10-05-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Gets A Little Puffy

Thursday, October 5th

We play the game known as Big Dummy


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This is the men's room. Another turn and go ahead sir I did they have details at ten things not to buy any brochure restore in the meantime the game is big dummy 8449990. Look who is our next contest to try to play the game for so it'll Florida they don't need to tell us your second big as well yet. Deserting a fluke. Other notable good Harry would resign him like what I I don't need the moment. I do not need to knows about it. Hello TI now welcome to the men's room. I he had any children myself. I am sandbags over Seattle opened the show. Seemed. Would go to your porn category your choices grainy trans Buffy the bulls are very worried going their young. Well if I have to news. And hopefully good cooking if all other levels because of renewable the most elegant song that I crew would sign a bubble wrap up the numbers. They think it's the combo. I user question. DAW us with the porn star Don and hope that the do a team. Through metal. With the the Pyrenees mountain range separate towards June European countries. What can we. And jetBlue. Scotland and Wales go into most Portugal and thanked. Friends and spend what your mouth competitive. I they're here on a question number here for you HG. As a chemical symbol for which element HQ they're very. All right overjoyed to go brain don't we all liquid metals very good night against big dummy for 4999 allegedly stuffing ripple who's our next contestant I play again. Hello Madison welcome to the men's room. All off. Emotions over not silver. Governments look to shift and we're we're gonna category about it. Okay trample the pinnacle of do boom. Time lyrical records and of I you can get past the Coffee Party keeps making chemical rap song from the no gut the puck in the pool and definitely. Okay take this. With the depth of thought. Hoping to look at the it would hit your book club what a beautiful. I need your question. Watching the snow and. According to Greek mythology. Who was the first woman under. You can pinpoint the. You never know if you've heard of Katrina. The journal heart women do. Pandora. Laura there meant to hope that they're open to have to look at what they have always blamed we'll put both. He'd be in Apple's. And oral classes. But the nice question what city is Jim Morrison buried. Jim Morris when all right it's okay our lead singer of the doors. I'm in London. There. He says Fujimori's. But it stores are around okay. I have heard the door that's apparently how are you. Dirty you know who. Know. That's settled and now I don't know if it's cynical and I'm in the door and none of us were alive when the doors realized rent and I. The main memory and what matters right yeah we didn't. I'm who's who multiple choice. Technically that's technically your lives but I mean there were all look back at bat and that's what we're dryness are facing a sentence him. The average human body contains how many pints of blood 79. Or twelve. Bullet. Oh hanging. I did you read the jungle book when you're get. Lot of it ended at a red white and I had to rebook or shoot movies don't program but who was the leader of the bulls don't. As far as the name again in the name didn't. A local pool the death those blows them all the more people. But in this case who doesn't concern you needed a special man. A collar tackle left AKK okay. Howard Carter I'll buy medicine on question five. What is Chandler last name and the sitcom friends who. Android. Erica and I are your Chandler's. Game is big dummy 844999. Follows our next contestant read play the game hello Jim welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah and it's over now for over. After really now. So there. Jimoh category of the faith granny trans Huffington Post or hairy. Can't get fast straight granny waves that area. Bobby Nichols you got a good ones where I. I held up pretty good. Old are you Jim. All right Jules okay. Do you remember him. I can't. Every day you know it is already in real I don't know. Keep the blue. And I do launch performance coach from. I didn't hear urgent questions. What do we know the ground nuts better lives. What we know the ground nuts better news. Background that yeah ma oh easy yeah yeah aha. It's. Really weird but at that you know I never had an automatic ground and it's I. It. Is this like it's you know we know seem okay. I that's the good work. Yes it is doomed yesterday and and I'm glad to multiple choice how many letters are there and the German alphabet. 2427. Or thirty. I. Oh yeah warnings for 27 or thirty. It's a bit. Tony Moore thirty. I'm still American history. Who was the US president during World War I. Well or why. You were alive then Jim. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah just friends we know you. Could powered by like five packs a small but oh well. I look at the gym but I won't hurt absolutely and I would notice he's she's. We're the corn cool all the snack after. Yeah he's stressed movement and I just like the way you repeated an exciting right now I know these senator Murray president. In his new W 449990. If it goes on next contestant read the play of the game hello Cameron welcome to the men's room. Today who ought to. I Cameron so we're not over. The camera club from the show and Cameron here their sport nut category selection you need to pick one please. Pray any trends puppy doubles are married. Thought I never thought they never. A good move woori. Entirely the boom factor soon remove. Threw bottles all below. For fifth a fifth. Started to question. What did the crocodiles. There. I'm Sharon and everything's going south remembering today for a fifth of what did the crocodiles get a little computer paying. Oh before. I compared the good news he's either I didn't go ahead and tell at 12 o'clock here in alarm clock on the boat captain Nowak about captain looks and it grabbed it out. Why are you had to pass the funniest thing that won't look I'm so that's why can't you know little have a hint that. Oden doesn't know if if if you do. Think about junkie o'clock. 6 o'clock o'clock and a good and crocodiles. And try to. The chargers should shocker congress Clark's hard disk and she want to eat it and hide your question. Cuba is through nickname of which two it's the problem though you come home at. Yeah little Cuba it but it. Couldn't make the name what USC got this kid got a media obviously there are proposals on. I. Where's little bit of most hated man. On the line I might be right there draft. Good to post. Which it hit batter fifth street he like authentic Cuban stuff down including everything today and the bucks. I know my body picked it up that we putts he had that anything you like them but the bugs that Clinton used to watching the Cuban weather related is on Univision. Oh well yeah you relish and smoke in front and out of a new vote. And she blew you always say that the Cuban boat was the best but for short okay he's my feet don't get jingle. Well do I highly hung out went to Miami with a bunch Cubans we got fancy coffees that good to what's the from people on everything. Blunt and some fruit and while you can't quite yet to prince who can't anything and through the couple movies and while our while betraying their wildness while back. Wally butts yeah they're like the Irish potatoes these button. For combo if while good buds faithful 00 all right your question what German city is famous for the perfume that it produces. Call it. Don't over think. Our. I mean it's right there remained it really as. A it's good to German city that's re now all for a perfume making them. All. Aaron and I it's americanized were clog me. Yes allowing me tonight these are counting on camera men a Cologne where rather there been no other. Now you have okay that we could smell it. Then his big donated far far 9990. Lamar contestants are on the way along with a head chef says may be dead those ten things not to buy any grocery store you're listening to the men's or radio network. It's not always has made potatoes ten things that you should not buy at a grocery store that is coming up in the meantime the game is big dummy for 4999. Hello we have a few more comments yeah regard. The poll still what was the degree you're you're important choice but to to limit before it was granny tram popping bubbles and Eric that is correct we know will still leave all the granny make him a stronger come back here Thomas didn't even granny. Let's see pocono polls. A bunch of liars everybody loved grannies. And ask those pandora have fought in Apple's look we don't know and in this guy who had a revelation today this is a common. I'm glad you guys chose this topic today I found something out about myself that I never knew. A look puffy nibbles and my wife has them definitely know that until we told you. They did guerrillas are part of quote I'll get a look at both reduce our policy like cool aren't I guess these things. Honestly I never really thought about the size comes a starting out new fees if you feel like this and that I think. How crap I. I don't you know we we there were tears during the analysts life is gonna wanna do you moves you don't know and I don't forget and a salami pepperoni dime sized Conan O'Brien as the whole deal also flying saucer like pepperoni stuff to say man. Is it like. Pepperoni small ones on a pizza those that don't stop opera or right is it appears pepperoni is it hormel size over the little teeny tiny pepperoni BC knows when the real small they have just remember don't cook with the big pepperoni didn't it occur sometimes every sometimes they have the invisible and you can't really even see it they're kind of way where where it is yeah and then you know some happens. Again is becoming a 449990. I was our next contestant ready play the game hello Terry welcome to the men's room. Sorry I. All right carries over it's over. I love what I call you guys predominantly to a local. The trio and revolt Jerry granny trans both you know boulder area where you go. Bullock and let me get it all fought yeah. I'm gonna have to look at Buffy a political majority good highly likely to learn and look what he's in the popular choices and so does one another's opinion Newton who know from how Dallas show. Robots. Fuld wasn't west world. What we're glad I didn't what was an image you thought you know who choose not undoubtedly affect what I want to Pomona moral question. Any WP season Gooden at home you know that's true. You know grainy and out of vehicles as well funerals are being here and return him immediately and all that stuff. Our energy question and what year did the first world war starts. Archie. The ball nineteen or any. And you thought 1917 to 1914. And didn't tell us as long as I did know her best. But to make utopia that was contact death. Tarnished question what is the word used to describe an animal or plant that is both male and female. Our appetite planet Dexter. You've got a map for nights that's correct and is based on the planet. Orion power aka notre go animal or plant was both male and feeds game as we Demi 449990. Look and tell them you have themselves elect a moment. Hello Jacky welcome to the Mandarin. LOO. And I. You sober now for over. Oh right Jacqui. I've never met a Jackie that I didn't think could probably kick my ass. Cagney our men's room poll granny transco renewables are Harry where you're going. To go where any computer. You brand yourself. Well yeah. He's still burn down. Oh yeah mountain or near you gotta granddaddy your juries go one. Otellini was okay. And he keeps up with it. The left and I get I don't get better. I here's the question how old is a horse when it changes forma Philly to a manner. Still. I was on Bruce yeah. I'm usually target and. He's probably got gas and we all are. I don't know that I'm smarter and much more positive that I am smarter and I always make the right decision to prove and I'll fight even if I'm rotten all. Part your question what animals home is cold Holtz who is it to beaver and armor or squirrel. Although what holt HO LT. Beaver squirrel or whatever works beaver otter or squirrel. I need to America. Got a dead and I don't neutral so that song Bieber has a damn right is that at home. Then that is the again. I don't deliver the Denver they build the damn correct. So brighter but this girl bills and nest a page where you can't. It is they donate 449990. Look look at that auto hole. Who's our next contestant ready to play the game tells darted out. Others are just coupon Uggla yeah you do it. Hello you know welcome to the men's room. Our. I hate me play for team sober fourteen knots over. Now I felt very few of the show you know. You know after all right senior legal and a granny trans wealthy nibbles are hearing. Good stranded came out knowing you can cartels like Christmas box and Jacqueline all right very good and they're a license surprised and who couldn't couldn't. With a gun and drive foods. At the I'm seeing good to present it is your question. Who sang the song I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Aaron guidance. Enterprise eighth inning Noland yeah. Josh Dana and has good to get to know you there. Eight or 9990 doing another contestant read play the game hello Eric welcome to the men's room. God I. Eric you're sober now for over. Then hits a double plus. Yeah the devils let us all right Erica. Grainy transplanting of older hairy with your category of referenced. It also go out there evil hopefully. The world and in the pools found their groove rule through Newton. It. You know that's when you're in your question. What musical artist is known as slow him. I don't want it done every other updates. Yeah takes forever. Problem that's there is respect that it is did you know. Yeah you know I yeah I do know that for years that is a weird one to slow him via debit or you can kill others including. Don't I don't play any instruments normally understand is that cool he's got a slow hand when he plays guitar. Again as well I thought at the latest column slow lately called slow and amateurs that I've probably got a little door as they console I'm sure he did something would lead to new lucrative Toews and that is how he birdied anybody else you guys as his old panda Jiddah the man I must say it's name. Hey girl you know did our slow him during a female what I do you wanna shake so he's ten. Name is may Demi Moore and 499 ally who is going to give us downgrade of litigated sports event itself. Girl you know my hands and you know I love you you know you wanna come over a year until it's too slow and if you're out how bad days but yeah. Miles per hour and here. Yeah I know you got it up in new proof. But I guess that's the land are glad that I've bad behavior bad mode said he made to act dead and if on the return well like fruit loops there this is it. They are good to try and slam you. May have bad. Hello mark welcome to the men's room it. Yeah I I. I markets over and over. Kmart clothing of the show. And Marquette category was really over any trans Buffy to boulder area. I told the other vehicles. But these are good trucker on the Stevie who knew the puppy in ovals is that a tremendous. The little cool just dominates Liverpool and through the schools that aren't there is no question according to rotten tomatoes. One of the highest rated kids animated film the whole time. Highest rated animated film of all time. I have good reason jurors in the mold. It's older now but it's not like. It's not one of the classical. It is it based on how good the movie in his yeah around tomato base with his critics and you are used to be like the lines of critics gave it a hundred or somebody was given 92%. I want to say there are three or four of these Shrek the divine being out. Something like that. Well. I came home. Tight embrace. Toy store. Alitalia doesn't consummated their assault when you look at rotten tomatoes decision DOC two scores of fans. It did so the 1% of its critics aren't so as far as Tory story goes critics gave 100% the second number you see is already into usable movie. That's a round tomatoes works as an audience David ninth two troopers. And check so I next time you're an on demand from drought exactly what those numbers mean like I've been doing my entire life. That's Avaya when you go to Disney like. I get it that that's any main characters were like when you're sitting there as an adult like forty negative picture like I know it just feels no you don't. They hope they won't be able do anymore. Yet in the picture areas 10 o'clock AM where you can never stop them on the way to move and out. We gonna stop me on the way a manager with a and they got like a British manager on the stage yeah what do they do if it's a little kid I mean what it's like a little kid like when he wondered why don't they do ya okay well I think Parker OK hello. Comcast a bit if it's. Well guess it is that I would you would. Matt. Doctor crime. Aren't your question. In the Spanish language what day of the week is Domingo. Domingo. And Christine Martin now what day of the week is Domingo. Are you today. The plug on Friday or Saturday. So it's fun it's Sunday. Sunday Sunday Sunday and Monday. Parton who wrote the song Johnny B good. Michael. Did you guess. It. Got the right to recognize euphemism for masturbation just marry Doug is the man. Davis may dominate for 4999 all those are nice the Deseret play gave hello Jeremy welcome to a drill at very. And those Jeremy. Yes wholly oh. Jeremy sell itself. That's over here we welcome to the show. Jeremy category wise you agree any transit hub enables her hair. You have to go with the Lipton earlier caller. That Ebola since then the grand. You're your granny granny now in second place everywhere all mini mall looking to unload granny just broke away from Harry. Drama I'm what you give India and bring all Bruton who really knows how come I don't know brand name I love you above that bad name. Make your big news from the answer you. Think after mixed weekly low we'll have openly. Still yes it's the hillcats. Grading. The moment you know you measure the safety Dexter Chris. Yeah breath and let glad payable as. I do question. I. Put. According to the sequel story. According to the single story what Aziz did Jimmy die from in Forrest Gump was Lisa died of aids in the movie upon my god. What remains I don't know until OJ but that's not what they have in the sequence when a sequel they say she died from what how do you go from age two indie video ha ha. It is misdiagnosed. I didn't know they've been had a peaceful meal and I broke amid mounds and force come Tennessee poor yeah. Orange won't be a little world and my aluminum. Okay. I can't lose. OK okay. Hey I might as myself without Iowa she had. I think the first of okay yeah that's the thing is that there was no official diagnosis I think he says something. He he's going to be eluded to that she died of a disease. Braids management. What everybody thought it was it was pretty good though they indicated that it was they seemed okay who declared they never actually said it was aids and then the next blood there was a sequel book. You know things that pages. It's sad that she data Pepsi. Otherwise you gotta venture try and look rough go for genetic I know we would today. You're listening to that every days and I'm standing there and both are only just told me something else for God's sakes. You may never god damn boat after me give you say in my and they just happen to a ridge and action. Are your question in Hawaii the team of festivals and contest. For picking what form of vegetation. Who com. As well we've produced. Homes. I don't know old man Gelman I didn't. Office. They are the beef. What was Bruce Lee's first Hollywood produced film. No man's hours. Ed Ed you've been talking to a coworker of my annual state recently and you know this and always I'd I'd seen thumb. As. All news. I don't know maybe a cream Abdul Jabbar is that it I don't know we lose big demand air glider. To name. I came on the foot and Jimenez. It drags. It's his. And the Flintstones. What order did Fred and Barney belong to. There are part of a fraternal order. This is what I think it. Com would you think it was. Well they were hat you have there Warren had when I went to video Blake dead. Include the ask. There's good yeah. Something you may yet don't dog I could get it and then. Yeah quarter I don't know it was a buffalo Baltimore. Yeah. Floods have been vice. Help for the restart they're still around. They would have been willing and it's. Brighton. Actually I show is educational. Content back and I'm a pro learned anything about you from the plant and retrospect Hamid. Are gonna go and backpack carrier president and would south American country's main came from the water of its first major export. So it's gonna named after the would truth. Of the knocks. It from. If they wanted to name yesterday and its main home from the war but of its first and. Please tell what is a ball. The boom. In Bolivia. I don't know if you've. After a third and then. All right Jeremy you are doing horrible here on questions fixed. Sometimes years. So we can match. The problem my house is the French word for what type of troops mostly eaten in the morning. Not everyone is different this could pump and and again. Compliments. PO MPLA. MO USC. Compliment. Stomping amounts. Beaten in the morning and yeah I don't ruin the thing. Little. Oh it's got to be great for them. Honestly grapefruit. There are a daring very very good. Hi Courtney does is on the way if you'd like to be a contested and played big dummy 844999. Hole like you are listening to the men's or radio network. Hey Joseph you don't have a gentle men's room. Jeff on the likes his meat potatoes and things not to buy at a grocery store that's coming up right after the emails in the game known as big dummy 844999. Lamar comments rolling if I had his comments cover pretty much everything it says I would see Eric Clapton as far as why he was called slow him. First one reside numb nuts I think organized it. It playing guitar slowly with dealing takes and as ton more talent and skill little fast metal and crack heads the nickname slow lane. And then ever re one else's Eric Clapton's coleslaw I am because he would take forever changes Qatar strings when he broke from a cup that's what everyone else. So relaxed that. A Lucy Ted you stated that Indian WCE. Is good nipple much good god man. There cannot be more wrong statement made today I'm gonna bite his subscription to National Geographic. Still make those they do. We continue well Buffett lives of the best next can edit rooms got busted singing club band ripples Obama customer. And by the way beavers they live and lodges all the things estimate our laws and one last thing Marisa Tomei has Buffy no you can't run as they don't pay 449990. Look there's a perfect example why they don't matter. What's that. Marisa Tomei topped Cusack who cares there's puck nip and no one complaining to say he's got you know because our next dozen red lady gave hello Tyler welcome to the men's room. All my current car. I can only play for teams over thirteen knots over today. All right Tyler welcome to the show. And this time what category are you gonna pick Theriot takes granny transcontinental. Zardari. I'd go home shopping network in the movies dominated kinda into the boot. Middle of blues. Your daughter went yeah all right a single floor. Quote. I have to. She's gonna ask you a coffee nibbles away and all of a new poll voter poll which was Arce met around my house. For a very good move a little singles. All right here's your question now will settle. For Rel and box. Store all kinds of what fruit. Now let's circle Ferraro and box. Most. Cynical for a low and box. They afford different types of what fruit. It. And it's. There was no mention winners. I want. Kind of question did the color of ground represents in the original Trivial Pursuit. We all. Love you. And breakfast nobody want to get brown to. Arts and literature from here to ground fighter you're often as dot com and I'm like that's all you ever want to give I just want you to browse my biggest sports. Tyler hang in there you're working on that question number three in the day game known as a big dummy for 49990. Look so look out ahead Kevin ousted me details as ten things not to buy at a grocery store that's coming out. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network yeah.