06-13-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Clings

Wednesday, June 13th

Mens Room Question: Healthy, or unhealthy, what was someone unusually attached to?


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Carlos there's just not right now and New Orleans by U 95 point seven I love our big I. Pals. 100 point five the cat the legendary record Oklahoma City and what O 33 the four Iraq and in Fort Wayne, Indiana all in the program about they want for a we've got today return of who sucks last. Which you don't need to know has more things that you don't need to know we'll do another round of profile listen yes. We'll bring it tells with a shot of the day our question healthy or unhealthy what was the someone unusually attached to 844999. Although we just got caller. If you're just joining us who says that a a will be. Is punch showtime blanket that fits in I guess your your jacket again like lining slash poncho you can buy a a will be here looks like anywhere from 1995 to 5999. Yes there are two soldiers right they're sleeping under. One would be. Who won the woman mother Sharon would be so yeah this is is important thing. Our yeah atlases and the common to dominate all right and they're flying and quickly how do you say enough about wolverines so a guy called and about a woman says look man I'm in the military they should be the won't be which essentially is the poncho in the city got to the point where it's good to make a decision about. Food water or it won't be YouTube book. There and blunt were not military guy asteroid are yeah sure it isn't that big of a deal. The movie is great I really miss my. What he's already turning back in bullies aren't too broad lawsuit can one guy points out I stole my father's will be. Would these are necessities still use and I've been out for three years the man speaks the truth about the will be. Veteran here as well I can confirm everything went the other guys said about the psychological physical well B is universal my brother was ten years are we even up for years and still sleeps. With his will be getting me. I'd say not needed now is this those sought to link you know what pleases the softest nicest thing in the world are way it just sort of sleeping bag almost parachute issue material so it is softer especially over time it gets softer sound like you've been around the will be here to elect I been around a around delusional important loser we're gonna look like America and not. All I know you'll be low round what I think about and do you want to know Darren thanks for a movie was president. I believe your memo someone in the military and then. And a so yeah it was close but also just worries that struck growing up and military town like everybody's data would be on the out there what he's everywhere once you get we'll be handing you have a little game winning an idea how big is it would be. I spread the movie yeah Vegas is not. Like Afghans is like throw blanket on the I don't know and I keep her in Milwaukee I know was I don't believe I know B and always saying I didn't know it was called derby because without her we cold all these people reading Anderson I had no idea that's there there camouflage mosey and I'm plus it's a real scenes fabric but. It keeps he would keeps that he cannot he cannot order what as you bio wheel because these people are saying okay it's been eight years in the army added to tour's. I love the would be someone else it's called would be. Lot of people so I missed all of would be good to be glad about it very dire enough to bring up the would be if 100 C universal for all guys yeah will be his life the field jacket liner that. I would say it will see how that dream come the only photo as. Is as common a comfort item to him a military personnel as what they call ranger pennies which of these very very ranger and he's very thin black material shorts that you run PTA and and they're so comfortable let people just I remember we were ladies were like guess if your lady of someone in the militant unless you've warned them you probably stolen a pair just like. A sweat shirt you can get a will be not Amazon for anywhere for Muslims are you need to spend about forty some dollars. And then you get a got a growth and access them like a military surplus store you can get them no military poncho liner to seven books are there is there's a voice of dissent says I was in the military nobody in my unit ever sold well I got to him would be. Healthier and tell you woe is us someone unusually attached to a 44999. All. It's cure the would be is that ass. A stole my husband's would be that's also dirty. Those eternity Gaza and allow smile happily pay the price I guess you're supposed turned and maybe I would never I would wanna use will be. I would I would not know what happened and it's just like I used will be I would like my home I can I I got forty bucks a little frozen greens all that I mean I'm gonna take my own. I said this thing I meant only one person doing it hello Keegan welcome to the men's room. All it's. Age so. Oh and I lose when I was growing out. I know is I was living in Portland that their I had Jewish friend because I was home schooled. Very excited had a different but we also just so happened to have a spider problem. So. Yeah how we had a spider problem land so my best friend that just fighter fan. Yeah I would I would go outside and find that Sam is spider sense. That there at all inside the AL east fighters well we're going to who has miners. Although it is pretty big at least semi pro votes or Y yeah. And what did you do what you spend time. Hanging and how the spiders. And then you're hey would you go and look in your words not my what you're a leg at home he's so what do I want what you do you just tell them about your day. Yeah I told all about my day about. Struggle chlorine out of that I guess Shannon I call I imagine the sound. Like having Jews. Yeah I root out through local. Do you sense that he does thanks you you're you're you're just resort on the well had I I would still stratus byters that I hang out with them now do you have spiders now. No I don't have any spider plant you have an actual friends. I ate I have a couple of friends you have to wait until he needs a little unique. They are most of that you share your fruit chews them. ITX basically is what I'm. Actually got the play well one it says invite the Spanish is my birthday and my parents are like so I socialist you're spiders there's tighter credit when you see. They chilled them right in front of me and I didn't find out until later that those were actually brown recluse spider has only had an infestation. Or does your phone or you're the only one hanging out with spiders probably were the owner didn't get bid for a reason. Yeah outside the reason even the spiders somewhere deep down that this is just too easy. There's not even any sport this dumb as did accused toes about the struggles on the ABC now and I and I just I can I don't have the hard to bite in kill. The sport kit did you we were used cool your entire. Education at home. You out there. Aren't okay our last home schooled I am ruling. It's kindergarten. Or kindergarten kindergarten where you drop your kid off to get him out your hair does are finally all them. Flew right that's say in that that's the only time of their life they learn to take a nap and then after that they don't learn to take a nap anymore it's very strange old thing you've done less than Mike did and I'm I make ends up graduated kindergarten as a wonderful ceremony will hold an act but like. It was very little more than daycare and it's a very educational they can't let you pay man because you what it's kindergarten just uneven blank greed and Jesus candor in kindergartens option. And he will come home when he learned it's a new Arnett and to me I just thought bonus goes to me your armor here. Now you know I can legally drop you also more indeed be someone else proper few hours and I love the fact. That they teach you stuff go and I'm I don't think. But I cannot. Home schooled her money go from commercial that is is that I am my kids now and they're teenagers and they I can't and I think it's completely unhealthy they think it's perfectly normal it's all they've ever known but. The phone thing really trust me not because I would like to have they were I just would like to have a conversation McCain and pick up your phone touch so I pulled ads that are sitting right across a table from Cynthia in and I know like look all their friends are there. My one daughter Lucinda tax. Are you going to get the door or should there is that they're doing how they're all doing different things but. On the phone as far as what what one kid is just on snap channel times is just. Picture after picture after picture of herself for pictures were so here's another picture I saw a picture myself I swear to god it's like I just send. 1000. Pictures within three hours of myself. To some right to me this is completely just bull crap Iranians think. It is unlikely event here it is but it's it didn't go for it get over there you know whoever did. Until their. The brick and Houseman and just Indy needing just these there and stare Adam infer can say whatever you want it doesn't have you'll need look like. You really look like a bunny every minute you know any like I don't know right smack Jenrette URL you know I'm I'm not I mean it is like an idealist here is. That's cool that's great and I just think it's I don't know I'd. I know does that Kansas wish they would put it down for a second I think it's incredibly unhealthy and tell them all the time get off your effort foam. Just through dinner right can you make it through dinner delegate your phone Emanuel want Charlotte to kids it's like me he would make a team arouses addicted to make it to be directed and bigoted act Kelly sure it's the same way it's just it's it's. They they they rush to eat so the taking. In America and well. You ought to snatch and is well and you're right is that Jennifer got right that's want to with gays and they did the dog Tonga god so African nuts like it's funny for second but inevitably escalates live chat is like. The first knock knock joke about a kid learned. Because like it's kind of funny maybe it's even cute the first time maybe even Toms one through eight but. Two minutes is passed okay. In this is 38 time you're saying the same thing the scandalous that tennis like. OK I know what to look like there's a body mother effort I don't mean like. I don't need another one of these that I understand. The you look like an animal I this great idea so what do I do art this is me you know me man and like car and one on what do and one of the day I would get weapons that it. You're covenants sound really gone high right. And then. We can talk. And you got to talk to me and we have to spend time while I don't wanna girl don't both doing something that's good for us when I hike or good to see some stuff. We get like a mile two miles down my MI or an hour turnaround I expect him for like 200. Other guys have borrowed and I'm like oh. OIT. And if he did. Healthy or unhealthy Willis someone unusually attached to a 44999. Old when I looked like as a relic taken it in the woods off road off a cliff like a fine the they would uphold the phone and authorities say our guide David as me. Where's my phone. So many kids trying to hasn't really getting delayed Syria or let's or Google or whichever one like that thing in the house no. I'm like look man. You guys already don't have enough to do right you you're not just asking her stuff. Our refusal gonna do human like everybody all right did appear as walked over to your iPad. Open up Google wait a point 46 seconds it. You can't wait the point 46 seconds for 101000 responses come on man. LB are unhealthy what was someone unusually attached to a 44999. Oklahoma library calls coming up you are listening to amend their radio network. Smiles so. John Nolan brought his own close to a southern was. Donald Trump. I think. Everyone thought we had nearly at the millennium and you idealist specifically to prove that in your home all the time he consistent error does for the love IIII group and every bathroom and in the program or whatever I'm closest to the blueprint I try not to. I try not to dose the kids' bathroom a bundle to go to Roland their man. In enemy but oh darkness yeah well yeah but you would your kid describe your group this moment like darkness because he can't identify that it's actually you coming a mile. I think I'll spare him from command mend his enemy. Hugged fellow graduate from college and then we have McCarthy that is bus with a small pet monkey clinging to his chest we do have a V 81 veggie dog and here with us we brought you. Program you did I don't think you heard other reason Muslim because and I can't remember what the hell we were doing when I'm not sure what it was the weirdo seven during the day. And you had to cut off the afternoon festivities Lou because you needed to go to Costco gifts to give thermos. You know lame bets announced its MM we're gonna go to another bar guys I'd love to go hole. I got to replace my thermos computers obviously something's wrong with with the office space that thermos guy who's a thermos got a little known to be that there must go there and that's special Oregon and I know those a special thermostat to out there wasn't there like a guy that always had a of his thermos. I think you kind of used to be 99 a little bit of space now okay are half of those are character out there that just you know it was a state. Are down opera space and there was if you watch kids in the hall there was one episode about a guy and his pen he could like all right okay yeah good. But you have a young thermos now what is this the yet he thermos no. This is not does that leave it to can T go Brandon didn't ego. Believe you don't guide him exactly what evidently you care of this month but you say you don't go to the ball all right parliament in your hand and I'm whose body was out and you're not gonna go you're I can continue the good times because it's more important that you replay short form is then you know exactly what you really great. It's a coffee thermos it's the traveler random urine so goes up coffee mugs you see only the coffee traveler lifestyle excellent bright but I do because element caught in the caught in the morning have a couple had run well remember the rest are with me bad really spill proof. Container because you can turn let's say down throat across room and it will not spill it's gonna go through your things that you do we do its arms you never know the things that you don't looters are you real soon we'll have plummeted studios here and I want to dissuade anybody from spilling things on my bus you use consoles so on doing my part to ninety Q did you realize that you are vigorously cleaning this thing I was it was it was a it was a weekend and I was cleaning you know sending more before we are going outside the word is drink stronger whatever your editors against the wanna it's. I was I was aggressively. Cleaning aggressive that was aggressively cleaning this copy container and because it's got Bruce Lindsay loser. Imagine I got in the third on the front and honest man like physical sort of pathetic thing. So it's got moving parts that you can impressive opening closed so there will never leak out and I was progressively cleaning it. And it broke apart and I spent about an hour and a half trying to get all the pieces back together gentlemen I don't know yet you try to repair absolutely yes that's what I understand after out of this through an emotionally couldn't sleep and I had to pull within twelve hours and hours of pregnant this thing at you when you wanna bring you this. Brad because I think that I needed it for Monday morning because there's no way I was leaving my place without my traveler OK so I. Yes it's compatible out in support now okay so basin affected us and Ford aren't us justice in this program aren't just look what we want to let. Know this he's gonna take off the agency's fans know that you know Andy's gonna take his penis okay. And he's gonna drop it down and indeed your thought well I'll get to listen he's gonna drop down in your thermos. But he won't touch the edges they won't touch it and are just early in the air around like it's like into the game operation if he does decide to act and you lose Brett you will not let this game. The penis no drop directly straight down. The thermos it's just as the Arab. Isn't it possible though won't wiggle out there watching Indy won't touch the side it's been like if he did that within onion ring would you still eat onion so we want. Oh I put my penis in the doughnut hole they didn't touch the edges would easily deduct. Couple so advise Alistair thought until I have a would you loves any surface. A restart it was just in the air space there is not our farmers would you still that I haven't touched anything I hear is not a cleaning chemicals strong enough it's on this planet has not touch only does he does matter is yeah it is they didn't touch the series hearts in Israel and downed inside it's in the area there is not a the air inside the chamber at that's sitting here like when you do your best and they're not ever going to get those disgusting picture for civil with my brain it does not matter who touched he does not matter there's not a cleaning solutions sort of on this earth a very clean that enough for I would even drink something from a again oddly enough is my doctor you're starving if you're starving and I put my down and threw an onion right but it didn't touch it. You would need get in ring no no way I have nothing anything anything. Well I question your ordinary person I'm okay. Thank you joy to call him and how they are unhealthy Wallace someone unusually attached to 844999. All. The little unreasonable socialist spare and really it's has just just touch anything like Europeans right now is in the air that it's no more. That if you're to drop it and that's ravaging and all right is that a different crowd now anything is is there it was just inside the it's likely get a settlement said I'm not touching you they weren't. You know the thing is awfully close for the relief not to let you know tiger hasn't touched anything now a bloody silly streak is often. A little surprised and a hello attracts welcomed to the men's room. All. I. Cards are. Out there and I are doing well. Suppose I don't know usually attached to. Now all. But he created the ex girlfriends actually. Well I didn't bet that you are pregnant. Because she thought I might break up with Kirk. Metal people. Yeah. Tonight there's. Stop or your I this is. Olga aren't though little yellow be young and a little bit nigh eve to the world. Tell our you know our kids a sophomore in college or high school are probably having sex right now yeah that's great. What are your daughter my she's should be a senior next year out of her she hasn't done anything like that. So close are we obsession. Besides you. Are you know each student senate would eat like. I'm not shine a brag you bit off. More importantly our rock so. Was it circumstantial. Or would have been any would have been her foot where you are first boyfriend. Yeah that's a at all it's that's all images. You can in an artery. Yeah I. Read it yet you need you all out eat. Man I hate to say this is if you lose it could even knew it could have been anybody among senior not a great guy and a great boyfriend and I do what you say and you know have you know you're none of those wonderful your wonderful lover and I'll like crap but it could have been it could have renteria to 76 station manager at the same way. Because it surfer. While on right now are not I'm not an at a young age. Now that have you still been in contact whether. I'm abstract technique that Alpine they. Blooming. Onion. Holly. You know. I'd so you're still kind of young but not really in the end zone of yeah the first basic crazy aren't I'm reluctance and won't be like that again at that. When and if you're not the first boyfriend and act like that that bonafide craze right you know install her you know and it's going on but yeah I mean let's. That's not how it goes man humble guys down to overdo them. I don't know little of the event and there's a reason there's a reason your not gonna go to regular jail that age. Because your mind it is not mature enough. To make rational decisions you know sometimes you make irrational decisions bad enough for a date charge you as an adult but most of the time threat they give you the benefit of the doubt on being young and down because you're young and up. Sure thing on the level of the current. Hell they are unhealthy well as us someone unusually attached to 8449990. People commenting on be decent looses. VT has an amazing radio or he really yeah and then after that I don't remember someone asked the brand of coffee mug they desperately want one. I don't remember any thing. Some from I don't Italy are not short like rose and all throw down a hallway and also geez you know of the character that was into his thermos. On the jerk always Mark Martin that price dance it's only uses land in his thermos I forgot the early everyone remember that except okay. Healthy or unhealthy lol someone unusually attached to 844999. All of a miniature horse. While a guide dog is a pretty cool. You can have a miniature horse and miniature horses believe it or not a pretty Smart who showed a neighbor easily gain approval service animals under the Americans with disabilities act. So they actually have no guide horse foundation that as training program. According to the guide horse foundation. Miniature horses make excellent guide animals of people afraid of dogs so the point of the the miniature horse there is the fact that. There are some people out there who have dog anxiety you can have a mini horse. As a guide animal so what is there all the problem of one of the problems is being scared and don't. One was off spotted these Cincinnati northern Ohio airport. It hangs in it eases anxiety levels and put smiles on people's faces this horse is clearly working. According to NPR I look I don't I don't know what what people's issues or cracked but I would think that. If one if you're trying to help someone to the point that they need the service animal they also have that deep over phobia don't bring the dogs are fairly common here in the states right. Wouldn't want help on the bad to maybe eight adult if this thing that you're scared of actually turned out it's helping you don't you don't need to realize that it's not as bad thing in the fact to your particular dog is probably a little smarter brighter in that more help form an intimate ultimately and seemed like. You can kill two birds one stone like look we're gonna hit you. There's something wrong with you so we got him anymore while also scared of dogs and Obama the more football Orleans to take care both married and from. I'm in my. I think my travel companion and I need more than anything in the world is wheat. Oh sure and I said this in the office like I honestly guy like if I don't have weed that is the one thing that I need to smoke. Probably would a couple of days assists oh yeah I have have a hard time deals are regularly accuse me normal again my brain from exploding. And the hardest thing that I have to do is oftentimes in the sounds ridiculous but if I go out of town to see family members or anything like that. His finding the time to smoke weed and I gnome attached to it and I'm not like it and I know I enjoy it blunt. It is my security blanket so to speak when I go and do things that normally. I wouldn't be the most enthusiastic about doing if an elegant in its in you're invited to the judo master go to I normally would like to show with a little bit of Obama's pay I'm getting married like I didn't benefits awaiting you have to go through quite. I'm gonna show of stone and amid a relived let's face it. You know stuff like that we are happy for I don't want that to be misunderstood we are happy and all that's great but frankly it's it's more and you know and it's the same grabbed the other on the wedding solaris is kind of like yeah I'm going to be hi Anderson is a reception start guarantee. Guaranteed you're gonna go get style but this is what I've discovered and I would not say some of the places that I discovered this to be true. But in places were both have collected them are all supposed to be respectable Barbara. Whenever there's a break in the action he got to get that moment that people can stretch the leg Tibet. I was what outside and grab a smoke. But I'm also probably gonna smoke a joint because upon in this situation I don't want to be there and I've noticed. That a lot of these upstanding citizens you know as as most people would perceive them. Oddly enough. A whole lot of them very quietly came. I heard the sort I always hear. And human or her computer and we. And it demo I got so we know what did you going to be in the pied piper. Indigo I'm like twelve all the people join you but for number reason they don't want anyone else I don't care if you Norma I just assume mind. I still think that there's been a time there's been twice in fifteen years that I haven't had a week. I then we don't mean for fifteen years shore there's been twice twice that in that week. Both times I was on vacation I was happy to be on vacation. It just to lead to the last day to be able to you weed on two different vacations that was the only time that I have not been carried if you know me and you asked me if I have we'd. More than likely 99.9. Percent of the time I'll have we'd. On me around me or I'll know where again you Georgia product though that is healthy I'm saying it's are unhealthy but it's something that I am and usually attached it. Yeah if I'm out of luck I know I know to be true don't feel like oh Mike Mike would you think it's weird to Samoa have weed on them all the time constantly. Yes absolutely see that's not normal he would ride I I didn't know exactly who I think always going to hold. I'm like come on man it is tennis sake why did you go to wolves elect olive garden with a what did you get spaghetti and meatballs and a threat right. Yeah I'm just yeah. Act and you want your coffee glad I didn't know I know this my courses I do a good thing and I go to Baskin Robbins and are now you damn run right. You're the guy that might buy into the usual gruesome week downplayed reports of let's close with her all of your choices are fine I want relish sits back in my pocket addict and I'm. Known and unknown I think your choices are unusually blunt yet. That's units if like me they're like 31 flavors and you won't know. Yeah yeah I am Italian restaurant get spaghetti meatballs mail I did it did you have you tried other things there before. Course like what the desert since. Our member that I think it was a while back I went off the beaten bad and it was bad. See my iron bunker there and party brought miles an anti this and go on vacation and you know preachers are looking for weed. To some people you appear to be cut. I thought the idea so there's not a hundred difference and and we've heard that and with me and I mean this whole heartedly and it is nobody probably wants to live this way but it's good for me if I go on vacation that's a foreign country I mean. Within an hour of checking into hotel I will be approach to see if I want to buy drugs because apparently eloquent kind and Darren. That might wanna have drugs right and depending what it is they offer. A good chance of transactions gonna have. But they absolutely. Sepia. Not as lucky. In bowl because of my personality after you're very lucky if are on this very narrow this before right. Yeah wrote I mean but it's like it was a rhetoric out of wedlock homeless mentally twenty minutes aloft to the beach they come out to be granted. My short with but cricket cricket he said that was the double but got we are the Mexico man at the picture we have from the airport man. Turned around and you can see the guy looked me head to toe and instantly. Do you smoke in a battle want this and we'll be gets us up I sure do. And I got weed before I got to my hotel. I kind of like another another low key before but that I've. I've been on the last night of of being someplace in filing out we give us time to get like. And I'm gonna give you just a little bit I don't say it and so basically you're just wasting all and I will say that we we. Sometimes he does that pledge stereotype and people always hate to minute we flew to San Diego and went 234 years ago. We want to get we lead we had not been and how long we go to a bar. And the woman I believe she worked there but whatever the case of late is white chick up off a futile and GM dreads. Instantly excuse me yet you know we can get weaned she says I do believe she even asked us. Why did you ask me I noted that we and a total straight to your door at last check were clerics. I mean come on Matthews right not only did she knew we was she pulled an ink pen out of her pocket own screwed it. And don't for many joint out of an and to. The president rack if you have the dreads are right sorry man healthy or unhealthy what was us someone unusually attached to 844999. Hole and by the way to call those angels for taking a week remember that yes he does you guys about eight of them like I really blessed me to say yes we were. Hello Kyle welcome to the man drew. Oh. Yeah yeah. OK I lied I think she you know I was trying to are unhealthy obsession and you. Zurich. Oh. Or are we winning the last few college. It looks that's not what would you say now. An obsession and we wish you all thank Jarno amend them in its third down or were you more sales growth. Our own. Honestly I'm more I'm more upset slid further impression that my teacher on a flight. With an impression of your teachers aren't we can and I tracked him on either. We'll try again a 44999. All I healthy or unhealthy what's was someone unusually attached to still look I'm a return of who Suggs last. And what you don't need to know today has more things that you don't need to know do that right before or during Intel's with a shot of the day. You are losing to the reds are red L network. Altria unhealthy well as though someone unusually obsessed or attached to 844999. Alive. Hello I am now welcome to the men's room. Yeah. I don't know he can't help you're not. I thought. Yeah I don't think most people call that healthy Emma. How to separate car are. I can tell it's own eye and tell you how it well and which have a cap dean. What the most expensive. And a copy of. And so wait are you addicted to drew drinking or is it morgans the knowledge of both. I want to say bulk of Larry I love drinking contact. When did you give fascinated years and years and nearly Oprah about the same time star bucks started going national. A video Baltimore there's a place called darkness Ayatollah the Starbucks would say in general idea and I got a job there were generous open week learning all this stopped and tomorrow we interest thing but I don't retain any of it like. When did you realize you were obsessed with learning about coffee. Or. And you just you needed to know about the beamed and Brussels and all the stuff. I am a huge dilemma kind of good food hamburger are becoming really gave the go. Any showed that they have are. How they're they made it sound very elite. Are at particular car. You know strange. The fourteen year old did you drink coffee did you enjoy it. Okay because when I was growing up and I don't know why this was but if artists say. Dad and I'm fourteen. And I Kyra free base some of your cocaine here AB like sheriff grab a path to a revenue enjoy it. If I say dad that. Gonna have a couple public got no absolutely not you'll be up all night like for whatever reason I don't know what it wasn't my dad would hand me a beer. Before giving me a cup of coffee aren't exactly well and it was just one of those you know it was just a different time wall Sonya to be able kids. Anything that can help them fall asleep beer you're more likely to Disney jump for doing what I am fifteen zone and even more so democratic SL though would you recommend this as a kid called the south the cooling off limits economy and ilsley dude you don't wanted to parlance you weren't you weren't invited to their party. You weren't asked you aren't allowed to have any Eminem because of that it took me awhile to acquire. A taste for coffee in the wanted to get his car beloved big part of the difference through when we're Romo Paul feels like Maxwell house of folders. And you did not have smoke isn't preppy teen doesn't like it wasn't just not readily available so do you wore in that world now do you more in the coal fueled. Actually a trader who do you gross journal beans. Oh god I wish I copier and are she breaks and that's. Terri do you have your own can you make shots of espresso you're espresso machine. And you may call the Arab and you do would you use that. Oh and you try to make your own ends or do you go with a single lens and said seems to be the new trend these days. I am a cop a stroke. When where she is which I lie. Aren't do you mix and match your own Scotland that you like. Speaking out all right though I remember that you know would you like at eight whereas the man early yes that is the why don't try to get the job working in the call for more on the greens all the rage in you look you'll already spend your time boarding alcohol prefer free got loads of you get paid for to be worth it right. I actually bet on so my pop shop. I'm Mozart or in oh. A machine and got each. Brand new retail for about 800 dollar he got it army deep. And gent fifty dollars where would you say has the best run of the mill coffee that's just on a chain anywhere you know you walk in and you get unexpected good couple costly wars has been sent and mcdonalds were aware or. Where would you not expect were actually like you know what they do a good job the couple. Com. Important. Tim Hortons okay yeah well that makes sense come out really well America her people of this country really limb I am all right I mean that's good. Let's do Jack had Tokyo Elisabeth bean. Born amid what. Do you really. Yeah my ex husband led the Mets again and we got it important. I am add a nationwide as Canada again in his Canada. And the same thing it's casserole land they it's as they did each other evidence it was basically cam they are gonna get away with a did not do that. Healthier and held you'll someone unusually of says start dad's doing 449990. Like I like coffee there's a lot of things I like but I've never taken time like she did Wear the yellow golf your morning. Brought to added to them so that yes to you definitely have to have your coffee. What I'd say that's a caffeine addiction that's my preference to get it right. The US be about coffee as an interest. My interest is drinking my cup that's heard loses is the other difference between these bay not mean you can enjoy the original writer Glen where you gonna enjoy brewing beer scenario I like how to break and I just wanna have been like Legos of more play with and I don't want to build. Healthy are unhealthy well as someone unusually access stored jets Q8 44. 999 hole. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.