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Wednesday, November 1st

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This is the men's room. Great to consult the same diameter round profiled as a scholar upload penalty killer 9844999. Only you'll play profile that's coming up in minutes. Handed grab your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right Salzburg Austria as what airbags on lampposts to protect people who bump into them because. There are looking at their phones no. Now don't let you run out and anything that many things. You don't learn the less than empirical are written on the mound I know you don't call them phones on the Smartphones I'm looking beyond that think the battle like this aren't. If you drive in taxable would you what would they were taking. Because your movie in an environment but the people same thing of what you don't move this fast you had any direction. You're more commuter resolved to walking slow but that's not paying attention or get your phone in your hand you are truly a zombie just one with a ball. Yes stop. I don't even do takes what maybe a minute percent of tax and that's simple to do some walking Semitic if we can move out of the middle of the sidewalk. Send text and I Honolulu so regimented. You have to manually airbags don't know exactly forty did it then part of whereas again might this was in Salzburg Austria. And I think that absolutely airbag and I love the image of somebody texting on their phone and I only know whoever goes right now phones does fly out of pain and no odds they're going to be sitting on their pockets as gonna say yeah just. Not subprime adjustable backwards. There you go might not do in Durham and they get that nasty. Powder errors that bag just deploy and you know if you really wanna stop him from Tyson Milwaukee Minnesota better marriage. Barbed wire. Yes the name of the greatest. And is moving on a woman who was arrested last week in Florida for drunk driving offered to tap dance for the policed and what do they say. I've now working on I have no idea focused it's easy tap dancer. But to jail tab all the way down friend I've wrap it Jack you download our drug Doug Taft you think the pleas to eleven on the senator feet from dancing is bad. Dancing is just not the the greatest way to show anybody that you're sober I mean if I'm dancing I'm drunk. So until it got out bust a move for a man who feel like oh you are never see. How this is not a wedding. Don't know you're your rendition of the worm cruise cruises a variety of positions you know slapping her happiness there is you have on tap shoes. Would be my guess minute that you were managing to changes to a man who made us hold our program my shoes just asked him. Since she was carrying contest. I don't know if my let it can't feel like Ari you've got to in the trunk. I don't know let me and it might tap dancing anymore I thought about just now she's well she's a tap dance like no longer is like on man. The best tap dancers Emerson. No I'm not have to be the greatest tap dance we've ever seen to be Anderson you tap and about like if you're that good short I tap dancers reduced cash. First. Pitch that's impressive but they're doing. Who's the one dude it's the tenth famous champion or right Wednesday Gregory Hines field Fred Astaire. They're the black friends then Gregory Harris finished. And I didn't. We'll Leon good news Kellogg's and releasing new chocolate frosted flakes. I would not feel about Ross to play you know. I mean look I like frosted flakes I don't know that we need another chocolate entry into the surreal world that tries to leave frozen items I would draw. Yeah I don't know like John material cocoa pebbles all the stuff pumas are. Yeah I was gay friendly jocular leave my process player and argue with the from. I really booed and I like a good full turn the milk chocolate and the bloody day to help. Thirty chocolate cereal which your favorite cereal test. Of all time. I mean it used to be rice crispy treats cereal they got rid of it. So I think overall I go on sectarian okay yeah Bryce Chris please. No record of reaching reason serial let me rephrase as what would be your favorite junk series. Also with the press OK thank you and I generally go back to even think that Bertha right did he misunderstand the question honestly. Thank you for react and how does not think I'm gonna go peanut butter peanut butter crunch. Do they still make it captain dad Sony Open Murray has got to take. Skinner and then do about it whereas every bit of skin you have an insider Matt I don't have a drink the UN backed reduced its wildly on various. You know I go autumn grown fair you did it and they're really good round and dry. A woman who run out while I was glad everybody is there where you're open to advance through. The envelope full ball pretty well as graduate and other little known but a lot and it depends on the day. But the captain though I'll save it there's. A woman who runs an addiction center in Tennessee was busted for public for public drunkenness. Okay well what's Riley amounted Dick good days for. I'm right and I just smashed I've run the senate I'm not OK okay did you. If you go drug counselor they better or done drugs hell yeah I'm sorry man if you haven't seen the movie don't give him don't give review. There's turnover and it's no flu like I don't know probably suck as an outing anyone's. Gotta be there. These are about miles I can I can you got other guys the people you live it. A woman a Minnesota addresses the scariest thing that she could think of for Halloween what's that commitment. All that all prisoners. We'll do what his commitment even look like I have no idea what you posted a photo of her custom and mr. Graham and tagged Oliver exits all while they could no one's that are crazy. About to say she's not vindictive or bro anyway do me OK I like him I like the idea of the thing up until up until you tag here maybe she was a real news. I have no idea maybe he dressed as a giant red flags. It has hit it and that's pretty funny movement. A woman does soon so for us because she says that she got her pleas from her lipstick sample. OK okay. All man they're right there no no you think you won't been restored and I tried to stick my did you hurt his. We do it from Wisconsin for a it's purple purple. Belief. It's blistering red curb he's really mobile and that's the way away. Because wife to drag me off twice and hit the he's an off brand rafter beat your insulin that most white people or on the yeah are good at it got out. Beautiful and you just can't get its. Feet and I just I don't know my man right. I wouldn't trust anything like that so I don't know how those samples and that's what it's lipstick if you truly believe. Then a bunch of other people. After a double product enticed into their mouth why would you do the same like exactly the bottom of the car of tomorrow for me samples of whatever but and bold smooth but everyone's been using the same school and then threw to him now he's just in particular bottle of soda that's been passed another test a porno and drive is gonna have to go buy some bell church violent now becoming a 5050. And and I doubt very Margaret. I knew about drugs violence and a mystery. Why isn't really government you don't oils are movies why your kids. Outright violence. And finally a Peres met for the first time on a delta flight may find themselves charged with a felony lies that outsell about a one hour from now they are not headlines are coming up one hour from now the first to do the club and through. Precepts. Seem to throw him to please everyone how profile this is playing. You're damn I'll go to a simple game where we share with you a real good news story something that happened right here I'm planet world. Earth. And as you listen to the story. Based on the stereotype you believed to be sure people and their decisions that people make Polanski would it is you think makes the story a story. No Eric welcome to the men's room. All I all job all right Eric you understand how this year game's place. Yes I'm enjoy your car mall today because we're not. Going to the state of Florida no. We go one state north the lovely Georgia Dublin Georgia more Amanda's been charged with shooting and killing of her calling. A close friend of his during an argument. Over the meaning of forgiveness in the market. I don't repeat history. Does Newt has been charged with shooting and killing a close friend during an argument over the meaning of forgiveness the device. He's now facing murder charges after he shot his friend in the head twice on Sunday. Does on Sunday and Sunday and on site investigators say the suspect in the 21 year old college student they got do we keep an argument about the Bible. And I turned into a local police chiefs are calling something else quote. Apparently to Britain's got into an argument these are friends they've known each other for a long time they were arguing over stuff have been making sense. As a result of argument one of the gentlemen decide shun him in the head towards. Well police stayed to the victim rushed to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead. The question is do you believe that these two longtime friends are doing over the meaning of forgiveness and about. Black whites mix your Asian. See ya I know I know what I'm leading boat wanted to pick his. Our resident races this where they asked this is Dublin Georgia. All the Irish part of this now. Dublin Georgia if there arguing about forgiveness in the Bible yet they were reading the Bible they were arguing about the interpretation of forgiveness and about. And then both shooting each other no one guy shot his body in the head twice killed. Out twice while arguing about the definition of forgiveness and about I'm Sunday. I mean god that's just bad thing when is wrong is who think ago did say what religion they work. If it's the Bible arson Christian. Right I know people attack led Colorado. To Jordan you can definitely get rid of Asian. I'm popular nations. I mean I don't know like white people and black people. Both love the Bible in the south of investment and if your for Mexico. Absolutely even more so. Yeah population wise this in the percentage of people who are religious Mexico's gonna win that and then. Sure our hands bring you different and I am and the other thirty saves specifically like carrying a Bible hold in the Bible for whatever reason I think that's more of a white black person thing. Willingness atomic Catholics in Mexico I just try and now. I think when I see somebody walking down the street with a good book. Underneath and save these two images come to mind. Something either white or black but there arguing about it. I'm just it's too and his hand down man with a lifelong friend or you are. It doesn't say they were high on something and have saved him drunk it's just this is an argument wasn't this is how a fairly good forgive the guy. Don't you say imminent Yemen read the Bible awhile but it's not defined is that it. Yeah they probably don't turn the other cheek. I'm thinking as planned and that. Then got biblical homicides notre. Then waited years pulled out and it hey it's okay. Halloween and why these bad angry while reading the Bible. Time I WEB. Leading ideal world content. There Airgas they're going to be your final answer. I'm. Horrified out of these two friends who ended up killing themselves over an argument for forgiveness at least one of them were black white meg C or Asian next. Sat with his tee you're listening to the men's or radio network. Joseph and did the men's room. But those phases of Georgia guy and a pair of lifelong friends who are arguing about the forgiveness in the Bible on Sunday and clearly they do not see I die as one friend of a gun and shot the other friend. Managed. I I have and that's another thing I've done. I certainly ask you do you believe that the Syrian missiles and black white makes your Asian. You into the white is that correct. Yeah. Bush and now Larry and laughed. Aren't Brothers didn't doubt. Jack wells Smith. He was shot by a rate on hold them. Any questions I'd. He might unions and this one of the family will forgive. Me wonder about who. Now pro two's all the time time for TV time entail and how. Countless hours in front of the talking. Presents. So most things going on Hollywood right now after two if people committing sexual assault nurse so he's. Find good bye guys right times and talk about that stuff a lot of so today. For the first thing I'm gonna play. Take a little departure unranked. That will put the video appeared a few minutes at the Manger my FaceBook page to the list miles thrown. This is a good story but I think there's a slant to it. That's happened bad to people this is good stuff we're gonna buy another way to religion negatives can't trust me it's just like hi I'm thoroughly vetted it. It is it is a good story we're gonna go to athlete high school. Basically you have seen this before. You'd be probably heard it before but it always it's always a good story this kid stepped. He's got swept several polls look at right so basically they're gonna hook them up let him score a touchdown so the first time he tries to several causing. He calls that sure but he gets up the second time he actually bust through the line so they see this is just the end of the run and I like to both teams are cheering them on and the fans are excited as well. I. I had. Like that and the announcer kept up with a busy with. It took about it it isn't the tonic. Though 117 speed yeah well it's funny too late eighteen. Yeah. It's completely mostly is that attentive with doesn't imitate them all right into the hands I don't. Read the headline I've mouse inhabited area. Yet that's not say what does that mean. Someone will find something I'm sure for someone well little breezy though a perfect fit with a series dating. All right so we start with the good stuff and just I like literally today. In TV news and there's just sheets of paper. They're just placate. Who's getting called up for sexual harassment I think pretty much is everyone and yeah this one probably for no less. Any debt now is being yet I mean didn't he go through this a couple of years of hormones than. Yeah somebody use a mobile Leahy is an of course like they also own reform now. Bet I would as he goes for it would BS might come on give you could say that. He just says that he doesn't grow people anymore anymore and then he had a quote I may have kissed somebody on the cheek to say goodbye then lick them that's my thing. We're going to have you thank you upload artist grab people's miracles that's my thing. Yeah I don't licked by a random dude once and it bugged me for years writing great. You opened the certainty that huge run away. I have yet it was honestly it was super creepy yeah it was like in a bar and that. In another guy were like oh yeah and like it's a big deal out of the nose like don't lick. Now Mario why are you being mean if you're trying to someone don't liquid. That feels like it shouldn't be I mean when I mean it seems like that's the most reasonable statement he could possibly make some payment. Did you not leak me. Let's Robby Ameen a distinctly in most some I don't feel I need to say that. I mean let's not even just take your girlfriend or whatever right. But just real pleasure to let her on the cheek don't your kids just heroic like you're gonna get a weird reactions are doing what do you do when Brad outside like dogs and cats this is weird. Exactly and viciously yeah that's fine excuse I just let people. And he'd be he's been up to the stuff for years oh yeah yeah definitely I mean he's been busted for he's been sued for he's been accused of and he's been the whole deal it just doesn't stop. I think it did Madeira a lot of the stuff that's come and Hollywood for of those listed don't work in Hollywood it just it doesn't seem that odd to around Emeril and out. But you know you gotta yeah there's tons of news about Jeremy Piven who know him from entourage. Basically pay a woman who worked on entourage said you know he was groping her and this and that so he's. 418. James' toe back in the director he's got a bunch of compile enough now this guy Gilles marine me. He was on sex in the city and in. Anyone in the movies he said after that he quote begin a piece of meat for many executives in Hollywood. Read his story the other day and went as far as just trying to get roles. It is good looking guy they Qassam and yet I don't know who we as Brussels pictured is like look man I did the movie and TV show. After that mimic every casting call I want to you know these guys and it. Won't do it now. I want to get down miles male female religious doesn't matter okay. Yeah exactly. And it's good you know I feel it's it was a good chip first of all to within the deck like that he's ever been that funny. Ever I don't understand what his thing is of the many easy indeed dead in the shock value of I I solve this is our value or knowing about both 'cause it's annoying and shocking that he could be that normally. Yeah and apparently there's bartenders with in no way that no not to let him eat. Like I've heard that before yet they all like that guys here but he's gonna harass people in this and a yeah I mean like look at my watch hit TV show you do don't want to let you know tomorrow you know. Tell us that that really like Herbie due to us it's like a TV show about looking people tried yeah you know known as the liquor net let's get us. Lately get us to administer the peck. Who. Move it. You guys watch stranger things correct chore for season. All right are you familiar at all with the he wraps styling so when making the knowledge that they would not or the army is absolutely dreadfully. All right maybe Carty B. A little more up beat her more recent when they are pretty but they both have very distinctive styles and make sure it right so if you let them or music which I do. I. It's any Sheen Miley Bobby Brown she was on Fallon and hatter basically to a rap about season one of strangers think stranger things that you could tell the difference between. Her singing this at home. And like day in Carty be good on the on the yes. Okay. You can see. Good now doesn't really well. Well yeah well he's. Army is tied. It does offer up a minute and a half Leslie. Right around and shake your head like prelude I was like I did that sounds like it's all she's an English chick who's never seen the show. Oh she's never won a stranger things. She was I nominees at the end of last season so the what she showed up on a show to the girl a short hair and Jim tremendous actors you know an outstanding job of the talking to earn what she's fourteen or something like that energy. Ask him about the Charlotte she's like RBR most of them and I've never seen and the like what she's got I don't even want to. I didn't grow up and a household but I TV that was one thing is this is like for me it's just acting and then. I heard people why didn't she's like that's good enough you know to minority know what I did an old script is what people like it just like a broad. Though good aren't Amanda that is that is they sheer lack of vanity at that point you're on the successful TVs I'm seeing it. I like doing it but I'm seeing an apartment it's actually pretty cool if I walked past a reporter of the news locally for channel four or whatever help. And I knew kind of might be in the shot my watch the news as it makes him so walkman that are out. Not trying to do in the background because you know that there were shooting the Pete he's NL narcissistic I am maybe but I know everybody I want to see myself and god damn television in there like me naked. Make that putt that he did well when I walk by. It was in the beginning like Good Morning America would ever admit they're ever in the bathroom anchors do go under is still trying to concentrate on your job behind you are thousands of people that dissuade. Old argue they just wanna be seen LO will do it again the but the fact it is chickens are on the show it's been a successful usually act I'd watch it. I mean I think putting microphones at least face is one thing and people get real excited yeah yeah we especially you break out the TV camera in dumb and are beyond the different thing people have no issue just feel like all right let's do this and that look. It tops the TVs yep that's trying to disclosure right. You have your Klan yet did well otherwise potentially your face in the spread of some of the dumbest crimes of every single animal did. But Nagin and sweating what math but a month because I would still rather be on TV. Than anything else. Don't the worst on his man with the show about the drugs. Where it's it's it's it's like. It's just to show about drugs and someone of those police. Channels I can't remember which one it is but just seeing drugs then drugs think maybe that's where does where they don't make everybody's board shall Liberia and it's good. And never look the problem is they think they think it it's worse because these these guys have been arrested yet. So there like. Terry went back to New Orleans to keep dealing heroin. In UIDC got narrower global importance. Of Kerry was gone for good guidance. Jerry went to Birmingham for two months stuff. Hide out but no he's back in the Big Easy in these active business rhetoric coming leg. Why can't tell where this guy a bottle bladder area thank you thank Jesus Christ. Yeah I just hate the man you are back to yeah I'll sign up for those hell yeah are now back in New Orleans now everybody knows and DO smack again. I don't want to get a resident of people wanna kill me but absolutely I would love to do day I'll be on the show. Well did even on sixty minutes I solve an interview with there was a CIA guy knew that and infiltrated. Like I terrorism. Like Islamic terrorists yet so he's totally stories but I mean I agree that they put on like Hollywood make the bottom of stuff but it still seemed obvious you have given an interview. Like yeah. You have to get the story out there ICI like that part of drug think that when the where I was crazy mask I think I'd just have the mass weeks receive that north of sodas for now Malia. All look okay it's the kitchens the parties all rounds you're on so I mean everybody like the nation like a seven year old guy dance and like. Maybe he's on Coke machines there's no reason why a lot of people wanna cook in New Orleans and guess part of it is the culinary spurs Loring of food don't party is just a free flow cocaine dropping out of something that Gordon Ramsey and Gordon Ramsey does in depth on cocaine like we watch out what to go to South America what any just go to one of his restaurant names are going to your kids and I am exactly it doesn't travel that far until an in depth on cocaine does come back whether make enough food when the nickname of the did you miss the snow globe I think you have an idea what might be going up. The snow globe chairman and the Syrian government can breathe out of those guys at the Jesus. And he dander it's the peace. Halloween is gonna pass but that long ago but Jimmy Fallon had some good thank you notes about your Halloween Decker are up costumes. Pumpkin patches. Misty saying hey kids let's go take glamour shots from isn't it true. There are waking up the morning after Halloween and senior custom on the floor. You look like had a one night stand with a new engine turn are. When my friends don't text back after twenty seconds. It's nice knowing you absolutely hate my guts. It's. Important. Couples Halloween custom. Being a fun way to make your single friends still even lonely and I. Serial mean the only food gets drowned before eating. Staple remover is for looking like you're going to suck the blood and in my other office supplies. I will say when it comes on Halloween costumes there's two groups of people. Steve without fangs and people with bank in pretty much part of a fang gang myself your time and yes I get dumped bank guarantee that is something that easier to talk in the girl's. Now actually units are are it's only at the top and out of the bottom writer rentals I was wearing fake grills for my costume and then with the things like the next day ahead getting indications tonight in my licked it yourself. Yeah I was committed to the cost him go to work the over by when where and thanks. The big tax. Also in this the brief time I triggered treated with the kids. My son was a ninja and guerrillas I was surrounded by lenders and on and and and its own way enough also for them. To be fifty managers are granted the world up three feeds all the months messes me did you animal for the like take a guy's memory Ninja's don't talk. Now I now I don't believe they were listened to the Opel. An eternal and everyone told that a storm troopers talk more they talk. Storm troopers are children daddy daddy storm troopers lots of talking ninja yeah they're not up early at all off duty. You can't he can't be on the walk. Reality you know I wake. I wanna Alan I owning your children your children to the Joker you know and don't give parents around there were some like man don't stark in iron and it's still litter it's the mass of kids can't eat anything without making it significantly mess your needs to be so one chocolate bars a handful of chuck. It really cut down the time on the trigger treat though when I was a kid like you're out there for like 30 students now like it a one hour ghetto. That's a bomber in a good read for the shipment but there are more Halloween parties and stuff like that in your jab that the Jews mammal going door to door and part of going out later like I have ever be indicated we knocked on my good drum do stored he just is up five spots. Nice something like Jimmy you know like you a nice play music wow man I mean what I did stretching kids this let me just like a musical father slot that's the truth though man I mean or some neighbors you only saw on that day he does they just in socialized two months and her murder and meet people levels one way to don't think. We start our ratings obviously good for baseball. The World Series been dominant yet you're the top ten and actually you know what watch the World Series is fun again there's only one problem I have of watching the World Series. Is seen as a route. Just now I may ride he's been he's just taking. I don't want to hear I talked he has behaved. A rod now know frank Thomas and here's her arms I mean like god almighty he is big he is a big big dude you forget how big he has it's almost amazing he didn't make it pro foot I don't know I got into a suit. Can like that if this had to round them up telling him and anyway I don't. Unbelievable. Are you don't ever Syria the headlines got to move my cock you are listening to the men's room radio network it's timely and twenty miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. I knew the only of Florida feminine Frankenstein give birth to a baby on Halloween night. Delta passengers may not playing Detroit and some karaoke was sung mid flight. And legal modular rejoice as California plaza deck spot as much as 45%. A New Jersey man robs a post office and uses FaceBook to the police on a sense. Federal Florida finds out all they didn't Cameron's bombs boyfriend put her room in his time there had not. There's an icon. Thanks very. Fifty something wrong we're here tied our top story on a flight bound for Detroit of upstairs sitting next to each other met as strangers and it up rather well. Apparently the man was really smooth talker because in the course of meeting her on the flight and having a conversation throughout. Somehow he convinced her to chloroform oral sex on him while sitting in this seat on the fly. You got to wonder what it is decent. This of course to not go get by the passengers as authorities were alerted before the plane even hit the ground. Likely the all received a slap on the wrist for the offense but this could actually bring a felony charge for the kept. Not to do is slap on the guest can't pick and asked if I would not and you are in request songs like whatever and I I don't care. Yeah I'd still be telling grossed out Philip randomized sitting next November ahead making stuff. Thorny dharma and you just hear it as as you say and so I need to. I feel your busy I've got to go through that gap. I already here so we're paying next to me I'd be a little disturbed. And how you say a trailer bounces up and I I. That's another thing is how in the hell they find the room to do that to think that they were being inconspicuous your time people thought. Yeah painting Dennehy they just had to be drawn for something I like this I think the age disparity helped him. If you look 49 east when he families like her like 23 to say oh suckers for young people. I would and a soccer do continue to insist that the Republican apparently the benefit there. Well and on around the world quick question gentlemen what seems to be the continued down called stupid criminals these days FaceBook absolutely M and a New Jersey jumped counter at a local post office and forth to court over there you understand and you can spend money inside he fled the scene and we Wake Forest. And he dollars in cash for the no one. For the blows out of polls are close to the vaulted us into this place to mail out any ninety dollars you know they do have the most affordable. Even made this marvelous throwing his clothes and a nearby trash can did you know they bring up the bloodhounds for the post office. I he was every ended however after each of the FaceBook to gloat about how we just proud post obviously post quotes. How I go and rob a post office from the bench help me take the money as is crazy law. Gas fellow oil come on man and does not give an intelligent guy and universal one way or even end up in there but here's the thing is that he threw the clothes away like they'll recognize the outfit so I'm thinking at every year. I don't wanna be caught the boomer gonna trashed the closer we thought ahead and that was back. Well when it comes to just not being a Jewish and including about what you got going on ninety dollars man you gonna gloat about ninety dollars and ninety bucks and he had to address. You thought you would stupid enough how stupid he's got ninety dollars and on back stamps that's the best one on March members. No new looney tunes what they think that the forever stamp fan I keep their value. Jay's investor. If and with God's enormous facing child endangerment charges after she made a bad decision whether sun. She bought a plastic ball from the storm and apparently could have been an inside remand so thinking it was OK because her father made her do things like this when she was a kid. She struck the ball to the top of the band having her son lay on top of the pool and holding it down. Not too long and the boys however they folded up the full blooded put both it and her son in the van but not before people sonic on the men and called police. Probably why would you put it in the sun in the band from the beginning right I mean that was there are chooses it will wouldn't say it's like you guys folded it up and played in the van. Including you're dead including the kid like a fool burrito. I don't get people. I just don't get cable that's a very headlined let my gosh. And I had Brazil's the exam for the return of big dummy that had Jeb announcement as meat and potatoes and no as Sherlock. Yes indeed it is all drew all that's dumb WA tomorrow until then please do what you do best and orally for the sake. Stay. Beautiful.