11-03-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Has Had Enough

Friday, November 3rd

Mens Room Question: What's the biggest grand exit that you've ever seen or been a part of?


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He what you're about to hear is real. Yeah this radio program are simply not that great. Trying to. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is the they say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. Laughter. Pat what they know the resort 2709. And along with Steve will hit. Food Ted Smith and Long Island. I did my gosh. Okay how are in the men's grow a OK here come the bad jokes bitches. The return of Ted vs the FCC. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines events or shot of the day fumbled a three males and everyone's favorite TV that would take a class period are part of an Oregon where school district requires that teachers. Are two reports if they suspect a student at seven cents. And North Carolina woman it's a lottery big hits and again and gets too big checks. And worn out woman is pulled up Gerri because the man who killed four people is so damn huge. Pennsylvania may go to gynecologist so they can smoke the green doubles fruits and we stay NBA front nurse who delivers her own baby in her own car. That is all coming out today very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All our bench is good day to you and yours aren't on Thursday. Donald Trump's Twitter account it was down for about eleven that meant in the Internet absolutely freaked. Let's be able body abandon digital soapbox or that he'd been kicked off but no. Drums Twitter account was actually Dee activated my Twitter employee. That particular footer employed that actually happen to be the last day on the job they were fired for doing that they knew in advance that was the last day. That's what they've decided to do but that's the funny thing about knowing. You're about to get out of something that's the one time the people have to call home base to make the field and really no let's go to England for both companies. A bus company boss he was federal for the entire staff of 27 drivers today and as a big if you to the company. He quit 35 of the staff person may leave it in the right that they love he quit actually fired everyone he quit he left the company employee lists. He left a message which read in part quote. I'm quitting to pursue my dream of not working here anymore. Now work isn't the only place where people make bad sprained ankle a one relationship says the people's true colors come out with colorful street the most doubles go over pretty ugly. Or when someone I don't know the kick out of an establishment of a placed under arrest in those moments people filled a real need to put on the show and let you know how they feel about every damn thing on earth. So today's question. Once the biggest grand exit that you've ever seen or been apart for your brother Joseph got 844999. All you can like the men's room on FaceBook followers on Twitter and enjoy life into your emails to the men's room and men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. And hotels L I know I'm a summer 2700. And I was a big show we have Corey. House and into the emails the men's room and mints are my dot com we'll get those bad jokes going right before we drink and toast with a shot of the day also exciting return of dead vs the FCC's coming doubled to profile this. And of course our question today what is the best grand exit that you've ever seen or you have ever been apart of and will start. Width. Twitter. As the story says for a few minutes it was as of god and answer the prayers of millions of Americans. President drums Twitter account went down for several minutes. It looked like he'd either of candidates or decided even wanna be on Twitter anymore whatever the deal was no one knew at the time. But that was not impact the case Twitter said quote earlier today. Trump's account was inadvertently deactivated. Due to human error by a Twitter employee and that from Twitter. The countdown for eleven minutes and has since been restored we're continuing to investigate and are taking steps to prevent this from happening again. Later on the Twitter said that he was one of their customer service employees who did it on their last day on the job. Tornado that Twitter said that are so that's why it was down for eleven minutes somebody's last day. They decided to say you know we're gonna do when it take to Twitter account down. Of Donald Trump now this is. This one that is. The more complex. I have a little bit better. A bus company boss fired his entire workforce. Within a blood no telling them F it I cannot work with you a moment longer. Managing director Sydney hardy shut down that Somerset firma. Nick the boss did us with immediate effect and told staff. Thought to include his own daughter he wanted to do quotes pursue my dream of not having to work here. The sudden closure left 47 driver's side door marsh affected 300 children mean whose school bus service was canceled will no notice stock about a bunch of happy kids. A local schools and colleges were left rushing to find replacements at the last minute to gets students to and from school mr. hardy. And run to the bus for thirteen years in the company's headquarters. In a message to staff through the company's internal memo system he wrote there's a difference between giving up and knowing when you've had enough. I've had enough and realize I cannot work with you the people I employ a moment longer there comes a time in any relationship when you just have to say efforts. Say goodbye. Move on this is my time I'm quitting to pursue my dream of not having to work here. He's an all staff should consider themselves dismissed adding the gates are now closed on open so you can stay in your home on Monday. And and just enjoyed. A brief note on the firm's web sites edited cease operating with the media defected added the company has appointed agents who now we're to release company's assets and discharge. It's liabilities. One of the drivers and staff were in total shock nobody expected it it was a shock to see an email saying you ain't got a job tomorrow. Mr. party's own daughter was reported to be among the staff caught unaware of the company closure. Former colleagues say did dean hardy worked in the firm's offices. Dave English shoot 64 said it seems she's been caught by surprise just like the rest of us. The driver had worked for navy bus for nearly nine years and describe the way mr. hardy announce the company's closure as disgusting. Steps of the firm had been struggling after nine drivers square at forcing bosses got up six routes earlier this year. It's just disgusting the way this is Altman handle to react he basically fired everybody who worked there anyway. Effectively shutting down the entire operation to grant Mexico now before we get to a grand I mean it made newsman yeah before we get to. A couple more stories here. It should be noticed noted and Robin you brought this story delight I'd never heard this before I had not heard whether it was entertaining itself for me. Analysts say do do we know where this. What where this radio play QE2 it was she from Jacksonville Florida Atlanta wanna say Atlanta yeah guy now. I guess she decides that she is going to quit on the air she got him off and let you know in an already explained as she explains her position she explains why I like we know we won't we worked in this industry for for way too long so it's smaller than you think you know most things you you've heard is true all you know most people you're. You know one way or another you you cross paths in one weird way I never heard the story before this is. This is unbelievable we're just gonna play you the audio and I of of this woman and she's quitting on the air. In Atlanta Georgia so this is the way she did her thing. Vick's face an ID three V outlet in the Gulf Coast number one forget about the Darby and now with great great and a lot about how seam in the morning and until it's blue blood better song to do it so late is that netted him instead of not telling you I had. Very important now is me and I refuse. I refused to walk around and blacks peoples and all my job looking over my shoulder. People that I can meet people talking about me is ridiculous. It is saying it. I'm actually taking it. I don't have to take it I'm not a Dem make I know how to find another job. But I refused to walk around people you can say what you wanna say about me if you see me on the street. I'll let you know whatever you want to know but I refuse but Nancy here that may sixth Dallas. And outlook dead ain't never been. I just got to raise them this six years I know I'm qualified and after the sale in this I don't feel like ever given that it's avenue radio. Here you and so yeah it does mean that the madam Sydney. Panetta wouldn't that be fit him move at the end makes no more I refused to walk away now week people's status BTU. Now do you balance. But he is still miss you Potlatch dead beat each and I wouldn't I'm doing it myself anymore. So if you confused about what I'm saying that the listen very carefully at quick decent VH yeah regulation. And yeah. Alternate 300 I don't like I did so you know it just so you know yeah it with a few dozen radio you wonder how radio wears is how radio works OK radio works like this. It normally somewhere in between that if if there's anybody in management listening. They're running down the hallway you better have a chair in the door you better have someone stand and guard them incas are gonna come and you're gonna turn in my. I mean that that's just the way it works as we have been there we have had a lock the door and won't clunky and the three standards are. There was. We have three managers we knew there were gonna get mad based on what we had planned that day mostly go they said don't do that but they were what do what do we do I don't remember that why do you hate white people. Yeah I think it was okay and now so don't freak out about it man and so we have to lock the door with a got to Baltimore but I do they are trying to strengthen us and the problem is cowboy and an ear like. We can hear you gonna sound like I don't I don't know just I don't show it it was a joke and helping those tongue in cheek. But I estimated that goes by at all with channels direct but does a here's our radio works OK so let's just say. Did you go infer a you sign a contract where to go on for a contract and let's just say the two sides don't come deterrence all right. That they the probably don't allow you on the air anymore after that. Because if you say that management didn't want to hear that are already had every right to go to America and rightfully so you know anyway as you just might as you've got a microphone on and if you have any gripes with a way to treating your may be one invite you are 1000015. Million owners in the rush really do give you 36 million won't tell you remove it. You know relate to you just don't know. So if you if it's someone just mysteriously disappears from the radio oh yeah there's but here it is there's basically a chance at the gonna crack them I can do that. So they would rather they would rather not do that. Now if it's somebody that's why she had to sneak in there yet but I should did wonderfully but she was kind enough to do the imaging hasn't worked so it's just she quit you heard what the station to another great news. Producer poured her so she stayed at least professional today she did the right thing and if you end and a Thursday show that says you know what we've been on the air for thirty years and I'm what are retire McConnell maple tree farmer. Don't let them to let them do their thing is they know for a fact if they're leaving on their own terms and and they're going to pursue their own thing whatever that is. Then they feel safe about putting that person on the air being able to say goodbye to all the difference is there's still just so you know that's the difference put on what was his tractor the if there is no I would assume all job. It's the only difference is we have a microphone right if you quit did you just had a blowout with the boss. So you work at target there I gonna say hey they're going hey man please go to the laser light that they know that as you won't don't target. Six British. Yeah just because you don't care but if you gave your two weeks' rest they got no problem now you take and there was a radio or TV images. You knew you talk and hundreds of thousands people who don't like the policy is no goods they do you like this you know you can say anything you want the improbable. When you're quitting a grand I've only done at a liquor store thing it's still a picture of it felt very loud yet if so very the that was a place that quit. Will yeah we can't quit CBS. 42 weeks we did we all its own inability I don't know guys get hurt again back to the three people at the door okay so. If they okay we've put in our our two weeks it's CBS Baltimore it was an amen you know like we just wanna. We'll do shoulder tried to be profound trying to be professional we're trying to get in they didn't have anything to come report. Was prominent there but for hours in just a what are we gonna do in the middle of the eight you're right then right when that and a guy came up to mean I was like well he can't talk to this that I just went I dominating fulltime our act quickly gonna help right I like what the I have been out again we try not to leave myself but it's just it did and only outlet that is much fun but it wouldn't quit at a liquor store I I told my boss I quit. I showed my backup walked out triumph at the jet booked. The thing moves beyond your collar bomb and left the yeah I would Gordon's smooth I'm glad I did a moment ago in my blood at that there's two types of people you either trust them to be on the air your you don't and a doubling time they didn't trust us to be on the air when Miranda got them there. So the last and the new trend is casting a long way away to go off on what ever to be fair even before we. I mean I'm from welcome back even before we gave our notice of this joint. We call the mount about everything they sucks about it I would I am terrible law and we we would throw them under the bus instantly because they were still the people know we're trying to ruin shop and that's why we had locked the door all kinds of the sort of thing so they knew. The ones who put them two weeks. I mean do you honestly think we have gone through two weeks with I mean just kill them those guys Aaliyah will let you guys that they know episode of beef. Failure they could have hamburger better. Blacks they're not wrong to think that we would have eviscerate the stupid as an army and I don't know I agree we got to do at all now I don't know and they sort of been I'm seeing the first thing on the show guess what these bitches that we made the whole entire show about. At Mecca that's what they were so. This often as they needed that we had a going away party and they showed up and wanna fight. That in these 160 year old man I swear to not visible to dribble pillows both dress like they're in the mob you know like a bush spokesman spend all the money Men's Wearhouse you know I'm in the coming there weren't used to think the only thing they care about his suits and his followers into displaced. So like everybody dresses up in suits if you don't know us we're not exactly suit guys right we didn't blend in with the mafia also of a fear mongering technique as far as like. Well I don't know entertainment I'm just gonna scare all my employees and to dig a little fireman and a moment not all of broad measure of the problems and that was there that was their technique I don't know. Are horrified us on the street like hey man. We gain of two weeks' notice in a minute late that's just the professional thing to do and that's the standard right yet we gave two weeks. Everything else has exploded because you. But the best thing was Ted and when you did that your flip then when you and you yeah when he called that one of those top I mean part of our talent to go out and I got the hell out of there and I was like column. Even I was like itemize or like I am I was ahead in the hallway from them but yeah I don't that's the way the abbey that closest played he was originally craft link. I'm ready for full time like OK quit so usually did OK so after they did that took us we get so pissed off. Then we called a person in the bill because the breath was gone breath reset his breath when you look at the recent Heyman we said we said look. Grab this big stack is CDs and was like a big staggers if that's the kind of CDs that you would see back in the Davis at a computer where you could see his stuff on their burn stuff down as you know Paul blank CDs we've put our audio were shown. Reynolds whole stack of right and has those were all of our commercials that they could've run. They intended to run gap. But we told this guy to me this an analogy if it delays the box and sanctity of the car pulls up and he turns out the lights you know like this the Baltimore dropped you know I did and now we're doing drugs is a bit. He just hands out the stack in just waves like hey man good luck and just keeps on driving accident he'd back it up all of the bad stuff they could play him. Colonel I think two weeks but he couldn't figure out how to fill the time until the sky look. The former boss and the guys who want to fight distance in the got to take some building. One of the decisions street. Is now calling me asking forfeit so it's hardly do you gotta be kidding what what planet do you live on where you think that's gonna happen he said hey man. Do your best tells us that well Bob I I don't know because you would love is in the building so wherever they are more than you. And we looked everywhere we can't find them again and I love you acquired our producer like a month ago so maybe he's got probably command and your balls figured out balls didn't click. Calls backed by an hourly news is now he's trying to do the other appeal. He looked you know. This is really important we kind of want to just play my blood at some point your problem and I don't work that way collection point had nothing to do and nothing. Third call I did when he's angry. I know you guys that's up to do and that is why even know whatever you think you know brother about. I don't know today you're over the because they'll see these guys go very Dedham. No buyout that would mean we will mold building that would mean the people learn undermine you and I wouldn't wanna make you paranoid but we certainly have not been in the building. Most 31 of your other employers and Carolina lake. This one off for days. And days man. And our all one big happy company. Welcome back you can pick it. Jesus say he moved get around those two thirds of a radio conventions sometimes bringing them before and good times and we'll bust off a bridge yet and not only radio and it also happens to all of. As of this is an anchor and I wanna say and you might remember those maybe they showed a maybe they didn't. TV anchor and Anchorage Alaska. Now everything you've heard is why I'm the actual owner and deal last Candace club will be dedicating all of my energy towards fighting for freedom and fairness let's begin with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska. And ask me this job well. A that I have a choice by. A great. The lack of dvds you walked off or if all things. That's why are you know she put inner two weeks ago a man. You've got to be comfortable realizing you're not giving TV job boom knowing you probably doing a fine by the FCC if they average anyway complains about it because it's at and that's on you. Yeah I mean that's that's pretty homage right about now don't think so we. What's the best grand exit did you ever seen or ever been a part of 8449990. Hello Shane welcome tournament. It's it's. Oh wow. Yeah. Bola. Well that this was any. Does the job that I had better stay. Southern Illinois at the time. All of the current entry servers who owned that I would appreciate EE. I'm glad. It's it deserves. And employee we would spray that your read and all the sharp and everything tells. Owners that it was. You know chemical looked up and it was just Jews or pop. And now we were called the branches out one brand was. Just at all the housework and the true story it just we know the good side and throw the damn thing on the ground so. I'm getting at but I can get the leverage to beat you both. Let me go out there don't pro am around them like yeah go ahead legged out water. Electronic ticket a little bit to make it even. Well you get Thabeet you don't even put couldn't wait until you met with the branching. He get it up the house but the way it was unbalanced he came back in Egypt delayed the top of the world wide open. Yeah he's he's getting there did bleeding like bat and I made right. All I'm not there I'm down on the ground and I got a cabal that everybody can walked away. I'm so intent on the last day this dude gives Dell would you like these. Pretty much equal when did you always your next job and am. Like eight I came back to Seattle after that and I got so much gone gone in Illinois to times. I'm Dan just people getting stomped on the job elected that's when you left no matter about it thin enough that the that the a city's vote Ari you don't regulate real worked up and you have it's crazy exit. So we're like. 1819 overall to be trite summit buddy we do is with me and it's me and my two cousins right. So the Smith boy these are getting drunk and we harassing we've seen prior week. Like are you wanna be dismissed this and that right we need Weaver is a large Mahan are right six foot five you know often Solheim and so the place just as a Murphy bed there's no second room. We finally snaps right. He's like I can't take this anymore you guys keep morass that may pop pop pop and it's like he used he goes to march out but. Nowhere to go so he just thinks in this chair is introduced the key here. Were scared of myth that there's something in but I mean it was it was so dramatic it should have been a great activity just. But he couldn't because I don't know if they get now it was nordic a couple. I have moments like that man like with a huge economy in my. Dresses designed to they've they've done something that's very very bad guy and I'm. See you take them down you saved got to say it when you turn around would you miss judge were you were so I'm thinking through the bedroom doors behind me but instead I'm a little also it'll. My dad dad and her donors can take him to laugh. Because dad does know that I'm in turnaround walked into a wall mariners. It's the most immediately negates everything you just let it play and they don't care any earlier you do yours like gaga. I mean it can't don't yeah I'm done that man like racing overtones are about to get into and had to get money to leaders. So Marty doing today in double a ball and stub my toe dropped to the ground and both of how a heck of a dude it sucks man is both government to hand over the miles. But their eyes just say laughter it's okay no better than a lack of the fly lower the last I allow first match first let's let that it was a week he was so big like leverage try to not be the last if we were both here and Laura you've got a bunch of Pippen was he was. Is closer to part of that he. If you can get a couple people at a what is the best brand exists then you members. In order the part of a 44999. Hole holed a lot more your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. You know bad dog Freddie goes into email and the men's room amends or live dot gavel bring on the bad jokes right before during can tell us with a shot of the day. Our question today what is the best grand exit that you've ever seen or been apart though we do have they have they have an update here. As far. Person who shut down Donald Trump's Twitter account for eleven minutes apparently was not a two or employee as was initially reported that a contractor for the company. Others is according to two sources telling the New York Times asked about the new information a Twitter spokesperson simply put into the company's initial statement. Which blamed customer support employee on the last day of work. It's in a full internal and some an investigation is underway. The times does notes did the issue highlights the potential problem for Twitter and other social media companies which often outsource sensitive work. To third party contract workers. 200 employees have expressed concern that these workers can do things like disable accounts though the employees say contractors cannot tweet from a user's account or acts as a person strike messages. In fact employees. Told the verge this is the first time departing worker has pulled a stunt like this total have quote dropped the Mike. In the past and deleted accounts verified users and otherwise abused her power on the very last day saying one employee noting that none of those incidents became public. But now that they are they're bringing a few more so. I'm Brian verifies you get rid of this one at bat and how my friend sandy hair fast gas seventh followers verify now. What is the what is the best grand exit that you've ever seen or been apart 844999. Hole ID CDC like the right name to I don't know land and thank you would like annoying Munich Cindy. So why did verify the hell lows the fashion but what I eat those post mission the hot dogs to. Well I think perhaps hello Damien welcome to the men's room. Hello all I mentioned. How and everybody out we're we're Great Dane how are you fantastic time. Excellent ideas are all extra small blood the person who who disabled. Don't jumps. Cherokee county that was an awesome moves us. Since it was only eleven minutes and minutes I don't really think you'd be good too much damage. Dish yeah it was still DOS and most attention. So what do you do who is your best grand exit. So mug that's an example as one eyelash to air it's a U. Grocery store per tire signed huge anti reminds. Kings Sacramento California much and I basically I put in my resignation. And used and I do do her marriage signed the session. We knew then you know I don't know what I consider you know pretty good piece of writing because I'd like to write such. But. You know I kept it clean and I basically. Called who's yeah owner a dinosaur and Indian lunar. And I don't know you'd Jean genie in a dinosaur hell's wrong with you Matthew Coleman died when it turned out okay dinosaur rodeos Soros wants kids dread their commanders are very vital. And he wasn't very old man what can I say. We care what sealed us dinosaurs that you could relate to what would dinosaur lived alone probably I guess like you don't turn again and eternal maybe your eternal. Fortis and it's Fortis is the oldest and he called him a dinosaur with a the whole thing was stupid it is just turns. From that and again ever get I get past a fine program outlines of it. Myth if you. What is the best friend exit that you verify either that or been part of the cliff. You. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.