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Tuesday, November 28th

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This is dumb men's room. So it's. Okay my profile is gone I've got a double take 98449990. You will play profile this coming up. He do it and minutes. And I think it's all right we've got headlines and only one hour from now first grade jagged in my dock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working off. There. Local reporter woke up at 3 AM on Black Friday to cover the huge crowds at a mall in Indiana. But the turnout was much lower than expected and he wasn't happy about it at all. Fluidity do fairly straight down I had no idea now organize he's mad I mean it's. It's a stupid assignment I give it but inevitably some soccer from the local news has to be the one McGovern was nonsense. Are you see little pissed off like man I don't the 3 o'clock in the goddamn morning probably cold whatever it is there's no when he. Thanks Amazon. It's pretty funny honestly I I think he's he's doing it is like there is those stories are just gonna have fun I got myself a lot of stuff might I Salt Lake. But he's mad about it that he. Think he's having too much fun begins if you get to know and maybe there is actually something there because I also did see another story that said. Like 53%. Of people. Went went online for Black Friday as opposed to waiting in line for the. I'm gonna get well mom I'm instilled in the comfort of my own home run each and have someone bring him to leave or. I can go to 3 o'clock in the morning and stay in the line of people that are obviously insane. To go into a store not funded almost and they don't even though the numbers on how much money was spent online to compared to how much is spent in stores so yeah that that percentage is a percentage of the population. But it's not a monetary. Level right how much money was spent but don't have to assume online like anything else is going to be much time. I read some then after Y fronts amazingly measles is net worth after black front plate. He made a couple of Billy you go 00 god. We're really slow the company may learn more than my humble I guess I can go someplace and I could buy something for someone who lives out of state assailant Obama mama presents and I by four that I have to put in a box at a rapid. Have to package it up and you take you to UPS storm and take it to you know post office signing the mail left. Or I can order online haven't delivered right to our door RD round. And I'm sorry it's just easy. Exactly and and and maybe doubt that he would skew the numbers as well a 53% of people that took part in Black Friday. Did it on line I don't think they counts the number of the end it didn't do Black Friday. Because they're gonna wait till Cyber Monday or whatever I want for Saturday hazard not all business standard day black Brad hey what Cyber Monday. Yeah I think it's a tough giving you offline because late. I like to go support the actual stores still have stores are due to hear from the same token I'm not a picture couple traffic. The I don't mind going to the store put on Black Friday there was no change no if I'm buying stuff for my family who live near me if I'm absolutely going and buying stuff for them here. They're trying to mailing something out there I'm doing something reckless attitude and listen to tell how I mean I'm not gonna go post offices standalone deal that crowd pleaser. Tough going father's. Debate raging online over the best way to hang lights on your Christmas tree. Weren't you out some people say these start at the top work down others say the used to start the bottom and work your way out my question what kind of anarchy a start at the top worked their way down. With you he started the bottom you have to because that's basically where you need to plug in exactly so I don't blame you go from the very start of the topping your QA dynamite have a whole string of lights doesn't work you don't know leash end video plug an injection that damn thing to the far right and how you got to plug in your late upstart. We had half later darn proud Ali area that open area that the female and is up there for the melee and you're like a star that's right. Can hide those pirates did the electricity say just you just cannot eyeball that thing when you start the top no I would put my treat this week and Versa. Are you then magnolia hi you've milked that thing out throughout Christmas I had a real trees getting. Mine a guy I know right you never know about look at he mirrors and these are patriot man. Well you're wrong truth might get a real tree this year yeah. I don't realize it is Syria did Fiorina didn't stop me from seeing a lot of people on black Friday night around with a trio of Dominic Garcia I don't think those trees relax they're not man certainly not a Marxist groups. I'm just kind of nothing serious they get in a box feel differently means that how do you feel your house but the list is fine sense. Scandal. Pat how do you lose that bet that's how you build a holiday season without the joy of vacuuming up the pine needles at the end of the year very easily because yeah gaffe. I'll limits on how. Dream on has been needles going back. I wanna I wanna Warshaw area residents and put another little kid one thousands relive them. And I feel like thirteen puts him into something so my parents. Their side and again the huge as straight and it was also my number CNET Christmas tree indoors this Big Brother Mayer's side of the problem as. They apparently grabbed dries trim a lot because even as we're decorate for a little kids would even as the decorating. You keep your and enables fall due by Christmas Day there was this brown dead thing that. Act like it was it was kind of funny but those are really distressed debt debt debt that is gathered that the story can be like my sister and her husband and Melchior is all the way to the marks are all okay. I might wanna take this step further current debt. Growing up I knew people who have the irregular Christmas tree that they would put up. And the Christmas tree was of one that they over the presence under and all the ornaments that the kids and made throughout the years or more the hand crafted stuff that's would be the type of treated you would put it pops. Porn string around right. But this. In their foyer in their entryway they have this big tall last white. Christmas tree which is like as you said 1213 feet tall it was a big overly decorative border looked like you see you know Macy's you've like rolled right close to read all the balls and read everything and I did everything they have like there are multiple treat them. My teacher look inside the house it used to be your multi treat them. When magnetic this would says is this overkill the Girl Scouts recently posted on the website and told parents not to force their kids don't have relatives a Christmas. Because it's in the wrong message about consent. Well it's now instead family friendly other girls got seven and incest problem whoever borrow at an honest. It's so fairway you don't hug strangers maybe about like consent pet. Look I don't know goes lamentable scrambling and I know bad things happened and I've never felt like man I was on local job for them for sure he wants to put his hands on dad. So resilient that he's tagging along with it. I asked after that after he wants mark. And on. Okay. Now all well and I did land on these Gerald Boyd. A new study on monogamy gave rodents alcohol and found that males who couldn't less time with their maids and they drink a lot Oden. But the drinking alone just. It doesn't matter of dollars and they did early mammal and they give you Boone's. Your significant Peterson and others are not a very big they don't wanna be around. Can be impersonate a bit like you don't need to do that experiment give any animal drunk that's an impairment challenger. The woman's agony bronze went to want to leave and they Renee hit it had arms they would fold them I carried out around a whale lending market it's the fifth. And here's Chad you around where else. Imagine spending a large portion of your life just like a very small room. Like one and then also millions boot yeah I'll think about how important. You know I'm a dangerous man. Men some and in Virginia hit a bobcat with their Prius. And then it road fifty miles lodged in their grill but was totally fine. So now while love officials plan to release it back into the wild crazy thing about those about a break movies all the picture of the and of the cap but it really just looks like a big house yet and obviously don't get the cats and roses kind of strange like. If first look you think Obama got its once cast. And if you try to. Obviously reaching their blood and they know their mental radical as transaction. And don't know I don't know you hit something like for fifty America well and in the grill and in a three is still might have said Friesen said stealth mode they are designed to be quiet if you obviously they already have a goddamn bomb to see if they gave it to me it's a cat they're pretty reactive him and finally Fox News printed an incorrect story on the I've sailed out of one hour from now. Thank you like knock headlines are coming up one hour for now the first thing gay males. Precepts. Yes he was thrown out at least everyone now profile this is playing as or ten miles into simple game more reassured you will live to new story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. Or and if you listen to the story made some stereotypes you believed to be drew people and the decisions that people make LSU and it is you think makes the story a story. How O'Brien welcome to the men's room. And I haven't gotten the eyebrow and understand how does your game slate. Yeah fantastic here is a story a 53 year old woman who was arrested after a scuffle at a motel room offered sexual favors to the police officer now police were called to a motel the check on the welfare of a toddler. And common child and her grandmother naked. When officers arrived the woman at the door naked to begin screaming obscenities. Scuffle ensued after police trying to put handcuffs on her. During this troubled you offered sexual favors asking officers and I quote. Do you want some of me while moving her legs just it. To the mentally handcuffed and dressed but he kept screaming and cussing and officers choose without suspension of tar neglect. Ed resisting arrest. His previous arrest for public intoxication. Assault prostitution. And drugs but do you believe that this lovely grandmother staying in the motel a black white and exe or Asian. Back quiet manicurist patients. Know that I can Indianapolis Indians. I have never been that. Wow slow. Like always with this game can be anything really. That's the idea I'm gonna say no Asian. I don't know I don't I couldn't get my message do ruled that miles has like at his home in Oregon and I'm Obama and garden thing I bet you keep your all of Toyota knew wouldn't humanity Blake even says no way no way I just think they're geographically speaking I don't know that Indianapolis as the biggest Asian population maybe they do and I'm just night you by distancing Michael that I remember you ma'am I don't know I don't know the only whoever really you're ready need Annapolis today it's very want it just sounds very sure the whole thing sounds one. But yes I do want some of this that's something like that does not actually what she said I'll give you be sad quote she said. Do you want some of me due on Sunday as we know what the business. But she was saying I don't makes a difference between saint once amid this New York some meat. I do you want to me sounds like a fight to neighborhood about just some of us. I think it sounds different. I mean you're right I can look at who's the main thing you want some meat popular anger most of whom we met on the way you're asking for side both of vitamin B. I don't know man I it feels super white but I feel like this TV trek it's. So hot about. Think it's I'm glad I'm all right how many million. Snack judicial record really. Yeah oh there's no Reyes. You weren't summer this and I want to know he wasn't as easy looks of the meat. I don't why I don't have served. My time Brian we'll find out if he was like why. Meg C or Asia next fat it was a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. Jill you don't have enjoyed the men's room I have love slated to go to India and a disturbance goal where grandparent is. Involved and by the time the police get there grandmother is running around naked. And not only that but the grandchild is negative 1210 when the police get there to try to break things up to figure out what's going on. Grandmother upload offers up her body to the police officers. They decline and I guess since he underestimates her. Whenever. Based. Believe it or not she got arrested. I'm suspicions on the black and resisting arrest. They did in the bottom of the prostitution thing but keep in mind she has brighter for prostitution cola company I guess they're like look we're not even. But can Madonna went man we want to give blood. Crime we ask you did you believe that this woman is black and white makes the or Asian and and you what whites. I don't know about how to go about that Joyce. Well. It sort of bet that you want some days. I don't know it's just black so that you don't want him I mean I don't know why that was the counter top and don't forget about it don't. I Welsh and I'll play relaxed. This man wasn't turncoat and get wrapped our drawers drop now relativity is all the time it is time for TV time would dated. And now. Those hours in front of a talking again in the presents. Well my favorite things right now going around the TV world did you drop Clinton's. To attract some keeps you so much for everything. To remove a song. We direct view in my favor errand days I'll sums and I'm roses and do drops on kittens which is kind of gross. Something something and some would maidens at keeps creeping up yet right. Dew drops on kittens Q does come for a musical that was made about Nazi Germany that's the province musical rent it. Well I have my other favorite things go underground right now is the news teams that trouble. While. Correct well I really do think this chip is made with the Carolina reaper rights which again this is just a pepper that has been designed to be so spicy. Lisa you can't eat ten guys you guys that he community for sale and a little container anywhere and I mean the timber sale dad and you just go online order all right but think about it the men were you present it was generally. Like you don't Mae and cuddly things reaper like read for our planes I can annihilate people reaper both. And then it's been engineered by people it's not even major the publicity it's like who. Let's open nature is done by bananas and so I've talked about this a few times. The first group of people I thought through it we're just happen we all white people they are freaking out on girls Q can I love watching Jesus Romero and vice land. They made fun of the white people for not being good with spice they tried it they were in pain as well. I'm sorry what didn't this is kind of an odd combination of this is these two people are both were on the news together aren't one guy Asian run of the mill white guy. And then she is from Africa don't take around. Do not challenge an African Retief I'm sorry ma'am it. They're gonna win as a marathon and run a marathon and her four degree weather well he did and you know how it. Yeah. A world. And he. Didn't. Do yoga and boom he's a lot. Didn't did not know win. Wow they looking good down great. There's no shame I didn't mean the dinner I mean this taste and it's all gotten this while the rest are. There isn't there. All of what is oh my god this. I'm losing it to be pared down speech this morning and I did I need to be in my belly is African. But I mean how talk about the baby and pulled the food but it didn't look. It's affecting your beat these you know my business it's it's safe quarter nuggets. You're literally so weddings and start talking about it. Yeah. Can we dramatic and here it is. Jam Moussaoui OK Bonnie Hunt with my lips on fire it's. Kid's got good news good news this is not affecting you at all. First initially oh yeah I let my nose was like a little runny. But now. Since you mentioned FaceBook page to watch the polling video right that's the edited out because if they're on their flight three and a half four minutes you know soldier Negroponte to stop talking and right it's eat as I hang over a migrant in our hot peppers easing so much pain if they hit and and she's obviously kind of a get them off a little bit in Hampshire did you murder in the beginning call attack. Sore so I'm sure doctor a little more but she's just and I don't blame I like it should give it to a fight but he isn't that bad do but the problem is unpopular but with with with really good hot food if you like hot food. You'll start sweating and you just don't care because my but the guys like us they think it is okay good European and it's because of the taste. Yeah does that like I like hot food is typically I like a release spicy food taste. But understands Carolina reaper and I'm absolutely no desire to trying to make its let him design for taste it's just pained built Italy India shall fascist right I mean look what I've watched these America Reich is they were talking all the trash everything. So when they get it like they both try to play it cool but obviously the heat got told right. But that's a marrow kept saying that he was like man he's like. I like spicy food but there's no flavored they think what is the point as the Braves just made chemical paint. Yeah I mean you've. Lake over the years I've been a lot of weird things and stuff on the show what not like bit late those chips like somebody brought up to me you know that no chance but it's like peppers already awful. Yeah almost hard improperly averaged more pain in taste and until you like some of these people like that guy would you watch a video you can tell he's in pain. That's totally a show like it was three hours later. And they went back to this poor bastard if he's just sitting there on the court I don't think. But crying and if you could kind of market it and the like and what would you recommend this anything now who's together does the way and challenge. Not fit the one on the Internet over the past the spicy wings and does it. Go sit down with Chris Jericho and in the out on number in the Louisville talk for awhile before they get to the point you know increase the heat on the wings and just you know by the by the time it's all done you know it's the hottest when you possibly get. I do that. Maybe I've had one of those incredible wings and I ate one and there was this the thing about this is like. If you're eating something that you really enjoy if something blocks that from being able to happen it sucks it sucks that I wanna eat is chicken wing man and a sold. Damn hot I can't. Right and I'm with I think. I've done it before I paid for it but that the pain people look like there in the back chip I'd assume it's worth it I do not at all yeah like I don't think it's gonna be. I don't know if it's gonna help anybody's ratings and I watch this news every morning now that's something that's jackass yeah right it it it it it. Can not only that but once someone does it just leave them to do it you know anyway just just let them do it. I care what the hell I just hate when people copy too many ideas and others all right I get the idea behind it but it's just like can. They're everyone's allowed just like looked a mobile the original idea. Even though it's entertainment. Except the dad. Jeff but don't ask him a call morning ever won a concept that tag now. That he's the coach of the Indianapolis. Cults from the colts and I have a good year. They're quarterback's been injured forever actually kind of a mystery don't even know what's wrong with that anymore. Or doesn't lie to the Ariel Goodman is basically that the backup is I mean for a guy just came in and try to do a job is he's he's pretty good so. I read some reports that said. Can I don't know a lot kind of goes crazier whatever but I like his sleeping asking a question about the if the losses are piling up and he drops him what I think is good movie now expelling anybody in the room knows he's talking about. This so why you were in the news from the moment we should be your players become. However. Now you know that song you played no woke up to that this morning. The saudis share hi guys you drink. When Darren got my coffee said hello Lou what's your name that fuels a gallon of coffee shop. Sold money no American truck drove my trump gossage and those who torpedoed or whatever heartland she'll. Jumped off a building. Lives through a huge addition to moving his. All the way to say he's found so much time on Twitter you're not enjoying them got better things in life. So I can you make a Groundhog Day analogy and then not know anything about the movie what else they. But if you didn't see the movie he sounds like he is gonna say OK all right economy because think about you don't know the movie you don't know men folk go to when he says fewest. Yes at all what your face and a coffee shop like choking him and drove a tropical ignored tar pit and so if you don't know the movie. This is a man who simply losing it in front. And I heard that milingo based on emasculated as he was going to list he's probably looking of the faces of people out there probably saw some concern and subtly. Have you seen the move Gloria. But the kid like Groundhog Day as we know is a day were some guy pulls up groundhog in Pennsylvania and you know whatever. Punxsutawney Phil Lawrence made the movies instills in the movie is about a data keeps repeating itself over and over and over again. One thing has nothing to do with the other. So when you make that analogy is like you've seen the same movie every single day and you're not using it in the context of six more weeks of winner there's only one reason to bring it back to that senator that the analogy is is that you're talking about the movie so he goes into what is actually being pretty decent about a bit. Why bring that up if you don't even know. You're saying it right that's the whole thing right I can I agree the if you're gonna ask somebody about Groundhog Day you don't you don't within minutes but he describes the mood but it just seems like. They know the reference might just be an age thing but they obviously didn't know the movie and epithets like ghost of you guys seen this these moves in the out damn minute relived that a Bob Barker Happy Gilmore reference here I mean this are we gonna make it. Amber was winners group and read a statement they obviously had no idea they thought he was losing his mind. Drove my car off mobile could goods are applicable Nicole Lee as well let me greatly today hate somebody dropped sausage king of Chicago references an improvement. Deregulate. That's a very ladylike and I sit April and then. A you do it you can receive bears who stay off that's fair it's like your messaging or you're mentioning this skating. You know we're talking about children yet you say the sausage king rent a Chicago a Chicago. Marriage certificate for. Does every city of their own tossed him a but the duke Turk. You know I'm no mammals on steering wheel sprint through how can it be so how sausage king is here. Billy bush we all remember Billy bush of course for. Well basically forget losing his job in about a year for him right yeah. You obviously what was it it's been just over a year since he was basically got fired he was in the video of the president trump usually in the video. Yeah from years ago. Maybe he said that he that we he didn't he just kind of used is talking resident in the president's what he said and then Billy bush got fired. Well I start to worry about Billy bush ever won nobody a higher. Number two I'm sure he's just living paycheck to paycheck we got hit in the head by golf ball the number one cause of death for white people and ask them if they didn't have a golf ball absolutely. Rafalski and close second temperatures that and to really entry well and don't associate the two and they just figure you fill a hole. Yeah team. I guess it's not that rare just like. All the times I've been on a golf course I don't know literacy to when he hit Ed yeah the differences I get the feeling he spends punish ordinary about a time on the golf course you know kids. It's not yet percentage shed you don't understand lay it hasn't happened to you but I get the feeling. Billy bush coming from the bush family to begin way of that. In the losing his job maybe it was a million it may be was upset but he's not hurting if someone tells you they've had two holes one of their lifetime you know that they've played a lot of golf a lot to chronicle the order just really gbagbo Bledel as Smith. Talk talk talk talk with you yeah so you see that certificate got communion. At tech never sought for it happened didn't happen that's. There's a show on TV don't watch what happens live. Pretty good show and they sit on the air within any Cohen was that show and I think they chat I think they might even have blue sometimes whenever. But either way a musician I you know from his personal creative and also now with The Grateful Dead John Mayer was on the air. And he's kinda asked him about that alcohol vs pot. Pot is not pushed on me by every waiter and waitress and every restaurant Argo at all. Putt does not make you wake up and feel horrible for sometimes a day and a half could you spoke too much pot and it's just a little bit of a bit nicer risk and reward the reward is this a little more balance in terms of what you get and what you all drugs are. A loan deal. It's a matter what you get up front what you have to pay back and I found out because just a loan shark. It's just like I'll tell you what I'm alcohol given to me good hours of feel like you're a topple over your me. 48. Feeling like you wanna die. Hello I like it's not even moralistic thing I just don't like those odds. I think he's still a drinker GAAP these days is very honest about the differences yeah he's never. Yes but anyway the reason he also in The Grateful Dead did you think that we really do I don't smoke don't America. I'm Soledad I've been corrected I was singing dew drops on kittens and a lot of people want to made it very clear and you know it only had expletives like buckle it. It's raindrops on roses. And whiskers on kittens not only drops all know people are they're really good many other food. Approve them a little president look I didn't know our newest kittens you know we wanted to do man whom they like freaking did that and knows the whiskers specifically. Well yes. To do drops them but in what raindrops idea raindrops and people braved sub about that and another that should that some really hits home for a lot of people. I discover yet and the sort of thrilled steep drops and Rosenberg is okay you know it just a mess I'm sorry I'm sorry that I wrote this song for you with the people. Number one you have started I didn't thorough all caps. Let's be honest review and I think he whiskers on kittens dumb ass no would be weird if you're in it and it didn't have whiskers he had that would be really weird yes ma'am but this is seems pretty normal my kid who's got a cat. I like the tech. The whiskers but Moroccan. Thought the highlight of afford another how I man maybe this is me. Think at this at this at a a like depths. What you know I was like Jimmy Fallon you have some good skits here's a goodwill with the a good nit are good bad greatly. First up we have darkest hour that is a good name for a movie about Winston Churchill as a bad name for a lighting store. Great name to the sixty minutes after reading your post. After that we have you can test this as a big names and MC hammer something. The bad name for a petting zoo. Great name for congress. We have low pump. Good names were wrapped her. As a bad name for male enhancement products. Oh great interest sassy baby shoes. Oh baby I'm Julie Steele fifty millimeters Julia. Malone pulled up next we have. Great and that's all that's a good name for cereal hitting. The bad name her medical condition guy. We'll talk and great name for your hands drinking wine and Thanksgiving. We'll pump does make them comfortable here that's fine coaches to just do nexus name and obviously I don't now. Freedom here that terrible pumpkin thing is it's not listening let's Amy chose that's what makes a weird by you tomorrow named in the pump like I am so Barbara. But here you you there's a billion different names you could Como within a new what was little poem. Yeah weird as the girls a bicycle pumps about race takes its. Miles you like this one. Everybody knows kind of a yet New Year's Day tradition you can watch the rules all operate. This year and a song. Well would have would you watch you file Will Ferrell Amalia Shannon we're doing my basic covering him doing the commentary are still now there's a yellow line are. Our value I don't know there doesn't like our guys did know me I'm on that way and on a mystery science theater tip I truly believe that even like an NFL game they should just throw the game to like. Two dudes on account to give them like five minutes call the next year I want don't know learned now. Thing to be highly Denton like you have a choice what audio do you wanna watch to an alleged Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are do you wanna watch like Joseph Thomas in Troy admitted. From Columbus, Ohio we're gonna get the next headed down. Aboriginal girl barrel Norris are losing Michigan he stood. He you know they used to do that some in Michelle league soccer. In a row they would have an hour long special that day after and it is set to guys like calling the games themselves I would love. And you wanna do it yeah thank you Derek for sharing your headlines annoyed my cock eleven minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network. We are twenty miles you know let's see what's happening in the real partner go and. The Connecticut our neighbors our heads over 300000. Like Christmas display. Meanwhile a Philadelphia man falls asleep in a dumpster and gets compacted and has not had a good day. Shocking news Jimmy Carter's fake news organization declares he's dead it. Elephant in Thailand says he's there for the beaches in smashes in his trainer said it and a woman is busted cheating and cards with radioactive material when it is time for your headlines. Don Newcombe apparently lost the stuff. Yeah but overall I want to know we've been played the only play that ma and donors as the junior doing a great job and they're both in all as governor he's got a man. You gotta work on but I'm our top story it appears the media aren't prepared are now competing for telling the future. First the debacle of Tom Petty is dead being printed in storage before it officially happen and now Fox News creditors had former president Jimmy Carter has passed away I just don't really think they thought he was alive. I think probably writing the story just assume that he was fifty every day right. Well he had battled cancer scare not to long ago to these fair you can report that anyone's dead and eventually. You'll be right right. What's it like anything else there wasn't intentional this was for the love. Don't call her spirit. But here's the story Elin had printed a story congratulating President Bush aides WS suppressing Gerald Ford as the oldest living former president. Same afforded passed away at 93 years and 165. Days old. Going out Robles Reagan and Carter and as having passed ladies and three as well and George Bush. Is now 13983. Year 193 to 1093 years and like a 166 days also he's just. Surpassed where Gerald Ford was glad Jimmy Carter is still kicking around you know on my favorite magician is there Micah is. Criss Angel knows David Koppel. The I. Okay. I. After. Do you feel good when they let you know hey you're the oldest living president because raising the sales you do have a bad news for a big right and it isn't that how you take that late hey hey man no one's ever made it this long we got this nice hole for you all ready to go. It's already. Going to Lyman that is very comfortable. If there's no rule comes and her ex presidents can drive that makes sense. Can't drive. Well anytime you you run for president there's one thing that you know to be true if you were ever president of the United States in the time that you take office. For the rest of your life you're no longer able to drive anomalous. I wish things which is that right exactly. But in this case I think got by via affairs us Def you're ninety's the only good dreaded automobile. I look so happy I'm golf carts. I'm okay I'm going in there and talk a joke. I'll drive in this room government. In the driver's seat and try to roll over from a browser manages like it appears that the military night you'll never drive again almost Julia Boland and I don't however. That appear and answer. Reach for my gun holes of golf improve among referred to him. Are around the world in Germany police have arrested a woman for cheating and a game of cards by using unique method of being able to identify the cards. She did the cards in rape in a radioactive substance that allowed her to identify and the with an unknown detector here. Jobs on top of cheating should pleasing herself and everyone else to the table at risk of sickness that is only are we kidding you go back rival have radioactive material you know just don't paralleled it on the road thing on the ready she has great you active material things that are already repaid. Gonna dip there are terrified I conceded games yet. We got to Thailand where handler for an elephant man a rough and at the elephant had been featured in nearly a dozen films and was also a performer at the zoo. When this and the remove the chains from the animal to bathe them and also let him have some wanna be Elton billions JoAnne as the only begin to attack they handler right in front of his wife and a bunch other people. It went on for about five minutes and Hanley did not survive it second they're calling quote. And un preventable tragedy. If it's on preventable and then why is it. Do you follow what I'm going if this is on preventable preventable by not having an elephant in captivity thank you. And we hope that made it clear he no not usually you can trust me whatever happened with a sell them through the ten years this guy I was handling and it wasn't all pretty and fund known as the reason the elephant got his revenge they've got an incredible memory incredible brain needs a you know what man I'm just gonna curb stomp your ass right and that's what the argument is coming in a lot of people are so what. Well he's out there on the state performing Ali Al lucky seven about to fund this is the most space that he's had in months. Yeah I don't play now because he's he's locked in this tiny cage for the rest of the time how exactly it's a low winds are friendly animals are packed my animals are pachyderm is trying to ranked David gold pachyderm and you basically just put him in a nunnery. The I mean seriously and young guys and we lose our minds in Philadelphia man decided to not offer a few hours it's out of a trash bin on the side of the street. Unfortunately when he woke up the truck could come by pick them up and compact and amended event. Two hours later firefighters were able to remove the man from the contractor and take in the hospital he wants to live like hit an abdominal injury that's every headline of that. Hi I'm Jason okay alias corrugated. Thank you hybrid version arose in exams or turn up whose Sox last profiled as we'll bring it to us again with a shot of the day is indeed it is all true we'd be all about the bench but we're back tomorrow. Until then good to do best in the world and the thing. It's de beautiful.