11-01-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Goes to the News Well

Wednesday, November 1st

Emails, Who Sucks Less, The Word has Names in the News! Plus the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Jonathan whose size plus Florida as names in the news our question what was removed from you or someone else's body 8449990. Larger group of you are a doing a lot of lefties and there's fourteen including some some girls as well involved. Yup so. The girl to decide to go off and continued during game one vote on the beach. These there was one guy and as we went to go digit. We built that they're not sure how it happened he's gonna ditch it and he somehow wound up with that on the Bronx older. So he was facing the other way as we ditched this. Some hundred odd how long slog to the ground. Obviously that's where it came down to the ground it landed on him he's found suffered his chest and yeah what was not a good site I saw it the way it looks from my angle looked like a balanced. Also his gold content was really far off to the final like. In a dead man it's not broken. Become still. Along Louisiana. Are a couple seconds can. Shocked kick then it started trying to move around we thing. We had blown EX. You medic got a couple tourist and then one guy that was there report also doctor. Thankfully. Meet this guy wound up getting. Medevac chew. The hospital they'd. King helicopter everything. All my marriage I can imagine how much might actually looks. They wound up removing. I believe those one and a quarter of his lungs. Are. Out cease. He. Yankee. The doctors told him that had we not been during the from the sham and that thing bound such as just in to kill them. Yes and so it. Good times good times and our jobs housing don't now man. Are you gonna he's I mean it down a long but he's. Working out again he's healthy. Yes to go home early a lot of gets when the president does he'll win lose or does he know overall do have a three K thought that he. He cut that short. W scaled it down a little bit. Told those seventy twos here and is smaller cigarette don't know until more like hundreds down Jesus Christ man. Yeah that's brutal if if if if if close enough for me or someone else's body for 4999. Dolan to dude has three fourths of one long yet. And you started with two of my good look at that hello Danny welcome to the men's room. Oh stop on top. So I head to and a quarter that sealed it in a let down an abusive homes or went straight down or to the go through. Anyway if you decided eight skin and bone and it lipped air and you just looking at like. Yeah very much nail gun. The actually you know and Antonio then they're paying mayor felt my life was when my boss would cut in my glove off and he. It may all lose oh god sorry America I don't it and wow the Dow was up. Yeah tells Laura. The second best par would win and we went and blocking clinic who walked in and then. Gave them receptionist at Dunlop open NLC kind of jumped up and then. See if they did yes. To pick up the antibiotic shots in my theory air. And when that was all done a nurse at my painter and I Goldman vendors says yes we really good muscle back here. Oh gee I decouple that addressed it pretty much right on you for no word exactly are actually got an assassin. Ironic at issue and myself to nail down a compliment that that's all right man you know I mean there are now you know the silverlight only shore it hurt she or your balls at the Melbourne and here and like I have a great hay and random person complimentary asset never hadn't been that fit you have to think go with your construction you've seen that movie before. I'll just do things just Shogun doing do you do some damage than just based on how. I mean how powerful it is easy gone he's gone death. Wanna fetch it attitude to squats. Put us at one another but it's just minutes he's working this is working more on out there yeah he's under some naturally glorious as you never know you get earnest. We're blessed I don't naturally gloriously as you've heard about it. If you are great as you know your great as the people told your great acts as we know we don't have greatness stupid little Telus I don't know my friend Josh like we used column ball is hit a perfect little bubbling nicely. No hole he had a great. He USA it all go and they'll go for we'll just as far as many don't get a human grade not great but it was. It is sort of depends like hey man this is due nicely you oddly enough is very nice but yet. It is you that answer can be you'll be blown away from Intel and stop talking he's like listen if you get your gonna understand when you see. And meet this guy nicely turn out you don't know how to broach that darva what might look. Think about right above this is from my perspective it is a shame. That disaster is on the map. Yeah like rape easily and other towns lost a lot of weight I wanted to so that their Buddhist charity event at the moment I his Novell's my first day on the job and I was working in the I'll walk in clinic and someone came in and they needed shots and us that. Oh man you've got a great path that would be my last day of them absolutely they would say get out here you are not fit for this for this environment. Clothes removed from you or someone else's body 844999. Nolan wouldn't be the same discipline if you said you see a lot of passes tomorrow on where you're one more recesses of Iverson. I know you're 91 years old man but it is caught my enemy and it's just it's Brinkley and Lou are you as an owner what happened yeah that would be rock. A melting bulldogs. Hello Robert welcome to the men's room. When I'm this DARPA. So. Important to come up north to Seattle. In my apple pulled over the car one night to an eighty miles an hour fifty. And I walk up there might be any reason why you're going so fast you guys look at him he's like we're out well. Doctor Grossman says she's got me out. Merrill feet of the vibrating sort McIntyre. She's hit it did you hear this the most unusual excuse you have ever heard in all your years on and he's probably telling the truth right. Pretty much and I look over her she'd like smiled in like waves. We'll sing to them like high scoring and in a weird or Oregon got to remember exactly. Cone know who hey we. Man you have. Things are really good residing welcome Michael Kimmel where you gonna will memorial hospital. Shall. Unlike. Moderated to a diplomat public loves you let them make sure you're not lying cute picture or not they went in did you do to get some gold out. Mallory tell me you talk to the other to do is to find out what they're doing there. No I didn't I'd get started left and as I was walking back to my car just practically grind. What is on the other weird that I got an and I say hello they are camera crew who had a family to bid Koptev made no offense but most are beverage you do have naked people all sweaty people angry people like what are some of the other weird things you've got to deal with. Some of the other weird things. Our she's Bernie you are out of it now. I got our guys aren't let me ask you this you can get a good nudity is involved in your job a lot. And more than any professional pet import have you ever seen attractive nudity. You know man. A lot of good looking girls everywhere on how to say canyon arbitrator dogs loving like a bit but just even like someone who's walking down the road today that are all the crap woman offers this your breasts and as the lift her skirt the new way god dammit now no now nobody nobody good look at her walking around naked. Yeah sort of figured. We agreed now dollars in the mug shots and we of course that person was made and what's best excuse converted presumably get out and take as an artifact of so that's pretty go to. When is that I was colonel telling the truth if that's these future I'd lost. When I was younger lost workable condoms chore and analysis that was just that would bettered that really scare comes a squishy sounding gonna go turn down there really squared too scared eleven and stares into the flight came and when you when you went badly basically it's like leaving a restaurant real what do you project. Or your backpack you know what. Our own man it's. Really we're in the know. The restaurants are gonna keep charging you for the next eighteen you can assure you that that that it there's an even in your belt and a but I bet they apply to commemorate his coat check ever call was oh is removed from you exported most of his body and unwanted cobra jet company that's. That's very far cry if they get even a 44999. All of hello Steven welcome to the men's room. Pull off all gone. So I wouldn't a mineral. It and send it great. And demonized Jericho. You're and I you're a nice juggler. Yeah nice gentler okay you still juggle lines. Yet you and Jack. And I'm sort of modernize. And I make my own literally shark. My sister. Jumps and in my room and scares me and distracting. It does seem to know all that you're juggling balance. She didn't the time. And she just aren't as scary and distract me and the biggest night. Come down groups in the my right arm who did all the trip all the way rule. All the litter right term or myself. Who. Good sense are like. Fourteen. Years old you don't just turned fourteen. And my sister passed without you Seagram sushi that marriage is a lot of Elton. Great. So. A look at it and at the time. We're doing Q poverty issues literally we're Marmol who's broke. And so not being able to go to doctors. I pulled it out myself. All. How that worked out. Oil. I want people stayed but the most pain comes from pregnancy their mind since he'd pull your night trying to your arms. So did you not go get a shot did you not I mean surely when your parents came home regardless of the financial situation that they went and I've goes through your are they they they did something right. Yet and that. He saw me. And I stayed Tressel club. Sami you. Trapped. And so he put me in the car we go to the hospital. And they stitched me up correctly. Gave me shots correctly and I spent the next play. Three years paying off that hospital little bloated. Stephen AM still generalize that if I if I do ruled I need a nice juggler four I don't convert their partisanship here picture shows W you're there. Ozzie do you do for fun. Yet so you don't you know juggle knives but no one sees you juggled and you like a ninja knives juggler. No much and we know that I do it for friendly event sold out. It's impress a girl but I mean besides that it's more of like. I'm bored I'm assuming you can tell I'm not anything that right. It's a little bit harder. My main focus is knives machetes. Enough there in the cosmos. It's mostly united as he can literally. He didn't do it for my outlook I didn't juggle aren't dumb deeper bowl are you dog is no problem I cannot juggle knives the differences. Even people who I can juggle things and I turn blue or some bad has started for the obvious reason as Sony gets to solve. Oh yeah then I'll watcher. And chain clothes removed from you are someone else's body we get through emails on the way from the men's or amendments or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Smiles and a question mole was removed from you are someone else. His body here come those emails in the men's room Edmonds or livestock out. Guy because I was looking for telling my dad's car stuck my hand under the seat reached around and felt something go and in my hand and I cannot move its and then when they finally got my hand out to where I could see what it was. There was a knife and gun in the side in my hand I had to go emergency room where they did not attend and pull the knife out of the side and up with a fifteen stitches. Guys are losing tear shelled and your chatting about things up children's noses such as Matt magnets whenever. Are you I work I hair salon and the owner had adopted two kids and South Korea a little girl who was around three Hattie sent to her. And what are new parents returned with her she was the early basically that he would mom who was a hairdresser as well decide the little girl needed to have a curly burned helper bone straight hair. So she gave her a perm and on the perm solution was wrenched out of the hair the little girl would whimper when her new mom would press the towel against the curlers holding the girl's hair. And in the sense that it had returned as well. So after some investigative sniffing it was discovered that the little girl had a plastic shopping bags stuffed up into her sinuses. Ma new mom and her husband hold their new daughter down while they started pulling the bag out it was fairly old and foul smelling the once it started coming out. It came out easily. The husband threw up after the complete bag was out of the sinuses little girl's stop whimpering started smiling. In her forehead and face looked smaller and less well. And the mom never burned her daughter's hair yet. Thank you for the thousand shelled always improve and that enhances my days take care and love the dirty Germans gassed. That's American who got the last dirty German T shirt and red fast. I also tell you this Erica not only did you the last thirty dirty German teacher we didn't get what. And that is true and leading your read this featured years ago because about although you know we don't we don't notice. You'd think we know a guy but we don't widow she's a ball as we talk until you got that. You know mammal Q okay and how did you do want. And you know. I thought throw that 12000. I think bodes well ordinarily the station one but Lamar and Adam did you take into. No okay all right are better with guys when and presto out went exemption they get it no. When I first started dating my now wife she had a decorative fishing spoon with a trouble look on it hanging from her rear view mirror after double dates are taught her brother that was a horrible idea to have a there's so. Our goal later that day get a message rumor saying that she had to go to the doctor to get the hoax removed from her hand. Best party she was cop had to go in the uniform with a fishing hook in her hand. And from day if guys go shopping auto. Jennings lag from welding and had a piece burn in the mind I know my last day of the job drove myself to local clinic of one good eye. There the doc pulled out big chunks with a pick in the next day a specialist had to use a dribble to get the rest of it out not a pleasant experience to say the least. As in the guy. Guys and a twelve kiddies don't since I was eighteen and 37 blast double ended up in having surgery as a previous caller mentioned. Except I had to remove the stem myself and home and trying to Mears took a burger set followed by a value. And pulled the string. They was over a foot long I don't think guys ever need to do that again Brock gone that for Mike. About ten years ago four year old daughter came to me complaining about or knows until her head back and used a flashlight to look. What I saw what was a very small green ball not feeling very confident that I pull the BBI myself and took her to the arc. Then they use small a suction device to easily grab the ball blown out over the next several weeks I started to notice just the edge of her nostra was burning red. Thinking that maybe an infection and later appointment with a regular doctor within the next day or two I'd get a notice a smell when I would lean down to giver gets. And they quickly got worse and worse for some reason I thought it was a breath out of curiosity I got a flashlight again until her head back and sure enough. She had a rolled up piece of toilet paper or paper teller napkin and had shoved it into our nose. It was pretty deep in there and grab a pair of tweezers myself reached in and pulled it out. What came out of there was the worst smell I have ever smelled. I pulled out a chunk about the size of a half a green beam instantly started gagging to go to the doctor they gave her antibiotics and she's fine now. Guys embattled a girl. And having sexy times it started out as innocent running house using one of those medal Chinese medicine balls kind of rubbing and up and down. It goes in a little bit so a little bit more than it completely disappears. She breaks out in and out. It's slippery it's wets it's rounds I get a hold of it. We had to go to the emergency room is the merger they keep asking if she was thereby force she tells them though there was no talking on the cab ride home to Colorado home I felt so bad. And I still do it sounds like China handle agrees to that as well. Are we have a couple comments are yet I had a pogo stick removed from my. Leg when I was in the fourth grade let's bring gatlin making arms. The shirts no way uploaded to go to the other place you just don't know obvious break all the press got the loose skin rom I need pulled the skin on it. I don't my shorts caught off at school by firefighters took about twenty minutes to do it. This one's fantastic. And ER doctor friend of mine once removed a guy from a girl. They damage to the ER she'd been singing karaoke to won't there is microphone. Would you let's see it was peers somehow got potential to reduce bola. We'll look removal are not launch a little oh they called my loved one or. And had to be transportable. Your whole crew to get an okay little girl had a goal. Suzy has raised animals do know we'll Lugar ran. Then and I do appreciate this one. My buddy Joseph Tiffany is a great pass in and around Baghdad not I'm. Sure you're not so does your friends like that yeah okay entire duration team out there to the men's or amendments or live dot com. I don't I go my husband Jason ire had blisters and that's our twelfth anniversary. Follow his body days are very happy anniversary please put your peers is too small. Does not have command and we don't we don't do it doing your you don't really anniversaries. Hard justice we don't we should slide since the birth. A gentlemen can I get a little kid they say it was a bong rip from a beautiful baby grace's first big day cheers guys that from Johnny. It. Call before you take about seven. We all America. All right good to get our eighteen year old a Tug of Buffy a birthday song and a second of gov gig thanks Paul amended we got to do is a team. Only because he's an eighteen year old dog generally we're not singing happy birthday to your docs but it. Please while. Have a long time for a little poem it is my sister territory's amber take it I guess it's time to take golf police the little turtle sex for America. It's a wonderful man area very happy birthday would love for ms. four legged fur maybe bullets and his baby doll Amy thanks so much how about some dirty Germans believe. There are and we may think games like hide and go or. Now much like happening in Wales a lot like tentacles now I'm walking number one. Does this guy luck. It's my boyfriend Tony our birthday and he has to work all day radio listens to your show hoping you give a birthday shout out his name is Jason Brown thank you how about three Joey just not for chase. Jeff. Andre is my best friend Rachel's birthday could you please wish her a froehlich go booed stagnant. Probably did a good mood stag you know this month. I think imports follow all county boasts a vast al-Qaeda but staff and onto the best pylons guy how about an uh oh look out and Al hitting the window and that's fun thanks so much Doug Shane said that from the kitchen monkey people look at it. Oh and and he just begin German yes exactly. Hi guys there golf. Abby had a good god I am happy the American Meredith yeah and I thank may even do you do you better go all the. Little did you chairman rough diamonds. So available through news and world famous on men's line doesn't come another fine retailers. Shiny flashy blue. Who's got a now it's still hates dogs he quit on some subjects say grandpa thugs they whenever I want guys these Mexican dollar fraud dodger referring to are Sanaa. Sonoran dogs. There are stable in Tucson Arizona they're stricken on some of the bonds are like kings Hawaiian role they generally come with Pinto beans tomatoes onions in and of course make it. They have. Held pero local have some of the best Senora hot dogs and crazy guy looks remarkably like a human but it really doesn't take a look at the picture black in my. Our guys those are you guys talk about I would like hundred miles chairman depiction I think Dennis is Iran Iraq. Because you guys are about to have a guy and why kids attend them I attended local high school named after a certain arch bishop and we've been a football powerhouse ever since its creation. Well personally my parents are Catholic you made my decision for me hoping for a good education my situation certainly was not the majority. You're either there because you're recruited legally or illegally for the football team party messed up at one of your surrounding public schools. My senior year we got reprimanded for making and wearing T shirts that read such and such high school football academy correctional facility can you believe that. Cheers that from scooter for sale. As far as getting arrested got arrested for a bomb threat at Hollywood video of my friend said that he had a drop a bomb in the bathroom. Arrested at gunpoint. And help while they searched and I am free and a half hours of searching for bombs like the police finally let us go in the police department or punishment was we're banned from all the Hollywood video locations if I had the I expect it this blog the poop unbelievable I guys I was up fourteen living in a small of states. New York farm town. Two friends were slipping lower and troubles on the menu we will until dark and broke into the elementary school. Throw based on window didn't vandalized anything will do list and we rifled through the teachers stars of the confiscated toys wondered around like we on the place for an hour or so. I know of in the gymnasium right before I left my effort at the time decided to drop trowel and drop a Cleveland steamer on the stage. He was one of those mad bomber kids who like to do that for some messed up brazen. Anyway a little while later we decided to climb down the water tower. Same guy that boot came up and got freaked out about halfway out making all kinds of noise and whimpering. We finally talked him and the rest of talked him into going up the rest the way ones up there walked around the catwalk smokes cigarettes. Got back to the latter and there were two New York State troopers outside the gate waiting for us later the trooper said to my parents that we would have gotten away with that if our blood and if our body. And left this quote calling card. Punishment probation for six months totally worth it. And take my sound bites her that's it coming up on the program the return of the word as we have names in the news but first yeah. This group wants to know. Yeah John and. A diver who's our class Steven pro I know you bring us three stories in the news it is up to us to determine which of the three stories suck the least. Now if you like the men's room on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter and and survived the debate is under way already. In who sucks less and are right today outlets is yet to put all right obviously with the Harvey Weinstein of the world dependent species of the world sexual misconduct floodgates of long wide open. Wait a few mornings and and that makes who is so one well known actor one well known director. Nobody can be against a conspiracy terrorist in radio show host about. Let's start with the talented dostum hall in this case. Am I Graham hunters shoot seventy normal high school senior back in 1985. And he got an internship as a production assistant on the death of a salesman TV movie. Now a series council does than Hulk been sexually restaurants that are in grad student and started. When he asked her to massage his feet. And then have progressed to what you go flirtatious behavior. Like add to your kids safe from the weekend talking about breast Hitler etc. etc. But the deal he really stepped over the line when he said that for breakfast. You wanna be hard boiled egg and a soft boiled clippers. She realized that was his quote ceases. Yup she says drills off mammals alleged around that time and he started groping a bunch. She said he hit his head away told me the dirty old man everyone gains yesterday and apologized. Another persistent cold we'll pay you didn't sweating so much but eventually he says what she stood on the Hoffman. He did apologize he nurse supervisor told her I don't told producer does you'll lose your job but. In the end I know some Altman his quote when asked about it he says that he quote. Feel terrible that anything that might have done gonna put her in an uncomfortable situation I'm sorry. Now move on to Hollywood director one Brett Ratner. Well he's another domino we sexual misconduct. Tumble here. Does domino malls Brett Ratner and six women don't Los Angeles times of incidents is they have been a private homes. Hollywood events and I'm movie sets. Most noticeably actress Olivia Mon. She's one of those when she says that back in 2004 episode of after the sunset. There are only radner masturbating in front of her when she brought a meal to Australia. After Vatican claiming that he'd been intimate with her even thing on TV that equaled vendor. Which he did not. They don't threaten to wreck in 2010 instead that he objectively did a magazine photos geez this is gonna charge you this did not win her heart. But another accusation gives threaten or come from actress who prostate cancer is she says. He made her perform oral sex on him and his New York City apartment back in early nineties. Says that he physically forced himself honorable point is allergic to gave him let him do his thing. Do practices have come out specifically about Brett breath okay so this is what's going on and Hollywood well documented. No little world of radio guy named Carl Dallas. He's a pastor and conspiracy their book that's out there just. Spoke to some of the campaign rally for trombone 2016 election well. He's started discussing the idea that women are essentially sold amendment. By dressing in provocative manner to help correct yup he was gonna ring and only got one Mike Hsu Smith who recently written a piece. In response all the Hollywood sexual scandals are you know women who quote. Where's sexually suggestive clothing around a man or legally guilty of sexual assault. Though the two of them made it clear they're not exercise or excusing or condone in any kind of sexual assault against women. There but nevertheless outrage that women are allowed to torments me and their words by quotes. Walking around in her little sister skirts they say quote. And visually stimulated and unwanted stimulation should meet the basic definition of assault. Asserting that women address in the suggest men are guilty of indecent visual assault on a man's imagination. Which those calls mental anguish and torment quote put Manson is a negative partially dressed woman. Give glory today Evans and his brain's neural transmitters like to put me in the third tone and released. Giving him an involuntary surge of pleasure notice the word involuntary. And at least eight constant sexual assault by women who either don't understand the severity of what they're doing. Because they think it's cute and they like the attempt. To. His stance on everything was also in the vice president of the sand it basically a year earlier Christian man gonna blame the woman for turning you on the dew point or you can't handle. I think that's mostly live but yes you're doesn't often apparently he's been a huge amounts of great things. Including potentially with an underage girl Lisa and she's eleven. Director Brett Ratner he's so far has six window of Hamas especially here about a few more. And then you have this lovely coral galloped gentleman doesn't radio show saying basically to win the reason the women officially sold did you dress like pork. The little boy. Well you know crimes were committed with the allegedly allegedly possibly Brett Ratner. As far as Dustin Hoffman that was a minor. I wouldn't say that the other past and radio host Carl valves. Who went on his air show and told people the women are sexually assaulting men by dressing in provocative manner I'm gonna say that the good pastor. Sucks the list. Ted. Yeah I mean rat out with a sucks the most. I'm peso and end the problem so fall of problem is with do radio guy the pastor's same things wrong and kind of quote encourages that behavior but on the same to Obama miles. He's just talking stupid itself. He sucks the lift up. An enemy of the good you feel good about yourself right now he's the same conclusion is it like man omen. If you like beyond men's room on FaceBook be to make continues with whose Sox less direct gonna ever gonna drink it goes for the shot of the day that is minutes away. And the word has names in the news that is coming up next few are listening to the men's room radio network. Here's a profile as best got another Saturday we'll drink and told both her. Optimum capital are. Have to learn as names in the noon. There's always fun let's start Des Moines, Iowa. Deploying police are working hard to find the man knew rob they come and go store on Monday night. Robbery took blazes officials say two white men entered the store wearing dark sweatshirt and blue bandanna as to cover their face they demanded money. From the common go cashier and displayed handguns. The suspect got away with a unknown amount of cash from coming go as well as to come and go T shirts to the case remains under investigation. As how they spell that come part of gunman goes the really. Leaves you scratching your head more names in the news on the word there's. They company in New Bedford, Massachusetts called Dong energy. They've been around since nineteen play and they finally decided to change their name but allegedly it's not because of the immature reason were all thinking up. Dong stands for Danish oil and natural yeah I think it it no matter changing their focus to green energy. I know so they feel pretty alone. Placid and exposed having to having the name dawn just flopping around out there. Who doesn't fit their business anymore the new name that they have proposed to their shareholders is horse dead which is the last name of the Danish scientist to see. Who discovered electromagnetic system to own a gun that's our goal that. And then we have this this is a good. Britain's most bizarre businesses names had been revealed. According to a poll. Spruce spring cleaning a fish called rundown and self bridges. Have topped the list of the most bizarre business names in England. Corn ball carbon cleaner spruce spring clean that's that is a great names of the number one slot followed by Portsmouth based locksmith. Sure lock homes. And a chain of London wine bars called the planet's. Of the grapes. Forest Laurel and Hardy came in fourth in the poll and a fish and chips shop with a name a fish called Rhonda rounded out the top five. Carpet cleaning company it's Bruce spring clean which comes with a slogan called the mosque. Topped the list of Britain's witty as company names a fish called Rondo ran out the top five. Self bridges a white good outlets in stoke Newington came aids in the list. Self bridges to the me myself righteous and at the Janet branded. I don't know. Bonnie again self. Self bridges for itself riches I think itself bridges. Why I mean why are missing this I don't know ma'am I tragedy I am I knew I mean I cannot connect the dots on this event went on I can get Bonnie Tyler. A female fronted Thailand and plumbing company based on gay said Bonnie Tyler. Down the survey conducted by Vistaprint found Fortune Brands believe they and winning your memorable business name made them more likely to use the company. Two thirds of those surveys claimed quirky business name was appealing because it made them smile. And have said it may distort easier remember so here we go with some of the winners coming in at number one spruce spring clean. And number two Sherlock Holmes and number three. Planets of the grapes at number four floral party and number five a fish called it one Rhonda other other notable names. Deja brew that child's father was a barbershop. Barney's rubble. Facial attraction which is beauty salon and crying Nemo fish in chips. And you are just I can't handle on the her car ideally the I need is we've learned today did somebody else exists. If you read. And as usual we had the very best guarantee withdraw vilified out nortel's yes indeed today we told the response of like cable Tony West Virginia police department there's a cable human. Campbell look terrible. I look out I do believe that miles I don't know it was spelled just like cable front that is viable while CA BE LDLs Jaya. Anyway it terrible county West Virginia police department not to understand this past Monday night among one dispatch received a call around 11 o'clock at night. This mantra could hear the man in the background saying that he'd been shot and ended temperament and you can hear him saying I'm going to shoot you. Then a third person screamed I've been shot the back while naturally the police are dispatch and arrived quickly and prepared for violent confrontation. Instead the storm into the home of some more sampling called do all know at all. You accidentally dial 911 yards and bought dial 91 he has no idea and I won't one's listening so he's all those bodies are blaming game and sat down on the search you do. I would do the proper race out there man and I. This is new sin and and wanna say the top of our member right probably had headphones on and the whole deal probably and you know before they stormed out. They can see through the window of the call of duty was playing so they even said themselves like look what's my goal in their hot manners are really good chance this whole dude yeah. And it was simple. I mean right if you hear somebody yelling that absolutely. How would you call 911. We've for a lose lose and we drink this booze because everything gets Yemeni guy. So all the talking and down my throat super RD in our tummies. Now Mac O allowed its own time. Getting it doesn't look like all or not right now player profile that state 449990. La. The show and many pins continue on the men's room. The radio network.