10-18-17 Seg 4 Mens Room Slips Through For A Buck

Wednesday, October 18th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is a men's tour. You are listening to its drill. It's. All the same I've heard around profile of those dollar 94 point 999 Nolo play profile us in minutes. And I don't play one hour from now the first quick check in the my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right a man running for city councilor. Council in Boulder, Colorado created an hour. Asked to pull his constituents on different issues that come up for a vote. If he's elected if he says he'll vote however they do. Photos. That's different new from the may well. My no we all say that relate any how does what politicians can say hey I want to hear what you think. Glad that I remembered regret it particularly yet of course plays they were here for you. Mean technically your represented the peoples of the their voting on the issue no matter technically and that it's. It's I am. A man in Ohio built a two story at ad from Star Wars as part of his Halloween display. I ruled. What's an act it's a big Warner's new C amid the big armor definitely a big umbrella two on heaven's sakes and animal positions on the refrigerator magna in my life. Feel like they're up on all fours gonna do. My giant ball now in the fall. All have our arms I thought the Italian ball. You ended does start. Death Carmel I don't look like they're one of the wings on the back we'll tell you bowl is religiously orange new ones they got hell yeah I really love it. Man fed you this stuff deviates. Yes he's the new. Yeah I announce next week reflect our nation what's what is the enterprise the good. All I'm on the act fast you go sit before and I'll ask got alcohol didn't affect the future coloring book. Enterprise. Value of that. That's pretty cool man you negotiate as an like Noah's Ark I would still man accused Olympic he's best. That almost like sized. I think he's a life size at Dryden had trickles otherwise they're five dollar net device they all of them and their massage it and let the kids president does little. You know fighters in the end times its legs in the folder. I mean the perfect way to end the rest and let it all live good drives in the movie sound safe for the children as part of the movie a movie literally made a couple of if you only 10% of the kids would be happy about this when it's over in the future they don't have the neighborhood know how awesome now was if you want to start for. The well not this Cohen of Tennessee broke a world record the other day about running a marathon in high heels. She finished in just under seven and a half hours though she's not a he'll striker through those either don't know that about three and a half minimized. Oh I can't know. Maybe not many no okay no no no he's been great ever REM have minimized complete network is 100000 annually few miles straight in Indianapolis there goes your final time missing. Seven and a half hours says 77 and a half hours so that basically means that she was running eighteen minute miles yeah. And tackle longer than a seventeen hours 70 that's what eleven hours and Stefan was your opponent three and a half minutes a mile away in three and a half miles a minute. Now she was our ride and I'm eyes an hour. Obama thing about that is there about a day tomorrow start of this like online IQ test of the first things a math question. And Mike got the instantly act and I still can't figure it out I try to win this tomorrow is oh god I could do currency the delays in my eyes and another conclusion that's like winning the sound bad. A fellow get an album might give them home were good with regard. Trying to take advantage and I'm like you're wrong to think Monica. But then again I can't really dad you guys know places to be right now mentoring had been an Alabama seven and a half so that's. But I don't know much about refining. Thank you select a four minute mile mark I have a real good Roddick hasn't she's open three halves. First what are you so much over in spite ELO we have already got ever more minute mile ran one of them faster and I you know he's they made him like a hero he wrote a book about yeah. The wrong terms Paula does I believe that she's running three and a half miles an hour. OK guys that don't matter. Broken record my dad's lawyer I was wrong all her female friends hate her whole yet but you gotta figure for the back of revenge on my wonder is how. How big were they heels. You know I doesn't matter extension of the mad about it is that there's no supported heels now but there's certain hills I gotta amend her harder to run in the other camp Robinson. Here's the good news. If you digger on the day you can park wherever you want she's. Do you assume I know what it's like to run in high heels like now in running but you've. What I would think animal was you would know better than that we do okay growing tonight. Intel is the sixth and Sheila standards and only got like what I got to RUS where it. You have said yeah I don't think it's just assume that's the standard. And. The Agnelli analyzed have you worked on a poll that may be the standard yet another sign and send us. The I mean obviously the easiest to run away from our desire to the weeds here he could. Not yet. Where a man a New Jersey is suing United Airlines after he ended up sitting next to a drunk man and that could lead on who do you know. Yeah not only that OK look here's what happens at. How can Mario it's got all the good battery and starter he sits down next to the guy right there and guys is kind of out of these yeah during Kennedy's hammered. And so like they take off with a starter whatever the deal as a may go before they take off but he does whips it out just he's all over the past dug his bags please this is this. The guy he complains he's like man. I got a since I can't fitness. Urine soaked area that so they do move them to a different seats yeah yeah but he still has yearns so close. Animal and haven't the other I guess the authorities met him I'd like anything else like to you know when you've gotten over the will night and day unity and in like you're hot you're hamper whatever. He did on the plane there and you know I don't know and a lot of play. You know that I mean maybe he had it well up until that moment must their entire strategy airports is to get you to spend as much money and stay as long as you can spend as much money before getting on that flight York. And they did yeah. I defy any of his. Junior a few hours before and that's the gist is shopper I mean beast today to. If if there's any ambulances. At the Hillary needs to talk about how long their flight was to get in there. There may have you don't actually you know I don't need our internal flight and others start my god they've thought and Mirren. It was one of those flights or you're about to bash your kids through the window and hope today air sucks amount I mean. At political moment halt home dude I cannot explain. The how at being angering mobile awful I was so but at some point myself again my company 40500. Dollar for his Scott name seats that make you pay for it. Despite the fact that someone else sitting in the seat in the Muslim sitting in my life. Whatever. I give him in my weapons while the kids to settle the app down. The flight attendant even says like menu looks like he needs dear Mike I'd do please just come back with a spear I think you're. As I'm opening my beer and all want is a sip of his beer I realism my weapons can be very warm wet good Muslims the phenomenal off. It before you do anything even hit my dear all of the tray table in this spills and my man so goes from hot to cold. But I'm very wet I'm sitting and I covered in yellow liquid right and are gonna take Muslim acted Cheney so he can be comfortable. Wonder did so they heat it began walking back owner's is due from the flight in eking kind of tell what's happening dude I re compete in viera. And a guy comes smiles a mental problems and does not acting funny. The fifth I Amanda it will be even an hour but right now the house I'd I was so goddamn man. A man and Arizona used implored jurors to clear a bunch of spider webs and accidentally tore through mobile home yes he did well you don't he's a blowtorch your despite a web. Agreed for some reason a man a New Zealand recently brought his shotgun to a group sex parties. Think hopefully if I finish than a woman who is their pick it up Aston Villa bloated and accidentally shot him before he could answer. All these. What you need they would argue avenues that thing ended up dying but before he didn't yells with quotes. Of course it's loaded you stupid slots could. The video that I hope I'm all of its global corporate debt. You go off and you're. Good book quoted him so effective soccer idiots she think that he fired back at all. Or it is you stupid slut and who dies. Is glad learned. That we lost Mike about it. I'm not Henrietta to cover it with that somebody like Al cooler and added dominance somebody cared about immunity if somebody design it. And especially if indirect effects party which he's the slot red and the whole. The at that moment to keep keep it. Finally a man of Brooklyn slave would say because it was apple watch. Is that watch a tale about a one hour now than you might tie headlines are coming up one hour from now first there is the room precepts. Steve throw Hilton to please tell everyone how profile this is. Playing at our camp miles that does tumble game where we share with you in real life news story something that happened right here on planet earth. Or are hurt and as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be drew people. And the decisions that people make will ask you what it is you think makes the story the story hello Jake welcome to the men's room. Yeah it's all wow. Did you understand how does your game is played. Yeah. Army touch on the story a little bit yesterday but it's worth repeating. A man with handled food deliveries for the kitchen and juvenile detention similar Brownsville Texas. Back in August. He took a day off for a doctor's appointment but once he was out. They got a call from a food company that they work with and it was about 800 pounds of that he knows that they were supposed to deliver. But the person on handling the call even know how they were talking about. Well look for you to companies that look good. We've we've been delivering to you lose you guys for the last nine years while this point everyone's confused and startled looking into the turns out. The guy that took off the day for the doctor's appointment he'd been stealing every single order of the Stevens for almost a decade. Do you have a side business where he could be resold on the people in the area. Now when they had to do it all while he stolen more than one point two million dollars worth of the heat goes over the course. Of nine years now the facility consistently bent over budget nor could figure out why well. That was why. So there probably fired when he showed up for work the next day that police found a bunch of I'm a mother but even those British when they searched the house until he was arrested he's facing felony charges for first degree for a good. Courts and as you believe that this enterprising young the heat a thief is black whites Maxi or Asian. Well you know I think I gotta look pretty doubt they're break it down there regionally got Brownsville Texas a lot of Hispanic. Population. Yeah nobody even learn and go work. Yeah he got got the wall built up their cell. Like that he does I and I need your help on this guy but I am happy dad got a pretty good idea and what is your idea. These and lend us this deadly. Not us. Plus rightly he must have never taken a sick day in all these years that's as they never found out many finally takes one after like a darn good employment gap yeah I'm thing and messy too. Make your final answer. Finally we'll find out of this thing he'd eater was black white meciar Asia next fat with a tease you are listening to amend your radio networks. My. Well thanks to Brownsville Texas and an Agassi was in charge of ordering food for someplace. Important juvenile detention center Brownsville were gay people mind. Were they did not serve the heat right but either way you gotta order of fajitas for over a decade to the tune of one that million dollars worth only what I'm. He gets he's put him in those strong and then from there he went off and solid friends and relatives do woman to have condolences speed as much. He was ten years and one million dollars for the thing he'd. Then the thing is the juvenile who doesn't send results are repeat he does they always had the budget overruns are configured out. They're bringing that bad day but more sort of it's he was finally arrested we asked did you believe this guy in black and white connects you or Asian and granted it's Brownsville Texas. And it's that he does so it seems like the easy decision would be like meg C which is what you guessed. Oh yeah. Okay. I don't know is that the judge there's pick winners stay news. And now. Oh dude good times average TV I would dare. They realize. Countless hours in front of a talking again in the men's room presents. Often times every man and woman charged her greatness. But sometimes you can win without achieving greatness. Now it's been a big couple weeks for jeopardy right you we had a prison bartender Gary kept winning a ton of money people like don't you Orioles from. York city yet and you know who who knew him personally based on that there's a grew to inform the entire time to make complete sense famous do. To measure now well yeah I mean he has but none does not what is typically known for he's on television five days a week. Trough now. And this all makes sense and I tell you Harry Connick junior this guy knows very well very close very close. Jimmy found. You know somehow bad does makes them pigs Jimmy Powell likes to drink and I got to be good car right exactly and that's the news I heard Jimmy does a good. This guy's a friend a lot of I don't I don't like I knew it. At the usual lose their power now. Yea aired an incident. I'm a couple is a bad when people ask hey you want your usual miles and I would to a bar that we were not mentioned but so soon drew walked and buy a Buick usually an early yay area. And it's just a beer and shots Q and that's it but and instantly the Stew wouldn't city nearly. Hats and don't usually like it's not very says okay I'm afraid to die as as as usual my usual the two women into. And I think those are few times. I'm not really meant at its Butler put this way this is what makes an app that we happened to this particular bar that much it's recent discovery within proximity to where we work at. But one of the bartenders or distort their. Used to work at the bar across the street from our old building the conservatives quite a bit follow UBS yeah you're today. I can help you out already though. Later Lee not even a week ago I mean Texas and they for one night the next the next night and then it's hotel Behar is pack. Act right Texas Oklahoma fans everywhere bartenders like mood around head on a swivel I make eye contact with them. He runs over grabs fireball reportedly throughout the world like. I don't permit for a day here do you do it is like Favre although I know Gaza. You are right now Robin that's a correct look was sentenced. That's what I he allows that with the I can't sit there right now if you. That's a bogey and worries after the Greeks to be the winner or the most memorable. So Arabia the bartender and then last night the returning winner this guy mini Al bell writes he's returning champ. He was Smart Annie get and it cheeky victory if you will. You and risked and lost it all and Manny congratulations. If you win the game with a dollar. Now you're in the right the original world or part of that if you had gone to Nelson Mandela. Political leader in South Africa what was your wagers. 8200 look at this folks. We have just set a record on Saturdays. You could pick up a lot of money then. What a way to finish we'll see you all next time I'm jeopardy. The idea. After taxes Mueller 52 cents backdoor front there are still hoping to accidentally strangled just this week that a dude when the dollar they had been done since 1993. And nobody's trying to repeat that they just love well and he had a strategy that just happened work that's our if okay. Have you ever seen one where everybody nobody Smart enough to even leave a dollar left no okay. A miss he's not excited he's just as harsh as you think he's going to be. All right Randi we come to you first this was a tough when you guys struggled with his immensely. Let's see if you were able to come over correct response you said what it is you're going for Springfield and that would. Have been incorrect so you risked and lost everything you're down to zero. Now let's go to Claudia. She had thirteen 1800 was tied for the lead and she wrote down what is Austin. Know that too is incorrect. And whether it'd cost you. Everything. Now we come to my drama is response was. What is Atalanta. The president in question in the clue is Bill Clinton the correct response. Is Little Rock, Arkansas. Let's see what Mike lost. Thirteen 1800. We have three players. Anything with no money and what that means ladies and gentlemen is that tomorrow. We will have no returning champion we will introduce three new players to jeopardy. So sorry folks you see it tomorrow. I notice you know it's unquote drunk youth affairs believes there let's do this day this is. But you'll pay eight a good momentum faced a pay for a dimension to the videos up there the guy went in by dollar and the original guy won by a dollar. And they're both military guys. And they both have the same reaction like when we went by the dollar settlement. Moral background and I had even if it wins a wins for a pathetic how they play ugly this week three field goals go to England. It's also I think that's a natural pure reaction might. About it Amano also been an item I didn't mean to but I want. I would ice you know I don't feel bad for the guy that the moves on to do when the dollar I feel bad for people to go almighty god I lost to the guitar I have that 11 dollar. Would that change you know more like automatically went from out of your way you've had 72 cents like Jack Lemmon and soon to strategize and I'll do this or use and change on my children rooted in the world won't think about the last what do you weigh tabulate aren't. Alice do you have does not these guys have nothing. I have 28 cents. Yeah I think change specifically DR price is right kind of thing you have mastered yet the day you know Lisa Blake. What racing game we're in stroll authorities are to serve him. Towards 742. Ethical group. Then there's always that one guy it's like 2733. True I don't know who are Hejduk. It's amazing that Senator Obama really pissed about this one go about Robert I don't brightly Roy yeah I don't think it. Just amazing how much are just keeps going on and still popular people so Vegas store prices right now jeopardy. Up this and on the news the truth I mean it presents is awesome has been when and bass two weeks like every day it's in the news in this guy comes along it's like. They get a lot of coverage or just plain again. Enables you to the game was so popular game shortly so popular. This just icing on the case I would like and I wondered could you show jeopardy like 8:39 o'clock at night. I mean if it's that if it if you live on the West Coast info ballroom played enough yes you can if you are part of the wheel of fortune and jeopardy. Pointed out that law does an 8 o'clock time but I think for everybody across the country no matter what market was always like did you from the moon is the local news and then Mike we now. I go and look at all these fabulous prizes there and none of them are fabulous. Mean they're all into the overpriced you don't really old real fortunate so. You know when a dollar amount we you do not win money so you when you I don't know would you meet 8000 dollars or degraded the real. What the end of delay here is that the stack of prizes you get to pick forums so here's a guy well. I'll take a trip to the Bahamas okay you have 3000 dollars up. And by the time your dumb play. I'll take the other gold plated piggy bank that looks like Donald out. And the platinum pleaded god damn salad tongs it was like the worst crap and move moral Eminem gift card. Erode at a store you never go to I'll take the street chiefs and that's what it's a two weeks old. Cheese Bernama. We have discount groceries yeah job in my voice is sort out by the time we got it. Also last night I didn't give him a little bit of nature watching wore this one wasn't as. As peaceful. Generally I like to watch that migration into or. For some reason I can't I don't mind seeing margin from multiple for the Q and so weird man play the jewels was able to avoid major programs myself included but not like who migrations. Certain boy mob ball. Look you would be shocked about possible largest. Migrations in the world current. Live animals but I don't think can okay. Anyhow it's not always I always thought it was the will to beast or something like that it's not a great lecture no. For par when he gets urged. Both. The couple called a vehicle in question are we gonna migration that says I'm miles you're tired. That I don't know an animal may have. D.'s I think he'll take the shark goes ten feet I'm glad he wins are okay. No bison have attorneys for Oklahoma and migrations. And then there's another giant I'm forgetting to think America's reindeer or north America's three caribou. Caribou thank you general booed me every Hugo shuffle up and he's caribou because figured her booty call that the market is live at the migrate the one thing I walked a thousand miles diplomats who or Caribou Coffee or boot here's Canadian beans from the UConn thank you because when I think off the I think of frozen tundra in Canada yet. Right now let's gas it can't happen if you need coffee we go to a Tim Horton distract from the real coffee at the so last night was dangerous dogs of Africa. Ranked sites are watching this what is not gonna Shockey a lot of my ninth and yeah. He I just wanted to mention this quote right he was a little darker and it was likely basin the hyenas in the department's. Darker need to realize an outsider around regularly darker and understood the system does is when the darker than it could be an asset. The wave of dogs kill look at all our dog are you really deep just shut. I think youth but they doesn't value while you're alive does Hillary with a contributing aren't bad if if if you heard my name and this. Is that it's actually more humane to kill the other apples and sway than the way the lie and just suffocate you how bad could you sound like the evil villain and amounted. You well. Think she's an hyenas 300 teach Marron. Edition and inquisitive nature should the ones that more you made against you did you die quicker where some of the big cats will lake. Latch onto your throat it's tough I was you know players are toy for a while they're flick your eyes and regular cat. I don't just drag you have to drag around kind of slowly suffocating for who gets it gal scandal bring in a burger mouse in the display with a told that they'll have they'll just keep it alive enough to play with a for like 45 hours I guess so some of the more. I don't understand why grabbed the rug from roof or a worldly tigers grabbed from the back and I get your squeaky is in the life out there right in amounts thing that's also but I just feel like. If there's a line here and high in Venice alone won a little cute and I insular it's much more humane. But I'm gonna do some mountain into some people counselors and the in the lion. Tournament itself and an alliance says it. Look man I'm slowly suffocate I just feel let him go do because they hit those those have been like cigarette ads in the hat yeah I'm gonna say I feel like a pig flu sorry there's there's. They're saying wait again to pour will be released. Or will the beast or and they'll say it's an antelope so it's like if he's this imbalance you just die probably a gazelle. What I think well and valiantly in Africa yeah so I mean that's the whole theory is just because you're you're intestines are outside now that your debt quicker. I don't know if we got like those situations really coveted bathtub in Central American man you're at a pentagon DeVon rejoice. I dead I don't know if you found this underneath in Georgia this is what the common citizens can read it. Hi does have a penis. All I didn't I'd miss that on and on and done it you know got a chance now Bart's or Anderson go F yourself alive one step ahead yeah and I think what it's tough being a little high you know poppy man. But may ruffle mop a ton. And it's like you just part of what make him tougher but yeah that's IU. Apparently you prior to reporting got them tough but the W adulthood. Yeah well it's tough family structure their bounds at the Olympic blew me away. You guys ever been watch any binge watch anything now I did look in our local ball straight NFL football every Sunday. I don't know it was a thing that I do have been. Like we get about that is good visitors sports television if we go back to like you're jerseys most of that's rabbit which have been done sports. Yeah that's good point but I don't it's not that I'm watching episode after episode after episode after I'm just watching a large chunk of lots of things at once that I like. Yes and I think for most of the series I've ever like been changed I don't like infinite being watched. Chile and some clarity kind of knew about or whatever I would tough times starting in these years then you finish the old and one. So basically now I guess there is I think going around where people are binge re seen shows on Netflix. It's went subscribers watch an entire season of something within the first 24 hours of its release. Why do you have a job all right so part of this makes sense right. And Netflix says that. Eight point four million subscribers have been traced at least once in Canada. Is the leading country. Canada's leading country the US is second followed by Denmark Finland in Norway. So cold other countries ordered to hold up someplace near enough health to do news watch shows him exactly so that makes a little more sent straight to the meaning of the United States and we've got some in California Florida and Texas dubbed him it's not a good constant. But there's a lot of country that stays very cold all the time sure bet that makes a ton of sense of those people are in there just doing all that. Coarsely BC here I don't think most Americans the recent doping talk show. Gonna part of our culture but they have here the list of the top twenty shows that have been been patched. So it's kind of funny number one show Gilmore Girls. The row I believe that man there is such a cult following for that show and it's 100% even. They mean it seems to be I don't know any guys who watch it but I can tell you. My daughters watched at all but life has watched it like a you know let's under her daughters were like I thought Gilmore where he went back and watched it that's what I'm trying to tell you they're going back and watching the show it's the greatest thing ever pair. I don't know too much about it but it's entertaining to them McKee look at actor Robin marriage I mean I don't worker is very happy you know he has. I'll watch it oh good nap now become a sort of MI will house from back then Mike's just like Dawson's Creek and all like garbage. I want all of it it all out all money by garbage we'll have this at a picnic at a it'll probably LTV dumps in Africa and America is so they Gilmore Girls is old enough though. People love them. Recently I've talked about it but seventh on the list Trailer Park Boys. You have another half hour comedy set in that's who he's certainly shows our launch of Fuller house when the New Orleans to make it up there who and then the only other one that I really had any interest in his house of cards which is an hourlong yeah. That would be tough to watch a whole season in the first 24 hours yeah matter an emblem of people who think the owner hoping to get fired against a bottle he showed up that we can do this segment of the used to be great I tried another job or an incumbent I'm watching a lot of the do. Thank you very Brazilian guys are headlines on the way to my cock you are listening to the men's room radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. I'm here to California wildfires have also burned at 31 pot farms to the ground. Meanwhile the only man to buy an apple watch hasn't saved his life by that crazy V content. The trying to keep his word after one of the biggest 100 share 1000 shares in turns himself in. Child chase through neighborhood by clown uses self stick to defend and the FBI says hang up Libyan a call from a woman screaming for help. But this time you're headlines. It's time it. Yes here's my car. Kind of got Dario in Brooklyn a man pleaded after landing himself in the hospital but how is apple watch saved. His life. Between red quote never thought a stupid low risk computer I bought two years ago would save my life. Also my friend for getting mugged they didn't bother because nobody even wanted this to. Some IRA go up ended up being a pulmonary embolism. You know one of the weird things about that apple watch it is what it is I don't know too much about it I just know when I saw it and try to not a thing. Then and now. Is the potential for health safety in the future based on the sensors and selves and they say that that technology will get better overtime but. It's gonna get to the point where like if you look at whether it's blood pressure that you can check with a word we're squeezing your elegant stuff did you immediate that's great otherwise diet exercise and immortal plumber depth view and a and then just take your time on your phone brand that I carried government. These guys. And that's the life. Yet I was fortunate I am offended that I would look how much does the apple watch golf I don't know a former vice blow open what about the fit this. That's universe OK emotionally. That's that's that's coming to the counter stats and all that stuff the fact of the they basically disease and I think the crazy thing you think people could see your text message coming. You probably turn now that the rock. Then if you're staring at somebody's wrists and he can do the same thing with your phone and the phone's easy to look at the philosophy. That is strong point Mike you're right they say somebody's hold enough cater topped what they're racist going to be getting tangled around looking at the front of their walk and our guest. We'll try to Tony's third top two rounds so like that that is the motive and opportunity. Where I was a winning as they went about their vacant when your in the management in little. CJ DJ and at Daytona they got to shake and bake and nappy nightly newscast how many loads of Jason the good the bottom of the fifth really is next on. Does that still watch them a mistake of the charges because of that. Tells you just go to download and you know the charge manager of the batters they will have a shake. Shake lest I got to do this architecture back patting outside fact the lets you get here. Barack around the world are you get to remedy got a said that he turned himself into police get like a thousand shares the F arms FaceBook pages and yet turns out he's a man of his word of the 21 year old walked into the police department with a dozen donuts for the officers inside for. This in by many grace and he was arrested on site since the 39 days in jail for violating probation are Greta Manny said he returned to often and he didn't. Yeah I don't know if we're like out of a return be induce or we try to be decent but. Speedway a former army developments now is making headlines again Politico and I get to bird. These cops with donuts is such as those stereotypes at play play yet but we all like you know that. Mentally I don't know if we're dead if I Obama cop and I know I can walk into your donut shop can you give me a three doughnuts and make a move already given still you won't find me there is still be into the ground the point where today offensive you know like if I make a fried chicken of one Alando deceiving them it's a very calm we don't know Joseph today there are relying on him like Al I don't know if I thought you know. And he did that on FaceBook but that he did bring in the failure. He's that would you're gonna move. You mocked them basically tonight on Israel you don't know if you get a thousand lights on top British Dennehy they I don't know why I've often done at the winner of that. You've got to give that we were released a man of his word including myself in the foot and those are grown and it's also better than he turned himself in the may find him absolutely and output about Saddam under those those circumstances when you mock them. Friend million likes to electric backed out all the I mean via IR IA amid the wildfires in California many lost their homes and some even lost her livelihood and that is no exception for the marijuana farms. Kelly's 31 marijuana farms within the state have been burned and destroyed and even more had been damaged by the flag here's the problem now legalization. Although it's been voted in California. Does not take effect until January 1 this year. Of this upcoming here OK yeah so they don't have legal stores yet they basically are just building we supply chain from the stores that are gonna open. So this is all in preparation for their first big push now you've got 31 of some of the biggest foreign to California. They're they're even Mike the barns that they've stored things in the the product they've been making all summer long and all the stuff they don't want a complex 3031 different play less of marijuana is going up. Probably all right look when you're the hop shortage Sam Adams in Massachusetts stepped up and helped out all of these micro breweries across the country. You don't think Colorado. Or new Washington on the stuff off like hey man. We'll also play with initial push through bush I could that they would that they can't see the way they've got analysis. You can't do interstate commerce or we would have bailed out Nevada. When they were going through their shortage. Oregon Colorado and all while all in all offered. You can go across the border unfortunately that's of the same thing that's the dumbest thing an aura like look at his legal there and wanted to. It's like Arnold don't bring your your Jack Daniels to must stay right here I come I thought about Colorado he said the smoothest roll out he's saying is able to think all right for the first few months. We'll take your medical weed itself recreational death. Where is they made different permits and other states that that's all we needed so they read they after the here for sure. I'm I hearing elegant Debian is in Florida have had to issue warnings after an eleven year old boy who was chased by a man dressed as a clown. They've even submitted a warning to those boy in the frank saying quote. Warning to evil clowns and anyone consider great big clown activity. We will not be there to save you here's a thing if your parents if your intended target defends himself or herself you may face other penalties as well if you don't address a player clowns and does carrier friend who was also Tony three years old and dumb and young like you are that's one thing. But if you chase an eleven year old boy's neighborhood. Don't think you might not get shot by the match. Little brother got to say and I like more do we can't help that friends is bizarre new man of you come down though you knew why would you wanna scare an eleven year old boy. Plus Jeannie how easily our old close and M North America ever makes us what you don't know who would have been thirteen year old they're Dornan about him that I think the parent know if I had maybe we don't know that is appear when I go to a lot of grown as adults understated being that they might get a bullet detest or get arrested like. Wonder over certain age like the idea of jail to allow more frightening usually a slap on the wrist and that's right. Dazzled by you describe some of the thirteen and fifteen years old just I would guess. It North Carolina some controversy over a product three possessions. The parents of a five year old a pass the way of leukemia were shocked to find that when they went to visit his grave his headstone was missing. Turns out they had paid all the costs of the stone and they actually repossessed it and took it right out of center. It sounds haven't as of headlines when that. My god. It's time for the return of big dummy that had Joba is back with dead meat and potatoes no I Sherlock and profile this doesn't need it is all through around here for now all we return tomorrow so. Until then please do what you do best and poorly this thing scale you can.