11-28-17 Seg 3 Men's Room Gets Nominated

Tuesday, November 28th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with 10 Grammy Nominations that you didn't know existed! Plus The Word and the Shot of the Day!


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This is done men's room. He's grilled by. So who's out and there's no word as brand name from around the world are questioned why did you think that your neighbor was crazy 844999. Old hello Chris seemed welcome to the men's room. At our Iraq. OK so far like I like they had tried it the lender in red leather to block the marshaling apple cup. And I was very pleasantly surprised. What would you expect what what did you did you think given me some horrible broom. Yeah I don't I'm not really one that drink a lot of our premier underwater hockey your beard though when it comes to read. And there are things that are more of past the end learn. I. It may still have meg and they don't popular fragrances like an Aaron. I dead eyes and now the and I will partake again that's an. We spend months of far of every year just going to the hog farms and hand picking the freshest and the best hops for men's room original red not only that Hobbs I don't smoke give it then we go for us to justify the perfect hops for the black and in the summer we do the same for the gold and it's that hand picked just. You can no when you smell it and that's what makes men's original read some good measure what we're saying here Christine. Is that when you open I mentioned red and you drink it you gotta be go miles the love. It would be very nice at the somehow they do in Roma that's Logan Malcolm Fowler Geller I really don't think any amount beloved of the Fisher house you're doing that every time you guys we appreciate that a mouthful of older guys who are your neighbors nuts. So when I was when I let my act. Power about that about five years ago. I was back to 8 o'clock in the morning when the back back living room. Or and all of a sudden. They gal that lives next door. Just started screaming not like you know an argument like that leak itself not. Any other learn it. Back. That it would only hurt when I walked into a Mac that Eric. Screening. It shattered the ball one WTF. Will be going. I hope that's exactly what he's got a Chris thing WTI was well OMG. No. I don't but I ought though I didn't wanna get that ball that they have protected myself for you. If you walked outside I'm on the ball when I won one and kind of thing I would really not an. It was. So loud purse they would so loud and frightful met the neighbors down the law at the other end of the block had hurt her and walking down to see if everything was okay what was going on. I'm. It it was ridiculous. Did a couple of days later. I come home from work and you lost and he says he found out what had happened. She got there are you elect her boyfriend and didn't want him to meet. It's all loved. That was their response. Just gonna throw this other Christie indicates you didn't know if you wanna make sure guy does leave do that. Let me read your response to somebody else like you know I'm gonna I mean grabbed my stuff and go ever love sign you at. All. You should've you should do is walk right out there and sure your day and now he is handling general style than the aliens and you have them. I'm at it while Ireland and England then yes I mean it is the only thing that lid was out of the ordinary. He had he and I looked at live next door to them. Wore a lot longer and had said you know the Palin and I but how Saddam why. On the older man of the handling the pact now it's just kind of where his freeloading grandchildren live them. So it was a beautiful Arthur freed noting greater Israel you know and prayers go out there I used to live next that this war should. We never had a confrontation but I guess all of my all the neighbors about a confrontation with the Richard I think you're too scared me are mostly by. She had the dog was poured on him and a Jack Russell gets its boundless Frick and energy out of those don't amount for. And she is kind of equal of you'll pain and says juice from. All she's laid back lady so I would be outside smoking in the hands of my 11 o'clock at night in the house on the the next time. Mother balconies above street so she was never aware that I was there and it was like one of these. I don't know for what it really belittle this town homes now so were there were actually two houses before another six of them is an art and that get built. Some merit and that we have like a shared Colbert area or whatever she would take your dog out for a while and I know deep down she looked ago. But I would hear her coming and keep my overtime stuffed dog out slums like 65 years old. She looked 65 results should always Wear these tight spandex shorts and sports bra look like someone took electrical tape and put a real tight on Nintendo. And announced. Veterans of liver spots ever wears this is horrid thing. What you hear and you think she's talking someone that she was always managed. I just figured if you are not gonna Pope I'm an academic and you're ready to debt at. Urinate I'm broke in so it's she's like yelling at the start or basically just. Drop produced. Oh yeah. It's a doll who's gonna sniff around it's Jack Russell's so it's gonna bounce around in this was every night auto thing a big drag off the cigarette and just. The cherry wood landed just enough. You Cyril stiffen up Jewish turner head and just need mug but she would stop the element the dog and you just grab and go back to the house muttering under her breath. And if I went out into the back to smoke in my back who was kind of caddy corner her front. I don't know I don't whatever we try to figure out who is she yelling at every night all the time she might she live demo. And you would hear heard just. Verbally eviscerate and someone man in this is that. Am I'm damn mother after I meet every night inflation stay at Croatia's coast of talk. Now. Man the door she'll warm winter she was never nice to be involved but she was never specific she settle horrible things. But not a wave of the dog registered in ordinary I might do you later both Silgan wag of stale so but what she's talking to a phone man it was. Vicious. Every day all the time what blew me away I mean she would yell at everybody assistant yelled at me she yelled at. Everybody all the time she's this mean horrible horrible thing that should not be. Uncommon and work one day she's up to bust normally she would drop which is a ball stopped I would try degree northern OK how are you can mean emotionally nothing to say. Two of the people show but the ball stops she's muttering under her breath about them much use the spurs. The bus pulls. She stops on the bus would let her go for well when that letter ago she shuffles them but to listen the most front. Good morning it's great to see you blow up like. That's so far this bridge is lying she's the mean those guys they won't Lugar who's ever since she was so. Nice several on the bus only it was weird. Larry couldn't wrap my head leagues seeing her than hearing like a nice voice. And being just quotable I ever won a month what happens got a Mets what the F happens why did you think that your name rose crazy 844 or 9990. Yeah it is our notes irritated and it's 80 good more orderly bit please. Right line and may I hear you every night screaming at somebody curtain. Hello Corey welcome to the men's room. Oh it's. So I got an Akron kilogram of creepy neighbor source oriental I then tell me you're the creepy neighbor. I wish nothing this particular case but what's your historic saw it about that early nineties about ten years old new neighbors move in. And they got a little boy with a bomb I saw super excited right you French double byte order. So I go over the next day I'd be glad so there's named employee. And I ask what electable would in my house Lange on the back yard plate shirt only go to the backyard. And my dog that I have a little cocker spaniel who will not let this kid in the art. Not gonna happen is not a minute. Well. Was your dog normally that protect liberals is gonna Newt you. This is completely do it to like the nicest dog ever Miley and adapt the book about it because. So I you know Internet is going home and I don't emperor. And a few weeks. And then. I find out that time he had to round is eighty chat in blue paint. Jesus wow on purpose. On our Dominic and luckily it know why why our own man and so are your dogs in my home. Like this since this like do not let this grazing both O'Neal. Particularly I guess they're real deal. How could owe you were you give off light. Your dog is like absolutely not look harmonize columns under right now you can put me down and I'm gonna bite the smoke Fulton women yard yeah and then you find out as the mayor notably. Isn't Jack killer male. And even in the ninety's man yeah I don't care what the deal was moved blue paint I mean they're nuts. So how did you find out that he drowned a gambler paying to be dire. My are monitored paralegal and he's you won't walk all out well you know everything that ever happened to anybody. So was this a problem Stanley or. Does not only I was just so there was a one entity that we I'm not wanna look no longer allowed contact let them. Turned out here four years later I found out you get married live a normal life that is Vito one day you go by killing spree and murder like I people. Oh you're kidding me. She's now. We say often that would you see as a child is merely what you're gonna get as an adult and and a lot of times obviously that doesn't always proved true but. It just seems like more times than not it does. Boat turned out I have lived next but you know killer and I think that you including MacBook Air remembered that. Hello you don't say is there. I think that's crap I think you're being a little judgmental look. When he killed these (%expletive) did he kills Cassini. I do it with a serial killer right verses a murderer busiest general color Jersey multi more like a multi murderer goes on a spree. Right and it might. They gonna slaughter someone in the different state than murder someone through neighborhoods away but you'd the neighbor. You probably eating human every time we get to Chile and fourth of July but which you don't know the merger. It's kind of like comparing. You get drunk. Women like bureau wine spirits. Like. They're all insane people they aren't always as killers but I understand but one of them has to be my neighbor I am saying in my comfort level goes up exponentially. The dessert now that's sad. I'm not going to go to his house for dinner I don't know what he's serving meat that part understood but as far as me feeling safe flight. In market murder us the mass murderer he might murders. Let's talk to the U mass mar license Jerry Kill them on because. He wants he wants to do did like the mass murder may or may not have wanted to do what they did. But they did and out of bed and I've heard serial killer put on only do it again like in two months I got it all planned out. It's a small sample size but he lived next to one city wrecked and family. We have what we don't why don't you just imagine murderers serial killer could use two different things filling out a drug charge dry cattle got an innocent man today Ryan brings intended Grammy categories you didn't even know exist today announced the Gramm is the nominations for all of them from categories and there are more than you could even believe in most of you never even hear about so. Ryan is gonna bring those in ten Grammy categories you didn't even know existed ever get through emails on the way from our question why did you think that your neighbor was crazy. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles. I have to drive chart right cast got a deficit spend and they didn't Grammy categories he did aim. Know existed that is coming up right after emails right now from the men's room mad men's or live dot com. I think my neighbors think that my wife and I are crazy because we have a hearse in the driveway the mine my now wife bought and uses regularly that from AJ the till guy. Guys a lot other than LA of my neighbors would get up every morning and scream pray what I mean by this is. Talking to god at the top of their lungs like she was possessed with very little pauses between words until she basically. Just tired herself out the trigger is when I would see here in the hallway she was perfect quiet southern Belle it was like her apartment was from some horror movie. The allure do agree additional lord. Capital letters and just screaming and everything she might be a great sense that from Dmitry when people name their quote scripture wanted to wouldn't. I guess beacon tong and I don't know how to speak income. Does anybody ever was crazy because the sides are getting drunken marching up and down the street screaming what her boyfriend got enough fights one night she came over to the house crying. And asked if she could borrow some rope and a shovel because there's huge German shepherd had died. She brought these she has thought this she brought back the dirty. Shovel clearly bearing the dog. Next they came home from school and there was a dog walking down the road looking very alive to this day I don't know what she buried with a rope. Because rock out. I mean it sounds like the dude. It could very well I need. Yeah our guys I was ten we found a camera pointing toward in my bedroom window and we called the cops and they said there was nothing they can do because it was on private property would put a camera pointing their camera and a TARP. He would stand outside our gate in the middle of night when we would have to get together and just stared. We got across the street stereo or home in the woods that he follows 1 morning when my dad went to work my dad pulled into gas station he followed then. A flew out of the parking lot and drove back to the house he was the ultimate creep and I think he died that from Kayla pieces. Our guys around Tony for a look though less than see every area of town over the summer my redneck uncle. Drives up and is Harley from Arkansas apparently my neighbors girlfriend was offer men's my uncle is a heavy smoker and had a front row seat for meltdown. She still in the yard screaming at Marilyn Monroe for making her brother gate and pretending to be some sort of priestess will look to reasonable after a while she got completely naked and ran around the yard pulling upper dog chanting to the god of doggy biscuits. I asked my uncle he wanted to go to a bar not a chance he said you couldn't pay for this quality entertainment and Arkansas. Later her boyfriend came home from with our sponsors yes floral and apologized profusely. After that day she could never make eye contact been made and ran every time out front door. Thanks guys that from Frankie we do have a few comments as well yeah I used to little bubble woman who went all for Mets tried to blow yourself up over oxygen tanks. My crazy neighbor leopard dead cat in the freezer to the rose over food for four years with plans of cremated. She never didn't. We had a neighbor that took all the seeds out of a minivan determined to find the apostle not sleeping in her main thing is she did it every single weekend. I thought I'm unable was crazy when I thought he was a cop because there are those cop car and driveway turned out it wasn't a copy of the sex offender. And I had a neighbor who was angry at her husband after at a poker party she was still angry that you drink a lot of beer and Bengie super glued his you're reefer shot. Oh god. That's not a word they you know took super glue all hope all had a right brain I mean she's super glued back and Altman Eduardo barber because he the world poker party grabbed amber if you extremists here in the midterm Evans in my dark out. All of it is my daughter our way and turn five on Saturday she loves you guys can you never act did faced sandwich and a bird they saw Matt from misty all misty we can't do that this is done or actual birthday Tuesday. When when mr. Murtha over there was on Saturday. All. All manned a table and Arlen here's what we're gonna have. This is what's gonna happen is terrible armor source close the movie that you took your kids to. Coco your mom's gonna take you to Coco tonight any any any McDonald's or anything like that EU it's on the house she's gonna take care view and you're gonna get a really nice present but every one you want a puppy you wanna cat whatever you need it's gonna be years you know what I would do actually Arlen in a worse are McKenzie the birthers are now your leaders six we will I was lady of great mom I would just give her a hug now and anchor for all the great things she's about an image George Coca. And just you know when you go to Coco I don't know if you saw the movie frozen. A tournament for a short and I'm not saying that I want to leave the movie theater and cuss people out. But. That got close to happening. Guys a son Garrett is turning sixty does sixteen years old today he loved your show Canadian original face salads and a big only Ron Jenkins. Thank you guys that from the lovely Tanya. Our campus we. Yeah. Oh my birthday is all I grace's 26 birthday amazing woman mother to our kids and a best friend to me can you get a barber shop they sandwich for birthday thanks guys that from the fantastic mr. fox can again if this. And okay so you know oh my god you run. Brother can nine enemies end okay salute geez and it's harder on Amazon. May hotels wanna get. Are they shot onto my brother from another mother raw whopper announcer raw lock any given your penis is too small. Thank you guys from Genesee. Fellas it's my daughter's seventh birthday today hoping to get in dirty Germans thanks guys from Trevor. Not sure about who remember us the city's street. Yeah I'm not remove. They don't play with Jamal from. This is running annoys my brother. Trevor hasn't Trevor since Trevor that is really a server are Trevor vacuum. Look who the hell London when you wondrous Lou it was well although the hero go for a driver OUN and she again monitor penises too small that from Qaeda. I'll take it anymore I and Trevor how are now you know them. Nice to punish mr. brown that I love you guys listen whatever I can I would make my birthday amazing to hear a big only. All right Jane Carrey and Steve on rocking guys that from a Jose the girl lift driver just. Yeah. Just as miles the wife Michelle 37 per day dale Barcella break in here are some very dirty German talk about being a very naughty nurse you guys rock that from James. Yeah you might get them out to most of I would give you probably contingent of the show my needs them. Yeah. I kind of do the same and you know with the thermometer has always. Taken those abuses of tumbled for the somehow the good friends and I. Guys here's goes on don't ask me if I wanted to go to do something called red vest all I knew was it had somebody do appeared nosed enough for me. Waited and be airline and the scorching sun wearing are allowed us to why insurance wouldn't Dillon started talking with someone like he'd just run into an old friend. Afterward I asked him though wasn't he said it was thrill that was saying you like to shirt and I just want you guys to know that really made his day. Can you please give a shout out to our special little guy who not only two and a lot of friends and your show biz now also the tender age of 26. Only really likes face sandwiches thanks guys that from Matt on an original face sandwich and pressure rotting in a request a birthday song for me a month 41 birthday. And I do the dirty Germans to talk about the importance of monitoring the colon and rectum for men in their forties. Thanks guys appreciate that from David. David Jones is not a little help for you but something very very important so without the commentary there good character but yeah. Now one of the best things about you know before it is going to the doctor on the play time. Did reduce my fingers and I was hoping it's relatively soon I will choose the one into the sometimes I tell him chicken stuff. Guys there's a 43 generally care we're gonna get some dirty Germans from thriller dead thanks sent from Kristy curry now 43. Ostensibly to show growing pains and he Mike Seaver from growing image above the garage you conclude. John mr. Christie cream on it leaves you with a fresh. God is good as sort of a dark day he's been listening to you guys since you originally aired can get your penis is too small thanks guys from Jonathan. OK. Okay. I don't have the. Today miles per an artist turns a big 45 good to cinema they don't draw Virginians in a time to take off the leash. Thanks guys and have a great day that from Steve easy. I. I'm tickled. Is today is a start about 47 Jerry Brown the son and I'd love some sweet sweet turtles thanks thanks guys Iraq John from Kelly. Hey. You. Okay. Guys they'd rather gentle violence fiftieth birthday he's the best guy no I don't care what people say about him. I'm getting he's a greatest I don't gives him a whole lot more since I moved to Portland we still talk about the men's room all the time. Could you please give must suck it up cupcake and I think you'd be hilarious to hear you guys talk all over each other about dawns for his big day. Thanks guys appreciate that from chi game. Well. Goes to get a big dog and I tell everybody what can they only do that you again and I didn't I can and usually looks like and hopefully lately it's Salim and yeah Steve looks like they talk about how genre is just to register truck. Police know today's my coworker how Riley's birthday 54 years old about them dirty German's best regards from big names. Not a big below. We'll let them when to be a patient rumba and publisher. As it may hurt their Rodney square at. It's. Run news run nobody makes this is best photos throughout his growth. How Rodney something true. Feel empathy from my house. We loses itself. I heard they saw my grandfather 76 years old today an addition to the birthday song I'm sure he would love an original classic face and woods and they Joey chestnut. Love you grandpa all of that from Brandon. And pressure average. Oh yeah happy about it hey happy I did learn there that I do not the only time. I'd pay good I could you go. Mid day doesn't guarantee German drug by men's. So available through these we'll stay on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Know him shrine fly. Lose no one more rough organs of the drug charge in and spent. Our guys are heard you mention possible recreational diaper wearing yesterday I'll share my personal experience. I'm Tony three visiting my buddy in New York we had nothing to do we go on and drink and we drink lots of beer. It came up one night when it be funny if basically we wanted to be able to stand at the bar and keep drinking without making multiple trips to the bathroom. Next day were in the drugstore browsing the product line. I choose a strips sort of thing that is really only thirty urinating picture up sumo wrestler the wrong I'll thank my body chooses the full diaper he got a cracked himself up he wanted. He's a big fat guy and I had to help them into a daylight on the floor and had a role amend to put the velcro wouldn't holds that a staple of the few times he was a big dude. So I went out and filled our bladders when the time came it's amazing how difficult it was to do. I imagine based on years of conditioning do not PR pants it's hard to do eventually after some breathing exercises and being in some bladder pain. We let loose. We looked at each other and knew we needed to dislodge this right away there was a lot of weight down there antics of a lot more room on full we want them to the restroom and got rid of them. In short reality fell short of our dream those things are one and done. Good luck though that from rob to work I think it may be that and Ryan Kesler you're kind of a big deal here. How many will we can do is we could smartest thing you've ever sent. Eight and in doing it we get it tweet from Jeff Evans a just as you know it went once again is just over these things on the air and minister drinking and is that somewhere and one right tendency. No that's the idea tendency if if we get a bit of. It worked out I think it's great I we're gonna roll like this with the children we don't know we're gonna do but look at some point eight million a bald and had you down. Now when an adult diaper and drink two if they did a semi bad are you can do it on the show yeah aren't we don't have women to start only started to say it wasn't. So we have to we have to find a day when you can drink show halfway through the show starts arguments are original rescue me will get two hours and then the last two hours start originally I was a joke because that's everything that will Wear some diapers and this is going to be painful 4 PM. Adult diaper says that you might be right but I'll tell you we we wanna find out what I want my own personal experience and while generally struck us what they guy's email he's right. Psychologically charged Dubya doesn't dull. We do everything we can't match to what's it going to meg going in the pool. Because you have your pants on it's always difficult to know start a tour actually I will tell you that Steve is done and no I like I don't know why you. I'd planned to play in the world's smallest four we're gonna we're gonna pretend this is gonna be nice area there are coming up the word jazz are a bunch of abandoned baby names around the world the first the drug charges in the house once again it is time to sit and spin now. Yes friends it's time once again dogs. Six and spending let's gather around the old radio and listen to some as well. Can you. At face value and the way we described it earlier is is that as far as a Grammy is probably 20% of dot less is what you see on this Sunday night for three hours did you get the general feel for the big stuff record of the year for PW hurdle on doing thinker from underwear but I think that 80% don't know war there are 84 categories that they give out grammys for everything from album art. To film scores to block what was I saying earlier liner notes Laura that's the one Rosset of some almost any new had a Grammy on the mantle and only gradually Grammy. I would actually be embarrassed almost yeah I won a Grammy announcer guided. I invest liner notes of eighties so either ten Grammy categories that you didn't even know just. Under. Alliances. At world. It's. The best classical solo vocal album my whole life not gods and monsters from Nicholas and of course I knew he's a minute he's the guy that was he's gonna he's got a good look at what's his competition basically I think if you put an album out man genre you get agreement he wanted to ask. It's not. We offered cash. We're recording. And I'll pick this because it's called Princeton and had suffered so when we like. I'm I'm Ramsey County OK now one of the reasons you. British. Told you you want the brand currently labels like the degree that maybe. This is not best reggae album and I. Ironically it's called chronology from comics code that was next to access cards so my look at a bit instead. And now granted categories you didn't know existed on. And. Earlier on grinding you know. Not in doing the best soundscape best new age album is called reflections. And I feel like he's a Muslim writing a tell you something really bad about to happen to me at the hospital and playing this is the music they play because something seriously wrong reasons you have. Cancer then coaches if you don't come on ten Grammy categories. Knowing. Six feet thick but it's rather barbaric right I mean we're eating a part of how what I love animals and I love animal lovers. But they've rooted that carry around the dog in a bag. Whenever I see that are listening when that door way to let us know your crazy. The guy with a microphone category. Asked on the album I'm Jim gaffe you cannot go yeah he's an effort that there's great. Did not gonna categories good noise on. Nothing though it's. A DV one of the nominees for best world music album other powers like we. I'm like oh yeah I don't know UI case and pulled. The US with an eight puke a little you'll. Then it's been maybe that's what James Hatfield told you tossed like I'm gonna do it guy. Ten Grammy categories you know it's a. Your father. Escapades were alto saxophone and orchestra we knew that his. This is like John Williams he's always the arranger for customers it's not where Rockefeller who seem to. Don't know WAOK. Millions of that thing jaws star war was ten grand categories today knowing. This. So my old man for now it's. Filling us. Well clearly didn't sound like you know and somehow Hillary and made up. So this is not Cumberland gap all right David Rawlings and Jillian Welch for you what kind of or just American roots song from America I did not know he knows and I change on an out there go to bed there kind of roofs right. After the roads agro winced I didn't know the fact that. Shouts my flu is. By then some regions of the universe has already begun to coalesce the ground you wanna do is rent prices and other grass sometimes there's good grant you scared off electron that's the best spoken word alcohol and it is the book on tape of his Astro physics for people in a hurry ten Grammy categories you don't know exist and unfit. They're too. Those should be number are we a number Washington appointed Eminem wanna do my best to supplement. And making. Andre is OK now I'm getting granite produced. As you're going to be a campfire probably name more stuff for yellow gold content and the guy what does he do my best children's father Earl that's called brighter side its nice to actually an untried calculate the Grammy artist ever nervous absolutely for sure. I still don't drink it does with the shot of the day the word has band names from around the world that's coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. I'm going to make it tells you Saturday is minutes away both words to. I am amount. And today. We have sixty bed baby names from around the world now here in the US parents can name their children pretty much whatever they like hello I'm very. Around the world again a more strict about baby names as well basically some names are banned because officials believable diddley little could cause the child Harmon. And other names are banned and eighteen the country's cultural identity. Among the split too many hairs on this as far as one that was the reason is individually you brought figured out I think you'll be able to figure it out. So here in the United States we do have people named Adolf Hitler. Joyce Lynn Aryan Nation in Heinrich Himmler ponds now here's some of the names fans from around the world. France will not allow a name if the court agrees that will lead to a difficult time mockery in the child's lifetime. So some of the band names in France. New tell us strawberry. Demon prince William and Mini Cooper. Okay makes sense right at for the most part we move on to Germany they have some strict baby naming rules of at some of the band names include Mandy Osama bin Laden Adolf Hitler. Cole and stumping yes you can in fact I'm behavior kid does stumping there if you live in Germany. Denmark only allows name's my pre approved list Denmark has a list of the 7000 approve named it continues and if you're one of those people who. Doesn't wanna use one of those names got to apply for permission to save. Some of the band names included Jake got Ashley heinous monkey payments and Pluto oh yeah name your kid penis in Denmark. Swing bands names are considered obviously unsuitable as a first name for as an offensive first man band names in Sweden include Metallica. Superman. IKEA and Elvis. Now Malaysia on the other hand they consider names that are animals insults numbers royal our honorary names include undesirable. So when their instance you can name your kid snake. Sexual intercourse hunchback smelling head or insane so narrowly ahead if there is a name for all those in New Zealand. You cannot name your child to Lulu does the hula from Hawaii who lose the first sex fruit bat boy Cinderella beauty blossomed. And finally the man named import tool include Rihanna. Viking Scion are Jimmy and. Nirvana Jerry. The thing you know give is that it was here are generally read during its somebody else NT zero to be ready. Or do you only had two of the very best dance even throw a find out nortel's yes indeed today win totals 35 year old. Will double walls of the pool. Kentucky. Where you need to know earlier this month off our friend William. He went to a mobile gas station his face covered in demanded money from the clerk now the good news is the clerk to not want to get hurt and she complied with his demands. He won't tell them undisclosed amount of cash. But as a graduate nerve I do gold stolen money he draft dissect. Those containing these supposedly gotten turns out it was not a gun. It was tube of hand motion. Who's got my beliefs and start the first three Robert. The good news is I guess if you don't actually have a firearm and it is just to do lotion like they can't relate to that extra charge rather no weapons charger doesn't like them. They just Jurgen is around. So emotion joke. Because it's not like ammo first actual pain and again. I kept a note on oil. I'm. The Democrat oil out there Amanda let me spread the lotion and you normally do right in front and you look hey rob mains Kentucky took effect that that's when business because they know what they would add band members made money you put. A tube lotion. And the clerk field like weight why god they were. Yeah easily and ashy ass shirt when I had to marry Iverson flustered. Report those boos imagery does move because we think it's yeah I may not act so over the tong and down the blues world to party in our Tommy's. Down a hole the rabbit so yeah. It's a conine alive right now he'd be playing profile this 844999. Old look. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.