10-04-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Finally Gets Some Alone Time

Wednesday, October 4th

Emails, Who Sucks Less, What You Don't Need to Know gets gross, plus the Shot of the Day


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Classes and upheld your journey 84499. Idols go back to Bahrain near the rest of us this value background. Tell ya ya you toilets or snore in your body comes up Ijaz awake yard return to television on the what happens. Well. I got in the bed and went back to plead the everybody on the media public Norton loud enough combat climate BV's. And all of that you'll see guys pulled onto the lead me home when you grow. Sounds like you knew that the union will develop depth. Aren't so every dodger DVR are small louder and then. I just don't always says that I sought incurred. At this point he stopped mourn my scoring and looked over like scope looked all of the above don't know right. Apparently I have gone up like in my sleep well they got almost any and it's our bases and at that point I'm equally tell you what are quite like and then I'm I'm awake and on the low. He directly over to the same guy clean up by a white ball ball ball my a look down mother sent them I'm completely cut off. Get back embed all sleep I don't remember any input Adobe story a net it to a W scored an experience that actually took the normal wagon now oh about three months three months. Yeah a couple of months well I'm I'm also a United States they'll still going to look on the job is easy to drink is guilty. You can independent idea but the it's. From the start or join in in studio by sergeant hair club footed on who's also nice to hear though DS eight dollars and what are you wearing him. What do me. Somebody smells amazing don't know another cold front slowly almost always is isn't he retiring I don't know Fannie passes covering disaster as far as I read your there was Robin bottom no this is harder fresh from Briere has become our hearts what are the exact opposite powder fresh like putting fresh sheet silence among crapping all over dude we were together for fourteen years I know exactly what you spell it I just didn't smell that when I walked in May lead man I'm telling you we should do the ad for lately where am I played today hit all of additional too great so listening to dudes a conversation or a minute ago from three other stories but I don't want to tell those there was a true story that I had as well still angers Anchorage Alaska almost it was Anchorage Alaska and in a military showdown it was a different route story that I had and the Anchorage Alaska story. And the falling asleep girl's point Hendrix story. It's a story I have a quick one involves miles I had a really rotten rotten day at work he year. And I decide I'm leaving I'm gonna go have a ton to drink and I got home and ice decided to do the dumbest thing you could ever do. When you dropped call miles no doubt that. Answer I got my AS only if you wanna get drunk girl read my time and no I decided I wanted to slice Brussels sprouts. On a mandolin. Well tomorrow I'm Amanda well is annoyed slice about three or four Brussels but I guess I have a muzzle sprouts and argue that. So I have bought. I I stuck my finger so he didn't. And I and. Drunken I don't feel it. I determine if you're Europe's Idec and this just off Fawcett got us Fawcett and I'm screaming so the dog comes over in the dog that. Of that blood on the web store as well lit and well I got to calls a miles is the closest person to me busy lives like three blocks away. We call miles. Of course miles is also draw it is a big net and hey Matt impact but Obama scooter so it's okay. So now I gotta get drunk miles my keys to drive my car at all and end at the time your driving our car a whole lot no I was not so give it's a given you a blind man or thrilled with keys to your car. If he doesn't know if you can if he's drowned and I and John just so I could make him sit in the an emirate in the emergency. Room there. Good times and Allan thank Allah has why don't eat Brussels for a attack. Right that's why you don't write their air mass that's why don't drive yeah. Yeah. Using the mandolin but. They only Brussels on top eight stitches in that just the tip of the finger that even restaurants when you when you order a mentally just because of the severity like look. You caught yourself with and and be able to shut up duct tape and when you cut yourself on Amanda what might you worsened the hospital but there is a globe. That comes with that like they never just cinema and the little eight all of your shuck oysters owner is because look at some point you're gonna slip off and if you ever if you ever use the mandolin and you break your handle reliable lead at the speed and amount of pressure putting ensemble. There's nothing else like it in the world there's also a guard. That you put on top of the onion vision thing did you use it I threw it away when I got the Mandel he's. But I don't I don't know how to respond so that if you don't want a mandolin is it's like four inches wide by eight inches long and it looks like a tiny little. Do you team. Yeah basically that's it until you move your hand up and down on and it just kind of tries everything so you got you got to Brussels sprout Mets the head that's going in the guillotine said my finger was the Mac that went into its it's a piece of metal with a huge blaze easily if you wanna do except make potato chips in your start right financial potentially look fundamental you can give that then you can make it thicker but. Just keep my hand on top of the potato and now you're moving back and forth and every time we move rose played in the slicing it and I don't think there's we have the ability to go dole I've never been cement and start noted mama it's. Yes they want forever yeah I do remember we got back to my house like 1030 or drew shot yesterday. I've got hired I lose yeah delusion you know. When a dog albeit 38 more people are 999 all hello and welcome to the bedroom. They are moved our jobs. There is so they're they're there a time out. What all did meet dirty. Or a big hit in the Seattle area about what regarded her. There could go to close the circle are liberated toward me Lauren I'm 38 where he met. And complexity that means you don't wanna do yeah I will not certain if your beer and there. I knew a lot so. You know there are to this place to move pretty common almost no drinking on the job but we had the anymore. Bernstein plans called clam beer and you disputed Barack indicate to my news coverage ran out there is just brutal on the Arnold our water bottles. And so are Lugar is not all day and then I thought our shift and I proceeded to. They called night at the bar and I am. And are started walking home. Well let they are remember our name our daily emerged there all of my house. Dean all over the steps. None outside on the carpet has won in the house. And my girlfriend is screaming that need to stop. And are a turnaround. Still let loose. Though our European on the steps and are not a dirty dishwasher. So don't tell me jumpy and on the steps. And I continue to run around the house skiing on every day and some are really. Doesn't mean it was into the ground troops outside locked door left new outlook for the night. Think it's. Okay. He's on the outside that act. I let outside how many different things did you manage to piano like the soap chair and what. Yeah it was it will be well let's see Europe so I got a copy of war I got my roommate. Are these people lawyers police screen you all know at this late 2001. Right so little late. One of those one that was really big and hardly read speed of TV kind of you know until late that. Always 500 pound Aaron Miles yeah nine pounds I was just I may use that to straight men. Don't like he LL cut you know looked over my head up like. Yeah it's hot tea look as an idea how long do you take your roommate to stop being mad about that. I don't know we we tell imparted whether it certainly felt. Okay okay okay. Add to this squeezed even I used to we were to Baltimore. We were your commitment Abbas came knows he said hey. You have to do this to our show it Julian which is sports bar at this is not how it was just understand a month before this miles over the summer got one of these giant as HD or below analyst football the end where you are easily you first person I ever knew that had only a granola bars and a little bit of money then I split all of a 2000 dollar television in the NFL had just announced that aid this year some of the games as a war. Will be an HD and you had come to me Orton said ma'am on Sunday it's just about question. We want to lose big ST because there was some image first broadcast some of anything and I see many were kept in balance in this was our plan and I was like man count me in this will be also they said you guys gonna do to our live broadcast speaking about nothing but the ravens and NFL football for two hours. Like anything at all actually said. And again this is true when they came to us they say hey we have this idea. Don't feel obligated because you guys don't have to do we sue a one under they gave us the pitch and we said absolutely not we don't do I don't do and immediately they said well you have to. And I covered the ravens for a couple of years you do sports talk radio today you did sports are pretty but the bottom line is the reason you got out of it was because you hated it breath and want to I don't know little boring to talk about it like in and make it up who'd you talk about the back of guard position they don't all right why amounts amount so that we can still figure out two hours to talk about something and you know like anything out windows switchers don't stay would usually always a sports broadcast legitimately and you're working for one of the flagship stations and we did NFL but I'm sure all the major sports they so viewed they've provided you a lot of the information had an arrest so you can make quick reference I think we none of that so basically McCoy B Tony Romo can break down play our god like duty socks like we got no matter right that's how we say what a bunch of guys are a relatively free pregame prayer for everything and look at that you have the show before so three game this is a Sunday morning we always done on a Saturday night together this was just living hell so we convinced the bartender there. Because we were not allowed to drink but they were not gonna pay us for this either as a reminder. It's not just we were allowed to drink because we drink the way we drink but. They sit and essentially what was our baby sitter at the time not this guy literally stood in front of us to make sure the entire broadcast looking at us to make sure that we didn't drink so the drinks there at the time think about going to like a sizzler. Or a Bob's big boy they're like those big red cups that the sodas coming the QB I was never repeats I don't the other gigantic big gigantic red plastic cups are actually pretty cool while normally they're filled assault scheme all right well we had the guys coming out of the barn we asked for Coke. He knew to put Jack and Coke and I think we're doing it with a straw is about thirty minutes and 45 minutes in this broadcast we gonna go for two hours we are. Plastered history there's a guy in front hoses trying to make sure we don't drink and we can't even put words together we don't know what the hell would he can't have figured he doesn't know what you want him. Why are you guys seem drawer. No no question why he wanted to be here are afraid if yourself OK so low and behold now we get a job we get a job an interview so we salute and see how sweet fruit fly out. And they asked dead and another girl named Maggie let's listen and we got to cover for the show that 26 in December that's right yeah. So is the day after Christmas tends got to go do the show. Ted asked for a coach is asking the rules this is that any time we asked for it though if it's going to be a jacking up. We will not tell that unbeknownst to attend if he's been like 32 ounces of liquor at 10 AM and write all the best part of all split today. I was able to hold you expect he'd Coca-Cola and the dollars. What earned here I'll never forget the one thing I did read it was a guy from Yahoo! Sports he was traveling to New York City that morning and he was listening to our broadcast and he said although the two hosts. Any room for CBS sports. Although not Yahoo! although the two host seemed to be completely inebriated their spot on the download is that a game it came out to be true and fruition so whatever we set the beginning nobody there were hammered that's actually how to remain about filling the Steelers and ravens going to be like 69 resigned. Nobody's gonna start to help build although there are clearly inebriated it's. It seemed offers these and analysis. Our question when it out all the attorney 84499. I know we get your emails on the way to the men's or amendments or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. I sorted out albeit very end here come those emails in the men's room. Amends or live dot com. So those guys they are dead wrong about Disney world in Orlando being 89 degrees all the time like the next ex wife and I went there one year for my birthday expecting 89 instead we got there for our record cold snap 3040 green room and are dragging money on Disney fleece hats and coats. Keep on rocket as Sox. Guys are all. I'm told the store before maybe but alcohol. Does that to me anyway I'll give it short basically I was an extra pass one night in Indiana. I found myself surrounded by three big dudes who wanted to kick my ass because of it. Well the sheriff who showed up basically told me to leave the states or to go to jail now. So I left that from DB Cooper. Other instances six in my mind before more than any of the others is the first time I got drunk on hard liquor in the bottle was R&R. A very smooth very tasty whiskey found on the bottom shelf of your closest grocery store. Susteren taken shots not having during clear before I didn't know how long way between each shot see if the last was enough well I ended up bringing the entire fifth about 45 minutes. And I believe account over 35 times of throwing up the next day it felt like I was on my deathbed. I guess still drink the Richard rare though so that's good news rock gone from Kyle. I think I think he shot and RR then the end everything was still drinks still taste delicious. I was there anti review extreme else the midterm amends in my back out. As connected via the birds there because you only got to criticize my son Johnson's birthday like the actual birthday we are in the hospital prepping for a C section right now. So he's going to be here in just a few hours based on the time that this thing was sent I would have to think the baby is already here. Let's give a B only draw I Jagan throw when he pops out there much respect and love do all that from all Z. I. I'm Jim LeRoy nobody calls the first birthday a birthday right. But today interviewing or don't but they really hurt and we had a clear again but I think he's a birthdays only refer to like celebrations. Doubt they'll as a celebration and every other kid that's Fisher. For about you know thread fifteen minutes not heard this about Obama and I nobody cried my nephew James Jammer is. First rotation around the sun is today he said to have the guy and he would love a little kid they sandwich is a dirty German talk for his parents Eric and Eric. Rock on this is that from Sam. And time. Your mother about the time that she content to live. How close that Australia. I think. Yeah yeah I do parents I insults I thought Gemma was Saddam Hussein had a birthday to a very confused now I want to run Hamilton's only one. You can't have sex. Well you emerged as not to my son amazing Carter he's three and we listen to your show every day on the way home video and suck it up cupcake in original face and I always love mom and dad well. Yeah guys as my mother and dad's birthday today due to get some turtle wax and dirty Germans thanks rocket meant for you guys you Brock gonna from Kim. Overlook God's. He can grow up. I'm. We'll look they we will enjoy detecting them being stoned and I don't think Jack and being stuck. And then after that we have some stuffed cabbage. Only stuffing you'll be the cabbage. One was my son Theodore Clancy happy first birthday. Love you son look forward to many father's son shenanigans gonna get some German talk from Robin and LeRoy Jenkins thanks guys you rock. Well let me instant books that. Holy name amongst that it was set price by. Well. And ladies it's like everybody always talks to us the I can't please get a bird they thought I'd like to request a twist on the dirty Germans what thrill doing a dirty German Shannon Sharpe but that's possible and how about a smokey to pull away from Ted thanks Castro last seven change. Are ultimately. I'm going to be sucking on something that's the only. Republican side. Yeah I'm a little you can come over and a stunning. But my special strung some. Smoke each opponent. Who who could restore the program generally strong. Now general wanted to push my dear husband Michael heavy Tony birds negative please give an original face and widgets and extra dirty Germans are pleased fish sandwich. Dobbs tonight we will be looking for the through settlements and the power and submitted these yeah. Not Entrust you going to make the special country. Hi doors Edinburgh did you my wife Gloria I can't say how old she is because I'd like to wake up with a morning please garrison dirty Germans are from a thrill and Ted please. I'll go and we don't talk mode jawbone there's only one candle would need to to blow it is madness. Job and this. Much like ice cream it's a sort of banana and chocolate is. President roller boyfriends birthday is in Missouri he's thirty we've been dating for almost a year EC Bronson Weaver started dating remember him specifically saying now have a girlfriend who can ride into the men's her mom my birthday. How are given a double joy just nuts thanks guys out from Kerry. Guys the newest others are not very but sent that's also. When they first started dating the guys they now have a girlfriend can write and she remembered to right didn't work. My brother Scott's 33 birthday have been a big old LeRoy. We. Guys is my brother Kevin 35 opinions of turtle wax with a no look out and applause love the show keep on Iraq and and from Brian. Thought Luke goes. Has slumped. Colleges cannot get Ellis bullet NJ thrilled do and it ain't nothing strange about your daddy and and oh look out for my 42 birthday that from David let's NJ yeah. Warren nothing strange about Joseph net killer man I know. Only Jimmy is the name but it's just getting back from Germany visiting our told a faster looking forward to a birthday shout out of that over ten days with a German talks a good again. Turtle wax and Ray Lewis snapped a picture of yourself on the bus thanks guys out from Lance. Terrible pitcher goes out there. Yeah. Guys my brother three. 42 trip around the sun. Please tell them that can't giving birth things banks that from the distracted as worldly as higher. It's Bob. Could not afford I programs make fireballs guy been loyal listener for thirty years while you guys make my day more enjoyable I would like to get to know look out and enjoy chestnuts and maybe some dirty Germans do my girlfriend Heidi by the way and I will be enjoying a pound or two. Of that delicious men's room sausage for bullies this evening on the birthday and thanks guys for all last in the good times again. We know look out Joey chestnut and dirty Germans spoke look at. And. I don't have the joy but if you take up your shot I can you do what you. John I'm sure that Heidi is enjoying an accountant who took my. Yeah today. Because there's my dad's fiftieth rotation bid longtime listeners of you to shut up for a with a fish sandwich and Al hitting the window his name is Vince thanks guys appreciate it fish sandwich. I do go home. Yeah I did it hard I did this to learn that in a new kind of died. I greater good here at the new mayor says he has Ozzie started Germans Roger Ivins original sausage get a pound now men's or live dot com tasty and delicious from les a lot of places cinnamon you lot of restaurants and Bershard stores carried as well. I don't lecture emails here I just wanna say love to show guys Robin best radio show ever rock god that from Tanya when we have Tanya in our corner. All of Israel my name is Christopher looking to share why I was in my underwear I like to know how this works hope to hear from you guys tonight I Christopher just and its aim on your listened down to Iraq in Kansas City registered as an email and he can't get through on phones rule book when good story of what is true. A subject Jack Daniels barrel a guy's dirty talking about the Jack Daniels barrel costs go carried from time to time last time we had at it was around. 6879. Dollars and 99 cents here's another. Hello just wouldn't toward the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg Tennessee have actually done that. Our Torre I'd say the depending on the type of Jack Daniels you want it can run you anywhere between. Nine and 121000 dollars thank him for a barrel of Jack Daniels thanks guys for the entertainment. You rock underwear story guys used to work at Disney World every spring a lot of Brazilian teenagers would vacation and large groups usually separated by gender. All I was with a another employee. And Oregon to a super conservative we ran into a group of Brazilian girls and from the castle who were in their underwear because it had rained in their clothes were all wet. They had signs that said it was her eighteenth birthday my buddy could not even look at them we ought to tell the put the clothes back on. That from a Jonathan. I was in their underwear made with the mormons when stuff coming in my house talked to them through the screen door they still and leave but at least I was wearing my abroad. That from DJ that might be why they kept talking to you yeah yeah yeah. Let's see here guys in and one more than drinking and driving since then was gray didn't have a chance to hear the names of all the songs they were great any chance of getting the songs or a list of the songs you guys rock cheers which is that from Brandon. We have got up on the men's or page on FaceBook we do an senate back to my idea ABA well well that night I go programmer sort of want you don't need to know during its nose with a shout today bought first. Now the men's room wants to know. Yeah John. Blue. In the Sox last yes indeed and as always we about three contestants I won't say our first contestant is from somewhere in eastern Washington State. We're just not sure who they are blessed to save our. And in opportunistic thief I guess that's the best way to explain it nobody competing against a couple. From Pennsylvania who have a different way of disciplining their kid thanks to the movies. And on the end all be taking on recently retired US representative Tim Murphy. Out of Pennsylvania but. Let's start in eastern Washington State you guys probably remember this but there was today were a student opened fire into Freeman high school in Rockford. Actually killed one student injured three others. Or more crime was happening close by as parents rushed to make sure that the kids were safe after the shooting duke parent you lose a shooting at your kids' school. As you can imagine. Parents are bum rushing plays but while the parents parked on state route 27 trying to check on the kids. Some sold her for mother's car Aaron they know why do better which look Karloff installed the first mouth. The suspect or suspects. They says stashed fraudulent checks used only credit cards that have amounted to more than 36. Fouls in southeast us and fraudulent activity wow and all she wanted it was makes remembered while save now detective rested upon themselves at present so. There's eight schools shoot. People apart on the road to one into the school to check on the kids while they're there is a lucid and our congress steal a purse and spend money. Now let's go to Beaver County Pennsylvania where couples facing charges. After they admitted to waterboarding. Third twelve year old girl was punished now according to the report DRM Melissa Stephens. There were charged in connection with the incident which happened back in April but police learned that a probe little girl was being physically abuse. By the couple the girl told police that she was dragged into a basement bound to a chair were packing tape and rags Sheldon myself. The DM Melissa put wet towel over his face still that are backwards. Edmund portal ball could pull one Toronto waterborne. Now according to the police report the other Melissa what they openly about the the drug war more than child as a form of punishment. He told police they learned about waterboarding to remove. I'm unsure movie they saw where I'm pretty sure to see waterboarding usually it's like that terrorists not to live twelve year old kid. That ignorance and symbolism. Now let's talk about your average hypocrites would be a United States congress first and in this case you have represented a Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania and he's been praying. First anti abortion stance while the family research council he's a member of the house pro life caucus in fact. And his very own personal FaceBook page here's a quote. It's a tragic staying in America is leaving the very big say in the rest of the countries. Pass to deal as far as loft well he's a guy so he should make determinations on what went. No meeting is his decisions affect a large number of people any kind of physical harm that you present to a child in any way shape or form that's messed up I'm hopefully thinking that the kid the twelve year old daughter global fund new home. I would think did your parents who resort to Baltimore and so I'm gonna go man as bad as it sounds. No physical harm although in monetary later it was just awful showing their true. Whoever broke into the cars sold the person who racked up 36000 dollars worth fraudulent activity. That's the only one I can think government sucks the least under those circumstances. Yeah money's money but you're physically injuring a child and an hour as other people's lives and or whatever their thoughts and concerns are. You're the guy who's saying one thing and doing some a completely different so you're not at all. Only would his mistress tomorrow exactly. Yes and you think to with plate. I mean I'm with him I think I think there representative told his mistress down abortion that's just. It's typical politics of hope par for the hole their buddy yes and then obviously water bill Wolverine. At twelve year old. Like that the problem is is that they don't understand that's gonna have repercussions of this child these car into my old. And when you read through this entire horrible Mike and I were talking about earlier in the office listen man I honestly it's a horrible thing that they did. What the gobble combo was so stupid that I don't think they actually knew the severity of what it was they were doing. Then justify rooms and these people so stupid. I don't think they actually understood the magnitude. What they did have weapons of which is what makes him more terrified and it is fact I'm with mild illness when the revenue in the day. You showed up. Your child's okay your child's not the one causing the crime like you don't wanna lose that much money and it's really crappy that person problem but. At that time that he does care an elf yeah. Yeah the debate continues violate if you like an interim. On the FaceBook there on whose side slopes are still to come revert to those who shot of the day. The hour return of what you don't need to know gets gross right after days you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have to turn the men's room profiles going up all soldiering Intel's with a shot of the day the first. We're full of useless information. And do you have are too many drinks sales not to let us kill you. So landing here on the men's room shares would you don't need to know. This survey asked people are enrolled things that we all knew according to howl actually satisfying they are when you Dohmann men and one. Both agree that there's one thing that they both like to do more than anything else when their alone all by themselves. Well from its master race but I guess group. No believe another number one thing that both men and women can't agree on is. Finally getting to pass gas with no onerous. Call I don't I don't have a problem because we clean your belly button to play to be alone this afternoon and really that is a terrible smell. Nobody knows today. Clinically and others getting it they're like iron hello I'm certain some people do it with derided it something you definitely torn Europe or here are the top may explain to be alone in passing gas picking an irritating bugger watching a black head pop. Women by the way like got a lot more than men do. Picking off dead skin being in the shower which is man only yeah public approval due soon that satisfying engrossed smelling your own gas and number seven and the number eight thing that people like to do when their loans gross smelling your own arm pits two of the old okay Harry after. Of course we have the belly button and their two merry go on what's done all of mean we wanted to live at a time and time meanwhile played in natural strength then. It's it's a pure. Newsroom knows just. It's not a manager Joey enters the very best dance team with oil find out who were tells them. Yes indeed and today we chose an unidentified. Man from somewhere and southern China this is a story last week. He's staying and highrise hotel and neither he could not pay for room or just didn't want to put a problem. He hadn't planned and you don't standard that oversee and hotel like a basically they can track down the credit cards but the Perry. You can just walk down. You know I mean literally know until after the fact but no that's not his plan his plan a ball the telephone cable. The letter from the hotel's rooftop to another building and the other side of a four lane wrote in yes he wrapped his jacket around the table. And attempted to slide his way to financial freedom. Unfortunately got stuck and about the halfway point. 200 feet up in the air and people on the ground there recorder on the cell phones while he dangled there eventually. Firefighters were able to rescue them he now faces all whole slew of German. I like the idea in theory I mean but believes you could just walk out why would you think ha ha hop. I won't slide across four lanes of traffic. 200 feet off the ground a telephone cable that you can't even guarantee is gonna older wait I'm surprised it held that long that's a mean man I'm sure he started thinking about the error of his ways when he's. Holding on to the armed Tuesday to twenty stories above god camera to exit lining. What it was Nat snub cracked it like I had just kind of strong. He has that well we say that but I think if you put any of those 200 feet above the ground say hey man if you endorse what you're gonna back we would hold on protect. Yeah I'm just saying that I'm okay you can weigh 300 pound delight I got the strength in the city that congress was very. We pour the supposedly drink this booze because we think it's yummy okay so over the tong and down the world to Barney in our time days. Yeah and I hope there's. Ticket doesn't alive who dead as a player profile muzzle take color and I'm right now 844999. Alone. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.