10-04-17 Seg 4 Mens Room Racks Up the Wins

Wednesday, October 4th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is dumb men's room. As a result this day by foreigners around profile doesn't take color 98449990. You'll play profile that's coming up in minute. I've gone away one hour from now first quick check in my car for some of the stories and headlines he has not working out all right the FDA says love cannot be listed as an ingredients on food. And bakery in Massachusetts was doing it and got a letter telling them to stop what legs and made with love very likely. Maybe we should hear a little bit of slower and loved FDA this is all I would say. You don't really need to legislate that because no one in this country is dumb enough to believe that logo logo and Brett. Think come on ma'am we understand their point we're not that dumb but thank you. I was just always think kind of funny joke played right February especially green's love. Man FDA clearly goddamn fun police aren't as well as editor of the ingredients I'm guessing that it that it didn't start with the FDA. I think somebody will like trying to be health conscious of look see what's inside this. And some and it had a love and it's how many calories in that facility. They now can't believe what's inside that because if they would both love and then obviously than they could just whenever they want. In I know the fun police here but I noticed the as the gateway to sing whatever you want exactly I think I think somebody forced the FDA to be different I hope so. And I'll bet you are going well what do those ones don't ever calls today if it stays at the other people who run the muse had decided not to display a giant sculpture of two buildings having sex. I saw the building did you they're and then it's it's. Look if it's it's like fifth two buildings were having sex. Until illness son. Coming into anybody's gonna give a pass to commit the French draft. At all blew him away. Looks more like two robots doing it. And a look ran up French style there is the meanest the mile all right here's is almost one more boom saying there's David wouldn't Penang and annoyed when Ayers. My god man. Gas. Mona Lisa is buildings man so I mean it doesn't really. Fallen of their jurisdiction if you look you know a part of me so it will get really need to buildings having sex. Those buildings can't have sex until relax and you make it may be done and I would like half and they may get your house. Yeah I'm real I can but we did it man and if we can all look a little Condo this look like pornographic about it like they don't have general fry it. And in fact Nancy you're down home you show. Showed me the picture and if you didn't tell me what was it does look like a weird builders say you're gonna try to put a new development in the fifth it's. If the trailer. And as. In and. About half an RV had sex with a create like a B test packer great and noble lives about a double that I'll bet that creates a manufactured house. A couple of manufacturers how things have sex video brick house that's only like god L have wheels online and I made an all natural logic and here's all you need to know you can move any of those homes to a new location but it was station wagon and the keep to have sex since I was immobile sensors while it may ban kind of if the ticket if you are we having this conversation I'm sorry as well it's been such an issue the building revenue sharing and is Juan Romo did they can be in your team is right. But I don't know and dimension and a skyscraper would have a look at I don't think. Hello whenever you are no good he's billions of super risk if I. Back in my game I Phillies. Waited till they were married to have sex he needs. It's got a service anymore I don't skyscrapers but I'm sure available back. The IRS will pay equal facts Equifax for over seven million dollars to help put fraud prevention grave. Why. I mean it doesn't it doesn't anybody does it. The IRS and it played any federal agency it's funded by us like they don't actually have money we keep giving it to income tax friend has clearly. And the people that were affected by Equifax. For all of us. Whose craft has just been exposed of Equifax is a bunch of food so why we can take the money of the taxpayers who just got breached. And get them back to the company. That allowed the breach happened in the first and still unsure how do you think's the breach threat like you're taking our money and giving it to the people they are now run the risk of us losing. A bunch of her money list does not make sense to me there's still not exactly sure how it was breached so they still haven't looked into got a flat in your tire they eventually find the hole in the patch. They run and they will patch the hole in the flat Tyre area. But then the mechanics is not giving money to the nail that we should go right exactly okay good job read it that's not purely money did you argue that they have a heightened security now because they do have had a bad press like we need to overcompensate. Sorbo. The problem is but the security guard is now guarding an empty store. Like I've already I think I plummeted through Macy's and taken everything they're giving and you now outside of Macy's. Yes there is a security guard ration on those Bible there's nothing in Macy's 41 taken that's been taken it in your giving me a score based on my history can I give you. A score based on your record of doing your job you affect what are interest rates you affect every single financial things. And I'm generalize if you completely after a tough and then the people that we have to give the money to a the end of the year or get money back of the end of the year have decided. That this group of food. To inspect every one that they should get seven million are like that you have the nerve to grade. Us right. And all that Kobe Yelp review miles dissidents status and as a Miller got it down and I'm more disappointed automated at wolf actually didn't get a hostess is so waitress come over fifteen minutes. So we're drawback was that Equifax Equifax one start. Ma'am thank the city in Georgia wants to be the home of them out Amazon's new headquarters so bad. That they're offering to create a new city called the Amazon Georgia. Amazon George Romney and I had a Georgia team. You go oh. Well. Hey thanks and that's. Every this afternoon vowing to vote right that you think Georgia Georgia yeah. No it's been done before play an open who main streets after the company's. Who thinks maybe maybe it has. Probably violates the founder of the company but not not just a completely different jurisdiction. Thrillers posted a list of the previous urban legends in every state it's okay to me. Going on and follow up to. 123 year old woman in Florida stole a man's wallet by pushing him to the ground and using a knife to cut through his back pocket while you want them on occasion did. One of the man's justice. A police and Arkansas are looking for a man who's been posing as a cop while wearing a shirt that says wait for it undercover officer. And hall of like a warrior sure no no witness protection program I don't tell the good huh life time undercover. And finally we'll keep between you and I was never here to. If I am an undercover cop my shirt. We never hear the murmur. We're cynical are confident country I doubly that is to the teacher man. Because there who believe that an undercut that a man with an undercover officers shirt on is actually an undercover officers got to be just a teacher the goodbye you know. Could boost Specter all that doesn't need the thing is January there'll be moving no US TI sure cern if loser federal booting read what I never saw anyone fluke goons request booting into your fare quite clear I'm staying with Joseph got number two and actually trying to use that we've. Details comments. On how to recover I had the plastic fashion that bush for twelve months and I try to the second one and I've where all the gossip you know. People moral awful awful awful awful the fight is not a good idea and dancer not all of the man saudis for the next dance had an amendment does his Florida's out of a bunch of security cameras because he was afraid of being robbed. And the recorded in selling drugs another political unity instrument cholera Smart with. Smart enough to. Obviously stupid. I'm 33 year old man from Mississippi got pulled over the other day and one police searched his car that's on drugs at some stolen mail and a 165 dollars worth of tasty cakes and honey bunches. I think it's good. I bad a lot of tasty cakes and I am glad to put him through the three dollars and Hudson Alicia sound they'll end a year regional. And finally an eleven year old boy who nearly lost his vision based on isn't. His eyes screwed that up. An eleven year old boy nearly lost the vision based entirely on his diet I'll tell you what it was one hour from now. They are not read at your headlines and a one hour from now the first guy goes off. Street sense. Season throwing over to police aren't one now profile this is playing a short ten miles into a simple game where we start with you real like news story. Something that happened right here I'm planet earth or earth per. And I do listen to the store based on stereotypes you believed to be true people. And the decisions that people make well that's what it is you think makes the story any story. Hello old Tom welcome to the men's room. Hello topped only guy. On our army understand elegant display. Do. Here is your story. The cubs got a call. From the Oklahoma state fair in Oklahoma City. About a robbery at one of the stands now the victim told the cops and robber had a beard he was wearing a white T shirts but most importantly. He was carrying a big stuffed pink and white unicorn. Not a government funding for the man of the unicorn and it turns out he wasn't that hard to find the quickly tracked down the torn year old and they arrest by the way. He stole money from the stadium. Not the unique and believe it or not he earned a unicorn by knocking down nobody knows whom the money on the other hand. He stole my you started robbery by force possession of firearm. And commission of a felony and concealing stolen property the question is do you believe that this. Big people white uniform holding jackass is black white Maxi or H. The rules. Wanted to go either way. Yeah. Yeah yeah oath. I think in light. That's a fair one and prizes foot. To snagging free throw a baseball and a that I would never guess softball. Yeah I mean good pitching arm haven't we need to think quite pin. In my thing makes it. More Caribbean now Dan truly trying to get goes on and you can only did Europe via professional pitcher at the state fair it's just hey man. Do you know model no you don't have to take the you have a selection of things that you're going to take as far as the stuffed animal world is concerned remember those 45 different options in the big. And he Vick the you know cork bulletin where does he didn't have a kid with. Like I did my kids in the fair couple weeks ago and I walked out of there was six stopped whenever including a cramp. Nice but the kid who whipped me to a didn't seem weird I would think you can just see you guys solo carrying a big pink and white unicorn that's that's different plus why people love you courts. And Jay what do you thing at a it's a well known fact in this. At the fair yeah I did it. When the giant you know Goran you really don't like. Final observe. Title on how to do black white meg C or Asian next fat with a team you are listening to the men's or radio network. True when my. High profile those faces to the pair of all places and a guy who's pretty you know winning because. One they had giant today you know why can you give stuff you lot die guessing it's sold some money from the fair earlier. That was the bronze and then when they went looking form of course this and you're gonna need to find a guy with a giant stuff you party is pretty easy to track down so needless to say he was a busted for the shenanigans. And probably as few you thought the sky was black white Manx you're Asian and he says I you instead agreed. The I was white and I believe part of your reasoning was that white people have been court. And he's got a good pitching up and got a good pentagon but in the end schools. Okay. I am black. Really yeah yeah I think Michelle is there. Wasn't playing my teacher. You know I can't all my own good call that's a good call because I think that was my only help no doubt that. You know doing tonight crispy clean my my future you know that is why you think that a now road TV news on downtime for TV time a day. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Art when you think of Jeffrey contestants who would not what do you think their backgrounds are generally. No I would have to think it's right about educators. Lawyers look at things we spend a lot of time really. Right a lot of academia if you yes all right how do you think the bartender with fair. On another on number eight a knee I think they might do exceptionally well I so cook right some of it. There's just got Austin Rogers RA he's dominated. He's kicking ass he's a bartender. And strange thing to do he strained his image solid system probably is. Oh no he sure don't play a bartender OK well like it one of the answers was the Eagles NUM. BE. This now. Okay. Well. No I get here I'm disdain for branded as noisy as insurance. It the gap that's money. Nobody knows if you don't look at it or correct it but he threw a summertime when the kids. Well it makes playing these two as he takes chances so here he is taking a chance on final jeopardy. For some reason I picture of this athlete crying after his NBA hall of fame induction in 2009. Became mean more the end sixteen. Justin it was Michael Jordan yes. I. Bella just funny to me and I that in their for hormonal. That's not the do you think it's a winning follows our Robin Villeneuve and it's an out of jeopardy of their. And that's just. It's still jeopardy questions no one knows. Not even a month. So what what we have heard of back. Some migrated to literally is definitely not in there that's not till the whole thing is just a Dicey little wager enough for what Eric. So he actually did wager now he wager huge Bristol like at all. So even. Ouster back so like well this is crazy. I want to bring it up mainly is I want you to amendment FaceBook page and watch the video is as when he says he got the link you got the answer right. Play did you wager enough. He just puts his hands of news. Than and a red heels he just wage usually 34000. Dollars I don't know and a touch him. Mostly door the man Gervais who preach you gotta see this catch when the question do you remember. Yee ha Mike's got a I got our lives and they're gonna in the. It he said. Never again shall it be that this beautiful land will gain experience the oppression of one by another. Over to Austin Rogers he had 35000. Did you come up with the correct response from selected Nelson. Mandela he was referring to apartheid. In South Africa. Did you bet big. Hello. Yeah. The 34000. Good for you how when he's down and has even Letterman and 250000. Dollars. I wanna c.'s film like five days so far I looked up I don't know what the I don't know how long you're allowed to stay the first time. Because they didn't then didn't Jennings gonna make that he's still my human about it can't you that I believe that or potential room. That was the first guy over the white just keep coming back into your dawn or something like that is always good reporting good little mental Jenny Israeli and he maxed out. Like how you can win per week right in May be retired UN and it probably came by prison right but many came naturally tournament champions anyone mad mad. So basically any neat to bring him back for you just always want to just generally are Ken Jennings who go up against this guy against and got a super jeopardy and his ankle are all million dollars it's not an and I don't know this to be true but it it would seem like he might be currently only second to Jennings as far as how much money he's made on the show correct. And if he runs out if he. Plays up the stream or however trying to say here basically he goes to Lisa hey all right you've reached your Macs. You can't be on anymore they'll bring him back for the tournament champions Luka now if he wins that. Eating get close to matching the Jennings did. There are just over his career on the show yeah let me Jenna got to be a little nervous he's very you lose in jeopardy guy now we got this Austin Rogers you're right on as he really looks like a hipster. Also Roger Korea yet Mercedes Pellicano bushy bushy hair he's got a beard. Meanwhile what some places are describing him as quirky. Quirky QWERTY gonna Annan who doesn't want to be good for quirky rich guy yeah. Well I think it's also been a bartender is up there to school in Ohio. So he epic until you go watch video look at him any so nonchalant as again enough of that enough. And that's okay Mike you're so one guy and the audience is huge range that I go well yeah like just dirty. Just kitten and Matthew lately I've talked a lot about Tom Brady I don't know what it is. You know Ryan Gosling but you know he's he's that he's an interest teammate successful. Successful athlete. OK so it probably comes up a lot and I think. Yeah one of those guy you hear about a bit so NFL guys players they had a view press conference is all the time and it's in that. So this is kind of funny he's doing a press conference he's given me answer it just pay attention to joy here a guy kind of call his name. And then. He admits he's wrong and they have a little fun. So you know of course a long season those things right even themselves out but we're really focused on trying to do. You're much better job going we've done. That's what's gonna require you. We'll. I see he's. I'm artist Casey back up there. So he says towns may be before extending their intent there. Then that's when you can go all sorry about that false starts and the bridge it was like a fake with fleas that you and move to seat back. I thought that was pretty good but I like how quickly the guys just like. Sorry Tom. And false starts yet. I don't know how many other athletes to make you know like LeBron jeans like some of those dudes or he's that guy. You know Henican did command that I mean what did you read terror like Ray Lewis like sorry targets are many Laredo as well as he would stand in his locker with his back. Was faced toward the locker and his body toward locker and he would just sit there. It was almost like you get ready for a play and he knew that everyone was a row elements around him and then. He would turn. And they look like a crazed man men like all right. I come ready now. I'm gonna turn re snoopy rushing exactly he just turned around a little like all right who's the first dummy is gonna just in salt mine Telus and stupid but isn't what it was like incidentally. Do you like guys game. The US and quite a three braved the rubber ducks are totally put them. Yeah so there's very few times you'll be scared enough in your life and your knees literally kinda like rattled and he each other. Rightly dive boxed in a casino in front of 15100 people dep. Jews stop wasn't that nervous wreck so. Ray Lewis is part of this campaign they're gonna dump. I'm out of foul mouth and little rubber ducks in the Baltimore harbor the race sounds for charity at the right to think Ted go to camp. You asked Ray Lewis is question about if he plead the rubber ducks growing up so when I get so I look I don't know much about Ray Lewis though than at this point. He may or may not until tomorrow what I like the murder charge and what that fellow freshman. And I got to explain TU. The first image into an NFL camp from like the side of what you get on the inside that. And Ray Lewis while he looks big on TV I had never seen a man Mike. His stomach like the old staff he's a big dude but it's like ripped Olivia and he's an intense guy so I saw like he's flake the lady that thing is publicist of the day is a she kind of goes. Yes should be okay to ask that question re proud to cool that I'm like all right so then when it comes time ray gives a statement he says this podium in every question. Nobody says a word alone and it's all the local ball more guys are basically they're professionals. Nobody says the words I raise my hand I swear to god my knees are like shaking. And I just god that's threat from Beaumont patient. I'm personally nor Johnson and see if so what. So that I have got back question. And he got it stares at me. All I know it'll and then smiles but really the stare for three seconds that's a brutal the longest ride these smiles good act I don't know man over root for him we're not having had more like a battleship. Bartlett are due for a kind of outfit is just there you have three seconds yeah I could see was just thinking but I was solicited to you and most. Most intimidated ever it was it was after game and Coach Billick and the time has now on NFL analyst handles whatever. He do you realize how big this guy Kia is an enormous man he's got a huge head he's get a big body he's probably six foot 56 foot six he's just a big dude. And I can't remember what exactly had happened but someone asked the question that that that irritated the living hell autumn the team did not play that well and I I am up front not get a microphone in this place. And he you can just see the blood boiling mad and he is just give credit to just pop off. And so he psych and it was a question about an injured player and I can't remember who was because needs to do so but right now because when this hits the fan and might have been read those like. He won't be there he will be ready in the room just because he's like scream and Ursula tough parent. Dragon the microphone right in front of Billick I mean he is pissed in the room goes out completely silent. And I'm Mike. Coach that's unacceptable duo family radio show you're gonna have to change that quote this. It was as if he just death stares me man and I feel this hand in my shoulder which is Kevin Byrne who's the head of the media relations for the ravens AM married to pull it back in the ghost. When the crap hits the fan. Doesn't I didn't think that in the for. He just gave me this look like he saw he isn't it I. I only wanted to ration would be gap we should do and what does lousy football show but and our last episode for the season. Billick was going to join us give my all season I'm talking glad colonies of Darman any any Canada may have found about an Obama. So here's ability and for I was four hours he sits on them and he's sitting next middle target and we go to commercial break he does not say a word to. Again he's a very intense intimidating coming Barack. So the end of this broadcast and I just want this thing and you know some like this got to might meet you know and I just I feel uncomfortable. Being Mexico. But then my shoulders and and this is a large hand it is a very large numbers like Ono because his face doesn't change very looks angry old time's gonna look. The ghost. A listener shall cease and I think you're pretty funny. A half I. I thanks in what way you suddenly I don't know if he's messing with me how many he walked off. They had to that's a tough game and ask professionals questions about their job cam Newton's a trouble right now for the value of the female asked a question about its own good running route. Running a route and he just like what the hell do you know about running a really good argument or I it's done well funded your wounds Obama brutally clay she's a whole hell I didn't see that always he's the do you have fallen. Yeah yeah they would seek to if you ever get a chance to be in the media in worker training camp for NFL team don't eagle to solve survive screen but they have Gatorade on tap. Here are some days I mean. You see it now like at seven elevens and stuff but like I mean you know this is what fourteen years you'll know what that campsite to Serbia like they decade or you don't app. A culture as much as we can't live a soft serve ice cream machine. So I got a soft serve a cold rent and and I put the last of the chocolate sprinkles a matter and you might have all the players anyone there in the media sitting somewhere. Reynolds walks and all I hear is. I. Don't care if Rangel. Hope should the disabled clearly were traveling for Iran but Holden and physical like these do not tell those Mann added about realized. His affinity for times I get the rust of a man he was. This the problem is the tone of voice he talks in just his cadence mean it sounds like at any point he is gonna end with calling you a bit repeatedly you're right I. Temperature goes up purging itself be British democratic and I would either do not know call me you. Tony seraguso duels interviews of this tower around his waist and drop of tal about halfway through the just stand there. So. Well I think I'm at at at at and extend their naked semitism couples files that would do it. Oftentimes like talk about ratings and stuff what's the one show I was for MCI. Are. So and CIS their season premiere was good enough to make them fit right that's it. Yes the reserves are seasoned from Eritrea and they beat the mile high or the number one well I forgot about the Big Bang theory. Yahoo! number one show right now. And then you what the number two show wants to summon up old. So thick of the brave new spinoff young show that really I think that's interesting. Well they you know within a choice spot for. If you go on after Big Bang theory your NL well there are. I don't know if that's the case but I would assume because. The shows I understand young ship so to anchor a Big Bang theory is that the dude Sheldon and I got this show young Sheldon is him. And his younger life I would just assume they paired tomorrow together I don't know. They do villas they say it might them might know more about this that. She is one of the main characters back that he was like these guys can look over the years he got super popular well lifting it he's Carroll again it. Co character view I think the main characters Leonard right. Penny owed almost called a a main careless Zelda Coco is kind of what what logo you gotta like what the who's the labor signed for only Kramer. Right or again for some re he's not the main guy about eight people seem electable I guess these these employees when your character never changes. Don't forget again or just funny that shows that popular and the spin off where his was already number two well Libya success. Yeah you are correct obviously most of its operating where Iraq NFL football games with a that CBS has to be happy go out there on CBS for a big maintenance. Yes that's CBS I know I guess is also called us and yet and CIS is or CBS news. Kevin can wait. The should go and welcome Kevin James Blunt yes yeah I had no I was crazy about them get rid of the original wife and bring America we originate. Yeah because this place. They've that was their first season and they were consistently. Late tenth or eleventh in the rating to every week. And I think that for woman lost her job is Kevin just wanted to hire his friend again. I should say just can't I'm sure there's more people are right. That happened to love all god who is the guy that was on S and L for years and one of the longest tenured Kasten Darrell Hammond Darrell Ayman. And Darrell Hammond was playing Donald Trump. Yes all the throws and he had been doing Donald Trump for real long time before trump will run for broke out and do I need another two point where he started running for president was Darrell Hammond. And then Darrell Kenneth switched and was doing like the voice coming into SNL all that stuff. And when he found out that Alec Baldwin who took his job. I mean and in Carol's not the most stable guy anyway right TE had a complete meltdown and I mean like it took him a long time to to kind of come up out of that again and try to get back into a because I mean apparently was a huge blow to. Yeah NFL. Everywhere everywhere and I know I don't America I mean. It's ruthless Aaliyah and most of those people like so album leave the late I think at least half a home but there's no warning or something they. They just find out. They are regular not on the show award is a way more hand laughed and he has his own sit com and yeah. I think because for a while everyone I'm there working in team Fey Amy Poehler Jason steak and even Bill Hader does a lot of stuff behind the scenes you don't realize how involved he is right and a lot of movies and I would comedies are there writing producing directing all the stuff so. There's a point works in late everyone knew what their for a few years and and went into the stratosphere at. Yeah and somehow Darrell Hammond morals guy's been there forever and ever won the right time and everybody was funny but it just never translated. Anything more than maybe backing a David Spade and a movie binary don't Tamil stuff really piano stuff. I'm with ideas or that stories like you come we still about how much it hurt him I didn't realize and I think he's bipolar he's no logical and easy senate addiction problems and is now cardinal literally they browsing music. You couldn't open door now but he physically could move. While I like because he couldn't go anywhere in New York for their meg all right Darryl what happened priority truck drove anymore and after this he couldn't escape the because everyone who knew him knew him as that one character that time. And to his credit he's like look it's not Baldwin's fall played just. Right system but you don't think about the other side of us now it's likely that you've never had a black female comedians I'm am down low margolick. You don't hear side like she got down instantly and thousands lose the move was in years is he more Leslie Jones before those. Stratford but I mean I like move in three days is our parent and have new cast member. Yes and and that was that you oh okay well I don't doubt Larry David of same criticism for Steinfeld now has got a black man Lebanon has guess sort of it was an accredited auditor had. Have you have you guys watched new season occurred yet not yet I have not. I I was telling the maintenance hate it was a a tough day this and that I think the highlight of that day was watching you Curb Your Enthusiasm. And Leon is still living out back and merit but the back. I won't say low against hysterical. Judy smooth yet yet. So you'll intelligent smooth Izzo is ahead we I really knew him from putting tang. And a could be so let's do a burger if it's not say. A hole. And for being Leon a carver enthusiasm in Leon is a dumb character Brett but in the six years that show's been off would you see the logic used to select it took me a minute to be like. Are you remember him as is dumbed down and not just it's like a guy that actually knows what he's doing. My. Or member of your dominance. Well yes you could you get to know that's hard to be like oh yeah you're supposed to be that dumb ass guy like to see that a Smart dude. So now that he could play I know that he's a Smart man he's a good comedian now I believe he's a great actor as he could pull off being matched up after kind of six years off yeah. That it's an aerial did you advise on the way with my god you are listening to the men's or radio network timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real IL for a man or no money goes on to donuts and Fries and drink coffee for prescription drugs. You're on the National Mall could see a statue of a new 45 foot tall woman there and get pucks. Hey boys died imported materials almost makes him go blind date college reprises Kentucky radio station has put his life combined. Hey speaking of Kentucky and Robert dressed of the Coke bottle holdover rallies it is time to your headlines. It's time to eight. Yes here's Mike call. I am I in Canada and eleven year. Oh boy it was on a restricted diet food allergies and tags him off of pork lamb apples and Cheerios. And fortunately this that was not a good source of vitamins eighth and actually lead to vision issues forward. Doctor said that he was unable to see hand motions for the than twelve inches from his face Danielle Steele flip off from a foot away wouldn't even know precisely. So would rather an exit Lockerbie Barnes. I would think be blinded. You'd rather be blind and there isn't. I don't know man thanks Leslie to think I just don't know how the accommodation food causes blindness stuff Tillerson has an agency that none of vitamin and it OK there really isn't and an after six weeks of mega doses of eliminate it finally did he get his vision restored so it took six weeks aides to Hobbs said. Was that born in your we're usually get vitamin. Food that I invite I'm sorry but I was miles I'm like that sounds very unorthodox but it's like there's protein. There's an apple every day and maybe there's enough green Jerry during our daily source you know your daily vitamins or whatever. And so I Palin had a net and on air that night. Around the world or maybe a new monument to lay eyes on for a few months in DC the organizers of catharsis. On the at all. Has ended a proposal that is currently have apparently looking pretty good right now other renting a 45 foot tall statue. RE pollution. It looks like revolution but the the 161000 pound statue resembled a naked woman that the organization is open to have standing for certain for four solid months doesn't resemble later a woman or is that a statue nominated and they can make no doubt we hope you've seen yeah I was up burning and I've stood right underneath this statue all that very possession of a guess that underneath that says yeah and I voted on an Internet at at at at at I was told them early in my. You have no idea how big I don't says forty feet that's it if I see no massive. New use would you stand next to lake near a body to the pictures you look like and who got how many more mentally knowing that tall he's big too fast down there right. Are you get in there. The group of OK well hopefully I couldn't. I don't think that would be a thing was also means cool scene in the desert. Apple look a little on I think on the National Mall definitely. Make you woman I don't know. Spice it up a little bit yeah. Florida and Amanda Florida has been a resident and a drug charge different after he tried to sell prescription drugs in exchange for a cup of coffee. When you play your views the only facility like review the offer he walked at the start with a cup of copy anyway come on it's what two bucks probably. Please let her come along along with the pills that he could not provided with trips before he said that he got the pills from quote aaron's death match. Aaron's. Guy says. Didn't go look for are now. AP news on aaron's they would just muscle relax there's. So like all blasting some bad things happen to people muscle relaxes involving their bowels. He's had a better muscle and I I really work everywhere food group mustn't think that if you are relaxed and that. In Kentucky amenable to arrest relevant done disguising himself as a giant bottle of Coke. When in ruin everyone's dinner rallies I still find an hour from the restaurant which was actually closed at the time. And I made up an event driven by an accomplice was are still on the on the left is Robert rallies around the rally isn't rallies in these checkers here pretty money without putting up. The bomb's gonna rob when I demand drops down what I wouldn't want to be opens like a girl missing stuff before I feel golf. Hello you either of those places are. I'm delicious yeah it's like. It's literally like a driving on both side his numbers they have like seasoned Fries lift its well I'll say one step down. Two steps down from five guys okay. But they have brought to steps but still these yet so we think it Doug you're a local NCAA recovery is under attack from them angry fans had blocks North Carolina a lot of them for blaming the referee poorly called game and even the local Sports Radio show was encouraging harassing of the referee at his day job all that's good amount of news station for emotional stress and made the privacy and loss of business that's good thing deadlines that my guy. Tonight in Brazil CNN sever big dummy either return or no ensure loggerheads gym bag and how's a dead meat and potatoes and another round profile that is indeed it is all true we are out what the back tomorrow so until then please. Would you do mess and oral because it. Okay beautiful.