06-13-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Can't Let Go

Wednesday, June 13th

Mens Room Question: Healthy, or unhealthy, what was someone unusually attached to?


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He what you're about to hear is real. So this radio program. Are simply. Trying to look. Offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. It is now. They say shake your radio more than three times. And Jordan. You're going to lose solar 2844. Or at. Along with Steve the thrill hill. Ted Smith and I couldn't call it the I car. Yeah aren't as well. We are ten days away from red festival. Paterno whose stock class. What do don't they do know as. More things that you don't need to now get ready to play profiled this plus headlines and they're Jonbenet fumbles or emails and everyone's favorite TV time with the big. Drink it did drop here we go visiting daughter upset would nursing home after finding a snake sleeping in her mom's bed. We gonna California where they may and graduated with his comfort and may pull off to rest his weary head. Minnesota raccoon shows how desperate Americans are without finding heavy news. Alligator on runway in Orlando for all those to a news including the pilots in the people on the whole delayed. And format with a monkey clinging to his chest is arrested as all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Yeah. Here's the question. Cause that they did a good day to you and yours all right. If case you have not been paying attention the big summit. Between Donald Trump in North Korean leader Kim Jong Boone both went down the Singapore and looks facing. All kinds of potentially. Historic stuff may or may not happen. But what caught our attention the thing that we couldn't help but focus on with the fact that Kim and I don't know open when it was the certainly didn't bring it up on the news. Tim brought his own toilet. To decide. He brought his old Luke who mode. To the summit and we're gonna share the reasoning behind in the bay. Some parts are loyal some parts embarrassment both. They have a few reasons why buffer their lives just to make them feel about the end he's more comfortable. Avenues onto. People like that they need some kind of security blanket there. Maybe a Pug pillow. There's got to graduated from college you both across stage but this animated hug though. I'm I have this idea in my head of what it might look like but I'll be dead on with I don't know I couldn't just move a bit I haven't looked yet. I guess I will a few minutes but he graduated from college for your grown man. And he has is animated hug scuttlebutt that's no worse than certain service sent at. We give them dogs the cats the average ones but the service Turkey. The service torrential local service doc. Another guy and Florida. He crashed the stolen car but it runs off on foot the cops had film. Elena catch a look at him and the monkey in the diaper. Winging through his check Terrible Towels and I said there was a monkey in the diaper clinging to his chest that's because that's exactly what I said. Very serious this monkey means something to this guy. We'll explain more Letterman all of those letters to think about you don't get that pacifiers wind from the peanut that is pointed but. They've given usually attached to things and that's what we want to talk about today so our question is healthy or unhealthy. What was someone un usually attached to her brother Joseph caught 8449990. You can Mike commands are among FaceBook follow us on Twitter and mr. Graham events are my fans and those emails to the men's room admin jamaat dot com. You're listening to the men's room radio network secret. Sure it's. Solid don't fail I fail I have a shot over 2844. Programmed we have Corey today guaranteed future rebate. As we have the return of who Sox last even throw you bring us three stories every week in the news it is up to us to determine which of the three stories suck the least. Good bad or we imported and Donna goes all over the place at all. Mike what did you think what did you think of the 32 Isuzu my content times. You know all. Is not the worst that I've seen. But it's it's still it belongs in this segment. Time thanks for the Mac so the cornerstone of our humanity coming up with who's Suggs was what you don't need you know has just Moran a grab that really don't need no blood though it fun to be somewhat interesting. We'll bring it tells with a shot today. And another round of a profile that siren talk about. Whether it's healthy or unhealthy what was someone unusually attached to there are certain things that everybody needs in life. Some more so than others you live with these people you shared space with these people may be maybe it could be you. As far as what it is insure and health Leah or are helpfully attached to. A lot of times it could be something as strange as. Just the caller I've got a friend who his whole life has been based around his car that he has had. Since I've known him. It's always on worked to his car anytime talked up on a car is it is a 67 mustang fast back it is an absolute one of those cars were if you had a he would matter to you it matters a lot to him but he is an operational. Now although there are no data Africa and I guess that is NC seventeen years old. But the conversation always goes back to back car and it's something that it's not that it's. A healthy or unhealthy. It's just this attachment that he has that he had little unhealthy Evernote he never would think you get rid of it he did not that he works on a when it does need to be worked on not a problem well let's can we add if he can't. You got that's just a hobby and housing America always vote at the William hobby and more people don't have some kind of hobby whatever might be right. But not every conversation goes back to you probably saw it. We open on a healthier stuff goes all the old hobby but. Typically. We don't have to talk about it. Under the conversational long enough we don't necessarily steer back to that it's not always out when that we're PGM and occasionally are pretty that we okay. And I throw one of the most honored news. So last time I hung out with would VD we known here as a veggie dog all right okay. I can't remember exactly what we were doing but he had to call today. And go early and leave a big earlier drinking at a bar but he had to go to Costco on. Because his thermos that he had that he keeps his stuff then. Had broke today before them any had to go and get one immediately may have once we had to go and give this thermos. So now every Thomas EMI look at that thermos because I know how important how how much how intelligent means to me don't and I'm looking MI I wonder you know in my mind. What is so special about the thermostat I don't know how great Amaro great thermos. How can you not go eight day without I understand all right maybe even get nervous if you had president of pharmaceutical firm it would my degree that is now plural for thermos. For the murders is on the show so adorable photo that. You're the butt but I still feel like my and breaks or install like you have a couple days. I'm okay I'm mad that it's calm but like I don't need a replacement before. A business hours tomorrow more like. It's not gonna wreck my day I'm man enough so there's something wrong with him is my point any needed to get it any you don't mail like for them to extend the people that drive their car. And they have not replaced. Like the passenger side window man and they tape of bag this is the vehicle and I know it's expensive but what I'm saying that. They can wait but these he can't not have 84 minutes for just today a thorough and so he. Likes the thermos of gaelic I have come on man I am IMO CD's I have all kinds of things like as far as. My life and how I work and what I am I just how how how I'm wired that works for me. And I have to have everything is certainly don't have a certain way. Then I'll lose my mind because I can't keep track of he's kinda like that but it's not about stuff that's weird everybody look when I get a whole mamet he's my half my wall of the old loans and employs all the time. Bruce your purposes I just wondered or is that right and I am and I'm SE about it. The kids don't want kids F with everything in my house but they won't hunchback of us just understood that I guess that's my thing like the one thing your kids won't mess with. It's a thing they know that make you crazy and that is the one thing they've taken over the homes like. The like this invasive species you know early later worked there before now they are all things belong to them but they won't touch it. And may be still TD maybe I'm crazy but the point is. I mean that's stuff but it but everything rules it's that's different purely because that's that's not affirm this man well press is how to get into my home. This is how to get to where this is how to get money from the bank it's not a firm not this is stuff we need Jason's weird. North Korean leader Kim Jung. Un reportedly brought his own portable toilet to Singapore for his meeting with president trump. A former North Korean officials said it's not uncommon cold rather than using a public restroom the leader of North Korea. Has a personal toilets that follows him around when he travels. The leaders expirations contain information about his health status so they can't be left behind. Or as a South Korean report puts it he thinks doing this so called denied determined Stewart divers insights into his stools. Who does he think want to go to boot and onshore as far as we know. Trump will make do with the locals Singaporean toilets and although. Known his asked him more said one way or the other. But yes Kim Jong Hoon prefer to to Cooper. Proven his own thought. Apart from world shore but let's roll around a group home whom we aegis making concession. When he got stuff to doom him yet and that's off. Do we have this gentleman and the stories now much of a story although it is a it's more of just a picture of a guy who is graduating from cal. Polly Pomona. And recruited by the I did you know what I do not know they they they probably have a very good something either way he's graduating from school in in this big moment he brings in his animate hugged hello. To graduate from college. And up on stage it's a larger pillow and it's an enemy hug hello I'm going to go I just I need to know what I am when I'm picturing your publisher in the right thing. You're picturing a man who's got a graduation it's not I'm glad Oman ride. And he hugs his fellow he gets his diploma I mean it surely it's the only. Graduate from college. Enemy hug hello story that you could possibly Google among the most important for the pictures don't have a picture they have an enemy hug pillow that hit the pill. So the pillows okay autopilot. And it's slowly at Monaco. But he brought with them for the graduation sort. OK so based with a hug pillow but in the image down there is some enemy characters correct correct richards' supposed to use it as a hug alone you're supposed to hold onto a new supposed to hug. And that's what he did that it was basically just like all my got a gambling this guy. Brought his anime hug pillow to his graduation that's fair that's what he needed in and that's what he brought with a and we don't have this story here at age 23 year old guy named Cody cash and stolen car out of someone's driveway in saint Petersburg Florida. And he drove it about 35 miles 20 guess what there. Holiday Florida all of us not honeymoon floor that's holiday floor. He then crashed the car in a ditch he ran by the cubs quickly tracked him down and they found he had a small monkey in a diaper clinging to his chest. He said he'd bought the monkey from a breeder in South Carolina but he did not have an exotic animal permanent. So good he was arrested for auto theft and he may be looking at charges for possession of an unlicensed monkey. As the cubs are coping Tony and getting ready to take him to jail the floor as I'm concerned. I commission can take possession of said Monday and they let him and Cody have one last goodbye kiss on the let's I'm boom lit on the let why now as your. I'm our question healthy or unhealthy what was someone unusually attached to a 44999. All I got a few comments came and it says I'm more than a little obsessed with nudity. I'll bring it rev Wright go let's hope I never did jury duty. You guys there's always a person on the bus. If they won on every five time to get Mombasa maybe it's just my bus but someone. Male or female breaks out that the needles and Arafat's crew Shane I don't know if it's knitting I don't know the difference in feel free not to tell me I don't care. Policies says I also have a 67 must think fast back and I'm never letting it go I totally understand different detachment. Rock gone back for my yeah I mean it's. I get it man I thought at first you were saying if one of those guys. He never got it running. Well I think it was I think initially there's always Wear this okay. This is a project that has ever been completed. Of course so the car actually runs it is always run is always run it with these facts of that at the base cars like it's a rocket ship. The engines too big for the cars say but that the engine and they've put in that car at the time was meant for the big boat cars that you see that Ford used to have way back in the day let this car was about half that course. So I grow thunderbird would be as big ask our galaxy 501 of those big cars the good old days they put the same motor in this will last car. So basically. You have to have decent tires on yet their basic mechanics aren't the breaks into work and all those other things because if not he would be a death trap. So it's always it's always been it's always been. It's always been in working order but it's always something that he'd been working on his desire and yet it's never done. And and and the bumpers and never done in the paints never done any tears ever done he's indeed this is gonna do that the next semi seemed to on this east and that. The the next things never done and then next things there'd do you think he ever and then we need to take a ride them and then held the thing racism and put it. A bill on the dashboard as you can gravity and you can reach it. Then I you can have a dollar and I'm like I don't need African dollar anymore that I'm you know I'm a grand total 100 dollar bill yeah you rusty at the next sound like Arnold that's where to look I'm not saying that they are not right both the dollar like how American. The fight that hard for me now and huge 100 up their own dog you my learn so much car. Ten now bizarre emotional support animals and people have actually owned and as this we we get more more of these stories based on the airlines and they're banning of of just different animals to. The. We get to attend now emotional support annals of people have actually own and and some of these since this stuff has gone down the rules have changed. But we Starwood Daniel turned docket and stinker but. Your memory that he rose to fame in 2016. When he took its first flight from Charlotte Asheville, North Carolina. The Indian runner doc is a registered emotional support animal and a full blown Internet celebrity. He was adopted by Carla FitzGerald and 2012. The year after his adoption FitzGerald was innate terrible horse and carriage accident. Now making that they are horrible horse and spent four months re learning how to walk. He responded almost immediately to his owners knew needs this was the doctor got Romo by a worse way hula. A Potomac the person not an an and an almighty god women aren't so there's anything wrong with the person none none none I just the fact that they're freaking crazy. So that stuck wheel and were terrible business support person for eight docked. No the duck is now the support person for the person the animal for the person. The duck just was involved in a terrible horse and carriage accident and spent four months re learning to walk. Before it can become a service. Emotional support duck. That's what has to have they saved the duck is a guy I don't know and I actually cares if you want to become support a McCain responded almost immediately to his owners knew needs he was very Smart. He would notice something wrong or why my pain on my PT EST. This is what FitzGerald told the Washington Post. He would come on lay on me and give me lots of hugging and lots of kisses. And if he notices that I'm going to have a panic attack he'll give me a cute to lay down by trying to climb on me. But he got very light trying to kill you odd Daniel did Don some really nice red shoes and a Captain America diaper. That they put the ducky and they do provide a doctor's note for Daniel your docket stinker but. So he could fly on the airlines and people seem to be delighted to have the little duck becoming them on the short journey. Tell you have an emotional support. Rotten I give him help me how long are unhealthy blood was someone unusually attached to a 449990. Look I'm still disturbed that I thought was the person in the horse carriage accident I'll that would have been there I was well than an hour. Hello Trevor welcome to the men's room. Are you. Yeah. Are right now appear to go right at. Track outlook or at about eight are living in a three bedroom house and one of my friend colleague Eddie they're. How old how old are you. OC. Body bringing in he's still it was like eight Teddy bear he'd had since childhood. Don't know not always what we're. It Teddy bear he found it weird are taking the same that would fly lady. He proceeded to albeit pretty much at this stage about two weeks and we decided favorite local caddie. RR yeah. That's nonsense exactly overtime and owner yeah look they're good at that a guy is there any easy we're due in general largest needed for those. The Berry Berry Berry you're due to general. He is made of people and couple that pat didn't house though I'm relying sexual stuff silence though what are we an uncomfortable on the actual stub he'll tell it'll touchy Feely people wouldn't. There criminalize. And all not at all so he'll call uncle Eddie that day and just recently had a picture of the project predict it was an old Teddy bears don't respect. Our right. Right around round where I guess you're not an uncle the only man like. Now there are no global people call you all means there's an explanation for your relationship. You had no one's ready to share with you because you're not like my buddy. Well you know you're not mop brand it's not it's like some reason you have to introduce them as. Although somebody does understand like and I kid you don't want your friends like you might be like uncle Ryan what a short thirst that makes it it's fine. That's one thing. But you know those people are because they. They didn't beat in your wife for most of and is drown them that the guy you met my wants bad uncle Eddie didn't. In 2015. A Wisconsin moment. She stirred a controversy after she was kicked out of McDonald's. With her baby service kangaroo com the long claimed have a doctor's note for the animal but. She used that to go with the emotional distress she was facing. The kangaroo is wrapped in a blanket and placed in a baby car seats but sadly did not meet McDonald's health and safety standard car. So they were not make love and at all. Kangaroos have also been spotted on flights is emotional support animals in 2014 and kangaroo named Joey. I'll come got a first class ride on an American Airlines flight in in 2015. Our Twitter user DeVon Zeller shared a picture of her mother within adorable service kangaroo in the coach section of an airline flights. They say. The flight attendants looks pretty stoked. As much as they emotional support animals are often paid and is the Bane of a flight attendant existence. And also the Bane of someone who has to set aside. Well I'm looking man. Less and if you get on a plane. You know what happened to you get your seat in the door eyeing up every other pass into the gets on in you make you very quick assessment. And I'm chart from what one to ten. How happy you would be if you have to sit next to that person got wrecked it's if it's an attractive person it's Mike's attend but some big ugly is on the bench. It goes on to wants a look if you come with an animal and it's not something that people are used to look kangaroo. Even if it's nice I imagine it's metals. Right look kinda Russa calls like when I imagine a bit on the seat next a market like the smell of the kangaroo I'm not happy that it's that I'm not happy that everyone has their cell phones aimed in my particular child violence in the store god damn kangaroo like. To pay in the past and. As it's done it's it's it's and expect to have Specter questioned. I healthy or unhealthy while was someone unusually attached to 844999. Allied you have someone in my family who refers to the mother has money. Ever heard of the fathers daddy. And I as what is their age there're there're there're there in their forties correct and that's why it's and is serving and when you listen to these conversations where that is just count dropped I don't know too much about those relationships in particular. Because I don't know a lot about those individual relationships and how deep and how weird they are. But I do you know it was an adult I could never imagine but I love my mom I love my dad I'm not gonna call mommy and dad like that is a note she. And that is a weird level of just general conversation and communication and I used to so when I hear that and I hear repeatedly. And is never changed in the downtown them on this person. I never said anything to them personally about it but I still can you say. I meant nothing you can say. It just isn't what it's eight call them would still have this instant Serb I've since noticed a few other people who've done it is well. And I thought that I know who's good knowledge is in general I think that some people just do it and I am. It's all right used to think it was a weird thing I've been trying to pass it on hold just murder two but it doesn't mean it's normal. If you're strangers on that people have sexual dolphins but it doesn't mean it is normal. Bingham grown ass of Dalton calling. Your parents mommy and daddy. And what you always call them report to linger for look and pass the age of hell I don't know 78 it would seem strange bled. As an adult app it's not alright man. Healthy or unhealthy want to was someone unusually attached to 844999. All. Castilla Dahmer turnout who's sucks less what you don't need to know has more things you don't need to know MR your calls coming up next you're listening commander of radio network. It is you. Garcia's bunker with a small pet monkey clinging to his chest we go though holiday Florida where police found a man and he crashed car into a ditch my desk he had a monkey. Attached to his chest there was is very good friend of the Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission. They took the monkey away but they did but Cody and his monkey have won that last last kiss goodbye on the lips. I'm ellipsis story of the man and as anime hugged hello they graduated from college together he took his uncle up there and walked down on the main stage. And then we have by Kim Jong Hoon who brought his own toilet to his summit with Donald Trump in Singapore are question. Healthy or unhealthy what was those someone unusually attached to a 44999. Cola they have to point out that he in the monkey guess each other on the lips. Well they did I guess you do to get the BC I need to tell you why didn't I tell you why. Because it's a healthy okay first of all I know he is on the chest you go okay tomorrow he's got to go everywhere. That's a little weird. Bret that's you know I don't know if I took care not the moment that he kisses the monkey on the list then you know that that is an unhealthy situation. Cheers and they've put they're just to let you know yes this guy right he's not there yet why because why else would you bring that up. Like I said I. I got kids I'm lucky if you Wal-Mart time before you take it away go what the hell's wrong with Karrie meg not really Lama Monday and he probably does really love this month I'm thinking that he does I don't doubt that I look out I love Stan and Helen matter doctor go as I think he's very cap. I don't need to kiss him on the lips before I go to work that is they've got a matter of fact I don't get the cat ever to have made a remote African face off. I've never get out of until we get it now Lopez Garcia he's also never thought America out of LA and never thought a bit over at these data and today. Along sound them out of the jet mad at home and also edited or whatever. A piece our media don't dual credit keep doing what they have big cat whenever anyone of a dead. If you like on top of its head no I don't know I'm just in that math and just a nice chat Merrill healthier unhealthy Alyssa moaning usually attached to a 44999. Hole. Hello I'm welcome to the men's room. All our job. Job and let me ask you something. Would you just among gamble lives. Depend on my two ball hundred bucks Jen about cash underdogs and they underdog to do the most influence. Oh yeah absolutely aren't. As I was and healthier unhealthy relationship there. Dad. Well. I am I would consider healthy it's kind of been endemic problem. So military big issue out a been called a poncho liner. We caught a would be. McConnell would be a bogey. All right we'll be an absolutely Benson's place something you might wanna not be emotionally attached to. This on the zombie in our mortgage so they give your five manager wouldn't run my if Hillary on the Euro Illini guys you know when your five you don't need to get your you're getting big now we have three or four. You need your will be. And it's also Michael will be no matter what it is it's oblivion I ask your kid what what where Asia will be doing and you realize it's a blanket threat like what if you will be what does that look like. So what so so your poncho liner is there will be. Yeah yeah so so they big issue out this sort of polyester quoted. In a blanket. And originally doesn't designed to go into those up archers you seem like they're Vietnam spurt in. Tour. Yeah like it's essentially divided party America's most keep you warm but out. We don't really is departures anymore but they still issue you this little you know green blanket. And out. As you start to use it more and more you realize that it is the most important thing that you've ever been given by the united states military to the point that you were actually decide. It's little things like water to need to be moved out of your kid in order to put the Libyan air so to be out with you. Are you sure this is universal or is this just view. I mean is it that fragile than necessary or is this just your personal preference on this like. If I don't flesh like man maybe out of your mind and learning and I I mean he never felt like I knew exactly what it's like having like Longoria wasn't as one for the whole protect you know turn about a cat right I just don't like access to it or Ottawa. Well I mean how are you would now be to speak on anybody else but. I would definitely say that I've watched multiple heterosexual men cuddle under a single bloody. While out either in combat operations are jumping out of an airplane or something. And out to the point that I've seen people come to blows over did you deal much would be a more earth. Really want to take it back when he was you know very busy also information I like do you think that's why it's called the movie do you think that's why gallery that little kid I loved listening designation army will be the will be harmed in the UOBIE. Would be wise moving. But told her question nine healthy or unhealthy level in a right now what Ellis someone unusually intense Q8 449990. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.