11-29-17 Seg 3 Men's Room Is In The Mood

Wednesday, November 29th

Emails, Who Sucks Less, The Return of A Positive Drinking Story and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Another thing this act flash Sam will Jerry Jones with a shell today are meant a blank question I will never forget the time that I swallow blanket 44999. Cola. And here again is certainly an RNA hello. Michael welcome to the men's room. Hey guys don't stop. An internal or external horrors. Okay Don and make this reasonably short and sweet you guys it is I know you've got a lot of people lately and I'm traverse tons. I'm I'm an approach that by saying that. My mom and her friend were sitting at the kitchen table playing garbage men. And they were drinking out. The old school big. There. So they were brown bottles and I think about piracy could time. And I figured control and also drinking out of brown models like tonight so I kept bugging them and bugging ma'am inviting them to give me except I kept getting told no. Well I happened to going to the bathroom shortly thereafter and there's a common household item that's an umbrella modeling your bathrooms in most places are itself peroxide it's. So I would like okay they're drinking out of brown bottle I'm going to during cattle from bottle I popped it open and shut down about half. Oh boy how that went up foam comes blowing out your face. Well after I regained consciousness. My mother was jacking my head back away from a toilet as fast as humanly possible. And man I think I passed out again because I remember your dirt in my head back a couple of times about our vomiting. And then the next thing I remember what is about six. I'm fire department guys there in black wearing suits. They say the hospital did this Telecom owner. Actually now are because the fact that I bombing and as much as I did. I'm I got lucky and that I don't know what you're not gonna look it up and even though it is the age it is I probably should. But I was told that the relay issue is jerking my head back like she was is that when you make peroxide and stomach after that comes out here on the so toxic. Actual humor itself can kill you. More so than the actual consumption of the box. So here's the thing how that is true I would have no knowledge of this so my kid did the same thing to do good chance of making a drop dead face down an appointment. Yeah well she actually called quite controlled senate she found a little going on and she had them. On the phone with me what you basically. Doing the old school hold your hair what your puke entangled in the toilet and I'm like five or six years old struggle. So let me guess just like everyone else in the bad drinking experience you cut peroxide out for at least the next ten years. Yeah you know I kind of gave up my clock site got out now that I this do you have broadside in your home right now. All conduct. Do you really. Yeah for what I can rocked around. All the time because struck on the best disinfectant on upon. They wouldn't let me not gonna suck it down any time I don't know I don't know as well as a lesson learned or if you just devers of the import brock's and I still. Tom I do but I keep MySpace away from a because of humans and some can actually make you sick. Oak Aetna well yeah I guess and a lot of ground on a proxy I go to guy this I have peroxide but just like when I use it as just. All the time I remember using it is out like when I was a kid. You did your occasional bumps and bruises because that's what kids do and he apparently dumps and stop vomiting distillate volcano up and the thing and so I have peroxide and wanna say I have bright side for the kids and I can say in 100% non state. As they get butchered doing whatever it is kids due to the course of the day it never occurred to our Rome and underwater remote Democrat white but I do the band they've. Got to put peroxide on duty yet prominent thing to do I don't have any bit of I had children and after using torture we did OK she's just bubbling up on the mean that's where end Vernon Wright actually that aren't bottle and another as a kid being scared that bop yeah. It's the liberals only under the foam broke. And it never really hurt is just something look at the tunnel weird man and a peroxide I would vouch for but you're right I would have in my own home. No eggs and I have some prominent news and Arnold and open men's or my question I'll never forget the time I swallowed blank so cannot welcome to the men's room. All top on the job. I got cute for you as well but can your ball I try captured on a dare I wasn't and how much did beat. Just a couple of people that it wouldn't care bowl yeah okay so the Byron. And then. A couple years ago the first time I. A buck. Let her friend and she had to try try. I thought expansion and Matt Beebe contest and move it is you know drive was. Much now let me know like parent they need to I notice that it makes. It really peaking it'll. BP noodles. That's my penis is make him out aren't BP news. So now Baghdad track and never tried tracked. I've tried it it's. It's okay it's more the texture for me. Like it please find if I want to lead to a bonuses come thick and tested you bite it in so much you to be a deciding mouth you know remain remark okay this morning I tasted doctor Gomez is get through the other day it was it's it's a shrimp and some don't know why did you try because doing really good movie capitals like shrimp and mobsters and so like it's the pats that right. Just I'm very here and there and tell us to solve this horrible. But I'll say this like on every way because that was shrimp amounts related. Don't mind about putting in this shot right why not sure of a monster doctor Gomez all in all this with a single taste disputed days like. Such Jason on like I gotta say is I guess is really really fishy. But but on every anything called pat tape yet. Is a manager noted is it just much stuff crap right now is well liver general and down but I money that the greatest ever like pat Tate is the texture. And other problems noted that the promised a much like look as far as eating livers goal that's probably most palatable way in my opinion in Liverpool. Who aren't well liver and onions I think I'll. I don't know about to the top five elements but to the top fives they meet tube it's not that I would never in my. The smell of liver and onions and the smell an organ cooking when you organism that's probably your cooking and organs smells like you're cooking or it's and all but that's number two on the list I think. It's gonna have to BC urged. CE Erdogan is like a mush. Of crap. That they somehow it's like a putting blob of crap it's like wet saute those to taste like finish it is the worse do not ever fall for the sea urchin if you go with sushi you at all I. I have a different. And now what did you think it's the worst thing and most of my things and textured and Bruyette and and then the third thing to be a cab area. Based on the texture. Yeah isolated to the middle yeah February in the best part of my problem mushrooms too. Really yeah there's the fashion don't like to thank her remarks from Anwar. I used to be I would never forget the time us all a blanket 44999. Hello hello Cameron welcome to the men's room. All laugh on yeah. OK so I gotta make this quick in the door that lets up but. I could you hold on segment. You know it did you have the Jim saying just now on site answers or do we just need though medical a couple of things you do your tech. To do breathing exercises are little more to do they've also. In. Hello Anderson. Refocus good looking man hears that we have Cameron on the line and my you need to understand that doesn't have a lot of time. We have four hour right what do you love about him and so it's important that yeah your breathing exercises my. Our camera we are ready for it. A bit but here are. So yeah how about sixteen or seventeen a little at my cousin on my hand and you we're. We would sneak any alcohol that we could find naturally. And our are at your bishop Carlos like cream Sherry. So a blow it kind of got bored of taking Sherri shot certainly picture anything that out alcohol it. No he had the all the white white vinegar. All hopeful that he's the man. I am done. Yeah I arterial click yup New Guinea pig and I think. I'm pretty sure why what physically happened was seen lately I got a cult. Shocked took over at about how it sucked in my lungs. Okay. I had. I've found myself on the floor you're going to everything like that crime burn my gal. Oh yeah sucked now believe the longer the pain lasts. Well lots object it's time to be honest. They've belly like. A burly jagged you know 1542. Or rule. Miseries like he let you when you go to our shoe store if you're looking for cooking what and cooking white wine rice wine and Sherry Marcelo whatever it is like you. You can walk in there at thirteen years old my. And they don't question though because no right human being would ever want a drink that crap that's why I mean the business bureau they never but it it still alcohol and think about that like you don't get I don't think javelin a local regional get ID he visits cooking now that doesn't meanest and alcohol that is in the same way Godzilla will look did you you're going to go by Listerine. And it's X amount of alcohol drugs are now. But it's not storybook love most normal people don't drink that's up on is that the shaft we were on the way there the level alcoholism involved with them but. Every time we were or we'd have to order more cooking Sherry which you seem stunning to us. They don't you know the proportion to use and what ingredients that goes into with that this doesn't make sense of order with four down to the Cecil week. Me and another guy to open 1 morning he went to the bathroom he walks back down he says Heyman. There's someone laying unconscious and tidy widely as an aside like little room what do you mean because we're the first predominantly we've he has been remarkable as. So we go there Schoen often see these legs sticking out tidy white is an original skylight half under table was the shaft. And next symbols that empty bottle of the cookie share. So while on the light bulb went off as oh that's why we're ordering so much but with his left America Michael Wolff will wake him up for re open but. I might be able to as nonsense we just got to do we do every hour and prep he won't sound as though nothing weird today haven't. Hey fellow bubble Eddie's talking glass. Hurdles ordinarily you have to know that we saw you passed out in your tidy white he's in a corner we got him restaurant right. But just he would make knowledgeable and didn't last much longer. I would like as the plane through the identity of the episode I don't know how pocono game no problem. Got about a program to get a bird to return I return of the plaza bring you sorrow break down how calls by emotions are question I will never forget the time that I swallow blanket for four. 999. All of we'll take a quick break come back and read your emails in the men's room and men's or my dot com next few are listening to the men's or radio networks. Oh did you know you don't have a gentle men's room. There is no love like lesson today I will never forget the time and I swallow blanket here come those emails in the men's room mad men's or live dot com. Hello guys and high school I told my girlfriends long hair the weird part about this is as it came out it came out long ways. I didn't know what had until I was done we'll my business got up and I heard a splash. Do and I sat down I heard another splash there when I got to began entering and again I look down the and there was one swinging like a kid on the tire into the lake. At a clip there was some scissors I don't even try to tell you how I did that it took a little wild out walk. To get those scissors but they're about four days for that thing to finally come out long ways sad times yes. Our guys not me but a friend years ago while stationed at Fort Lewis four of us ended up going to an apartment party girls those host in the place she was excited she got a first department. First thing we noticed when we inner displays was a single goldfish in a fishbowl. Of course after many beverage is the foremost good nonstop watching this little old thing so Brian opens bids at ten dollars to eat said goldfish. I throw into any Jason decides that it is the right price in one motion he snatches the goldfish and bam. It is down the hatch the best part is a few hours go by the girl notices that are fish is missing throws a fit and has a few more drinks. Now does much later and Jason isn't feeling all that good but he still trying to hook up with the hostess yes the goldfish is owner. There in the kitchen talking when Jason turns to the sink and violence. When she sees or goldfish she flips out and kicks us out of the party you can't buy that kind of entertainment thanks for the great show guys that can be done. Does backgrounds and show up I used to do a wild game menu every November. It was a lot of fun to see and use all the different kind of ambles and here's a a short list of what I can remember anyway. Elk moose deer bear envelope caribou yak Teemu Austria edge. Who boy Guinea fowl. Did I found getting found rattlesnake king cobra and fraud. The stake was my least favorite because a labor to get to meet I was ridiculous in the yield was awful. So it was super expensive I guess that's recent economic bread to meat man. Guys do things at once eight peacock my uncle's farm had tons of them so during Christmas they took some up he was married with pineapples well prepared and possibly juicy. The other odd thing I unknowingly ate glass I was on a cruise my family of fourteen years old we were served chocolate ice cream of their male. I get to eating it thinking the crunchy stuff was just bits of ice crystals on top. That I got a good sized chunk of what I thought was ice and was sucking on it to not let and it oddly started things like blood. They never figured out how got in there and no one else in the boat got any ice in there as everyone guys that from Kelly. The red headed nanny. Long story short hiding the Pacific crest trail come across the opportunity to eat a moment. And had freshen the opportunity. So decided to indulge in the trail bodies tasted like fish none too pleased possibly because of its tragic death. That's from Caitlin. Had all the Dulles is a long time aquarium keeper aquarium keeper I have siphoned out many a bucket of dirty fish who water. Doing it at the frequency I have for all these years I have over suck for lack of a better term thing happens to takes a bit of it getting moving so my buddy needed help in doing his quad gas tank embers enemy would that piece of a two bit. I way overdid it and got a mouthful of gasoline. Pretty sure I did spent most of it out gas stays bad by the way that from the spear checker Randy Cummins. Other that you want to even dawn testicle. Consistent Howard Dunn a veterinary clinic it was from a small puppy after he was neutered and you just swallowed by a coworker gave me fifty dollars. To even dawned testicles yeah no doubt in my mind I would disaster for race. We're talking right ABC Europe to some degree the sea urchins actually terribly the unit sushi and some the most points out that animal part of the senior urgent is the such short. Well their relatives discovered taste yeah I would see and as a kid I give a girl bullet grab some water total we salute. She's the world record cowboys to a time for a few extreme else in the men's room events are my dot com. Guys always my good Buddy Ryan happy birthday he loves lamb of god and Titanic is his favorite movie but we still love them. Tunes are dirty German and something by you Leo DiCaprio thanks guys that from Jason. Are you go it is about holiday's traditional Santa is coming sold mine. Com we'll bring in outside. Big reds. When some of gifts patents from afar. Mozilla today have as they must Unclei destroy second birthday he knows how awesome I think he has a mug and a blob there on about that I do ask in his honor cordon a barber shop they sand wedge thanks guys love the show that from patty. Here is it do movie borrow this and wins. G.'s daughter on this. I don't understand is there any reason do really gays in the morning and at noon afternoon. All of a jealous today's my life man these birthday could you please givers and dirty German talk thanks guys love the show that from drew. There are Montgomery enough to present for the want to visit to old from office. She's Marlon had chewing my gummy guy who makes them in Germany. Guys today is my friend can at least 26 rotation and she would love to hear a couple of Joey chestnut please thanks bridges that from the ever vest and Francesca. Resulting in my boyfriend Jacobs story seconds around the sun giving it a big old bomb hits in into dirty Germans. Thanks guys love you Jacob that from Izzy. I don't flotilla classical music but we will start to big children and an average finish under Obama. Yeah I don't know if you're in the mood for snacks appetizers and take a pig in a blanket. So there's no blanket. Yeah you eat eat eat eat eat. Just did okay. Until today is Michael order Austin's birthday to when he turned around the sun always been a working through the night last night and I was wondering if you guys could give massage get up cupcake. Followed by some Ozzie Ted talk thanks guys keep on rock and banks that from Kurz oh. Yeah. And that Melvin if they left of their state to slash path that didn't take them. Maybe find it's not a koala. It's not beautiful I believe is bird they can get a big all bong rip with a second have kept gay thanks guys love the show sincerely Mike. Oh. How announcement guy guys I would like to throw shot onto my I BEW brother Joseph pack and asked for his 34 birthday he had so much fun with his name about do it like a second round and I could get if they say what tens of dirty German thanks guys love the show that from Mike. Fish sandwich. And a dimensional if you like football and look to where you as you go through. On the practice that trek. You should consult the cream from the thick cloud. Hello jaws my name is Eugene. And I'm in those things you guys is fine program for fourteen years today's my fortieth birthday. And I would love to hear some dirty German from thrill and Robin and some Ozzie Ted please. Normally cry and feel broke them. Jeanne covered improved to. Young Americans plan a whole lot collecting. And then if Melvin says they just simply becoming a lot of protein image. Walker go to saltwater crocodile. Over the night life is good but the. Oh god Jerry holes. Behind me did I. I'd. It's. Okay yeah yeah yeah Madonna. Thank hey you're playing or do you. But says. Doesn't they're two gentlemen brought. Available through news and world sings a men's line doesn't come another sign reads news. Im sure might apply. Sir miles. Did Steve Robin and Mike I heard Steve saying that he likes to fart in the elevator I do I was laughing when I heard the story. I have a co worker who parts all the times you'll want to someone's cubicle to talk to them. And then she lets out a huge fart till Michael workers and I have a nickname for we call her right no because or parts are so loud. She even par to her desk in people hear her parting. A thanks for all the laps that from Tanya in San Jose California listening on K fox 98 point five and she also listen to show on the producer Ted Williams tossed. Narrative Jimmy do judgments that you have for the foxman who individuals and at some personalized liners memorabilia Fox's. Dennis Athens classic rock station ready for the 98 point five K fox the south ladies classic rock. That is is that is that we know there's a classic rock enough is that there's already that all they wanted to angry fox bloodied the I'd love to get angry at the question many of those in the most of the guardian must determine if Hamas to agree. Ninety point five K flush southeast classic rock station. Are preparing himself. Well I don't see them why they all agree it's a good look annoyed at the unbearable Brandt Aaron felt like velvet Ted he's gonna stick to beat the system. Have you and that's I think every I don't like. I don't understand it and I got the reason got back from Baltimore Maryland and I can say I'm never I have a better understanding of some of the things that you often talk about when referring to the city. By by far the crab cakes are outstanding I'll never eagle local crab cake again Yi Ling beer damn good stuff I wish I can get it here. I walked in the wrong bar in the wrong part of town once once large black man randomly at the bar yelling hands in the air. Fortunately just patted me down for weapons the place was a fronts for prostitution. So I left post taste or dependent so like somebody took a trip to the black community I don't know I drove by an armed security guards that's different. I can go on and on about the things you already know but I'll end this was something I'm still laughing about today and I'm sure you're familiar with the car dealers about their called tunes oh yeah to an outsider that's just damn funny especially when the ad before TV before Black Friday said it. Big huge Black Friday sale. Priceless guys that from DB Cooper. DB Cooper just you know. Coombs. I was a teenager when they first launched in Baltimore and give my. Baltimore is about 140%. Blacks on in high school and every dude there was like. And you know about the act of stuff may god damn cool to look like for whatever else may and have them and then we found out maybe two days later that the guy's last name was combed and like I'm talking Brothers download do you think. Let's some redneck came to this city in the open and plays like to insult you a blade of now yeah that's not what this is double what was gonna bomb. A neighbor man he was a crab fisherman it's that he was to save gone for long periods of time but you always Tony got home and as you would hear yacht rock blaring in the distance of within hours you could find a short bald man dancing in his yard screaming nag native American Indian chance with a candor bottle in hand. That from Taylor the Scion guy well you know yah rock and my mother Mata real crazy near the garage door had signs all over in no smoking no soliciting caution mall discussion asbestos cancer causing organisms Ty blah blah blah blah. Watching the house. With a flashlight shining through the window at midnight and it's the neighbor. After talking to the in laws that it's a normal situation and she should have told us that at the neighbor finally passed away the bank paid to have fifteen dumpsters in an exterminator. To make the house sellable after it was all said and done are go to the return of a buzz of bringing story we have ways to break down alcohol. Based on emotions but first yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah John. Yeah blue. A diver whose eyes lastly I tell you bring us three stories in the news and it's up to us to determine which of these three stories suck the least. Now if you like the men's room on FaceBook debate is already underway on who sucks less I don't go to the full explanation but there's no doubt about by the name of George Pollack. If you don't know his name even one of the editor the bread partners. He'll be competing against well essentially some overly sensitive to that the kids parents. And then the two of them will be taking on one Carlos bill for Merrill. But let us and yet now the debate over Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore and his alleged infraction underage girls. It's gone to some really weird places and it went through and especially weird place and CNN a couple of days ago. Stupid Chris Cuomo is an urban politics an editor at the new site right bark and pilot tried to use the old Ringo Starr defense to help more. Apparently said quote the 1973. Ringo Starr he's number one on the billboard charts of the song you're sixteen you're beautiful. In your mind it was 35 at times singing about a cease funeral you wanna take that away from Ringo Starr's achievements. Now Cuomo was obviously got a sorry my bad news quote. You people Ringo Starr song is supposed to be a nod towards allowed three year old man. Brad teenagers if you don't believe that Jolie or your parent can believe that while Pollack action yet the ball for a second to figure out how to reply. Teachers to divert argument quote. Risk our son's face today would that they can be false allegations into his front us and we're no matter Ringo Starr award them a lesson on the road salt. So we can work and jiji news. Townsend. Now we continue to go to Connecticut where school officials. They canceled a presentation on islam's citing safety concerns for a social studies teachers that received death threats weren't quite in the Muslim woman. Just speak of a middle school class. According to the C divorce pulled north east middle school teachers to settle out of home to parents telling them the New York born Muslim woman would be speaking about Islam. I want every day part of the curriculum on world history. Well Bristol public school superintendent. She's a quote. I came to the speaker because teacher felt threatened she was getting phone calls and emails that were her words threatening. Now the letter also wondered. It's suited FaceBook group which clover commentators the golden presentation does servers to christianity and denounced Islam as a religion. As opposed giving educated so. And I we go to locally Marilyn. Or 8206. Count indictment accuses thirty year old. Carlos the end of a barrel of abusing 42. Boys. Between may 2015 in June of this year. Now the why he was arrested and accused of abusing 24 boys state attorney for Charles county says that. Those accused of abusing boys can ages eleven and seventeen and Benjamin Stoddard middle school. His home in other locations. By the way this guy's HIV positive and five counts of the new indictment accusing him trying to transmit the virus Tuesday. Well he's Sox the most I would agree. I don't think there's going to be any disputing that so let's just narrow this thing down and as I was hoping you would reach that are those who start right there and get guys out I don't know if and he knows this now and I don't think they're able any doubts about that. Potter I. You know as far as the guy going on CNN that. If you're watching that it. And you're listening to what he says and that's something that you agree with that as weigh on you so he's just. Doing what he does. As far as. Boy oh boy I'm gonna have to go right barred news sucks it's. I would have to say that dad because you know what who cares what these. A lot of people what right and nobody at the same point in time. Obviously you re talking Hannity but abroad now watching CNN and other now watching that network and anybody who probably saw that may help we. Foods that are sitting spin about. It's about how crazy and weird it was no none that would ever fly that's not cool but these are songs it's not cool crash the guy that's basically how we've we we can leg but sold that. These songs are not cool when you listen to what that other thing that was one of them yet I won't exactly what so yeah do we rank in the school. Or their parents to react. If the players are really the school's doing this as a precaution is a lot of ground when I gonna put her teacher in harm's way just people up in arms about something that drew literary non threatening. Some of them coming on top to student you have the same what this guy's promoting her. He's promoting the ability to save the city I'm gonna go to school such least against. He's defending a pedophile. Well as let them get out of there and I know people mine he's saying. The allegations he sings another throughput and to be fair you know Kennedy had a brilliant he's an assault but you have really got to. He's saying look the allegations. These are allegations should could be false allegations he'd like to go to but Philly but he said. Well I think we're gonna go after him based on allegations. That we should look Ringo Starr to real startups like I sweetened sixty girls really running the Sloan. Essentially promoting the idea of please do assisted. Which released which when you pick it formally go. Win ago that. Earlier the school so excellence. I'll defend bright part. A couple of guys five. But at the school it's better throughout the spring only good in the school rise once they just say Democrats right. I do think it's ridiculous silly just because a Muslim has come to speak at a school that I have Muslim friends that they're not dangerous now. Thank thank you aren't there and found no way I could defend the bright Smart guy. He goes on there is just to simulate. When you're talking about Roy Moore. Like he got banned from a mall this and that but like there's a lot of people in congress is that the president like people defend him. Thanks I'll say he's not the least busy just kind of going on the status quo and apparently. The company's line imprint. Can't yeah I have to agree like what it is that what is that would burden argument noise entirely good. To a degree I agree it's like double the horrible storms right when you're promoting the idea I don't know you'd been Roy Moore but. During about the legacy that it's cool when you lie and I wouldn't expect anything different. Debate continues to be files onto her amends or live and like the men's room on FaceBook on who sucks less I still calorie drink it tells with a shout or make a positive dream story is up next. It based on what you drink. It can emit certain emotions based on the cocktail based on your choice of value like you know you've seen the list did you agree with most of what things exports. He's still number we zoom out it's pretty you'll spot on with you generally know that now like science has actually proven this stuff to be true focus and at least. For the most part so that's all coming up with a positive during story right after the break you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Yeah. The sun oil rig itself to a show then is minutes away the first. Owls and bedrooms. Adds another. I didn't drink big star now I'll call news once again and we are different times about all this time that inspired different moods according to a study you guys have any preconceived notions about any of this. Let's just say that I know enough about it was he makes you aggressive. Billy was when he. I was do you believe or not is on the double. Double edged sword there okay I think by commission or whisky that was just it. Might make you angry but was he can also make you very very very sad. Grow up or actually they're not that's it's all over the angry people our staff I don't what that have been very yeah imported what's. What do you think is the the one liquor out there that you could do is shot out that is going to make you happier than anything else really put did a great mood you can rather. Unfortunately no not know how to deal. Dick do not I am boom right at Beirut basically if you wanna have a good time to Keeley got you right. It's gonna make if I lull time to take and yes I kidnap someone who once but otherwise. Did you makes me happy man and I always get a beer and a shot of tequila don't look so they say the study different times about golf and inspired different moods according to new research researchers surveyed nearly 30000 young drinkers about their emotional responses to different times about golf. Here's a good news a glass of red wine when you come home to take the edge off today that day whatever that is what that does. Macy talkative it basically makes you relax and puts you in that mood okay if you neither a glass of wine to wind down. You gonna feel relaxed after and that is exactly the point of drinking a glass of lines of you gonna three or four drinks and that's all wind you might be really really sleepy by the into the dinner. Might surprise you how much tired you get when you're drinking wine compared to other spirits aren't. On fortunately though they say let's see here. Beer goggles work in the mirror according to the study nearly 20% of those surveyed said they felt sexy after drinking beer. Oh yeah a couple Beers feel sexy that you publish it's probably I don't Jager bomb. I Jager bomb. I'm saying festive happy ya doing wonders for party people's party fives nearly 60% of respondents felt energized and confident. Yeah knock in Downey Jager bomb in 42% reported feeling extremely sexy. It seems about right for you your bumper Christmas rounds. It's not days and I'm usually a bad mood when mastering your bundle already in a good mood and making some good times roll however aggregate net fight for hours well about a third of her dissidents reported feeling aggressive after a shot or two or three of hard liquor. Whereas less than 7% of beer drinkers in 3% of wine lovers thought aggressive so you're not gonna really be too aggressive in your drinking beer or wine however will begin the shots. Yeah it might say might go the other way nearly half of the respondents said they felt ill after drinking hard liquor. 28% felt restless and 22% shed sad but it tears. So I think you know the end he had 22% say they're gonna be a crier 20% said the gonna feel restless most will feel sick and even wind rigors. They didn't make it out Scot free. A teary 17%. Of red wine drinkers reported going very weepy and crying. After a few forms. Studies. Shows the researchers hope that their work or remind people of the wide range of emotions that drinking does specifically the less desirable ones bless you. Not the mood looked in one scene and alcohol advertisements they say there's plenty of promotional materials broke the positive emotions people might look for from drinking. However we need to know the full picture of how alcohol affects mood small and emotion who's gonna put on a comer who who. Tarawa. It's good they did you do to do blemish shocked that hardly Hillary's people aggress. All you have this summer I knew I. Pago plaza during stars beyond their limited to during intact somebody else ends Sears did you read. Men's room knows just. It is. It's evident than as usual we had considering gas cans even throw he'll find out you're toast it. Yes indeed and today we tells the lovely fifty year old Tracy Stevens from. I'll let you will Florida my producer that right we need to knows that last Saturday night she's driving drunk. And she isn't giving a tour crash in the TJ Max parking lot now. I'm not sure her intent was to go true TJ Maxx while she was drunk or she was driving so broad that she's gone into the parking lot in the way. She gets to a crash in the parking lot but she has a speeding away without giving the other driver her information. When I flew the conference call to take the reported side you know we got a garden finest moment and they found her very quickly. Let me just why they found her so quickly. She's naked. Your close. I don't know she decided to stopper garnered little growth step out of a vehicle to begin urinating in the little. Of a nearby street not on the side of the road. Now behind Bush's topping country is she standing in the middle of the road pain as a council delights honor and yes she was in fact arrested there saying. I'm several charges I'm guessing public urination probably one of the pack. She's a little low brow for Max and east a match. It is more Obama you have the presence of mind to try to speed away from an accident and it. But you know you calls but you don't really got to be. Boy you stop in the middle of the road to take a week late how how did you lose the presence of mind in that short of the span time. That's impressive it is brilliant is given up at that point. When several cars until she sewed drugs she knows she's going to jail or she's just that charges like Arafat I think she thought the no more than ever figured let's send it was a nearby street kind of an off road whatever by the other guy founder. Urinating in the middle street fifty years old you need to know columns are Paramount. I've been to blistering report those boos imagery does move because. We think it's Yemeni yeah bag over the time and download links to party in our Tommy's. Doubt in my whole out of jobs. Your jacket doesn't alive or profile this we'll take color nine right now 844999. All look. 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