09-13-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Takes a Drive

Wednesday, September 13th

Mens Room Question: If your car could talk, what story would it tell?


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So great during the last dance performance should you suspect anything his lake. Is partially when they come back and go hey turns out you're right we're gonna get points and hit a good black woman to vet comes when the Bieber comes back and goes hey man. You were off on that one right dialed up I am a bit of like we're taking 800 dollar things. That goes to a man who looks on the faces one thing about jeopardy and and all coats and keep your asking him. You know will port didn't scream yell you they have jeopardy you keep it got it appears nobody throws her hands up funeral events around so when I go back from the break. Who said we're sorry you said what is the Renaissance attention rural school. And now we're Didier on the way and they put the camera and when. You know how hard it is for the first in the through the camera not just mouth like. You know I think if you're so good their member of the hole that goes facility just lose or draw back I'm overweight people who lever. And if it. How to data to get that thing you got a 44999012. Runs they name Rondo get mad hello McGill. The jewel yet until I collapse you reckon I don't know her name is Miguel Miguel herself well and we would you can't. Get the deal. But no luck always. Mike what one out of there. A month they degrade and we don't Obama goes crazy it was a question he clearly you've rehearsed this many times giveaway. Does an amazing over Ashley 35 trip around the earth you love your show watches and listens every day if you guys conduct and dirty German tour that would be great thanks guys rock on from Jamie. I'm not saying that it is chilly but I want to use Joe Buck to a commission. Yeah I've eats cheap and second the formal. I might even put them. God catcher's mask. And I think over time the more we see out to back realize what a Maine yeah it. My way overplayed I do like you make Diego and all the way how old is seventy some years only does that. Yet you feel like you go to Alex direct south from Canada to look at of course. And Mikey chopper went back and yet he's hunted down and moves earlier that day here that we could even use a weapon anything of him is like being in sixty years and when he's he's quite a bit older. Yet used uses almost that as a boomerang. Read write all the space they got a bird at them right back windows live that would pretty cool ivy that's bad. You think your back like smokes up a hotel room that John anything like enjoy the global. Let me take that. I don't know I mean I just address the ball into the BI as soon Canadians we joys of the year death that could be just stereotype. They legalize their water type but I do believe he enjoys good. Hello old Russell you're welcome to the bedroom. Oh oh ha. As far trip you've got to clear it and puppies there's no matter what their own tomorrow. Clear a puppy but you. But yet what she's eleven years old what did you do you hope you call here to do is talk about puppy yeah I mean I don't know what ya America the red lobster too. You're the second ranking a year I think that fusion market radio. And I'll tell you about my puppies were putting down tomorrow I get Merced red lines and their crowd. And all you need to know. The Mariners sure are true. Though does the dog being put down with a puppy yet know after the third round tomorrow she's the lab is out of it is all about me or. But for a bold new earlier of those means and and it's clear. And yeah that's why you damn world you want out I don't know. You can. First a quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working. So. Oh you know it's going on there. What's that his microphone doesn't work hey are you have to come and I've been I don't think any of those microphones were. Expand the primarily as a more microphones are dead yeah that was a killing and the turn of the megaphones they don't work. This is well oiled machine we have each now money you know I'm learning that you know we want this is on his news is it yeah I'm not familiar place ridiculous Sox then I know I look at output and a 900 documents that they unsuitable renders you wanna posted anything that might get a like if I forgot your birthday by the way I was I'm sorry apologize right now and I get a ball I was in the would you consider that I think that can't be true. Although my extra hole bunker that if they don't know I can you don't. A tribal woman working now I know. I thought Evan earlier right to build a broad public health exam. And Sandra absolutely have to learn thugs that there. Are the. You'll be able. It's it's. Great to look the mother a program. Tell me why it's on the 196070. In my golf tournaments pre nine. So I mean we're talking about the summer along you know maybe it's not that weird urge overkill but the song in 1994 it was still OK good variety. If the father O'Connor and I think that only not to go to jail like the second half. Hold on baseball happens you're in jail and compete in the could be possible the amount. I don't know why I think of wielding as a white professionally do. You know because there really well I think that you were both have ever seen in my life it's not like today have that knowledge of knowing that that would work you have to read it in a scientific. What they give the wanna go they say this on the news right. Because they did they definitely. She'd twelve or whatever or darker so right I mean those welder guy doesn't play but if the news covered it for him and he stole a car is stolen car look out for watching steal a car he has no idea they trail with the common man of improving the sentence like get your goat. Just never seen a lover's mask slip up and the black to ever would not surprised by what you know immaculate welding might yet. I have two friends that are randomly just wellbeing now just to kind of do it. I mean that it feels really like it does there is picking up welding kind of for the hell to me well we look like granola and get typical white person I'm of that. Exceeds while I would think the teams with the two of the Carolinas all the time exactly. And now and I know. Even if you're trying to answer the phone he's not a little Liberia and I have been here if it. It's it's it's like love is immense come off a Barack or Hillary I guess if if this were called off the trend is there a little bit of it is what it is that there. You're doing a great job we're doing good manner but we'll find a way the idiotic remarks it never really know you don't wealthy. The mics don't worry you don't know at least he's not good domino Bob did you write a book that there are things. I'm not a gap thumbnail Marat Glendale are often don't ever come back in my ears of the Miller had not and a Iberian Iraq. Feel lucky to cool it. What bad breath. Not a lot he. That only a little lady and now you're you're now you're going with it into a bag every day. Oh yeah so they go to movies here airplane. People pick you up to them that things. Doesn't have an actual band. Yes why would you be good to go I mean don't you what this team to stay in the bag. Like you and make a bit ironic isn't it isn't clear bag he's CNN. Yes like a doctor scholl's wildly and that he clear to me like the look like a gel insert with a blue liquid but it district. So what food. Are you shocked that doesn't digest as well as other cute little plainly see that. You can record straight to it it's not it's not merely okay and you can even more like it makes it if you local neurological. Good ear corn and it's when you it's what you didn't like you've seen it. You don't fret if you don't. That you're gonna look at normal when you don't go Arnold he was tied and crevice that you can decide let them. The are there fairly uncertain and gloves three Americans are unstable and Orlando we can have a go to fan would think that. Now done men's room legacy continues. Gently what you're about here is real and the members of this radio program are simply not a bad break. You're really stupid. That's trying to offend anyone on purpose. And lord and I'm originally invited to join the party. This is done. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. And thrilled with the violence and friend. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And you're. And when things you are. Wow. Okay go out in Arizona our 2670. Now and blow was even throw he'll. Be dead Smith and then. In my car. Yeah our enemy Israel a. Campaign returned a blue Sox the last eight. Positive bringing stories celebrates October of best. Get ready to play profile this. Plus headlines to read their job today fumble as their emails and everyone's favorite TV time would take back factory ended down trying to go Canadian woman gets priority then drives twenty miles with a obliged. In the grill her car. We think halo where a 101000 dollar reward is offered free stolen blind baby goat they hope didn't go far. Turns out Kim Jong-un has a really really really big mama. To the US Virgin Islands where lack of need is not keeping the locals there come and it's official. Los Angeles will host good do we really care anymore 2048. Summer Olympics. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. Oh not bad news good day to you and York aren't big about your call or your truck whatever your vehicle of choice. Weird things happen in its and around it or because it through the quick sample of what I'm talking. Does that headline. To drug runners get caught after living thirteen year old drive your car. That was in Colorado and Florida. A guy with so high on drugs and a path that we are and we'll. And the regret. Into rehab sit down to being in England a guy he decided to wait the call while those white grabbed a few quick groceries. So imagine her surprise. Which you came back outside to find her husband being arrested you'll see what she was grabbing beaten belt he started milking his meat. Someone saw masturbating they called cops and off we went to jail. But the UK's things where we go to Wales. But the woman at a car walk when employees reached over window. Grabbed her boobs and said and I quote. I got there and according the whole world of mobile what what what I'm just isn't that good or Washington it it if it. But quite 'cause that they've never been a goal it's a magnet for the goods orders a woman in Calgary tomorrow to broader role yet to be stopped by a stranger before realizing that kid you know. The coyotes document rollover car hey man these things happen but. It's not always so much what you don't by accident the car. It's just things that you do in your car so we are madly man oh man imagine a barge could fall. That being that they would tell us and that's exactly what today's question it. If you're car at all. What story would attack their brother Joseph caught 844999. All Uga like commence their month FaceBook falls onto it remains a live. Answering your emails to the men's room and midterm live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you'll. It's true. How does that oil to go on the show number 2679. What do they care and have great data exciting return of a positive bringing story as we get into the a yearly celebration known as October of fast. And the return of who sucks lessons they were gonna talk about your car we thought about we're kind of but again the question. A different ways that we could phrase the question obviously due to get the correct response but ultimately one thing that we did understand is if your car can talk. It definitely has more dirt on you than any of your friends any of your significant others I mean that you do things in the car that you would never do in front of anybody else. You might masturbating give knows what you actually listened to you would never far forty times in front of your significant other in the morning would you get in that car manual that ripped a curling dude. And every single whatever is meant babies practice double every morning your constant nose picker I mean if the car can just analyze you look at you you it would just go man body. Come on man I'm your car have a little respect but fortunately for you. You Carr can't tell but today we go with a little hypothetically here in if your card could talking once story. Would it tell and we'll start with the as well the story that happened in and Canada. Wiley Coyote so the story goes on May be accustomed to vehicular chaos but it was one of his cousins in the great white north they're took a wild ride last week this guy are great writer at at at our old you slow boy. Gregory. To her job in Calgary early 1 morning when a coyote ran out in front ever car. I heard a crunchy rights and just like serial coyotes for now the do we is this a coyote or is is the coyotes and I thought well now look I always say coyote but we gotta gotta called show maybe lastly I used from Wyoming and they're the man's man he called I believe dividends please throw you do both. Go to your tie but I see the sort of sounds like to meet you garlic title at Billick is someone that deals with the actively like some of my right like you guys are you normal lion like me if it's a coyote I noted is but I don't have to deal Wiley Coyote just like the writer says why. Yes so basically you heard the crunch and she thought she'd ran over the Vick the coyote in and had survived so she just kept on driving. It goes when you got a closer a little closer to work last stop at a traffic light of the construction worker flagged her down and noticed that there was a in fact coyotes still embedded in it in the front of the car. He looks. It looks like just sleeping and something did he actually looks called me clearly he's here not bright yet in the journal of the coyote that she did back in air dried. Was caught in the grill and it just looked up and blinked at me quote. Knox got Albert is fish and wildlife agency to free the coyote which suffered only minimal injuries believe it or not it was given a thumbs up and released back into the wild. Some twenty miles march almost which is how far they went down the road. An item arrived back. I don't coyotes who they are everywhere they go I don't walk back well you know they've heard you are stunned that. The fact that the animal did not sustain a much injury Digi. Quote hated it highway speeds here assuming 65 miles an hour uh oh boy was two kilometers around the say that Susan I'm ninety is I don't know ninety kilometers and a guest tonight. Do we know I mean you always yours and was 65 miles per hour and I are not uncommon when I drive I don't know I try everything in. In an Canadian car is that kilometer oust Saddam that are bigger. I really am more numbers I don't sailor but I look at my American car and driving can I got to look at the small little numbers on the original intent the trip I had to look at at the final that notch as you know and I'm not really shore and then I figured out and have an unlocked in. But if I'm in at a car for go by car in Canada. I mean technically wouldn't kilometers per hour be the bad guy number on the power does if you borrowed the car in Canada right I would think this madame well they don't Canadian numbers you are call or anywhere on earth outside of America technically in Monrovia Liberia I believe yet being clobbered so really it's only gonna suck if you drive your American car indicating that. And busy skews work. I thought Canada all the signs are to be in French and English. But failed car owners Mohamad talk about the glow of the number of letters yet. Within the numbers would be different aren't allowed to zero miles per hour. 65 card race market being the predominant number the kilometer number would be the predominant number that was my main numbers Susie 65 miles an hours a 104 kilometers under for our lives for a rat the other until the matter of its French it would still say the. 100 Ida Lorena I know we would what happened there was I was I mean you don't listen to realize this is number two man you have to you mentioned English ever thought highly Novak is a terrible movie Canadian bacon thoughtful and I was thinking and I'm like oh my job my American car out there they got a cavity kilometers and miles yeah. Now they don't well the woman who headed it's hit a coyote says clearly mother nature had. Other plans for the special little guy who survived. Motion that is what is as a part of a car hit. I think commoners or lose the woman who hit it aren't they don't clearly the sweet sweet sweet little coyote woman yet nordic identity kept on driving and select people comment like dude if your decent human being when you just pull over to see the condition knew him hey you hit right. I'm just keep on driving at all had precious little guy hypocrite getting married how to give a flying F mail and you get that thing you just kept on driving. If you check when you hit a squirrel what you see him back there them. What are the squirrel I get the path like if you really think that like Ohio we really thought you hit somebody would have fills a dog you can see when you least pull over to check which is which he hit me when I yes it was OK and honest you're hit something and not know what it was. Sure and it's horrible feeling it is. We just hope was eleven or glass yet I told him my father and told us before it's all horrible story but it was just. We were used back on the East Coast we are on I 95 in my father looked man to him. The speed limit as a ballpark suggestion it is willing to go within forty miles an hour faster movement. Some ninety miles an hour is average speed at any point that he did so. And armies that and it's my parent loosening up front I'm sitting in the back it's at night I'm like fourteen or fifteen years old. And I'm not really paying attention at the last moment your mama to see something. To a pollen out or whatever it is when I look up you see this dog in it was a it was a white dog has a big dollar maybe husky size or something. And he plows into the saying man I mean just boom right hits this dog he's. Home I got in Manila government window. Do you bodies a veneer spend around things splatters on via I 95 and as he's about to say how bad he feels to the look on his face man like he feels bad if he's a battle to comment and how bad he feels for what does happen. He get another dog all know that had been run and this one is about the same size and this one was black man he wiped out these two began as dollars and ten seconds maybe. While it was all do either of them get out no no and I don't know I mean. Look legacy you can put up back went on bad dog. Is not get novelist that lay gets up separate from that lake in this kind of thing so but over the long ride home man and it was. It was so quiet in Mecca or like he was comparable I think what you would radio was off and remained so somber and so heavy slate. Death does running out of a continental that way I don't want to get why we all over whether I mean when these young girl they were all glittery but the third. Obviously she didn't seem weeping because he was stuck in front here to figure out the size of a dog began eyeing the I guess in a newer models of some of the cars we put that big ugly grill the looks like a mouth it's like a plastic thing it's just right in the middle that's pretty dominant now. That's with the coyote went into your cell death based on the design of the car and I'm normally just be a bumper there then but now that the thing looks like it's got to lies and a big ass ugly map on the front of you and are highly if we're kind of got lodged in that plastic growth for a do you think the coyote then thought because direct channels like dry mouth like a guided by a car is a giant as monster running down the road mountain is my my buddy he don't know what to call our. I just can't get over how common Cooley looks and they're they go out like this though you are lodged in the grove say a semi. Truck driver was pretty sure he did hit Ted. Felt bad about it cabdriver for the next morning miles that's how the former operas aren't. By the time we find junior you've gone twenty bar sales I think at some point you've probably just made peace with the fact that you're probably going to back and introduce shot that you didn't some of the time and welcome from Czech guy and you're real call home like our Amanda I thought we got to think about everyone in my head I'm. I'm Joba peace. I man. My buddy had a car and it was his baby was a two ladies ZX he'd he'd he'd save doubles money for all summer jobs and everything. And he went like. He went back home for Thanksgiving and his buddy game arrived back so they they were their friends grown up they both went to school so chabot discourage me. Well I was probably at greatest idea in the world I don't know it was a 280 ZX and in it was it was a nicer car than any card that I never did he leave it with like hey you can use it or do you just leave it in the house he just left his car park like you normally what looked keys in the house and I don't think you really thought too much more about. But he did not specifically say hey you know MIT thought if you need a freedom not you know but I I I rarely tomorrow they are the reason why they are there I was saying like you I thought it's just. You stated that the scar me not the smartest idea I can. Leahy is let the at bat cleanup this caller he left discard our apartment and left the keys there which is the dams they never thought of my the public view that them. So I if he drove all the time trusted bingo they went to school heroes job the car was never there are so. But the 280 ZX you know I mean now having Annan arrives in my car I want I'm gonna help on this and just went out and did what you know normal people do probably is drove around looked placed a wanna go to you know we will still got nor be able to take other people's cars your religion and so were we live we look on the side this giant hill dude don't you just took it. Right a way to like do pick up chicks are no I had an every day I don't know I'm not. The moment that I wasn't in the car like I mean Allen to Pittsburgh the I am not a I took the elevator accident that I did do ladies yet Trevor that I could do donuts and Kmart parking lot I'm having a good to get and it's. It's you know it's a stick shipping sooner though you want. You can jump started you could draw you can do anything new ones as a patrol that got him I he's I was due due to so here's what happened I did so I did die I was I was. All right and a blue is he break. OK so that was I was those kids somewhat problematic I got that taken care of the body his mechanics are we economic try to patch that up but. You just pulled out and that didn't work would basically headed that needed to replace entire thing again. It's Thanksgiving weekend. There's nobody in the shop right there's no end and half the Tamils like a gas station with two doors and as a guy and and it curled Celtic airman Merrill's you know even turkeys so that's not gonna happen. So apart the car in the garage are on the and and and our parking lot. It's a gravel parking lot it's on a hill with a slant in the hill goes over about fifty or sixty feet. To a road below that's a very busy road in West Virginia is incredibly mountainous they cut stuff into the united hills. In and they give you a flat land is based on what they cut out. Gonna like you know like platform gardening if you write down like that so. Basically the car's pretty high up on the hill where we live but there's a huge eels. So I think to myself are gonna put the current first year. And that's gonna hold the car on the hill to have no emergency brake. So when a parked car. Park the car put in first gear you're right he was stupid you are not locks up ranked. And so like I don't know if it. Like I don't know how I don't know what the time limit laws but at some point I'm could have been fifteen minutes couldn't buy that it could have been an hour I don't remember here. I'm like gonna open the door it's the girls there. And like where where's Chad get Chad I'm like well what penalties nasal one for Thanksgiving and the like. His car the east is it his glory is down the road sideways covered in so what so what happened was was that the the the the card in staying gear. Dated you'd blown of the Ebert in a rolled backward over this hillside that was covered with trees and shrubs and weeds and everything else backwards. And then it crossed the four lane and you break so I don't know break and then across the four lane. Rhode covered in shrubbery. All over the back I mean it look like it look like if you're to put Italy ideally some like he's running down a wrote on the gala regularly see it on the but he is backwards and noble geely Selig as branches that bush is there's. There's stuff that's connected to like the rear windshield wiper that hooked into the bumper he's where the cars dragging its free. It on any reckless small tree I rattling like an opera I mean it's. It's in it it looks like a big shrub in the in the road a mud. Oh god. Almighty god so our run down there at the two girls come down with me. The car looks like it's completely messed up to scratch marks all over the you don't say yeah they're rolled through sixty feet for a downhill and then on to erode right an enemy and smacked hard and in you know at. This car honest to god it was maybe five inches off the that's just kind of how the score was there was not a lot of ground players on these cars in there are very heavy. So get down there met and I'm just come but there's still traffic trying to drive. All on this road to four lane road man carve up the middle road men and ample branches out from underneath and it's connected like plastic parts and look and see if there's an oil coming out oil pan. Forget how loud. Amazed I just put like a whole look like a pile of kindling on the sidewalk all the branches and stuff from a car. Started up the car I pulled it over once ago stuff out from underneath us the answer is start a fine. I drove up to the top everything off of a legacy pullback of them all I could see a whole bunch of visible scratches would mean you put America abort it came from well I don't play our part to different. A marketed to different angles token rolled on the hill park count like in a weird way like catty corner so the whip any which way were discretion house. So they're basically that's now all right iPad tablet it's integration is out. We know like you to mimic a category and I but I Andrea I'm does that look as though so I usually that in the data comes on the second plane so I take the car at any point did he state don't touch my car. You now not so I take the car man and and I think first thing I knew this day. I take it to the Karl. I don't know why I take it that are like that's gonna do much rates my first instinct take part of our lost art is our first Wednesday. Because that figure. It's so that kind of you know me man I know vacuuming and now like I'm just like all of these particular skeptic and I got so that I went to what are like AutoZone or some crap a Bob like a turtle wax car lacks yeah. And basically I and it like a a Lego. A scratch remover. And so I spent three hours on his call. Like waxing it putting scratch remover pudding because there's nothing suspicious about I don't know I don't know so he comes home in its car looks like it just stepped off the children. So immediately he just walks in the door like what the F did you improve their job and a much we talking about you know decide take your car out of the day in and I mean I was going out for dealing Durham analytically your car of serving as always like. Delighted me and there's no way to go out of that they would do it Ehrlich he knew right away you could do what happened in my car in my. He drove around his journey he's like I'm not buying this Michael how. Just over two you know the we're driving it. Our I drove it Democrats are hit you know it must follow the roads and PA there's solemn look hard at what you know about is like. Thanks amendments that for economic. So who treat her that worked out yet all area what are the what you bring West Virginia they did have sold rose gently but with salt at that point time if you didn't have a rest protection whatever you need delivered a lot of cars as soon as solid car at a wash off. So I told. Oh I just on the you break it failed bombing as do Donald is thrilled he's email me if I never totally to there it looks like someone he feels that there's no question about what has happened here all all the weeds are laying down right side everything's been cleared like there's dirt that has tire mark's work rocks were drug and everything else and it looks like something bowled over this hillside and he piece together the possibly that is going Steve Caldwell is from him pathway of the lead down the street and have brand new sport athlete he improvement rating and ultimately invited reconnect and ultimately I knew that if anything was really wrong with the car than I was you know. I was gonna admit to a cop to it and pay for. But until something did happen anyway I think. Like oil pence are leaders on the Mike to our new organic top yes I would you want a piece this together at that point it really mimic ID loyalty in early maybe solving had a much power play by ear I don't know. They did everything I lifted the hood marathon runner I need a new look like you took his car. You drew to Pittsburgh you broke easy break he rolled into NHL right that you spent. Sounds like a total of five hours cleaning it up do you remember you're gonna probably remember I think they have a look at the court has only done like in a Friday and Saturday the flying I'd actually did spend Thanksgiving you know I'm honestly as I could drive he hit hit hit shorter right of that. You know it's a really nice guy that Iran ever wants Aussie on Argo. Yeah dad that two babies the addicts god damn man and he never knew you know it was man it was that it was just. He was at who metallic brown color like I don't know who thought like this is the right color for sports car but it was my metallic brown. Coop color I mean it was that it was ugly is color. Those are important my parents at three different vehicles my mother had in 1973 Pontiac Grand Am which is the whiff of an average four lane highway. We had this ugly as Volkswagen bus and I'm a father had a crap. Either as a triumph or bedtime Dotson to sixty what are. All of them were brown could have been an MG all of them were brown in a bar would be my brother role we've despair and look in the driveway right because clearly there is the family car portables right bus. My mother's car to the Pontiac Michigan I've bear department has. Huge NASCAR followers want evidently export garments we the standard driveway my brother Tommy our driveway looks like an unforced. Is I guess is like the law also proved to be at every goddamn Carly Morrow was brown. Our question of your card could talk what story what it Tel 844999. Hole although I'm rich girls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles. Our question if your car could talk what story what if Dell late 44999. Alone hello Trevor welcome to the men's room. Yeah it's. What story it would your cartel. My story or my car story would beat. I may have abused still living in hell. At a local leaders and some order in three years. I. I don't know I do literally just got the court won't let it might. Not even a week ago. Are you doing different than normal people to drive cars to this seemed like a very singular problem to me. Yeah I I haven't had a chance to get diagnosed gonna don't necessarily always have the money pouring. It's hard to put my money on it. It would probably be a short somewhere. Okay both are now only shortest because that that's causing your alternated go bad which probably more of an expensive repair retirement years it was a war we would tell you them Richard Karzai and is broke as who'll give reject out. Is broke after an upgrade with. I was given some wrong of me but Robert okay about you know and oil are co worker unfortunately actually sits on the wise veggie dog he's a man you can by the same exact miles him as a car and one runs fine and the other one for whatever reason this doesn't just does not mean it nearly as their. If your targets are what story and it's now only 44999. Cola which it looks like Mac is back at. Another marker not affect the earth fellow Brady welcome to the men's room. Hello auto job. Big guys are admits to the question Doug and they got the story in the Arab motion but it did we got. I really didn't miss the question not what did you think we asked that that's the story you go do it to the pharaoh mushrooms what would happen. Beryl look at locate our director or not like car I came and prematurely. But do you chat. Net of the cheap shot all day and I turn my card really the question I called in I wanna get up I got I. However so amazing what you just called to get on the average have no idea what the question is do you call random that tell us about the time your trip and I mushrooms at an amusement park. You're you're you're actually right and I got I have. The story about my cars ahead and not beat you on the deadly. I believe now he just tell a guy I was like Dell historically is oracle open you know. Now he's got a story does I'm guy that was going to go to amusement park tomorrow should start like that authorities said. There and they don't zillion. OK so what do you Tony what are your Mike are you wanna hear about the bear. Hardly. Are the question of the day regarded dog was story when it doubt this is certainly easy formula. The gate to rush. Pedicure honest critic I had a long time. I had that multiple encounters with women in the backseat. And I would implement her bed and L one dig it up work of mark netter by our restaurant. I'd come home at mark and I bet my house. And I could really make you dead or Garber dinner. Yeah and I'm part hurt literally about a minute ago outside that's good news or go back stolen cars go. Did you leave it running. No I don't know. Why did. It need it it slowly get these there was a 92 Honda. And I want to thank god that's what a brother that that's I don't know why I mean dude toyotas and Hondas specifically designed to vehicles to be stolen easy access 'cause. Apparently like this agreed to a six year old out of steel collar. If you do it's a Honda Civic Brett I mean from what ever reason that one car is that why why has a large supplement because of big kids are raising them. I guess you know. I don't like ours is easy to steal they they've got to be. Yeah right they're gonna gas mileage when you do steal Gionta put too much money in the tank driver on our way to run from the top commanders that the good long while it was just a numbers game there's a lot of pastor. They we should a guy with a mushroom affairs to. If your target doc what story when it's L 844 at 999. All all the lime or your golf coming up. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.