08-18-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Gets Screwed

Friday, August 18th

Mens Room Question: How did you get screwed over?


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Movement ladies and gentlemen boys and girls downright not to mention her friend has a loan that's right most Wayne got something primary a lot like this imagine. Cleaning blacks Sandra Gonzales just run homer and then rich and I'm very clean fresh smelling just hope and change your mom's. Arianna I am still going there and really how easy journey votes aren't in danger and say yeah yeah. Oh works every time going. Strange behavior and of course we're. All benefiting receive their foundation and the Fisher house. Don't stop for less money home still only fifteen love yeah Jordan and now homes and that my staff. Or Oregon. Case you were giving pro bike aliens during the last midterm performance tears what you. Mixed. He's the nine most dangerous foods and they'll work. Hunt down. How god damn and I started with number one oh my god that I really can't go into iCloud let us and I know this is my. Have no way no way. Yeah man no way. This is one of my favorites. Coles gets a boost from some important things than people want to buy. And now look and act. Not. Clearly there so people are open people didn't want but I think at the so they're like hey we gotta play people like by other stuff what are we put this on themselves and what do you know people started on the Cole very. That we found on good government a blank competitive ball no purely out of guru like girls can you really look good for the Google's confused I mean except just hugely famous dog sled drivers itself as high school who runs of why are you get rid of this. Like because of what what what he had left. The country of Jamaica. Has a dog sled team they are you career and I I have a photo right and I Mona I'm still a moment I need to see the picture I can't wrap my head around. Of course they would just figured I. I've seen I'll tell you what it wouldn't like things on the back even Alaska Airlines is good. He thinks I'm glad I'm glad we all know losing the game wouldn't include again did about as rock of cloud I don't I I was join the club dropped far. He's eighth to pretty cool every morning they sing to each other. The guy that live there and India they were like what they think about you think they are Barbara Barbara Barbara ordered through that they are and they talk about where food is. If they talk about where they feel like other dangerous creatures that have heard him. I just wild stuff and every morning and he could he got a movement. He knows I was out of Salmonella that'll pretty interesting comment when you're you're singing monkeys. They were apes apes singing a nude they were also on YouTube and hand went a monkey out of you mean. Yes this is what is who who who who who then. What does that mean you'll griner that's bananas over there now that went out a dvd of businessmen who can pull pull people in new. Practices of about who pool pool ball today. There have been no doubt that does that go to that if if if if that monkey bill you know we have mating season. Oh worrying. Yes and I. In an ever to keep the integrity of the gentleman's sport golfer Chris Crawford made the difficult but right decision to disqualify himself from US amateur championship. After he noticed that his caddie was using a standard slow measuring function on his distance device was heavily. Will Smith was the caddie Matt Damon with the golf. Or Bagger man Bagger Vance that was the one I'm no magical negro. I am yeah. They will allow me to play golf ball carrier these bags social over and over while person would you like your life revolves. Yeah that's an okay debate there I didn't see the movie as well led savient with the it's been really that bad a lawyer. But what kind of club you'll also none of them bothered him what you look to remove him with UF Ing kidding me. When Will Smith ran this good day out halo is laid back guy of the those hasn't told blankly. You're a newborn in my house had to keep going down the rabbit hole every day here. Visit and I'm most dangerous food. It's bagels. Why. All right. So eat bagel probably won't really. But cutting them is where people keep god okay are roughly how many. Roughly and the people we think go emergency rooms every year with bagel related injury I don't know 20000. 2000 visit and I'm most dangerous foods in the world and guess what we made it to number and I was fate of these phone number and I was let go yet. Coming into my management. He's our number one and we've always another one go we didn't start all the whole thing with Iraq could look out. Again and any broad chicken. If. Okay. Okay. New Orleans at apple is known as the birthplace of what type of music. I don't like Utah Jazz NBA basketball team doesn't how did they not change the name when removed from the war when I'm not sure what city you also like Paula reckons that Campbell would they have called it. And I'm gonna do it and nothing you'll end up the call it anything that's exactly. That again. You don't blizzard at this beautiful book a couple a couple of I think the if it. Guys are thrown out ceremonial first pitch my old. No my buddy Mike are right. He has done so many feathers out we got through those past week he gets the markets from Seattle Mariners taking on the Baltimore. All right he raises money at. Basically against domestic box so he's one of the top fundraisers or you can put into perspective how well he does he has been the top fund raiser. So when he got him down the road that this year took in one of the rewards for being the top form if you get the first you get suite and all this. Is I don't tell what he let the wander off this year throw to first pitch Nikko. My iPhone had done so at times like you have very little bit at even like minor league he got. No no no evidence as you that you don't get twice okay wrote okay. Well we kind of put people I don't think all. Okay. Thought it was not solve I had no. Apologizes my fiance aerials when he sixth birthday today can you get a cut that bitch up next dollar with some sweet sweet dirty German talk. Thanks guys appreciated that from college. It now. Met her own. Yeah I mean who benefit for both of those in your buns before slipping missiles that can sign. Not an area used to be under the CD and not go beyond I mean he. On the mercy yeah. I've been. It's at the children's movie man. In another example would be able stupidity would nature you people people witnessed a baby don't put a are tough to break up with a baby don't think at the last man thought of fighters people love him regardless. However I doubt it's rather than I've got to repeat in my head right a beach full of people witnessed a baby dolphin get itself stuck. That's all day there's no. Preliminarily. All right what happens in this poor baby doll it's the debate. The main rebel and got stuck on shore and the people rushed over. Now I'm sure that they had every intention of aiding the animal back into the water they did lose some funny how they started take a photo shoot a variety of what's so funny that they weren't weren't going to do without getting their son is in first. Because of the delayed response the baby dolphin that I'm sort of torture helped you get to haul well Larry I now man oh man oh it was a blast and an undefeated dolphins. He doesn't sound like it really does. Will number no my shooting and around like the guys left and the dead it's. This is new reality show I realized that I show is that true. This comments as. Are we live today or is another guy named repeat now there's a reason this is a taped a show down is a repeat we're just taking excerpts from everything we've said in a preview shows in the wee pads and it's an amazing things that really does sound mind and Olympic recent weeks someone who which one of us that this to us yes I know I I'm excited for Christmas tomorrow. Yeah. I have to ask these doors are today and come back its own nuts and I think almost every guy in the world just waits to the last minute to go right out you know I don't know when and I can't I remember what it offers a New Zealand had a north shopping tonight as diverted dead ball flight this is our Easter spectacular. The reasoning but I am asking game and bring his dog god forbid we take a vacation. Now done men's room legacy caddie ten news. If he what you're about here is real and the members of this radio program are simply not bad break. Educated. Really stupid. They're not trying to offend anyone on purpose. And go. Lord and I'm going to be invited to join the party. This is done. The adults. The rest okay very good morning. All gathered in secrecy. This is done men's room with my. Thrilled. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And your play and win. Unless they go out in Arizona our 2606. People aren't. Along with Steve the throw hill. Shoot Ted Smith and love and in my car. I do I had a bedroom. I happening here come a bad jokes bridges the return of dead vs the FCC. Get ready to play profile that. Plus headlines events and shot of the day fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite TV time with 2 o'clock period don't quite Erica White House chief strategist Steve van and leaves to take new jobs as a new baseboard Neutrogena. Good fit at. In case of nuclear attack in Guam guidelines say you should not use conditioner in your health care to tell that to grow Retief. And dads and you know Wayne Lauder who dedicated his life saving animals as tragically shot to Alaska where thousands of walruses are showing up way too earlier than thought. And Oklahoma terrorist parents manage. Flabbergasted about damn FBI being mean there's. That's welcoming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. Oh not big kids good day to you and yours. Our luck everyone's gotten screwed over. It's almost the right path needs to get screwed over it sometimes it's intentional sometimes it's my accidentally. Take the drummer of the van Belle and Sebastian and when you're familiar with the band bell in Tibet and yeah me neither apparently the drama not very popular because. The bailed left the drummer of Wal-Mart North Dakota. And they didn't notice for seven hours and put this in perspective and they went to bed at one that won't go the next morning like. No amendment and what did you think they realize they left him at the Wal-Mart. In North Carolina lucky for him he bumped into a fan. What happened below the social media paid through but the man no worse. That's a long story but on the other hand sometimes. Well sometimes get screwed over on purpose right so that states even ban and who have miles futures new Regina. Donald Trump former political strategist and opera seven months Mahan and is out of the White House. To hear from him he quit I think we'll know a bit. Won't release them the reason we believe for release them because I believe human and his plan is to return to a position like our new. To quote and I'm quoting what broad market. Ramp up for thermonuclear war against for the most we ever talking from people last week and month. Brett Bart the planets were flop over because I am in the butt hurt and losing your job there's like a man. I want the driver right bark side hit her Brett or Brad Bartlett thorny and about. But an old school. And don't wait until we tell you about the former slave name nearest Greek. Let's just say that every eighties hair metal band owes him a debt of gratitude for their song where I think we do grammar yeah. But so that's what today's question is about men everyone's been screwed over sometimes a person's review over sometimes Robin it's companies screwing you over. But one way or another it's happened to you so this is what we want to know today how did you get screwed over. The brother Joseph caught a four point 999 alone like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter admin survive and to your emails to the men's room and meant to my backup. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah yeah. Don't tell I would tell him a shot over 2664. When a huge show we have well today Erica on those bad jokes badgers return of Denver's is the FCC. And today we're gonna talk about I got screwed over sometimes it's intentional sometimes does not and to look to start with a story this is great the band is Belle and Sebastian never. And they managed to leave their drummer in north Dakota in a Wal-Mart this week in the rest of the ban apparently did notice until about seven hours later. The quotes ass we left Richard in North Dakota if it it. Anyone. One of VA hero and get him to Saint Paul, Minnesota somehow the gig hangs in the balance. That is a tweet from the band's front man Stuart Murdoch. And it seemed that with the band's tour bus stop the Wal-Mart. Drummer Richard Colbern you see he went into the store but he did not take his ball and that was the problems. Because. Now the problem is that no one injured god damn band replies that goodbye or call an estimated date you know I think he didn't have now I have to do topic and it turned around saw it hey we talked where does head okay does not need to go like oh god damn and we broke left them the plays because he's not here but we talked about this the other day book OK if you lose your phone you are screwed. If all of us to work together and and we lost and I lost my phone and I cannot find you guys I don't have the theme is clue what your phone numbers because I'm unconditionally. Dialing them in I don't know what the number is certainly doesn't matter if the winds don't answer your call I don't let it and I went to the Wal-Mart I would not know your number you know to look forward until you were gone a mile hike down here I doubt it now and how his miles doesn't hear well. The clintons. Main driver apparently thought everyone was back on the bus and just left. So Murdoch's tweet was sent from Maple Grove Minnesota which the equal AV club club notes is a seven hour drive. From the Dickinson, North Dakota Wal-Mart. Murdoch described the situation to a radio show explaining that when everyone woke up that morning they realize that Colbert wasn't there. Coburn in the meantime was waiting in the Wal-Mart for four hours he assumed that someone realized that he was go north and the bus would come back and get them. But the trouble was at that point everyone went to bed after leaving the Wal-Mart. The drummer eventually checked into a hotel and someone who saw the band social media plea gave him a ride to the Bismarck airport. In he was able to fly there from Minneapolis to somehow make it to the show in Saint Paul. A new side appeared on the bus. Should be okay now Murdoch weighted down along with a photo assignment for the bus driver's seat reading someone. Is all the boss so he did make it and it wasn't intently on the Basra and got screwed over but it escrow Bret so the bus driver is sitting up front the rust band is in the back. The bus driver takes off I would think at some point someone in the mangoes Heyman. Where's Richard. You know he's good drummer and our band and all I know now we go to to Phoenix Arizona loses a loved. So. This is so terrible the north Phoenix woman was shocked. When her neighbor's dog showed up on her doorstep with a swastika painted on its head. The homeowner who spoke with twelve news. Is half Hispanic with three adopted children of mixed race you understand why this was done to her some idiot figured that he would make a point are gonna swastika on the dollars in against an even heard all I mean look this. This is a sense. Look at the pictures April. I held it it has done looks to those that I know it's got a plus they got instead I don't know how the dog understand the sign of evil that he just knows that she's thinking what is this is his message meant toward me you have to protect my family. While the homeowners to the oldest child knows exactly what the symbol is his younger siblings are asking questions about what it means Ned figure out a way to explain man. She also said the timing that Torre seventeen got to explain that one battle against felt so close to the reason racial tensions blah blah blah blah. Certainly brings fear and there's cause for concern this is a symbol used by neo Nazis skinheads its premise by underdog than ever on the symbol on its head. Is it's scary. Dog's owners of the they're gonna try to watch that out of her hair he thinks you know I believe it on. Illinois and watched most was regardless of America this is worse case scenario but overall let's just not cheap stuff in the dog says do McCain and on. I'm hoping and my dad. The argument let's not paint stuff on the hawks say about that. It's only going to be decent human beings as only the dogs are all over it and that over to get an acrobat okay Eric well. We've made it weak and that its status go back here. Okay. No we have this visit comes from Lynchburg Tennessee in an article by clay rising. And the title when Jack Daniels failed to honor a slight. Followed Weaver was on vacation in Singapore when she first read about near scream at Tennessee slave who taught Jack Daniels how to make whiskey. Greens existence. Had long been an open secret. But in 2016. Brown Foreman the company that owns Jack Daniels distillery. Made international headlines with its decision to finally embrace greens legacy and significantly changed its dollars. To emphasize his role with the company. Quote it was jarring to argue arguably one of the most well known brands in the world was created by a slate. And miss Weaver forty who is an African American real estate investor and author. So determined to see the changes herself she was soon on a plane from her home in Los Angeles on her way to Nashville. But when she got to Lynchburg. She found no Trace of great and I've been on the store and I do not remember ever seeing a black man up on the wall it's always a white guy with a mustache wearing the time line keeps getting. Closer to I don't make the whiskey but I got to monitor to an avid Purdue's she found no Trace of real and three towards the distillery and nothing not a mention of him. Rather than leave. Miss Weaver dug in determined to uncover more about green and then persuade brown Foreman to follow through on its promise. To recognize his role in creating America's most famous whiskey. So she rented a home in downtown Lynchburg school and began contacting greens descendants dozens of whom still live in the area. It's shocking to know that someone at Tennessee in their whole family has moved away. I've blows my mind really does so scouring archives in Tennessee and Georgia and Washington DC she created the timeline of green's relationship would Daniel. Chilling how green. Had not only talk the whiskey bear in how to this deal. But it also gone to work for a after the civil war. Natalie that. He gave him the recipe. Becoming a miss Weaver believes as the first black master distillery America by congress have gone to black Daniel she has collected 101000 documents and artifacts related to Daniel angering much of what she's already agreed to donate to the national. Museum of African American history and culture in Washington. Through every search you also located the farm where the two men began distilling it would she do she bought it overseas and authentic but also in real stating it that. Along with a 84 acre parcel in the center of downtown Lynchburg that she intends to turn into a memorial park. Team discovered the greens real name is Nathan nearest was a reported nickname. So they've really look at just about green and last month she introduced uncle nearest 1856. That's a whiskey produced on contract by another Tennessee distillery on that seem far. Where she says she will ply the bulk of any profits to order expanding list of green related projects. Visit Weaver's biggest success however came in May. When brown Foreman officially recognized green as its first master distillers nearly a year after the company about the start hearing greens like this. It's absolutely critical that the story of nears gets added to the Jack Daniel's story. That remark MacCallum president of Jack Daniels brands of ground for. Yet because that's his recipe ma'am that's exactly it he never gets rid of all these income and shocking Jack Daniels is one of the most recognized worldwide brands and Steven Shuler. When you went to England. Yeah one of one guy Daniels was like that was it when it. Yeah you make contact appealing MLB of Narnia two weeks whatever is one of the guys that man please do me a favor. And bring me with the biggest handle attacked and educated and at the time just to meet. Don't worth at least Jack Daniels there are more. Okay why could you despise there's so as he's way enemy he says look in every country has its thing. But America primarily is known for whiskey images in an athlete recognize in beard I mean it's. People of America missed you guys get that right but Jack Daniels is the name that when Mosul. I don't know about now one of the time this by 1990s. Or I guess what there but it was late it's horror define object and which again to me such a ridiculous concept but. I broke the handle over and I gave to my body and in my body ticket to a father has filer musicals three of his friends and you've never seen. So many happy old englishman they just sat down with the diamond thing they open with being handled Jack. They sport collectibles an actor I mean these guys each one would just take a drink and and I mean I had didn't like it as it is it is that big a deal that. But it I'll realist. Realistically you would have to think. That as just not not that not that people didn't live together in at that point in time but as far as cultures coming from other areas are concerned you know. The Irish have a cookbook it's at them. But in everyone that we're talking how to ruin potato they bring in they bring in you know whether it's instruments that are played or whatever it is everybody brings different elements into a culture. Now my money says if a slave a black man have the recipe for whiskey. That that was a black recipe I don't think that crossed yeah I think so so not only is Jack Daniels. You know that the first whiskey that we know of its popular my guess would be called drug appropriation Jim beam. Maker's mark. All these others are are are would have to be similar you don't mean so you know like it's like if you have a really good pasta a right I would assume it's coming from an Italian cookbook and eat and cook book. Seattle as a young collision unmet because. Italy known for like look they weren't supporting or piles that tomorrow or poll ruled out sort TARP came back with a soap. Whatever the hell they were eating and Italy before that probably seafood in more Mediterranean stuff but. As much as hostages was attributed to it platform African Italy from god in China. If if I'm running it like whiskey rightly Scots Irish. Shouldn't ruin over there are some and came over here obviously went to the Imus and I think we're gonna make our what's coming up there every recipe was an African American recipe for every whiskey in that area that help if that holds true. Got to write probably used at least the majority of them because if that's if if that's a family recipe years and the like that. That's coming from a culture. And every culture has different recipes and different things they do if I got a bottle of Rome that was instilled in Chicago I'm gonna just assume someone from the Caribbean games Chicago at some point Brad started making it. Which would make sense so our question today how did you get screwed oh. 844999. Hole. LO do honor to welcome to the men's room. Verdugo got her are you. I bet you bet it's okay we don't terrible Alaskan. About. I. Showed it. We allows one we were to get I Ted said dinner Steve say you're going to a movie and to be honest with the I thought you're on a date so I'm glad to know the we're all wrong. Are you getting dinner before the show. Maybe aren't pretty early to get well quoted at them or not. Oca I assist the needs to Steve said load in was a seven Ted Hussein it was 330 and I was gone for 630 so we are just absolutely not tracking where all of our game today so did you get screwed over. Well well I had actually and also showed well. Three years ago I'd play in the ban that we currently there are bucket. The ball and I. Men's room read festival. I would Oka a and it. Yeah you know you don't got her IBM will get a mortgage or send an email are people like you touch with your people. I'll I'll let outside about edited by week. I. Anyway I I would probably elect its aim at the time. That. What we had to do it hurt our insurance but it just eat jelly like. I thought about this that it damaged. And it didn't like that. We have yet but down a deposit. And they'll be put the deposit. Like a dollar. Didn't hit it breaks up there. We should go as we make money back. And it shows we're. Up next you're out there we do it again. Saying well you know. The opposite way back make more money out there. I do it again you know about that about it and I didn't do what act. Yeah and selling better deposit that we bought back the other people get expelled. That we got you well herb. Did you organize the bat the ball out yet and that bad. But got away here. But more. You know to me about that. Well I got we got. Your well. Well I. Know I've done that out again and then hit the money back you know it. If our market and market you hear any property give money back of course. Because he technically didn't participate we didn't invent any of the bat the bulk at a party that money to earth and. Volume I would never happen Edmonds from red festival. Our man LaRue literally on top of yet Abby and has been. That's actually norm those years ago when a plane and a ban hammered doorknob thing I'm open to make great things happen when we finally finally finally after months. Doing everything we can't trying to get a gig at the legendary CB GB use the New York for intensity and I mean. They don't owe you anything good people I was one player and drummer. Who we would notice was not weapons but our drummer. He was on the phone every day ball in his portrait named Tracy who was going to booking I mean every fruit and she doesn't know anything about those would finally. Just for him to stop bugging. She boxes it's CGMRS. Business and saying to us because it's CB for NG it's so we go up. We play the show log into my normal week tapping blew the roof off my bitch and we went up and did what the app we do. They instantly said we would like to bring you back like we know you will ask god damn thing you're gonna hear it because that's how we roll. That's our swagger that was our belief and I'll stand by that statement that bad so. We get another dig there about performance later delivered a Baltimore the time and now we're super size and relentless in its not just that we need he redeemed. Or play the bit. Of rent a few bad to get a few friends to me like thirty doubles role and up and it was. Along asked trip regatta gears real loss to New York CD we show opens CB DBs and won't we get there. And out of Memphis. They walked out missive. You in the five of the pain and so we it's gonna report. You won't replying. Malia arms are coming in why is this because Ian McCullough. The lead singer from echo and the mother and I think by any man. Has just put out solo album he happens to be in your city and he decided that he wants to place CB GB in Boca and to this day. I hate this Mo just for the one reason I mean I I can narrow it Europe Pet Shop Boys through that I'm talent if I meet him. If I mean it and he's the nicest guy and world. I'm so gonna punch him in the face and solo but our partners and understood I wanted to punch him in phase of that what young Steve would wanna read do I am sure he's a fine dabble would relate. What to do it came to town right yeah. A bunch of money men and upon the bombing. It's there's money and money in and Williams I don't know quite what you already I mean it's I don't know why they wouldn't buy Lehman. I don't know the man who owns Bonnie arms bunnies as body but the worst part is the album he was supporting Lieberman the exact name of the song to the effect of like. Ever want my friend our number one friend and a Roma one look at that and friends. Rebecca. Did you get screwed over a four part 999 alone all the lime or your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you. Through. Our question how did you get screwed over 84 or. 999. All the praise for a question today we have a indie band name Belle and Sebastian and they managed to leave their drummer behind he was in Wal-Mart did not take his phone boss took off. Some seven hours later they woke up and realize that they were in the law the state of Minnesota however. They did not have their drummer. So on social media they had a plea like anyone get him here forget about the gig is up. And as someone got him a ride to the Bismarck airport and he didn't make it to the to predict now. Aloe history here Jack Daniels. A little history lesson a writer and a real estate agent decided to dig up a little bit of information about a man named nearest green. Nearest green and Jack Daniel's work hand in hand in the beginning of the Jack Daniels whiskey birth so to speak. However it happened to be one nearest greens recipe it near a screen taught Jack Daniel how to make delicious Tennessee whiskey you're. So now with history rewriting the books they're brown Foreman has recognized his role he is now the first ever master to Stiller. And Jack Daniels and he was also played how. So he's now getting his due credit some hundreds of years later. Our question how did you get screwed over 844999. Old law a mildly got a few comments here I'll simply read you two of them the first one says. Another got him repeat are you kidding me considering a Christmas Day. This is a Thanksgiving 2018 trio and then another one says is this a repeat all the bitches effort Charlie of course this is another repeat just like you mr. yet we have all lots of vacation days we choose to use them wisely you're listening to a Thanksgiving 2018. Should. Which we which were recorded in Thanksgiving of 2008 a threat really to plan ahead and you only had court you're Ted you know it was different this year because Ted of course your relatives of Massachusetts you have gotten a lobster shipped. So we're gonna doing traditional original Thanksgiving dinner even estimate is can join us mosque debate. Rat there we're gonna go to the casino I mean it's going to be a great day aren't going to be often look at I love this time a year. Candidates give irrigate and all the pumpkin Leo football coming up with a four day weekend who would have thought this no not yet through Jacksonville Jaguars would be the best team in football they don't want your big gains across believable plague or riddles. Or who rule. Just on fire I have moma fan when he now down Ryan mallet comes in manages wipe them out as well wanna team I still can't believe me and l.'s coach and I can either I don't. Thought NBA head coach into when he made here we are I mean you while Johnny did no time. Vical John football and out of football Europe and Tim Tebow play and tied him wide receivers have back in the off season when every night I for the Yankees whatever they need a far he's a new Bo Jackson. Our question how did you get screwed over 844999. Hello Brian welcome. It's. Oh yeah. Need. It's. You know we'll. I got gluten and he started well 100 or whatever right now. How you can about puberty yeah yeah dramatic yeah there's a great title to make a phone call call. Two radio state I don't know I bass Brian you have a wind tunnel what's going on there. Yeah I hear about. But I'd among look right now don't. Eat this is the voice of Darth Vader for those duke duke winning this now. Luke I'm your dad. Yeah on the Thaddeus period over. I got screwed up by a lynch and company actually. Is that this whole business practiced. Well. Eight and what you would think so but what happened to me well. Pretty. Personally record I had never actually gotten kicked it more than it actually net. I figured barriers that actually that wasn't my fault. But. I had been in several over the course of two years. Where. Are just people just get our turn into my car I get really endeared it being this that the other. So then I get a letter from my pension and company. Saying oh by the way you're great double. If not almost tripled because we now can you high risk. And they let all these accident. That I called La you've got to like how can talk about who you know none of what might fall. People were hitting me. And let saying. He thinks is a preexisting conditions. No they had basically. You're out of luck. Oh come on man it's. Brian U bad. How did you get screwed over 844999. Cola. The show and many pins continue on the men's room. Radio network.