11-29-17 Seg 1 Men's Room Takes a Swig

Wednesday, November 29th

Mens Room Question: I'll never forget the time I swallowed ______


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You what you're about to hear is real. So this radio program. Yeah. Trying to offend anyone. Lord. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. This is done. They say. Or radio more than three times. Enjoy. Wow. And let you go look and it's another 2720. Poll wire. Along with Steve the throw him. Do Ted Smith and all of whom. Add to my car. And then grow a. Blue Sox last. If positive during game story breaks down alcohol spike. Emotion get ready to play profile list plus headlines about your shot of the day fumbles or emails and everyone's favorite TV time a team like clash during an interim are here we go breaking news this scientist DNA test nine minutes. Yet these samples. And yeah. It's a bear. Please a woman goes to mold to scream at Santa calling him and if indeed head while he sits in his chair. Florida ballerina takes sex toy and slammed boyfriend Chad in the face. Massachusetts police pull over giant Christmas tree with a small cars that vanished without a Trace. But a college student owes 200000 dollars though not a loan silly but to a charity and it's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All that bad news good day ET do you endure. All right the two years ago maybe just last year bought ice bucket challenge. That was all the rage of course you remember that. And the purpose was to raise money and awareness for halo what HLS now the good news is that work. Raise over a hundred million dollars frail loser. Now the new fad among the lemmings and Carolina a rebirth challenge grant the one ship challenged and there's now the new Carolina reaper pepper. They've made potential data list Ed newscasters around America are wasting everyone's time by trying one on live TV. Not unlike its icy predecessor. The Carolina reaper talent. Another match we Thurman purpose. And I raise the money for anything you don't regret even something that was specifically engineered. To bring you pain it's like eating a cactus for absolutely no reason anyway he wouldn't and to put things in the Malcolm swallow. The command out of the gutter and filthy some of a bitch that's not what I meant you might be familiar with the condition known as pica. It's a medical condition which people continue to eat things that are not food. And I know nutrition about silly things like dirt or play the paint and Cedric. While a guy in India is over from pica you 263. Points. And 150 nails. And if you quilting news. And some iron spikes and a whole host of other things but he did this on purpose. Much like the Bosnian war criminals are among the name of Slobodan proud to act. I know he was convicted of murdering Muslims during the ninety's. But instead of accepting responsibility he doesn't court once they decided he is guilty of war crimes. His lawyers screams out all my god he just drank poison and have been doing picture of the guy he. He stands up says I'm not a war criminal ending double play briefly shot while from the poisoned. And drops dead. I'm all the Joseph bound not hold a good look those are final words on those are my guy who films also began he didn't comparable to get a few more stories of some. I'm things that people adjusted in Beverly I was thinking just about the fact that all of us have done it. While we did something on a day or whether we did something by accident with a reduced to little kid. But essentially something's gone into your mouth and swallow remembers well the cigarette butts. If I didn't realize that the mayor Ken was an asteroid until after I've told cigarette butt ricochet off the back of my throat. But yes I swallow the cigarette but anyway this is what we want an old man from quest in the to fill the blank question. I'll never forget the time. I swallowed blank Big Brother Joseph got a four point 999 only you can like the men's room on FaceBook files onto Letterman survived answer those emails to the men's room and men's or my dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network yeah. Well. I just Elena go to Michelle number 2700. Tony for a little. I may have rated a known realtor we have a mother during these are returning and breaking down. Our calls based on emotions and believe it or not there's a lot to that there are different drinks out there that because. Well below just to learn acted different ways so yeah certain Al calls cause a little bit more aggression. Are now calls it cause a little bit more empathy some. Fear all kinds of different emotions depending on the type of alcohol would you prefer to drink some believe it or not if you like to just be relaxed there's a drink for that. If you wanna be angry as hell there's a drink for that if you wanna cry. There is a drink for that you don't go out there really positive brings or you might not even know your you drink it but if you know for a fact that each one of these different things as is seriously categorized. And they did a study to figure out what emotions can do they are brought up more based on that that that don't go are ever looking up stuff. As governor with a positive drinking tap alum yes exactly how the fact they cited return coming out of who sucks less and today we'll do men's room blank question how will never forget the time that us all a blanket and the other day on TV time with Ted we have the the audio to head of the of the chip challenge which is. That's been going around you've probably seen it it's manufactured pepper. The Carolina reaper is a great golf and it was made in a laboratory much like bananas broccoli but this is designed to really just. Punish you if you're not used to hot foods are but it wants to do this one should challenge amaze the world has. The haven't seen it it's a small little container. You pop the top there is one that chip inside and it only at the doozy that chip that's that's basically it because then pepper is so hot that is all you need so they do it on there. One of the TV news shows and assuming it's in the morning. Either way. The guy cannot handle it the woman who had heard ship she's perfectly fine she's asking him if he's OK one point in time I believe his quote her was you need to stop talking and he was in such pain that he could even tolerate her talking. So all in any rate it got us thinking about different things that you swallow in your lifetime and some of them are hey look man do we have a guy called the show who said that one of the things that he got to do. Was each rat. Yeah yeah I still like when I think about things states it was also building churches and doing some good thing he thought he had a duty to rabbi he would stay put when you think about what thing in your life has has gone down your throat that would be different than most people sure. You don't think that has to be real high on the list like if you're in a room of 5000 people understand god. Who else in here in the draft I'm pretty sure he's the only guy stand well when he got back stateside. I think you do you have forgotten car a ruling managed only do the same thing there goes out of bacon double cheeseburgers at the relate makers at the Wendy's bacon Nader and allergy testing and does that that's a little more help would do and I've had forever when he's regulated as a manager of the Olympics have you ever Arianna paranoid guy Mozambique has ever had a big Nader we really do with that they get everyone's gonna wanna know what the bacon later today how many people and I mean how many people now percentage point how many people right Mozambique right now. Better from Mozambique and Latin America. Have had a bacon and from Arab or a deep dish you can forget I'm saying eight people talk people don't even go or if it is what college did you recruit I think that's why so what are you look at you just leave it where you were hurt they would be the most than usual they they wouldn't even the most unusual thing George W usually very of a large Pizza Hut a deep dish pizza that would be unusual if you had a pepperoni pizza in and out maybe maybe I'm wrong you're very exotic to Mozambique miles KFC pizza only ate like a black bear something indigenous here. Well look I'm hoping to be funny side this is a new page in the United States and Obama get a late this because then the blood will that makes up things like we are very giraffe is because. It's indigenous we hunted and so if you set a black where they wouldn't be impressed they would think. Well of course you'd have to enjoy challenges we do we have Marines now Lauderdale area Brett but when you say have you read a Wendy's bacon and now on sending all my select all they sit down and a circle around it inured to on the story OK here it is right even animal yeah. Okay why now they think I'm allowed could be African guy just name a chain restaurant they ever Mozambique you already knew who Mozambique restaurant chains do let me know what restaurant when sue. Our guest from some amazing take. The pig stomach and they can't attain and fry it up in the crispy bacon yeah. And they belong to all be patents they do it why do we think that the doesn't Wendy's yes it's a square patty. That's great show where Africa cup. Public who. Who are all real don't demand hmmm I would just catch it takes you nearly three PO dogma that you yeah I mean it would just really you are talking some mesmerizing asked to describe this pickle again today. Yeah I think about all that is that you ate an animal that lives in the guide me what normally is and so what is left but I'll break it may even. I mean that's different matter Bret it's like look this is two different types and members beef. Import it is you've got and we didn't he is an open mind just because we for a contending that it can and we want to dabble that they gas ice cream truck and whoever had a Helena prostate. In my mind that would be the most unusual things that the did you ever. Have you ever had their. I have not okay what is the most exotic thing the UV. The break and enter from Wendy's miles of phone lookup. I know pork board into floor. We are fishes I think the most quote we are Fitch's I don't know I guess stirred its its unions are how does a guy who created us. I had miracle him once and I also got to be I don't that's good but isn't that does the real rare handling it is only get they how did you get it. I spent a lot of money in their Vegas restaurant okay same way ones added know how much is how much more colleges have played of this change and how much can they give you is it like a shark tooth and true and true to return recruiter played or whatever that no class and a half. No they say they serve dome the server with these little things I can call him little pot heat like dope pillows. This is a very lightly pride as he grabbed the little piece of hammer hey I gotta once I. I don't duty with these super extensive pressure on me and my buddy went just two of us and it was almost 400 poll. But with that said our boss hair club years it has a pretty good Flutie yeah I I went to his office afterwards and I said hey I had that I beer Philippines they where added you have to. So yeah riveting catch us on its balance pretty cool is a real sad it. I assembled do clear metaphor I don't know luckily I try to Google. About Mozambique read faster it's got first on the Pozen stolen Mozambique great product. But if you put in Mozambique fast food nothing comes up except like what are the benefits of our student. Actually what I'm sorry I had so no matter what you eat there your break and Nader is more exotic than a black man side. Of course and it's been there and it's absolutely. Mozambique not. Year ago most but they have KFC's and it seems to be the one that's always in there aren't Mona and Mozambique. This can't see a strong they have they have K okay he is Egypt they have can't see a year ago. KFC vote Danielle I was right there the KFC in Mozambique they sure do anything by. The best fast food to Mozambique from trip advisor as he would they get here gab I'm way off we go jazz Fred. Get European Portuguese food. Bullet duke Rocca who may have had their eyeball with the army and about all the conduct rapid that's maybe it's physical fitness and diet play barely got breast with a break into liquidation and slow again a pizza house. Impedes a whole lot of those flame grilled chicken and I think and they've never tasted delicious personal Wendy's bacon eater but not imposed without okay. The point is just okay according to review you know the can I OK there's hope I'm wrong here put it in the game they said they market cafe OK sorry because there are great just average is ever good they did rock cafe average credit melancholy as it now. Canada are you in this area do you need food come to just say OK Kevin are gonna go to cafe Max. But what was definitely OK so here we get this to this is going crazy so maybe maybe you maybe you're you're trying needs little bit more organic more natural those things okay thumped the CDC warns if you drank raw milk see a doctor immediately. If and I love the way this is Israeli drinking raw milk can be utterly risky. I weren't so you might diet than what we're gonna do you think you put an accountant may ask you know they've got to end up with spots on you. They're not that it got microbes like got no grip on law. After a New Jersey woman became. Sic the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now urging anyone who has drunk raw milk that can't be is that right is that correct as a drunken parents. Kraft has drawn drama is a very tense for that I thought it would be drank raw milk or has had raw. I don't think wrong but I don't know drunk by the right might be passed and got greens get a pass defenseman who has drug raw milk over the past six months from the company known as. Raw milk company. Buttermilk channel crew to see a doctor ASAP in fact prior to this incidence of these CDC has been warning about the dangers of drinking raw milk in general so. You may wanna see your doctor regardless of where you've got that raw milk from. As they reported in the a New Jersey dot com. The woman purchased raw milk for buttermilk drank it and then subsequently develops got some kind of RB 51 infection. And I'm assuming that this can kill you based on the seriousness of it it can lead to. What is a logistical route brute. Personal lows lose you lose or chelios is ma'am they don't know citizens argued Abbott up the water two days or six months after initial infection. Which is why there issuing a six month warning so he might have three months ago and that you're gonna get. Inflamed severely painful. And swollen testicles. Is one of the side effects. I as far as men go women are good on the growing out. As he CDC women are if you ever have swollen to us that comes gentlemanly and I definitely need some initial symptoms include fever sweats fatigue week weakness loss of appetite headache or muscle Joyner back pain and yet so swollen testicles. The infection may even go inside the lining of the heart and cause. The heart valves to be destroyed and eventually lead to deaths is pretty serious if you murder drinking Roma about the way in coming came in I don't know it was a new truth to us I'm not a million ball who can read it. Says drank. There's not work drank does not work. That's and they say Arnold was true I don't know I don't know cells and drank too much like I got one example four of us at drunken Coke. Purple drank. That. That clears that up and yellow and purple drank. Our men's or my questions ever talk about would you swallowed it was a little bit weird whether it be worms lawyer fishing or accidentally swallowed a fly why you're riding on the road under by I got a they'll come majority commenting on some strange stuff says I had smoked reindeer heart. A Norwegian friend brother and home supposedly a delicacy during Christmas Eve through our Christmas or new years. Your eat quickly whole smoked your eating reindeer hearts or you're eating reindeer during the holiday season well no better time to come to your house smiled all right you sit under roof from. The relatives to us does when I was a kid I would eat yes age old go home off the sidewalk clip for Melinda. And it does not that I thought I remembered knowing other kids and he don't got its act. Yeah I'm but it's still I mean we don't know candidate glue evidenced governor Arnold Farley. No that was funnier than groups. I Philly you is that from Melinda. Well I like Melinda because Melinda is accountable and don't just that milestone home and have left over from there. He we've always kick off the pleasure of apple has done it if it ever run the ball go there I always ask Brent Brent what's the government. It a bad guy yet. Kangaroo bear and line him up for Michelle yeah nice and we'll see some scissor the munchies and then someone else is saying they believe the frosty more than the bacon Nader. Would be exotic in Mozambique. All that would be a mind blower I think they don't all Hilliard not enormous amount to an individual auto plays we read through the fast food chains of Mozambique. The wolves us on July I don't play select a frosty. How big blows tomorrow and I think they'll bake it later I'm telling you man that they'd have no idea one that I love beef and pork. Mosul and as is little Muslim country which to a long way to who's whining when maybe the bacon made what I brought to see what can you drink milk. Yeah balls on Alba gonna frost. Whose blood is beyond you can have buried the daughter's not supposed to meet policies and Cotto is Jewish crap. What you've got to be on a dairy right you can if you add them together for National Geographic presumption to Jews of Africa. The inside it there yet okay so. Let's say the pizza at debonair pizza here and now Mozambique appears to have hot dogs flies. Now that's not that does not look like that's a low rent pepperoni is yet to get a little hot dog that's not target right now it's got to not precisely these you know looking at Ozzy Osborne's. Autobiography. That might get ready if they wouldn't put pepperoni on that I wouldn't put it opt out a lot of Todd doesn't even murals. I think I'm more how biography that if you think it's gonna be honest about your stuff about you know and there's a lot of that in Basra. But the but the but one of the most compelling parts about the book in my mind was for the first and the Ozzy Osborne went to new York and now all the Osborne of the time was like a. 140 pounds he was skinny he liked to drink it like to do drugs he's young he's a rocker all stars he gets to New York City and he tries New York City pizza for the very first time. They cannot get Ozzy out of the pizza shop. He continues to gorge himself he's never had anything this delicious in his entire life he sits there and eat pizza he gets smacked up the next morning. And he goes and again any orders pizza he's never had anything that tastes this good yeah yeah does that settlement eating pizza goes back for dinner. 25 pounds later two weeks later Dana warned students in any like he can't stop eased. Never had anything is still keep in mind Horry came from he's never had anything this delicious in his life and is like it was it was one of the most. Just life changing avenge your mind that that that he that means so much so that even when you go back to that time when savage is on the road they're coming a blow to his most memorable moment was the first bite of pizza he added you have to consider so it's pages on its pages up and he's from one country. That no restaurant even bothers to put missing you go touring the spot but no single restaurant outside of the country of England. We'll put a sign of the says. English whose team because everyone knows suck so he's from the country that makes the worst food on the face of the planet in its international agreed upon and then. He grew up broke. In the country that is the worst of making food he's never taste is something like New York pizza I'm telling you man everything. It was probably better for him than the first time we had a positive trip I'm ass. Oh yeah you're right that's he doesn't bring that up print up the good doesn't matter it doesn't matter it's at all about the big heat some. I remember a lot of firsts but this is sound food food into the same trip I had answered your call him what's his famous French restaurant. And I agree yeah but it was the first and had a proper like French Mecca room and I remember taken up by eight in just look at my body and be my margin of Italians ancestors I. What is what is the men's room. It's just so Romney and have to help me I'm not how the French rap group not though once the Coca. Not the Coca another actor and you're thinking of it's a small picky I was a little bit smaller than like an Oreo write in diameter and say. And it's. Two cookies and cream filling brown kind of a butter cream consistency filling different flavors could also be like a jam. Almost and then the cookies themselves. Our. They are very glossy looking it's almost like a super high end moon pie but with yet. McLaren Greeley I. I. Tell you when I EDT just blew my mind he's ever had a bad cookie sandwich but it completely because you and they went out another letter whatever me if there's still goes you can't stop the middle I want I don't know I don't know I don't know whoever is all good though yeah Alfred Mann and then let's go to I don't know I don't know. Everybody is they are camped out this isn't what it's like I should run you need to although very Mike doesn't follow Harry. Yeah I look like the EA NRC no matter who I've seen him in the isn't she's Ian soft but it it is it every religion I'm amazed Sonya first don't have it was an ally like you just I didn't know what the textures and he just blew my mind telling gen. I probably went back got a three more younger and then we went that we shine every day for at least something. How miserable I question I will never forget the time that I swallowed blank 8449990. Look hello Sheila I'll welcome to the men's room. All I have all the time. Though might sorry it happened back in my aunt they date back straight what. I haven't cabinet that's eating ice. Well loans rely on air remembering Nvidia. This goes back to my dancing daisy said at the Crazy Horse. Do not get it back all right all right how long did you how long did you real employee at that establishment. Warriors OK and and what was that experience like. I'll opt out is now I'd say apple and I am. Sure. And I'm definitely playing pool with a guy who's drinking up bloody Mary. Shot I hit. I can get back admired. Can I have my iPad I got an all the buttons I think it back. And that didn't I got. Call. Well I am horrible I branded bathroom yeah you communities and amount. Oh no no. I don't I don't then I'm like I did that would have me I go home. His name was many jailer really. I mean Mike got a late. I shoes I tell you what you got to do your mouth smells like if African ashtray you gotta get to break daddy here. Go get some Listerine is dumped NS name was many of course is maim and even to this establishment it is not open anymore but I had to check it out Steve Hackett had. As she stayed in the main video what do they now it's close but it was blaming them on behalf of the relay that got a very good Israel nightclub in Vegas and you know schools told hey good. I thought that when he and a so acting men's or my question I will never forget the time that I swallowed blanket 44999. Alone although I would take a quick break about a more your calls you are listening to the men's or radio network. Casey is you. Doctor ma'am found the cause of the man's abdominal pain according to the Times of India the doctors and be sent a hospital in India found that. 263. Coins 150 iron nails along metal strip quilting needles iron spikes and other objects in the stomach. Of a man's intestines yes around seven kilograms or over fifteen pounds of objects fans is not gonna sit too well in the belly. And basically. It's called a peek out pica pike gotten. As a Mike I guess strikeout. Strike up I drank opposed. It is a medical condition which is person continues Steve substances that are not normally considered food and have no nutritional values such as. Dirt chock bonds paying clay or metal objects. Such behavior has to persist for at least a month before it could be technically considered. Pick out pica pica strikeout but if you bossi to moneyed iron spice to a ministry says I mean that quote I the other area was say they figured it out fifteen pound the medal in the big stomach our men's room a blank question I would never forget the time and eyes followed blank I hear some of the comments come again. Follow them as. I'll never forget the time I'd cricket over in Cambodia along with torrential Il and limiting grant stock fraud rob Compton. And Africa I had him polished thank springboks long an and I album sausage missing all of them were very very good you have a Wendy's bacon Nader you did not have a Wendy's bacon. I had a whale steak in Norway wants very toughened him. Unbeaten horse for Chrysler models as my primary raw horse is CB in Japan. A Vanilla sky as we recite it to go to Mozambique. Is just unlikely that they have experienced the joy that is a bacon in Charlotte he's probably an exotic fruit so those guys there's an app hours I spent some time and Africa about ten years ago. Believe it or not. Then an ideal Mexican food with like some may think he does for some of the guys and they absolutely love the hell yeah how did you not like dude anytime anyone orders that the heat is it's almost like our restaurants just socks. Several silver and they see the waiter carrying the sizzling played a fajitas and everybody has the same thought. Did she go shouldn't the fifties I get and every time and I was appreciate the waiters say hey be careful. The the play decide to do exactly what got that mandolin is on fire into does the woman and the file as a fetus man too many times I had buyer's remorse. Now when I go into places like. He'd be right in the front won't have them. Several drawing about out roughly in all this DD foods Libyan animals into an under different animals and then those guys chimes in with. I am pleased to draft beer or glass I would never do it again there were shocked it did not play up chew slowly until same texture. On god did you. I want things to eat and he take a bite out of amendment edict you know let's just if he's still around he would as the years later he had stomach issues can and then remove it can't doctor was like. There's aluminum in the Saddam he couldn't they had been out there I don't I just know that operated taken out I. I will pick out something did happen I'm not really like super hi Lou I've only seen ones like the last ten years but he was in and out of the military already announced late. And you think you. XML came up he is you know you won't believe this over yet Brendan I do you like eventually be aluminum cans you wait give back to haunt you a mind you it'll look wouldn't dance I couldn't believe it was bad ass now. Men's or my question I'll never forget the time that I swallow blank. Lol Brian welcome to the men's room. A lot of time. Garnett good run our human. Yeah I'd say actually it's not me that. At the substance that Brenda mine straightened out. Gatorade bottle of gas leak. Why aren't easy news. We we are racing in Oslo road there are scrambles where three hour event eight to twelve miles. Cross country area and both ER that judge you're gaps right. You know when you do it and he ended up running out a cap on the last lap about four miles from the village. And so his bat after they're raised on or off is that we had not been asked him to get that out terms look bad. An empty Gatorade bottle like Walt stole this afternoon and it out. And they get out there and you just look Adam broke the Gatorade all my friend and he grabbed it does go a lot bank. Child is I'm fit how I did indeed start throwing up immediately. No he couldn't. Ironically. It's well very little current gold details about a five hour drive. And we we drove over Hillary together and you've tried to make insult vomit many that aren't you good. And so yeah with a bad little longer our own. What was he just didn't paint the whole time like way at what happens if you drink gas I'm I'm just assume it would kill you so I don't know that's my general thrive again that would be much thought into that I don't know what I would stick it isn't I'm its you have to you're driving this dead his wife does Walking Dead but I got your drive in waiting for him to die. You're not quiet close there wouldn't surprise you look at like both coming out of his ears. I'm doing I'm sorry I gasoline just in I thought the guy did not Madeira are realizing he does instantly started to argue that. Lecture line the I'll never forget the time that I swallowed like 844999. Cola. Morey calls coming up here insects. The show and many things continue on the men's room. On the radio network.