09-13-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Wrecks It

Wednesday, September 13th

Mens Room Question: If your car could talk, what story would it tell?


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. He's real. Miles and spread. How does not embrace there return of her size plus deposit during the story we will celebrate October offense and if you are just joined the program there we do have a few new affiliates by the way 1033 of fort. Rock and in Fort Wayne, Indiana the board at that and LO five point three to bear in Blacksburg Virginia if you're just joining the program right now is a brick and as she'll be here today so over and try to the best the weekend. All kinds grazer is Michael's going out Velasco of edit the tell you had a story edited is that I can he's Kenyan anti Taylor yes sure it's about to start with and I. But a national day ma'am I would more ask him we possibly fit in the show. Well because icu. During the last break and you just swirling around the end of that drinkable that milk and it all out yeah well that's just like it just seems so even while watching I'm in my view their part on it's going to be actually what's happening in a stomach right now. Stimulating it and it's what you just watching elsewhere and hobby that I I don't pay at the moment right before the show started rob will lose in the studio first get things settled on a walk him and I blew out would I be delivered tremendous part I thought. It was excellent I thought it was also moves deep rich rob did not seem to share my enthusiasm for what I did that death and her response was in fact. All we know our question today your target top. A story what do tell a woman was assaulted when she went to a car awash in Wales and has told of her horrifying experience. She decided to come forward to go yet tell other victims they have nothing to be ashamed of describing the assault she's that I drove the car wash and Hasan. Who was serving me told me to pull my car around to the other side separating me from the other person was working there. It was at that point he lend into the car and touch my breast had a good squeeze of it and said. Nice. I didn't react and all I ignored the whole thing because I was in a state of shock you just don't think that anyone is going to do that. He then touch my leg and was stroking it saying you've got a dog there on yeah. Why I lit over to get cash out and as I got out of the car he touched my breast again the quote you've got a dog there on a dog I don't not a dog hair to be dogs they are not knowing what to do the woman went to as to the owners and told one of the employees that. This went down she said I spoke to one of the managers there. And she was just lovely she sort out the whole thing until May when I needed to deal. I was in the right frame of mind I couldn't believe what had happened I thought angry I felt frustrated. The police were brilliant they were amazing I was the one kind of downgrading it because it wasn't an intrusive sexual assault. But the policewoman assured me yet you have expenses all pretty much we have to boom boom robbing LA exactly. So she's that I just want to notify someone and I called the police and the company was appalled at what he had done. Hold your head up they say because you've done nothing to be ashamed of I just think if it was someone younger who wasn't a strong things of could have gone further. Mozilla for Zell the owner of hand car wash job. Confirm that this on was no longer working for the business he says he's not working here anymore and I apologize for what happened and ever thought he was like that otherwise would have never. Mistakenly due to act you don't miss what they think about it via a nice. Rector of saint right I mean I even just it was just a woman you know you work with somebody else's girlfriend and you. On her boots I am Sosa. I know I know is I got odds aren't disagree feels about you wanna make it very clear I mean I've hit many of boot yeah turnaround but I am sorry well there's a social a lot of times their numbers didn't. Yeah. Do you know okay. Or your targets I would story when it's LE 44999. All hello Shannon welcome to the men's room. Okay. Sells my carpet cock. It would say I'm terrible at gambling. You mean as in gambling on fart. Yes very much so we'll roll up your QB terrible latter means you have to do more than more than once. Yeah that's right at an armchair Alonzo Mourning anti gambling the real addiction. How would you go to gamblers anonymous nearby credit ma'am are you you don't give up parting it does give stuff I would aria yeah electric cars how would you mess how many times does this happen in your car you'll find me at the craps stable. 00. I. In the same garden. Yes that place how much of a metal how angry widger garbage anybody within its own zip full blown or just touching cotton mean did you completely unload Remy was the severity of these. Well. Solidarity real planet in our Mary yeah Japan definitely. Hello hi all I'm sure I'd like drain and water out of pasta made sense sees right through there. They'll enjoy your garden man it's pick your car is not making its money you're garlic I download it give cloth seats. Yes I do. A home. Abby woods are visible wet proved steam undersea when he got out of the car. Yeah very much to come at her daughter Jenny then get a go clean air like here click and you know dog beer poop off the carpet. Exactly. It would have a second time same exact scenario yoga pants back to that. The first time I didn't have anything that I quit that was going to dump fill in adequately. Ollie is there hi there I think he instruction. Now really light indict me back there. He used to have this car. Yeah not when you give someone arrive or has someone that you have somebody else drive the car knowing that they're sitting in near your brown mass. Yet. They know it earned. I don't forget what is real and did it you're gonna sit down and see that you know someone proved in or arm like you might be nice to numbering about but I promise you you don't forget share what is the common denominator here between these instances is that like a large America on oh cigarette like what is happening to shoot this stuff out of you without warning. Isaiah and yet here like gambling and I thought it would better than you're a cult though it stopped their normal older you here's state. 25. Okay how many times have you outside of the car outside of the callers you don't twice and car. I mean as a as a fairly regular occurrence that you gamble and lose. Yeah I would saying. Port Aaron I Thornton I lunge at lightweight four times in less than a year. You're 25 years old clean up the rape you're 25 reload who have gambled and you have lost I would issue and you have some type of IDS because of its mostly liquid. It is coming out of you back quickly. I think you might seriously have some kind of problem about an enemy that like look man. I like milk shake some kind of drink he won now. And there'll be a point rubbing and far do you reappoint later were I stop but you know and the rather why because. I know that this at some point turned the solids and liquids and but we never turns her solids in the liquid so that's a Davis still liquid in the good form and you go to should that's part of the thing with the ideas you to shudder signal at this point this is going to change and then I'm aware of what I've consumer and so when I'm done parting I know. Let's walk away from the big stable is and I gambling anymore you just give away money. Yes terrible feeling man nick is no whatever. You know like. I do her no one's ever have been approved the pact but no one ever said I'm you know thankfully after I had after him let him ride actively I did carry a spare pair of underwear in my backpack and they just in case I needed. But normally when that happens you don't have a spare pair of underwear gym shorts any of that stuff. And just not normal Wear and your programs. Now. Yeah fortunately they dry out quickly. Yeah but still man does the state job man did you have big man you dark cloth seats so they just kept dongle in the yoga. But you know when you clean the stain. The Jews. Its embassy none of trying to tell us think is there to formulate you can get rid of the evidence up top but. I've looked right under my calls he does have more of what you did not make enough of my body my body delivered for you may like my buddy delivered for a sub company had a little like Dyer I don't know Pontiac. Pacer whatever the little Carl's of cloths and GMC. But he delivered French Fries impeachment. He is seats smelled like a fast food deliveries are delivered what happens who agrees that militantly French Fries my pizza I mean cloth seats in and it. In the other dog you're screwed your car smells and proved out to resign if your car to talk with story what a tele 44999. Lola her car would be angry. Her car be angry tells stories. I just like in a perfect world which is ages 25 point five just to be like smoking hot race ST who the person. A you don't usually get the sweat pants they juices get back but what I like you security what have you then literally as she is cutesy. But to prefer the warning map advertisement the equipment and say hello Melissa though welcome to the bedroom. Eilat. Oh. Well on tablets as the analyst and happy earth they aptly app. Now I'll do that subject line. Got a we're usually date doesn't get rid of that Le Mans house Medea. I. And go out of my hat is a very honestly I don't pilot I can't do that I thank you guys are really really ugly hit it. I never felt so good being shot back yeah I can overdo I'm an act until warm and Fuzzy inspired me and I cannot look any view I turned around yet she's like I ate chicken wings and guess what I'm good and he's excellent. But that the I am following that pattern. I eat that they eat. I would get at a makeshift that it will report out of our somebody. Door it was a jar it was open it in the I would like China and for that door for that it's okay baby I need your door. I give me your door and that that's not think about that so the record don't call me baby I called. So I'd never been stolen before but I never but he tried Gillick our peace Serb it. Why is that they they'll be what do you need Erie the killing of distilling is it's easier you need prizes do you understand Melissa that from your point of view the entire situations. But true to a mile says I am never received a camera it's like okay I'm still in this for parts. I'm not ministerial you don't need I was driver's side deal that Brett pretend Joan a Jeep. I'm just gonna say the Dora needed. You know the thing is though as far as crime goes and this is an like look if you're criminal big criminal I'm not trying to encourage you to do things but if you're going to do bad things. Like trying to be subtle to the Parma cops aren't and I see guys drive by and we'll come regarded as a you have got Honda Civic. Addict and I'd drive by me and Honda Civic I don't bet my last because it seemed like 95% of American driver concept as I see the same guy walks by means with just a car door. Under the taken to the side man to do nothing about that that's not suspicious almighty is the military. If you're a crook just take the whole call look I have been dried I've been driving to work in the middle of Baltimore city. And I've seen a guy with a shopping carts from the grocery store relies hauling like a 56 inch television through the middle of the street and Nolan even questioned. But I mean there right there and I'm bald guy who's gonna take this television every night or I don't know account probably just bought it at 3 o'clock in the morning. Items are horrible thing that's not a horrible thing about ball in theory it sounds good but I was explaining this from happening a product of the city schools there. They Baltimore city is now allowing students there to have you can use a miniature horse as a service. And I explained to miles the build miniature horses have done nothing to deserve the fate. And I wage for. I might even say in a miracle miles ma'am nothing good is going to have the horses nothing's good to going to happen to the students you're gonna get ugly it's going to get ugly written they're going to reconsider this within three they're not gonna have a short of blue mark my words we're going to reconsider your target Douglas story when it Delhi for Ford 999. All holt live gov or your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. So yeah. Yeah. Come Andre Intel's really shallow day there return of whom Sox last coming up our question of your car can top what story when it tell a 44999. Cola. Road home when. Come to the men's room. Occurred nor heard our cars. Paper well am I got into the suggestion or are you on that lactose. He did make a thing called black delayed you a little detainee bill eat that before you know ticket and to be good to go. Yeah but see here's the thing the probable that's supplement like paid about those fills my biggest issue them is that they work. And then I don't. You gotta understand man look. And my stomach is not going to be all cramped up which of these particular dreams do not new and I just far removed our weapons that might know workers that are you know he'd do they care thank. He doesn't care thinks terrorists or just start out that don't bother he doesn't yeah I only care from pain but me forty making other people suffered that brings me immense joy I got me out of it. Bear muscles aren't good looking out and got I don't let it dough and the like as though they work in Oakland years. God that. I took my carpet talking. Not 1987. I'm brand new the Seattle I've got an 1972. Fiery red. Ran Carol. O'Meara and Mike 'cause then that I lived here and his dad throws these monster. Fourth of July parties. So big that it's like you walker on the yard you find in the eighties just laying around might. That have fallen out of people's pockets and bags and things so I stuffed these M eighties in my in my pocket. And my cousin my other cousin that took you there he's got class the next morning and I'm trying to tell him no ditched its the glass it's the class. He's like no I can't do that so he takes me home and a site. I'm not ready for this party to end yet so I'm thinking in downtown Seattle got to be alert. I may rise downtown. Site. Yeah I was M eighties downtown any city that predate your fireworks. What I wells the united forgot I had him in my pocket. And I there's nothing going on downtown it's it's probably too late. But I keep these kids on the corner late in their little firecrackers and did not cinema and I'm thinking. I'm gonna give these guys are good time on the through this and maybe out there and and then kind of drive off to let this thing blow up. Plus I was down about her drink so that it's down about two inches and I lied it's. I go to throw it out the window and my fingers hit that hit the glass and the animated bolt onto the floor of the car. Me. Max news. So I I didn't have time right so I grabbed it again and I go to put it out the window this time and it. It's a glass installed on the floor again try to attract a third. Third camp but it does the same thing and at this point it's like I'm past the point of being able to reach down and grab distinction RR I thought it was next to the door. On the carpet on the floor. It was a my seat so I learn the loss the the Carter to the bench seat in the in the in the wrench Terrell. I'm thinking it just didn't go off well it rolls under. My cheek. Who is sitting on the seats so it goes up late in the middle of my seat. And my whole car is now building with what the smoke of this and maybe smoke going to be going up the windows. He's getting your lap but they're a soft way rolls around and terrorists. As Emma Stone rolling down a road minder at this time so it's like I just kind of kept my table to my eyelids. And get out of their battle right hand so. I did your youth ball over or new army your heirs have to be ringing in her eyes are staying in your ass hurt your cars full of smoke a medium. Did you out of the car at some point kind of regroup. I did regrouped and I'm like OK I discovered get out of here go home you know cut my losses and I drive around the block in my car ran out of gas. So now I'm like pushing it further to the gas station and I'm thinking of this law I need my car smoke like MAD. I'm out of gas we're gonna where's the cup probably gonna pull me over and over well I pushed my car up to the top of the hill and it's searchable data on the hill Willis going after the my cancer book all the way across intersections. And Reverend Wright into us upside. I know better. The aristocrats. The so at this point I think I'd probably have one too many charity before all of this happened so IA this. I don't point out that I was drunk right now on this is what I don't love that little nugget out I had the most could go off automobile goal would Smith and ran out of gas is now rolling down hill or didn't sanction it if the stop sign in just one more thing I'm pretty drunkenness is that it is car and truck or truck in the call so what what decision do you make now. So now I decided that I don't think anybody's side so called dip my gas a driver down the ballparks. A light on the other side of this stops saying. And I'll get out of metal box of tools and collect my. Souvenir of this entire situations like Kate to parking no parking and the and the stops. Because I was in such good you know. My mind is where you don't drive that when you van explosives go off in a car you've taken out the stops time and your final decision was an oil. I'm gonna steal these goddamn substance and drive all that's. Great to get a direct and might sawed off my cart guitar to it would have talked out of this great big hole in my seat that I had to buy the next. Now until I got rid of the car so I had to stuff a just a little in the. Earlier they always sound like one of the be able from the movie alien and assembly would have said you know he'll argue yeah. But do you still higher testicles under what do you do for a living I'm just curious to know. Oh I hear a word Syria and aviation company that sells really great big they're played. Now oh well you have to Donald McDonald Douglas you're the guy okay. I feel very comforted by your targets are good story what it's LE 44999. Old guy from Texas you're going often call did not have a French accent. We've done Airbus. He ever race could not hear them hello Jared and welcome to the men's room. All look anyway yeah. Okay so the cult or not I'm moving down out of state last weekend to her last week in the day. Well we get out we leave early get on the road on I ninety. Japan typical law. It's one Mac windier. Oh. How long you've been on the road to this point maybe thirty minutes. About one hour one hour you get a deer and to total your car. Armed. Rudy beat me. I don't know he did make a thirteen hundred mile drive up the all right these he had both a lights and all that stubborn things functioning correctly radiator was organ everything. Our radiator was work in. Power steering was not true and now one headlight out broke did you break when you saw the deer. Are often go I hit him. Tokens at the Iraq that was only be regarded dog it was. You know it it it even we had. We took guard sixteen year old Hager and high school driving stuff in West Virginia. And the instructor was really adamant about this is like look here's the deal with the way the cars are gold these days those laser like. Because he always talk like that the foreign cars were indeed he was still that guy Greg he taught you know like you had a drive and it'll still the foreign car was the enemy. And he called him a derogatory car it's ever talked about it you know and me it's like you go long limb so but it but that was this thing is like a man. Now these car skeptics front we goal from disc brakes when ever since so here's the deal. You see it EC dear man you just got to gut it and because if you don't then the front of your noses gonna dive down your basically gonna launch more of the cavity of the animal Granger went gentlemen your windshield so ideally if you can. Which doesn't sound like the safest thing. He's like you gotta gotta man you see it he's got to go alright man of attack and it's going to be that close you gotta hit the gas where it breaks he looked at me I'm full of hate and rage among our. I animals in your targets I would story when it's LE 44999. All there and have real road. Somalis out of the broad elsewhere or how you lived in a longer and Durbin after somebody else at the dollar and they're trying to help them out. Now it is awful yes we're like outside of a 7-Eleven and then I need to hit the dogs crying and in somebody's whole bit. What you do is you just look each dot chosen along the way a macular equity and even my own eleven big by putting on the money list. Truthfully I was like twelve or thirteen while I was crying my father Bob whatever he was behind it Cephalon have him kind of what let's go. Yeah it's gonna take a brother had an upside down slurping and a baseball hat in under the meaning his defense we stopped to make sure the dog was OK we solid get to 7-Eleven and he buttons now actually it's our problem. And I don't Ronald OK if your targets I would story when a tele for foreign. Border guards tell us. Well. It would tell you that I am praying that their particular into their lives and a. Alba. Nancy in little alpaca and he got into her. I mean we'd get some that he should be. And I came home in his only at the mountain Greg King and I knew it was time to go to the net. You really that's who did the ball we mouth alpaca. Well yeah all we need to go why why did you have an alpaca what was the purpose of the Sox I live and eat. I'll got. Lol I mean is an alpaca up pets. Visited giving you billion either later relate. Let me get a dogged to buddy if you get cat could crazy via the birds to your crazier if you have a fish it's to give kids but why why am I getting an alpaca. Well. That kind of like having. A cartoon show allied acting I can show there's not our key. They're you know weird they make it giant killers and they bomb on women and me. You know or do you want out of an animal well you know what that did that rejects all got sold sold have to look you should sell samples of food costs go to get people to get the bigger bags of the pros and you know he. I could take an alpaca over a Lama and everyday of the week I would sure. All well two top. Seed put this up mag I guess what in your car. Yeah so I'm Mike and had died. At at that moment it is bent on its way out it would not make a call out of the bat you know if you need to get a Barnicle have come out. And and I knew that you know you gotta do what you gotta do so I. Crammed them into the front seat of my little Toyota truck. You've put ammonia rods. Why would you put him in the Betemit I don't know a lot about a packet to admit that but does its foreign space through those I think I would try to toll old Dell put him in the back to that stuff economic drive an external packet roomy enough are now packed into her breath you take out the new 2072. Out its public today. None opinion has yet to be eaten I didn't have any cover heaping on the map that he wouldn't get jumped out. I went men drag them down the street. Though she doesn't think this had happened that way and so he's he's kinda neat lean. Over the latched. And then it is but it up against the out hoosiers died. And I'm kind of get over the below par which at its neck and then it had you know like he's cupid and grads and. Good thing being not alpaca Q on to my out the window. The driver's window and I'm just Ellen like hey I gave downstate by and I I had to pick. The bat well. I ate I didn't go against everything that direct it I don't think I'm I'm an idiot if you think the four lane interstate it's blazing through even caught up. Yeah I'll be damned if I'm. Anyway I. Think it did you got a about wrapping up a run and a lot of good I don't know if. But the vast residential window so everything is that it is alpaca response team of their latest events in a foreign. Oh well you eat when you call and then that bet there apparently is either but yeah you can't get an appointment without you take two weeks. So that tricky as to if you take your animal in the best she actually in there Eaton and. And looking at that look at that now that you you figure this system out. If you see the sandwich all your relatives and would you people. Yeah. So selling up there and I told him. Is a good and I can't even I've bills and Brad are proper and right about that Democrats don't remember there was it. And very wet beaten and so I'm. Just like you predicted. Yeah like I you know at nothing several times than he'll be eat it's damaged that it Colligan. Mean that and had a reception at that say about. Mean he had doesn't have any appointment for a week and a half. Yeah counts and you really can't go back what he's saying is he really doesn't have any appointment earlier don't have that resides interpreting. I thought that he savior alpaca this damaging that it. But it would never let you know people say. They're damn product don't activated charcoal that there's never get any way and saying if you. It's fairly innocuous. And you gotta get it into the belly and and it protects them and deliver a few million employees and. Bring your dog or whatever it is and go to panic but anyway. How do you get a big yeah that's dumped into. A pew key alpaca is your show total gold ounce mount. It's easier. Usually if you put it to end whether or not. Oh yeah the old indeed tube on computing llama I alpaca alpaca do they submitted this they did they say the alpaca. We're only yeah yeah it definitely you went into. You look like you're gonna die there about five days that he yeah I. I've made out okay got after the out agonize right you can you can even. I mean I I've eaten alpaca Butler but I wasn't named temporary what does it taste like. And if people say you'd like elk. Oca I can't. If the conservatives of Pepe burgers and now after the vet does this do you have the drive Pepe bank the same way that you drove him to the vet. Can't get back in our. And you think he had a really awful situation because the bat had to pick the Cuban his nose and then back right to to. Click to enlarge the weight bout one ticket yet and so there's a lot of reps. That's from all the cocaine abuse that that I don't throughout the years it. Really damaged its nostrils. I doubt that it doesn't believe in loop so anyways I. Now would be in bed doesn't believe in Lula. Are you saying goes on we have a you have a New Orleans fury alone as Lou but the NG two before you showdown with the nostrils goes in oldies. Well it is stabilized and and that let myself I'd bring wrangled a little below. That of why the glove compartment. Is you know Paula. Shelley anyway. Yeah an open. I presented. We just ask this question has figured it would be you know. Mike Mike can close your neck of the world it is as if this you know we really had the one that incident. Then all of a sudden these people out of nowhere. On Crimean glove I don't rely more crazy no lame little river clear about those aren't so years or ten years ago now whatever was nude. Especially abortion or skills and because. He was playing the catcher Mickey blue and prevent the flu and he flew in from like England or something but the thing is you got to remember Mike like that's the story we heard minutes that he went to weigh in animal brothels. Yeah I mean I mean that's how close was that you were your house you know what I never actually looked up with a brothel once again I candidate of guys I am sure I could finally cross streets and I think I would be. Disturbingly close to where he was at because there are a lot of fields where I was that. Well that's still prompt to adjust a lot of farms men and so the incident happened I I spent the time down mentality of pop says the he had already talked about making it like the equestrian. Kind of capital of the state fortunate to have to did it almost more president. Late less than a year after that incident they erected like LeBron towards downtown on the math just like the timing in the crowd ironic given a lot of our really ironic if you walked into the the animal brothel down there and and there's of edges and honey that's in is that I. They're I would usually say the key to any hubris and which you get quicker serve. Yeah you can't an agenda that that's any vet in the hospital will take an emergency before anything else they have books on it emerged he doesn't have to be sitting there eating a sandwich but in the him at an event of emergencies you go there if they can't take care of you nobles and you want your way to orient you to be you know we have an alpaca emergency. Other honorees duking which go way. About things big man whether she ever shear is like alpaca blankets and stuff also. Now it's us and watch what you have and I'll packets and also the Jews had to pepper right to be a pet. Yeah man has deals like they knew I had like a dinosaur threw up on people in all the fun things yeah there's you're just Joseph Pepe a man like did the result in us you don't like Pepe was that that was a more Q this year and kept. If your targets are good story when it's LE four or 999 hole and ensure that means your town. Hello David welcome to the men's room. All I need time. All right bill more like carpet belt me. Resulted doubt. That Michael. Manhattan that. I mean it's obvious stories seems weird now. Yeah so. The first time. To talk about it Mariner's game and do little other parents and we got back and you don't believe umbrella. That I can't oh god or. Your credit there but everything's. A big deal. And I acknowledge but then. And dad and her parents got walked in a dead birds freaked out of course. And I'm not sure daughter really. Must. And you know and in the rose burglary and say yeah you know I think our fourth man hang courses we'll get back to him but yet. Dad's gonna freak out no matter what to Wear to meet you saw your movies and if your car good dog good story when it's LA 449990. Lamar calls on the way you are listening to the beds are radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle men's room. Look pregnant tells this validates me up plaza dream story does celebrate act told us that stark question. If your targets are good story what it tell a 44999. Cola. As those Shane welcome to the men's room. And I. We don't mind being I don't know as eager or I'm painting a wall right now aren't. Yeah. David all of my gardening and motor cycle will stay in front illegal late hit. Whether. And the like certainly hurt I rarely hit a really close call but. And the like only one doing all right I have a better word than that night I vaguely remember actually I can't get out. Actually a party out mother would shoot. And now. You were you part of the bachelor party. Yeah that's impressed. I knew it it was target brand new. Made an American friend Haley didn't they were all natives in the house and you know some these guys were yelled Simone plan laid it. Actually I hit a black broken record long your mama jokes. And not. If it didn't go. It will play well but at that point oh didn't carry out this plate they didn't they didn't let me everything but they got close. On the guy. John driving. Now trustworthy player herself. That's so late where way they'd carry your blacked out drug gas out of me bachelor party which of the present. And what you in your caller. Well I don't know it's still somewhat mobile I'm Mike you feel any bears. And you know I'm really petered sleep in their neighborhood that was questionable and that players telegraphed back ten more. No. I don't know I mean I I remember I mean the hairpin turn on the freeway woke me up a little bit but apparently it. I I would I have been thinking and you know I edited about ninety and herself. And now. A four cylinder car would know suspension you have going ninety hammered. Did you realize that this might not have been the best decision in the world. Yeah yeah outlining. I can thank Tony Tony Tony but I mean yeah you gotta I good got to look at it and you know I needed any the next day it next couple later. Pretty route let us. Yeah yeah those quotes are looking into every happened to contribute all have about five years sober a couple of months so good for you on. And silver lining but he ally close to call them up on motorcycles to you know when he had three Eli. Legally he probably should have had 300. I got cut for the three and now he had just WW I. Yeah man Ali I got a Ryder lateral wells is alive to. A did you don't do you remember any of your yo mama jokes. I'll come. I really don't I mean if you tell I would that ground they probably learned. You know cable friendly you know they were probably a little bit on that the rubber siding out. I apparently. One of these large gentleman that did mom has just passed. And I love that man and a and an apparently oh yeah. Under real action that in that you get real dirt that they had to hold them back like that out pretty. I was pretty out there right I don't remember all that part but I remember they hairpin turn on the back you can mark. I damn man I guess in some way that party sit easy on the U mama jokes and he does flowers that are really. Rags to live back kind of warn you if your targets are good story when it's LE 449990. Hello Mike welcome to the men's room. He didn't pull its. Oh yeah. So my story starts over in north immigrant. It's also in a group of us and we're seeing and it'll all armor. My annoyance hang out little hand and Al Gore for dreaming of it Kerio a year ago at bar hearing millionaire. If your car get to talk. Blood story what Intel only 44999. Cola that's a 44999. Almost agent by the drink a story coming out as we celebrate. October fest. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.