07-19-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Was An Accident

Thursday, July 19th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has 13 Foods Created By Accident! Plus NO S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Have a drink it's ultimately shot today and I ran a profile this is a coming of as well meantime the game is big Demi and we've got a large and align the Mars is just start out here we're gonna question number one that is correct to Lars here is your question what does the only US state without a rectangular flag. Washington. I don't think any notable. I tried I believe it's. A man. Wanna say it's red lips and lewd image in my white store or something monumental art. Counties or. The question a diamond is forever is the famous advertising slogan created in 194741. Company. In me. I know they'll learn and all of a minute and a blonde white and blue collar on the dirt. Who who OK you're cages. It is the beer at first Chicago looking into your thinking less said the better. No good no dear I don't think plant. I believe what every kiss begin to get her just. I'm here forever. What is the common translation for the Latin phrase car they. Local and seize the day. Like come on man face different. All I wanted to be sensitive. For the record on the pole people on foot or keep asking like you're right her piece basically forever right and it doesn't change or cooler like. Q are these curable like it's some of them aren't they are. And I. Yeah I don't. Forget the keeps on given. Who's the president when borrowers were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yeah yeah. He can do and alone. And Harry and Truman. Terrorism. They're just. How many red stripes are there on the US full day. All come on get a. Mr. Antonio Memphis flag. Keep dancing around aren't just won't say come on man and third floors of their flag. OK now what do we know what do we know about those a little what do we know about the strikes what do they do. The alternate colors are. Correct and with a two coast. The lawyers editor at thirteen of those red and what are they make alternate. Then there's only one of two options. There's only two numbers possible. Fourteen was not one of but have that number yes 77 or extended. And let you sit there. We're a little more on history gas businesses basic step what we're not even a fifteen on the number. And that you should be strong cup of 2100 or thousand the number. No matter what after battles were yes you are what country would you find that NASCAR lines. And line bringing it. There's the lead as ancient lines and carbon to the ground can't figure out did you think you need an aerial view to construct these essentially in the room. You know strong yeah I thought OK okay. Holy. Question nothing Florida. All right your isn't England New York is in the United States Mexico obviously it's its own country New Mexico is in the United States. New Zealand is an island nation where is semen. It's the westernmost province. All the European countries are you knew that. People always ask other Zealander actually as an wasn't proclaimed it was. They need to be considered part of Spain. I got one Leon settled their first summer. From Cleveland and that. Try to look I would welcome the bug grief three year things are bad then Zealand or Zealand. All right your question. Multiple choice Jordan's James William or Jacques what is Alastair thanks real first name Alex is as middlemen. So George James William. Thought. An. Four days. Great. Solace and better look at the field that's right. You look at James Padilla comes idea look at large. All of Eric Holder be the lucky all right they're going to. What does it only letter of the alphabet that does not appear in the US states name. And hard planes right into it. Time. Why. That we just watched. I don't know why don't we just started a little while but I'm in the first sold. Why no me. All what continent we you find the country of your life. I'm not insulting the name of the country you're at war. Years. Yeah you're getting your. Are all those. However more to Johnny Apple seed but Johnny Apple seeds apples we're not meant for me but for what. It's good. Think about the timing. All you Korean entry replay and it. Question loved. Like to run your. They can't impress female club well not really that. Lauren and I wanted to add in order of the questions but you know what are you doing to me that couldn't do and let's reflect life. All Londonderry and or. Okay yeah beauty is in the eye and behold is similar. What we're journalists referring to when they nicknamed Chicago the windy city. Are earning England named nicknamed it only need it isn't it don't go away and including liberal and. So called the windy city it's a national weather report. This winter I. Don't want to go to register their foot that's not why. Enable the windy city after the residents of the idea of the residents there are more wind bag full of hot air and basically an open mouth and talking to those mountains alone and I know it's an insult is an insult forgot that explains VD Newton. Are right. It's multiple choice for you we have omens Brazil nuts walnuts or hazel ups. Which of these is it true that chemical not. And actionable knocked. Which one is the real non union. It's like to tell the truth they're going to lose Allman as a result of wall motor they've totaled only one of them is true enough there's a lot of Harris. It'll. No we're not just. Very good all right another. It comes from a tree Iraq I would not and does that give and how elusive owns. I got against Brazil much I don't know why am tees just seems exotic. Are the NFL big dumb move Ivo does this resemble more contests and 8449990. La. Hello Steve welcome to the Mandarin. It's over until over the. Are you taking. Taking a killer for a sunburn. Yeah occur as a greater than a couple of that what would that did you get done any blistering. No but I feel like that's about to come here in the next couple days I'm on reality today did you fall asleep or what happened. I didn't know I was just out in the sun basically from there until sun belt and I did not even think about sites where you drinking. They might have been a little Ludlum aren't very good incentives on the sun all day there's no way you can pop with. I think little kids didn't like hell yeah had a beer Stevie with when he got there as far as your minera disease chlamydia gonorrhea crabs or herpes. I. Probably go down Elliott Dario and generator on Oregon's votes at him and I congratulations on. Are you urgent question you can't have fewer and toes on the back or four polls. You were Oakland fewer troops front and back office. Edited to back also. They did do everything with a grab and a pool. That's double emotions so it like is that they don't mean nothing they don't leave but an idea get on my that you do pull ups in the meantime and you decline is gonna do that thing. This should be very athletic conference tournament cats are far away. On Twitter. Gonorrhea again is treatable. But somehow people are voting more for herpes gonorrhea. Morally want to sorrow that I am as far as our contestants go cramps just eking out chlamydia so we'll get a grand total. From our 230 follow sermons are live and of course our contestants today and bring you those results and examined by the game. Big data still to come ahead Jeff announced as needed date of this thirteen foods invaded by accident no I sure like it's coming up and her emails are on the way next in the men's room and men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Jeff Kellogg says they have details at thirteen foods invented by accident the first time for a few emails from the men's room and men's or my dark. I read those goods O'Brien the birthdays only gentleman wanted to wish you happy birthday to my new daughter Elise. She's only been with the us all our. A few hours but I'll lover more than words can describe couldn't be happier how about letting puke any second up cupcake thanks bitches that from day. Day. It. Ironically I know and Elise who just had a baby and check and that's a baby named leaks. I'm bitches it's my eight not December's Internet now appreciate your different. 8395. Day on the earth 23 years I was hoping I could get something from the dirty Germans and Walden PS Lar bonds' head. Beverage with Mahmud. You would undo most of them in the cold. Yeah and made other teachers have to do discipline. Because a lot of attention. On full Google extension of late season. I think about thirty seconds around the sun and be one year anniversary of when I started listening to your show I'm going to be we're gonna double today in my hair stylist who is up four days away from taking my state boards for barber. So I'm gonna hold a two licenses and I absolutely love my new career. We'd better have a barber shop fish sandwich please and Al hitting the window love the show love you guys that from the coal is it. And will be borrowed the exam wins. She's a daughter on the side. Television cameras and he's in jail really is in the morning and afternoon at noon. It is a lot and I just had my bird there a question now why have cell phone reception before I go giving for my birthday for my birthday I want you guys to talk all over your selves. About camping and then led miles have the last word it is dirty Virginian boys. Cheers that from lethal. Arms again and so he. Bring on the deer in the global journalist are gonna minutes take or laugh homilies and Anna and the only advances that you and Donald are there and they hold and I got there and you had a team this loss jewels. Friends. Today marks my 35 trip around the sun because my wife only loses the show when I'm catching up on podcast at home my daughter's only words are all of a Jolo. Neither of them will write in for my request so it is up to me. Can I get the very Germans talking about putting IKEA furniture together in a sexual way thanks for all the laughs keep on rocking guys that from GO. Younger person. Need is among them have. She's an English teaspoon a dance really wrenching and a lot of what is. Our newly sounds waiting independent kid sugar coat off and filming my annoyance. Republican dude it's purely are you there have been. Is out about the alleged quest birthday Jennifer Mac Austin's sister Desirae listening end up. Cookie Ville Tennessee cookie dough cookie bit Hamas armed well I did mail organic doggy talking about it no doubt go to does the rhetoric and Jim guy game as the race Sosa mobile county. Being an American epic area he's amazing sister he met her mom she's taken care of her sixteen and two month old boys are husband is doing advanced training in freedom defense. At joint base Lewis McCord. For her birthday shout out could you please give her a barbershop quartet they sand wedge and the dirty Germans talking about army dad's playing whether guns. Thanks guys keep on rock in that from Derek hears it. Movie book I wrote this and wins. She's done under on this. Cody Stanley is he's still really gays in the morning and had noon at. Most like most military men have been focused image scan done. Yeah I mean judging from the idea that it's something he's done a semi loaded with. Spectacle that's. Would you priorities. I was wondering if you guys can finish out onto my amazing wife Carrie answer Tony first birthday for the 21 year in a row. She loves her show dozens every nation and ask for much this year so I want to do or this and maybe get some dirty Germans. Throw can you do it in a Shannon Sharpe boy's four thanks guys you rock that from Dan. We hope they wouldn't rule out mobile. Stand Taco Bell. John Chancellor crunchy greens different. It is I have to pay up to the backpack packed in my 39 rotation and I'm gonna need a big old bong rip what the hell is that JM a European this is too small. My chick doesn't know to ask so I'm doing it for love the show guys thanks that from Paris. Like that would. Admiral. I Zetterberg they sent out to my wicked awesome fiance John his birthday is today he loved us spice things up in here dirty German thrill I'm talking about which motorcycle is the sexiest bike. And maybe some Ozzie Ted as well thanks guys love the show keep up the great work that from the time Shaq and admit key in Renton. Beyond this is so easy. Home post about it. It's why they're called little hole. And it did it smell it in them I don't love the country overall for the Italians make a good fight and it would Johnny. Nothing wrong with indeed. If if if if if the yeah. Like a choice. Kentucky. I'll be down I never knew when it accounting was Faisal for a. The UN order ones are most of them because. Good speed you can Access Hollywood movies voters finalists. Why is rising boyfriends got the best birthday especially now that he's not younger than me kitty in the big fish sandwich at the dirty Germans admiring his womb room. I couldn't be luckier to be life with him and his beard olive juice that from key. AT fish sandwich you aren't quite the impressive. Why does it look like it slowed to under conditions. And as Casey who just shower up this thing keeps flavor and scent. Zillow says my boyfriend's birthday he's currently the chief mate. On a small cruise ship in southeast Alaska total truth he doesn't particularly like his birthday but he does a losing your show when he gets a chance and since we spend most of April through October apart. Could you please give us some dirty Germans and Ozzie dead happy birthday at a map from Jamison and joins the wonder or or. Job when you get back home from the longtime Seattle and a real muscle cars and a free face. Dad didn't hit him that it rebel but they generally see a lot of fellows event the carefully you'll live desk. When to double the CD gold at the. I cereals. Had to be everybody okay. Do you have you learn and I have had a nine day. They're paying him he grew. But they're young they're did you. Available through these world sings on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Am trying to fly to. Certain measures heroes here at a hotel that day similar experience on body part dollars a number the post story. As the guy who cut his finger. And had a great size abscess that shot pulse across the room. When I was nineteen might consoles had a assessed at least one of so much it close my throat and a good leader drink. My mom took the doctor and he says it needs to be drained as soon as he stuck the needle pot shot out and hit the poor guy right in the face are. He wipes his face clean an aura mask with a big plastic shield after that. Love the show that from Jeremy eight years of school seeded shot in the face of putts is a mob and a listening to your podcast figure to keep me entertained it alerts unlike Holden. Accused again this morning Phil say to someone wrote in about a trick to making Murray State's veterans are last of the or any Murray's were actually good my mouth started watering thinking all the the beef Stew in Marty's I used to eating Korean not a lot of good M Ariza out there the beef Stew and a bag. Was delicious then there was a bear story on a diet out of Georgia and throw last about their being black bears in Georgia. I too never thought bears would be in the southeastern part of the country until I was stationed in Tyndall air force base in Panama City, Florida. We lived on base less than a mile from the Gulf of Mexico and there were a number of black bear families that live there along with the gators. Not mound for miles and miles and not much of what you call forest either. Every trash can at night was like watching a National Geographic special just look out your window the neighbor's trash can and you can watch bears. One night we got an. To make her just the bare left. We slip through the whole thing neighbors told us about the next day strange but to true just don't think a large black bears in the redneck Riviera but there there. Thanks to excellent job together do make me laugh and educating me on pruned fingers in human evolution. Your loyal listener for eleven years in going that from Josh it and do what black bears don't like to chill on the Gulf of Mexico slowing down beautiful boy you kidding me millionaire. I was there we got though very tells coming up with a shot of the day no has Sherlock is on the way as well but. Oh yeah we're. They're very happy accident. Today got thirteen foods that were invented by accident and who number one on this list I can guarantee you everybody in this room and most people listening will be like that is awesome. Okay I'll open is gonna figure it is pier oh yeah oh man. Can. Move them. He's seen in some era. According to the Smithsonian there was a 100% sure but basically they're trying to make bread. And they left left that out overnight kind of warmed up deferment ditch we got BR. Would you would you go by the look well well when I walk by a local brewery or somebody's making beer you can smell that east meets smell yeah Brett is spells like you're welcome by baker. Yeah because I culture. And he loves rather loud calls from Alec beer to embrace so both those you know yeah. Yeah east does not certainly don't want to think we already know. Yeah I think we know we're used turns people off all right that's it otherwise like it's a it's a good minutes you know he's gonna if you. This war crime now how. At an enterprise. That know we we do our stuff. Yeah yeah okay but every night and I haven't. How to work on although I don't know about it I'm happy dad day don't worry is that you know people wouldn't agree if I invented by accident. Just like not as exciting as beer. Corn flakes. OK I'm still my enemy I wanna say though and one of stalwarts of the breakfast cereal over the over the trying to do well doctor John Harvey Kellogg. I don't know why is three names didn't kill anybody you meet corn flakes off. I predict that John Henrik. Army average restore Harvey but somehow. Back an atomic gore flew when they don't they're both are due to lead their patients that were that were strictly vegetarian. So basically yeah event deterrent always been payments I mean is that what I'm getting their rent and senatorial. And sanitary and did you learn nothing from Metallica. I did not sandbags. Are you or you a hot or hammer Terry Terry. Product and you know as abandons her speak I could play I clearly belts. They were trying to figure out a way to feed people something and vegetarian did you accidentally. Left wheat Berry cooking in the kitchen calls and colonels the flight. PT with the experiment to basic discovered a breakfast food you don't actually happening here that because the many times in my level phone to muzzle. Who's the bars let's let's make breakfast cereal that looks like flakes of skin. You know and big chill looks like a bunch of light colored stabs dumping into a bowl. Of course play throws were listening to like American security if frosted flakes debtor NASA has to be like no we corn flake now are shortages. And another third are out of place and brought to place. Brought the place could not legally be sold as the series gold basin and I'm sure I put into the into the bar I eat frosted mini wheat is a frosted of the and I intraday ghastly series legends have coverage or birdie doesn't help yourself if you frost it was sugar it makes it taste much better than whatever was to start supplemental today. Yeah I think that there are. Offended at her name is should you publicly goes through by ago. Another verdict invented by accident chocolate chip cookies a greater chocolate chip cookie was extremely good relayed a boat basically. She's making. Her signature cookies she runs at a Baker's chocolate says she improvised and broke up a Nestle chocolate bar instead hoping it would melt. Obviously they don't melt all the way it's having a chocolate chip cookies god bless and it would god bless what asked first what is it chocolate chip cookie without chocolate chips and what is the based cookie. You don't know what she should do them on a no bid that was gonna melt in about Armstrong to race color no just that sounds just a cookie you know it doesn't change. I have an image you're right what would that could he be called without chocolate chips yet. So the sugar cookie I guess so article on shipments could you you know basically that's the same cookie were if you want you can put like Hershey kiss in the middle I was gonna bring knows how awesome but when you're a kid map that the debate as Hershey kiss in the middle of the highlight a Christmas all right guys enacted Reese's mini. Those were my scooby snack at Montclair says we want you move. To figure out if there are other dimensions that nurse my brother and I would would have done a man. They eat those same things they're so good this went takes a hard left turn some people like it's a B won't raise its. Down back in 2000 BCP how people are found dried grapes on on vines and look they it's just the dry day. I great obviously but for now until like I ever there and I said it has threatened about duty to ensure reasons because they have their place so our core in place essentially it is a combination of accidental food discoveries yes. Raise the brand is a hard right that to have one of our favorite foods on this list of all time. Is the younger know that. That's a good thing I want your favorite genre. Not an issue wasn't wrong did at well as you know whether that's so close so it sold out so. The ABBA and you're helping out what I street clothes. Okay it's a here's the deal for the ice cream cones. I guys make an ice cream at in selling it at that 1904 Saint Louis world's fair market data while France. I got some ice cream now I want to accommodate get over that they got the bad your next to him is making in a Christie waffle like pastry. So this vendor runs out of his containers to hand out the ice cream and the guy next stores like. Dude I'll roll up what am I think it's a bottle and glasses and read this steady basically makes. Ice could assuming that the world's fair where they got the Arkin tables as it is that every apparel Theriot to bring in one iconic thing to the city than that would have to be I kind of how you guys came home and Montgomery what they have in the Knoxville moment. It's their piece. I do believe that. Yeah basically dairy queen Eleanor Rivera had a broken soda machines that do much so what is in his freezer. And they got slushy peoples are coming in and ordered him to and he and he made the machine. It's are showing up places and eventually. 7-Eleven was like I'm gonna have aren't modest advance yet. Did you think about that warned several NB not a sleepy. I can tell you the last time hustler. I ever has really come signature item you don't get all your initiation to world inside your kid your parents let. The need to go to some lamented condoms and cigarettes but the lag gonna tell you bats in the same guys don't harbor any. Go get yourself why you don't Mather Byron Pall malls in and life. Sorry man dog the south. You go get yourself a slurping. Thirteen foods are banned by accident deaths at that exciting but pink lemonade. Why a one and a pink. We did have algae a relay that it I don't know no. They're saying like either they left something out in the glasses term kind of paint and that's how we got it or somebody accidentally drops of Manila and. Thought I don't think that. I I noticed on and I think it's and jumped with the red color is damaging news I do enjoy the things eliminate is our man and does during an annoyed like limited. The knowledge and then. Nashville Knoxville Nashville all hot ticket. Look at this like you'll like. Basically this guy goes out that they as they say after late night of galloping acting and he comes home his girlfriend is best. So she makes the chicken spicy she can make it just abysmal right and he loves it he loves. Seeing and that's I think where it away and they've got to get snapped up comes on the fried chicken he loves. It is that's awesome this was pretty good at what my fear things champagne. Jam packed day in false yes. Down pare down there beyond operate not the creator of champagne. Finally he was a bad to eighteen month contrite. Remembers Bezos. You have to forgot anyway could get that there was all these bubbles and it is trying to get rid of the bubbles he couldn't instead he chased the bubbly drink and reportedly said. Come quickly. I'm drinking the stars come quickly modify it we're offering from a sand and our dip in dots are made promise to hate okay but people of different. You've looked at the deaths pop singles and a miles the what I know you're waiting for Worcestershire sauce all what does there's. All others consider it believable away. Now an accident what is it. There aren't quite nice to see they are we had them open yet and they do what you had. Gets crap quite an accident I felt like yeah that instance it John. Of ragged day and we appreciate very good and I reject it just got up and shot of the day I return I know it's your life is coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Pitches you. Don't know very Intel's with a shot today but first our own Steve the thrill hill Colmes go fix it. Under adverse stories read headlines it's great a play and show. I'd say a new specially I believe your fan of this movie opens in them. Don't hold your breath for a new arrangement Durham movie well the monkey's uncle. Sherlock others. Man. Now being negative and apparently Jim Carey's not interested in doing the Ace Ventura move the people Benjamin. Re continuing grief EE EC EO Lee. And town with little water Coca-Cola everywhere so it was diabetes. The fact. I know and shared love and. Flint. I don't know odds of that headline I don't know the rest and to me it's instantly somewhere in the forty. Taking away the phones won't solve our teenagers probably write well and it shows hall's team that problem when you're not a teenager anymore that's basically the only remedy obscene for an. Hollywood unions oppose bill that would slash arts and humanities funding. I know. And Jerry and I. Surveyed finds Americans. Love America in the classic color and she. It. This is from today former Press Secretary sounds advisor to admits to lying to the American being able. GU well occurs are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Cheryl luck. These narration never period a torn ones he'd he'd refinery and an. And here's why do you want about it I make of particular funny but he was giggling about it is there who are going to be like a man late. Out of the gate out of the gate. And debt and believe it in my basis are you think of three idiom spices and only three. Despite the set and Ray Lewis promises all hall of fame speech that will be an unforgettable rollercoaster. Chart odd so much material or give out of that is the longest roller coaster anybody out there and throw it doesn't like maybe it's are you gonna wanna get all federal. And nobody wants to see a man that be crying. All Lieberman and correct me. We always cry but he make themselves cry about things are known as a crime yet like he's gonna want something about an article came down from the mountain only to be in theaters. But he'll hold it together when he says I wanna thank my college coach my house who coached these things done. We continue a bad marriage can seriously name in your hand. Monkey's uncle. Sherlock Los Angeles high school students reveal only between copious amounts of screen time in ADHD. LA well. And with that. Weapons. And went. The day in age from as Russia's acting Hillary's emails Russia tried to heck Hillary's female. Yeah. Yeah. I. She locked and we get the story from everything Ruth college jobs are limited isn't it. Is saying hey read today Brian Naylor grandchildren your yeah that David did told it has gone do you resorted to it but you know lose nothing to worry about. His boot to home everybody's been there ago bulletproof clothing designers say US demand is on the rise. Well. And show I did I want to read during a match. Bloody out there deserves to be ready. As usual they had considering desk and see the draw vilified outdoor toast. Yes indeed. Today and we chose the 61 year old Emma Soriano of Passaic, New Jersey. Our earlier this week she was disembarking from a flight. Into New York City from Mexico City and naturally you have to go to new US Customs and Border Protection. Well Jim form packages. That weighed about nineteen point seven pounds but did she worry about all. They said do you mind if we open your packages he said matter at all and what are they gonna look at nine point seven pounds of pre cooked chicken. We have to vote but it wasn't pre cooked chicken and turned out it was nine point seven pounds. Of heroin with an estimated street value of 300000. Dollars for they had taken time to scold. And comedies onward through the pictures are noble posted in Mehmet but that. And look like cookie well right ha you and money that you have received this woman did an outstanding job I don't know how you make you know what I'm. Look like chick I mean they don't look exactly like Sinbad but that looked pretty good and look more like chicken that they do heroin anyway back to their dugout and was now full at does she was immediately arrested for heroin heroine Jane. The report goes on imagery does booed because we think it's dumbed down to over the dog and down the throat you party and our Tommy. Down a hole I bid zone. Good tackler not Illini never profiled as a 44999. Alone. The show and many things continue on the men's room. On the radio network.