11-29-17 Seg 2 Men's Room Regrets The Swig

Wednesday, November 29th

Mens Room Question: I'll never forget the time I swallowed ______


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Thanks Carlos president and I Iraq you know Sacramento affiliate of the program now and the rock down in that Kansas City as well big show forays today return of who signed up positive dream story a breakdown that alcohol is by emotion. And they were gonna talk about a strange things that you have swallowed we've got a story here that is just absolutely bizarre. Shortly after hearing his fate former Bosnian Croatian military chief. Slow but then crawl Jack shouted I'm not a war criminal who will then lifted a vial of liquid into his lips. He tilted his head back any swallowed the concussion. Short time later. He told the confused courts and the judge who would affirmed his twenty year prison sentenced for murdering Muslims and other war crimes. I just drank poison. I by Croatian states television later on it was a defiance final act for the 72 year old accused of ethnic cleansing two decades ago. And a failed attempt to create a Bosnian Croatian. Mad mag mr. against. He basically just found other business the next twenty years in jail he 72 years old he decider right there that he's gonna drink poison and that was the end of that so. He even in even if you don't believe in an afterlife for this or that. I now you're on trial for war crimes cleansing yet and then you committed suicide of poison like he. No positive I believe in hell with the then he wanted for sure he's OK here we took the time to create or and just reuse a minute my question I'll never forget the time that I swallow black even held really damn man especially if you're and you couldn't. Done a lot Lester did hear an enemy and if they are checking off all the boxes hell. Hello OK on to him hello Sadie welcome to the Madrid. It's time. And it's might carry them a year back to escape and so I was just starting to drink I was about eighteen or nineteen and me my girlfriend defrag and we would carrying two. Malibu and we'll use all my Jeep. And slowly I look at the next morning I was pretty don't know where I saw my glass of water next to my bed. Apple also portrayed played Santa Clara County in the water in my leg is spunky and my water and I have just round up. Okay. The other night and I was drinking my my. The. There. That is they that is a do nearly go too though I do remember the pineapple a Malibu state of living. Oh yeah and roughly the same age you worried Cinemax and I know you can you even drink Malibu home pineapple now amid ever to click drag my own puke back that drink what does he makes a map Malibu eco Quayle's was or there was a there was only a few things of people makes malveaux is a rom I guess by colgan Iran coconut road America these children. I can drink get to the stay and hang up like that friend because I did shrink a couple of them already. I am 34. It's a thrilling 1516 years in just a way to react I know to pass some pineapple and Rome. I can't let it did did you puke to puke. Oh yes all over my dead and it's. It's. You again then after drain you as I like re Friday I was gonna say learn why make and I know that's exactly like you already had puke that you put him back in your stomach imputed backup. And I am interesting. I don't know if I ever re puke my own view. But you have that consume your own view to get there I'm happy to say I've never read I assumed the view that a part of put out I would they rather I would rather puke though that had a situation where you've already cleared out just done like he is going to dry heat. There's one little yellow things start to throw another 10000 yeah. The yeah I am like what is that that's why that's vial like I've enjoyed my room puke but I've definitely been the same age. Where we got drunk and we forgot we were like somebody's dorm room and we forgot we put stock in our catering yes to my body woke up in the morning seeming to think well giant holes where he realizes there's rocky in the Gator didn't dispute insulin yeah exactly did you dollar was gross floor that started drinking if the phone are pretty of the time that's all a blank gave 44999. And I love. Hello I love to welcome dilemma. Are you guys I'm just glad it's a little ones. That would let slip that he's he's been sorry. I got a call an outlook live or right side. Look like a year old. And I had no they had looked at them while blowing them up in the air. And besides if you rider might not. It's. It's. He would have eaten with a leg breast milk her baby food. Just. Plug it up and it's pretty nasty thing as he's mellowed the smell of a newborn formula on your shoulder is one that you'll never forget it's very distinctive is very Charlie. Yeah man bit back. Okay. Harry placed my order form I now have announced. You want to call when you're here he is I thought. John every man out indefinitely if if if the collective I don't regret. The so I was close to experiment. Many years you know man in that I have bounced. Are you to get a fight with a inevitably if you hear what we know Juan is just under your you believe things have four would ever really. So often heavy goes out now. We've seen a picture window and part of what we're swaddled part of the re Bosnian official wants I think when I would say is if there's a fight I will fight with him knowing he didn't I don't think you're gonna fight him to say no on the head coach and my New Year's logged into the tuned up. He's gonna get a fight you and our own health care are I'm what do we got to have bounce and go through the person who made all the appetizers as things like I must consider conceding anything that was really what I know it seems hungry like my computer and I just like I'm all the time and effort into the hole and while little sweated and ability to. I think you should be worried mouse was it. I mean. One and thrill kind of rolls off the Tug. I picked. I'll never forget the time that I swallow blanket 44999. Alone hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. All of visitors are. So I got a story for it to happen and Iceland went do there. On a trip to Europe. A couple of things happen. Went to a restaurant one night and they had a way all we'll tell you look at other guys wrong whale was great me. You can't get out of neighborhoods are apparently well it was a whale steak is it fried like tuna stake here is a bit how to how to. And if they did electrical bought those like chunks about though this size. And it was really tender as blatant eluded plate red meat it's not like fishy at all. Like bees yeah yeah yeah I was really really good to know how well you eat. I don't know how to pronounce that they could main key in the ANK yeah I think it is and they they are respond they get a certain amount per year. I got. And he said I'm the kebab and that the chunks of the size of all this. Well you know a little smaller you know like all we are gonna kinda think. A big as it was a bonus. I took a neighborhood a better yet stick that was going through it. And there is no way else to be fair is it considered a delicacy or is that normal fare prodigious talent time of the year you can do. I think it well I think it's just a certain time of the year you know whenever this season is do is look about this come here is like November. It's the season do well there really love that is another defense separate everything out to be imported. You have to your point there have been like a three hour days display your arms some. Yeah yeah I'll live though is it was good though it really that the editors the united dragons uses a different day same trip. Ever restaurants have horse. And this stuff Fatah like court sports. Scores big gala goers stake in the waitress was funny species is hilarious side that look. About the sports and she goes shoot I don't 1920 year old got only come from afar we've been on the road to all excited. Are nothing else gonna come from a time I don't know my apparent unity can govern America and an average of mules and horses actually do it I've heard the same thing to I don't know it's big insists the brunt depends how to prepare right yeah I have a horse in Sicily prices of maison what I understand of your average. Icelandic cuisine I'm probably going to be happy are you mean I eat are usually are you ordering the horse if you see. Yeah state maybe I don't know I mean Obama plays like that sure. Yeah I do want to go gentle he's had you tried and it wasn't that great would you ordered again. We know the kind of nice enough welcome it's not enough video clip I hadn't that I never know right adorable. Oily or how good her. If you go go go up to November though it's but that's no other. Hi all I I do I put her right there on the title of the book Gloria I'm mainly doing good and I did it he's good fab tried a lot examiners know treadmill or don't get me wrong Jeff agreement could be confusing because anonymous Iceland now they tell you strait of criminals owned them. Friends or my question I'll never forget the time as well blank. Hello Michael welcome to the men's room. But I'm the only energy crowd of and bill and the scenario. I'm doing pretty good news journal. Hello thank god you know all humans. Go to the store so I'm terribly you know nor do I thought you had to resort areas around but now I've my mind is clear because I know you can go home and relax you're close to home to shell out thank. It's a what did you slaughter. So Iowa in Japan for transatlantic you know. Booklets we stop a little slow tempo restaurant in an elevator barrel menu was ordered. Now all I can in my ourselves in now I'm here to sample local green. I'd probably will never get this chance again to go to Japan unlike our ideal weekend though they bring you the kebab and Ted just like you a bookmark around want to have one I would like my god why have never had to order I think it was in out it's just. Meanwhile isn't just the difference between nerd to Bora squared and then fried tell Arianna I'm gonna get broken about our other. Actually eat well. And Tora. Honestly don't know off hand. The boards a little lighter and really consider yeah he's a little different every might happen for a but he tried Gallup Barnes and you've been back. Unfortunately there haven't been many good places to get square and saw the. Viewed goes there's a lot of actually if you let your mind do you get you like if you like Alomar right now we've had that that's an easy call. Almost every place you go that has Palomar they got it a frozen block just like a real depletion Blake rarely do you good in what is seafood restaurant like. It's probably the that is I don't know there is saying I squid did you get a debate shop it's in a box it is frozen their you run that wondering why do you own a restaurant or you going fishing out his dad's meant trust him to drive answers via satellite and other you'll be surprised he liked. I'll never forget the timing us all a blanket 44999. All they beaches and into the specific pepper preparation. It's going to be deep fried breaded and it is going to be close in the it is important real clear parameters on the I don't like Alomar he wears just like pan fried without the breading my. You know god is an account Mario wanted it's all brawn not rob you and meanest and any breading it's disappointing yeah it's like in and around right now what Telemar from a bar. But yeah I'm always say he didn't know Mario in a bar and as you that is to say like already aboard hell you get your Alomar a great hall. Yeah have you seen that when they think it's I've been I've seen are you ready for this buffalo Calabar. Rather helpless also didn't drop locale march I was I didn't attract ha arbitrage talk though as the on the Dahlia it's they were this was a good. How does get a time out solo blank gave 44999. Alone the library calls coming up you are listening to the manager radio network. Smiles. If it's sales success. Got other sort of lose Sox last are a miserable I question today I will never forget the time that I swallowed blank 844999. Cola. Hello Andrew welcome to the men's room. All of Iraq. All right so when I was fourteen I was in Africa and we were quite a Mount Kilimanjaro we're about the re. Birdie and Nortek. Did you see a big an area by your enough Mozambique that is Mozambique correct. Followed that are on a chance of making an entertainer who vanish and him are Lisa summed up the Tanzania. The was just like golf Bailey tripled doesn't church for about did you organize a trip to hike Mount Kilimanjaro 120000 feet. Yes. Knowledge about. It's like outside in a while you are noted that report got back. I want. African troops did you join me seven summit drive good PR and the kind of diplomatic red arrows clear I didn't Mount Kilimanjaro. Yeah I'd go or about the date and we're like all right so what are we gonna have dinner at this time could that McDermott has pretty good eat this stuff. But I did you do bad. And they'll get the campsite about. I don't know jukebox like okay. Gore or hear that cigarettes. And we get across we are broke or ravens I'm not sure what what look like they are and out. We have we counted it and there's breast burn it on the table like what a bit like a chicken chicken well there weren't any ravens' ground anymore. I don't. Packwood didn't say it's like. Are well that I say like chickens. You got to north. There it Orleans. Pleasing unit raven or grow. Yeah. Did anyone not in your troop get any signals from elevation or anything like that really black. It. Our later on we had two people get climate let me altitude sickness starts. Altitude sickness. One didn't go all the way to the top and into one witness to dot came back down and the next two years he could ever go to the top. Well let's go to I don't know gather at some times that that's the last 200. Was Ernie snow on the on the summer when you got their sometimes there is on the. Not only just eight we dominated our July. Okay that's a weird thing your 2000 pages must know well what about now my late have you after hiking Mount Kilimanjaro you all good or did you biking bug you to keep liking them. Our daughter got I can bite we went down at. World two years later it would only get trail up that much Dijjer. Is the sappy boy scout troop. Yeah can't get a hell that you believe that isn't there a mile what do you know boys and he does what we can find my true leader he he took a trip to a prison for molesting kids well that's a barrel Mack amateur amount that is it's a good that it that it attacked we took all that and not a good one. I'll never forget the time that I solo blanket 44999. Hole eats crow hello Jessica welcome to the men's room. Auto shop. I know iPad really gross Kalahari at a restaurant and I can name it but let me get a bit. Network and I don't know that you can't get bad karma well worst thing a statistically almost anywhere you go deserve a Friday Del Mar right it's going to be good Telemar Derek every once awhile you get a bad places search French Fries normally when you put something in a deep Fryer good things are going to happen is truly are discriminatory or hell yeah certainly irritates your batters something imploded in a basket my money says it's going to be better than most of it's absolutely. Now turn out but at the gunpoint and. So they're actually cute they. Kind of odd that I each are fine Harry I think I'm. So according to air and snow crab brain. Why have both these voluntary. I actually had worked with silk worms what we are sensing. You know I'm my boyfriend ish kind of like trying new or weird. Saying I. He went there that international market somewhere I think at the Seattle and he got the Austria so where they weren't alive or anything and think Oakmont which I won to Carolina and there are a little drinking involved then I'm okay love. You know at least they didn't say it like Friday and so he kinda mud and my make such airline him and I had a week eight lives. Eating more than lion but I'm detection and that the cleaners bland to the detection saved it really wasn't that bad but then after the fact I thought that Bulldog man I think what Connor around them where one player that does he act Canada. And Howard that you you said you know what man I marvel trial one at least I can Siad that what was less now that you can say hey I want to insult warm. Doesn't really make you build a much better because we just as much prize I can say I've not been broken arm and I'm gonna ask on the snow Kravitz have been a typically. They only. Take the legs in the they flash freeze them they throw the heads back or maybe they do that when they get an idea. Either way you don't get that you need the body portion of us know crowd is just unless there's not did you did you actually experience a hole so crap really the brains when they'll. Yes I have Al mentors flash app coworker friend do it from Latin you can Vietnam. He loved to stretch out Seattle it will be completely any afterwards we went to the touch our air it's actually up late at. I'm pretty sure I would look at you ever let it looked like it I expire on the hour. And they're close and you had during the pink hair alive and I guess they can delegate lead turn Italy comes front and you why you gotta try to really get it. It was it was surprisingly good but the texture and really weird about textures including the. Only grammar and textures Bobbie you know what's your Colonna Mac is a crab brain exactly what I used to call like that deals or whatever it is not about the little yes that's Devlin goes and that's the thing about a soft shell crab sandwich was on my favorite hymn that you are eating every single benefits others I think all employees and in my head the mustered just don't in the front close to between. Yeah and frontal they call it crab butter and pop and I entirely share by I didn't want to be really because it is part of their culture area. I would mode let it get late night Patrick and I might add experience. Or are we shoot a lot of people in the states doesn't mean we don't wanna be roots are shot in the leg. I'm gonna feel like hey ma'am I did it and they get our respective Osama Foreman trying to cram brain but how wasn't overall. I would get it didn't just like Preston and me really that they had the actor to kind of weird. Time and Randy really it yeah I think the most regrettable thing out of every in my life other than a mushroom 56 months ago. My body are growing up his parents had a really nice bar in the basement and they had a lot of lot of liquors and I'd only remember but there is just just really nice bottles and he collected over the years of whether they really liked. But the one model that always struck us was the bottle that had the peer inside. In a bottle itself we shaped like a pair yet and at some point in time. My friend had had enough of his parents especially his father. Then he determined in him you know iMac is just on the centerpiece of the bar lower layers like the you know like his assistant Payer inside the body is a different shape you know bottled apparent side volatile he's lean on man we are going to drink that thing no problems aren't some think. Technically you know five friends 45 friends were like ours was the times come we're gonna crack this bottle whatever it is inside it's got to be good decent causes them a taste like pair we think. We start drinking and that goes down and I'm we we get pretty messed up I'm pretty sure but but then we determine once we finished the bottle. The we're going to break the bottle and we're gonna eat that there. Yeah sure so broke the bottle and that we we we took the pair out which was heavy. Heady numbers don't worry is that it. Put a lot of cutting block come all up into little cubes and that we all aside we're just gonna kind of ration it out I just eat despair. And I'm telling you man it probably took no more than eight minutes and all of us like we just data paley Biden are trying to fight for a trash can throw up and act there's a. Okay. More army units stuff it is like I didn't feel right like two or three days like I I. ID wanna drink anymore I was really did your hair and I've never touch that stuff again my god I'm not gonna be that guy obviously your lie your dad did a lot of it was a Brady. I don't know what the hell does that mean and so on pentagon now is elect a look cool or or an apple seamlessly and remember I remember that it. I mean he could be anything you they do many take the other actually take the bottles on the tree. And they hang them in the tree and in the pair grows out of side element and then I saw that I musharraf's. Heck yeah I'm did you start the sales and yes I know they do this either but the bottled poetry first or data grown out and I'll never forget the time that I swallow blanket 44999. Hole. Hello Greg welcome to the men's room. All a Mitchell is on top. Tara and how long analogy about twelve years old news coupled friends we get really in a cabinet position for the local late so we go on the weekends and by doctor so there's a lot of times used to sit on the point immediately by thirty minutes he limit leave. So we got kinda curious after couple times when when ordered to ask what are you urban elite. People that are shirt pockets open a bottle below amidst all maggots and something else so we tell you yeah they'll learn how to put an injured left. To keep a Mormon legally so of course you know we think we got a few minutes so we are traditionally these subtle but I'm still teaching in the same room and our lips you know they're crawling down your throat he is Wichita mid block him from going down you're broke. So of course now under crawled all worked on during a worse it maggots all over the place I think that I think you'll try to Mercado was when you're in L. How many did you put a pension. Did he put the pinch of it and. Okay we noticed he was also a blip everytime we decide he wished she would herself on the input and on his former son tobacco user some. Thank you don't fish out of the you know it's one thing I'm fishing it's especially when it involves drinking as you get older that are typically there is going to be some bait eaten before the always dollars. It just it just seems to always work out that way I did your drinking you tonight but she's thrown were you wrong man and I do know that they had off small official reason for bait once you've been to head a little while I was alive. Now spoken. With the reluctant. Guests who. He he he he he it. I'll never forget the dive I follow blank if this is living. Knows. He has got to get by another at a height get but if your appraisal Mike is not totally true I don't know I think I'll off off off off our. It was an upstate Pennsylvania is a weird place what to do that where things haven't really go fishing. Yeah there was no cellphone reception there's no wins a bit puzzled some guys are just going to be as dumb as they can possibly be random and photos what fishing is in have been. Hello Mallory welcome to the men's room. Okay and. On our own animated friend Al won't give her name month because of the duration are partied. And he had made a hole and no undue stress not starting and the Hadley did breather Lopez he had a huge party and a lot of money. And my okay and had a couple cut underwriting we LE seven Harry yeah I now want you before I have to drive home. I drink lineup deep anger at Jerry kill a billion Kearney being. And blurred delayed meanie eighteen minute leaders won't like that cut the lights. You needed here. Only the heat really on you not been any continue to carry enough money to hang out. Did you colorless theater saying you don't want our little bus I I got a check out Islamic cause and good news but I guess but yeah so what I'm daily news. Lindsay may Lindsay and Lindsay and made some revenues for you. You are fill your six deep in fifteen limits because of Lindsey's jumbled who's telling this that you know later. Well. Q let me that in the end but you don't pick and I'm like yes relay. There are bitter I can't believe again a couple of Sheikh. No. In new and old boy. Okay. Aimed at own that I and I had. In the wild riot that injured no oh in their last. Don't go relay and I had a good big key Harry before everything went completely normally want to. How long wait how long did it take for Ford to start after she told you came and you hear about that element. Not an hour and a half I know let me ask you this in your state of mind your cars here and there. If someone were to offer you other listen did you at that point in time would you voluntarily taken one in the right situation maybe not the party but. Another situation in other words would you have ever tried or done something like that had you not known that that that you were going to. You know denied it. Blame the guy and it. She dragged things a punch in fifteen minutes today out yet I think she's gonna do a loosened and we are back up to that why did you drink so much punch a quick did you not think he was strong enough. And in the new agreement with Arnold lately though like I can do it right away and I'll tell. We. Now did anyone else know that that was spite of hallucinations or something you had to find out after the fact. Do you email. A couple of people the party that we had not talked to yet Neil. And I got at. I got the nickname that my beloved back into the on the bean bag chair after the fact I Terry and dad's. It on and think like Barak. That's fair yeah yeah I know the bean bag there are probably happy about the only guy we'd just to stay put in charge you get out of that what does that light Bogans and it took about an hour after four kicks and but. Sometimes the waiting is the worst part social one not only are going to trip but you've had six to be so you're gonna trip are doing an hour and I have to think about that. Are you sweat as are you looking forward to. Look on the boat well one thing here including I don't like putting and I was okay but leading up about letting out a little bit anxious they. You say you to give me and that's let me ask you believe that really here is when I'll bring him not rise. About yes. And failing NBA 80% of people there. How are you 80% of the people how old I did in nineteen. OK I did O'Reilly asked how quickly got this doesn't sound like now so you got to give people a heads up yeah definitely got to get people. That's I think that's absolutely right it's okay Denny's Debbie is that neither are these guys are spread alarm sign like you don't emulate. Thirty this needs to be like a behind locking key like. Do you wanna have fun that aid in unlike any they did I think what you think sometimes a label things of those kids you know alcohol non alcohol like. Pollution originate non hallucinogenic. Like if you have like sixty you to you all said okay. One of these bottles. Has rightly or sixty won't write the play. I can't imagine you showed a little party then like twelve hours later really what do I would act and really an athlete pay up. They only told the story before boat we got inadvertently did it by accident where role adore you Roland Joan tried the dolls Rome blogs and moves real weed with sales of the media. It's extremely. Medals. Salvia salvia thank you so. Anyway long story short we have magaw salvia bag we are intent was not to give and wants obvious. And if you never have thought it was understand your your trip last for only about ten minutes. What it's crazy how many billions it wherever you go to your float around a room that it's a lot of fun but again. You need to know what's governor away so anyway we don't realize that we've got mixed up. Ted roles these blogs and what are 567 almost were hit this thing. And then things just got weird man but we don't understand that salvia has been ruled in his Joyce who really can't figure out why everyone is just the earthquake. This'll be able smoke my emotional tone of the little small and they've also before. And no one can take the high. Merlot what in the hell is wrong and it people who like man I gotta wait Darrell about a couple sleeping in the bed. Our dog that he was. Losing his mind had no idea what was going on a few of the people but several haven't really. Really hard time of the time and anti Merrill like man I'm. I don't get it. We shouldn't smoke in the Brigham and Alonso and a week later a few days later tens like it was just time later I just was like I mix of the pack is crunch so when does not roll like how he relatively good came in and out of Baghdad I had about a mixed in together. But right it's one of the bag found it both we didn't relax at least people. They got stuck so the thing is a missile salvia you'll feel stone gives up the weird rubbery and floating in the air trip right so now and the fact of the or hide you. And now also had you feel like Aaron Arnold all you have people freak and I'm in the relate to our bad we we did not realize what we don't. Major Mike wise and on every time a small black comment here cal Mari is octopus to tentacles not square at two different things from gender gender I'm pretty sure your your Alomar is what Telemar honeymoon suite that's that's not correct at all when you're eating Palomar you're eating squid if you were honest they've in the tank on Spanish as an easy way or actually means Whitman's not even a fancy work. And it is in these squid you or rather they. Some octopus. You know what I don't like. How does not the takes you know I was down with a until that one octopus crawled out of its cage in the organ. Wherever was there an aquarium. And crawl of the pipe in when slid into the dream and an escape to freedom of thought to myself I'm not eating aliens anymore to be fair until we have assault Finding Nemo. Well I'm deeper problem or that roughly once I realized how intelligent this thing was and let's eat pig. Everything they're Smart bigs are very Smart innovative low calorie out of luck you break on pig dumb enemy vague there's no frills treatment possible and I use Salt Lake. Explicit it's like so fainting inexpensive. The first reference I know an octopus is in scarface and easily mighty anymore octopus map. I Apple's c'mon scheme. Celebrate I think both those people poor people the Pentagon not you think I'm close performed terribly another goes spending thirty dollars on. So you don't really like is they may vote and how how how how how I feel good about it I. Obviously you like it does it pain you when you pay expensive when he hurt like meatloaf. How I will say I have not spent I've seen some restaurant for their meatloaf on amending almost all right could typically it's pretty good. Some of those places yet the price some come on man it's me I mean and what's the got dame singers gonna walk on sing to me which I hope he does not play his musical you don't leave that meat loaf. It's not worth the price but I will say if you go to any bar. In my experience so far they have a meat loaf a slider slider there yet it did in combat action man I was really unsure about it but three years ago my app and I'll give Russia the meat loaf slider she's on the go on autonomy reply no well there is so good man it's it's unbelievable. Answer my question I'll never forget the time that I swallow black gay 449990. LaMarr your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. My. I'm very sorry breaks down now calls by emotions will do that right ironically enough before we during Intel's with the shot of the day are miserable I question today I'll never forget the time as well blanked the aspiration for the question there was a a Belgian war criminals that wreck was a good bosnians Bosnian. And he was basically. Convicted of war crimes he was scheduled to be put in jail for twenty some years. And at the sentencing in front of the judge everyone else is Susie found out he was going away he pulled out a bottle of poison drank it. Basically killed himself right there in the courtroom. Knowing what banks nearly got that down one should challenge that's been going around where everybody in the Brothers Jenny the one chips which is one of basically. I will never forget the time that I swallow black 844999. A few comments aired says they men's room for your guys this question just know that. My brother is probably listening and will probably be anatomy. But really my friends call big gulp. When he was with his ex wife when she was pregnant he did some oral negotiations and her water broke and gave from my mouth. Clue but oh well. You know what if you're gonna get party started mailman announced that they always say that the do you keep close to the do they rally that's anti white let me put it that point like look man that you've baby marinade is witnessed and gushing out. Announced a new map well the thing is they they always they always say if you want to try not to you and we hear you on China. Expedite the process a little bit that sex is not a bad idea tabloid but hey. They did you waste your time. Just sad to say that seems awfully intimate and it's like yeah actually stand in front of that fabric for the football team right now. I you want the benefits without the twelve wouldn't air isn't about the thing the National Anthem you gotta know that and they hit the field it's like trying to cross the history during the running of the bulls you know I'm able to afford it every minute you like another another fifty applicants awfully risky time movie that Intel and now while. Andy improves to reach her I would consider worked with a big call him and do you remember the details born vividly slasher film and literally we got a little taste to be right before you settle all dad's friend thing. I haven torrential ones but won the episode of her fact report does not taste like chicken up one who torrential heavy favorite. I don't eat anything again we've already had this conversation before has any there's nothing you can need to Terry. Parenting well presidents don't so yeah I like there's no wow there's no here here's why go with a I don't crowd coming out I'm I'm I'm I'm being honest there's the military food. One whose age. He heads about fun and they'll say well they are feeling very good management. Of the violin but I've seen people eat the scan a mile of who want to tell you what my dog my food you like you wouldn't fried chicken without plucking it rightly changed the British first man that's all we don't have an and when that there's this one this is all of until the worst thing I swallowed I had cat. That was served in the Chinese restaurant in California now they were trying to save money on the price of chicken. It was a big chewy about racial assaults is that was pretty good. But there were shut down by the Health Department shortly after my wonder why there were about thirty cats found in the freezer I hate their wounds three times a week I had no idea I was eating cat a romance to it begins and ends of the need to unleash. My dad told me when I was a kid don't look at that the kitchen of to don't know man won't you let her walk of ideas don't look in there he fits with our track and support that if it. Don't look I'm never really done a solo blank 449990. Look you know he's got now welcome to the men's room. This all up on top. Oh back when I was about oh probably four or five years old growing rapidly Altria book our book dad and friends over. They walked away let them beer bottles laying around and well I thought I might need get a quick step. Grab a bottle tipped upside down and ended up with a mouth full of cigarette but the national. Can't. Think did you get more. Well. Well why else. Yeah I am fine no more five years old we hope that there are many years lay there may be good taste another of the ordinary mirror and O'Reilly there that it it's. I'm glad that's who got you off the the bad press so you go by Angela Matt Angelo of the German journal apart quite. And I go to the drill apart I would just assume your name's Tammy Matt Angola. Gwyneth that's the Brian Gay I had a trailer park awhile ago and I wasn't a single wider a double life. I don't know why did they have double lines in the park. Yeah I didn't guy nobody knows that's exactly that those people always think they're better than the turn 20 lead over I love I'm. I'm the leader sir it in court on what to do like live. And we have much more room here twice as big as everyone else is under that's a house is dark people in single family knows that front of people in Rome metro hit it good amount amount ago and I go oh yeah Rome bureau of the tans in front I don't know. What would you say is the most exotic thing that you be in your life intentionally their Angola. How do you go on college gun I'll look at what's been the most exactly. And as cargo considered exotic it is OK now when you step on a multi got it. To meet up with is nothing as a delicacy that someone's nice way of saying this is really grow by telling people even I Brian castles ostrich once that was probably the most eggs or somebody euphemism let's exotic thing that I think you know he Motorola if you looked at it if you look at it unity like to be just step back and look at what your eat and ouster I think that would probably below load due to got a big bird it now you know I think the lumbered. I think that would be Gilani camping and anything else in I mean snake can only have ever had bear. I've had squirrel does typical crap just grow exotic. It was the sound hero and it was kind of like turtle we decided to appeal of the originally was Lorena you know let you know go to the growth slower. Would Colmes out of the road hasn't squirrels and moos. I'd we've over an alligator might just have bison for the first time thought it was fantastic had short years ago. I was shark shark it was really go ahead I was like fourteen dollar an alligator yeah yeah when I have an idyllic past I'm not had to get well I don't know is it chicken. No hold it. That it would be if chicken were in the ocean I think that's kind of what we don't fit into the ocean. I'll never forget the time that I swallow blank 844999. All of articles coming up here in seconds. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.