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Wednesday, November 29th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is dumb men's room. Right it's always very high profile this is minutes away Keller 9844999. All the will play profile that's coming up being in this. Elliott had lives on the. And one hour from now first quick check in oh my god for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right for men and Utah are in trouble for stealing Ford's headless from a dealership last week. When the cubs started questioning them to claim that they were members of the quote Tesla family and one said she bonnets the car from quotes mr. Tesla. Mr. citizens these are. Yeah. We'll let you know everything about it says let them for who made the and it's not like he's quiet about it either. Yeah I'm on my house committees for him and everyone knows that the one must not Nichols test 'cause I'm not as quite as the car and through through. Allegorical or a game leaving and actually the steal one of those. But I assume there's just there's does it have a key says it had like I would be shocked probably if I got into a Tesla and found that I started the day after. Can a million I don't know if I got their minimum we are you don't know all the don't want a bit and you walk in. You get new lingo that she knows she couldn't Promos I like whom get a key in your pocket that where your clothes you can touch the door handles the oral online there's that technology and other things that I really dealership within proximity to our student. That would have. If I'm going to say look we can't afford the terms. We have no intention of buying a car I'd love to. But I am not dead but. Can we do is give them with the other guy's name and I was have a friend a friend to have one guy anyways is an impressive vehicle when a guy could have battery power Harkin have that much click OK but didn't but understand this like when all that stuff happened in Florida with a hurricane right. Basically there's a certain amount of allotment in a battery for a Tesla which you can use the we'll go X amount of mind yet. For what Tesla decided to do was they were going to change that and they successfully did for every test love vehicle in Florida. Through their computer system they do an update with the car would drive longer and farther on that battery life for the normally does apparently just came in all those cars change the programming of whom those people would drive to get the hell out of Florida. Gather her game of that having to recharge so people who have a lot of money based on again based on that technology it based on what you say about the driver was cars right. I'm fine how much does so still. I call tussle right now until an example my car's features shut that damn thing no matter fact union that the event did you shut it down. And they did shut that down I would does so you would well have the technology will they haven't technology for awhile wasn't OnStar that that was a big thing like oh yeah yeah people but that was optional. You don't and either putting Carly did little ahead of it and there they can still get most of you all of someone stole your test of the damned thing would just stop on the highway opinion of desert community and all the lights would flash in the horn of Blair dropped them off the room Agilent which they can just like that it's no longer. Anderson says. And what are you gonna bring him. It's as well Kessler Kessler up. Like demand that. And sad and no way sand that's gonna helpful at all yet Burger King started selling Mac and she knows she's sticks earlier this year and Mozambique. He would now they're upping their game winning flaming hot version Luka. I never got on the trip before and not you know plus you have the per KG dose things and I had this that view the the original yet which were fantastic by the have you guys seen all the crazy stuff from the grocery store with us now. Like Jimmy donors who believes that she goes you get like three goes they're like popping in Philly cheese. No there's all kinds is all new. Looks pretty beautiful shot from the public debt I didn't lose money I invite me. Did you wanna go I'll always you know debate by a value on the ice stood there like two minutes and I think out loud by myself on this. Dhaka. Sunday morning. We'll somebody else violence like a triumph and he executed it. Russian cosmonaut says that bacteria recently found on the outside the space station could be extra terrestrial. But it's available on PlayStation mammoon. Drank anything out there today when I went to where you are out there and none on earth. And it's not it in the spaceship earth for her food and says the bacteria I hope that it was Buehrle in the sections of the space will be. National golf one up after it's not rocket back loosely since it. It's just that's under these rolled out the window but I think it. It was Thanksgiving and a lot of my kid. Dammit bland but it's. I'm aware that if you open the window in his face so you gonna die death. Now before the emails come in elbow at 47 year old woman in Pennsylvania is facing charges for beating one of her co workers with a bar code scanner. Carol only knew the one of those handle things Jessica has taken over the card on to beat the hell out of kinda like being social web are you supposed to stand in my toilet paper that's underneath my car for the things that take it to the face. That insect and I'll attack. Did you go for the guys afterward said everything in line and it just like run and run and stuff across will only use the gun out of the Booth. Younger handyman console like you that's like old school Italian gangster like you goodfellas oh yeah yeah I mean I'm an Archos did I hit with a photo hit you harder or more out. I think the weeks sophomores. Hopeful Walpole. Yeah now. The fifth 56. Any. Let's see here a new survey found companies again about Christmas give to employees will spend an average of 79 dollars in gift this year. Two most fond of the presents are gift cards and clothing with the company logo on all thank you. The Bruins. Adelaide mentally senate about the swisher. Leading guess what should analyst Richard law another job the legislature it's really that path. United in this reg united manager didn't know what it. I like we don't have a hard but many forget us I mean say the finest work of like a bank yet dollar bank logos lectured for my Christmas gift. Is that a Bank of America jacket during my incidents. Not thinking we look like you're born and under Laura Robson a tribute to Marilyn but under armour sure right and jumped on normal load right I think he means like that. Are probably people like polo because of the polo player did you bunt abusive man at some of them are both served for the original players there will be this. I was fiction and competes I don't know if guys in the NFL walking around the street closures whether I'm rather forget Republicans if if if if you look at it that. Thus begin the NFL during the season a bar Milwaukee and promotion where people drink for free until the Packers scored for the first time. But that was the week that they played the ravens beat and it backfired when I got shut out by the ravens and everyone to drink for free the entire game tonight all I had nice thank you sort of foreign policy and her. That would give you a free drink if the ravens scored a touchdown night every Goodrich now today turned into a fake kicked two field goals you can look at. A free drinks whatever was a front there's no such thing in the free promotion with Baltimore scoring touch back. And is a way of saying we're not giving way to think for as if Joseph Flacco throws for two bucks you win you and how cynical effort to look at the 200 yards that went on how are you ravens don't pay for your house because they know damn well it ain't happening to. And violin we go to the symphony for this next story. Sales that fell sailed out of an hour now. You might knock out another way one hour from now employers could do alone. Precepts. It seemed thrown out to please everyone how profile this is played a short ten miles it's a simple game where we share with you a real life news story. Something did happen right here. I'm planet earth or. Poor or or and as you listen to the store based on the stereo types you believed to be drew people. And the decisions that people make will ask you wouldn't do you think makes the story a story hello Chris welcome to the men's room. It is thought wow I'm Chris my main understand how this here game was good. Yep I am ready to play profile Jacksonville. That close we do go to Florida and just gave a lot of hey man you know up to 95% cents. A mammals arrested in connection with the suspected sue real killings. And Seminole heights. Down their important police they need a 24 year old McDonald's worker he's going to be charged with first degree murder in the killings of Benjamin Mitchell. Monica how far Anthony nab a lot amber Ronald Pelton the victims apparently they were chosen at random they were shot to death. And started in October and most recently November 14 of the most recent victim now the police TV announced the arrest at police headquarters. He did not say whether or not the suspects have confessed. But he said after 51 days of terror. The symbol heights residents can now get a good night's sleep and in the mayor and in the tonight beginning when justice will be served and crosses look around round runoff. Do remember saying and we hope the Tyrod tonight. The question do. You believe that there's no running serial killer whose wife flight to Mexico or Asian. Well I'll admit I don't really hear much about serial killers that are not light the stunning and it's usually blue and white serial killer that seem to do in the creepy stuff. And shooting their victim says I think gonna run of the mill. I mean for my taste anybody serial killers are concrete. Yeah a lot of them but I get through delegates are not eating chilies or are you back your lawyer looked like that yet I think you can eliminate that Asians. Yeah it's eliminating some. I'm saying there's no way to space in the fact that they were the McDonnell. On the financing and that's exactly yeah exactly known on the floor tonight I sort of got clean and Wendy is not McDonald sent. My engineer gave the gun like you hold my content to them talk McDonald's employee he did you lose the scope. I was an American you're an old loser gonna guess you could have gotten close men whatever but he he worked to McDonnell's. Breeding ground conservative comes a time. Out. When I think that. Yeah I don't want to go play. What are you going white. Yeah I mean you'll want to admit to me it's not like now your second wife. He's a mastermind control. This guy was going around that he was shoot this is obviously there's not something he's not right ahead because he was just randomly going around popping off those no rhyme or reason not who's doing what is doing and so. Can serial killer up. You then know that area down there could have no idea how. Black white marriage GB loan mess you are right it's Florida man Elton a lot of the US where was that influence seminal counting. Which is going to be north close to Tallahassee based on the seminal independent opinions and assuming they and does my assumption was. Yeah I mean right florists are close to Tallahassee and yeah I'm with symbols I don't know man I I am to take your place only in black and get used to the life final answer. Yes and can't win a fight out of this guy was black white meg C or Asian nets that fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. Fitch is you. True. Obama faces Tampa Florida and they serial killer who was fortunately cops and I was by his own mistake losing candidates coworker the gunman used an all four murders. I wasn't a black white Mexican or Asian. First two balls are gonna use them all five murders Mon five I'm sorry you have to go ahead and coworker of the co workers called cops now because he thought I was the serial killer. It just made among comparable Heyman knew coming. I don't know what some give me gun I don't want any part of it so when they check gum private pieces back to sort of killing but Chris we ask you. Did you believe this guy was black and white men to your agent and he went white basically on the serial killer kids out serial killer tick and Diller get. Could you do point out something that than I do agree it's like you said you know when you think that a serial killer. You can go why do. But because this guy aside for more repeatedly wasn't eating then he wasn't dismembering them anything like that it didn't seem as white but in the end. You came back you went with the white. OK. You know this there. The elusive black serial killer who need nurses for the course of briefly smiling. We saw happened this is it. This guy's mug shots easier that's pictured there is no way that's his mug shots there is no way. And environmental idea known around here and then there's okay now that was a little more accurate. Now pro TV news all the time and. Time for TV time what did. As your blood. Countless hours in front of the talking and the presents. I would you liked. And hear more about molesters mocha. Deal right here what are here's something just weird and different do you wondered if there's truth behind her off. The red nosed reindeer oh dude some brutal truth all right we are brutal truth music I think I know this is going. I'm I'm gonna get ready I'm ready it wasn't his nose that was read new. Call only one of these types of stores well does he think first of all Rudolph and Santa. I'm watching recently what you mean that the actual ring there. The movie. My glass or Rudolph as a result it's president and I remember he's basically like I believe dinars are last year does that too and it's weird or even a hole like having their office to Brazil Thursday July oh yeah no man it's good to begin bullet having your own parents let you win it's a little bit. Yeah and I thought Santa Claus. Santa. Breaking clause right he's puts up with the worst kids in the world still rings and then the impact. Even he'll look to Rudolph wife Debra you're not you you can't be part of team and that when he gets. Lost with Yukon Cornelius seemed. Like after a while I think my rant and this is too bright and they're like night you know you better take off. They need guys like wander home by himself and it's crazy then they go looking for a month. Began in the end of his parents whose parents of the study by the pump away just an inside look and so last night I'm watching Rudolph. It's really sad is your kids. Now. Malone with a beer. And it's no wonder it seems and do you. Grown as a man with a mere want to move also wash Rudolph might imagine some people and it's really sad but then we're really different music today and generally who kind of music but then Twitter let me know. And this is what's gonna. Oh yeah. Put your mind my brother don't stumble on them. You're like me and it goes one of dignity and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is. I think even now I'd. So if tomorrow the red knows rain here is two days we'll leave down most male reindeer by December have shared their influence of only a female would still have some antlers. Any female reindeer also would have eight. Frozen mammoon. Rudolph's latest. Round yeah I also do deducted he filed putter told me this. And then I saw a news story for a paper in England to a happy we are okay. So based on bad the red nose and and the tiny little antlers hold on one disapproval of a girl from. So you realize the real world you get the problem or not every Robin absolutely not I hadn't done all I know you well these are dear he had enough greed good to lose no I'm very free that this plug because now have three watch it in that context it really only my. And it's and a half of them and make her be a little preview of yellow. Pages is simple and. That movie you forget. Like all your name is Jack now it's Charlie nobody wants a Charlie in the box to them. Movies depressed candidates all the right yeah the island of misfit toys that you watch a depressing child's movie would you do after that. Smokes a week. Am I thought yeah that's what sort of ice plant and watch the show about smoking and toad venom. You're from Rudolph the red nose in danger to smoking toad venom. Correct OK it's a specific to note that you could kind of in the southeast United States but mainly in Mexico. So cool basically you've have you ever heard of people messed with toad venom. I ever knowingly in the frozen all right OK so Iowa there's a show of Iceland caused Hamilton's pharmaceutical. And you'll go around the east kind of upsets the psychedelic drugs and go to different places trying to think. But that's the thing. It's so weird dude they're not even licking that shows you that capture the toad. And then squeeze his plane and to get the stuff out brewers went. I like right here okay our team because they they had this put a lot of toads have this kind of poisonous thing yet so if like a fly gets on on its secrets a little bit the fly guys. You take Jack town eat that front for why aren't the but this toad specifically. Can somehow make its own Mike. I might go to all the technical means but it turns it into a drug to look at some people that go around catch these frogs sprayed this stuff like Nokia which only sounds bad and every milk. No militants owed oh America just give me fifteen minutes I'll be OCR and moved to Tony and I don't mean gonna bring. But did you know but now they they try out to make smoke it match tally people. But it's just crazy is a big part of the show was like. How did this start. Because the total and a lot Mexican culture in the mirror and eat it personally that that's the thing the totals were always like looked upon as the most of it got right looked they brought rains in the towed showed the Carlo really about a bit about trips to Somalia but see here's the thing nobody is positive the ancient people were doing any of this. The story kind of turned into like. So who was the guy that came down here and started smoking toad venom but no pay just some old. I think it's the guy got ruled that a white guy. That's no way and he's very strange if he's like I heard about toads asserted they mess and with the venom thing that I found the one. Okay how many did he go through to find the ones he didn't say he was very eat eat it running it's a lot of questions about it didn't affect any. But it was just an interesting contrast of watching real threat to us reindeer than watching people smoke. Toad venom and how old will there experience what this. So the main thing is laid low. Like the hugs. Well lake I mean honestly look me and beat these cut it's a short trip but a couple of more freaking out even took my rounds and comfortable watching it like Jesus Christ and but like the guy Hamilton and he finally decides he's gonna smoke the toad venom. And then basically he's on his back he's out. And just gets him love over and over LA the other guy and it freaked out like right before your freaked out when I love you guys. Thank freaked out and I picked it miles there was intent I know you've may have. Tried rant but I have heard of it I read about it is intense dude yeah I will say they have some say it's almost like dying. Up yet. I have felt a few times out maybe gonna dive. Yeah or that I had had the my body was looking up outside of itself yet necessary when my I think I'm dead almost out there and this seemed completely different than any other thing I think. No it curled my shirt over my knees and start rocking back and forth. Right at I was. Let's just leave them alone is it all right 'cause they look all right if you think this is like having to live in his basement like he's a human rocking chair. A zealots I've seen you turned down wheat. You don't need they'll they'll want an picnic with. But anyhow Hamilton's pharmaceutical very interesting Rudolph as a woman also depressing Sharpton kept. I think I think on the lives on the comments this is it's okay Ted we want to Rudolph last night to. The most is all the rage these eleven call him names. All all. Our. Vet veterans a bit ambivalent about was. I was just gonna say the same thing as Robin group wolf as you go for a literal lesbian won't yeah right Tom you're talking more alleged to have. That's OK I'll just explain etc. formula works. That is rivals reindeer races and other born noses. Look bad owner red head does what happens now you have painted Santa's reindeer all the other ones can you name only. All eight range comet comet cupid Donner blitz then. I got to fix your bit knowing him alone down periods and grant cern comet and cupid. I'll I'll let them do none he really now now you know dasher dancer France are mixing comic humid doubt tired cupid Donner blitz of I've been marvelous Marty you know they're quite why it is so I love Christmas. Wow I guess you know you do at its season or those races as a and it damn right it doesn't matter how would you Rudolph and I ruined as I thought antlers on every single one of them all right do you believe that that that Rudolph as a go for it. That his girlfriend yes there's a few years ago for do you believe that Rudolph has been no. You never looked I think he was born different dead. And I think you accept that. Tim and I. Think it. With that said I still watch Rudolph I don't know journalists like its audience Christmas got to watch. I was a kid wait months and yeah we have our red nose and SPN every era every year I'd love to play three notes Avaya an entire CD of people fart a Christmas tunes would you let me give you three notes give him Harlem history and give it three notes I had thought I thought believe we're technically WB. That's such a shame because you know you wonder the rest of us Koran and a and I turn. I want to just. Yeah I sure wish we get clearance and blue island the capsule is the first week. Caller a parts I and our entire album they're just really tired Christmas album made from parts. Let them real far the analogy no form when I was so that was that I do know on an Oz is called in the last. Physical jingle bells jingle that's isn't as you had to be managing editor going through the honestly I. Those looper surrendered only a slight. Let's not very special the other 100 Ennis on titles are are rural the red nose but joy as he did and you're Christmas party. Part songs yeah I'm good. Obviously I don't know I can play if if if if if if you have a CD player if apple I don't have a DV footwear and I'll see you don't normally do with it. All right everybody knows we watch a price is right everybody's excited on that show right you have to be if you're gonna get picked it seems OK it's the price is right. You also have to know some math I'm not the best that map but we'll fight just. You can just about each as you started the whole goddamn things and sounds like maybe Rudolph was transgender. I don't assume the gender too rude DMX Covert Rudolph the red nosed reindeer look it up. He just release that stopped have you ever seen Rudolph the big deed rainbow oh. Yeah. I have not even I. I swear that the dead cold brutal mice thought maybe he just cut except that he had a daughter maybe he was Baghdad maybe it was in the sixties by a man. I can't even read that one McCain good jobs but this thing inside typically. A male reindeer when I was in my step when it's our model C is you've got stuck because there were times faced them to that was addressed as well. I believe you called dummy somewhere in my. I guess Stevie females would not have the horns of all of what they're resigned the elements so that he's got the look I don't know man I don't know who's telling you would responses to your. And Bush's old Iraq. Always had this in onto it. Now what so what you're right that's right you're excited right but you also an aluminum math. I'm not gonna quick math either way this woman is worse attitude and she thinks she's won she hasn't. 60600. Dollars. Yeah seven. You know I. I don't know. Actually tell price. 620. Now. The Molly. Girl got a little excited. She's around and open she runs up there. Should you actually made it on stage yet these rendered those four people are right there that's there already closely I think it's an immediate demand from FaceBook page. But she runs up there starts to that's why he's a daughter oh not you with the other lady actually while I am yet. But they're always takes a second nobody's that good at math. Well you know fuel. You wouldn't think you just gotta wait dear little thing like so are you know you won. It makes it easy pride and a database on the bid that you make though I think given I didn't have to remember the good delighted employee of an artist make you do the math. Yes they knew they get right into met. You know let's stick with some good good news right now miles just for you and even excited about it talked I love it Jersey Shore is coming back. It has to be doing wanna do the other GTL. Lifestyle again for one month. The problem is man. The full disclosure I kind of like the tanning I love that some afraid to go back to unload debt that's one month though we don't know it is well I guess I was a nominee to smoke plume cigarette look Ocalan exactly what a million quid twelve year and it makes sense of why I don't know Andre can get your bombs it's July. Right now I am I was golden brown long has been what eight years and in a dispute wow what are adolescent I know this was as I look back at the lottery thing down I and laundry no matter what towers and Jim goes on the more of a commitment to go to the gym that was a good thing but man I was like now stars attending I don't care. But those attending please write to semi Jim. A walk in there you don't say I get my package no enemy whatever that is our soldiers who you only tender package dude are you in their butt naked man got to go to lay there man and I come out there and Mike I feel like to see if that I know tell Wanda I know it's a promise so bad for but I mean god dam and made a lovely carcinogen fried Hamburg steak and there's all kinds of ways and I'm gonna die smoke cigarettes like a mug look. I just feel so good coming out attending but I haven't done it since the reason for we have to go ever go in there boy I knew I was doing an Oz like this is also a. I Jersey short vanity family vacation by the way you read reunite most of the cast. Sammy is not gonna be there I don't know semi which what is she. A dude. Now Sammy was a woman. And she for years kind of data Ronnie. But the super big dude and all right just like remembers lucky because she was lucky I remember jwoww because she was hot the sound like urgent situation good joins in to make communal. But dole would do she don't wanna be there because what's his face is there. I don't know basically they have the press release and everything the whole groove on takes pictures they were just together for like a Burger King commercial and a month ago. And they were all this it. I think amateur she's not there I would assume closer on the show maybe you know who knows they also don't. They're technically actors could just be a contract Ted sign the miles that there's a request to hear these three notes of jingle passage. Yeah I can only play three those three love. You know I wish I could we sure do and we were a complete three different. But I can't pass for a third Blaylock another three mostly girls to play sol. Man let me see if I can do this okay hold on for one do you know how stark she has had an immortal songs and the sons of Baylor team can't can't turn if you find the big ones are here's. Ought to know about that and. An unmanned. You can't look at away form and a tie camera looking at bay waveform I'm trying to do is say artists trying to be safe fearless go here here to listen the somewhere in the middle of the song. If you easily so I eat at the that's what you're trying to sneak down man had a bit of that live on debug it by the biggest way Foreman fairway as a do on this and then I'll play throughout the area of ethnic problems out of out of. They had found it worth it developmentally from the theater. About people can move past Rudolph yeah well you know what. Winners helping out little what does Twitter site. Hazard says. Obviously they are female looking up on soaps well okay so that when all of Santa render Freeman. It's basically our same man. Female. Female reindeer to grow and OK let's listen I think if I make it through December and tell you the one of the males are gone wild and says look female reindeer antlers to the winners of the day conscripts open grants and find always responsible eat for Avaya and other cells. Tender young things. I don't know look I I know nothing about it but you have definitely hit a nerve with Rudolph African red nose ring there. And who knew that Rudolph carried some weight I'm I have three departure look at what do you. If you heat it in and thinkers whose club. Had the other day. Played and I think there. The Jersey Shore about whenever you in the family show that'll air after NBC nearly shown on TV now. I read the name of old flora bam more of our. It's basic right where you work was exactly let's let's that I know exactly what I think this is going to be like you have the floor memo shortly plus a Wal-Mart. Which is weird because on CM TE they had a show the basically do the same name is one at a beach but they were just in the south and a big house. And all these dude slip in chicks live there together. Is kind of like who can be more. Read my dish yeah man I'm never I've never been in a place men were. You go into like a gas or whatever in the three people in front of you all get dip. Like a minute about tax cigarettes are no saint I get it you know you're like wow did fly in and but since flying out the door here yet Manuel lineup there's a lot plays the country people love to invite all area and I found it. Yeah if you're probably border to Florida and Alabama did just assumed. Right that and is one of the hottest guy for it and then yeah. Mean I'm amid guy. But my wife she she's Jerry with the way around town looking for her pay it. The thing is we just keep it in the family so it's all seem like a lot of you have gone smokeless. And yet about drew much you can groom give me great to Beckett takes yeah I think even my and is coming from next differ so I know how disgusted cabinets. Even though Imus yeah he's like I'm Earl Campbell and is rampant. 3509. Yards and when I'm done met a little big old jaw and I mean they run at a million team if I find out there and I am flying high as a catalog long garrison. I honestly like for me grown up like I I think part of cut it out of baseball may have helped. Yeah it's a sign into his arms and then move on the simplest yes thank you don't ever Jerry it and I've got to know Mike doc in minutes you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Timely and Swiss miles. No let's see what's happening in the real world I don't know breaking news a scientist DNA tests nine million these samples and yeah it's a bear. And it all goes the most agreements Eric calling him and I think deuce back while consent and in his chair. Florida ballerina stakes Valerie to take sex toy and slam boyfriend Jana in the face. Massachusetts police ball great giant Christmas tree with a small car the vanished without a Trace. Eddie Collins who knows 200000 bucks and believe or not that is not a loan it's it's time for your headline. It's Sunday it's. It's here's Mike call. Adam video for our top story a video circling online that only focuses on the or pursue during its performance for what they've picked up with a lot more intriguing. We foreigners. I. Very. When the band suddenly came back and look into the piece it literally scare woman out of a densely. Although I do think they're doing the quiet part she had fallen asleep but when he comes back that's OK you. Yeah. A gentlemen our. Well I would probably take it in the context of our music is so soothing that mold this woman to sleep now we're so bad. Letter and I sitting not more yeah Jose earlier this who's probably way faster but mostly that's why she would be your ritual here that I'm having trouble sleeping. I can't think of anything better than this guy down. Never see someone not enough and churches like. It's early in the morning miles threat looming on. Around the world because they're right there at that depth in the early in my. Decided have been running says on hair sample that the Pope would belong to the ever elusive yet. They studied nine different hair samples to confirm that indeed they hair sample belong to bears that roam throughout forest. Bears the bears had their fair guess if finally carcass. This is mayor's decision is up to let them presently don't look at the yadier of the big literal mark meadows you get thrown at forest. Well in terms of wives even start while this is across my desk. Because you're an idiot made eagle though even if he they may believe you north and North American a gorilla I guess great yell found their hair out where there's bears would have found. I don't think this hour there are mayors I still believe Viennese. He's that ice cold today and I was individual companies and ET Toronto on what yeah yeah I don't wanna go they're nice like forty box fish. I got from a box. Dion for your mom frontrunner from a mile knights have got for Christmas and a woman in Florida has been arrested after a dispute with a boyfriend got a little violence. The pair were having a talk about marital aids or turn into an argument that eventually led to the woman striking your boy from across the face with a sex type. What's and so in my my guess is the long TSE one. Who told a long PUC was one of the hill oh this thing until the Mike hello. I just say a word and nasty word I don't wanna it long he was on won't anyone worse yet. Then they'll go belief on PCP come into view into is my eighth Mike what do you mean a long pass the have you ever been and they adult store. No would you like to go now Obama I go out of their way and don't take our neighborhood sensible and I received never been into adult closed. Oh yeah our headline I'm out there might not be an. Exam for the kids there who know my guiding their. Long penis you while there is more on the PGC one okay all right we're just we're out. Yeah business until tomorrow please do what you do best in Orleans this thing it's day on the greens seem beautiful.