11-06-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Goes In The Pool

Monday, November 6th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Omar now prefers the court rocks in Fort Wayne, Indiana also rock on 03 in Fayetteville, North Carolina and rock 100 point five again and Oklahoma City. I'm joining I'd here's what got Korea today your guess is good as mine coming up celebrity presidents and championship cities as a man's room is back in today we do our random question question eight. Though our. Lola hello Shawn welcome to the men's room and the movement. John how old Daria. Wanted to 120 seven's are just on the itself what I would give it to anyway I think you need to. Back at that based on your lifestyle what you know about yourself but you know to be true about yourself. How would win this do you think it will in for you ET ER fifty years and if you'd even make it this I don't know 77 years old. 67 years blue earth. Thank how it's gonna good out do you smoke being drained you live dangerously you ride a motorcycle. You know unprotected sex to women over the ninth dealing drugs which employs and his and a steak that's gonna take you down man like you know your family charity you know what's going on you basically no high you've more than likely gonna go. Right. I have no idea. You don't think you know we want the guys you guys early also my lifestyle what I UB drinker. You know I really have endured in a long time but I do you smoke cigars marriage smoked cigars its mercy smoking area a week. I'll read. That's such an event not a bad let's do what about under mothers and fathers side of the family any weird premature stuff going moment. You know I really really really loud they still don't know I know cancer doesn't like daddy grand parents still live. My oh my dad's side my dad's father passed away but it Maung the so a lot of my mom's parents are still alive. You can't not so you have no idea basically how you're gonna go these live forever. Live forever. I'm real live but 200 interior Dallas city of Detroit what do you do for me well it's softly. What do you do for a living. If it's from its own bed all I'd love bus driver Joseph bus driver. I love like public bus driver. Yeah I judged by the metro access while the disabled bin especially need to get around. Okay I'll direct it must drop really you can you can goaded him to you're always stop in the bus and put down the ramp in the beeping sound that's all you hear all that. Yeah dizzy handicap but yeah guys as a handicap but tiger does a handicap buzz have to be put it lowers the ram being that we RD militant handicapped bus. No it doesn't beat what do you know at. Well let's say Florida could be so I'm backing out because that's all day man U themselves on the regular bosses it beeps right exactly yeah I don't like he isn't that always is letting you know the other I feel bad in the fight of my heroes and hurry distaste along loosely rant again. I did there's nothing you can do. Great that we have this but and and I'm I'm saying what's on the minds of age were some of the people Goodell deported this generously because the drug. Any appetite down to who's going to be faster when I was a good dial the bus. I rode the bus and all about the bus I'm not saying yeah I mean usually for the disabled. Now he's not picked up the random samples of life and their robust option arms and our fan early today it was talking about. Different boss experiences Benny what's in your minerals company and in the end like. Muslims are Connolly the original social media that. Most of us whether mix whether we agree we are on things or not we at least agree with the general rules of of an action. You know we don't give you your space and for the most part we were lucky dog but school. And then there's the random things that show up on the Muslim kind of the unintentional trolls because they just don't actually know one thing people that are potential role. Crazy people would inevitably relate to air channel agreement comments after arena news article. A lot of people are okay but the people who are not okay are really really really not okay. Great joy as to how when you think it it's gonna and trio a mastermind Steven hawking we know Stephen Hawking. He has warned that the human race will perish on earth after we turn it into a sizzling fireball in less than 600 years. He did an appearance at a summit in Beijing on Sunday and appealed to investor to back his plan to travel to the closest star outside our solar system. To get the hell out of here with a hope that a livable planet might be orbiting it because it's not going to be here so he says we have to start to plan now. Yet right now I think you mess takes like 40000 years to get there. But with the best technology right now and takes about 40000 years to get. No sweated mr. Aoki yet by the way did you know that he can change that voice thing on his I'm wheelchair on let me let JL I CPS yeah so he always has the boy who will know it in May as to why he wouldn't change in of them goes. Technology is move forward and he said look well he assailant Padma. Not everyone associates his voice with me so he said he's markedly change it because and hear the voice you know it's camera right I agree and I thought I wanted to bum like a billionaire and I can do with hell I want and I can bring people. I'll switch in his voice thing every day he was solid Fat Albert wound that you're here you're. Through this and didn't pull out copyright advice. It's because people are dying to talk like that. You did these things Carolina people who sent home I am I I think he same reason he claimed that voice that is his voice. You can't have it nobody wants your luck. But man I hate to break this down the Stephen Hawking apparently he has no real friends so Steven Levy's Wednesday. The only thing. That people probably be about usual. 00 and right now I think that's a fair statement well own you can't ever boys and everything what. What do why. Panama. What else bravest are surely take bad I'm not gonna go dark side what do you what are owls won it he's got a huge crank. It has been doing very well sure that you have a huge current. My money says he does. Why I just have a feeling. Receiver knocking yeah and then if I have some to back that up I just Barack I thought that you know nothing ever sneak easily throw I have a CDs don't you think you would have slipped out like don't feel bad for me I pay no heat some big ones now. I just I knew the kid growing up and he was a genius and had the same mannerisms it was a lot like him and he doesn't have manner. But he had the biggest Franken ever since he did and why did you see his. But he does do like our. It's he was my mind god man you got what celebrating was silent dunes on the left that you celebrate the size of his own people its auto and everybody did the Olympic ticket is like dude we're did you get that thing for a men or didn't do as insane. I my money's the Stephen Hawking has got a huge fears. She just. I do a kid that was sort of like that too and slower while he also did happen to accede. CIA what I. I don't know back to buffalo hey people I know while you have got to know 100% Marie Campbell Brown right now samples of right and all of whom they were speculating that Stephen Hawking Eminem at Grady is joining this club of the huge penis club. I'm just saying like look. God will take care if you if you have some he will give you more of something if he gives you less of something else if you were to believe that kind of theory which I do not an undefeated right now if they think that you don't say like that's like every good looking really. Really good looking dude is dumb as can be there are so dumb like I don't play any good looking friends just the dumbest individual if they don't give you everything you feel like half. At the plus crept into the second to collect it if that's a fan I'm guess I'm I don't know much of their forest Lehman Hocking has the huge penis and based on our samples side. This is certainly evidence points is Stephen Hawking is packing heat yes you don't mean like okay when are we gonna well he obviously can't walk he can get around those bodies but you know what damage he's got that thing you can. Yeah did previously not always that way either right and what my niece is. There are more informed bigger penis got at the announcement that it could be insulted that the no more don't go our way into bigger thing is it's like well this Sox but this doesn't. Mean like these it is horrible but this isn't sorry you know an actual quote. Random like over news rundown. The gender its brand it's brand and San Diego hello Brandon welcome to the Madrid and pull out Godzilla all guy. I've brands go this would why Al why do get fired. Just that the government. Pilot it was one of my first Joseph I was working as a a name attitude very strong with some golden arches and Jason Kidd tallied I would tell him to DK you he's like no written on them die out there. It's heads I nearly cried and life after what we usually what did you say we're all out of nuggets. Well another ice cream machine would like our biggest thing that didn't make people cry and it made people really angry but I don't know. I didn't actually change you'd like four dollars and a couple coins and she could put you sort of meet three cents and it was just call one of those days that I look at your numbers like relating. Is your life that bike meaningful you need three cents per ballot you're re that desperate. And yet you start. Our resolve. All man. Way to do that man to make the person doesn't love eleven did you did you end of giving her those three cents one preached here. It I basically I did mirror I I gave her what she asked order and then as soon as she got to the next window right here like this little blood in my head and although he does he even back you know just like oh god. No man it was it was it late. Early breakfast or. Our help me and it would they wouldn't image overnight shift so that play is probably like a teacher o'clock in the morning she's definitely drugs. Holes let's go to the drive through this still you can't tell you number what I told my dad was working manic or she stores that checkered. In a rather large woman I guess came in with an order whatever he looks very Aaron goes we've baguette LP go eat here. All know whether you out who that is that is today at that location yet. What did he make her cry. I don't know she cried as much he she was. The way I hear the stories you just was like he was pretty quick flight path you follow law while it's. It's breezy man this wanted to get fired at her a few weeks ago with those images going around of president trump wasn't president trump but it was a White House motorcade. In the photo you see female bicycle list and she's flipping the middle finger to the motorcade as it passes by sterling Virginia Cha. And she was anonymous that time but you became I guess an Internet hero and anti trump circles those pass allowed around a lot more there. But apparently those fifteen minutes of fame and now possible to her job even though the photo was snapped by the white house press corps. Julie Grossman tells the oppose that government contractor came out cut her loose after the marketing communication post he held for the past six months. Because of the image they said we're separating from you basically you cannot have polluter of see things in your social media. So they were calling. The. It basically an obscene gesture yeah adjustment she did not post any of this stuff on her own social media by the way. She says he had no idea White House full photographed her head until she began circulating a social issues like. Oh god that's me Bruce and accuses the company of an uneven treatment because of male employee was able to keep his job after calling someone. Hey I think it lived hard the end and past but either way yeah. Oster job over that. Out of me fair. I've imposed through your real decision dog would you do it that it. Let's go straight talk to the boss radicalized are glad today for far 999 all of our calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. This is your. True. Says there's good my categorize. Celebrities presidents celebrities that you maybe would like to see below presents a bit. And I championship cities of the categories your guess is good as mine fellow right after emails on our question random question questions doubts and 844999. All round. Graham how resilient amounts they've been hawking a tour and I use injured guessing ready mentally and monsters because I guess that is the problem on my. This result of the comments came as does Michael Scott he's disabled and wheelchair can only say this person anybody else do you try to. Consumers they're not guys that I held from Switzerland. I can claim yeah. Other corroborating what you guys I we have an F one nay vote yet right now one label yet and I've been random comic payments they do you remember the time Mike tripped the old blind man on the bus you can get I think I'm gonna resort to the bus driver Merrill Alia amendments. Hello Rachel welcome to the men's room. You all mom. Are you Rachel. And you're doing great. Murder rates are really giving us what. When did you know when did you know there was something wrong Rachel. When did you know earlier told us early on. April may Eric I don't. When they find out for. Well. Recently alum. I couldn't have been struggle making up my EOR. I learned. That burnt my. You'd eaten EU. I would can I was in the okay. And she did she shouldn't be sending more. Eloquent but I'm concerned she hit. We got a rookie Kara thought. Well I didn't. Quota on time out time out on so you are short on cash in you soldier sisters seed dvd. I didn't sound and I I tokens or aren't sharp elbows down my begun. You got him back had to pay form. But it was only like this heat all orders what are they get what they had to give you money to take them aren't. Yeah how much did you get out of the dvds and CDs. Only in our dollars. A guy way they gave you five bucks for the DVDs but the they cost you fifteen dollars to get them back. Terribly. Unfair. And how is your money situation now Guinea better. Yeah I'm getting a little better I mean I just got a bowl I'm Johnny Damon dot tank which you like fourteen dollar an hour work that's awesome. And Carrie good trio let's it's a feel good story as much better where a thousand ago pure. Now you feel good story that's better than where a thousand to go after getting five dollars for your sister CDs yes beautiful goes to dvds and then you have to pay fifty dollars to get the baton. That's up. No I know what I'm saying she's a top player award Darryl boy we're really you already have the dvds and in the internship it's been 151000 general crap back. I was MMI upon something months and yours now parks they're really sucked you should love the bracelet. But we got pizza that night. He's they're candidate as it is damn pro pawnshops subject. Foul ball and demands of pizza on the deal. Yeah well I mean you don't want the London the brace and anymore oh no she still talks about it and deeply regrets it but we didn't have money and chief chief Paul and it has some players screw it we're going to pizza and over an hour right. I'm like a fun game yeah. Ha ha Kathy bell is violated it's sounds off on the day that help them more eyeballs of our glorious stuff. Beats every night the ribbons and actually she still feels bad about this they've used or that feeds and how Elizabeth is left in a good impression right if plus a teen who is a charm bracelet anyhow. When you don't know another tomorrow and I'm glad whoever bought it. What do you know those southern Iran when Chris. Steve lane are Kirstie lay nose or nibbles were leaking and she was suffering headaches mood swings and irregular periods she put it down the stress. But they general practitioner told the nurse her contraceptive pill could be to blame you at the Tony six year old true diagnosis was much more concerning. She was living with a brain tumor. Tradition and a routine blood test revealed that the then student nurse had a tumor on the pituitary gland in the center of her brain. And all this was discovered because her nobles were leaking. It's insane asthma yeah that's it's a little weird I want to simply connect your dad have been to a man. Maybe I don't know I mean your breast cancer in Somalia but there nibbles tired innately I mean is are hole that would similarly could easily come out. I don't know Google wouldn't be meld so what do you literally they like female you know obviously you couldn't you use a legal amount they used to have the same map correct as a man they may plead. The live believed really from outside glean from the inside where an Arab man electric arrived days radicals the beliefs of millions that over everything and it got a good time. If I mean you gotta light refreshing new nobles who believe the way. And I like collecting blood argument now okay that's causing a great battles on though he's an achievement and obviously you would the which turned around ran down brand new recruit your mustache and Carlos. Off Botox. Hi all I don't man's. Dead and get. Let's go those who have what did you think it. We know that they can. Georgia little guy. The things like maybe there was somebody who wanted to go out on a day with them and you told them that it was an inconvenient time because you have nothing going on or whatever and tell you I'm on your resume. What did you fake. Sizing of the time I love ice semis the bad guys that I was asked. And part time and I'd change in some of them are going to see a movie so I acted like he go but I really had not got to go Diego friend. A better run glove the worse than what did you bring your ice cream. I did not rule you organized cream shop you're going out of the day you pull the mover you bring Briscoe and I didn't I know gotten. Got to my go to move hey you know I'll work it and ice cream store. I mean how Zack and not work and bring you one Jim matter of fact I just walk up to people embarks randomly say you know summon our work in an ice cream store I think eventually that's gonna work. Yeah I mean that it would mean there there's a lot of time the next girls or connect. We do you have to realize dreams start up package dudes doesn't roll into an ice cream store don't know if you noticed the demographic it's gonna be a family with children beautiful a couple on a date. Or a pack of females know six dude is like we all have to go guys you know linked to Bloomberg LA king he is now yeah they like ice cream you're trying to. Chicken wings shore leave your high school kids from a great job professional as an adult animals to deal with like teenagers. The group hand OK good like they've delayed its go to a restaurant can answer it there and attempts do emergency alum Darren whose bread sticks entire entry and now we'll work day. Aides think that you want. There's groups of ladies go when they had free bread sticks all our element it's out absolutely giving the guys are going to impact you guys is good all guard. Then you put guys on the commercial. Now they don't is double barber. I have been an Al garden innocent depth in this in a suit yeah. When I am not that we just decided to dressed up to go to our guards who really did grow the economy is randomly come about. We were drinking when he made her birdies and hang. The powers brown suits going out garden we sit chart with we woke up. Got a drunken hit and put on suits outside it's what's like out of power that was it that was great did you treated differently. A lot of people were asking what celebration was and he's only your VW RI. Your code of thought are we were like 20/20 winds like we were going to wedding just like we had no reason to Wear suits they hook you up with a leaving on which you just got all dressed up to go specifically to the old guard. And you can't in my plays on a manager. And you look like that I'm going to be like what is going on here first though we got all of a sudden we're all about yeah they loved it and everything but I mean look you're rose rock yeah these bred stakes. Have been the last don't you think yeah I think we what specifically is it was like some kind of special lunchtime deals now we've had a look at thought it was pretty reasonable on I want to my toss kittens and tumble of petroleum. Sunrise Luzon dead assume it leads you like these to have those cheese graders are ever go to the table yet oddly the blocker power John. I mean when that came out that was unbelievable. Game changer yeah I was my brother works there at one of the original one softly you got a steal and you can we need that I know I. Those who we are making this a hate Tommy win and I'm parmesan I so they never put as much done as I would like to give us are getting embarrassed and gorillas like. He's a home for a while he's actually making eye contact with me like. Sir please don't I don't get it up a few not light only after a few. Yeah okay reason we ask what did you think at 49 year old woman in Portsmouth Virginia name Alexander Hatcher and Alexandra Hatcher. Two years ago she came aboard an elaborate scheme to get rich by faking her own death. First he went to Washington State to legally change her name then she and her husband Albert Hatcher would debate fake death certificate and published a death notice in the newspaper. And he's submitting claims for her life insurance. And once they got the money they went on a huge shopping spree. They bought twenty fancy cars. And when they can afford all of them out to the book they use fake checks that they flip those cars as collateral for loans for more cars. But these two weren't the master criminals they were trying to be in a contrary to figure out exactly what's happening pretty quickly. Alexander and Albert both just pleading guilty to several charges including bank fraud counterfeiting and mail fraud and they both face up to thirty. Years in prison and it's pretty impressive stuff there. And longtime girlfriend friends hello and welcome to the men's room and friend I'm not all Iraq. I am still those who must. Or. What what animal did you come face to face west. Well as the animal you came face to face with it. I bet she does it its goals actually this year and scroll I would Walt. And I let it out in the woods we were I agents and there was this giant. Monitor lizard it. Probably they knew what they do they get him. Maybe about. 56 feet long and sizable. Yes you may see. Like Comodo dragon of these dead. There you go he's here to people. But there's one way I would go into the woods. In like Randall Wright a prospect even stop frightened I mean and that might look at me and took off and other dangerous at all. As far as I know I've never heard I'm sure there might lead you by the. Section is or something I mean because they swell lizard man. You know so to me that that's dangerous enough you you went to blonde just on the on vacation. I know it actually it might eat my you know. I got a look at what is there to do in Guam I doubled our domain but I know nothing about Al Gore I go to Outback Steakhouse and get a blooming onion. I have I have not seen Outback Steakhouse there. OK what do I like what I want I'm on the island of desert like I went to visit those are Sheraton hotels of where my stay in the show Akamai or how does that work. Another social they're. Others. Two military bases there's a lot of hotels and like downtown area. I think the city's top two month. And then there's a lot of snorkeling and scuba diving. Around the island which is really next to super Clearwater. And the gestures just out and issued its improvements. It's made. What about the foods that are so bombing in a traditional Guam mania and dinner say like what what am I looking at a monthly. I'd say probably stamp effort Clinton. Loses it there's a lot of don't want it like a mixture of their lights heat yet Japan to lower yep a lot of americanized. Food. That is it's like a whole bunch of different cultures kind of alternate while and so. All the dirt is there any he had regrets ideology is different is who would the primary sports. Soccer boom. What is the kid's book when they do. Not entirely too sure about that aided Sheila football fields. You did. Income are coming out here yeah would be football I would assume is football's well. I don't know for or if you got to go that far well and I mean just so much military plummets farther than Hawaii right. I think decently probably have to go to Guam and then her a Hawaii in the middle I'm a walk and a lot of Guam from there which got a warm. Don't go unless something on our United States of America. I mean what is in their town plaza in downtown noted sales go outside do not remember too injured dozens and quite honestly the highest rate of people going into the military tipped road because there's so many facilities there that makes but I don't know I'm right aren't humming jets Sybase related you're young dude in garment you join the militant they need to release Kwame theirs. They like gummy bears were different. Brees who has an animal that you come face to face what this is crazy eight tiger sprang a woman who brought it food the sixteen year old male tiger named typhoon. Not the woman on her back as it would in for the kill with a woman's life. There might be shocked onlookers who were there. At the zoo who shouted threw stones even hurtled tables and chairs and a nearby cafe site about a restaurant Brock to distract typhoon. It is funny is the tables are brain with a beer company they are they're like Bud Light they look everybody this Fella are you know getting a couple sorted out those reports they got there at the lake. Why isn't like a Budweiser table and anti they threw a camera off charm and look man found a restaurant some beer company knocked around early Emanuel on tables umbrellas chairs rather you know hell yeah man. Yeah you could see him on and I don't care. Promotional or other visitors who ran to the joined onlookers and that's with a woman was able to run to a secure part of the compound. The unnamed zoo keeper was badly hurt she suffered from multiple injuries because she was attacked by tiger. One witness says the girls faces waiting she screamed she tried to fight off the animal if you saw the pictures of this. This is a incredibly. Large kids tiger compared to how big cheers I was senate demise totally man I just. In my mind and I don't know why this is I should know better I I just never pushed them being. That large and I'm looking at this picture and what's he doing this woman is super tiny or tiger to Hirsch well generals he basically it's a Siberian tiger in it that is a large cap the world. So typhoon is a Siberian tiger cubs closer to be contained in another part of the compound. With a woman brings food in in and they open up the door and he comes out sooner rather eat dirt go right they're left the door open but he was hiding. In the in the in the area NA in the door was closed so they assumed he was still there's when she walked any of pop up black guy. And she's got like. All you know ten pounds or meet our hand right he would gather there. What do you think goes zero mine in the moment to realize my view on the up. Does nothing to jumped out matters volley she sought. Fear. Damaged tire it's popular I think. She had worked with the tigers but they were always in the right cages in the yeah but I am back toppled right at that moment and tiger springs out like he. It's just. Eternal fear and like oh my god this is a tie right but here's my thing she always knew it she didn't really totally threw stones they threw rocks they threw everything they could this animal. Aria from like twenty feet away yes OK now I only say this. So you. Sistine you attack Ted in your holding a right okay got his ass in your twenty feet away from me and laughed when he baseball's right. I will take Tony baseballs to try to hit you in the head and not hit Ted. Now I don't know what you know about drug selling my money says that woman was pelted by chairs rocks. Yeah well miles I can tell you this I'm available. There's a tiger and compliment OK get and I see that you got that baseball let me tell you say Fred hey man I just I just don't wanna hit hurled the basement I would tell you right now. Between you or your best bass has gotten him pitch count or the tiger like feel free to hit me. Man could call it the tiger all of this he likened mild right by the trying to attack the anabolic Europe to join the hour. You've got to act. Now the tigers trump card pro. I'm able to play on or that I'm Perez now that tiger on sodomy in all you have the plane door you can go for a man you just tyra talk and okay children recklessly and doesn't matter what do you think Tim Geithner are changed although it's far. And as I noted you can throw your grandmother have gotten into I don't care get the tiger like this. I just know that one part of the video they showed think she's sitting there the tigers on top of colonel suddenly you can see blood started coming out of her forehead data life. With a tiger literally moved so either he cut her before that for someone just hitter with a rocket opened the day after the Florida. We'll what do you think and her life since you've waiting for the fate as. My what she did. I darling apple that I don't know finite amount of time without tiger eight New Haven for the games Jonas and are from Parma category you get not I don't know who blew the result basses fastball and in baseball right now who've gone I don't know Iowa are entitled post right and this guy. He's gonna throw this right at your face you can do that for her. Temperature in the room and here's tiger and we don't know the tiger and don't throw knives. Thank you and I former tiger man prejudice tower and eating me alive the only throw whatever you have to risk getting through to my head. Just get the death wish you know I'm only not taken the tiger to alternatives are great white show are phenomenal water or Japan's what did you just give it to food. Concord today you take every. Tiger's or the Eagles are always time for random question do I like 3844999. All of our calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Its sales. I got here that's as good as minor categories today celebrity presidents and championship cities your guess is as good as mine on the way in the meantime it is our random question question 844. 999 all and more comments Rolen in yes indeed mile US look we got nipple for dude you got levels and we lacked a two until they had been Barnicle laden had nickles. Says he got to say good doesn't chick dudes can make milk to. Another one. Milk are meant definitely elected have a buddy who can literally squeeze flu and how does not fooled though little does he break that out well I don't Arizona north time coffee. A good point losers I know a guy who took to a steroids in Iraq and don't like David Frum is no she's aware that this is true friend. Random random random random fellows stay my welcome to the bedroom and friends all out AGO Paulo. Exchange. I can see lower flat footed heroes. I tales of those would you do you smoke the devils let us. Indeed I do how lucky miss Bogut. It felt like 5862. Dinner sixties and how did you go well your ears now with the the joys of ball we have what was your house personally tried. For Swiss China's hands and guess I don't really like new beast that. It was through his soda can and if so post your. I don't know what the first two weeks that I have the home first week I lived in Seattle miles in my. We're slogan animal can wider look the first time anybody does anything we don't have all the goods to do and so like Greg you know I mean demanded whatever it is like you know just to. You need to have a fishing pole you know all the stuff you wanna go fishing but when it comes to weed. It just kind of happens and you're there and if you get it you're not prepared like about applied the ball all die you know radio just in case about some worried. Some online you know you you give a Stoner a bunch of leading up in this market where they've become engineers they do. Yes some guy grew mourned the army times you have exams you smoke. Don't yet. Dust. And twelve times and went on the rebound now that OK and he's not he's not a lot. Okay good behind all the time. Not all the time you know I got to functional works intense. But I have some dense sometimes and I look at. Weller is grass DS smoke the devil's lettuce pot smokers in the US can't get off Scot free since many now we'll have to take it on the chin and pay a little bit of a penalty. To sign up with life insurers. Marijuana indulgence recreational not medical. Is sharply rising the price of some premiums was certain issuers. Making the same risk assumptions are pod. As cigarettes so the cost of a twenty year one million dollar life insurance policy for example can be much as five times higher. For a pot smoker compared with a clean living nonsmoker according to one broker. There are no consistent industry mandates or best practices. As marijuana comes out of the shadow and is legal in eight US states and the District of Columbia will only get into that side of things at some thing for individual company operators but yes. He if you smoke weed and get life insurance is chance you're paying five times higher. Then the average first and you don't a lot of people do and don't tell them is smoke weed that's right just like the other people don't tell made French Fries Rendell. The number one killer or drink alcohol and all the rest got random. There and friends don't stand out the most religious groups like a couple minutes there's truly no short though. Hello and Jacob welcome to the minerals. All our. IRL they have triggerman are you pretty good to go this one. Where were you when you pulled yourself. Oh gosh well if I owed it to myself. All booked. All those plus size. Well road game later I would all of a lifeguard over the summer. And Don a that the one stands. And age I bet out for like three or four hours and I've really had to do so I just kind of slipped into the hole and he did the business. You. And full. I did indeed. Out of it was it was Solyndra was it was a way Hudson was solid and did you did you take turns out. So that that's where I ended up on part of it come then Melbourne to call it though. Whenever someone took Singapore the full you closed at thirty minute now thirty minutes I'm hoping more than thirty minutes. I'll look at commanders are used to say com. You know some government agency that made him almost thirty minutes aren't usually that's a nervously closed down the pool. All. There were a couple looked like guards are not really busy day on the nerd just tired of dealing with the like jackass kid. Our series winner hoops and McCain each we each put in five dollars and then all of like flipped a coin between to a Boston woman who had a group of people just don't pull. Bullseye crowded what is the secret to dropping along in a crowded pool. Claudette. So outside tools that I work that we had obviously called coal breaks away for ten minutes an hour are multitude and got to get out all of its old slammed America. It's all the fields and oh yes. Yes delete this kind of on like for like an adult kind of like our. We don't pay much attention time. To realize it's like what in the portrait hard as crap there. Are we just look in the pool and each other kind of let it go amends and that certainly sort of thought popped out. People can see that thing flow Dinara I think that's the prime minister John Hamlin and letting people in the pool appetite you think anyone saw you drop lone gunman. I love it if they did know and ask me about it did you shut down Napoleon the third perhaps like hey do you know how long it that is more. And I just kinda looked adamant smiled. I hope. Stay out of the food like a really cool vendor like I'm pretty sure he would like stoned out of my garb Africa's one assumes someone who worked at the cooler. Would be the one who's who's they think you're the pool is the. We have a reason we ask where were you when you put yourself. Idiots that don't know. The show and many games continues on the men's room. Radio network.