11-30-17 Seg 1 Men's Room Makes Their Choice!

Thursday, November 30th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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He would sure love to hear is the real. This radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. They say. Radio more than three times. And Jordan. They go look at the number 2720. Blown Stephen Drew hill. Do you Ted spread and Auburn. I had in my car. An amendment a. Hey what can we play being. He did today. It's meat and potatoes as American foods the rest of the world has not tried. We like to delicious they can make this the only thing beach. No I sure like in Baghdad read my profile list plus headlines have been shot of the day fumbles through emails and everyone's favorite TV time with the click clack. PSE thing in the air. American Airlines they have. Thousands of pilotless flights for the holidays that is a few days. Cleveland Browns fan that receives permit from city to throw it only sixteen parade it. Wisconsin sells ten hunting licenses to infants away deer skin once he can be made it and the daredevil who jumped from a mountain and into a plane if soon to jump straight into a coffin that is all coming on today's very special episode of Manger. Here's the question. Hello I've read is good day to you and yours all right today is the day that we play. Good dominate the game showed that rewards you for your stunning ignorance here's how it works you call us we believe category real. That is if I had. But we spending category we'll add them as to a question from that category. But here's where big dummy separates himself from your average more reputable name joke. We will continue to ask you questions can do get one right because as always we want you. To leave here are smarter than you showed up. Today our biggest army ever get to two headed monster one part the lovely Kimberly the other party equally lovely Eric both oppose. Defied the odds and found a way to answer nineteen. Consecutive questions wrong. Can you do better of course a dance a double to go all in all we go on big dummy big. Doesn't play big dummy call 844999. All you can like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter amends in my hands and those emails to the men's room at men's in my dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Its sales. Itself and I know the Michelle number 2725. When a large and in charge program we have Gloria today they return a no as Sherlock. And the head chef is an ousted the meat and potatoes. As American foods the rest of the world. Has never tried foods that are there exclusively unique to the United States and a very rarely to other people around the world the chance to sample them so that's coming up kind of like the Wendy's bacon later conversation we're having sudden death yesterday with a fine folks from a Mozambique was a that had to be exotic based on the fact no doubt there's nobody there that we believe has ever had a Wendy's bacon I think not a single person Mozambique has ever had a Wendy's bacon here's what we call or letter theory there's one guy sitting around a fire night image does. I had the bacon made out yes well he's saying anything and I hit it I mean I get really all he knows a thing all right yeah America's did you gather round people are sitting there aren't easily holding court they campfire conversations. Hi Eldred it's also a shouting coming up and today is today we've played big dummy won't we do play big dummy would always do a little men's room poll. The last time we did a poll we've done a few tattoos and piercings. Oh we basically gave you the option of if you had to have one would you take getting your tongue pierced. I'm getting gauged ears 84 had a tattoo of whatever variety. Or your exes name on your neck now believe it or not eggs his name on the neck. Didn't do too well although it did get shot I always I came in at number three was a tie for two. Between gauged ears and a forehead tad too. Most of you said if you could do any of that you probably would stick to getting your tongue pierced and that was a clear winner as far as the contestants on they done it. Now. On in this week's been Drupal. There's going to be an interesting one and it's one that you got to think through a little bit I believe I'm still struggling now let's just assuming this is this is completely impossible but it's hypothetical. That you were too. Maintain the same partner for the rest of your life you are. So he had the same parts impossible bits I mean did what I did hypothetically completely hypothetical. Completely hypothetical with the exception Steve's parents completely hide. And it's. But Mike's parents OK Mike's parents is completely hype about there are the exception approval they are really Barbara hooked him. But they Mary forever yup good for them uncle Phil hare lip. And has a hypothetical hypothetical hypothetical. Police say if you can't maintain and you can do you pull this relationship the thing about. You can tolerate this summer bridge Monroe fuel but there's not there's a take up with a plan aren't. Well it's not Hickel miles it's gonna pick out this is a life partner you're talking about and they have one of these four things okay they either have a starter. We're gonna stunner all the time my. And the second choice is there has they have a list mean. The third choice is a hair lip. And the fourth choice is that your partner is going to be cross yup. So you have to big blunt that you're willing did to stomach and deal with a with a little hook up there every day for the Russian president for the rest of life. So they're gonna be a Stoddard there's going to be a list is gonna be a hair lip or is it going to be across I partner. The airlift out led airlift out and I thought list but then. A mug if you have a list sorry man but certain things are just really and so do we whistle a move thought columnist. Meanwhile have affected time tonight boy just for me personally maybe that's fallible but. I just can't do not know why couldn't do it let in a pool Faulk on. So we knew good things off liking it doesn't matter how flex fuel economy like it took for me. It is trying to think I'm long cross I know I know that if people can overcome stuttering it's one of those things that that that that you know you repellent but in this case. The European partners and that's right and I'm gonna do. And whenever I was saying like I feel like you would always be trying to help and finished the word or finish the sentence is just so that they can get you on other conversations I feel like it always feel like. You're giving them an assist on speaking I don't know if I can mentally train myself not to do some don't. Yeah but he's still wanna get to the point Julie did Friday OK so platinum front. Yeah I knew a guy that Saturday and he would just Paul wells yet a guy instead of starting disease embarrassed of the study showed that it was a very hard to talk but he knew when to stop so a good job every sentence of a year ago. And then of course we have a hair let. I don't know. You know and a pair Olympus but take a look at their Google hair look we've never seen one of violence Google careless that's a euphemism. And girl go grew we learned that man of course I across Leo we were through that would end there because it's. I don't know file what in my like a friend of mine who who worked with for a number of years. He has cross side and sometimes sometimes yes and it's one of those things it's very open and on my came and you your eyes going over there isn't as it is it is and I'm like dude. You tell me like this is like saying he doesn't know when the when there's no I would think your field you would just change is based Indian Alpharma they moved over the only. Sure he's like well look meant every movie I go designers can keep it. And I really thought that it and I GAAP viewing or every picture I take its apparent for the I'd they're not there are advantages so are meant there boldly for the rest of your life your partner has either a stunner a list I hair left I airlift or is cross that aren't. Let's just gonna Davis bigamy for 499911. Was our first contestant ready to play today about what do it just some common foreign and as we talk about four choices today written says easy a list stubborn would drive me crazy and I never look at across on girl and hell no to the hill. But it's a Stubbs could be cute even in gear and are a handsome and also let herald that that's a mustache and floor but that's a woman I'd rather do about her lip and a mustache. What's the rose three and paralympic Melissa well a list is just specifically how does the speaking to her look physically you can see an honorary Asian summit as a hero. And oftentimes that that leads to an a change in and in vocal. Short but when was and is a paralympic you know there are looking to looking at the list I look and review our internal consume food groups but the list. Always takes you by surprise and no one looks like the raw data list and you don't know. And we've interviewed people we shot Massa and able we've interviewed people you know people comment to be immunized a great defiant and he realizes dude has a list. And so for the duration of the interview all I can hear that's why you make fun Shannon Sharpe. I do not make fun for info. If you were to interview Shannon Sharpe which I have few times you would not make function how well my god I don't do it he ever asked if he ever asked me and says hey man. Are heard you might be faithful felt about me. Make a phone how I speak I'm like dude it was not me I have no problem. 200 front and I have all these audio recordings of you do and I wasn't neat. Yeah that's the radio do does that do you admire Shannon Sharpe is just as he's huge he's probably still is chiseled now duels that he's more valuable than me why you have to know that dude would kill me and got a few bars and not yet in a black. Joy. I thought mouth through Britain skipped. Big dummy is okay will pay for par at 99911. Was our first contest in red letter day. He's going to be my as one shares under the watch television Chesley go welcome to the member. We'll just show you. Hey hey we're doing great just freeze over not sober. Question I'm not the other guys don't have a show. Okay just government revolt today for the rest of your life your partner has a stutter Elissa I hear live for his gruff side regards. I'm I'm I'm going to study every ten my boyfriend and he nearly us. Dynamics and kind place you know get caught up somewhere there's hardly noticeable I'd probably lean towards Lebanon caught trying to be cute to bitterness. Who still is so acute cross eyed person even when. I know exactly I don't know what you don't LA area in this process personal assailant a celebrity Bruntlett you can meet so many calls on demand that is a high for Matt Matt bath when I mean someone that universally is known. I man I don't think I even as I hate to say this so I think it is too because they're famous for all the wrong reasons. I'm telling you I think the oh now I think it Syracuse is a little globally with the jackass and jackass on the floor. Zimmer oh god yeah Robert Zimmer minimum and I'm glad I can't remember his name to be onto the Internet either but either way that our guys yet he either Leonard's eyes were real close together. This is something about him that I mean obviously other than this out of being a murder right to do not look right. Okay how are also overlooked. Is that the most mostly light I know my girls oh I don't know Marty Feldman back in. How did you all liberals you ever got out of should've waited to be that wasn't wasn't the that was because of being cross said that was because he had like a well like a thyroid issues. His eyes were bulging out of ten they ran across but he did that as a gag on top of the I think they weren't always like goings on for you did that for air crew ran out of their chart. I here's a question Jessica. And what year did FaceBook launch. Don't mean to. See. The candidate and get to Seattle and I think that really electric came out though. No academic audience played Lincoln and quaint when I joined you know all of that didn't know what you're. And it did I 020032004. How says if there's one hole it would wasn't anything was already college. The number one more time so when a moment what told public records offerings like back then you can upload a newborn photos and there was no messaging original. All in the stands on its. Another words your friends were actually your friend's little public service announcement here I got the citadel my phone it was a text to meet from pulled FaceBook. Instead I put up and and inappropriate post Internet and that I needed to be I didn't take that down. And so those are linked to go out. Press to get in the FaceBook logon I don't have a FaceBook account to say you know so there's a Phishing scheme going on some are you probably we don't FaceBook exact about the way we did add a famous people let her crawl side. Yeah and there's some obvious ones that we've met so I was forced what occurred. Or forums with a camera. Guess Stuart Scott when you go don't ask is Daryl Hannah Giles Stuart Scott Stuart Scott got hit by a football's winningest cross eyed by the time you saw my way to relieve you won't read using less power and ask him some of that is Taylor Swift cross eyed and homeowner confidence and Lucy Islamic croissants and loosened his own lawyers aren't. I guess for Whitaker would be via. Probably the most famous stumbled Washington yeah. He's awesome eke it to me good actor in the bag all early exit is also only creepy. Like OK I think they think I'll see. You all. Well I think Asia is creepy but it. Stroke or Nat yeah degree result eagle gave it. They'll blow you up to go ahead it will kill me Google killed its. I didn't question that it's ironic spent the company behind the Swiss army knife. They've been around since 1884. From multiple choice question how many and clothes and they laid off and a 133. Year history. 0120. Or 100. At. Zero. 33 years it never label with the army's going strong. Actually moved to lead us. However another multiple choice question port. The movie a Christmas story potentially based on some short stories that were originally published in what magazine. Vanity Fair. New Yorker. Playboy or reader's digest. Reader's digest. Playboy Playboy com net OK okay oil oh yeah that makes it easier than Ralph don't want to remember left. At eight days in between that and a movie there's that I have an idea horror movies. By the way we got confirmation for what occurred did not have a stroke he just as a lazy okay. But it is. The only suspect that I do. When there's a love song of a look at India lazy and he's an amazing act merrily. On Cuba Sunday and lazy guy today. That. It goes and what rock guitarist played the solo on Michael Jackson's good. And you know the domestic and an alien all your very good. My dad but he he's in on all the older. Free and on the minimum and that's that's on theaters is others others do not have dried it came up again recently because he's been all about it all the wind yeah all the leg irons. Some had a Michael he admits that he did it as a favor. But the man I didn't act like you royalties from the 2000 assault went on to beat you wrote the rib but now that Michael's dead and just how much more money the state made to the morning rush out and buys stuff like. And the thing is it's Eddie may account I don't feel badly if he was pumping gas and Oregon and that's a story romance an event you rip I met anybody in peril and only got I think you're doing all right and he would be coming yes and organ because it's an actual job there about the army organ specific. Gamers may made 44999. Hello who's our next contestant ready to play the games hello Matthew welcome to the men's room. And. I just goes over. From the show world. Left and he beloved. Your partner for the rest of your life they either have a stutter a list I hear lip or their cross I was waigel. I'm down between Karzai and stutter he's discourage kids. How did you read anything so I just Marc Cherry bombs just explode wait too fast LaGrange I do speak everything it was they can be sure. If you get the word's out that this is someone autumn so I guess he's there are people like Steve for your dirty word games. And since then went on the other marijuana sold your brain on the point where your mouth have been able to catch up. State's gay guys discovered marijuana before religions. Good for you learn as I've told Tony good thanks. Goes into uttered this now. Paramount what's more Raza I know celebrity's you can say whatever they are a lot lower below. And they love in Panama encourage economic they're really like Nader on I decided to let them sit. Marty fellow coach Steve Buscemi and Renee Zellweger. Kristen Bell. She calls on christendom. We're in a convention but because I can mention that whenever image and branding like an every day every day for the international calls on their domain. The liberals like him a hug yeah. Then pinch you know like saint patty's day. Outside notre grow outside the average girls like booted that do you know. It. I didn't question. It is or blows the longest living president ever in 93 years old. I. You know reloading the Carter. Jordan. He's still alive his solo is hell yes he's still alive Fox News reported embezzlement nationalized. But agent the he is currently gold is at an all of a break it down think he's 93 and 165. That you're able to North America area go figure out what in the director of the CIA analyst for now here's where it ultimately he will have a family and everything before even got to that point to be a vice president before being president. And daughters G impugn that's Andre and Brothers live here. Are multiple choice question for Columbia fairer view Mount Vernon or midwest who looks the most common name for a city in the US. Cologne learned that Albert. I would just pulled myself up tonight. Fair view it's fair hair yeah when we get to middle America but basically we just did between you and say Ohio and probably I don't know. Kansas are broadening and Holbrooke there. We have another multiple choice question Ford. Weezer hasn't banned her first ever was back in 1992 when they opened for what celebrities by him. Bruce Willis in 1982. With Bruce Willis Kevin Bacon Russell Crowe or Yonder Reeves. Again that would have been my gal gallery around real dollars start saw. Hey he was startled Russell Crowe was 100 I want to welcome bacon Brothers and Brothers. Rituals take Ambrose had a great song whether they're there dog. Close. To Louisiana today you're playing harmonica and basically a little. Our question format to. Another. Multiple choice question why domain. New Hampshire or Maine. Or does the whitest states in America closed 95%. Of the population. Wyoming New Hampshire romance. Coma. You know he particularly be on these shows there's an hour ago with the title. All else. Main. Again I would guess slowly I'm right there with the power of thought Wyoming for sure Maine he's. Doing little oil we need it. Get an afternoon like eight mile limit their wife knows why intruders. It can't hide don't favor Matthew hang on the line for a man to get back the unknown side. Now do you bring on question number four okay. Victim is a very powerful are 9990. Morey calls more contestants on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network sees. Had Jeff Connell identity details American foods rest of the world had yet to try and has given up right after emails in the men's room and then jamaat dot com and meantime. Game is big dummy if you'd like to big contests and 844999. Although we have Matthew on the line. And Matthews playing for team not sober and unquestioned it number five. Hinges on Iraq let's go to the medical world doesn't. Our employees at Disney parks but not allowed to point with just one finger. They get to the scene is in negative gesture by people from other countries or cultures so how many fingers do Disney employees point. I think more he's now bigger role. Yeah he's got. Simply too big finger to come yet to beat anyone there yet if you don't get to two point Erica I don't think I'm making me. Earth Day the Edmonton. I am truly sorry Laura stone. They've got three big ones and thought and thought I mean I sort of thought. Little. Dog do nice to have Nicky hand they were also. Believe the actual hands when you can buy like a stuffed version of and you put your hands in our enemy and they had Mickey and and you didn't know rethink your hand on trying to enter I thought it was like this but apparently these bodies like all bull that it doesn't really wanted to. Look at the top parties and put on the Mickey cantor gets beaten. It. Mickey when you meet him he doesn't talk McCain also go to Disney World mommy Mickey for tomorrow's he goes out to. How could ask Jack I know he's the mascot but he's led the spokesperson for all of got Disney but if you break mascot choke. So I put all the rest of them talk like Donald ball rolling Lancaster as well but none of them to quell the criticism of talks gaffe as a player who can. Didn't symbol talk numbers that I know she's Christ really do know there's not a long headlock I told you that for years to get you fired up symbols are stocked. Some of them can talk is they're characters have a human creeks and it was like a princess or prince they'll talk. But if you look like an animal what I did you like Donald Duck Mickey Mouse holes when the dude you're not talking Roy yeah I think like buzz like you're talking you can remember you because life here ma'am the right and that's part of what exactly. And what do you think miles north western university right there are their mascot is around there. Let's say a redneck what could help. If you hit the deck right couldn't get LA he's human so he talks he put him unique the Maryland Terrapins got inside of accounts do he's gonna talk to zero. And am old. Question six Matthew. I got to number six needing only two hours of sleep. What large mammal needs the least amount of sleep. Are you Melo you at least emotionally. W mother Johnson. I. Large you know open. A lot of progression of Elvis never sleep the sleep with a thousand of them. Ted is also known as mr. patriarch elect. An animal kingdom and I am airlines and I. And it's true there's a wouldn't leave much you. Read the only believe it or not it's a plural terms and what's the word for one piece of rodeo. Crabby old. Who. Eyes on Baghdad ravioli. Ravioli you know low and 01 on one revenue of 100 no I'm gonna die illusion that you know little. Jules. Only 5% of all the hazel multiple world are used to make want. Yeah. Corrects. I was a great guest and really got down and really. And that they they Indiana dangerous people Beagle give us a month what are they would do they change I don't know I don't even know what's in there. No the way they never get not really change something but he's right people increasing. Had anyone tasty yet or they upset because they said they're going to get into these just said that there are gonna change a couple of little things and people lost their mind before they even tasted good for all American girl that's another went down a mega. We come I'm not sure either the people love their new tell. Here is they don't 84499911. Was our next contestant rated lady gays hello bowl welcome to the men's room. Oh all right I. I really showed itself. So where. So the ball welcome the show. All right Norman Super Bowl. For the rest of your life your partner has a stutter or lose my hair look for drop side regards. To our. Postal already are gonna go to Europe and connect us out of this thing on their for just the second get to question one here after these station get a chance to identify themselves. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.