09-12-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Looks a Little Young

Tuesday, September 12th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Jailbait songs, Plus the Word and the Shot of the Day


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This is dumb men's room. You are listening to. His real well miles it's. I'd guitar track gals are going to since then they were ten songs with absolutely have double Eric's we'll get into these aft of songs coming up momentarily with since been our question. How did you get that thing you got 8449990. Look I got your comment for a quake this one. The name of it I did something else in mind that says I contracted the disease called. Devils grip. And if the virus that swelled the lining of your chest and rib cage to word shoot excruciating pain when breathing contracted via infected items usually starting from fecal matter of one point. Touching your mouth. Item to hand the mouth. Kerry hands sanitized with me at all times and wash my hands counseling that's disgusting and her polygamy do I did this comic in my home where tarmac along to glom on shower he said as far as you the list of basically ten fake things that you've been diagnosed with went gorges itself is rod Russ gazette. So that's yours and how long the government compound shower Minnesota won about four months and granted. I was home that's why I love this guys respond to all of bitches. Longest I went without a shower was eight months was able to change clothes and opens the ball wasn't bad at all not almost just didn't give an ass. Just the matter is. That's is a debate and villagers say like yeah hiked the you know Pacific coast trail the avalanche interest something like an orbit and now he's just didn't give a rants that. Hello O Russell welcome to the bedroom. All are all. Yeah. As far therapeutic go to Korea and Internet puppies there is no matter what round tomorrow. Real puppy but it's. Yes much in eleven years both did you call you call here to dismiss talk about a puppy and I don't know what more I got murdered little red opportunity. You're the second leg came a year I think the fusion market radio. I'll tell you about my puppies were putting down tomorrow I'll get Merced red lines and their. And all you need to know that. The senators stripped true. Now that's the dog being put down the puppy yet know after putter down tomorrow he's the lab was out of it is no doubt before. But for a bowl you ever hear those me and in a clear. Yeah that I'll be there tomorrow you won't shout out to the gold and can. I'm glad you got a good luck there are deadlocked there yup merciless and rent login. Don't ask. You know take now to try our action and what not. And and from obscure. Trims your hidden hand looked up my hands. A Y shrimp skewer yet. But the trip is bigger yeah. You got a dodger you can still have my you know friends you know about you the next day. I got fired only and a nanny about Africa and they. I think it's. Hillary and you and you can't do you miss did you miss in the shrimp days and I have no inside alert nobody. The Olympic that's when this happened to air glow. Yes yeah all your boat out of your MRSA Hank and like yeah I'll put on a lot of them. Well why don't have five people OK I think it's more you got Mercer from a short skew or that you really don't all our thereafter Rivera picked. The other seafood things in an even more confused seafood restaurants and I mean. Sometimes you get different Christian and if you had a car promote plug in on the came in hole like if you cut yourself on any part of the prefer to have the ball in the when you actually freaked out. I'm you have Washington appears that the there's like what man. You can be preparing through but it becomes out of the ocean it just seems like if you get sick from biz it's a much different voice everything clam bright man is just if you get warnings or you get cutter you know if I am a red carpet from the ocean man really suited to our teams are really really get that too fast as we don't live there and think about it this way you never walk into a room smells bad deal. Slows down like chicken. Bryan little walking in a room up they'll actually finish. The Bryant without due out Bengie how did you get that thing you got a 449990. Look how ravens are you efficient smell fishy. I shouldn't amount vision the mouth and to efforts developers that they got them fish. Do you think you'll restaurants I'll like this fish taste fishy. The wide by did you order bat that he ordered of vision for the right it's both Vista is kind of the cheese steak his beefy. Hello Brian welcome to the men's room. Located. At. Oh yeah. What is it going what has happened the last stand and oil on the seventh to his credit he's more upbeat than I'm gonna go my puppy mention may lose is God's cocaine and slides. You at your minute period church brings down c'mon can't. That's if there's yeah. Did it upon did you always know what you haven't answered I'm out how did you contracting cancer. Well mark a turning it would gave up. Or prostate oh you're getting nearly early. Early onset state isn't that one of the there's no that's one of the more treatable cancer Bryant if he gets an early enough ball short or discard you have treatment. Yeah no I'm good now. As you know isolate it. That's always a sign how did you discover that you have prostate cancer was a routine physical and ended up pokey and bring in and out or were you suffering problems. Pretty silly. OK until you went in and what they discovered look at tumor. They tumor wrapped itself. At. And so now that I'm sure our principles that I just real quick I got asked how long did it go before you bet you couldn't group. You know what good it felt like you among but it. It started getting more like more and more difficult but it was it was about six base. Who are and near an older and older you. Or six. And you you say you think you've got some kind of intestinal blockage or not exactly sure there's a huge tumor in there they go and make I guess are able look completely remove it rent. Kinda you brought so far yet to our. We're we're in a bale opening more and it screwed up. And that's what should but Easter do you start throwing but is there like an action but where weight. Is an actual her coming out of your mouth. No no it's it's just. Well it's almost there. Our its cloth it's like it's almost it halfway returnees have put deterred. It's half what deterred them halfway to third down now have because your stomach we have quiet there now governor and the two against deterred starts warming what in the intestines. I is that you are really don't aren't against tolerate shape it smelled a winner deterred become what are does all the food decided just joy altogether and I'd just be on this vote. Both of occurred. If it actually starts. It and that after they get past what I've got right now. I and so how often you have to be checked to make sure that this thing doesn't continue to grow and spread and you know Alison just to maintain being cancer free. You know I am I'm good now I am three years and I'm cool until but it look mean electing the because the other what bad brass. Not collapse the bag. That when you ladies and now you're you're now you're going with it into a bag every day. Oh yeah so you go to a movie Peter airplane. People pissed yup fugitive and that thing. Mom. Doesn't have a natural bend. Yes why would you prevent the core I mean to you what the stink to stay in the bag. White and make a good idea that it is today isn't clear bag can you CNN. Yes like a doctor scholl's wildly learning that he clear to me like the look like a gel insert with a blue liquid but it's just you're so what food. Are you shocked that doesn't digest as well as other foods on plainly see that. You can Decourt straight it's not it's not cleared OK you can even mourn like it's like they'll exit the dual core parallel school. Good air card around when you it's what do you eat corn like you select it. You don't fret it. You don't. You've gone the kernel when you don't go Arnold he was tied and Kravis being in that let him the I care. They're just their news hello everybody are just aren't stable and more like a week and a half ago an affair with pick and why now it's the minister funding corn. But just. Just kind of tell how quickly your systems that yeah that's good is every two weeks how to data to get that thing you got a 449990. Looked up my gonna say your name wrong don't get mad hello McGill the jewel. Until April rocky record and I'll tell her name is McGill the original twelve and we wouldn't into. McGill. But no luck all. Mike what's on out of there. Amounts they degrade undergoes an mileage goes crazy it was the question to clearly you rehearse this many times a giveaway. So I had to explain it maybe once like I did you get this thing. I'll show the pool was eight see Ella the net nine Iron Man left late from eight CL reconstruction. That I got it from blowing out my knee trying to impress you guys were running across the park so you'd cross country runner. Ron and I learned art you're doing cheerleading practice and I thought I was trying the best to attach in my life and I did. What patching. Best protection of my life but then I went to high into lied and then landed wrong end and she went with a blown out ACL in the torn meniscus. An old uses seventeen years old Riordan is a dirt I know you know the answer I want to cross continents typically guys here are really around again baggage and I don't think anyone I mean he was like an all American crashed country ran very you know. I goes along way who has knew this was impressed. He apparently not picky just kept on running and tell you else you don't let colleagues in humans he how he is running across the country. Into a long time. Arc and alternately like you know. My main meat wasn't and that it wasn't high in upper wide NAFTA like make command stopped what he didn't. Are your car is still how big is this car. I would love Oprah now all that kind of got like 84 engines are given normal operating need. Yeah it would get me the Tony touch might have been high enough and winds up I think it's the Little League where he went wrong. Well you know yet could I went higher in wider than like my body would you kill and then those extra second round she wrote to shreds administration. And Kennedy TM. And I want our president rebuke to touch her ankles to your ear lobes he would have stopped in this guy never had any inkling that you liked you never finally after all this said you know what hell that haven't blown around the families and given a shot. Oh man you know it was the university in the election putting and it gave. I had no good at ridge mountain. University cumulative Arlo I know I blew out I blew up all the Bursa sacs in my any one time and I don't know what the hell happened I just took a hit. And yeah I guess you have four little bags of basically oiled jelled that did lubricate your jaw just. And so wanted to hit it in they they all blew up which you are cute if can't remember but either way like you know all the sudden the my need to starts to swell and I could not like. I can operate my knee I could walk acted you know so they'll still swelling up. Yeah all the fluid. Just started expanding in my knee where was to be usable pockets I mean it was so tight. Was like if I took a pinnacle at a pop and all the stuff was gonna come out. So then all this crap starts to drain down my leg it's purple and it's green and it's yellow and it just sits in my ankle. So I went from having a blown out you know knee to like my whole leg is like this dip purple tie dye. Yeah I dynamics fans like yes it looks like death that looks like you're gonna die your toes all different colors you cannot believe what they held that. And there's nothing you can do about he's gonna lay and that would your leg governor all the drains in your thigh. It does the same thing if you leave your leg over the history in your tonight that where the work was supposed to go we just tested you gotta train. Depending on the situation I think they'll android tablets sit and work its way out. Naturally. How did you get that thing you got we've got your email the other way for the men's room at midterm live dot com you are listening to the beds are radio network season. My. Part question how did you get that thing you gods and we have your emails here for the man. Room events are live dot com. Ivan somebody is wiles than hornet's more times I count my lifetime it was never an issue until nine years ago when I got stung on the palm of my left hand. My arms swelled up and hours later the swelling went down just like many times in the past. Next day it's well again. And I started seeing this red line traveling up my arm from the sites of the staying. So I decide to go the hospital. Long story short that staying giving blood poisoning that would've killed me if I hadn't gone to the hospital and ever since then I have and our energy to bees are hornet stings that I've never had before lucky me. That from DB Cooper. Our guys out playing a rather intense game of spelled the sprout ball kind of similar to dodge ball oath not what I thought. And while wearing my work boots and later that evening notice that a part of my footed it rubbed quite read. Days followed it became infected and rather nasty looking up put off going to the doctor for a week or so hoping it would get better it did not. I hold my way into the doctor fearing that I had contract in MRSA thankfully that was not case but I did have a case of strep infection so apparently you can get something other than strep throat strep ankle. That from Luke. I had never heard of that pretty crazy to have a few comments today. Oh we do. Usually tuning into the men's room is the happy part of my day. Today talking about can we dogs and being able to poop what's going on today. Let's have a guy called wanna give a shout out to was eleven rural Baldwin is putting down tomorrow to rap about Christ is poppy. It's up until and also sweet baby Jesus can you please bring someone around that as a happy story. Again today's question is how did you get that thing you got so no and we continue our got a nice pencil eraser sized hole and might set them. From doing too much cocaine groups I'm clean now the best optimal remains one of the guys that from Liz it's true or false true it's true. All right and and I'm not Roma yeah yeah lawyers. In synagogue we will collapsed nose look to him I know I just I know. I've run in the people that make me and you'll play it back at that they're not at all by it judge. I good I endured losing five of putting chemicals up your nostrils when do you think that I have a nice car my right upper arm. For more my roommate Brittany euros of Britney. Jeter's one great one day and attacked me my boyfriend do she tase me bit mean maybe it's my board for in the face due to say she was arrested it is no longer are roaming. A mile out of Saturday and it was back up. And miles you'll appreciate. You're talking about the burst Bursa sacs rendered me I'm. The says my poll was apparently listening to miles talk about his knees goes all the sudden that said I'm not sure how to hopeful that the bags of jail that lubricate the knee. On grades. Folks helping you dread timer if you answer emails they're for the men's men's or live dot com yeah. Guys James amazing Jews skis birthday is today could begin to suck it up become gay get an Al hitting the window that from the guys that works thank you. Oh. She's cool. On top that is my boyfriend of the past three years has finally made it 22 times around the sun his name is DeVon love your show listens daily he would love some dirty German talk finished with a Joey chestnut and the birthday song that from kinsey. You are under way through because. Take the bumps like doing this. I'm saying I know you through much of the talk to lieutenant them. Doing together ever not detrimental impact in how could ever gonna do where does little song didn't give you just don't Yankee so he's the butt of all jokes. Only 10-Q. This is today is my best friend druze Tony second birthday he's great premise of your show every day and drinks men's or read what he's now working on Kagan asked. Gonna get a barber shop based analyst police thanks guys that from Colton is it. There's people around this and wins. G.'s daughter on this. That's kind of example is navy still rallying issue in the morning and afternoon. At noon and then and now. John as always Jim measuring happy birthday how about a second I'm OK okay against a dirty German stock thanks that's from the concrete crew oh. And Yahoo! installed who you don't eat. Or you'll be more on. No hog with a heat for the describe my sausage. And immediately Yahoo! who choose to help. Guys this my body Eugene AKA huge his birthday Kenny get dropped to be today Joey chestnut keep on Iraq and that from neck. It's just it's. All guys it's made would I drop the BO we got to always got to be getting out to be. Now we have ever want to borrow the money a little while we have played in a while some mature throughout the very area to go guys there's a 35 time around the sun all I wanna some dirty German talk from Ted in thrill thanks bitches that from Ashley from the 360. Or would choose such a tough times WW which star abusive. We have very happy that she's going to be there come over who played miles custom book. Botha's. First up thank you guys for providing special areas entertainer I've been listening you guys for years today it turned 27 I was wondering what Shannon Sharpe would recommend that I order for dinner tonight. That from nick formally from Southern California. Oh laughable you do good 75 feet through this every of the local people market. The sentiment towards the veterans on this page. Guys please remember they shut out to our boss rob if you could please give an old lady fish sandwich in the second up cupcake I'm sure he would be overwhelmed with the lights thanks that's for me I got a piece and right. All of us have a bird's team as the exotic exotic to me and a bush had diverted the greatest friend a girl could ask for Cassandra Weinstein could you please gators and dirty German talk from thriller dead and miles to get the geno shout out thanks all of you guys that from any new. We're winding behind the lines are meaningless anon earning. Weinstein an exciting addition to my style. Paul. This is my body is a birthday today gonna get as many Joey chestnut is possible all the chestnuts that from your friend that. I. I got very latest now from college days loves the show having a birthday Mallory would love the labor. And go Kooks thanks guys from Lisa and. We. Yeah we went to the eye of the ocean but both times at the same time. You bring the ships and hoping that he. That's an amazing golfer Ashley's 35 term brown the earth she loves your show watches and listens every day if you guys conduct and dirty German tour. That would be great thanks jazz rock on from Jamie. I'm saying that the children but I want to watch Clinton meets and yeah I've eats cheap and second look from. I'm I didn't put it. God catcher's mask. You could tell us did authorities are and three million. Anthrax in the same age as you'll far it's last year Ted was awful member days all do this again. I don't wanna now hitting the window wedding puke turtles external lacks no dirty Germans Melvin ten out of want and Alan take a LeRoy Jenkins or joint chestnuts and I certainly don't wanna fish sandwich. All I want it's pretty Ted Schmidt the say the following sentence frustrated Vietnamese philanthropist and an ambulance thanks guys and while and still love the show every day that from Greg in Wrighster town Maryland. Old one I agree vehicles in Tampa. Frustrated Vietnamese philanthropist and payable. It's time to go guys let's. Happy having regard. Happy at the end of the day if pad behind ethanol a day. Day or day or do you met says it has got a mob bigs Joan we've got the return of the word as we go to the dogs also we will bring it tells with a shot of the day but first. Just friends list I want to get a dog. Six and spend millions gather around the old radio and listened to some sweat a. How horrific today so horrific it is not. Politics can can I give the back story on this list serve. Miles had listened to a song on Friday night. That set him off on a tangent about. Inappropriate song lyrics and so all the way to read festival we weren't stopping trying to buy shot to 10:30 in the morning. We were talking about stuff. Quick we're talking about. These songs with these terribly inappropriate lyrics it lyrics and they went off. In different directions whether it was you know drugs or I shot the sheriff but we kept coming back to. Songs about grown men trying to have sex with underage girls and there's so many unbelievable that Cinderella so many of them so the problem is is that that it's it's one thing to have a song it's another thing to have popular songs there and senator so there there was a time in in. There was a time when we're and that sort of behavior was more socially acceptable. Most of these songs were not written during that time restaurant some of these songs are still popular now would it certainly is not socially acceptable their places on this earth where that sort of thing. Is socially acceptable. These songs were not written in those places now perforated and are completely onyx and if they were released today using the backlash would be Beano somewhat severe closeup light like if if the lyrics for any of these songs ended up in your search history you would probably get a visit from the police and rightfully so no way of dub this to end songs with absolutely kept up lyrics on city. Under ten. This isn't just 1516. Now reaches some lyrics from the song. I would usually say like say things like this to girls your age. But when I saw you coming out of that school today. That's what spurred what what I saw you coming out of the school that. That day I knew it. I'd say completely. Yeah I think he went golfing world. To make food barely. The year that he said he wanted to get him into the partisans need to blow my she was coming out of school. That's why would you know out of school had to. I mean I'm sorry I wasn't a big kiss fan growing up did anyone at the time got one that's that's got to know but people might have the time I'm eight so it made sense of terror I don't think about him being an adult one you think you normally. Yeah that makes sense because I'm eight freaking years old bella not eight not like gene you're creepy mother writes is attends dogs with absolutely have double Eric. Very. I've read the lyrics for Billy Idol it's true love. Fourteen award this entire song and say anything directly about it but you'll always talks about Billy Idol significant we've all seen the video. Growing up they. Back doubles they're talking about when they talk about rock and. She wasn't didn't know how. And I would play there in the video eventually come home from like school is not how the whole thing started yeah. Yeah yeah I was a teenager with a soft came out well play Billy Idol but that if they hit. That's the problem if Hanson wrote this we go okay. Neither did dogs and absolutely a double Eric Johnson there. Or. I'll throw you love like you've never leave. But they're about to blow lawyer here. I love about you know I'm it is now in kiplinger's defence he's about four feet tall so you've played these fringe right if picnic but if this. 10s dog and absolutely am doubly hard on fitness van. Numbers are. Stevie Nicks was guilty ever hate. This summer at seventeen he was no more than a baby really soon broken hearted something within him but the moment I first laid eyes on him. All alone. On the 2010 meeting needs sixty. I saw Debbie went there and hang out he's not seventy yet. He's a really like an element to see them an excellent sixty years old that's the difference these are tense until they absolutely have dubbed lyrics. Amber's busy docket. No longer. Such a bearish sweet little sixteen. It reads like Islamabad's. Sixteen year old fan girls. We know you're talking about six children and now we pitcher afternoon kind of beaming down and yes I bet yet with the temporary barracks. Did the songs where they absolutely have dubbed Larry Johnson. Under fire. I know. Good corner I had. Is this film about a rookie right off but there's one line in the song because there's no way are you old enough. Will you be ready when I call your bluff is my timing rights did you say your love for me tonight. See a couple of phone. Right Lou Gramm. Dirty program and it's no big today have heard the distance on that I visitor doing Iraq blocked weekend. No one does that it didn't look good you know I've why would and Sandra absolutely have to lyrics on this. Your thought you. You'll be able. Yes it's. Great to look for another program. Tell me why it's on the 1967. You might golf tournaments pre nine yeah. So remember talking about the summer along. You know maybe it's not that weird. Urge overkill the song in 1994 it was still OK there's variety. If the fifth out of Obama and I think this. Oh loss to go to jail like the second half. Hold out great development you're in jail and compete did the good people whom honor I don't think the other two sons with absolutely. Blair's. To bring this. And I need and so that's. Now anyone again it's. Just remember how old Luke well done. Right thing. It's. Okay. I. That by the way. The other notice this is the underage. Version of it. Messed up lyrics. There will be different installments of this in my future are stressed that this didn't really the most incompetent Sandra and absolutely have to blared out there. I'm 110. Walk this way I realized home. Its okay I sat down and actually a live. Is terrific. I can't wow you just sit down very popular guy. I was reading the lyrics from some of the songs I would not lose lose thing they can't. Now you usually I feel weird you boil it you don't think about it you just read them select all my heart out what I today young guys who watched the public. Peres and number one of the dead sons and absolutely FL player. Well. Tonight my. Betty Marge held it very hard downs definitely inspiration for the listens what the song that miles miles heard of that got us off on the hands and he starts that way it. She's just leave her alone sleazy as easy as your golden years all leaving her alone they say separated by fools who don't know what love is. Yet he's trying to sneak into our window in the video and but I really think it's an hour's yes and watch the video because it is creepy as hell almighty god yet. It is unbelievable there I guess like if that's the first installment of ten songs that are messed up their own Malia go over the with a different list. At Antioch up you'll never listen those songs sound way about it. I don't give a shot that would bring it doesn't show up to date or turn the word go into the Dodgers up right after these you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have enjoyed the men's room come up well dragon Wales those who shot of the day is minutes away and avert. I got them up I'd very sorry about that some more popular dog names. Most likely have much like any name out there you have to go through a few friends. There's a reason that most of the Thames in the world are probably above the age 3540 years old student do when you might need them that is just whatever have a big trade would Goldman's dad I mean if you mean in Austin you know he's probably 125 years old. Garner and are all all those. That there's an age group that could be associated with the popularity of named the dogs and know that. I don't you can tell me the name of a dog in you you. Guessing probably these will do well personally I'll adult basically got between ten years. But I mean you're not you know how long McNabb don't raise them. If you noticed if the dog as a human name I'm guessing it's within the last five OK the back what what kind of names though when when I first moved the ball deep registered member garage with. But the Goebel the live next door and they had a bird in May headed dog and at all. Arnold who won the I think it was the birds and Steve the other it was Bob but Bob and Steve Wright and they weren't there like ironical funny people but when they talk to you they always talk about the things that Bob and Steve the darn and you forgot that they were talking about the pets. As a review so no matter what story they told it like. The dude who kindergarten cop Detroit's third dog mob. Some well. There's a lot of constantly. There's a lot to be costly bummed out about these days of the story goes there are still few things that make us happy in dogs is one of them so. Basically what they did a company called whistle just released the results of the survey on dog names that are trending right now. And here's some of the highlands okay game at Rome's is huge so basically their names are huge including is at aria are area. I don't watch the show and snow. But almost two thirds of the dogs who get game of drones names get them from health starts dire wolves so the names included. Great win that lady. Know Miriam. Summer shaggy dog and guilt. Look those are popular knicks the first moments new proposed version. The first will be great wit it come. Now people are not naming their dogs after coffee anymore except for one city. Kona. Well Tony and mocha are declining in popularity nationwide. Well what city still is naming their dogs Kona and mocha Syria CNN com yes I know I've done. You know concorde jet. Giant dogs are most likely to get sports names more than 20% of the dogs named after sports athletes and teams way over ninety pounds. Yeah of embarrassed side. Now names based on junk food or believe they're not getting more popular for dogs including things like that has no chance he twigs in Milan. I'm like the cookie yeah army twists yet I really like the twits for all of a lot for my dog twit. Yes and guess what names are really really hot right now they've been hot for awhile but now they're continuing to go out of control. We make fun of these dogs all the time how alcohol on the gas Jeep guys they'll boy so here's some of the five or named for deep guy. Whose names are hot including things like brandy Guinness and whiskey come actual names for dogs. And I don't think we should get a and there game for owns. A copy not important anymore. Giant dogs are named after sports teams junk food names are becoming popular like Kathy towards the Milan though and whose names are are still hot like brandy Guinness. And whiskey making up new imaginary attacks. So bloody day. They're deserves to be ready. Men's room no. It's just the way news. You're toast of hour. Repetitive and as usual we had to do great guests danced the withdraw vilify an outdoor toast him. Yes indeed today we toast 34 year old Felix harper or something or other. Of bin build New Jersey now Felix he was driving his Toyota that the Lincoln Tunnel indicates you don't know that connects New Jersey to New York City. Well a guy driving a delivery dropped almost crashed into a while there in the tunnels so in true New York style they exchanged some profanity laced insults. The entire time that they're traveling alongside vetoes a diplomat who the entire tunnel there screaming whatever you pictures on New York screaming at you when they are angry. And both went back and forth. Through the entire to. But apparently came to amendment and reached the traffic light. And you don't this goes one now our boy Pete Rose gets out of his vehicle as he. Is pissed off an earlier thank and they get into a fight no nothing of the sort opera and he steps out of his vehicle he grabs a can of black spray paint. He proceeds to spray paint the giants were in penis inside the. I can't solve all their chronic secret. Yeah the. It took out of grenades but boy got to get a thread Brady's right painted a populism truck he was arrested however and taken way to jail. Do you took the time to draw that time did he walked out the compensatory play and just decided app you. Under this brief in appeal this under your t.'s I'll drink to that it's amazing how quickly he did it and and that's pretty good. Reformist boot him a drink this booze because we think it's yelling counteract all the tong and down the throat to party in our tummies. Down oh now imagine wow. Ticket doesn't online for profiled as we'll take our nine right now 844999. Alone that's a 44999. Alone. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.