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Wednesday, July 18th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Consultants are standing by I'll take 9844999. Alone for profiled as in menace. Howard under headlines on the way one hour from now first a quick check into my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working I'll. At a news survey asked women if there's anything that gives them more pleasure than sex. The majority of them say it. Yes good evening just a few things physics any idea what those two things might be hang out friends gone to dinner the walkway brunt of the brunt of the rise thrilling guesses. Anything other than having sex with men shopping and traveling. Somebody dating profile. From the travel contract via satellite site. A new study ranked the biggest cities in the country is on the most stressed to delete is based on factors like unemployment divorce rates and mental health. And it's pretty much exactly would you expect Astra cities or Detroit Newark pleased to Fremont California in Bismarck, North Dakota. How does a lot of employment. Yeah the broken down cities but you know you'll drown out dressed out imagine dressed and I run. Amid a Virginia called the police on Monday after he got fouled and pick up basketball game the cops came but the guy wound up deciding not to press assault charges. I mean c'mon man is or video of a team reading the story but I haven't. And I check I check the start and make sure was the gangland. Any didn't look like the guy threw a punch Jennifer anything he ran through a screen hard that was it. Yes and no called the cops yes in the thing I was assaulted I'm pretty sure the copy and was like what I would do. What more was fabulous city was Northern Virginia Northern Virginia the moment now again. I just I didn't where I think we're both picture and say in general group of people playing basketball there. Yeah this is just your Dick thank you don't want to I'm would be willing to gold cups and other Millard I have never called cops in my life. Obama who armed with these. If a woman in San Diego saw a man accidentally dropped his pension wow on Monday morning. And that made her so angry. That she stabbed the man in the 5. AM. He accidentally dropped his dogs do you think she's black white make sure you don't buy that as it I don't know wondered if you had this. It's ridiculous I mean after I read so we'll throw the whole bit in a minute but it's like c'mon I'll let you know. The CEO of a moving company heard about a new hire an Alabama who's willing to walk twenty miles to make it to his first day at work on time last Friday to the CEO drove from Tennessee to Alabama on Monday to engage in this car. Sale of. Yeah yeah we're here for five years takes the bus was asking me this congenital heart. From Bank of Florida say they gave you caught candidate though the guy quit that's the first thing I realized that so dark they got to realize that. But drugs in the rest went downhill here's a positive it's been for you okay so the guy I don't know his car broke down whatever but it wasn't on the first day Seattle job. That he knew how far he had to go so he started working a walking at night and our right. He got the cops stopped him and pulled him over when he was walking outside the road to ask him I was walking on the side of the road. And then they gave him around so I got him right through today you know got they told story. But yeah I was you walk out think about this when asked have you ever stood someone up on a date fell. Face. Ten now you know if I wanna go there was someone as a guess abroad wanna go to they were things I've dealt some bad ones. Oh yeah a preview will Houston tomorrow that according to a news survey 69% of people say they had never done it. It's also much tougher in the steamy so that it tasted some lay up like this failure from the phone a couple of days like. They get a hold 14% of people have done it once and some present evidence several times Ted I would fight them by saying that people are toasted up all the time. Master out might bring up a good point in Evansville once they gave an image you know I what are you working on that one how fellow. Made it. Some people do it goes and it leaves a bit of march. And up up up up up I thought I was gonna patent for a robot could throw things into boxes and in their examples they show the robot I'm not kidding throwing a dwarf. Thought their man why they swear it's a dwarf figurines but the little people of America organization things are advocating dwarf tossing which quotes. Is a real concern forest. You mean in actual to think that we can know. Closes a door figurines I don't know that you just made it worth it may have waned. New home or instead. A man who that a figuring you know would roar not a loan. What else you have your read but the living no ended Miller southern Methodist. I don't know mindedness that. I am saddened that this particular didn't look back at the area. Because clearly it's maybe it's the seventh floor instead you don't know travelocity Myers. I feel that I guess I'd be scared to make the robots are backing out straight why would that be the demo you show I don't know. Should've just you know and just like okay. Hey I didn't know any good. It does him in Russia how much she took a look at this. Americans say they haven't traveled outside the country since they got a bad according to a new study. An 87%. Worry about how their pets are doing when they're away from them on vacation and prepare. Writes what percentage is 87 the third tour sort of I don't care. That is. Surprising animal camp might be dead I don't know I don't know I drove my vacation now with a cash. Right. Here I bet she does that percentage is fairly the same from people that leave the kids behind the travel out of the country. Sure ran out of it right. They're twin sisters in Michigan who are bolts running for county commissioner seats. Not the same seat but one's a Democrat and the other Republican and they're not endorsing each other. Laura Garza are running against each other I hope they both win like you know and I can Serena playing in the Wimbledon finalist other they don't love each other that they're gonna kill each other fast. Evident I go over the same seed yet they're gone for the federal for the championship. Well they're both great they're all of our regret is received by other poster right. Well I don't know that's a plus I'm a working on a bug does just basically what this as a as they're not going for the same seat once Democrat the other Republicans. So there they're going first seats. But not the same one seat of my enemy and they did we discovered anything in the last few years to view. Viewing yourself a Republican or Democrat and it's impossible to. Say anything nice about the other side yet another little party first and who pretend to care about other stuff but his party's first battle. If the field at twin sisters will be able to really get to the media issues. Although all ball handler be able to have those those debates and still be able sleep at night. I you're I don't know of personal question I know I went any siblings in the scene Statehouse. Now now with eighteen for the thieves think that would just be an argument like how Mike Miller yes right. There's no decorum here. Let's see a new study found arguing with your spells a lot can affect your health especially if you're a man and Tara that whole service sleeping on couches. Rarely helps here is really hurts it. So I'll there's a lot more to that study than that I'm sure there is. You know we're gonna feel there and equities and oil for a guy but here and then but here's the thing you learned in life so no matter. I think if it was a worst of them guys no women ages as the only that I don't think I help out more of your kill you quicker heart disease all of these all the stuff. Because the way guys are good guys there's just no court you know and like you can't get closure. It's amazing though the crowd up there about this budget finger holds a lot of troubling to think you give up because a lot of fight right. Put your hands on the everything you don't wanna you wanna fight the battle of the mourners like god damn it's not that import rice is just not there like visit and that's I mean it's not important it's just never it's widely in the board too many unnecessary stress the continually build all out altering the survey makes you go like. Oh god does make sense right. If it does know what you early sliced. If we get and we did and studied I have no 100 grand dad's dead and team Hollywood and operate at a Wal-Mart in Tennessee had to shut down for six hours after our raccoon wandered into the star is nagged to death and oh yeah well of course. It would buy the story. Did they say to that that the Kim Helton and I starent. Like let's Iraqi media hasn't got any good like nickel. Masks. But he's fine trash things he's like hanging out and yeah yeah agent or your dress and your browser girls aren't. Party in here and it'll never believe this but a man in Wales was arrested for having sex with a horse but he claims that the worst game consent. All heard about and say all of that in test your memory when I'm now I think my guard liberation in my eye headlines are loyal and are now part but yeah that's. Is true precepts. So prohibitively several now profile is as plain as our Dan miles that's a simple game where we share a few real life news story something that happened right here. I'm Leonard Kirk. And I do look into the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make well as what it is you think makes a story a story. Hello I know welcome to the men's room. Old yeah. I Kyle you understand how does your game is played. It it. Fantastic match you gonna switch up stories on knew I was gonna go. Who stabbed the guy in San Diego because she saw him drop his tomorrow it should be noted. He dropped the ball by accident she was in an apartment actually ran outside she's routes streets that. And she was wrong but instead we're gonna go to the fine state of Tennessee. Where police there arrested the man who stole his big scar. It didn't use that car to pick up her god sister who with whom he was going on another day. Keep in mind they don't realize that he has double booked the date for the evening so he goes on on the first day. I camp there with a working well or bad for him to give away at some point. He did certain stole her car then he goes to pick up the god sister takes around under indictment subtitle local gas station when she went into buy cigars and that's when he sped off. Leaving her strength she tried calling him but it. He blocked the number which drug reach out to muzzle the media and she discovered that he blocked there's errors well synagogue to repress I contacted the Kremlin to let them know what happened. That's when she got a text message from god sister who told her that he was on his way to pick around to take her out on the date. While once they arrived at a local drive in theater of the girl I texted her. I just again and waited for police to show off to Dallas to its move into custody and police charged with theft of property. Do you believe this guy one on a day with a woman and she went into by cigar stole her corporate before god has for four days as black white two Maxi or Asian. How my initial ballot white. Beat them into aren't you. And I tell my. Parents and only then you know I think I'm black. Did she wasn't distorted by cigar for a while why did you buy cigars said. How to roll block Brett Myers and then she's got 88. And local convenience she's got a god fist. Right announces they have a godfather I don't and he got a sister that's different and I I'm going black Michael and I think the fact that the guy has the opportunity to have more than one data one night he's got game. So I'll go black. Not that the end but that's not all of our final answer. I'm now gonna find out of your black white makes generation next. Fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio networks. I actually. The thought I was raises the odds Tennessee Tennessee man's deals they dates cars that we can go on a dates with that woman's. God sister I don't think he knew that they knew which aren't you know I. Apparently they do. He blocks the date we stole the car from a social media obviously because he's trying to steal the car and what take that god sister to the drivers and perhaps so. It takes in this rural our army day that's the idea and I don't know they've eaten or don't date yet but at some point they stop at a convenience store. Devices car cigar she gets on the car he steals it and of course if you ever want to successfully steal car. Just block people's numbers as a compliment refine anyway he goes and picks up his second day. Which happens to be to god sister of the woman that you just do. She called the god sister they arranged as they go to a drive in and that is where the police show while. Do the tarmac and arrest them Mikhail we ask you did you believe that this smooth operator is black white makes you Asian. Then that you launched a mobile black sentinel man does everything considered I think it was. You want to. Tennessee I'm not sure the city and then Zulu Tennessee could be yeah backwoods or White House country. We'll see that's exactly what is it black and mild to those who galore talk about just smoke a price and a day united goes from blunt comment now is Lorena is those that is damaging each out of jail. Yeah sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Now if somebody shows you a Mac. And there's no names of any of the country's. You feel confident you could mean some countries on the am I blue name some countries on the map sure all right. So it's agency could mean just. A country look at what continent a Republican. Now it's the whole world. Are short Australia obviously is an obvious choice correct I I thought the same surprisingly it is pretty noisy England is probably pretty easy Ireland is probably pretty easy Spain granite state Condoleezza boot kicking Iraq with Sicily shore a lot of stuff. Canada Jimmy cumulus and funnyman on the streets and these people struck out of the. I'm pretty lady Aggies saw more of all I can't name anything like nothing happened. As it got everybody know. That attention is he accident. God damn. I'm soon. Okay. News to us is a mini school a penny had a chance that Africa as a continent. You can. Have a country in Africa. I know South Africa's so it is somewhere. Now it does then yeah fans. Can you name any country on the snap. Dad. Happens that's a continent. Guy. Any countries in Africa. You know we know something dad give you any country other than. Yes. Africa that the content. And just. I am correct. Go to the manager would face a page you can watch the whole bit there it gets worse about the good Ari was pretty bad the first woman you know and she's a did you graduate high school you graduate college like oh yeah. I just don't know any is geography they say why does I was councilman yeah they're pretty well. I gotta I gotta curiosities or person. It's the saving grace is there is the child in the end to all stars beyond meaning country yes. Yeah thank god for the children. You'd be surprised though would you you know like even with helping your kids with homework and things like that that they're pretty fresh in a learning stuff so when they're excited about learning stuff. They're very Smart and you realize yes I knew it with the current sales at one point in time I've lost a lot of these skills based on the fact that I'm not involve them every day anymore. But there are some things that have stuck like where you live on this planet off. I think just these people could even pick up the United States Mexico or Canada that's and that's a relative to that anyone's griping about it if you don't you don't talk about shut up and and certainly far geography goes you we just think in this current day and age of the world being smaller Internet all the stuff. In everyone's mad and everybody and accusing people. You release having general I deal oh were you believe your enemy exist right. Every able (%expletive) and moan about it almost you don't even know the places including the country you live Dan. Yeah I mean that's the big wanna play what if your literate at least we have to spell your own name and if nothing else. Figure that one and that one guy just like any other country in Africa. There's got to be liquid. Forty countries in Africa envoy for probably. An anxious to see it yet. But I'm a terrorist. I think I am I am terribly gone by that yes that's him over the one girl had a college degree. And you know stuff like that I don't know people that have ever looked at anything ever in my life and I told by your luck. If you did know the difference between say Niger and Nigeria fine I myself. I'm that you could even think Chad right Chad. Preventive and it would get points of the map like I and our country called channel and a white people. Every white person on those chair I did not name the country and amp co and has come to go South Africa. Yeah it is given to Iraq experiment that they don't Africans. Is big news. The CW recently said they're introducing that woman in DC crossover event and December. There is separate and they're gonna develop a separate show for the woman. You know why it's such a big deal I don't. It's going to be a lesbian okay. I you don't I don't remember about woman exact member count woman who wouldn't live there and sexual thing matter I mean look. But the funny thing is if since 2006. When she was reintroduced and she's a lesbian account. There's no difference. Now while there take into the movies so I re going to see sex scenes in the program that I don't care. Does that woman woke up I don't know. Maybe she gets seduced by catwoman hopefully out of citizen or cat woman to command I was like poison ivy too damn she's achieved. Why don't you and I just don't like cattle are only getting vegetables so close that I did you seems the most realistic. Shore sleeper they're deployed to the my outlook I'm like I don't know this is a big deal or not but. Yeah she's going to be nearly a lesbian. She'll be back do you know that woman secret identity. I don't know I'd been I didn't even know about all the things that I knew were her Campbell I just don't know about all that. We'll consumers back girl right yeah Baghdad girl but I don't remember about a woman. Yeah and I knew com expect and I swear to god I'd never remember the kibbutz or what's her Alter ego Kathleen cane jab through GA okay KK. I take can I am I doing in your KK you think Kim. Kourtney. Khloe I go anything that two thirds of the way finishing estate Alice to. Protect. The that's just my three strikeouts and I know. Three strikeouts is the worst man enough at the thing is. You know a sit at a baseball game and here's my black dance and I understand it's three strikeouts for the old dome sitting minimally. Policy institute at. And my. Right through it's troubling. Right. Thank you strike out at the K Brett is now let me is so important and damage to sort of that backwards today in that you know having dinner tonight. I had to kind of by the dugout campaign. Lewis Black very funny comedian I think he's far off on the theory being stalked in the steam coal baron again I like this there. It is reasonable that everybody turns on the TV in the wake up yeah. So what should instead yeah she go to the stove. You turn on a yeah do you put your head down. Feel like your hair on fire. And then you spend the day putting that fire out. Many people called sleep quick and then you should my hair was some fire to the point now. And at least. You accomplish something that there. But I youth. Yeah I mean. When you turn on the TV it's hard to get away from stuff in the morning I will soon as I recently have not been turn on the TV just a little bit easier. The kind of get motivated to get the hell out of health yep that about you guys are much of DVR like to watch. Don't you want now never you know higher point from a never write a morning that he beepers if it's sports I can have it on the background gets stuff done short. No I mean but other than that I think rightly I tend to Bonham sit down watch it that I think sometimes I you don't even going to be carefully. Hey man make Internet now ranked distractions they're coming right back. Yeah but I whether you know need to start read that stuff out first thing and AMP ever never ton of fun. All right does some ratings you know this time a year America's Got Talent dominates short. And CIS only came in number ten this week known it was that I repeat them to shore what's okay the deal was number two it was a repeat as well. The number two watch show last week Lumia CSI you are in CIS whichever other players know. The show you hated as a child of watches and adults sixty minutes sixty myth is well it says that's surprising I think. People are more. Interest in what's going on the world these days. Ever really does depend what's going on at the time for sentiment it's good like you sell you the Ray Romano which means. We're living in good times good enough and also talk about that this guy about Richie is a war. You're talking to the movers and shakers those are things fall in our industry and radio people do better than others a certain period depending on what's going on. So if your baseball team is really good you carry the baseball team and then your radio station will do very. If you know if it's the election year let's not be fooled by our nobody's Kerry to debate that all of it for baseball team sucks you know I mean no one's listening in your in your legislation now why you carry baseball he cared baseball whether you listen or not. Is can. Money Ulster they don't give no it couldn't care less if you look at Miller got their baseball game. That is a much blood any professional sport and any radios and they do not care if you miss it because during that season. You make money hand over for the advertisers. Just pork or get a return on investment you don't let me in the live Willard with the listening and future Sears and Roebuck got seventh inning stretch that brought to buy Sears Roebuck who just close your life location and Chicago even baseball itself late. They really don't care to show to game to eat again thank you might think about a baseball state or some teams do well but on average we do what's highlights of baseball and the amount from ten different stadiums. Most of the times I didn't 50% full. Her so just keep in mind that same logic applies in the stations carry the baseball game looks like they hope you listen but if you don't it really doesn't matter that. Mean Iraq no way there yet. May I mean I won't end but I don't think what we think about that's a snapshot of what's going on is an idea that I always love pro franchises what was that like after the strike it would it would years ago with baseball there's only statue came out like. Baseball teams don't make money thing be end. He's kidding me who would pay you know what they pay what is the cost out party probably failures on TV content like all right. I don't like nobody would only things he did did to visit look it's not about you sitting in the stands from Amazon advertising dollars and everything else like. The recently nearly guaranteed contract hundred million dollar car and nobody is gonna Peter Angelos. These on the Orioles for ever and ever since I've known anything about yours you probably saw him a whole time who knows. Ex players cal Ripken investment groups people have. Big ship paid him to sell that team because they know he's putting a mediocre product on the field. And goes and knowledge money that he makes money and doesn't have to pay anybody so he doesn't wanna pay anybody because that's not really his bread and butter. So eat eat eat all these other people it can you just put a team out there that went in and give a flying F. You know the matter into cells you know boobs barbecue and you know those cash money enjoys life. Bruce Willis they recently taped to Bruce for him and hasn't aired yet to air soon. But just kind of funny I like this quote from him. Basically you got to the podium pan. Said quote die hard is not a Christmas movie that gad damn Bruce Willis. Okay. Also came out with summertime. Oh god that's why I I did not know that I just saw recently somebody posts out like post movie post out. I've met hike down this day whatever like. Diehard came out as a tough. I like that is so wrapped up its over the Internet stuff it's funny to have that argument it is because of an on board right takes place at Christmas time to I forgot about that the movie came out during the summer. Like nosing Christmas spirit at all. Yeah but mirrors the movies takes place for a week this early Christmas though they do they do do seasonal things Contras. It makes sense to announce another Christmas album right now. Joining united so I give filming it in the summer so obviously having having it ready for a sit there and argue that it's Christians who think he didn't come out around Christmas if any he didn't. Against duke point of his trip being mayor is because it's Christmas Eve but late. Because this aspect really has little to do with that movie just explained why he was saying is actually. I literally had over the entirety why it was Christmas and I think if if if if if it is why else would you feel your ex wife on Christmas yeah exactly. Holy Christ speed of XY Heinz Demi Moore showed up. Obviously I guess they're OK if she showed up to roast and try to guess only time they have children together and everything else eventually is gonna squash on that. Yeah I did like she. She's cracked down on about those failures turning down Clooney's role in ocean's eleven to focus on the harmonica. As the newest blues that if it apps. It sounds like. Basically sadly Dennis Rodman was the only rooster who really socked. And yet you might a lot of these rookie season as celebrities or somebody else to write the jokes did you get at us from the straight from the cows are to write the jokes of the above that I'm gonna director Dennis. But he did so bad they're put him up there within Coulter in the situation from Jersey Shore hoping maybe the worst ever okay. It's our domain is taking kindly to North Korea and they're gonna make an they're gonna make it now I saw a friend that today. Might you know one. He's lost that does one watch one. Who are you speaking. He said Dennis Rodman embodied Kanye West so who are you talking about he's a he's lost it. People lost it that's a big field day with Quincy would have are led to them pointed statement either way I'll be right. And you can't go up that went towards like an Israeli closes stop there. Mike and I are talking about this earlier sometimes people get toasted divot at me. Jimmy Fallon had on David Spade and spade talk a little bit about being out. That's pretty funny it's about. Then vs now like you know when you break up with carols and how tough it was he's that you need ghost in the old days you know because you didn't exist now it was you know fizzled out. Like what aliens Sarah we fizzle out I am yeah she's funny and other guy that's. And that's happened. And then when you break up with a girl there's never never a good time to is bad for them tonight can you believe it was. Eight weeks before Christmas. Before my. Birthday. Yeah daylight savings time. Memorial is gone. He makes a great point out that you very broken up with somebody like yeah I use immigrants. Out right and is there a good time thank you a billion never a good time regulate. Hey I always like I really love you but I want the hell out of my life and got us that I used it two days before pay day here and there are a good memory date is slated to happen. And the thing I did this in a Monday more. I'm talking to try to go to work I'd done my schedule and I've got up here and does few minutes you're listening to the men's or radio networks. Please tell you Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real well I'm here to Pennsylvania or naked man on the side of the road don't stop there he is partying hard. How physically down. This year's forgetting god having sex with a horse catches everyone off guard New Hampshire meet mom wants in the kitchen and look down at the bear. Man's field drugs and does them but accidentally streams of live on the air. It known unknown thieves also friends with gnome Intel with a stamp your headlines. It's time to get there. This is Mike call. Had I drove it I don't. Wales where a man has been arrested for having sex but is now with a sorry I didn't read Paul thanks for having sex with a horse but his claim that the horse give consent to have sex with it. He was cut at the trainer put up security cameras in the stables and the man was taken to court where he has pleaded not guilty. Stating that before having sex for a horse smelled his crotch and waved at him which he's a permission has taken the animal mineral find in jail for ten months. M at the horses sending mixed messages were you looking at both sides when you saw the hopes when he gets here or yearly look at Iowa side. We have since learned that she was not linking with her eyes. I thought the. Okay veterinary medicine as weird and a very available on the legal assistance to. Howling you other guys. And the fast. Stamp. A competitive miserable going so don't go away. We will get the thing with thank you grew hallucinate it and that there had everybody in the thing when her hordes of them are what this is they've just over the ability to be perfect and it's good. In other news another Nevada man vs hit the effect. That was well let me do other than. The Arabs that are members brief minutes eventually got a New Hampshire where wheelchair bound woman made her way into her kitchen and look and it was an unlikely guest. A fair. Ball. Women who is going to be the only you can leave your screen the moral of the weirder here New Hampshire you have control over whether your doors open our flocks are not like. As a we never know how far back to leave you might need to be as you can maybe someone doesn't breaking did you live in the buildup to the bear can get in there and these hungry enough. We gonna have a lot of crap all were up front window and have a lot of eating we have black on brown bear. Ground for the bears and attacked the 71 year old woman and injured her bad enough to put her in the hospital. Authorities have yet talked to a woman and are currently looking for the animal animal talent Mohamed loud and you and I never do that. A president should be out ravaged. They're already know letters finalist for my LL let you be scared that it might be a Bayer. The right. I would damn America that's good enough fair play as well as for my demands of the week take us through Helen's bail Australia or form and broke into a shed on a property under construction and stole solar panels. Cameras and other items from inside the shed before taking off. After they left the residence the Borman took a break and decided to do some drugs I don't authorities know they did this. They trigger an alarm when they've broken distill the Adams and started up the cameras that he had stolen which were linked to the owner's phone. Rose shouldn't have done the sooner she is still in the beautiful dream goal even the man a perfect instead of view of the criminals authorities are currently tracking demand that this got to drive today. I don't know what it's about us and we'll hobby is singing just I don't know liberals know for next solar panel did drugs. He's an odd look like you had to get some more and write about me like what drugs you have. You need why you haven't left the scene of the crime and capabilities scooping some real man you would be cracking and doing Nazis. And promised they promise of anonymous sex turn into a nightmare situation for a handful of men answering an ad on Craigslist. They went to a home in South Miami expects net casual sex with a bored housewife. Instead they were blindfolded believing it was really the beginning of the fun I ever met instead they cross dressing man that was filming videos to put up on a porn site to charge used. Whole new love to do. I don't know or don't not really that. He's been doing this for you for years now just 600 some people on there. And you know life yeah that is in a and they're holier than you can't exactly do you think that there's a below Miami going oh he was there at that a little thrown though there I am I don't know. The angles that people. What do you mean you argued with a blindfold on okay. In the check out there of a lot like your opinion is another reason why none of the data we do this so long delays and errors that could really put a moment you put them blinders. So that England no you didn't relish going on he films them. Four years worth of material over 600 individual is different people as a very headlines that might not get. Out voter turnout above big dummy the head agendas Baghdad's meat and potatoes no I sure like military Intel's with a shot of the day yesterday and it's all true but until next time please go into new best. And poorly for the sake it's. Day beautiful.