood if you're still listening this came from several different people the same make. Take the baby kittens to the shelter they will bottle feed these things a little concern about how much as you didn't hear the mama cat died he was waiting to bury bad debate begins on Robert a bad to try to supple on him we understand why that doesn't work. So many people subdued taken to shelter I would concur that wholeheartedly. I don't want out so we have a question about in our crap armor of the country Sweden I think it was what what animals are more likely to get hit Michael's moves it was a moose and I want to say the guy originally said Al consult pointed out LT is a moose moose as North American L is Eurasia golf ball and I guess right I had no idea my man and we elk and moose here. There's. Because there's loosely in Canada and there's a lot of Canada oh my god and below in others it might say that there's two different table helped him the one we call moves he'll wiggle no I don't I actually don't know if I have I have I was there though when you see one or even like all my god that's a large large animal that we would that we were an Anchorage I want some and near to go eight years ago and some volleys bungalow where is the burning in the Al Gore on Bert I think that was Brad how normally get there at like noon aren't so. Since people are makers are fairly normal course but sometime people in the bar noon. But we're there and it's unseasonably warm Italy 65 degrees so we're gonna sit outside and bartender says hey. This is your first time here recently did absolutely has and she salute as three of us remembered how sergeant hurt and she says listen. It's right place you can enjoy retirement lol hey listen. Com I'm put in the back corner that this fence at the fence opens and the moose walks and apparently and she meets this specific moves. Biffle moos walks and the like want to Beers on don't let it take it don't mess with. Can we wait. You have to tell me not to mess with the while my knowledge heavily had a beard tower there was as large tower Beers yes I don't come waited for the moose why he's gonna go and dragons for a guy as there so it turns out in Sweden each true that the moves Malcolm the saint. But the North American elk is different from a bumps okay all right the way out so we are still write them when he said elk. Good or dogma of Sweden and it. Currently OK I guess that isn't an elk is that a moose if you're in Sweden Pietrus but I was lucky one question over under total that game is big dummy a 44999. Alou is our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello Gerri welcome to the men's room. Easy enough. Jerry Silverman program. Ever Gerri welcome to show. I Jerry. Are miserable for the rest of your life your partner has his daughter Alyssa I airlift for his cross side regal. So we're seeing that it here live will automatically made the list. All we'll be audible because they're always look less than the provable. Boat Katrina lists that as further. Of voter would follow the board's view him because. I feel good. Played I thought you understand what you say. Even thinking about that you really have a match like Gary you've read all of it is to undermine the relationship that's an LA I have reached this conclusion and what notably when he got to my nerves I can we did not have understood what is the conclusion you reached. The disorder starter and check got to sort. Out here's your first question it is multiple choice. Sixteen port water or hemp oil. Which means the George Washington soaked his wooden teeth and whiskey or oral. Ellison was. Wasilla I hornets. Came. His chief of what's best I haven't actually invented the Internet purple I'm in the right break in general of the army I think the British number of President Obama about how deep this guy would he he's trying to chew stuff out ma'am and I get why put an important our big whiskey actually about him tummy but he couldn't come at a good morning. Also the birthplace of a spooky characters. What was the first country to guarantee freedom of worship. First John Bolton so can't really dear Erica if you. Go Romania. Yeah. Okay and suddenly they Pennsylvania Molson Transylvania and I'm sure I'll be corrected is part owned and no longer in the right Romania right I believe so I don't know I thought those remaining. Well read something recently. In an recently about Transylvania something. I don't know what our rules in Pennsylvania but they kept pointing out. But as part of Romania I would standing these mega Transylvania having us on so much cooler. And is cooler I don't know trends Benjamin Davis big dummy 844999. Al Lowe who is our next contestant ready to play the game hello Brad welcome to the men's room. Yeah. All I. I've been influence over. I've read welcome to show it's a grand theft. Or. Brennaman Drupal for the rest of your life your partner has just another list airlift cross site where you go to a musical that. Well I left finding jobs but so far over you act that. Can turn cumulus fair enough to put it. Okay. I'm slamming you slid into Medicare and you're getting now now. I want man for the Mets question quake. Which European country each the most breakfast cereal. He's promotion breakfast cereal out of correct European country. I'm mile per capita look at the guys who made me live. Moon. Sweden. Really look England. Enough I think yeah. Don't feel bad man and yet if you're breakfast cereal knowledge isn't strong will ridiculous number. The item and I don't. What's that you guys under 900 magnate what is that. The night until viking. So the ninth in striking the are you sure your silver Brad there's an election. That looks. Oval Herbie is he's terrified. Let Jeff go and I'm dead meat and potatoes as American foods the rest of the world has not tried yet and no I Sherlock coming up more your calls in the game known as big dummy paid far far 999 old law. The show and many things continue on the men's room. On the radio network.