11-15-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Is Stunned

Wednesday, November 15th

Mens Room Blank Question: You, friends, or family, the number of _______shocks most people


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You what you're about to hear is real. This radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is the. Other than secrecy. This is the men's room. They say shake your radio more than three times. And your. Laughs. I don't know log in Arizona our 2700. Made the now. Almost even throw hill. Do Ted Smith and Walden. I had to buy car. It's our enemy is a. Returner who Sox last. What you don't need to know these drunken no relative addition. Get ready to play profile lists plus headlines read your shot of the day fumbled as our emails and everyone's favorite TV time would take place. The fact that he did all right UAW to forewoman joggers attacked by a man so she stabs him. With her handy night. I am. The board game cards against humanity buys a border piece of property to bring border wall some struck. There's still a woman pulled over while playing the air bag pipes. Wal-Mart shopper through Florida punches woman to earn his dues bag stripes and French archaeologists digging around in the dirt. Yeah they now can retire that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All of. It is good day to you and your sorry if you're currently a guy. That people of heard there's a 50% chance of there's a sexual assault allegation level match. Now Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey there to the more you know who defenders and both of them are trying to be at their way back into people's good graces. By checking into one of those phony as sex addiction clinics and escaped that one right outside of Phoenix Arizona. But it in perspective we've got to run the place. He won't confirm even that proved that nevertheless. The snake oil salesman who wrote the clinic says that among other things. The so called patients there must be celibate. For eight weeks so it's like being met. Meanwhile Simon Cowell now he smokes just two cigarettes a day you're thinking why would he just quit if you want me to cigarette today. Understand that he just cut back because he had been smoking. Eighty cigarette today. That's four packs of cigarettes they that is four packs. Of cigarettes today. I'm a smoker and I'm telling you that is insane. So he's got up from eighty cigarette today down to now Moldova drinker. I'm not forgotten you are no plans to people who have there's a guy Minnesota. He has got his 28. Do you do you are right last month he actually told the top ten man. Put me in jail I have a problem 28. New York I also have pets there's a woman was confident his 52 dogs you kind of see a theme here there's a hooker she's left with 101000 men. Have a listen up a one man has an inspector these gentlemen for. Holders in the jungles of Borneo but that's another story for another time. But there's a theme that we are going on here there's something about you that shots people when given the number. Miles has had three Eagles he says that shot in some review of eight Brothers and sisters that shouting we talked about the guy that's 28 the last shocking. So today is quite info on the white side. You new friends or family. The number of blank shocks most people. A powerful are 999 hole you can like the men's room on FaceBook followers on Twitter and survive and to your emails in the men's room at midterm live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. It's all that I know are gonna show number 2718. Okay. Smart card show we have Gloria today they had a return of boot socks last. And what you don't need no gets you ready for the holidays. With the drunken relative addition coming up right before ironically enough we we drink a toast with a shot of the day do you those are you drunken relative I am and so are you yet not doing a growing Jerry are you actually I am not yellow bar no one I guess you are that you've met my sister. Are you know our own and I have a trump card. Our look at your aid drunken relative Richard not the woman talk about it. Focus I don't play with the kids and stuff that are grown up about it like I did Toronto hockey graduate drug to play the kids. BR Ronald about this picnic at the summit of the peacock and laughed some evil shoulder and how they RD pick struck. All of all of underlined yeah yeah cause and everything's gonna just follow butcher don't put your bad Mo Joseph on May well all I only know more after a long car all of that is anybody died and I didn't give my big guy the guide to. The guys they used to get all the heat. And we thing and even older but now and he's dead rat which is sad and I do miss him but its worst of the holidays some might well and a spotlights on me now yet. Oh family entered spears got do well it's more based on this is it like guys your grandfather is it your grandmother getting drunk is it your mom is it your dad has broken down by is the cousin is from the now by individual family members are all uncles all basically they said was the highest percentage is this one relative. I'm guessing so if everyone and it took a survey they said look is it your dad it's gonna get drunk is it your brother who's gonna get drunk which member of the family based on our own right and we are all included in lots of different you know your dad had a dear cousin your uncle your brother your all kinds of things but we're all included in this one you see. I guess now is in fact number one so I'll leave it at that that are getting at least cut 50% of the population not built that in your case and special that your sister's gets hammered. Ever gotten every wedding that's coming Illinois you don't need to know answer a question meant we had the dentist I'm trying to figure out a way to phrase this thing today honestly normally comes just a little bit easier but they. Did you does it did not really but that if it was we struggled a lose it does that somebody might bring toward the gist of it is this it's a numbers game in numbers being the shocking aspect. Whether it's yourself in the number. Whether it is someone you know your friend or family member I got seven both I mean if you got ten Brothers and sisters in an unusual number that's so that's a number real like. Well one of ten people go god oh boy wonder tonight hills that you know. EEE tells someone you have I don't know. 50000 baseball cards are well whatever the number I've been to jail four times have been deployed four time there's only Arabic and oh my god. They felt it was an opening of the guys that have been the gel four times of the medals and tells me. That's not committing. Also graph chart could swallow but in general wants is for 37 years ago OK you brought about some look you brought up the Beagle thing whenever I'd I don't know why do that's what I learned when I see somebody with a Beagle I've got go hey how are your company your dog you know and I have a Beagle not a euphemism controversial military and then bagels they I get them solely on like I'm I'm used to them so hard I've about it. Pannemon everything else right. It's especially antenna on the and then you know like oh how old your Beagle and am I not Annan and not old enough. And I like still still seems like it's got to wait too long lefty you know. You don't and iphones and McConnell are hopeful I don't know you know dad I mean another donkey if you hit it and Gary and add this for the first out. But they're not you know but I'll say well this is my third legal in an anybody in the last decade and anybody that that knows Beagle has much. What is wrong with you why why would you continually do is punish a little do you and is only three members not a high number but it's okay that's what people 'cause you Eagles are what's wrong with you you know no offense they'll be Eagles are horrible right. We brought to the story about the other thanks very early the same moment three times and he hit it. And wonder why several work. It's killing my brother had a Beagle that was enough for me we told your as we know already about be able to find this email we told the story the other day about the sex worker who wrote a book. Gwyneth Montenegro. 39 years old from Australia. Okay here's a team comes comes from mosquito. 5472. Estimates Hulu which she writes a book on the fact that she sleeps with 101000 women and embezzlement to bounce our 2000 men and she's been doing this for twelve years a wanna say is the number. And basically the book is about like look it. You be surprised guys aren't into that much kinky stuff for the most part they just want companionship they've only good sample size they want someone to Knoll you realize that you're going you'll know. Doesn't even hit 101000 people become an army maybe I talked 2000 people the margin of error like her. She is her own goddamn Gallup poll she made 2000 dollars today from what how my god so this is this this article actually is from Australia. Mirror online previously reported how Montenegro cashed in 2000 dollars a night from her punters. Punters are called punters head honcho of the potter and thought they were on John Connors or Arnold do markers are new. Since week OK so would she said she did notice for twelve years we get in the article beats the number that's amazing in this and its 101000 meant so okay so. We get this email and it says just do the math on the 2000 do you use under the seat in doing the stripper comes from Europe segment the other day if she in fact slept with 101000 men. In a career twelve years she would have slept with 2.3 men. And night. Seven days a week 365. Days a year for all twelve years so averaging about two and have been and a new markets and that was a number that goes ahead. Half men had to be creepy but I like this you bathroom where he can't expect good today I'm Jeremy my quota no arms no legs that you just didn't move much when you call him Matt. Yeah if you put a dollar pile a leaves Russell Russell Renee nobody would have baseball bat over all of her. You know in the ocean Bob Grant both. God no arms no legs I'm going to have norms knowledge we are Brothers so yeah let's just all this talent we have we we we take on everybody. We'd all like oh he's trapped in your car. Jack. Beat it. Is that right gets it. Then we are so when he's floating in water job Nadia got Russell we got Matt when he singing and on wall. What's that are the 23 yeah. When singing over window. Twins hanging over a window let Kurd and rod is that that he did it with a and ask if he's how do you know this plethora of arms and working eyelid was sick people and Jack Kemp and so. That means his family. It's. The total number of critically Jacqui thanks so new friend or family the number of blank there shocks most people late for 49990. No hope Corey welcome to the men's room. Yeah it's okay. Danny no arm no leg Joseph source. I'm not even argue enough that you didn't it didn't already do. There's a what's the what's the number. I'm my number was nine the number of people my high school class we graduate tackle class. As a schedule a to a small high school you went to high school a lot of stupid people. No I didn't do really really small high school Indian actually you're your when your favorite states make on a New Hampshire. And I aren't we if you can't even big pharma now answer. Because there's nothing about New Hampshire that even things interest me correct you and I would love to install New Hampshire but no one even cares enough to try. I didn't have to go to Vermont. Yeah okay he's already good about it so. It is pretty now was it your entire life where it was there ever summary at twelve or fifteen kids in class or anything like that before now underway in history must at Ole so really it's a tiny tiny little Christian school in the middle of nowhere. So let me ask you this those 3000090 is are still like that the pecking orders are still the bully. And then there's the Jack and there's a nerd its entrance entrance. Well they actually because it was so small they can't combine classes so like first and second or come together at certain torque and so on. So you've got to eleven and twelve together does that mean you can really get. You can basically advanced education. Yeah I mean it was good good education it was really you know. Person you are Smart enough to leave New Hampshire are now down the thank you audience thank you now what if the what about those and I'm I'm sure there's a public school there there's a regular high school cracked. Oh yeah certain irony is where everyone else what does that tell you had a good day to just dates amongst my school does that mean you've only got what two or three options and. What actually dated this actually did like missing girl from perceive created. Twelfth grade. Suggested they don't New Hampshire so parents how they do we senior class. You issue an additional long raid by NATO will send you started eighteen her in sixth grade. Yeah you know I just look at stops. Title and kind of guy and doctor Jack you know. More adults you know we grew up together in now it's so basically your first relationship man was how many years is that 667 years. Dickie you're dead and then when I when I when I graduated and calling you broke up I never got back together and zero cents. Our senior a couple of times since then you know she's probably in she's probably a really had not won. Look at that editing might had one like random hook up after that it you know seal a deal on it. Happy Thanksgiving it's that the icici he's married now I'm happy. Oh yeah she's a critical time does a bunch of them actually kind of glad I didn't sit around all I'm accuses yet. Triple A now what you guys do this a lot can tell the I'm 33. I had that I've been well for kids for someone who's 33 years old he's he's he's 32 years old looks at the thought and that's disallowed until it gets spared the matter how old yard Matt Wright you be losing a demo I don't one is a lot of kids. He's got back on one and one is a lot of New Orleans is a lot of kids that's it children saw this understood well and isn't that it is. Yeah. It's rather on the pictures did you what not to rather than they found ally whose. Devious guzzling a funding for the show brought to you by Trojan condoms to children and people with more than once Helmand is right. Are you friend are out family the number of blind shocks most people 8449. Hello why aren't welcome to the major. The hello long. Tom all right here I work we do and it's hee-seop. Naught but all are a bit smaller it all right there root against that. And any thrill a man. You what do want to bet my wife reminded me three years ago I began a pilot and years. You said it's like when it becomes a sort of allegedly wife reminded Juan that's not true. Three years beyond new years you really did well that's dragging I'm sorry guys that are a bad but it. The step in that everybody gets surprised about. Its limits out MI. Our goal draw our actual amount of cocaine. OK Ben Hogan. Yeah I had them tourist minivan scene and I hope that's the best summed it up about that no matter the hour mark. For the most part by you don't have an ounce of cocaine every weekend is that you lose weight. Now that you don't happen within okay and how long how many years consistently re going to have to counsel cocaine on the weekends. I'll pass and not about why airs. This weekend. And two thirds had a lot what's that called house and senate. Saw. But thank I've always got a good job. It's global I know what she did back then. About to Austria speak. Just learn to fly a good really good start young did Milan's blue blue blue wouldn't have cost us. Well all the here yeah what does our view by that much of that goes off. On. And I'd. And then they get to yeah I think that they could. God did it wouldn't Edgar who won the last time you did cocaine. No ledger but the little white golf I know it's legal guys now yeah you Ronald Goldman is on the go I bashing New Year's us. Starting job that's all I what goes on with you a new year is in Youth League and he is a simple it is. Scared that it got fired its own accidents are American one. Thank you want. The always inspiring loop that is not what I expected here to that's been done. Monica okay and I will go up on the weekend man one brings the entertainment I'd tell him you trenor family other number of blind shots most people late for 49990. At least pretty partisan that part of me. One student desperately hang out with him on New Year's leave it at that because inevitably all things go back to New Year's Eve of the vote on the other hand I'm terrified. Yeah I've heard I have heard people talk Rocco and crazy with cocaine shore and eight ball or two but I mean that's still. A couple of ounces less than what teams do on the bread but that's all you to. You know really when you buy cocaine you don't buy for everybody has got to be there. And I'll waterboarding is okay very happy it's always like that but do you think that no no no no no no I don't know I don't know you can edit no no if if if if that's the. Say I actually there's no class and a joiner just last week I was talking to a guy before a show. And I mean it wasn't hard to tell what they were a little alternative yes but it. It was cold in this bar. But he had a massive amount of sweat in his office. I'm not okay if I lived in like a couple minutes he was late. No I don't know I hear so we will party with cocaine I would never do that because I'm and are voluntarily throws it out there bright event and he's taken out by a shot I think yeah I don't care which you do would yes I'll take your shots. Right exactly and a wise and that's what hadn't thought academically but he is consistently good we all like even my fat ass was free of displaced and he's like proud are dug okay that was my. And its money through the only person here's what and why it was one under love why did you bring a cocaine and Iran look I is that I don't care because what you drew four shots nothing seems to be affecting you probably walk into Obama did not until a man. At a kinda primary and drinks are free like are mentally I ran flat it ought to come alive oh. Hello Amy welcome to the men's room. All. And number Red Sox most people is that the number purple heart but my dot hat. While I'm shocked and are known as super Barbara how many purple hearts does he have. 77. That it. Good lord man. I'm assuming your dad is a bad ass. You about that yes I mean he's seventy years old Dokic and had multiple cancers whatnot you go to them. We know cancers are gonna kill him on this it's now know how does so much. Did does he talk about a service. You know as you know and then bring corporate when he eight years and Vietnam and desert storm wow. Yeah. So that's really address outside earth and I know what you got a lot of stuff done and drag and I've made it easy to argue and make your bed very crisply. It. A lot fact we almost life style you know. How easy we allowed to get a hunting license. It is just like all I was just so easy. You know its announcement thank you got to shoot like an animal and a different today could threaten if you don't get a hunting license for another state and you got issued across the lines include auto that he doesn't even hunt told you that you chilling thing my data releases I don't I don't should not and can't shoot back. All right this. I'll tell us how you or Vietnam I guess are going on Jihad that good doctor. Think that I eventually waiting in mood and take it that's up to Obama to understand moment. You friend are our family the number of black and shocked most of people still don't program the return of what you don't need to know we've got the drug to grow the division can and abroad before we go drink a toast. With a shot of the day Morey calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Up until May you know be on drunken relative addition today our question new friend Nora famine number of blank shots most people we have a story here heavily this is out of Wisconsin which PM today 66 year old pleasant prairie woman has been charged in connection with an animal hoarding situation resulted in the rest of 52. Dogs from her home and now Darlene check faces Tony counts of intentionally providing improper animal shelter a misdemeanor charge. She is free on bond according to a criminal complaint in September a concern passer by called police after she saw stray sick looking dog. As the passer by tried to help she approached her and said she had Tony dogs at the home. Passer by told checked there was a foul smell in the dog appeared to be in bad condition. Pleasant prairie police went to takes home a check out her and the dogs after receiving a complaint that she was storing junk on the property. They found in the extreme hoarding conditions with feces and urine every where at least twice. The smell was so overwhelming it caused the officers to cough gag and have to leave the premises. One officer later estimated at least how many inches of feces on the floor on now how many inches 33 inches with a higher. I think it's just full origins of these. Dogs appeared well fed but they were dirty and their fur was Matta would do me a chick told police she only had seven dogs and play by the state as a kennel operators. Surely out of the paperwork with the officer told her she need to be licensed through the the village. She told a detective she and her husband used to operating kennel her husband died about seven years ago had very summer and a group closed off most of the house except for two rooms the bedroom and kitchen. Because of those memories so and they go in and they find 52 dogs in the house. They took them to a humane society shelter where they are now getting it and medications vaccinations. Flu shots whatever the hell they've got DB grouped. Yeah pretty well try to get all the worms out of inheriting a four inches of BC four inches of that's somebody a death metal been. All four majors or producers who. Logical just like to be harder to Georgia just try to turn the momentum and I don't like cool to include I am going to. You here. You've Fred nor a family member a blank checks most people late for 49990. Look hello wiley welcome to the men's room. Oh big chill oh wow. OK so the numbers dipped and yet people. They're charging. Response yeah it is my uncle number of traffic violations and ticket. Am I busy at Richard. Well book or he cleaned up is driving record he had a 188 above. A 188. Infractions mostly for what. Oh good. Being do you they actually and you name it. When you have that many if there is a violation he has tend to vote when he also beat then also have the most number of cars of anyone you've ever known. Actually get out I one time I asked him about job by any Corbett. The weird thing about. By a Corvette need to know about five album you. She's Christ and his he's got a driver's license. Yeah impact the he's got a certificate honesty. Bit he originally had in. I replaced it. And look like a diploma aiding and she would never ending get a driver's slightly collapsed state. Ironically so you move lights and a scrum that state and. Well okay Dayton. Or how much money that's gone some over the years. Quite a bit it took him over twenty years to clean up is driving. All of contraction and when he got down to a collapsed or he was being in front of the judge. And the judge looked like you know and after she had stood by him throughout all this. All this stuff that he'd done and she said yes and judge felt so sorry for bursting with my uncle that struck the charges against him. Fox at eight and guess what she never let him forget and I and I guess you're you you think of your uncle is pretty good guy ranked. Oh yeah I agree it's always a worm where's the disconnect here you know what wizard does smacked him or is he just irresponsible what is in just a bad driver. I'm telling us combat dirty air response only. Based on his profession you know I'm doing my cowboy driver now they're back six Eagles haven't aged but if that's. He's a bad driver do you he's. Thanks sorry he's legally thought about Charlie's carelessly bandit that's a bad drivers do that as a point look at the lakers if you get good everybody brings the ball when they drive. It in his did you can't drive to watch about violating par three loss right. Button most of us don't get caught every single time so he got caught. 188. Times that means like basically everyone else driving a trust me the breaking the law also in my they do a better you also got off. There are times when they let him go to war debt she'll get it taken every single time I'm Jim the majority of the time we did but the word for example at times in their memory let him go I would think you would start letting him go after you looked down to go to you have one month you know obviously doesn't work so I'm gonna bother. But do you just storm warning like why give this guy taking one isn't just like you know I don't know in the short track racing like if you like to drive that much that fast all the time you know and is that recklessly out. You friend are all family the number of blank shots most people late for 49990. Hello Simon welcome to the bedroom. Oh well all chaos. Are so people typically surprised at all a certain size pretexts the reason we have three teams is. No love social thought he saw the first time will just click on one Dubin currently. Coastal you want us I think I'm a couple years later complications Albany about it particularly. How Liu at this time three or four years old two years old look. 088. Okay. Even though her timing was such couple years ago. Basically more complication in an. What are what are the complications and against what you regional surgery was honest and kind of going in areas we're close to attaching to certain areas. Car and who did your first circumcision was the general hospital was done through religious giggles the ground yeah I mean it's I'd love cultural and social Don but the second one democratic election. Why it's okay now I understand where there is your grandfather doctor. He is a doctor. Interest in who did the third went to what I'm assuming ISIS' is gonna be like the electric only comes in the housing I don't know who aren't as I don't know of other don't. So I mean like is by the third time going to dig elect a man like. He do you have a Franken penis and some. Well no actually it looked old but I really can't be told it's normal put it essentially well. It just started to have. This vote would be the return. A kind of time and communities doesn't get on that thing. I'm so is something like the doctors tell you what what else do you get them for years I mean it is this something where you now expect to. Continue to tabloid every five years got a back to the doctor Adams also gets into you off. Law of herbal grand. Third time's a charm as they say violent death and actually believe there's a little known fact third time's a charm actually that was originally used when talking about botched circumcision surgery. More about a third I'm sure that's grandfather and his god no no no I don't know that I am right. You friend are out family the number of blank shocks most people pay 44999. All of order calls gun appeared seconds. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.