08-18-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Has a Close Call

Friday, August 18th

Emails, Ted vs the FCC, Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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Movement ladies and gentlemen boys and girls downright not to mention her friend has a loan that's right most Wayne got something primary a lot like this imagine. Cleaning blacks Sandra Gonzales just run homer and then rich and I'm very clean fresh smelling just hope and change your mom's. Arianna I ask you know I'm going there and really how easy journey clothes aren't in danger and say yeah yeah. Oh works every time going. Strange behavior and of course we're. All benefiting receive their foundation and the Fisher house. Don't stop for less money home still only fifteen love yeah Jordan and now homes and that my staff. The dragon. This is dumb men's room. You are listening to. This room was miles and spread. Things get busy now mad just go another turn up dead vs the FCC we've also got your emails coming up on a question. How did you get screwed over 844999. Hole. And low rye and welcome to the men's room. God oh god I don't. Thank you Brian and we know you're okay total. Ya I can relate at all while I don't get out I worked out all of our eyes environment we were on the engineering side of things we keep. We keep the ship load we just we take everything. I'm watchful HA BC well I took a job because of the view. I look merit ought to be dumb some guy at the biggest possible fine got a job they told me yes and be behind the scenes take your equipment and air. Just all HTC fire like stadium okay Uga. Are ready to go first day on the job until list. A big lady bear after last and the thing is broken down and she swing and in the air and it's up to me to get her out not all man. All of this and until I completed stress or depression I took this job. So I get through that luckily the Allen wrench on top mentally anchor now. Yeah he ripped thinkers of our time because there are. How long enjoyed that can I can I get a visual on this what does this look like it's as if he LL ING in the air. You know what made it basically. It's kind of like it geragos when he pulled gonna get lit a people get into the pool mum she's probably built better probably three feet optical out so she brought in additional to you about that so she's brought even. I'm five or six but she's pretty even her body with my. Say NYU YC and why she have to be up that high or transport her cleaning her policies he had to be able to get on. Are drowning in Jack the car to get underneath james' in my offers and they were there. All at exactly same. Look like underneath and I am. Our mile all of you elevate that thing in you you get a good look it was torn alibi but I what are the thoughts wanted to remind. That watch it what should serve out wide and and just digging yourself. In a collapsed well look and I yeah. Okay. Our mom has it that a man could not be enough economic and did it at the. That's just happy that you're like I'm pretty I'm trying to prove myself and vicious guy there's no real water on the ground and I'm like a Celtic careless it'll be up like it. A patience bathroom I'm lame and water picks in the OP chair that commercial water. And I'm not you he's thrive in the. Just start you start talking to the the other. They're called up building engineers are taught these other guys and they start showing you their ailments from working there for thirty years to start. Yeah it's it's incredible like Medimmune vaccines like staph infections. Oh just yet they got these these big old skin lesions and eight they had they'd comp a lot of stuff from being a clothes do it. A wonderful its owner Steve Bennett worked in a hospital for a few years. Stroke floor yesterday that good record so I don't have that happen. And and then you guys talked about the body lights at the hospital actually warm up the whites and they're probably eight to an inch thick. And they're probably illustrate. The same side like beta why not unfolded but these acute quite. And they stroman the toilet that's our job to make the quotes what shoppers and I'd seen saw all sides not heaping yet and they're not links beat dumps. Their softball sized don'ts. And people are given birth to these things and a hospital. Is that had a little. I guess like what for drugs my match maybe mental do you have an idea that the people who bought ball you formula would agree that would improve generally speaking at the log poop right. Maybe give the rat I don't at all but I've never. Myles is right it's got to be you haven't you been constipated for so I have finally came out. Yeah I mean after a credible. Means that. Ever I guess once your lay around the unhealthy I think it all group and either you're you're not. But my dad hi all O'Brien. How to how it is comforted ball so a lot of the other. I thought I hope back to the that I noticed I don't know the ball went back to the back to the lady how to handle the situation screw you over Penn. Yeah I this is back but also I would. Want to plug here I am I. On the page opulent patient. It really cares what I'm doing so like on the energetic and it'll get out and look at the snake. I happily he removed from the room I ministry that all sides Turks week perhaps you clubs we rabbit and that's like the new chip shot but when your junior I. That is it was dead dead dead she was president at. It's a shot but it also I brought like are we discussed only I can mistake and I eat this make the toilet. And I'm sure I got about sixty generic let it spin a little bit I camped under a turn mistake I don't like they are making some progress well. Then I get a call downstairs but there's a piece of metal. Carried up the feeling in. A tier I thought if I went through the pipes are so brutal hole. I tore through I think about twenty feet I eat around the bedroom below. Repeat this in part driven or driven fecal matter. Oh it was is is now is them. Anything I own luck they brought us pudding how long did you work at this hospital. You know ten months. And luckily the same company that I worked or that I left because most sick of which you are tailored to be to our economic predict and I'm thankful I'm not obstacle. I welcome Brian Kennedy do you do you have do you find it weird attraction to women in scrubs now. Ha ha ha you know what's funny about that is half the house. There's we are skeptical that possible if there's. Universal use stuff they shouldn't be using as far as bill medicate themselves look patient better and they'll roll. Syringes built throw stuff the high Purdue went and have to kind of what the softball sized dog it was syringes and trucker and yet. From people who worked there and then it's our job that dig it out of the pipes. Doesn't surprise me this prize you know you know. You know all not really because they draw it I'd now like relate to that guy that drug test if they drug tested us and you know I'm not that I'm definitely Ernie Els he need to pass a test it anyway so that worked and there. In all the guys hang out in the building and exhaustion out and are all down arsenal can lead. Network. In and think about it a direct hit to get the job so I thought that was ironic. Yeah I Don Baylor you only get the drug to promote jobs it's just to get the job once you've got the job. No breakthrough you don't read it or not gonna drug test you don't like cool down the ones that I know growing up man bride to be honest with the jeweler who can. Take a real weird walk on the wild side Dennis. Really they got all those drugs all that gas all that style India in their Dennis there there at least the ones that are my age that I knew the group who are my peers who are now this is like. When I think about the fact that there as the Mike. All of god if anyone should not have the key to the drug room it's these guys and they have the keys to the drug I've had one experience there was I didn't like an emergency tooth extraction and I'd just hoping tiger faces blown up and all of us and mutual from our Batman. He's like look dude. Ivan Dennis packing to ever call and what you will squeeze through and still you're from the mines like go there shall too harshly. I got there on time and & Associates rectitude of the deal and cabinet in my mouth for men and so. She's a clog your prescription for. The purchase that or something which goes but your friend. A bat man's so basically I've tripled in public. Jesus Christ man so that that the sounds horrible but I'd trade muscles pulls away from read carried it debt is always a mark in the pill probability there to campaign likes and we how did you get screwed over 844999. Cola. Hello Josh welcome to the men's room. Oh. I still don't well we're doing great Johns thanks for asking. I saw a grid. Of my lap act. I can't see that it's each used to be you know it's really ridiculous it. And it didn't beginning but being act Nike girl. Idiot. Who's getting laid regularly as in the crazy we see the same age. She knows that he can you point three pounds one. It's about not too much older than you to already be addicted to heroin at the age of twenty. Well. Jean she had been sober. Well it. Curled. Her. And then being which I kept up all that but. Help she accurately Albert was. Don't start digging originally. What you do people go on but it actor com. Job all the money that bought her aunt. And giving him. You know. You. It's like we agreed to make a Russian. Yeah it's. Yeah I'm not gonna happen I make number of we're promoter of what they are but it did it in our brand you know yeah I mean I know it's a war is. That's a place aren't. Yeah big rush did it hurt you cannot get them more ORG spread it. Out there that are buried very expensive I've got hurt its work shirt gold ones he's an ex. Yeah and her Herbert bank and then right before her Bert. Doctors at an outcry after Carr. Out like OK good about oppression not out in the open. I'm carpet bombing but it worked out and am currently can't hurt average due to sell it. But the question really solid without an old. So I decided the best idea would be try and help her by car. So I am happy that it alone for about 4000 dollars. And then she got a column and now I'm still paying back my dad are our loan rightly as Arnold. I don't electric car market is about me and let me parred seventeen. Oh. God is he on the junk or she still cling to. She's only a hundred girls don't you don't say. I yeah. I don't let him get a conversation after it broke up. She admit that you don't tell because this kid it also a drug addict. Yeah lower courses what you don't see an album and we knew that what got a car is a. And I've done OK let's look at all. Go out I didn't make a run and manned. Why would you look gold lead and make government and why brag about your makeup brush you put it on Renault we really seek the right. What are you doing in public currently look at this Brooke right that is thing. Christ and I thought I'd say this but. They expensive purse girl can look down on expense of brush girl Google leads the first third taking a public. When I know it you'll see women Heyward due to bad words to issues were to get dressed. I've even heard Hayward to get that make up but not the kind of brushed you apply your makeup on his one it was a special about this thing is like confetti shoot out evidently you know to her yet. He was nineteen she thought she was don't him ass and he will look at my team and we aren't you giving me the ass I'm there to backing call. How did you get screwed over early get your emails coming up for the men's room Edmonds or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did the men's room. Our question how did you get screwed over and we have a bunch your emails air from the men's room lemons are my doc. We have an unusual amount of birthdays while just jump into the birthdays are you want him to name him. Yeah I'm looking forward to Ted's original play the first Thanksgiving coming up on the broadcast that it going to be all right before we take Thanksgiving break into the easily the last birthday just came in the tentative on Twitter tale. What was Alan hopper Joshua stern how happy fortieth oh our Erica. It up. Colleges that is always my twin brother Jonathan I have Ebert they'll see how old he has guess I don't wanna admit how old I am he's dug org today but I know he would love some dirty Germans to make him feel special thanks guys that from Gillian. Die I want to unleash wild wild hog she pushed the guy to take you to breakfast served as special treat each. It isn't my subject eighteenth birthday he loved your show and I know he's listening with his friends he can't we can't wait to take into October fest in Munich next month the celebrate. Could get some dirty German from thrill and some angry German from Robin thanks love mom. Yeah profitable Abby noted I didn't make you breakfast and scrambled stingray. Yeah tents and slightly give the staff up. What would that you don't you know horrible bird. Liaison and yeah yeah oh yeah and the main artery not you know he's brilliant and I I'll do this again let's all injury. Wholly owned a bullet. I was so I think licking the bus that's just happy birthday wow capitals like it can't ban on just by default to what is the nicest sounding thing that a German could possibly give it doesn't matter what Germans they it sounds cool com. I know my favorite boo you yeah. That sounds really this. Guys as my husband of Ferdinand story fit today he loves your show getting it some dirty German talk as well that from his loving wife Amanda. I wanted my my black hawk. John and his Oakland not ready for Kraft Blackhawk. My targets not just what he thinks he's the most average coworker anyone can ask for lazy ugly and his feet stink. Your guys show or else we get through the day can you give an Al hitting the window please in the Joey chestnut thanks guys. How good. Nobody gave up when Andre you know leaves Tony David's original reds tonight to celebrate it is not do much to ask. I really like a shout along with a double a Joey chestnut that from Ron. Her day job my brother Nate AJ lucky charms do we give them some dirty German doc thanks guys that from Eric. Our big breakfast to me as a gentleman from Kingston on personal. NAFTA at granite stick. To their. They daughter's birthday her name is always you would love to hear a little turtles thanks thanks guys enjoy. Zuma against you guys it was my wife saw shot a happy 29 birthday she's in new Lesnar but is down with it did a German took our. I'm glad you enjoy the social and you'll Brown's circle. And your movies do some things. Heard they sent out to my neighbor Chris is 35 today please give some wanting Q you get a cut that big job next dollar that from Jack of the Lopes. He was greatly appreciate that guys thanks so much and it now. Our legacy and birthday shout out to my amazing sister who has been out 34 years ago today she's been through quite the summer but I know she really enjoy you know look out and now hitting the window and a little wedding puke thanks guys appreciate it well look at. It's. Today's my Brothers Jay and 35 birthday can you please give the internal lack with a fish sandwich in the pots thanks guys and Darren. Chris Everett. Keep. By two of these. Guys could who has my husband Joshua started merry go judge had a fortieth birds and you love the barber shop they sandwich please is it to me blah. These and we eight. G.'s daughter on this. Yeah it's always navy's rarely is she in the marketing and. Ochoa very divert their staff from my lovely husband James on his 43 trip around the sun please give them some your dirty as German talked to get him in the mood for what he's getting tonight. That from his loving partner Angel wanna have that's white female angels are Mexican and mail in a bit. Also is his life Angel. Okay area would you could expect tonight and let him out that your wife and two Joba to the finger. Not to look you can probably much like Orioles double stuffed. Guys guys my birthday gonna get original barbershop quartet they stand originally relied Jenkins. By the way at the red festival you guys should have a corn hole tournament nothing goes better than outdoor drinking and corn hole thanks guys that from Eric. And I communities and quiet so you know god he. Brother can nine guys and me and cheese and the tiger on this. You guys. And yeah. I'm losing the men's room every day my husband is a long. Timeless art and I heard the show are running at him Monday and have become addicted ever since you guys are hilarious. It's my fortieth birthday well when you get my happy birthday was in dirty German talk he's all about fishing can you hook me up that from amber. Job to make joke twinkies. We did and other militant needs. It's a worms believing that you play with adults. That reference expand Aruba is still little fresh Lazazzera he's been rattled them. And I have worked at sneak in a league this frogman and we're a broad base. Guys today is my fifty something birthday have a some jedi German at a birthday. Song please guys love the show that from Johnny. Dark tonight Cuba led to I mean like I thought that's undeniable home ice it's a missed. Yeah I didn't plan well and how they feel I'm. So that you find out. Heard they show up to bill. My best friend travel partner can't wait for our next adventure happy fifty seconds old man I love you to pieces from your B and manager. Go to your face damages and dirty talk from thrill and Ted love you guys that from year. Topic of the day we balloons and used to be of America that would show you my school temple. To chip like one of those who have agency whose stuff compromise can suck it. Reverend share. Vaccines and Jerry forgotten. Doesn't have to give birth dates Jana today although we just mad he has proven to blow every other guy out of the water. At 354 birthday David Lamar hook him up with him Joey chestnut for Melissa and. It just. Just yeah. And violated does today's my grandma's 87 birthday and she doesn't know I'm coming to see here can to get them well wishes from the nineteen to unease men's room. Thanks guys. That from James Madison avenue technologies are gonna let him rot today kidnappers wait gamble gonna spread you legs broke the bus stop them let's is that right at the rock when he's a bucket blue duke Leo. Yeah see attitude when them find names even vote. To let them this garlic like cotton tent but I cowboy very well. We have got to OK happy happier than ours today have you haven't learned a. I couldn't. Tell it fans don't liberalism that it please don't. Have a bit of doubt and I've kind of and I got there. Move. It. And I see nothing you can't teach old dogs new trickster July try to dissect payment often lets an amateur grandma. Guys will you be airing a repeat of your Friday February 2 2018 Groundhog Day extravaganza anytime soon hands down won a bunch of initials 2000 can't we can't do that again I know dad that was every untroubled about one objective views are obligated. Okay are we do have a double of red festivals suggestions by the way keep them come on we're gonna continue to take him up until like another week or two the minister nailing down some of these guys and performers in lovely ladies will be joining us. And red festival Saturday September the ninth in plot exposed in her. Bigger and better than our ever we've got eight hours of insanity. For only fifteen bucks live music all day where of course the men's original red going to be there the men's yelled gonna be there but we've invited. More breweries there will be more beer men's room sausage will be there what been asking you look at a crazy crap should we do I. This just my opinion parent Toronto multiple cities but every cities got I think they are known or eat I honestly and popular when you go to this. There's to be like the lobster roll the ball. We get the Casey Chile. It means god damn that you want from the islands you follow cool. Oh Paula oil is gone by Toledo Philadelphia cheese steaks at dorms they'll let represent everyone listens to the damn sure don't have moved by the way at the end got tickets yet jump on that now men's or live dot com see you Saturday September that I hit in glides to a cinema and hear more of your suggestions. Guys kill ideas for the most amazing day vital play. One of the loud and local bands that's my friends ban Abbott they would love to play also my buddy Josh from federal way. Ted I'll play any game corn hole the loser chuck another judge another manager red that would be great for adults that thirty loser really. I took that do start to about one of those inflatable off the course of obstacle course laureate to chug a beer before you start inject another beard and his line to win. I'm Ryan castle the drug charges always wanted to do that beer mile west wall for a double red festivals you mean actually doing. Again Iran festival what just watch camera picture. Hi guys I was at a logger show and we came out of the beer garden this cool Booth run by a super cool dude and his wife that had. Air soft shooting ranges in a bunch of air soft rivals and even a mini god I shut that thing it was by far the most fun thing drunk or sober I've ever done. I don't know the name of got to ask that you guys should have that at red festival that would be awesome. Let's see here things Gazprom all the fun in the outdoor drinking that for Angus that's a bad idea yet I'm like him. All of Lloyd there's an idea for red best and now CF meg sobering is the five wrestling promotion to the event beer music and grassland. No hawks and from broke. Out of and a that is well. Keep those suggestions coming by the way I shoot as the emails to the men's room Edmonds or my back on. And we'll start letting you know who is specifically going to be there right is our people get with their people and all that stuff we know that everything else but the read this was coming together. We will have more details as the days go on the keep in mind keep those suggestions coming because we're continuing to take for the next few days where Rihanna on the clam. On the clouds. Okay. Out. Well I mean that we've had multiple requests were killed joy that we know that I stayed at this clown the generals at the festival keep your distance clamped clowns that you talk to might kill joys the one I've heard about and I don't capital region councilman. Whatever help deal Lou this K regulatory capital working with it because apparently everyone on earth would like killed or two before that that we know nothing about children the oil and other class pride doesn't run a charge could you give us some insights on some of the people that you have reached out to four red festivals pars. Performers. Games whatever it is that just a little bit of a hint here I Jared from subway twelve years. The US colonel you say. Currently incapacitated. And don't make it. Bank that's director united reunited zeppelin little idea about as far as our guys we've built a house beat and you heard from so this is Bill Cosby gonna make it. Eighty serving drinks you've got enough that you can't even leaking anything that you don't know anything for as far as teams or anything like what I mean I IE if I had something to share with you I've most certainly would. I don't certain people sing and honesty. Oh well I can't tell you that at H that's Smith. Will be joining. The new originals onstage. Oh I've read more about Michael McDonald oh gummery monoclonal go to our ads like Michael McDonnell you well I've always had a there's a link to get the other the Michael mcdonalds. It was like it was three of you know we have there was a hung an opportunity up the Bank of Hawaii got nothing you know why you want the Michael mcdonalds so we can hide behind the mother Michelman John actually a lot miles Montgomery as Michael MacDonald Michael McDonald right up front they almost beat singers for a very reason but my growing movement brutal rule rule there's a mile tunnel you know or if if we're gonna do if if if we're gonna pull it together do you got rock can't you I want miles Montgomery we define as Michael mocked minded Michael O I've had a hard mood while Montgomery as Michael McDonald what do malisse what are we are added that would head is correcting me. All your life run off the rails about what we're good defense I've been drinking puts the Christopher Cross to ride like the way. Are sick its own halo way to move the drums they even notices that much man. I got a book boom boom will men's room read festival Saturday September 9 the in imply exposed senator featuring out guard Greg get GAAP and other dumb stuff live entertainment games and of course plenty of outdoor during along with a staple of bands. And beer enjoy your Beers and cocktails by the way each sale benefits Seaver foundation of course. Portion of the proceeds will go to our fine folks at the Fisher house and tickets are only fifteen bucks we have just cut the price on this deal dramatically. A lot more entertainment lot more going on now eight hours of insanity. For only fifteen and frank castle's that you hear coming came in sentiment this into Jarrett and Bill Cosby we should also by OJ. I was a season that have been gang there give those tickets now for major red festival and to amend your lives backup. I think now we need to go back in time to last and we played to verses the FCC till the good let's go back in tan. Today. John jobs bill front clean cloth in a crock pot spitz. Shifty yet. The ladies. On key cuts trades is techie here for a free funky ducts chuck is philanthropists. And budget includes a fact. Chuck chuck they'll be struck. Greens called that a crock pot spit shift he hits the ladies hunky cut streak is tacky hits for free pokey ducks chuck it philanthropists. Budget but. Chalked up LP trucks. Greenstock their crock pot stick shift its belief funky cannot straighten tacky hits for free funky dog truck with a whip wrists budget tune not a big trucks green coat in a crock pot. Stick shift to hit the late funky cuts traders bet you it's for free OT dot. Struck at Wentworth budget. Wow. Unbelievable. Oprah win again yeah. It was 325. It's at their job or. What go way with another day. It's time for pet vs the FCC. Old messed up last night up so late we decided that I needed to go play frisbee in the middle mystery. Gun at them most of them believe we're up to about 5 o'clock in the morning sunk in apple may. You know I we come in and Chris. Send us a tip verses the FCC if we'd known that manhunt under an Obama early on your frisbee game would be in line weaker posture and we get a laid a pretty regular for his regular for a nighttime at Carnoustie at night yet. Really have to update yourself. So this week's dead verses the FCC comes from us from Chris inning goes something like this. Bigger nick takes his flag flying truck to the city shell station for fuel bigger and ex flag flying truck is against whole time for another city shell filled. The way we played Ted vs the FCC is yet to read that one time through somebody handed three times that. All right thanks Chris. In the spell can't. Bigger nick. Takes its flag flying truck to the city shell station for fuel. Bigger knicks flag flying truck is that gas hole. Time for another city shell built into effect bigger nick takes his flag flying truck for the city shell station for fuel. Bigger knicks flag flying truck is that gas no time for another city shell built on. Bigger nitpick this flag why instructed the students. Honda I'm. Art Shell station for pool maintenance flag flying truck of the Cassel Barbara another city shelled the no fool bigger and expect is flagged by truck to city shell stations for fuel. Triggered XYY thing struck you the castle. Our eyes. Robin looked OK I don't know I didn't move around looking. You alluded to earlier you could hear. Who. I don't know you know they've been up to a plane for Israel they are so bad joke about it well read there's a far far 999. Hole you can do those that the email do with the men's room at midterm lives back out. We've got the drug giant's dividend to pick up the bad jokes momentarily you're listening to the bedroom radio network. Into the newsroom with. Bad jokes a far far 999. Hole and away we go with the bad joke. Here's a view from the emails is terrible. Priest has a heart attack in his rush and he wakes up as he's being rushed to the hospital on the Gurney about to nurses the asinine haven't. Knows is one of the nurses we're just taking short cuts through the children's ward. Wait there's more. What you call a three hump camel pregnant pregnant. And one more. Now though I don't allow that aren't there already out of fear from the comment there this terrible I had to laugh why it was the orphan bad baseball why was the orphaned batted baseball we didn't over homework. I'm G allens who do I know I hit three wood came in and I'll I'll I'll I'll kill the messenger. Why can't you hear a pared back bill going to the bathroom why can't you hear a Terry Dak you'll going to the bathroom because the what you scotsman where tilts. I don't now because as you can hear zipper from a mile away early as this joke is for Ted what time does Sean Connery rival Wimbledon what time. To finish at. I never read the period that. Bloody okay. They're deserves to be ready. Men's room no. It's just the way news. You're the toast of hour show. Data that is usually ahead does it break dance dance theater throwing vilified nortel's yes indeed and today we totals 22 year old Alexandria turner. A Saint Augustine, Florida now Alexandria based on both her picture and her actions. She's the personification. Massey and here's how we earlier this week she swimming in the Atlantic Ocean when she decided to swim over to appear. Org I was missing. That would students remote order and at the white bed now. Alexandria. She started gusting up to god give the guy suspect. At all. That what you pollen decided to leave. This departed loved most she bit his fishing line and swim away with a lower. Volcom line she bit his fishing line. And swing importantly. With a lower this might shock you she was very intoxicated she was arrested. Shields got the additional charge of resisting arrest because she refused ghetto the water swearing that she was naked. Guards ma'am. You're wearing a bikini. Can you please just get out water anyway she was arrested and will be went to court next week I mean if you know anything about how big those peers are how far she was out their swimming tennis swim out to where he was fishing. She bit his linemen in the water in this way and the way with a little. I'll only if floor. I made only stay you gotta you gotta lower joke. South and east. Now that's I think you lord in a racist like. Out of the races I had heard that part of it I just laughed a little tonight lord no stock goes for you record label Linksys. I've had to blustery. Before the smooth and we drink this booze because we think it's yummy yeah bag over the tong and down the throat to Barney in our Tommy's. Dow and I'll have a job I get death that I live for profile there's a far far 999 O line. I shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.