11-02-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Eats The Bad Stuff

Thursday, November 2nd

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has The Most Unhealthy Foods At Chain Restaurants! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Didn't think I may port Florida 999. Polo we have chain online play the team sober and working on question number two. Gerri question number 242. Who sang the theme song to the movie nine to five. Yeah. Oh I have no idea. Where he's. Now retired and dressed. I like him up onstage to sing islands in the stream of Kenny Rogers on its last ever show. This Hebrew oh yes moment. And then this news. Matta who that we don't horrible break in song all people of crime we just love the worst they loved it I know my mother are Belgium's flag clean. Please stop quietly you can like get name but it doesn't mean you'll play it over and over for almost expired that's a lot this child too yeah man it's if you had a mother NASCAR came out you heard it. Yeah yeah. I Ringo Starr former drummer for The Beatles Ringo Starr was the nail raider for what's children's TV show. I don't yell Murray and. I was so maybe they. Strongly dislike the show and funded creepy as it. Thomas the tank is half of students and creepy creepy for consumers so yeah I don't. What was the team's first novel that was made it to remove. John Travolta was. John Travolta. Driven don't think about anybody can set things in motion to. I have no idea. Here. When you were. Say you've been invited her to the state at Stanford pulled a handle on it but whatever once the blood lay a number of things went real south. You are correct we actually got a little butt hurt about that until everybody's so what he's going to be good or bad them. It's old cell block out there. What is the currency of Austria. Yeah I it sounds like something you'd say most. Does that sound. Good lord. Nelson. All yeah. Tim and Schilling. You've heard through. Encouraged. Them to a cluster. I do today. And met with. What did Alfred Nobel Olympics. He's got to have the Nobel Prize as well what did he invent. Russia the embryo until like a pretty big dummy are I don't know the bulls. And Alfred Nobel dynamite yeah silently gently blow and how. Jimmy Walker better careers and nobody just now proud to implement and realize that created the peace process right now are. Merit. Which Asian country grows the most fruit. I want it over thought. Yeah I know that they people you gotta Romo threw my question eight change. Go to war. I don't feel banned from the ports in the back as you're absolutely got their predictive. Want to know how to restore its obvious. Jimmy multiple sources. The Tehran LEU. And started. As a term for what sport tennis baseball or football. Basketball and using it two years later the Alley you believe it or not it was a huge for some to have an intense baseball or football. A the hardball and Houston at K seven to describe a play with a often throw the football higher and tell the players don't want to get back Elmira so we see that a lot now in the six foot seven receiver covered by the fire put in court as to all of the begala good at that given the backed only five foot ten right there Tony can't possibly go August is usually slower so you could do a report to enjoy display fatigues on the road who's plainly obvious Donnelley saw the mismatch government run off until until he's the book. It's over the receivership so physical like yeah he's a foot taller than and to you can run by the law kind of covered died in America where. Every game. Every day in San stuff like as we know we guess why the play was successful. And that's questioned more multiple choice for. Dancing was banned in Baylor university in Texas. Until 198696. Or 200061000. Jesus 2006. 1000. (%expletive) pointed out. Oh. Stands at Baylor University implementing a just like but look. Well the good times roll math question ten. Did it do more multiple Joyce normal to towards. America or China or Japan which has more seven elevens and any other country in the world. A. Japan you'll pay no way has never have they have 151007. Revenues. Defense crowd advantage and yet again is now include popularly as the whole Clinton. It is illegal to breastfeed in public. And 49 states. What is the only statements labeled it to borders. Canada a little bit. The borders Canada where she. Until Idaho man. Publicly and then. It proved. A lot of moral law estimates and obviously people forego that you don't just get right. Like I mean I think death total I was talking to a woman breastfeeding added I thought you weren't a weird shirt. Yeah he was cool part of a year and half ago my kids in America someone else's birth there was question right. She's sitting in the corner and recognize there's one real apparent from school hey what's up with so. We're chatting for men in the whole time in my head in my. She's wearing the weirdest every top of overseas and poor's sacrament to the top of the kids that went through. Oh god I am sorry I realized what you do clearly out of fuel stove arrived on the scene exactly in drinking beer talk about it and I guess it's just a little regulation it is something often acts yeah he's an oddly Eli and he can't not let you talk ensure that they think dollars. And break the ice for basic human drink it because they know you act as still got a chance to play hoops. All right another multiple. Multiple guest questions for. The Canary Islands they're not named upriver are the named after dogs reptiles or group of Mike's. Oh. I would like. Dolls. Question thirteen changed fairways yeah country Obama cannot pronounce. He named them crazy name the next Canary Islands which translates from Latin to I learned of the ball. No I don't know lose. Earlier minority who. You are given to shout out you mean you've been here long enough by the universe I don't particularly. I don't. Always handy yeah. She's real proud to announce she's real glad I am that my man you Weis yeah Meehan. Yes so that uncomfortable situation little lady was breastfeeding was my buddy's wife Mandy. Stay here seem a little lower as we did you know each other mind blowing it's only weird if you don't have kids thank you session and that is the problem. Why does he keep hanging around my wife she's pressed him. All right and believe it or not the cartoon guy and can Pringles actually has made. Is that LeRoy Dmitry Julius or envelope. Clooney and zinc and I don't know. This is truly boys to be vigilant for Angelo is Julius Julius I'm really want to zero I don't lot of Roland no doubt Lehman Loeb bring. Ringo. Few are really close to becoming a big system. I don't strike me ring remarkably stupid now. Major general and obviously you don't see them. I would city. The only major buildings in Tokyo. They got zealot never destroyed in the movie. Was what palace this was out of respect for the import C when they made the movie like this room. No muscle that. You are. Independence there we just took the White House right out and until she. Who broke into applause when god damn. The adult. Clothes and serial. It's all about Ford okay it's. Our. You can make it to questions I'm able to instead brought about my getting him this question the army of you don't into the desert to Brahma Star Wars smartest. Yup. What does the name of the Biden heads Campbell good hands a little cut open in the empire strikes back commenting that the slow. I just said just nothingness the you'll doubted the question was for. You've been good god man oblige in this Indonesia Ukraine the ocean in my rather than. He's a good. Yeah yeah I time I said isn't. Who is for today. I. All right you know or be the biggest government could work getting out Jane. End I don't know what you got right to question I was asking you going to change. I'd Russia and our twos also history has spent ten weeks at number two on the billboard sharp without without ever making it number one. One was waiting for a girl like you by former. FX who lived and worked its. By who in 2002 in 2003. Work work. But a look at work it and he gave me the song title open I would look. And it blows a question. Yeah. It's one of two songs in history this red and weeks at number two without ever making it to number one. A hole in the world news. The I don't know. Question sixteen. You're running out of time you might be saved by the wire on being the biggest on the average than we know we employ your dad hey you're on your honor roll. All right. The reason why the world wildlife federation. Create what animal for the logo. Is going to save you money and tentacles. Our only had two colors of the city. That's how you see money direct stitched. Oh okay. Chains if you so choose. You can call that act. The first contestants. We'll pick right back up where left off your own question 70. You've got a call back man. You envious so Hilton YouTube questions away I just I really generic all the more long I'm in my don't actually we're going to do an old line all right we'll be right back more a big dummy. Right after the break you're listening to the men's or radio networks. Did you know you don't have turned the men's room so go ahead Jim dunaway. Just meat and potatoes as a good and the bad of restaurants who will ladies and gentlemen we have Shane on the line. Big dummy continues. As Shane is playing for team I'm not sober and working on question number seventeen keep in mind that the biggest dummy so far Kimberly and Eric who took them nineteen questions to get one correct. That is correct and just see you know according to the comments they think people are rooting for. People rooting for you to take the title of biggest dummy so there's something I felt like dale. I'm saying payment of recent track writer would so let me know okay your odds aren't good friend. All right here's the question that they had to go museum is located and what European city. The other wearied NASA. I'm home in the and. Indian it I mean this is the end Harris. Thing about what you just said out loud chain. Okay. I'm OK okay. And today have an Internet questioning toady in there. Let's and I am Romans. There's gonna have to. Many of these abrupt he's you know death. Because he's into the ring all the remarkable junior high as well understood all the different Hillary DL today woods how how hard to get there in school you graduate high school. And do you need a guy go through. They questioned thoroughly but re animals that have sex for pleasure and not just to reproduce. Or so they think. Human beings and elbows and what other animals. Dogs. Reduce ultimatum earlier would rather dull golf itself and OK now change your batteries at a time Kimberly and Eric if you do not get this question correct. You'll be tightest one of the biggest dumbest of all time it. Oh. The McDonald's characters was originally evil. And a glimmer. It's. I ride on I believe you write hello wire La all and allow all. Lot of moral and now you tell your way you're now the youngest person man oh man do Janus and I don't know why I played the run on stupidity thank you forgot the relentless. It's never a few emails after the men's and women's or by doctor. I can do as many as we can't complain Gilbert they show to my son Jordan he is eight today he would like a little kid faced sandwich thanks guys. Here's my daughter Liz is tempered days in schools like today really helper day around seeking get it now hitting the window etiquette faced sandwich. And a bonus of Robin would give her shot at a she hopes to someday be on the radio herself. She resolving to attend live data do a kids faced sandwich for you had a birthday kidnapped from mom and lord faced sandwich. Oh yeah. There's steroids guy had a birthday to my daughter NS she's fifteen she's listened since she was an infant and I used to drive around the Garcia were either show undeclared asleep. That's because only after he ran around the house shouting all of a Chela and I heard a lot of her mouth the two year old that are realized it wasn't actually Spanish. I TV saying getting a little kid based analyst for a thanks from Dave the ignorant father. So Aaron it's my sister's birthday today she's eighteen can you please give her a couple joy just not in a second I've got gay thanks guys love the show from Casey. No it's. Guys have to friends' birthdays today Claudius Tony to Alex is 27. Claudia would love your penis is too small and Alec would like eight day you know rock condit's is that from James. Yup Venus. The goal with. Yeah small. Not a good thing I bet you the. It's. Okay. Noon news. So angry it is there's my little brother Tony sag another mortar rounds in more than a dirty German doc from dead and drill our bond guys and thanks from Tyson. Aren't we above typical vacation and on the plane I want you to relax you must go to. Yeah I'm on the application note taking down to the slump when we plan. Let's do that. It is my friend Abbas is birds they give John they Griese Harry bastard as many Joey chestnut as possible rock on from that one guy. Guys are our brother's birthday did you wish Iran had a birthday Gideon the dirty Germans trying to buy a home god some rings so yeah okay Susan. This is semi service bundles Singler eleven I would like to buy a ring. Since the spring lovely fits very tightly and around sunspot. That's actually what I want it is. Because under the US now shop and enjoy doing things per day can I get a European as it goes from. All thanks for the laughs guys that from Cody. It's. Good. Guys and as my big tourney and I love the dirty Germans I've been losing forever that from. Let's see Qatar other mortician. Yeah I don't know. Sounds like politicians so clear about that we take you to movie. We will watch the movie incident when the two punch yeah. John I know he'll lose that all types of things Lola. Guys there's a 33 and listening since the buzz days and overly broad Diggins and you like dead thanks guys around gone from Evan. Me. Customizing your graduate myself on making a 35 trips around the sun today if you do media honor of us talking all over your selves. That would be great. Bad from Ryan. Well Ryan don't comers regardless of the nine and that's the end of the match isn't it isn't taking any impresses him back actually they're not the you know no one human and we are just setting monkey hasn't unless it got a final exit only legally married under the people appreciate volcano acquitted you're you're pulling your risk out of there desertions. Gonna stay here all of its nose out of the universe they set out to my bros the bill it's his second annual dirty thirty he would love the classic faced sandwich followed by wedding puke and you like that. So much it's true. All right guys cereals. Happy happy happy god. Yeah yeah yeah I did learn hey happy happy about it. I I you do you do good you may. Does it did you German front but men's. Also available through these world fame on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Need him trying to fly. Loom. Mullet guys listening to you guys and heard about the song my husband has sung it for years throwing quite have the tune down it went something like this. There's a skeeter on my Peters saint Marie there's a speeder Ahmad Peter saint Marie there's a dozen Al Michaels and you can hear those bastard buzz and there's this zero Matt Petersen Marie. Now from the lovely Tammy says he's cajun. Our thoughts on us and around the wealth of those they sort of procedural guided her Saber really hurt you guys debating about tomatoes and Grata poop. Although I cannot speak to the human digestion tract or fecal matter I can't say that my mother has an entire fence line under chicken coop that is covered in cherry tomatoes that have grown from chicken coop that has accumulated along the baseline and a mom's an empty Nester love to take every chickens now all four kids moved out. Chief he's the chicken in the morning and afternoon a salad with lettuce cherry tomatoes yogurt and other vegetables and now we have our own cherry tomato plants to feed them if they're awesome show love the lesson have you tried one of those shirts amendments. But you're Lewis's I'm surely are and in great absolute hostility on the return of no as Sherlock but first they had citizen now. Thank you. Amid colored folks come on deprived. Hey guys just don't know bullet under. Why. Don't. If the audience to get a special brass. Zappa it's a course column this if this week at the back looked. Two hours ago it would plug underneath it and share romance going thought there was no matter how well it under the banner got a dog down like Oregon. Mikey got documents break up the mustard and outright so every year. These lists come out with so many at least help be think least healthy things you teach at certain chain restaurants. One thing I like about the list is it kind of goes around me goes around the globe a little bit there's some vegetables on here there's even a cocktail on here this year that you probably. You can drink it it'll be delicious. But it's gonna hurt our aren't we've only got six in these last six cities is at the least healthy items and chain restaurants. So it's Mike Schneider in for this one it's the flying guerrilla cocktail. From the Cheesecake Factory OK it's an alcoholic milk shake with how many calories. Twelve under while alright not that many. No Americans prize of the night but more work hours to eyes 60795950. Otherwise no longer the flying gorilla are just for my recalled how around a pilot. Neat deal Romney pundits come on missions to eat every every her company cocktail comes with AS cited tears. And does and I think if it wanted ten on W Oklahoma middle doesn't know take the it's just our little bundles to all right through the head of the during I was trying to call it military your son Willie. I think that put them all the play like I've been to Red Robin may have come a few other players that. I don't think I'm ever actually better now coming into us and I trial and I've kind of frozen drink that has now calling in dear talk though can relate to make sure I wanna makes a real money even if it's done. Or. We're gonna go to the Texas Roadhouse Texas wrote and I often times sweet potato that's a good option for him. Don't at Texas broke out so they yes spice it up a little bit. Basically they and a bunch of stuff on top of this loaded sweet potatoes so comes out to 770. Calories that's health is that bad. Well I mean look so many things to like I honestly I'm not gonna get during these restaurants know your potato with sour cream cheese they did this make eagle which again I do Texas Roadhouse it is she'd done a realtor hello I want it's about the real strong responsibility to worry about my health. Just feed me some good food if I can't even I won't go oh okay. It cheese cakes. Pasta cheesecake factory's pasta Neapolitan. How many calories in this and go head gets big laughs I'll say the 18100. 2310. Cal Alfredo. I Ramirez and I would think it's going to be a cheese sauce so gassed it at that time yeah. Well I guess it says here that basically he says this is work's been eating in attire pizza. Call limit its current I don't know entire pizza that. I I'm with you if I have a choice between imposter that with without any calories or are the entire because these Demi Moore unbeaten the entire peaked at celebs yeah she's. He carnivore pizza deal lot at Dave and buster's which is a combination of meat lover's pizza. In case the OK why well I god god damn I would get that beats a deadlock. That comes in it 19170. Calories okay no longer be shocked that woman ordered that rightly it was was an open your eyes. Yeah again right judicial order something that the combination between any meat lover's pizza and AK CP and what they're called. The Cobb for pizza Della let me simulate the we go to beat out Buffalo Wild Wings cheese curd bacon burger with Fries coal man that's that's great that that's nineteen south Ole. 19150. Calories. Basically. You can have this burger or you PDE five bacon double cheeseburgers at Burger King no way around yes OK okay I'll make you don't you almost at the links. Number one it tops it off every year on the list so I know Mike once on. The I topped cheeseburger omelet with side of pancakes. 19100 in ninety calories just under your allotment for the day camp so enjoy that Neil and nothing else why. You let your market ended Cheesecake Factory and in these places man the diets on the table you whenever you would never be on a diet and consciously. Make yourself have the punishment but going to achieve low factory announcing a deal could you give it would be fun but UK fan I want to know me is the ultimate exception because. Nothing about the names screams this is a help now if you've never heard of that you hear cheesecake in here factor there's a reason that a meeting still happen in bars. Bracket you know if you're walking into the Cheesecake Factory man it's game all hell if cheesecake. Factory and the first time I went to want to blew my mind I'll do it yes my tablet and it was one of the first places I ever went to that I had left overs and if you ever read on ha ha ha I'm not these fortunes are correct. And if you actually read their menu it is in fact qualifies as reading about taking his own home why did the kids or some related to build a report yes the Cheesecake Factory I knew all 87 pages debts like go go around the world the Disney. If it is. All right now I've got some with the kids call the hot place that knew you and Jack. This is like that would give the time. W.s get under my trip. Marty wanna start fast food. Chucky cheeses. Yeah I don't I don't judge did you know whenever you get them on are we got the one we know when you have a great dilemma hook up I don't know I don't even results now. Chucky cheese already sells a pizza that uses net you Jesus topic I teachers and that's not enough though now they that if she goes on top of hold you Tito's back it cheesy pizza. We'll be on sale to the end of the year the two participating. Jackie Tito a judge Jesus slogans like the your kids not Barbara do we know anything about the actual taste of the pizza Chucky cheese and I won't ever had was a like duke pitched great you know examiner said the years ago it used to be the rock bottom stuff. Right they did a new clear like look. Borders are the fun not a food I was at a birthday party there about I'm black and world. About a year and a half ago some kid had a birthday there anyway it was okay it was about I wasn't as bad as I remember. Let's go to the world and by the way just quick note about Chucky cheese. They about the beer games well Leslie and I were bruised my and were used really cores letter Miller Lite and it stopped Europe to a woman to. Some delight that we don't know mailers like other fighting an assay military wow man that's dammit. No I love the Miller flags well whatever the case and how Michael Brewster and some other. Gaudin and taco Bell's traditional wall hardship I saw Hershey. As announced a new gold candy bar then and now the can you are allowing 996 Sola soccer regular Hershey's. But it's not chocolate it's made with karma wise scream. All he had a track jobs on the sidelines for me that's what I it's also has Alan drives. Of peanuts and pretzels and I'm down lately if I'm gonna go on sale like a month yeah yeah I mean that's salty and sweet I meant give the big. All right you guys like Jolly Ranchers are there dead right I think the flavor jolly rancher just takes a long run I guess doesn't drop the gun on acting forever your right. And he jetted to yeah and on it and it's like stuck in your teeth. And a half Carl's junior has a new way to get jolly rancher fix it's a milk shake it's made with Jolly Ranchers and limousine and ranchers powder sadly you're gonna have to go to LA or Birmingham Alabama and only of course the July spot college guys and Alabama and then its usual little bit out there and iron out layer dissolves but I'll be a drama it's. It happened here from our original check. The mic rig. Is back OK but. I've been very limited. Places they Alabama wolves and Eagles. Just you don't like this that there's a degree of finder app at home all know we've got murders and put that out what your phone. I do you agree if it it I've got to make grim baptists were his life that I knew if you have to make rude about it I. I don't know I guess now we appreciate there you go dead meat and data still account during Intel's with a shot of the day and the return of knowing Sherlock is coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Coming up a drag it tells what a shot today but first our own Steve the throw hill Colmes the colonials then. Look at adverse stories whatever I didn't screw. And show. People love dogs more than people well monkey's uncle. Sherlock the president by the the dogs don't talk. I don't talk I didn't see they don't know they don't do anything that we've decided we're angry about it remained there just about worst admitted poop under floor. Beat the crowds aren't your thing. Dating ads could be leading to more interracial marriages. Play well. Sure it can't imagine the dating ads lead to a whole bunch of new stuff ordinary investor all right welcome Bonnie needed beating actors in the rear back. That's right after the date he had just admitted remembered. Humans did that I was born in the polls we just outlasted the GU Alec cares are you kidding I cannot believe that no bush. Sharon luck. Now this is ground breaking from Cape Wind generators are quote in it was a headline. Chris and I've pretty much knew OJ Simpson was guilty slow. Our op. Young by age for getting around what I meant but among fans about I don't onshore never never really been take aside just couldn't figure out. Even. Pretending to give a robot citizenship helps no one. Oh. She knocked. Yeah I don't remember the country saw that alarm a couple of days ago the lives on and when trying to grow about an accord to a great group of citizenship when it. Who KE and and am now what this means I've seen terminator dead now joy both first mess of everything. Hope I GOP braces for all held to break loose when tax bill finally drops. I. And being a heavy drinking bad mom is more worrisome than funny yeah. Should remember when you have references Cisco from the groundbreaking journalism CNN being a head be drinking bad momma is more breeze them. And fun and want. Who'd do that. Who really trying to appeal to my who needed to read that to understand that's the case the only view I thought it was funny where the heavily drinking mom's. Yeah the rest of us like that's awful that's terrible etc. and so. After a storm businesses who power C a surge in demand. Right well. And because I was that they had org. Job growth slows were housing calls to locks. And she. Not a different headline to the same story it's hard work where you can't afford to live GUS military or are you kidding I cannot believe it knows Cheryl. And I only knew of one more a serial killer may be responsible for body parts found in coolers Japanese police and railway quelled. Sure god is Leonardo imaginary attacks so funny I NG zero study range. Men's room. Just to win games. Finisher Joey had considering gas cans Steven find out who are tells them. Yes indeed today we've chosen unidentified 29 year old man for Roma. Houses in the blue like Germany yeah. This press Monday are on a re went to the movies. Who. Ignore. One of the inherent beauties of German cinema by the way you can legally drink beer at the theater and that's exactly what our hero intended to do in a bottle of beer. But he did not have a bottle opener no problem he would simply improvised and fortunately his choice of makeshift bottle opener what is canister of pepper spray. Now what they discover does that cover spray canisters do not open bottles of beer budget bear models can in fact open canisters of pepper spray. And I found an out when 200 teary eyed people had to quickly leave the theater every Boston the goddamn thing Obama had opened windows. They aired it out the good news for everybody is that no one had to go to the hospital. The guy that manages the movie theater but everyone around brings open windows and to move your resume to thirty minutes. He sure I'll Marley and me for the short press alternative group in front of. Remember. It's. Damn. You think you're good point man to man had nothing I don't know the movie was they were watching but are movies do experiments too little to do you have driven that I've I've been near Paris for a couple times it is brutal I told my daughter when I drop drop the colleges like Alabama undergoing Basil every year we did but there's no go to the red. They play every Vick got a new dog has one day down I was around every spring and summer is rated at the ball or. And we do know anyone sprayed we heard people call things like toward excellence and held one on and then when it hits you you just yeah yeah actors. I didn't look straight. With more of those boos imagery does booze because we think it's yummy yellow flags over the tongue and down north slope to party in our Tom Hayes. Dow now all I bet. I don't Rachel gets all the standing by for another round profile as we will take color 9844999. All. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.