05-18-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Needs An Attendant

Friday, May 18th

Mens Room Question: What happened on the plane?


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Our friends at 989 Iraqi Kansas City, Kansas city's rock station also 105 point three the bear in Blacksburg Virginia and big dog and any seven point nine in Joplin Missouri welcome the program guys big show for it today bad jokes on the way to vs the FCC another round profile that's and today our question what happened on the plane 844999. Align. Hello bam it's welcome to the men's room. And each and a fine yeah. So this happened to date. Excellence. So I'm on my way back to wonderful Seattle from Sacramento and I got it go to LA via Shaq to get back home. We pull out of the gate in more on the tarmac and you get the wonderful looking to captain from the flight deck and we were notified that LAX is delaying us all war and our war. So we got to sit on the tarmac they say why are. In Dayton said it was due to over traffic which is not unusual for LA or broken. So did Skelton is first class went out with Mika they have upgraded this morning you meet. And she immediately starts going off all know you have to take off now. I'm going to Rome I need get Mike Mike might catch my flight from LA to Chicago so I can get to Rome on time. I'd been planning this for over a year and this young flight attendant yelled she did her best she's being very kind and courteous. But this woman four in our world would not stock. You have to pick up Quito and take off they need do you need to called Edmund LA and tell the whole my plane and just go winning don't want to go on like she would the queen a split in England. I mean what she anybody that anyone ever heard of. You know I wouldn't know when Adam a little more laid out how he has no right Andrea but with somebody deserves those winds are legwork. Everyone on this plane is really effort in order amount and I can promise you. Even if they made these calls nothing's gonna happen so say. Eight Miller clearly not easily you want to hear. She didn't she did not want to hear she wanted to yes ma'am were on it we're gonna take off just for you right now it was like it was like you know. Howls from Gilligan's Island. And you're gonna take. Nominated now I realized I was so we shall we see an older lady I'm picturing by the Siena College you're making here. Yes she was somewhat one of those. If this is the lead story seems very elitist. You noted first glad you're all great and are they serving drinks. I was absolutely certain getting my drink gone and that's this isn't that great non stop. Everybody was still there headphones on watching whatever they could on their tablets. Just trying to ignore this lady and I initiate some opponents she's doing it customer service at the same time cheat steal and at the port or. Or flight attendant. Oh my god and and no one no one said ma'am there's nothing we could do nothing there was nothing that can be said that or the shot she would understand. Yeah I beat the captain came out of the cockpit. Did try to explain the situation like we have no control distances LA acts I don't care. You need to fix it. And since it's he was flying alone. She will plot she was why I like Darren I did meet I left I guarantee our little friend of hers at LA so make it lighter Romney yet she killed her husband ten years earlier just by driving them Dutton I had fuel he should know it was just personal and might have better bet. Right right right either way he's dead there's no way am I tell you let. Multi car over again today and able and Malta parliament for a few days that I amount chooses and I are like pulled over come into this it's not worth the dog I can't believe. Well yeah doesn't it take it and go. What happened on the plane 844999. Only the left the set with he jumped out boom in the first summer I ever got enough first class same thing unexpected upgrade it we got the lead three hours. Flight attendant trying to cool and outlook our Marty can it happen a bag. But the there was some reason that we couldn't close the door complaints of wanting an Astros and while. Could newly serve drinks in a while waiting there Jesus was our original federal regulation. It's a close the door to the plane was open and released. We cannot serve alcohol a massive sum to new part of what admiral for federal walls more consistent life who cares man. If you got the great one thing you should relent and started serving drinks and ice and both things ended poorly but they started greatness but that's where I have noted the thing if you're gonna be upgraded and have them all the luxury of first class act as I do remember that time first class is the dollar came out hot towel I don't know like and sounds of things now analysts in this this woman does losing like please the one time and I get to be up here and stretching out and eat like real flew right and the whole deal all these people get all time you're gonna just keep Japanese the Japanese the Japanese drive me nuts snap from the first time I got upgraded by mistake pedestal sleep by mistake or because you can't what I didn't read I. And I want each year there were citing realized she still got meals and that. So just it was a bigger seats over cool I want to sleep. What is still a science advances before me combo yeah Isabel is now I don't think like sushi now whatever you are doing that just a Arnold and already there would have given how to alma on like got doubt I've I don't mind it it's that I don't know what I'm supposed eyewitness with the would you replace that hot out. We'll show war but our life and I always do my hands and awaits if anyone else does have it's like when you get a wet nap. Yeah I saw as the current battle went tab eight OK here's the thing about it only gets excited about a little. When the hot titles dude I saw somebody else to real fired I got a wet fired up just the other night I use fifteen okay but still he was shocked that these exist all right. It's at colas. So once they have a buffalo Bob Witten guys. Imagine that I. The other guy isn't rejoice I would rather have the hot towel them please old. Well white bread to imagine you go to the wings joints right now and you still get messy the way they come I would like two or three hot towel to clean up man. Now thought about eating food I want the wet and how I went and oh yeah on the plane smells Google did. And engaged in the face first half of you who knows how he can a little off. The audience resolve oily. We all are okay I didn't cause you don't brag about it Don tells ninety zone. The great year in your head and I if you thought America how do you ever heard of by. Did you is that the thing with he's own frequent rocket with a eyebrows and no leave me basically what's that he's on how do we know until we brought in recent years the conflict was with how does he know that he's and we don't we we never heard I'd never heard of these like talking aren't. Diesel. Iran is what you eight yeah I don't know as you pay attention to because that tends to get a little more oil leak is near your 400 staff when he had to and attention to what do you mean by paying attention to it gives you. Make sure it stays clean like you wash your face make sure you block. Into the tees off stream moisturizing hair for some call it's the first thing shouldn't watch your face like that than like I don't wanna like I like you sorry just illogical come here hey I'm Leon I was gonna want to thank you always nice. Always make up the industry came up late July they all make sure that your rearm using the correct products on these are little your forehead. I see okay he's gotten hours of the night I had no idea I deny god has never been to make of store where they know the wife or girlfriend no matter you have. Under a phrase that I've never paid attention no I mean that. My daughter where rights of these donuts where women would. I guess use your facial cleanser and put your makeup guy who are you aware that maybe she could be aware of man asks a woman to drop hurt since the teams. Ladies I would say this right now I don't know I won't Mr. T zones are harder units army look at your cleavage and wearing that he's good he's not here you know hello and hello all I'm so sorry that's I guess so I wanna apologize. General as the T zone. It would be located on your face. Yeah that's okay to me why I enjoy your heart out first letter that they don't have as a category import yeah she's what now whatever on the plane a powerful are 999 all. Hello Lauren welcome to remember him. Oh I'm okay. OK so I went flying from Texas to Washington and and I probably had way to much during that time report by the Russian air where I got on the plane and the lady would claim her case an overhead compartment. And she kept apologizing about the now and saying that she had hoped they would go way. Bryant I would go barely bat that like whatever I took a nap and when I woke up in the flight had ended its now. So bad on the plane and when she opened up the compartment we found out that she had an entire you keep them live crawfish. On the plane Garnett had believed all of her mind it's you know it's a new class mine they were lives. He would line you're alive that they were in like the old water honestly and keep malign little old why did you anyway charity. Did she just put salt water in her suitcase and been dumped. The coffers in the. Yeah you could see. Eat it wrapped in plastic bag and the viewing Jihad the minute big pot that bag inside her cute case that she got that playing so fast. In the guy behind me laptop which just destroy it alone crying and everybody's now rock so bad. Elite so growth. We did she give and in trouble lurching just disappeared laments that. She got it back if she could use one of the earth people off and you're also one of the ladies on the fight Alec checkers you and put him in the island at place men you know I mean I have the entire. Wait did did all her clothes were a prisoner carry armed and in the smelling like nine for office. Yeah I got a new carry on after that trip. But today my spirit or when you're getting off the plane that things it's their business to go to the from a plane before everyone else. I Virginia all gut read Beryl blew a darn fast exactly it's like math and Silas works the same with getting on in Manila you have an assigned Selig. All I'm afraid there's not gonna be Neil oh don't be afraid. In getting on don't theories re only as good overhead though Heyman was put it over you'll receive and still be I've never understood that like why wouldn't you just put this. Or why are you sitting eight rows behind where you've put your suitcase. Because the new get mad when I move it. A bigger cement and put her over your guy's name I had. Makes no sense to me yeah I mean little there I was just isn't enough room. I don't normally do so be bulldozed there thought process when they see no way in las right. I give up by and cruised to that part of reverence you casing Goteborg I think great plan and put him mentally I'll see I always wait to the very last second to get on the plane right now to sit at the gate. Later and yes then I just obviously for any open space on the shuttle agony when word got. Bad jokes coming out of the game mail bag just to the men's room has met Evans or buy dot com as the Droid charge Ryan castle will be and to dig the bad jokes right before we drink a toast. With a shot of the day our question what happened on the play Mario calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. United Airlines flights turn into an emotional rollercoaster for a passenger who was left devastated by a man who. Body shamed her until another passengers who didn't that set things right. In a FaceBook posts Amanda Phillips described how the man's seat beside her on a flight to Illinois from Oklahoma laughter and tears after. He's in a text message within her view calling her. A smelly fatty. Phillips says G usually tries to quotes in a row where I don't have to sit next to anyone I'm not the biggest person on the airplane but I'm on the smallest. My worst nightmare is someone being uncomfortable because they have to sit next to me. However on this particular flight Phillips was unable to select her seat ended up being sued by another man that. Who love their shocking crime before the plane even took off. The man who Phillips said appeared to be about sixty years old had written the message in a huge font with the brightness fully turned all the way up. His phone was maybe twelve inches from my face and he proceeded to take someone that he was sitting next to a quote smelly fatty. Before I know that I could feel hot salty tears coming down my face. I sat and cried silently hoping that this guy didn't try to make small talk because I didn't trust how I would react and I didn't wanna get kicked off the plane. I was hurt I was shocked and I was like. The confirmation of the negative things I think about myself on a daily basis. As she sat their silently Phillips said the flight pilots the flight's pilot announced there would be a thirty minute delay before take off. Furthering the woman's dreaded having to spend more time next to this great. After ten minutes Phillips was surprised to see another someone seat about minor later identified as. Chased her one tap the man children say that I need to talk deal. We're switching seats now Irwin said according to Phillips after the passenger seated beside her asked why the man replied you're texting about her and I'm not putting up a back. He comes and sits next to me and it shocked when he sees me crying he justifies all the text and I nodded yes he encouraged me not to let that. He as gets bigger than that said no I didn't have our Anderson Valley fatty yeah. Clinton did that had salty tears Slovenia then dust off the flight attendant and told her what he was about to do I told him thank you for what he did and that event the world to me. And that he would be my husband's favorite person. Phillips and applied it to your marriage also praised her and I give for candidate for Gary that's what errors were seized on our conference in free drinks on the me was a good guy he was a hero. And alcohol he just did that give the free trade debt make no mistake this is not a good guy this is an alcoholic. Saw an opportunity almost say it rerun fly once some of miles and we were you were sitting behind me. Yes and we I decide next door and there's the real thing the flight on the plate I'm sitting next a woman. Who I believe it never seen or spoken to a black person that is correct something to that effect shares it issues fly until late northern Michigan. We had a hell flight would agree tuchman really dead but miles of the city nice to woman of larger carriage together. And wallboard I turned around and they look like she had her arm around your British search is to boot yes enemy miles was it was squished in the seat and I don't know what you said today but this girl. Loved miles by the time the flight landed. I think guys laugh and beverage outlets so what do. I would see and I'm a big name and ensuing two thirds of view. There wasn't a lot of room left of the snow was near death of I didn't want to make sure that she knew that that was our that I can we can handle it and it was born and CIA I'm drunk it's so mind your ass I'm amazed that I broached that does this is it sari musical yeah I had this done that you could do about it the more you do vote Obama at that point you know little do the best. We can't let look I'm not a small person but I down a flight once in the only see left was between two like really big dudes. So like they don't want me to sit there I don't wanna sit there right so I wedge heart attacks and there and then they're kind of chit chat and and it's a Sunday and they're like. They're gonna watch TV or whatever so I just go watch NFL football although it doesn't you put your mind and they're like yeah. Among starts pulling everything I've got to drink receipt is making sure how far flung themselves like art I'll take your party dogs are the best play third terribly uncomfortable shark but gratefully. Where does something about that. Yeah some good arms are like rare I don't care if I'm mostly by new notes back in the worst of the on the street this woman wasn't particularly big which is Baltimore years ago. I'm like fifty and among the boss I'm going home from school right in this woman. Had just massive gigantic old woman boobs look at its admits she's sits next to me she's taken a little bit in my seat but I passed out. I'd responsibly unrealized sleeping. I wake up I'm about to stop from a stop in a realist I have fall mostly basin we faced down into her boo maybe you are right move on cigarette. Based on a boot but when I lift my head up I have drool but I'm so loses huge draw stayed on the side of these massive boobs. Emma got to look at each other Ahmad and so such. It's our right maybe UC sleeping or religiously bombard Erin thank you I don't tell you I'm rules are now but I actually felt badly federal under boots. What happened on the play before Ford 999 Nolan. Hello Tim welcome to the men's room. All that auto shop. I hadn't done good Tim are you meant. A pretty dead mr. whatever gunplay. So I'll kick it up flight from Hawaii back in Seattle and English that read I lie. I'm really tired is ready that gets Barkley. Well. Also didn't. Just have ran a mile and a guy comes out beneath AK. You wind switched and he Whitney. There they know the biggest mistake and the eighth. Did he say why they deny that you can go is that why. And you didn't do it like I wanted to make my wife and I look better now I gesture even read about it that's his great governor. And the bonnet to let it looked up at the front so they get that the great treat up. That's what I was thinking and so then I sit down in the chair. And this lady next to me see the quake. I don't know she look like she's a little bit. Who are literally an average of lady just. I don't know she's used to happen headlights look a blank sheet it looked a little six all our guys take anything out there so. All the sand lake around. Just the beginning of the flight. Ki Jana. He had that gurgling down the kids be that wedded to our effort. Alone mr. my morning. He's gonna win the hearts. I even though really play it more fire and the funny thing that is. There's nothing funny about that is he's masonic home. I can't stop being in here it's scary yet that the trained at her eyes got big in. You can tell us do you like our man what an idea of. Wait now exceed most of them are all the windows. On this humid and over by then when that he I was in the Middle East and I don't mind middle at all. I would ask you a moment I heard that girdle and am I can't wait listen we both don't go one on but do you wanna switch seats do you think fishy gambled and lost them. Yeah yeah I I really big gamble lost no I mean do you think he cheated. I don't do you think she after cancer were did you just let a big wet wanna. It's gonna keep it until you've led a big wet one out and it really gets done it's it's not like crap. We'll tell you gotta that's down from its Iran. And I'm about five hours into the place you pulled out a plan. I. He accused the hot. And it and keep saying they told me. And then I didn't that look and he just looked like dead straight but didn't care didn't wanna look at any one bill I contract ever. And I fly out to eat and you're spinning this crap now a little there. And I give this guy delicate and out all. And determination of it has been you can in disbelief that it it. I've pan. Holdout and it decided if any don't. Let me ask you this do you think we gather one of 22 Q what are mostly Cindy makes whose wife or you just saw a woman and said it was quite get away from off party but she took it. To be quite honest I don't know because you know first look that this lady she reached it. She she didn't look if you look sick and he'd probably tricked me. I've just cited a fall in love me if you look at the bag and then started mumbling that I might lie to relate. Yeah I'm going to resonate to my wife here that it I would just be worried when you like that some my husband. Well yeah others that Nvidia at the level like look man woman nice to meet you so but you know like I really never get the cleaner paints. I don't maybe you know maybe she thought that evidence of what she had done to be obvious forever and I get a good group Japan's new I don't know fan had. That we don't fan the angriest man this is years and years ago I'm like fourteen and my brother is the opposite of me is a vertical home. Well meaning individual and Indians aren't army grow by maybe saw them outwardly angry angrily twice right. So were on a flight that's just me and and we're flying back to Baltimore to be my parents and it's on a super wide body jets I want to say it was two or three seeds. On either side of five seats in the middle. And we're sitting essentially in the five seats and and the flight itself. Was delayed for three and a half hours this was an old eastern airlines to remember about and I can get the stares off the side of employees still walked the sound of Bahamas were flying cars or is it is hot. They've now started a complaint of no air conditioning but on the tarmac for three and a half hour some broad authority irritated. Oral irritated but it did he's irritated it's just weird because he's got to keep skull but the moment he snapped. The thing that put him over the edge so we're sitting in this middle. And in the row in front of us there's a family of five. And are sitting all the way across the role but directly in front of us is this massive woman. OK she's from the Bahamas and she has from the sun dress on but shoulder to shoulder. My doubts Appalachian trail all right but it's getting hot ever wants what she starts fanning herself. And we've got notices before her armpits. Smell so bad. Okay I've broken city. Did you directly get energy star's family and everyone's prelude to. She's starts fanning yourself and just go read of Maurice wet rotten garbage hits tonight and and I mean yeah. Exit not a lot of things that my brother all this was enough and he just I mean. I've never it. God damn it I look at them like old notes I can't don't have autumn like she banned. That I think tiger has got their moment approximately Sierra. I don't know like every almost an angry and legs filled every loud amoeba like he was having a snap man and I've. I'm laughing Google's look like I just wrote Toobin to directly on him some trauma to laugh because he's at that point which is not finding them. And I sorting out the rest of the time we were on the plane. Maybe six hour but his face was still total disgust me you mug of this woman but. As the flights going on the air conditioning done in flight finally taken off but it's been hours and he's miserable but every once in awhile. She were just kind of habitually. And herself in man this stay Brees would have room. And it's is anathema to him I was totally my hand you can't freak out and and conflict got. Damn it never drops F bombs he dropped an F bomb and by the time we way and I cannot wait to I'm prepared to I thought it was hilarious in even they. Megan from what you got out of there and understand how bad he's known but haven't on the plane made 44999. No luck your body functions of different font. It it really is meant literally I got growth and also as Favre and body goes far to go way. Hello Justin welcome to the men's room old. Well gosh. Are you guys than the men are you. I'm doing well doing well thank you. So love. Did gold backed 1997. Or 1998. On a good in the military or brag. And before you do baker report that you go down to you're down Q out or Okur and training I let. I doubled in tactics and stuff like that. So what we're gonna have what ought to add bonds are actually go back. Early. Without the records back the brag so much help send out about thirty of the other terror chipper. I know don't Al bigger in Louisiana are pretty small air play and that we ordered that little love playing but. To tune into one side one to the other but yen and in the back. All happy and go home four days earlier bought the 700 C 130 rocket. And then and then spread out so we're wearing civilian clothes walk I'm enjoying it. I go to take off the can hear the wheels are checked in and then all the and you heard it under its. Well Morey did it sound like a get ripped apart. And quaint you're kind of bank and those I like Donna dead great great grades were all pull mod. On what it happen and they got up this started Beckett had cleared the runaway. We've got to get out the cute they tend to do this steady decline in hit a flock of bird sucked the ball through the back engine. Wheels are still up we our guys into a bunch Steele basically. Gone to bush isn't small trees and everything. And just. Crash landed. And let me ask you some Luke you are always right air airplane crash how long does this entire process taping of an adult anyone dog what they didn't play grants and how long you're aware of the things are going south. You heard it you heard break break break it caught and you do it held on and it probably would 22. I. We're doing very long hours I'm usually we don't swallow brilliant water was a dry where you'll enjoy it. If I orderly and I got to know it like got. Roy not odd he'll let you had to plantation fields kind of thing can count on so. You know like rhododendron bushes and Blackberry bushes and crap like a lot of on the fact that the runaway to lose the majority got up probably 23 miles at the runway with a majority of people on the plane military. On all of us except the stewardess is and be the pilots and all but. I had I that would cut on my forehead and one other guy like got to brood is literally all walked away. Problem that is unbelievable man were about how long does it take till I stop shaking when it's also had done and we're gonna give a new realise what just happened I mean. All I wonder where we landed in knowledge I mean. Eight it goes from the bit amazing amount in the weight to under silence like no all you're grieving and everybody and their. Technically he start cap and the guy next he didn't. You know you like you are right yet dude you are no umpire tablet you Edward junior you'll Qaeda every and a look at. And then what we realized nobody hurt all hi I don't like hell yeah we may draw. Yeah I mean this didn't start. Button and I did that played but it was imminent. You know vendors still on the plane that they opened the door here but get out the plane had damaged to the bottom and everything. But I remember walking out the pilot Dario led the plane and near thirtieth. Urged all the one that you from the trot without flood plain or walk what do I idolized the WW. Arguably I mean look nothing like that but it and we talk about this before it's not a plane but flipped a call or her door and a little car race under showed Ted coming off tried to murder to me but anyway. The coral and our remember the whole process of rolling martyr race and you know what it ended so it's amazing where your head goes but I knew at some point it myself all the noise stopped the car stopped moving and I'm upside down and he's right it's is weird thing. He candlelight three Mississippi did you got to take in everything right like. Aren't you don't adapt windows are gone obviously this is not great but like I don't hurt I'm a lot and just say invade Iraq I'm upside down like. Who. Who who. And fire guys W all right I'll let you had similar thing god man. What what have another played 844999. Cola. I will say man I've never been scared. Of flying or crashing hurting thing went bad and I've been one flight of the turbulence was so bad and it's weird. The turbulence was awful the flight and just puddle jumper the single flight attendant is praying and crossing themselves which really wins. No comfort and I did not realize how bad was because. In a winner in the plane it just feels like really bad turbulent and obviously the plane landed safely. But the people that saw the plane that from the ground I guess thermal wind storms today when they start explaining what our plane was doing. The some idea of making like wind might want. Plea to you couldn't totally noticed a bumpy. If I had known how bad play looked at a freaked out and our rookie years ago. It's one of those flights where you Google TV on your plate. And people watching CNN mullets right the people on the plane he told by the captain I think we sort of an airport were basically waiting. From the clear room India. And around. But if you're watching CNN and you realize they're talking by your play and you couldn't get to landing gear down your running out of fuel. And like other experts are predicting like seventy minutes right now you've got to crack right now everyone's freaking out on the plane a thought I don't watch the news on a play. What's going to happen on the plane 844999. Hole although I'm or your calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. Customs officials have arrested two airline passengers in Sri Lanka for allegedly trying to smuggle twenty gold bars. It into an aircraft the parent aged 24 and 32 cub the obvious officials' attention. As they were noticed walking suspiciously. According to a report. The suspected smugglers had arrived at the international airport near Colombo when they were intercepted because of their. Quote suspicious. Movements. After they were stopped and had their bottom scanned. Gold bars were allegedly found concealed in their rectal cavities so one person was found hiding eight. Gold bars in their heinous fell on the second suspected smuggler. Had two well. Now that's bragging rights. Come on you know you can fit four more in the air I don't. Don't even started bitching me that you can only get laid up and there you can release drive for nine open there in a sense then. I go on I got twelve I can't make and that's what that's one thing I I think I would actively doing our courts it's pure gold oh boy. K well Eric Olsen know about twelve bars on Hussein if somebody gave me a gold bar. I China okay and answer a question and I try my drive and are probably end up being in my Easter that's a look tiny tiny tiny your needs a big help there aren't some are good at the stuff. Each bar weighs around 100 Graham's. All right so how much if you put. If you put it he had. 12100. Grams. Of gold in your anus Howell how many pounds of gold is that lets you it near. So they had a combined weight of two kilos of gold total value of the gold is 61 the thousand pound. Two kilos or about five pounds thrown around over here at 12100 grams of gold well please mold golden Graham one guy had about three pounds the other one had maybe Q bound to golden is but. A lot of Goldman wow wow not out of that action right. What else what or how you train for that how long do you think can stay right the first time to do that are would you go to smoke maybe get used to it like to veteran's attack. Yeah easier first I was like. Back eight bars mail might is that the minimum and I don't think I guess because think about. One of those guys is really angry. Because of twenty bars of gold and I think that have you in we need to smoke of those gold like hey man you take ten I take ten and then one dudes like. I can only do a good I guarantee the guy that did twelve to not put twelve and first. Our question what happened on a plane 844999. Alive. You know at the ready with something like that we're northeast. Pallet just given to me our animal that damage cumulative. Hello all Sharma and welcome to the men's room. Oh I'm Rick Perry on job. I'm K you're very. I Asian workers small airport over the next few years ago a new aircraft mechanics. And now lead to charter flights and smaller plane there and we would. To examine their page gather reaction is so they're able to deceased relatives. Sounds. Oh yeah how well we have pilot didn't quite get Lou really aren't sure about Mahmoud door completely. Well grandpa came back here playing on this little. Oh in all we ask you what is the reaction from the people who want to see pat pad Google spread out over the edge goes all of them. They harm I have being movie and it's it's. How. And I look and on the flight I was relating to them to come back down and out the airplane which. State employee and the pilot young's tell your cliche if you can you shoot that's coming complimentary remark he was allowed since. Guess who yeah you just don't I don't do trial over me. And the iron campaign airplane and let I you're kidding me and my director maintenance comes out she's like what happened and I stroll well I think we had a little actually entirely explain. And an acute I'll I agree that out and say I got this ducking out of the interior where we're glad you're. Just yeah. Gets snorting you're did you like golfers these suck them Graham Bob back to them. Well I think there are real and YouTube tabloid we gave him a couple hours of searchlight she reached out you know and kind of you know Milan and I would find religion pieces of that old newness airplane for three years. And OK you have hard urgent time great old country of all there's blood exemplar. Damn man you can go makes you wonder. Content I was trying to grab all the three years he's. And three X load Palin welcome to the men's room. Well I gentlemen are die. I didn't dawn wells there. It in my story that little win a gold zone got arrested thing like that start wearing a life as their allegedly ate a bad shape enriched. That airport restaurant called slot he. Slots these are good they really don't come out and run. But I have been shot general I don't know I'd aviation have been a little more are little more careful. Anyway it was an average age start not there's other great. I halfway there it is not a surrogate yeah. But a bad enough I had it that thing open and look at it each layer cheap where they're on it. Play seven different shades like origin. And no. Not normal a normal cheat others at least nine other guys. Not buying an eight the way we get on the plane. By couple hours later. They get hot it's gonna say it was pretty yeah class I don't needy. Who are very I wanna hear and have a very good how it happens but they'll let you tells kids the skills I guess what happened on the plane made par par 999 alive. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.