10-05-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Chooses a Category

Thursday, October 5th

We play the game known as Big Dummy


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You what you're about to hear is real. So this radio program. Are simply. Trying to. There's our. Invited to join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. It is now. They say. Radio more than three times. And you're. Last. Yeah another 2689. Nabbed. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Do you Ted Smith. War room. My gosh. Do you are in the men's room. Yeah they want to get me by being. Eight dead day. Did meat and potatoes as ten things not to body at a grocery store. No way Sherlock is back get right to play profile list. Plus headlines events and shot of the day fumble as their emails and everyone's favorite TV time would tip click clack you're getting your car there are no matter what beer plus. Here equals shenanigans T shirt arrested at Ford do you want. Meanwhile video shows why you don't tried to rob eight jujitsu gym and become that guy. Jacksonville elementary school and shocked why some are upset they took that toilet paper away. A Wyoming time traveler comes back from 2048. To warn of an alien invasion game and gunman takes guests hostage at a Panama city hotel. And then he falls asleep that is all coming out today is very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All and I'm. Rich is good day to you and yours today is the days that we played big dummy. They game show that rewards you for your stunning ignorance and here's how it works you call us. We just couldn't. How good their man free spending category will. The Democrats who question from a category but here's what they've done in separate itself from your average more reputable game show we will continue to ask you questions. And until you get one right. Because there's always we want you to leave here are smarter than you showed up. Now today it's our biggest army ever get two way tie between the lovely generally in the equally lovely Eric both of whom dug deep. And found a way to answer nineteen consecutive. Questions wrong. Can you do better well of course you can't Saddam's a ball. In all we go home and the good read re. Big big big big doubt me bigot doesn't play big dummy call 8449990. Very good like the men's room based community. Follow us on Twitter friends who live sinner emails to the men's room and phentermine dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. It's it's you. True. Positive thing is we all know there are no longer a similar to that. And they Saturday night when a big show we have Korean air and hey Jeb is announced its meat and potatoes ten things that you should never buy at a grocery stress shuttle's. Well as probably high on your list sure but there are certain things that you hundrer slower I think there's a lot of different stuff and about your grocery store and on their get a big screen TV in my Hershey store. I'm get it user I can get a instant pop I don't ask don't itemize she's still the grocery store just has all this extra stuff you grossed gross nor I or get a different kind of store it that is also sells groceries yet I don't go to target by majoring deviant art Syria to Fred Myers at a Wal-Mart but the super wal I'm a little bit like target. Has groceries without a grocery store on whether certain frame I heard the big grocery store and with a lot of other stuff yeah I meg about haired jeans I can buy shoes I can buy an instant product in my television and all my groceries in and stop Hart I haven't opened yet it was a gift amount apparently is suddenly you're supposed to be amazing all right I was having none of our month and a half and what have you opened it. I hope they get to you open your heart farther ahead and I am my. Did you think I have any okay we're gonna get to the instant pop we're ahead Jeff able gobbles among recipes today we do have Tim thinks everybody grocery store. No I Sherlock is coming up again will play profile this. And today is the they would play the game known as big dummy and what we do play big dummy well as dual men's room poll on the side last week it was basically your meat of choice and hypothetically could be one for the rest of your life for whatever the deal was. The offerings chicken fish towel or port any idea how as far as the contestants on big dummy how the other poll ran. And yes. Pork policy chief and well you shoot him I thought chicken and pork would be pretty high analyst chicken was in fact number one the followed by Fisher number two cal and number three pop and pork pull up the rear. I had to. The number four and now having a pull up the rear. Our men's room poll today no one thing we know for sure is is that most people enjoy a little pornography from time to time. And when you go online one of the nice things at the different sites tend to do. Is they categorize the pornography for a variety is spice of life Charles but then they offer it to broken down into certain categories and that are easy to understand and we we know from basic conversations. Kind of what maybe. A certain people are into as far as categories are concerned Ted for whatever reason you bring up casting council. And if I think it's on the enemy like if you like Harvey Weinstein if that is what is your favorite categories if it. The spirit upon these side with a little bit yeah I mean tired you know we we all like our own thing. It's real people real girls I know there really journalist and yet they're not part of our dissolved just trying to get that really think fake is the job he's he's he's he's if you really not gonna get at times it might have to watch I think every time I get a if so we all do I go after saying she tells a different girl every time he got to think that if you can't. There I remember early on about an online forum pornography days reckon never get away from captain stab at. Our duty was everywhere really us and leave Bosnia it is that path and the guy was out hunting even if he he he even got the delivered the pizza. Mean I bunny TV every Tuesday we will touch the bus and hunter do you eat because they put out a new episodes are tunis. Well I'm super creepy now that we would watch it together shark. Though do you almost gone got to get over your body man bow wow logic right then later we have to like actually we were doing something separate our burden because a lot more together and part company the NY about what we did so again. Actually for you today all summer. When you you don't really get to pick your category. We're gonna give you some offerings and you have to pick the best one of the four off the farm he's on any of your fine now porn site so our men's room full of quite simply this week is grainy trans poppy nibbles are Harry you have to pick one of those four categories guess what granny. Trans popping the bulls or Harry. One of the floor in that you need to choose and that is our mantra ball let's just assume that that's the only sport gallery owner left. I'm gonna go Harry gone parent I would go to symbol mag for a preliminary poppy knuckles I just feel like each. My notified the what I see more you're gonna get I was learn I don't know man well this scenario and I want to. Honestly you know bits they casting couch put one of these four people show I'm a little teeny tiny nibbles from my buddies got bagel popping up in nice yesterday a man after the shirt like it's like it's a noticeable puppy nipple slate gotten it's likely that he on the dinner plates readily conflict and hard to fight them but but like Harry it. And it's the solid. Pair just in the smartest one enslave all the way back home if I taught in our lives like I did you normally kinds of different things in terms of giving you don't overturn really gets the that was a good event to dwell on the times you feel like yeah I'm purposefully not doing it a guy included in the woods Purdue and wanting you to act I think that I might be the man of the grateful that the deal we know other better categories in this but who wants to pick from governments in morrow was Erica this is these are three yards out. You know they'll go a different route on the Smart guys at. I enjoy a fake them who Osama eco trip and I think. I think this fruit loops and Stevie well I turned out. I Barack. Outside government ultimately for the principles in this round through new rivalry going on this and it's. I don't want to even dying to answer this one advocates stopping at the bit here you wanna give granny of those who think that it's. What are the options one more time granny trans Buffy nibbles her hair and you and you'll find them all does not miss any of the options and you could make that our portable for a while I just also savoring how many cheering them estranged grandmother of poppy and he's trying to get a field where those polls the Pagoda I really have no idea might look. And I'm happier than the other looking to fight through I don't Ted's old mother moves like I don't care much views now or remove it doesn't have a vehicle we'll. I think we're maybe they'll doubles I guess I can fight through hairy that I parents and like talking available in this you know horse in this race at all you have Buffy nipple so. I didn't I really long nose hole with a really good their sanity or the number. Yeah. And doubled the centenary. Do they donate for a hard 999 hello Steve who's our first Desiree played OK hello Greg welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah all right time. All right Greg played for teams over peanuts over today. Filled I Greg Oden to show. And a great more importantly branding brand puppy sniffles are very. Hope I won't go to closing loopholes that we live. Puppy nibbles gonna strong here. It also sounds like a low rent wrap our fifth the fifth with a beautiful female. He comes on the first firfer or helicopter around for the next few artists from the food any comments. Public doubles trust of the roof Gloria aka. It's a no breakthrough and they seem to have gone away over today's culture who still around like he used to be. Welcome doesn't our Greg here is your question. When referring to a computer monitor what goes acronym LCD stand. Liquid crystal display. There are fresh conducted shaft I'd done and and no idea road yet I don't know that it right now. Really the senate where when their advertisers travelling or liquid crystal displays don't regularly got. Yeah I remember just one of those things I assume is good. Then LT DT a billion and a navy uniform market there's something you McKinley was good this little crystal display just displayed on the C on and on definitions. That's present but the sport yeah. Everything done eight point 49990 logos are next contestant rated play the game also sending a nickname for Matt how often does a man or you groaned and those who do you mean liquid crystal light and my favorite DJ us hello Jason welcome to the men's room. Well and up pretty serious. Our Jason is over now it's over. October. Quote from the show and the more importantly as far as your categories concern would be picked branding trams fluffy doubles her hair. We'll be going pretty evident on many categories I think scary thought it was the most appropriate answer for me I'm sorry did you say buried. And Harry are got a very erratic dagger but I got there are you hairy. Now do you have popular votes. You know what's weird right and I'm super hearing death but I don't like hair on women. You're not so alone enough I don't know if got a judgement military's side and a new and better shape knowledge nowadays Jason did you say Jason music you like man. Yes OK and you said that you take Terry. But you don't go for men who are burying. No I played very end here all Marion Barry okay are just totally okay do good news don't discriminate I know one bury any steady beautiful I couldn't get the totally that is good news. Oh great news. He said he I don't got no I'm Mary have you is married. And contestant lost that argument because Jason kids that are absolutely the little going to be Muslims and under their ugly. What a birthday card is just looking brighter and brighter. All happy birthday from Barrett thank you and are in urgent question. Multiple choice the very first web camp. What they did watch coffee talks the rising tide or mating tigers at the zoo. I feel like coffee pot is the answer on this one. All right John again I'd now are mr. aides there Foley's race. So instead normally will traitors and should be as he guesses and the Stacey just made hikers that the zoo what did you do all right. Yeah all I think. O'Connor is an even bigger and Beverly that I would have thought yeah. Cut to a strike stop it's just it's either at the game is big dummy for 4999. All of who's our next contestant ray played games hello Carl welcome to the men's room. Oh I know yeah. Hot Carl you're sober now for over thirty at least we're today terrorized. Thanks Carl what category are you going to pick branding trend called the new holder Harry. It will go pretty killer of little holes that since there Leo's pick over them. You can really know the donor program there dries noodles. And I mean because Edwards. Just. Hey you know. There's other stuff that goes on sale. To our nobody at gunpoint in big popular move that I. Particularly in a weird mental abuse cover something weird I'm someone else's body of sergeant not focused on math. I hit I always say they clicked something weird only so many body you're having sex with is it weird until you're done with that. And. I when you have such a little more details on the miles. Hi in our it was more of where the tail should have been. Why why did you think Julie hale when you look at her as opposed to other Pete doesn't look like a tale might have been removed are really I mean you know like. The I mean in English distract you know that you can see you know the evolution of man and escalators. Do you think he was born with a tail now so I hope not. You're not sure I don't wanna not be the source that's. Would you. A I think I'd have to iron play Heyman did you have details for we have and that's kind of weird and I need to not wanna know for sure. Art is in question who's the legendary Benedict teen mom who invented champagne and such. Girls. But it didn't. Who knows maybe almost lost more mass. They definitely know the last. Gold moved. Earlier on learning not exist and re not. I'll break down and they think they're Monty and regard can give me of all I don't birdied all unlimited and let me take you on the from a friend shared with the and semester course got the here's why should keep it. My brother used to working at TGI Friday's yet and Iraq are used to come compare. You know like he was BA's marquee in he would order a bottle of dom and you're going to see if he keeps you out is real. At all the way that I. At the are your questions and David capitol halls divorce settlement. You retain possession of nicknamed the halls and what tax freeze. It. I oh my god. When NASCAR. I don't know without encountering that hang out on the road and hit my submarines unless there have been a closer look Gomes delegates about Florida head I think I was worried are from our phones crackers are doing. I don't know we'll girl we hope I'm still alive. Who can close question. Indeed off. And David hassle hall's divorce settlement he retained possession of the nicknamed the Hoff and what catch for my question is how can that other half get his catch phrase. Do you notice countries is now but I'm trying to think but it can be don't don't cancel the hall don't hassle don't hassle law that makes yeah patting you on that if that's not yours. Well I don't know I think if she brought the cat in the relationship I'd never take a cat again everything to dig cat in any light at that's earth and I guess our mind now one of them like I mean what are what is she like so T shirts they don't Hasselhoff Maywood new. It the Marlins team that something weird that you would have to buy an ever think you records used assuming it keep you know certain. They both are 9990 the game is big got to use our next contest and ready to play the game hello John welcome to the men's room. Ole oh I. I Jones sober now for over. So for John welcome to the show. Okay F category was John really don't bring any friends nothing nibbles are hairy. Don't talk like spoiled. Thirty to forty year old limit I'm not really pretty grainy green Randy yeah ran granny Myanmar oil fields are being a. Yeah yeah. The Mimi the death. They believe ball flight as you are going to stay away immediately I had a meeting in Abu yet my mom's in the news. I'm on banana and NN why the got to be Mimi now and then we'll move money moment I thought I was Myanmar for the exact. Physically he's vocabulary is not a good miles thank you like about most Omega and it. The food you eat at a Manhattan thank my name's Charles get it right the that's that's yeah about a I Karl Barth yeah. This back the money I hear your question a suspect got it got. Name the largest freshwater lake in the world. Who. And the word is out in the name of it. Erie new. Don't go to work and which women that. Have been warned that have been left. Completely furious debate is one of. Does the name that question earlier. All right what would you find the city of tranquility. I. Or lose I had no idea. Season. The moved up. Until they landed. Apollo eleven from the I don't know watermelon. This is sometimes Mike. Sure he thinks the neat moment and he points out right you'll have to call them the union movement it's no help. I don't question what is another word for lexicon. Lexicon. You know. Cause any doubts. You know we got our our car even. If the lexicon deals with words you know we'll talk about the local lexicon words that people who. And a repertoire dictionary. If she never knew I would get a dictionary from you look up but look into to look up stuff. You think it is yeah I think that the older. What other programs have you ever used the dictionary but I got only embryos that mean if you think he's lexicon like regular go elections to local dictionary. I guess I must are used to all right the question may seventh planet from the sun. He's got this. We have a rule normal planet. The poll. Until. I guess god damn I. This they uranium left. Up stuff. Go to Israel and as a question doesn't barely spoken up there immigrants but yeah. Are named the world's biggest island. And it's not Ulster. World's biggest island. Not an outdoor. Removed. Treatment. Remember an article in the. I know that the Australians an island to the continent technically in the all afternoon thing Europe South America brown I know let's. And it hadn't picked. Based crime and gun wanna put him what color Jersey worn by the winners of each stage of the toward the wrong. ELO. Night. Well done well there on the horse's speed videos he went just six. Sales of Bruin Craig was one and done Jason was one and done enough hot Carl only took two questions about girls garner. This fears are alienated and Juba for yes exactly more a big dummy coming up a 44999. All you are listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles. Had Teflon Lloyd says maybe sales as in things not to buy add a grocery store will do the head chef right after emails the men's armaments in my dot com in the meantime the game is big dummy 8449990. Look and we have some comments I believe coming in on arm injury Paul. The poll today by the way is porn categories. Your choice says granny trans puffy nibbles or hairy. Yeah and up inaudible running away with it in the world garments and out of Rita as they come. Both in doubles all caps coffee and Apple's all caps I like discusses why can't we capital all of my puppy Noble's. Puppy. Buffy nibbles and great. While those choices are fair and I'm going nibbles and just now alluded boobs. Does grainy include old man yes include Goldman jerk tell pocono couple million yeah I agree anyway and I heard popular Harry I miss a third choice. Laughing my ad being Adolf that from Suzanne well as we have granny train them popular area that's that's the kind of version despite what others want a funny that you're talking about popping couples today. And work this morning I got told us. She stressed and I told us he takes beat six to get rid of its chunky nibbles talk. B six B six detect some muscle and blue make a man who already have a chunky knucklehead. I'd never heard that term and I don't I don't why can't I missed candy junkie bar. She routine that pulls a big brown square mean in a new mini. Did miss out they done a four part 99911. Was our next contestant ready to play a game hello John welcome to the men's room. All it's. All right John sober now for over. There they are gentlemen welcome to the show and if you're well aware of our men's room wolf. So John. Ten months. They can experience overall we're going to any granite. We're new experience so I could learn a few new tricks what's the what's and then I guess age difference down the you've ever been with somebody. Who has a higher lower Ali. Fifteen years old. About the best hole where you the time. Such school Ed thanks eighteen thank. No sense in 77. In humans are humans and their marriage was over thirty years old or she was too. It's I don't know I 800 quicktime opens I left I think and a a little boy had one of those are different here is your question. What a world famous singer whose real name is Stephanie JoAnne Angelina Drummond mop up. Let me go and and you imagine. Yeah. As long as an end. To our current yes. Maybe yeah he says Madonna. There's nowhere and Angelina Jolie I think if all proceeds from Pittsburgh and she has named it album I think Joey and protect. And I'm like one around did JoAnne pepperoni role and who. Can look at the all right your question let me see your remaining. Woods TV character said there live long and prosper. Well. And we Leonard Nimoy Spock himself. This cat man appeared close you'll meet him about Spock from him if he's learning what scenario again. The when she is put out that he was just your way and I'll get giant and while it's part of her name I and on him. It was made the made for far 9990 love ledger matzo they would what is our next because there is very glad they don't miles I have a ridiculous knowledge of Lady Gaga. That is where yeah they offend. Yeah undermine Lady Gaga. I mean I know just pop music ballots now I'm here to look ahead with its. They've done is a game a 449990. So far our men's room poll that would be between a grainy trans puffy nibbles and Harry public nibble. Puppy rules in the lead. Followed by Perry the and a two way tie for third with grainy intransigence it's. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.