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Wednesday, June 13th

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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. He's thrilled. There's no sitting I'll take hard I think 44999. A little play profile lists in the and then your headlines and only one hour from now first quick check in now with my cock for some the stories and headlines he is not working out. A woman stole battery charter from CBS and Pennsylvania last week and she pulled a ninth when an employee caught her. When it comes got their she said it was only quote social experiments. All right our mom talk about her government job and do gonzo a bad idea didn't buy that excuse is he was arrested for felony robbery. I am there was an experiment to see if she could in fact get away were shoplifting. Editors I think today what is up with all the people who needed charger constantly that people are on the phone always bothering you was yours one day. Have a charger. Based on the fact that they needed more than most people do give them let them that the last place I'm trying to you don't need to be in my leg unique yours when you you could use one of your role that's what you want. It's yes. A new study found that having wrinkles around your eyes is a good thing because it makes you seem more sincere. And when he ray thing overrun or those yeah we'll hear why the hell out the tired. Needed day off found a date I'm guessing just natural wrinkles not used stayed up all night wrinkles. Oh there was no federally Steven Shimmy down a second bags mile arc in NAFTA and reckless drivers are two of my bag tonight affect the average both theater goes. Threat because cedar guess did they make you see more trust Freddie cash. The average home needs nine different repairs right now according to a new survey. And the ones were most likely to put off all our all of them yes not a bad death. And I really jealous girl our way here. The ones that don't involve you play units like your basement and yeah you're down that yarder absolute living if your objective girl on yeah we'll do that. Painting remodeling the bathroom or stolen in your car your kids and it's 80000 dollars that's going to be a tough on the swallow. Yeah this is a stressful again I would assume it's going to be it's just the multi appliances. And there's a lot of things as you gotta do sometimes and home that aren't aesthetically pleasing they just need to be done and they're expensive life. The media that heating or air conditioning changed thanks to hot water tank you know. Roof needs to be or play like no one knows what he spent African thousands. The key to being sexy isn't just looking good according to a new study what are you now. Creatures found that a woman's walk was just as important. We'll curtain. Give her much more tried to do woman who quotes wiggles her hips and take small steps. Well sure I mean if you like to falling oh I'm listening to your hips I think it's more that I don't know. You're walking is always important I think if you're walking is so out of the ordinary events distracting. Tournament like you walk only important if there's something going on with the way you wall color as a figure it's fine and we know those people hope we Andre. TV they're great remake named for all of noted if 3-D A and explain that almost all all all our unit on an out. You don't wanna know via TK well give us an. When this particular person won't CE. Now I guess that's that I don't it's. A new survey found that 53% a millennial think that they all become immediately and ask some day yes that is exactly. Miles per about thirtieth. The moonlight roller won't. Ready as wrong and I can't really and you know all of this next. You won't like all right I. Gotta get those. It's a desert about their degree present a millennial signal be a millionaire Sunday and on analyst gap as well as. I'm very happy when you were right stuff down. On average they expect to retire at 56 even though they don't plan to start saving for retirement until they're 36 I don't know how retirement for the savings works you know they don't and that brings us to our next deadline according to a new study people keep on getting dumber. That is the headline I have right here okay freezers and the the average IQ of every generation is about seven points lower than the previous generation and I believe it's because a worst education. Force nutrition and more and more exposure to media. Doubt they technology because you know what I if I if I don't have to write things by hand then I don't have to have the knowledge of just learning how to spell certain things you basic things. Where my brain isn't working and is not active we're used to be having do you know where it's easier now just to go and find out what that. Exactly what they're telling us when you're actually taking notes on something your focusing more on what your writing down. Whereas if all we have to do is just. Type it into a computer in the we can find any information that we're looking humorous view you miss rules for spelling you miss als sentence inform you miss all kinds of stuff and you don't do it. Brian does have a dozen for you than you understand the concept of why and we don't have to remember anything else. We are what our concept of information is just basically in one ear and out the other just fluid. A new study how white you get angry. Go hungry guy. I used to finish strong and that it's already an angry I do it why. Not look man. People can be a real bad or whatever just being complete asses for the wallet system and look man I'm sorry I'm I just haven't even things I'm right I'm happy are got to vent. I got to understand drag you mean he's saying then and must do to survive when you don't do it. You everybody bright search reflecting that they would like you can do something about it and ruin your mood I'll probably. Another headline that just helps thrills case. A Tony eight year old man got into a fight with police at a Wal-Mart in Tennessee the other day while wearing only his underwear and cowboy boots and. You know I saw my mama come on man again this. I don't and I say this every time why do you want to become the only person has to deal would bat is you've. It's easy they don't show that on the kind showed anybody I'm in order it's not about that Bob ball is always something excited and don't tell anybody else doing the dance was the first person that they tell. And man they knew what we do because he's a flip. Ever fully clothed and other customers to him and you need to leave the store would Norah cowboy boots and I'm very go I'm I don't know it's called cuts out. Coleman people that will really deal with you know people who are underwear. Basement just launched a new memories feature but not everyone's a fan because it can remind you break ups deaths and people you buy on credit. Now flush and just launched Robin has brought historic tensions and we're not on FaceBook where it is it's. Isn't something you request into something they started doing did you started doing right yeah pops can pop up daily or you can actually go to a couple different tabs that'll take you back to like this day five years you know have them start good you. The way you Brodeur and I unloaded I think you can hide it because you're like five years ago on this day I what would ever won yet little what was he talking about like FaceBook just told me. It showed me a picture Carson. No way says it just launched had been given the same out you know I mean getting updates of what I've done for at least two years now. Emma is it still kind of fun but yet you do sometimes get them depressing stuff that you posted on FaceBook. Initially impressed guys you can turn off notifications. That are now learning hope no dead you can turn memorize off. You're welcome nine years ago today and I got fired from the twelve. Okay. I. All researchers in Canada has invented a musical instrument for babies to play well they're still in The Who must come on man. Insecure and rubber met the feds over a pregnant woman stomach and it plays different nose depending on where the baby case. Okay do you really encourages. No I would think you wanted to carry the reds I don't think of people on your back kind of kick you to make us. I even read some degree to have some of the kids really don't all the crap your trying to do like. You're talking into the brown Lil ones that I get we want to do that biologically we feel compelled us assigned those kids and actually. Thank you your mom go live inside a mom and it's just not hearing all the nonsense. A clear soda called it not seat cola. And Iraq has been pulled from the shelves and you've talked to someone alleges that Nazi reference. We. Look. I don't know. On the back who called nasty cold you know what I did see this story earlier and I don't have it here but I do know that Dale's I had an electronic doubt that was called. Orthodox Jews. Don't you worry everything's going to be all life. They have huge thing. The silver ahead of planned landing in Orlando was stuck on the tarmac for the most unlikely reason it would send a tell tale about a one hour. Now do you like knock headlines are on the way one hour from now Fuller figured. Recess. Yes a drug to please everyone how profile this is plain. As our Dan miles that the symbol game where we share with you in real life news story something that happened right here on planet earth. Or are and as you listen to the storm may sound stereotype you believed to be true of the bold and the decisions on pebble make. The last few would and as you think makes the story a story. Hello Jack welcome to the men's room. Up yes all I. I hijacked you understand how this your games played. He has a new fantastic. Mike Hall just brought us the story basically it's the I'm not a criminal I'm a scientist defects which worked for absolutely no. And those Keizo 34 year old woman went to the C yes in Pittston Pennsylvania last week and stole the battery charger and when he employees saw her. She pulled the month the cops came she told them they had it all wrong she was not robbing the CBS and might point in spite of outlook. It was just day and I quote social experiment that went horribly wrong. As far as we know he's not a scientist or a psychologist or really even an aspiring YouTube we're trying to do a brief show. There was nothing to validate her assertion of this and social experiment plenty of evidence to assert that perhaps she was just trying to shop yeah. So the constant Meyer refused she was arrested for felony robbery and misdemeanor assault weapons possession and theft. My question to use do you believe this woman is black and white makes you were Asian. I'm all based on the fact that it's been Pennsylvania. I'm a night then tried and it was this also looks spearmint it's correct. Arms open in Hawaii Thailand is Jack who is it is so let's. Yeah I'm not NY. I think your fingers and mutual. Number he's not found that he has yet to Dallas and Aaron. Thirty year old material won't bulls are not correct. I still I think it's lower. I'm my final answer we're gonna find out whose black white makes Eurasian necks. That was fatigued you are listening to the consumer video networks. Which is you. About Texas to Pennsylvania. And a woman who lost feels a battery charger from us CBS she is busted and they go turn today with the realization bulls tonight. And he's on and I'm just I was not planning on social experiment to see what would happen. Well simple one when the top faster as far as the employee knew this magistrate a problem than the united Siegelman cops act that's obviously a distinctive so. Jack we ask you did you believe the totals why quite complexity or easy it is a man it's Pennsylvania. Town when I got to go white. Sure all of oh yeah. Max Holloway business lobby that time Sosa was firmer new look okay instant. I abroad dude Aldana Sabatini damaging. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Hello there. And I try every time I can not get as highs against. I don't ozone is an amazing no vocal range that announcement does yes he does so baseball season is upon us gentlemen. And I'm gonna pun against myself just quit no ethnic and coming in Gionta so far this season. Who had. I gotta be in the double digits and really it's awesome. You were just down the street I know I know I've I mean I wants a lot of baseball myself I enjoyed them so. Do you guys have gone did a few games yourself has anybody here brought included caught a foul ball. Never now announce tomorrow not a wants now may I have only got one I've been seeing game since like 95 and I have. Only ever had one foul ball come my way and is an incredible feeling. Memory was Robinson Cano hit a foul ball and it. Down stuff was and I know it was can help our horror it actually was gonna and they actually gave me to give me this little lad has little card. It's is that what they called a foul ball club or someplace and you're in the foul ball club I'm in the foul ball no I knew we don't really wondering what that smell was for years. We have no idea we just thought it was some kind of like a fed achieve bleach got a combination that you know like when you go one of those. Little tabs in the back of your toilets are gonna make it's not fresh then I just a little of that but then with a funk attached to it my. Say a bleaching things done and whether I don't the day they write new who hit the ball it's fun thing that's thanks so. What one out of four of us and here you can tell it's kind of a rare occasion so wanted to hear this clip right here are gonna take you guys to just earlier this week when Kansas City was in Oakland and we got that. The nearest your home. He has five home runs. I get there. Not a good place to go. He didn't. Well then. Backs back. Is it hot as interest what are the odds are that price yeah they don't know I'm that's same spot now might get to know just as baseball fans and I don't know if you've seen this but you take the time to see we wants to the couple times today in the office were brought hair club and everything else but. But the first time that I can remember. They Mike and dump. At a baseball okay and the game that I wanna say is the New York Mets taking. Don't remember a couple of them somebody. They have a little disputes about the fact that the pitcher. Throws behind the batter. OK you have a right handed pitcher you have a left handed batter who he threw behind him OK all right it's pretty obvious is pretty blade that they obviously. Something has happened afford to get to this point share where you throw that pitch. I've met Blair's been hit my page that blood throw be thrown behind it and nobody in the conversation a Mets player had been hit because that's I met him. Pitching at this point so it came in for the Biden right on going east to try and I can tell he's the right. And so the umpire goes out and he says Haitian and have been a warning and the umpires is hey. There was we talked about this ahead of time you knew the situation before and we warned you guys if you're gonna do this we're gonna cut us off just so basically long and short is. It won't continue. We set the ground rules you know we have to do this global. And then Collins one of the managers for the Mets. He absolutely loses. Loses his craft. Terry Terry council loses his African mind. UM effort but let me ask you this book is when you watched it and we've never heard the Mike to bats the W I Errol Louis what would use. When you solar body language okay it looks the same as any time that the umpire and a manager had to cut and Scott. Look when you're actually hear the rush let these guys are doing a better job of keeping you cool. It because this is. You can tell they heated discussion but when you hear the actual conversation like. OK I didn't realize that runs this moment like it really you wonder all role in LA has said he'd look I don't like he's god doesn't cease soccer all the oil. Hello all you gotta watch what is it somehow still civil like it's expected that thing eating soon realize how we and we you know we are gonna eat we are gonna send it to you. And so that you could use it at some point in time chair it would take you two hours to edit this three minute he's a former LA is Obama Austin river all over the of all over just it's just their global owners to match it up with what is the show deadwood. I guess on ACLU has no cussing involved in an Evian. As John adapt its he and I was interested in that because I found myself I I think again that service got got rejected one of his games and I just. I cut myself watching a bunch of rejections on YouTube and a bunch of argument other players themselves you know they they're throwing at each other are very civil. Absolutely the umpire like sir should we get a warning on this right lie and that outcomes outcomes columns and and it's just indicated Eddie and I mean that you hear the roar like the guy turns around he runs or don't take care that these like mother ever mother. It was just. It was a refreshing aspect of the game we've all watched for a number of years nice to see the other side of it to see what they actually you know what that wouldn't actually say and write. Auto loan divert have to pay Mozilo saying yeah you gotta units while Leah with the with the for sure oh yeah do it stilwell balls and these are your thoughts I was pretty ability and a guy and always. So we've we've had this discussion off their multiple times this is a busy drinking show this is we are centered we have our own beer and backs we haven't really do enjoy under three different kinds of beer so wouldn't it be great. If we actually had an entire category about beer on one of the greatest treaty shows ever. You really jeopardy yes yes that would be off in fact not does not too why go earlier this week we got. Some I needed to break for 200. That's an expensive drink it's 5 o'clock somewhere and I'd like this cocktail made with tequila claimed throw and lime juice go easy on the salt. Rebecca went from our area that's it. All right back got a solid 200 dollar whose son is going to be in the backdrop that we get harder and smarter I have no idea that you know organize our earlier the thousand dollar where exactly I don't get down throw diagonal fast here I can't always on his way back in the daylight and those publishing active. I jury seven to these be forwarded to visit in jeopardy that does is it but our twist on it this does anybody else DVR jeopardy. No no crap do you. Yeah GOK he may well yeah and look for masturbation. Good Q1 net Alastair acting terrible on I don't like looking for the next what was the guy's name the bartender that don't wanna help the streak. Though that I do well here columns or some might add. When he shot down stars there were received from. I don't know in Oregon to Seattle and that is exactly who you I enjoy jeopardy man I do do I just don't take the yeah aunts and so the thing is always on July you know eight exactly it's like a man like a ms. price is right and I'm sure it's gone down now. I mean you know it's going to be essential tomorrow if the sporting event is free and say anything under Sunday and I held Jeffords on June 30 this right and made four. Ashton Kutcher was on James cordon earlier on this week and James Gordon did his just one of his usual rat battles and I think I should go as Sam Jackson you're not July and ideas heard any the other ones now. Now I just know Ashton Kutcher was coming out. Was coming out just in general like he's been for years is like I'm under I think I don't talk more I mean to go on like he's just it's gonna somebody's gone away I think the ranch actually is it is about to launch a new new seasons I was muttering oh I was wondering why he was yeah yeah so anyway he had the rap about what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna have he doesn't listen to the battle I'm gonna have you guys grade who won and the Morgan tell you guys who officially wants here is beat. Yeah. John havens there won't talk. That's what your current. Do you really don't let your neighbor and a break stick dreaming meals. Did you take decades job. Those in pain. What makes things I'll he's called it also invade every. It's so pretty animated flick so we haven't seen this face in a movie since you last saw him. Floyd down and parallel that's. Yes my kids getting out of control. And the wolf is more professional Mosul more personal. I don't know I Gordon's land Al Gore and I think our ads about miles where where Rio and Alan you know one I think it's easy to go I think it's easy to go personal so I think I'll go. Although the professional oil cork in the early healed dealer or not now when I tend to agree with you because you just basically picked on the fact that he was bad it's like I know what. That's on the return unit is the only guy I don't know like I do you should have some Leo yeah right I mean in the one reference that he did make was to a wedding that he attended to do a car pool karaoke with some money for like a ridiculous amount of money or something and he showed up like a bar mitzvah. And it and then there aren't there. Let's go to the judges. My only. I put points. The very first time in history. Go to the fifth candidate recruitment. But I have a point I thought they won by at least more than have a for their both pale take away liberties too by the way Mike you're get a lot of love here. A lot of people DVR jeopardy yes. This blows my my I didn't realize this was the thing a lot of frightened people up now when you might ask mr. riding big dummy questions is why I absolutely love thirty I can get enough. I like trivia tip but I'm not in the it isn't because there's a terrible baseball gay how many do you need to catch back up. Quite a few it has incurred and have been away you know we hear me from that. Speaking of which could segue out loud jeopardy kind of my my guilty pleasure show and I actually have a list of things it says what you are kind of guilty pleasure show says about you star's lawyer aren't well so so. Throw what is it what is your guilty pleasure show what's the other dubious most of there's a wide there's is comic book based shows reality come out. Tens daytime talk really out late like science nerd showed up LCM a few ideas how I had to got sit coms crime dramas dean shows horror fantasy dramas. They're good nonfiction. You don't over and it says I'm not even worth talking about the city like I'll let you know more like him only a matter my trade deals like dude that nobody can count. Alex sports so like live sports and I like what you lied blister guilty pleasure show what the thing to you what it's like damn and I should be watching this solid ground when I was in Maine I'm really bad NASA show about the auctioneering business if you ever watch generals who often open his eyes and there is literally every Alexandria you have on the table I'll be OK here it is here it is for some reason I get stuck on this. It's antiques roadshow yeah. Yeah yeah there and is is because they bring in this piece of crap that they found like where am I had been thought I was the next thing you know it's worth 101000. All you think it's worth a thousand dollars billion dollar well at all by the others there you go there were good defense when human. You go revolve and a and a market that's jacked them he's Robin and it they would eyes I haven't had anything that's on my list and you'd do you have a guilty pleasure as you can judge her show. I mean honestly it's every year's shark week and I will DVR every usually says soda whatever they're making and I will watch it. Alike space it out and I'll watch it up until Thanksgiving because sometimes all holidays stuff kicks in and I can't take it. I'll tell you what's like the planet earth Jewish nature shows I had my life I was a little guilty pleasure Melo and you'll say I'm I don't I don't feel guilty about that so let's start from the top are you guys are no elements of our Russian economy and TV watcher carbon based shows it does appear to shows like super girl Jessica Jones you know marvel had a whole bunch on on Netflix there. You may be satisfying your interest in super heroes and problem solving. Yes we know you're you're satisfied usually Arizona perhaps as seems likely saved the day on your TV screen up Judy subconsciously some daily issues with your work or school if you feel Marat superhero we have want to write well that's good about them but the reality competitions if you're a fan of competition may shows Dancing With The Stars from our eyes her big bachelor Biggest Loser. You probably have a bit of competitive streak that you get to discover and all you really wanna do is win. I don't know banging me like a watch mostly with the kids when the ones on American into wars that's all great show the price down I don't feel compatible like a number I could do even I don't got that market you know was inaudible and taught as good this ninja warrior that's it's like I did it all right it's a different kind of you know I some meaning he can't elbow people still look it doesn't matter what and all men from doing cauldron that I would do news Montel or I would if that were me I'd like. No he would you do what I do you fall into the water you heard a lot drinking beer and ask yourself why you bother. OK so let's switch up the way we're doing this what does daytime talk shows is about doctor fell Maury Jerry Springer you add on another and Carla could signal that you tuned and others to really enjoy listening to other people problems. Token. It's what does his budgets of consciously not not about she fits I would say if we didn't work the overnight shift what are you doing this arrest why are you watching right if and on nights overnight why she's sleeping or. Let's go to our reality series card ash in his Jersey Shore real housewives. You want to be somebody that you now. It's a stress reliever to watch other people's drama on TV even though we may not totally agree with the all the actions involved. We can sometimes sympathize with their feelings and at least understand that well where they're coming. And gloom I mean it. We said this before what all the real housewives shows like you approval real housewives of wholesome like I would watch it because. There are probably more relatable to meet you bring of the car bastions and it's like what does draw no matter what you do go to drama life but. The things that they have to worry about the third dramas so far out of reach and out of context menu thing in my life it's just. It doesn't make sense dependence. Don't like to skating Milligan above ground pool. If you haven't penicillin homeowners and Joseph cornerstone we just go ahead and splurge and it's not read your. Ahead this isn't hell was that in next thing I know. He's pouring the concrete slab out back and I'd watch that show he ran the electric and the water we were ready to go but then Ernie didn't show up with the town. Real housewives told so god damn and Ernie took the money and left he was 500 dollars. This one's my EMI guilty pleasure I'll watch that and animation shows. I got a guy and it's now art call them what was dancing about it. I think it says would you like to live your big cannon are basically tell them this. It would you what does cartoons as a departure from drama that we encounter on the daily now have a beautiful people and character and have him say anything and it doesn't really matter because it's cart has no duty to break on the walls you know Fitzsimmons faces intensive like you know and analysts say that because people think that Smith but it was cartoon. Millions like him look I mean you think about air carbon from South Park and miles you or I get away with half the stuff now as anti semantic and others are racist things now but within me like cardinal. Usually see Charlie Brown the director Jessica and I know. Here's some stupid things eagles' front for a battery door and getting guys every episode that went on primetime drama scandal how to do get away with murder this is us economic thank you want to cry. Mostly enjoyed bit of suspense mixed with your every life aren't the thrill of figuring out what's coming next keeps you feeling alive as you look on from. Edge of your seat I knew from the very. Look no matter what happens you knew was that it's in the heart of the matter who you really think it was eliminated like I knew it was him all the volume is it in the first thirty seconds of the show's stars that's all you paved grow close attention the first. I'll tell that update in this he's here to me this is one of the things TV needs to finish right so even look at the crime drama and another man the one. If may have guest stars to third and guest star who I recognize as a matter right so John Lithgow shows up some. Apparently he's part of a murder mystery my thought is. If teammates into the into the show and he's been guilty person because frankly and I hate to do that but it's just the truth play you have to pay this particular can too much to do a bit hard on your show. So I know he's the murder I don't need to watch and if you hired actors that we never knew the name then I think the mysteries the mystery would exact a very special episode with. Dylan born mark roe broke the killer. I sit comes another one of my Big Bang theory modern family two broke girls fresh off the ball what does that say about he's wanted to relax and enjoy here enjoy your life and just got a kick back in the and have a good luck it can mean you're just happy go lucky human looking to take a load off an escape from reality show that you just won precisely what the design right there are a little chuckle crime dramas law and order in all of its spin offs. Deep down inside you'll be criminal you like problem solving a close eye smile you that your your pretty much run on says added that this person thinks personally think that there's a little bit of detective and all of us. Just to want to solve all these differ mysteries that are though. Don't appear how to get away with something to their profile this is witchcraft is right they are against. Thank you hybrid version I tell you got your headlines coming up with the says Smith you're listening to the men's or radio network. We are Swiss miles. LC what's happening in the real thing you know visiting daughter upset with the nursing home after finding a snakes sleeping in her mom's best. We at a Florida or California where a man graduated with his own comfort enemy pillow to rest his weary head. Minnesota raccoon shows how desperate Americans are with finding happy news. Alligator on runway in Orlando is there for all to amuse and Florida man went monkey cling to is just is arrested it is time for your headlines. It's Sunday it's. Its peers might come. At con started at a Florida where a plane trying to land in Orlando had to wait on the tarmac to clear but there wasn't a single plane onyx. A video both of them they put shows an alligator lumbering its way across the tarmac an alligator. Obama holding up traffic in the process. About five minutes later the way it was clear on the plane taxied to the gave an airport drug made its way out upon that the alligators slipped in due. To ensure that it did not make its way back out on the rested question if you lived in Florida would you feel comfortable put a blanket on your backyard and I'll give some sun now. Spoken with and golf now and it. I mean I did this I just can't imagine you know having to worry about something eating. But why would wanna I wanna live in England held up man. I've been on the play good feeling it was so god damn big it was in the middle he was in the middle run when he could land or take off the plane and does that make guesses in it was international airport so how can almost certainly don't know where you lose art all man Orlando's one more busy airports in the country funerals or does Disney really think Orlando but. They have I mean they are itself busy asked airport we don't like the labor wants to the ball and and I just thought man. Why you're a jet I'm telling you that's all you need to move I get no hitter by being totally over just lowering now on the they did not inherit all news he was a big big alligator retirement that earlier like. You could go down and kill like 101000 alligators right of Florida right who's truly putting an alligator I had people and everything would be fine. Fourteen and change the dynamic of living is why they lived so long man in his favorite writers like crazy advantage to me is. In other news Robin actually showed this video earlier this week but in Minnesota a raccoon made headlines after it was seen climbing around the UBS tower in Saint Paul. It started by just hanging around the parking garage who was later seen actually stealing the walls of the building which is 25 stories tall. And my wheels another wreck goes to give iShares no doubt about. It would just climbing African cement. There I saw my supposed to look like how do you do that man I'm correct tunes and that that's Spiderman movies I'm pretty sure he was fixed because there's no way that. If there's nothing big enough for that happened. Thought after few stressful day I go home state he'd be my dad's life. There doesn't want it that all of you my hands Nadal FLA. Please check here. And my done after a few stressful day at the animal landed itself in a trap on the roof and was removed from built from the building after Julio we would have burned down right. Well the thing is is it. DP windows of the building could open. So they had to wait for this thing go through they just uttered a raccoon wrap up their way for him to jump read there and then they got an out there a source of an once who learning. And Colorado prom season is in full swing and bring some from. Problem all bulls and some unique ways that they get dressed candidates to drop. Flaws usually fun some things take guy gets taken a little bit too far someone has their date to prom by actually spray painting one of the stones at the Colorado national monument. Asking his state of the crop. The usual punishment for this kind of vandalism can be up to 500 dollars and up to six months in prison. Well yeah. The president but that monument officials say they'll take it easy on the kid if they just come forward now you know raise kids and in the people who tag my neighborhood are although. Now think itself until they say and you know like there's break inning like you know someone's business and his thinking here's my deal for the kids. You can either take you know roll the dice even at a come forward we'll take it easy on need guarantee is that we're gonna take it easy on you but you gotta come forward and do it. If we find even find that you did it. We're gonna give to the fold the full length that you can risk does not fining you because you're not allowed evidence here. No way with the girls like amendment out of the data net just said instead rom and then dot dot dot. It hasn't promise it's like this. And the with a question mark and Mark Thompson right so my guess is as yesterday Brahms is against and then the read only ten runs I'm going with hunter sari. Thank you did that in six an unofficial record was given to a group in Japan made which 500 people gathered together and had the biggest orgy in recorded history get out of here earlier this month there was an attempt to break that record in Las Vegas, Nevada. Setting a date and a time for the event to take place and even had over a thousand people willing to jump and be a part of it. However get a few if any changes the number of people involved in the Georgia dropped to a dramatic 335. The record was not all they know they are now. I extended put an amazing event at the realized that might argue that. General Sheehan example big dummy no I Sherlock Ted's meat and potatoes we'll bring it tells the shot of the day yes indeed it's all drove to the men's please do what you do best. And for a leave for the sake. Diane.