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This is a men's room. Listening to. It's. All lives are standing by collar and I right now a 44999. Polo player profile this game. Yeah I've got away one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines Diaz. Not working on what I say he is not working on them. Today we really mean it's as he has surfing the Oregon news. Let's say you're a new survey reveals the least appealing to turn guys any idea within the month of the term that is the least appealing to who just drive my food. It's not going to be moist because you knew that would take right. Deconstructing Harry please. Feet get well yeah begin is the least appealing food term according to a new survey vegetarian though they're well. I do believe it's up there but haven't looked. Look I hate vegetables but I can probably. Forced down a veggie patty if you slather on some of with a meager and so basically says this is food minus any fun. Other terms that make food less appealing back to that include diet sugar free sugar free gluten free half organic thinks the fun right out of it. Which is weird is a great organic doesn't really mean healthy. I don't mean in just. They only eat organic cookies every day of the week you can you can ignore how do they pay for bad dole foods. Yeah they really pay for the concert RA says what is being number one item that we misplaced the most. Keys keys as number one barely edging out our fall on the top five car keys to. Phone their wallets sunglasses. You umbrella and then your wallet or your purse and good night for meet number one keys are too remote. And also this man I was always go with the remotes then I had kids in this is it Graham and I I'm trying not to lose my cool vistas and every. Day eight. Pain and when you ask kids hey man work if it did where is anything. For one thing they don't know and when you said on the look for something and if your parent you know this is true your children have blood and I'm quoting. Everywhere and therefore it is not anywhere. If your kids campfire and if it is cease to exist as probably have the reason and I'm just so absolutely. I do the same thing when I get home as far as where I'd we'll sort of back. Were you Garnett right if I don't know loses so I need that system of organization it's not you know I'm not where where is my wanna norm and Norma put it. All my guys are my fans I thank dollars in his pocket way to go through the process I don't see it there because that's not normal. So that's the remote I'd get up and walk around or take a phone call. Prospect out the first place until the duke plays above check if I cannot find in the living room I'm like OK it's either in the bathroom. Or it's in the kitchen absolutely to play that is off with a laundry madam railroad dryer like a walk and colorful clothes we're now as like all. I'll finish by the water pipe. I guess that are. If the eight new study says that Doug couples who read more of this have more sex what are they eat more of them more sex without the food out food now. Vegetables Mel's first sense yeah. Do home fuel does he feel what are racists think I'm gonna say. It dessert of some kind. I would ideally be pizza new study says the end of getting a couple three seafood at least twice a week up more sexy get pregnant faster OK I've always heard that oysters are an average DG UI and also proven that oysters are aphrodisiacs or 39% more likely to get lawn after they ate them. A lot of this has to do they believe the fact there's a lot of protein in there. There's a lot of healthy oils and if you're not as tired as you are when you read other foods when we face and there's very young so you know when I was growing up back when I could grow hair I had an Afro and then I would describe my penis as the it's easy. That was just off these deep I think the road either yes and he's there good pieces of fish is true that by eight a bunch of crabs and shrimp. I wanna be having sex. I was still want to have sex I don't think anyone would want to have sex with me in my buttery fingers moved spice is under your fingernails not a good look. Oreo just announced six new flavors that are coming out this year Oreo Cookies six new flavors all right. Strawberry. Apple pie you know what I'm not working out of a good humor strawberry shortcake is on there. Apple pie is not a banana. Banana enough toss. Caramel right the live room no payments on the salty. Here we don't chocolate peanut butter pop. A drive chart if you butterflies fantastic. Good humor strawberry shortcake I like those bars I try it right rocky road to chore pistachio you don't move peppermint bark. And the birthday cake. Parliament were they take but I'm cool W Giuliani do the perfect heading in a fund that he can of ways we're gonna do I Burnett again I like the plane birthday cake I'm down physically it's Orioles fan they're on it right is nothing discussing America there is an as an ensuing years dungeon in England gets a lot of police visits thanks to calls from the neighbors and the cops say the best golf was when someone saw eight child. Are going into the club the and it turned out to be a short adult woman yeah I met him. He measured me and I think they call the cops at all for the most people if it's if. Look short. On funds. Hello Luke Wilson the fourth child to the positive story for your time about ten years ago the owner of a music store gave a woman a trumpet. Because she cannot afford to buy one per son. Now the son is 21 years old he recently found a letter about it and just fire him. The starting go funny page to buy instruments for other underprivileged kids. Are you know finally yeah. I guess nice I've got to put their stories and then with like now he's famous trumpeter. So are not the liberal dreads but yeah head was not happy enough for you. Yeah yeah. I never felt like he broke when this whole life he just me read the story I think maybe his mom didn't tell him to I don't mean. You don't know when you remember earlier on food Stanford does the days. But I could not pay any thing Els they line glanced the death. He's definitely a result Brody every drove member when I'd even on new lands that's kids are still in Dade County because you're underneath. You're right every time every in my mom's on. Our opponent who changed her her would those a brief wedding bands are all right tennis greats that have all the little jewels all rumors are charm breakdown when I was just felt like I still remember those great we got pizza she almost crafts. All don't bring you the man that I don't feel loaded bringing up you have. Have been going memory from he had input CDC hunter charm I'm not even in good things. That's David Letterman that feeds you read this and Barack Obama. I'm done nothing to put. Eyebrow raise a word like guitar but I also think she cares if you feel like captain. However that's. Generous testing a new feature that well low figure out the places that you like to go in match you up with other people. We'll go to the same exact places. I don't think it's a good idea yeah I don't know which way do you swipe if you don't like what you're gonna see them across to me no matter what I would think that this would make this more awkward because of you don't have that. But an owl this series that I mentioned today and who's not meant to me an orgy hangs I mean this just I don't think the good idea man. If you but never heard of go to yoga kids yoga class was guilds roaming around seed this this is I hate to hate people. We've been here something like this anomaly dammit people I have that he found something got big it's big in Portland Frank Rizzo go on the yoga so again coming for for blacks in Georgia exclusively to. Hi anyway a go to yoga class in Georgia was interrupted a few days ago one of the builds caper. And come out classic I just now. Don't you go to yoga so what do what do you go yoga fight didn't go yoga it's a bunch of white people with a massive lay on the ground and goes locker room. Honestly there's a winner let's now go to we're gonna so are you now yoga and our go to and they don't isn't neatly your friends you talk about go go after. You tell them that they shouldn't. She's described as hours I'd stop it and you guys chastised Reagan there you go eat people and another people who don't have a goat you know the birthing goats I have. Sunny now it doesn't. I'm 33 year old woman in Florida Murray having someone in jail this month the past of a good parking spot right in front get a better one. And she threw back card numbers get a cup car and got busted for drugs and driving on a suspended license. According to a new survey what state are the most confident in how their bodies look when it comes to being in a bikini Hawaii. Maine that's Maine remain as though there very you know federal bureaucrat all did you Wear a bikini made. People in Michigan rally goers are the least confidence. Here's your bad pass of the day a 64 year old storm chaser in Missouri passed away because of a heart condition. And in his self written obituary what did you wanna do there's ashes spread amid a storm launch from right inside a tornado OK it's pretty bad restaurant because combatant. And courage and does that mean eventually they'll look to see if tossed out. I think that you're gonna spray everybody's house we'll. Gundy in my in Manassas whenever and I've done a one hour from now are the guys. Is true precepts. This is drug to please everyone now profile this is playing a short ten miles it's a simple game or reach every few real life news story. Something that happens right here on planet earth. Our. Well you wouldn't miss you think Mason story store I just needed to belch I got through like three sentences for this thing in my for a man I'd love of life. Hello old Dylan and welcome to the men's room. All our guy. I don't believe. That anybody so. I just checking out going over your going over your wife so. I don't symbols they know Leo his new found nothing drinking. Yeah. During the journal Wade's son Daniel's Buddha meant not going to understand how this your name displayed. I surety so I fantastic. Here it just for miles distance on the story about parking and one thing we know people go crazy for good parking spots basically to avoid a one minute walk. You'll likely see your hard drive around for five minutes looking for something closer but it backfired on this particular woman of 33 year old woman. She was losing someone at a jail keep that in mind. Near Fort Pierce Florida I was earlier this month. And there's a perfectly good parking spot in the visitors locked. But she wanted to be closer sister come looking. Mr. Jordan reverse to back up and slammed into a cup car and again this is outside the jail where she's there. Nasty admitted that she was quote. This lazy want to depart closer and then the comp and their morning or invoke another huge driving on suspended license let's met but the only got worse for. The search for purse and on the small amount of marijuana and the pipe. So now he's facing charges for driving without license possession of marijuana and drug turf tonight. Scioscia saved sixty seconds awful. Lesson is you believe that this woman is black white Maxi or Asian. Hello well put edit entry in Florida hang on a new city homered pierce more pierce Florida. I'll handle it up this or although I think Florida man can you could we could have called the game Florida. And again we don't act to monitor the Florida we never looked records and yeah. Maybe get some money from us this the state of oil since people lost out there all we are at stake. Use this evening at the spot. Join mentioning a spot just want to close a parking spot at the prison that she's going to visit whoever I think she found a part straight you want it or your car in reverse slams and to a cop car deal in the sounds very very confident to mean based on the fact that you are driving on a suspended license you're going to visit a friend in jail and you have marijuana and you have drugs on you shifts I would just go white based on the blatant I don't care. Aspect of it is I'm not afraid of the authorities but I that that's that that would be the only thing I would guess. Still that's kind of where I was I was a pair. What about you yet. I would mouth feels pretty white. You're visiting a friend in jail to me that just sounds like play on the run with a jog every week two or three times I'm comfortable around you know. Authority it is not a pretty quite sing it well final answer bill might. Yeah so why aren't I we'll find out if she was black white Mexican or Asian next sat with a tease you are listening to the men's are ready network. Safety is you us. It's true. All right so profile inside faces two forwards it appears Florida and it 33 old though woman who Lois Diehl the visit a friend there are passed up they spot. Backed up and obviously she had a cop car. Check drugs honor and yet they suspended driver's license as well yeah basically he that you can reason together she's not the person you want to visit you in jail but. Don't we ask you do you believe this woman was black and white makes here Asian and you reduce flight white smiles and white tents and why everybody's there YE. And how. Time of day. Because you're. Those hours in front of a talking. President's. You guys are good with animals right. Oh Seattle well. You can put dogs sure. And assurance that you're good with cats and your cat attacks a lot and he won't okay yeah I'm the waves ever Franken camp in your name and Gomez. He's over there walking around two legs. You know what man he's a big talker. I find that I'm walking around my house my talks among laden. I've realized I'm the guy who talks with Ken. Bjorn campsite so great values and obvious that Sackett. Yeah but he talks constantly and are coming out like my row it was gives you that heads a black son and Mike not a bad dated brown. Our people now on the site you may now salute. The fact that I need you. For I think it's as a and every dad yeah I just had seven more pounds menus. I love you but I'm not above murder you domestic Guinea feline world as a matter pounded stretch that if you know I don't really anyone under real cigarette. So animals regulate cellular better with certain animals are a lot. Now all horse. It's a massive animal eat right they can be kind of scary when I was a child a one horse trying to couple times get crap that. Only because I don't know why hasn't evolved rather their much bigger when you're smaller too. Yeah and until this day lake lake one come at a horse track which I stood in the winner's circle when they think that horse in it is scary. It's a different Passat yeah when your kid out like it but but those horses that race and you're really realize or watch them on TV but but you're right we were all standing there and you look at those horsemen and I'm is a guy like it does not look like any horse you've ever seen you in the difference between. You can read twenty guys threat to average guys and then they introduce you 200. I feel like I say this I think a guy but this is not normal. They are collides dale. Yeah it's like sometimes we here in certain restaurant EV like this one of exactly with a look upbeat yes he is probably you know anyway the a couple of just football players in general seen massive. You so the horse. He days still massive animal. Now but me personally. Terrible we'll horses Pannemon apple want to twice but like I wouldn't I'm not a horse would be rescued dog and and detained doc talked to them. So this reporter's name is hearing more she's over in nine jolly old England. And basically with the guys here to talk about here is there's a horse racing out of control. And Haley jumps into action to slap some self while I was fine. So somebody's eyes on this golf that schmuck broken area baseball shut that's going to be incredibly expensive for a. On the radio might be broken to the microphone might be damaged and think he's about to be a problem has not been doing that. You've said the twister machine completely in that was I would never seen anything like that well unbelievable look at that sort of machine. Thanks guys yes in my together and so it did and often. And escalates in the Jun corrosive every time and had the chance to get about a right to fool around the tenth season commences thick. And I didn't come and nice kid in bed to state island and another lapse and then yes absolutely gay friend then you cannot. Get priced coffee cup and the Jenin and if any can be both so it's. All right. I'm gonna guess that based on the fact that she's covering this event she's competent in this event. So the she knows horses that she's able to be like a horse person runs out you're your right to go to the video at the mention FaceBook page have you seen the shift knob it will blow your mind the horse is out of control our right to the point of like it's just doing laps around the track. And it passes the couple people who work at the track. Who died out of the way can they want nothing to do with RF and basically she gets in the way of the horse almost gets into like a two point stance. And as the horses Springsteen body she just reaches out grabs the rein it drags her for a little bit in with one arm should bring it stops this horse. And then she pops up. Throws the saddle bone bank account yeah I'm Tony dude it's under some like that audio I don't think gives you justice to what this woman did but it is. It is amazing don't didn't didn't. Your your your parents today a story like that when their first together dating or whatever your mom was the Mongolia and the never ending unfolding story of things you learn about your father because. He does not brag about anything he's just right really be killed so my mother told me when they first started dating. Which keep in mind that this point is over 54 years ago and when they first start dating a one of the things they did. The ride horses I want to give my and also is like 1962. 6263. Right read and comment and but Lamar Pablo hails from Texas in which you find is. If you or from Texas and it doesn't matter what part of Texas you from surges some things you can do all right so big horse riding and supposed to do she's ever been my unforced. And those most recent slow trot or whatever anyway her horse gets spooked. And and takes off running. So my mother explains that the late this thing to a full tilt and she has no idea what to do but she's Michael Rains and she's now just hugging the single from the neck down guys so. She's Bucky never works really her face off in this thing now takes off into the trees and tree line on side of his metal or whatever they'll. Indices and she's like pray to the break an all around us in this horse is just going she says she remembers ducking and Alicia she's a tree branch coming boxer ahead. And her hat does not hanging ultimate treatment Wisconsin. Says she's pretty sure she's gonna die and she's like I swear Osama alive and background and whose. And she looks up and I hear of my fathers are on his god damn why fat. Reach of over one hand scooped her ass off all of the saddle for Crazy Horse they grabbed the crazy horse's reins stopped that bridge right there. And walked her while walks the horse Bagram is horse. As she ragged on the saddle him and Mike. You know man I got and none of that from an and that's why they've been together for fifty some years but I don't like you Colorado horse and he throws his weight. And right or those tip you don't yeah but but yeah that's a lighter burger. Even though I don't want you well what the power outages due to magazine smash it paper towel. Yeah in a way to Leno keeping alive might be in you have to be an early pick it up and shoot outs and. I will say this I have taken a spider outside before. But it meant when I see you know spider I assume it's him now he has violated our trust and put spiders are a large and in charge in my house if they are not small caps. I know in Mike's side here is our breaking Brett. Breaking Brad breaking bread older let's say no new story with that breaking bread. Great news crime and everything is great completely bad thoughts that these are most powerful men and how to act it's. So basically I dean Norris he was on that show you know DE played ID EG and Hank. Just the last thing you would know this guy he solemn Michael I think Leslie and so deep into it with its exact hey want a you would recognize him for other shows he plays a cop often OK besides I doubt that face yeah he's one of those kind lead character actors like as soon as you saw dean more should go to college amerigas. So he tweeted out the other day just sex yes. I GI oh god to not get to like a gift that you would give but gee I yeah. Yeah I think the FDCOOK. As a gift for Jeff I've heard this a million is a Gifford Jeff heard Jim Bonilla says originally it was Jim but I never hurting me exactly did it used to be really Jane this. So we know that is usually. Yeah so I think yes well I guess the GAG has some music I like in Cuba saying how he treated it out a lot of people think he meant to put it in the sec if then. In the search bar are. In the sex bucket but yeah. Yea your own band to does that saw mama you might ever marry somebody renewable would you like to say some of the two that you would you might remember me is TV's DEA agent Hank. We only during the global tour. Eddie House and you thought maybe he meant to type it in the search bar instead he just tweeted it out so obviously his comments are filled with people this replying. But sex gifts or jets. Lot of people on Twitter don't know what you can see and what you cannot see here it is you can see it on did you guys have a profit. Now holds all you're among every day yeah. Yeah on like that but that's I think some people that you don't like they're in their hand if you're not yet. That's you know and maybe that's then more power to you it's a little like I don't nano licked. I'm fine let's see we talk a little bit today actually we talked to officer of the law today so James cordon. You know him from posting a late night show also he's pretty famous first carpal karaoke. Yet Adam Levine a film and they got pulled her back up and. The police looking. Lawyer. I. Hope my dogs and this is a really good kids. How would you be so cool about. We're sorry officer. When we in danger apple. I know quite happened then. Sheriff just prosumer and you completely non blows my. I see here's the deal. James Gordon does actually drive a car yeah when they do that. Now obviously the cop probably knows what's go beyond that he said you get the flaky to give a ticket granting you think you got them to think that saw four. A lot of moving with a copy it. Well he's legit driving a car so maybe just pulled over realized who it was made to drop them Ghana I would have to think if your car ready TV segment. At some point you're gonna make it illegal turn and not pay attention of course that it had no idea that was accomplished I'm Dawson I don't know my show fuel in the car you don't even have to have a show to get a ticket. That's a good point too distracted and runner headlines yet. That I saw myself on the Carolyn cool all right your check. I think if if if it yeah brother Daphne I did that he was actually driving. I gotta do it but you see him in there but I figured it was like on close streets or whatever but it's got a while these actually driving around saying that. I just allowed would you sing in their car everybody you know they probably haven't you over that thing in my heart that. He uses the royal wedding and then out he's he's you know he uses royal wedding. Luke watched OK I guess now only with the bear he put together all the music and acts through the reception I do not know that I wouldn't I guess he was that. I know they can do is they they've they've they that it someone at some point in time they've added because I did not watch the coverage but they pan the camera over to him. Any kind of look like said James court and still like they have this thing around at what's wrong changed. Apparently you know he as he explained like look house upon a red all night. And I had all the stuff going on and he's like the entire in I think we've all been here before. And I really related to him he's like the entire time that I was in the ceremonies I. I had this knees and he's like in it was just right there in his leg if you've ever tennis needs this needs that this is it. You can drop a dime in this cathedral man and it would just ring as loud as possible he's like yeah all undoing as I know this brick in sneeze right in it would not go away for the entire ceremony usually it was just on the let him like. Come on man he'd want us these like in the middle of things he even knew would do it. And we don't know it is that includes if it's clear that because boom that had the specs crunched up face look like I. Tightness needs another way would see this comes in from Jason time individually says give. It's for graphic image file it's not juror rapid image file idiots. Yes you JB. May I am a move on your parents out challenge John. Gift is short for your breath do you think that if if if the gap is stuck on that phrase also is still loses unit bought up as we would do that candidate looking to figure out. Stephen burn dead choosy moms use. Jack I have to give you the exact on the book is it is what you get for Christmas in Harlem. The jitters last spring on you before I eat at all. It got to a different. I come back. Speaking of our own but not a for the second year in a row. ESP input analysts and the hundred most famous athlete and that's our friends at can you guess which sport do not have an athlete on the list. We know which are on the right track tennis. And I hope. That's got to make a funny joke as in Harlem. Some hockey hot. Hockey puck and hockey mom and I'm why aren't you man I don't know I could of one hockey player I'm already now know wing Gretzky now seems a little while I mean regret holes should be an African must mean they're currently under most think unsolved although all right I'm sure I'll read if you make the with. Our time think in giving marry over. Wayne Gretzky yourself money and how do you make I think ending the current guise of disappointment. I don't see how you don't have one hockey between Canada fence you're on right. He had us. Yes well you do this was again. Yes yes they're famous for dog crap they basically acting like once they lost that deal to NBC with hockey for a while there they act like hockey didn't exist alleges. That's just that they wouldn't cover that they didn't beam online meeting have a presence they basically got revolt are people so it was coming from them. I'm not shocked so much the guys at their agenda but I'm with you and grant it I'm gonna go remember capitals but have a distinct between overmatched in. Just for brush alone he's got to be pretty famous and then Jacques. You really TJ oh she is a great American hockey player better number at the height not the height it that wouldn't you when the USC was on. Why here on fire they reluctantly started to cover the anyone admit it was a sport. And then when they got the contract for everything changed but the time they would even act like a fight with a look. The B of data you fight on and have had the sports audience was gone nobody is watching ESPN and they didn't even act like it existed they need to cover it. The need to be apart of and have their candidate to really embrace. Let's just part of their business philosophy is just what they do. Yeah and have the NFL they would well it have to talk for example they won't want to. Yeah I look I'm with you and I'm not configured champion Prius can't I mean entities that most businesses the would you Abu when you have something that's. We hr job to be they reporting entity of a basic John Breaux of something whether that's its local news you can't say. Well you know what man I don't like that neighborhood so people get shot there I guess after you know I think in Kansas segments of the L based on your personal preference. But they do but you can which you can limit to how does that yes you can as you can apparently. Pulls off a virtual neighborhood round. An attack at our Vinton streets. Let's see here. You know what. I guess what you guys here this. Miss USA happened recently and just tell me what you notice about the announcement of the winner please please. Take center stage. Nebraska and North Carolina. There's only a moment. Awarded the crown. Now for any reason the winner is unable to fulfill her duties the first run around do you take your. Don't miss USA 2018 kids. Why have they not just announced who the winner is this whole time. But quiet here at the first for a first runner up is miles we're gummery and then you have that awkward moment really he already lol. Don't June. I just I never understood really bring miss and miss USA today say the wedding correctly weight the winner is I would no scrubs it's just one main the yeah there's at Nebraska or south here yeah we still have respect reports too far. You know I lost the port city man we talked about the draft Donald Trump branded it was smooth with the fact. This isn't. It this way I think yeah I'm a year and who's your sister there's a lot of miss it and it doesn't allow me and if it. Myanmar are good I'm not a cheerleader coach is sitting at. How good its earlier version headlines coming up you're listening to the beds are ready a network. We are Swiss miles. Now see what's happening in the real. Ontario as the guy Indiana or in middle school student opened fire injuring 20. Meanwhile an Oklahoma man decides to shoot over restaurants in the day patron says hey screw you. To Toronto where they're restaurants prefer bombs instead of Harvey Weinstein arrested 45 seconds before coughing up one million bread. And turns out the mussels and clams. They love the hope we'll Lloyd's as much as the rest of America is time for your headline. It's Sunday it. There's nightclub. Actually I am not my god how I yards I don't know Mike Bell might argue is no he said isn't what orange plays a server in the dunes and target server that knew I had residues and looking good night hit it really is he's my guy man throws me he took her wide open it's good. My the mother of Whitewater look good right here. I certainly have a hard news coming this time outs over Mobil's west middle school which would be located in suburban Indianapolis were no student. Opened fire earlier this morning from 90 am I Jimenez issued to people he was taken into custody. Hollywood that led more qualified people feel real and and all the details same can be said as far short having an Oklahoma City restaurant there a man opened fire wounded to customers before being shot dead. Caliber handgun by a civilian largely saw what was going I went to his car got to hang on took care of that again some more qualified. Some more qualified to dive on the bombing in Canada in those days police in Toronto also aboard the search for two masked attackers. They detonated an improvised bomb and rust from a Thursday night received fifteen people were injured three of them critical. This after the man detonated these explosive device and they know towards our promoter of these guys insanely famous among fed so left there's a mystery. Are a lot of people were happy today when you know look Leo Harvey Weinstein he finally turned himself into police after what. The rebounds he had a Denver at the pace and he he did not look like somebody who has either unhappy or felt the need. Guilt or any. Well arsenal when you feel guilt you don't repeat the same behavior that's 12 who keep momma post one million dollar bond. Which for you would me read people a bit of saying hey your mom was 35 cents so guess what. He posted it now some good news this is the kind of news that makes me happy remembered George Zimmerman. There's only a guide nor until Fred Von Moore and back in 2012 well he's back in the legal system and apparently he's a little pour this. I'm around according CNN. As public defender. Members are in Germany says look ma'am I got right now while he has no doubt these two and a half million dollar all timeout timeout did not know half that's and I was facing stoking charged time out yet you you can't be trailer trash and have 2.5 million dollars and you gotta root absolutely illegal blah. OK okay. The Fed also being a jackal yet and now the good that's an area that makes it does say heat there's no way no way to the end and has any clue. Any clue about what that kind of money they'll see it's legal for a computer to think anything else you wanna do is 2.5 million dollars assuming you don't have back on the money play. They turn you down so I better house they say apple will know if these are I want this this auction item that's from a movie said this it may. Know the legal system says. Absolutely. Couldn't have a credit card anybody in your life that would that would do them like that that's why photos so amazing is that Jesus Christ I know a lot of money man and I'm very happy about. Let's talk about someone else near and dear to my heart rate field goal is that now you might remember her stay out of the pack out the white woman that pretend to be black and did so well but due largely go forward NAACP. Chapter leader well. You're not gonna believe this after she pulled off that fraud you're not I mean I hope you're sitting down she's been charged believe it or not. She's accused of perjury and false verification for public assistance. If you don't welfare fraud doubt she's received over 8700 dollars and Bruce isn't a hundred dollars in child care assistance to 4015 point seventeenth. Can you believe. But afloat circling fraud I I don't gob smacked that it's I mean. Did she did she commit fraud but it you know it doesn't matter. The division a 1000000001 monies of the blue eagle you know which he did before but now that defrauding the government telling you that's assuming that they. It's too good to John Afghanistan of the fifty years in prison and again much like George government smile. Are now about one Ted's a friend had a response to the story where he says they Seattle congratulations the entire city failed drug test. And what is referred to you I love that in the water is all of Seattle our two guard known as the our presidents. And enough Marines and in the environment for selfish shellfish. The test positive are basically they say look mussels are filter feeders they actually ran an experiment more they found was. They took an contaminated muscles permanent Puget Sound left of their problem many weeks or months. Came back in May tested positive for opiates the multiples don't like it would consolidate power today though the salmon do blow out there. They tested this the salmon well I did accept the random question question your guess is is going to be my profile those children Intel's with a shot of the day is needed is all true but in the meantime. We will be all about those bricks so until next time it would be best. For the sake. Stay do. It's. A studio and okay.