11-03-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Breaks The Streak

Friday, November 3rd

Emails, Ted vs the FCC, Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Could go bad jokes got a bad jokes on the way good email into the men's room mad men's or live dot com also the return of Ted vs the FCC coming up our question what is the best grand exit did you ever seen or been a part of a 44999. Cola. You would never think they're bringing up RadioShack when nobody can of worms which you'd be wrong. Double Communist government the Shaq rocks. You're from swim says we have RadioShack here guys usually come over it's also. RadioShack the so remote control cars and you think you're drawing radio circuit report stuff like that still already used jackets open so analysis Tandy PCs. But some balls as I got a pretty sweet laptop dirt cheap bullseye on celebrate I had Jack still schacknow OK what did you make it. I hear Gibson RadioShack was great if you need an actual electronic components. All the little partisan you'd sawed around to circumvent the fact. Yeah our collaborations and let die sure sure what is the the best grand exit that you've ever seen or been part of a 44999. All the hello Alex welcome to the men's room. Yeah. If you can't get a and he's dead is dead. The sole. But several years ago I was working at a restaurant bar in Capitol Hill. And that the owner. Was it huge piece of crap and my coworker will call Matt he's slept with Matt husbands. And it's pretty open about it and did it. With a couple other coworkers he was. Open about sleep do those other dudes husband. EL ER I mean he doesn't Obey it I don't know all I just regular season and. Well no you can donate 22 years only sugar daddy had bought in the restaurant to comply with Intel business. You need anyway. All that my coworker he would most recently spoke with the president has decided that he had had enough and it is really upset about it so once Friday night. He we waited the whole restaurant it's about the time where the direction without a direct show. Up the street and so the whole restaurant souls with drag queens and it's been out right after dinnertime. And get a rash. And everybody about seven or eight tables. Well Matt Cooke he ordered all eight of the tables and disappeared and we it was on the news. OK okay. A couple of. This isn't he didn't know all he would garlic and how about a half hour when and the one woman he met what one of the drag queens through a soda towards the bar because no one had their sued. Still he has anything involving nobody knew it happened you just keep it appeared did you ever hear from him. Oh yeah YouTube it is extremely before I think the score any pretty easily gone. He had posted on social media the deep down that high out it's meant and how that is it can be pretty excited about it I really like. It was brought to deal with the pins were ignition to them and I kind of had a commend him on it. He's lucky yeah it is asked B if anybody went around work in any environment flaunting that they slept with another person's spouse who is married. It's a lucky deleting his head book through window. Yeah because that's lower seed guy I was there are very greens are also the matter where you work if someone else go like I WY positive light and whatever bill was. You're gonna get your ass beat by Barlow who wouldn't say that he got off lucky I Jimmy limits are different and goes from my office you on Saddam and his listen. The work you're doing here is great I love to give your promotion and I'm thinking about wanting to topping eleven avenue went for three months dear god that woman sweet Jesus in bad nothing like that so Jimmy. As we look ahead and you seem distract region. What's the problem why would you do it I don't know. Jimmy trust the process is part of the process yes I'm gonna have sex with your wife what is the best grand exit the generic C and Oregon Florida. Hello Mike welcome to the men's room. Yeah yeah. I so I know you guys saw I have somebody whether it's a brother brand that's just cricket not Spaniard never sure you're really wanted to bring him somewhere like a party. Yes. So all three. The gas so also my brother is one of unease pretty exciting guy. I'm gonna do a lot quicker you settle them anyway today I hit a chicken to a party. The craziest person there besides him and that's fine and hand and his taunting him and harassing him. We'll probably get three or four hours. Did they know or this or is it to some that may decided to do that night. It's apparently just somebody decided to do that and I and I don't know if it's just can't you just trust that kind of stuff thinner he's. May be slight later in some way. But it was actually a woman it was an older woman probably. You know probably. For a classic you're so. And rushed towards you call him around promote the whole night time and then basically trying to buy it and she ripped his sweat shirts. She was caught in my pencil beat. Just wouldn't let it go and I and he's a player personnel within the first couple seconds or some slight them he's normally gonna try them. You know I I talked him out of that. But by the end of the 980 history liquor doubt. He walked up to me and he says chase. The homeowner. Has said. I'm allowed this lap the second legislated. I got no moral approval. Police not eligible homeowner onboard. And I and I and I'm just like really how might not know yet he says yes he did we're having this conversation not to play in the kitchen. He says yes he did he told me that after everything has used OpenId that I can slap the hell out of her before millions and millions or billions. And I so we'll play and you still have strongly about it go ahead you've been ripped so he watched all of your living room dozens of people. Go to the challenge for the ladies sitting on the arm of the couch right next to the homeowner. Cox's hand back Wallace ladies caught him a BM ID is a transition. Got you can't back open handed you actually are not sure I'll called. Doctor drew the lamb you're the cable operation everything she's out cold on the ground. Nobody says the word he. He put this handout like you've done what is Broadway performance and says do not want to. And I clearly remember this but apparently. My I would just last certain lapin has certainly glad. But yeah. Whatever and whenever I literally around the woman in your rear Jews OK you're anything like that. She negotiated. You haven't done that for the night when she got up she continued with the sentence where she left off with Dickerson and all that would explain. Like the record it just gives you got out without side started beating on people's cars. Pentagon as antenna on a 69 to Merrill. Each one of them up and arm watcher history and character are a big future nobody all our guys did not have a good night. Hope she's changed her ways I doubt it also end a down. I just it's your bat. Annoying to see if I'm in early into the and three blame other people. They're probably as candidate Joseph what's an hour's what is the best grand exit did you ever seen or been a part of a 44999. Cola. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. Rock on top. What you showed as I. Love that Melbourne jet. Thanks very. I'm that good story here so first job levered and an actual. And as bush assured that the best job ever. The worst part of it blows my boss shoes nationally beat. It didn't really respect anybody always on us. So the day I decided I had heard it here is actually on Mother's Day. And I decide I'm done I went over and older you know there's that I'm out. Although disloyal lashed she knew she was gosh that. Don't have somebody else already I got older and Brandon are also a shelf when I was in the parking lot smashes in the ground step block. That that the app you could there's our idea alpha. But continent blown out. Slow. Witted so for me I was pretty defiant. The best part is when I got home. But I don't like on everything should surely not Jewish so excited the fact that was going to be on the rest of the day or Mother's Day. Now I guess money nowadays they're doing right and Karen. There's no rule follower this was your big moment this was viscerally smashing judge Charles also was the biggest middle finger you have right. Oh yeah probably at most epic defiance. That's why am I met with the whenever he's he's also known as smile remembering the great solid accident. I remember my great walk out back in today must also hand. Above or stormed out of place I mean after that you know having been fired equating. You know but I think your little. I have been escorted out by police. Escorted out. It but the one thing is it any point or have been escorted by police. I'm not really doing anything now it's the fear of some 1000 the most moment your home could joint patrols on the are gonna get your prom Brohm doesn't. Pumped. This person who lacked in bravery chart I got nothing to do a bit and maybe and so I what man William Caldwell got to do it no problem. I want to be able store men's one of those things where the dude got fired and somehow I got selected to be the witness. Encouraged by the by the book plays like oh could still be open somewhat more formally wooten Feyerick like OKE. I'm not fired and we will reduce your burden removed. Our man so race. Goes back and forth in the balls you know why don't feel it's fair and many did seem like this guy Rick. Was gonna take it there are a man he's a site. Our man you know I disagree but whatever so he stands up and actually shakes hands of the balls. He's walking out he stops at the door and birds as dry erase board mountains of the wall of the doors on. And this is either they were turnaround is is final things to a finger on his wretched thing slams and on the ground couple marker rolled across Darfur or ethically required several Osama let. Amid the storm battle might go the route they took okay yeah it's a good okay. I think most people do not though just the idea of having a police escort police like standards and more ultimately you do your thing and yourself like what do you think I'm gonna do but the bottom line is someone has done something right in the past and there's a reason why that cops standing there now you might not be the person who does that the trust me the Harry they're there because someone attacks. So whatever that somewhat certain dead you know missed like I'm trying to talk to the top. He's a Baltimore city job he got here has he done nice and basically tell me no seriously son pack up quick pack up now I don't have all day. Pack it up pack it up there isn't a good thing take longer than five minutes and plant drugs on debt and they've got like boxes in your life in are they get up get up move out by. And when you're ready to go you Kenny was saying divide and no there there behind you pushing you out the door news like. All right and like wow all this because a station with smooth jazz he's got friends all I did was come into play Steve Miller this morning the biggest thing that I'm guilty of is playing classic rock when the station's going to go probably smooth jazz. That's all that happened they just flip the switch and change the format and now now we're all hardened criminals time due to police escort for only half of the rotunda. Absolutely Leo yeah. I mean I was just like dude man really come on there and achieve booted geragos wasn't like well we've you know we've bidders played all kinds of different stuff now what what do you think you're going change do. I don't like that it's it's gonna be smooth jets like when it's what will be there but some chances and as the white people just it's not for you. One of the best grand exhibit or anybody what is the best grand exit that you've ever seen or been a part of we got through emails on the way to the men's room had been to my doctor John you are listening to the men's or radio networks. This is your. Through what is the best friend next. You've ever seen or been a part of here come those emails in the men's room mad men's or live dot cops. Guide you toward a Wal-Mart in Oregon pushing carts for a year after getting that a book management there I decide on my last day that I would get on the store in our comments say at that. I quit and I did. Guys always did your delivery driver no matter what many years ago I delivered a large pizza order a 35 pizzas 600 dollars with a an order. Should have been about a fifty bucks tip when they completely stiff me that little line through the gratuity section of the receipts when they say they order right in front of my face. So I stacked the pizzas in four piles and jumped on each file one after the other. Until the next time they should consider tipping. Needless to say I lost my job that night to all you bitches out there always tip your delivery driver completely worth it. Oh yeah and he's delivering pizza man. US four that's a great thing Afghanistan. Howard the rest on the eighties was considered one of the best workers there make it four bucks an hour co worker named Joseph who everyone considered a real slacker he's making five. When I received my check that night and I was the boss only about lead for fifty sunset if you think Joe's worth more the main. You've been I think haven't and I stormed out of the restaurants have a good non that they were completely slam the time and we're going to be one employee short. All of it is a mob in the grand exit out as a part levels about five years ago for my second job at a seasonal kiosk in the mall. And they sold Christmas cards and calendars. General manager it was a real the bag and was basically wanted to fire army simply because he wanted to end it meet my then friend who got me the job fired. I was a highest earning employee making tons of sales etc. but that didn't change his wanting to fire me and my crew. On new year received a mutiny was proposed discussed and argued upon and on New Year's Day weeks before the kiosk was due to close round the end of January. We all refused to show up for work you guys may relate to this I was the first person I called trying to get open that day but I ignored its goal. He leaves a message apologizing for being such a horrible boss too late. A gentleman and lady never put a job when your boss is gonna fire you. Have him fire you I'd get imminent applauded and riding that he fired you. And have a witness than thank him and tell him you can now collect unemployment which the company has to contribute to. Then Coleman dinosaur and strode away your unemployment pay cash app. Love you all you are. Does. Yeah I had been. Looking at. And Howard K yeah if they are today giving his throws a buys them achieve bastard tiller to supplement my salary whenever I would into the beer cooler to stock and I would grab a couple Beers and drinking in the bathroom and since. They would take the garbage out and put the MPs overhead in the ceiling tiles. Well and they while work the manager into the bathroom and the door slams I hear this enormous crashing a beer bottles and cans raining down on the sky followed by some kind of gibberish. You should've seen look on his face as he came out I simply turn around walked out the door and never came back. Guys I was a Dave from dropping out of school heavily bullied by staff and students not good staff done a good stuff. A double computers I've figured out the year that instead of servers student files assignments projects not personal stuff where store and administrative computer in the lab. I wrote a self executing virus. Started on a flash drive pop that in in wiped out every project paper and as an unintended side effect files its faculty. Stored locally lesson plans tests no one ever figured it out. That from Zach. Guys or to RadioShack in mid ninety's actually sold Toshiba RCA and other brand home stereo components and televisions. They also sold cell phones for AT&T and sprint they sold Compaq computers they were just out of touch with reality when it came to providing good customer care to people who bought the product. That from he would get them and in later years I admirable guy and I hear Jack in the seventies and eighties it was probably a different time that. I think comments were the bad. Did the manager in the face of big Mac special sauce bitch. Almost quit the job by bashing a formal on the back of the head with a shovel usage idea and I hated disaster if it wasn't for the guys around me going no. I don't know I don't know I don't know. And me not wanted to go to jail. I would have done it many ads I've had fanned a season dornin thought it would have been fantastic Carlos analogous when I sort of a certain store. Lucy and I decide are gonna quit I've played Rick as flees the food you if you will look over the PA system. All day against sneaking into the office but the video on repeat and walking office doors of the no one can give them a change it. The most was Briscoe who weren't supposed to music playing at all rock on bridges. And this is pretty fantastic. Really guy that found out he was getting outsourced so we drove the poverty truck onto a ferry blocked it through the keys into the water and then walked off the ferry on the other side. Me and. Handsome if you have done a review X three males in the men's room my mentor my doc job. They just made my good friend Tony's two audience he would appreciate internal sex thanks guys that from Lauren. Plus whatever their request from my friend Britney she's 26 she's really awesome and deserves a special day thanks guys. That from then no miracle joint just nuts please. The pin number they show that to me I'll go over for me alma turning 26 can I get your penis is still owes them. Okay. Young paid as head 1980. It's all. The well. Guys don't convert this down at today's. He's Tony five today from my dog don't judge may can I get an island they can now hitting the window police thanks guys have a good show boat looked okay. Oh yeah. Just to cover team a little brother just turned 26 gonna get a fish sandwich please add from Daniel fish sandwich. What else to have officially survived 34 years on the planet don't love to celebrate was in dirty German from the lovely Robin good thanks and keep it on mu. Use that from him. Yeah ice pretty again in mind laden and nine boy straight. Some little oysters and wholeness. I. Hear it can be a great birthday and there might drive 35 on the Beers and dirty German talk from Steve the Troy hill and he did Smith thanks guys that from the lovely Erica. Yacht at a comfortable that would take you to my favorite watering hole until your horn goes off to. Job and luckily he opened their latest presentation. To the contact. The front the but everyone the bags go up there. Big common good is it okay go on in the Bay Area is about time. Doesn't have plans. Whatever there's just nobody Cooper in Elmo got the times people I could only African country got tumor tissue. She's got friends it's Christ. It is my girlfriend Courtney thirtieth birthday she's a wonderful woman in the love of my life and get a six years stairway to spend about 100 more if you look today at a dirty German talk please. And I may be some Ozzie Ted talk about link in the wallaby who thank you from concrete Chris. Job of open ever else they can apply only seems that doesn't like to have a new. America. And it was at his birthday is go Fredricka nomads of Sunni level according yeah I I was late getting him again. Fifth Amendment here they do like to talk about Syngenta animals and don't forget keeping in an Atlanta us. Guys buzzer I was big 40 is today he didn't feel like a big shin dig to celebrate so could get turtles thanks wanting you can now hitting the window things from the lovely a leads. This oh the guy did my birthday I'm 45 go to bounce around the bar's gonna get them dirty German talk about what to do this weekend and Ozzie Ted telling me how to do it. And German Robin the fox telling me what not to do that from Marty in Tacoma. Job I'm sorry descended Halloween is Lawrence overall but still doubling eighteen sized chocolate Obama nuts and a huge sack. It's. Bad. This amendment that it's a bad day in his Bachmann go around to just W holder Paula nine yards and then the ninth by united Sheila maybe should call it down that bananas. Young he's only thankfully so hop Mahoney is in. Guys there's my little road march 31 Trevor on the Sonny is my favorite bartender and worthy of you like that and I cut that big jobs. Next dollar bank sent from the number one that sister go into the and red towel. Red column it is a literal dad's birthday amateur reality is that I know standard she came from Wal-Mart is not big enough for the candles. And if it was I'd be worried about us just amusing that much air in one giant blow. Please push my dad Steve pronounced pain in the as a very happy birthday with some very dirty Germans thanks guys that from the jester. God just want to meet his father of the Allstate sugar down I'd time. Now it seems not it's his birthday it is. Deserves a big blow. Did I turn 54 today and now let's say here I have been in Washington State seventeen years today also on this day I would love to hear now hitting the window you like that and Robbins dirty German. Having a good one guys that from Kindle. Oh yeah. John kinsey didn't mind not comment on the London. The damage done by remains in the non Yang a won and it says. Saw guys doing go. Have you have you ever done OK. Yeah yeah okay I'm not really loud. I paid a penny counts you. Bids. Yazoo did you Germans brought. So available through these weren't staying on men's lives does come another sign retailers. And im sure might fly to. Lou Lou memory new book double it used to. Well German Robin look I thought as what was removed from your daughter and I expect my step dad just had surgery to remove what they believed to be an Allman size gallstones. To their surprise and everyone else they actually removed a Goldstone the size of an avocado. Four inches to be exact along with that they removed his gallbladder which was ten times normal size I have left a picture attached to show the office. And Mike I know how much he loves avocados. Thanks guys rock god that from Jimmy your San Diego's sailor now living in Jacksonville Florida who. I'm miles they cornucopia. Comes from the Greek legend of Hercules. One of his twelve labors wants to kill the beast to the name of which I cannot recall. Instead he took pity on the wedge in Italy Bob fourth food and drink enough to even satisfy the hunger of god I'm willing to simply arguing simply removing my ball and although men's room. In the early two thousands myself and my family were backing Cambodia visiting my parents' village. I was standing on the top deck is eyewitness a couple little boys with a slingshot shooting a beehive. And what happens at the exact same time as it comes down my brother's passing by on a moped the bees swarm all over him at some chased him. He crashed into a little street vendors such getting stung multiple times everywhere autumn since he was only wearing a T shirt and shorts. I swollen shots his lip flapping around he couldn't talk and so much more. In the end after seeing that I chose a toothache as you could always ask for drugs at that premier local Cambodian beekeeper. Unbelievable. All the fellows and Robin I guys I don't know if you've ever had this is from Ted's meat and potatoes. I don't know if we've ever had Jersey Mike's but my favorite thing from them is the big Kahuna cheese steak. It's big and messy and so delicious. That from scouts in a purple ones peninsula Michigan. Says that's. Argument and you have big Kahuna. Fill in the blanks in its bad. Big Kahuna burger big un chief state big tuna pizza. Bigger and any thing to I'd probably good Kahuna logger from long boards regarding the Somali man took the mood on and I'm a big Kahuna right subject to receipt cups. After further if you miles is not crazy. Well about guy. It's not you generalize is famous as well about this okay after raiding my kid's Halloween candy I found many different size Reese's cups and don't really see the pick there's a 7UP point 75 bouncer. A point six answer the point 55 announcer. One point five. To won't qualify as a standard double I guess yeah it just seems like they keep getting smaller I love well I took a picture is kid got four different size Reese's cups of mom and took a picture beetle and Hillary you got well more than a dozen bombing our mouth right about that I don't know why is. The setting that when this moron actually says something intelligent and right that are really distrust knows how we should sell I'm gonna read one more here and I debated whether to read this or not but I think it needs to to be read. Guys it occurred to me that I should write you guys notes. My husband committed suicide earlier this year and there are few things that I feel finally towards and there are few things that are. It will temporarily distract me from the abyss of anguish that is now my everyday life. I've been trying to focus on surviving his death by recognizes the things that I would miss most. That I would miss most in this life. I your show makes me happy or as close as I can come but is genuine. There are things that make me feel quote happy and a muted sense but your show makes me feel happy since the quotation marks. Are losing since I was teenagers you guys have been these embody disembodied voices in the background of my life for many years. Husband was not a fan of the show a first you know listen to a prior to dating me. First I mean heard the shows during the birthday requests which he considered to be just by a bunch of jarring sound effects and with a tone of judgement ask me what that F is this. Now we started living together I play podcast while doing chores and cooking dinner did mine because it meant clean underwear worn mail opportunity to play games on this film. Question of the day will become our question of the day and we spend hours upon hours exchanging personal anecdotes insuring the silly gritty forgotten parts of our lives. He was in the kitchen leaning against the wall listening to show with me is like coach. He asked me deposit show we want to go downstairs and smoke cigarettes. It irrelevant topic came up while we were at the bar you have references story and they became that person would say you have heard a men's room you should listen to that. He didn't like your show at first but he and the big thing. Thanks Roy you do and all the memories yup create much like others are set on the area maker days better be truly do. Thank you for that as well as from a long time that's why. So there you go on that I was like yeah I'm still lag it down the last time we played Ted vs the FCC if we could let's go back in time. Cool yeah. Smith likes to take big ships. Sometimes he ships his pants and sits in his dad. Or sits his pants and ships the bed. Taking ships and said he his pain and while taking these suits are his favorite things sorted contracts. Ted Smith like big ships sometimes he shifts his pants and since it is bad or he sits his pants if she says. Then movement taking shifts its sitting in pants while taking a sip our his favorite thing on Ted Smith likes to take big ships sometimes he ships his pants or sits in his bed. Or he fits his pants and (%expletive) the bed. Taking ships of sitting in his pants while taking a sip our favorite day. Let's look like to take big ships sometimes these ships is Panthers sit for the bad. RE six whose grant any (%expletive) the bed maybe shifted faded as Smith while taking a sip our favorite. Jack has made on a roll bridges in Minnesota again. 140 plus. Go way. This time. And neither. Real life and tell you look at times but you know let our head writer Joey Joseph. They came up with a diversity FCC assistance Joe's good guy really go that he should've let us know we begun a bit much early and to working so far it's another senator. And it goes something like this that. Shane since while Shelly says sharks sit while she said it's changed since search Shelley's sits where the sheep since who will sits with a shark. The way we do ten vs the FCC is an eatery that one time through them three times back. She gained six wife's wild chilies sits. Sharks sit while sheep see it. If she gained six. Or Shelby sits where there's sheep six who world's. All. Cool Greg horse's trip now that my barely got through that have I don't know if that was the hapless. Now that's not the new record can adequately close up if that was the to Shay Kelley June that was. Those are quickly. Good the bad don't try to go a bit of a 44999. Only you can email the bad jokes to the men's room have been there buyback now we've got the drug in charge rank castle governor next. To kick off the bad jokes you are listening to the bedroom radio network. Listen miles. That don't maid park Florida 999. Hole and away they go to the bad jokes. Hello Zardari welcomed the move drew. Or are thought wow what does develop 100 people what's the best thing about unassuming people what. Don't they just add that normally. Hello my welcome to the men's room. All of which almost all wow. They can go shout out to Norris. This guy and I think Manny got a not so. About jugular up in the barn now. Yeah actually appear in a mob. Hello Alan welcome to the men's room kick it all off or not. What happened when the party ran out of sausage. Whatever with a party ran out of sausage and it turns for the worst. Yeah. I know. Hello Ryan welcome to the men's room. Yeah. Yeah. The move. I added good candidate did Super Mario I'd. We're kind of pants did Super Mario by what. This data data data. We'll see you welcome to the men's room. I thought that. The united just walked mocha. How do you make it seem park mocha. Suppose there's shots and it okay. Do you want to. And I Daryn it's kind of been married during the dive somebody else. Sunday morning. Then as usual way ahead does it break dance dance even throw a little find out who are toasted. Yes indeed and today actually told an unidentified man in Las Vegas, Nevada. I don't know obese from Vegas or deuces there but this is his story now today is on re. He's not entirely unidentified destroyed or handle is at brochure in and out for mr. Murphy. We discovered the story now on his case he hit the Las Vegas Strip worry is favored T shirt and it was again for his excuses draw from of the time but. Currently is X and it had the word. And to be HE and CH showed the Alamo. He you can you tell yet BHE. End. CH oh dear not words emblazoned on front. Kimball Marin. Is actual home that that word nor be say it doesn't Punjabi word which it is meaning I love you. Which it does not now even discovered that it does not mean I love you until Eric Raymond who died Asian heritage rose on the strip. The guy would settlement wanders up and says I mean do you do you know what your shirt says and our hero you respond to with. I loaded my eyes David duke is says I love you in May be when I'm coming that he just think it's beautiful such a sweet thing. Well that's when he was informed that Arby's in that work it's a word on both Punjabi in Hindi and I mean sister effort. It's why I asked gaffe from analog to do make yes very proud they all we're real proud man if eligible parish already posted on Twitter zarrella. I didn't know. The skywalk so to me is the guy approached him because he assumed that the guy did not notice that. Mentally handsomely do you know which is shirts that we've got a little Tuesday no sister. What is the best grand exit that you've ever seen have been a part of all a good question home. Good move a couple of ha ha ha ha ha ha. Is that the good ones. Where did you get the idea if if if if a bit of excess and we're gore those boos they look very good movie big crowd briefly give yummy okay it's over the dog down the world too far be it aren't Tommy's. I'm not call out its own I really does that I live profile that we'll take Keller 98 scoreboard 999 hole. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.