05-17-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Grabs A Snack

Thursday, May 17th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has Snack Food News! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. God during Intel's got up this Saturday is on the way and the return of no as Sherlock in the meantime the game is big dummy if you'd like to be a contest and 844999. Cola odds everyone Reid did something we I don't even remember what the question was both dad I'll I queen came up. Dumb mug queens and new system and into ours and that it was that you won asleep with a set our half runners how much nicer number queen won't have horrors right you brought up he says the queen who who as legend has Marie Antoinette died Britain. No not marina took the kids don't grumbled that directs. But no you don't Roma back then you have your parents should so they would John Mark your I know apparently the rumor is that out queen Catherine the great of Russia moon at some point. I like being glow and had a horse and horse and died of course. Because of the forged yeah apparently she died and spent the man out and I'll tell you rarely see died and he's he's being his penis you know the Russia. You can tonight I don't know outside other as far as I wouldn't there. Yeah. Hello I'm mark Memorial Day and that's why don't trick back. Right there he had drunk can thank the lord thank you made it very inspiration for Mongolian beef O hello Brian welcome given her yeah. Yeah I don't know. Fine so we're not over it's. Over today welcomed the show Bryant. Good to be back but. We figure our mantra volume by 26 year old Tony seniors the seven Wiener dogs yeah. I'm Noah seven Wiener dog tonight I'll go white water chlorinated water goldeneye 08. Whatever strategy. The battle do it I didn't quite know what company did Craig Newmark founder. Braves knew mark and then you've heard of the guy I'm always. Hulu. Greg Moore everything yeah go and look better and and the smooth things of. Stay on the radio. So there. There. How about. Shoot there's a few hundred. Great night all you you know should I comment on and I want so yes I think you did all right and you just don't hit man. RS. The CIQ are bad and we should have known what I go yeah glad I do you live it eat some Bear Bryant turn your. I don't I don't I think that's his dialogue all bone in my beloved blue duke duke. Duke thanks. Dude. The battle group. And I go in and out yet again. All right if you question. Which Perry tale characters slept for twenty years. Sleeping deity. Rick bay in week. Right fills him. CBS I hear you know about this. I don't. Don't consulates ahead and I think too many want to roll you know can we wanted to mostly eventually left alone I doubt they'll go through van winkle who took a match and I think he zealously for twenty years when he awoke with urban was reading. Yeah he did. Oh yeah yeah. The blue and Eddie do you debate or it. If if if if I hired him you question what Tommy slept for twenty years and it was delicious it's. That. Whereas this league and it's. The duck billed platypus. Is one of only three metals or else in the world learn you do looks like. Community you can enjoy a moment and plenty. Of examiners who. Is why I. The dog smelled blood flows focused. The normal three mammals in the world I can't match ads. I play day to day and I ended April 3 of the other two. I had no idea turtles not well they where he's going to comment on six. A burden. Big mammals units Alabama hello OK and blah. I don't know I think on the news he had no no no no the naked man considered. And these mile road tremendous luck of course it was now allows you knew that I didn't. Current declared. It's. A daily David certainly your carrier in many ways good unanimous yeah. Yeah what's that need you. What city is home to the university of org. Oil and yes I. My home. I don't know my yeah yeah it's. Do you know. He's yeah he's I don't eat eat. That's amazed. I don't really alleviate that. Aren't you glad to know a guy named delta got. The good the what is Japanese after he made girl. Yeah it'll yeah. A look at something that stood out all the you know abused dogs are okay. And it is now going right Lorraine knew they used the radio call out. We. Well I put my feet. It isn't there when they can't do you get gruesome scenes experienced practices OK I get that advertise it yeah. I have every reason I don't hurt me. Yeah I feel very good angle it's. Crazy I. Yeah river called Blu-ray and yeah. Please let it all day and then that's it still runs current. Montana live earth the Montana. No another round removed. Yeah how how old are you all around. I am very no really. Denying that eagle. I'm going. I. Who could beat the bionic man the way I'm a woman who won became my roommate after this guy that reacts to it. The eye on the man's. Now you know you can. I don't get to know there's hope you don't have to eat quite good it's not. Yeah my mistake and yeah yeah I did channel my guns and you can become the common thing people really like your. All right your question couldn't quite close to losing its capital political. Big Apple little ol' yeah yeah. What job. Brian way to go man I know they can flag guy and his. I go old columnist okay. How you can't be this dole on con mall this guy is stupid. Just hang up on who's got a monster monster. They'll lose guided turn his acting radio down and then we find out rubble still scan is guidance money. AM the gold polls are no matter how the outer garments okay Delhi is a game before 49990. Look. Hey hello to you I welcome to the member of all law or wow Eli it's over and that's over. Over over Eli welcome Lucia. All right men's room ball studios like 46 year old Tony seniors the seven Wiener dog. I am left to go six year old six year old. This do you think you can take him he's one beautifully through. Phone although also I did you do do do you Booth. We'll go to boot during the although run head first and you're young. But they will man I didn't have a. Applause I. Did exactly what my sundin debate in this is the point though when he made gotten out of purposeful when he made contact. When the pain hit me the pain and reminds me that I had not been in this what things is the last under the vast number 45 years of doing man. Crippling direction and all why does her wrong are you OK in my air command is on dive right. Leave me alone I was looking good technically you know. Article you requested studies have found out what kind of bird come learn to talk better than parents and as I hence. Miles and I would be fans of the spurs. Lose. I don't create. Another is we particularly like birds in general now where do we are inevitable that what is already I heard those items I don't like birds. Carolina against. It. Turkey. I don't know of the number tonight's program and I just thought it was a Virginia I think this. A cockatoo. I think I'll I'll look at what sorry dad dad dad what are you know I didn't get it moving dirt. Brad based on character judgment that is the better the jazz as a guy didn't do you have and I really did hit my house right although a lot of words okay you know what I like more birds and I thought okay. Right and what literary sports was invented in a club in Manchester in the 1990s. I believe they've played it in Harry Potter. Like group. So unless they're potter stuff. He said Harry Potter they're I thought this voluntary market hit an American because the cook and Cary Martin. The Jewish cultural temple on. Well he does it will pull into sport from the book Harry Potter. Of all I know you. Yeah. Not very good okay go on the you know some others in order to knowing. No I just when he he's been a while though when I believe acquitted on my act prior to know Brimelow the leg football soccer or acquitted. Farther motels and who would you like to fight believe it or not as far as. The contestants on big dummy you said you wanted to go after the Windows 7 Wiener dogs. Followed by 46 year old seniors we started out strong about the on Twitter were what are they thinking 46% of those Wiener dog. Look like when your guard a little back. Don't come ahead Jeff is on the way designated materials that snack food news no I sure like coming up. And we'll drink and tells with a shot of the day you are listening to the men's or radio network. Men's room with smiles and go ahead Jeff is on the way density of potatoes aspect. Who knows and no I Sherlock is coming up the first time for a few emails if for the men's room mad men's or my back copy. Guys you're you're a little kid they Sam woods followed by eight you like that for my five year old son Jack thanks guys appreciate that from John. All the guys don't know attributable daughter Caitlin and amazing eighteenth birthday she's still my birthday and my heart that day can you give her an original they sand wedge. And have Robin giver some dirty German. Thanks guys that from rich fresh yeah. Eldest. AGL OOK beyond these I don't know. And this means and whom I'm pretty select. No no the moon. Today is my lovely wife key goals of our day can you please give the dirty Germans talking about eating sushi. Thanks for like guys that from there. Unlike anything that reminds. Yeah answers some blues decadent as songs and they couldn't spicy. The offensive burden people. This isn't as my son Ryan Sony for Trevor on the side and it's my birthday too can you please give Brian may your penis is too small. And aside get up cupcake. Kansas driver they do I would like that dirty German's love you guys lose and every day thanks guys that from the lovely Peggy. You know on. Some some until teachers should should I won't let them know I have something he spoke to a pilot. Yeah maybe talk today it's got me excited to slow gradual huh. Guys this is my dad Steve's 39 Joe Brown the son didn't give us a good up cupcake and all the guys talking all over each other about how bad the Mariners suck. Bad from Stevie well. Well actually rebuild its. Our family and the only way you kind of at all you know slowly out of I don't think it would drive and there are currently the only way they're acting as true as well OK okay I go to where there's somebody at the reverend so full of guys my boyfriend not it was her day and we lose in the men's room every day and I love the surprising with a shout out with a fish sandwich along bong rip. Heads of dirty German talked thanks so much guys that from the mold sandwiched. We'll also remember much you don't think it's an English club has a good red blood for the yeah from overhead windows live to go back Malcolm. It's a marked the spot. Mozilla hey greetings from new all those Louisiana cop. They're my friends are like this and and thanks for losing just announced by U me and my friends like Zetterberg they judge our good friend a brother from another mother carbonite jet Donald. He'll be celebrating his 44 birthday with his work to get a big old bomb and the three of you talking over each other about your first strip club or gentlemen's club experience. Thanks guys that from Bruce JD no Rick the midnight shift guys. The first dazzle us. Jerusalem. Mayor and then drill right in general who went on and he realizes that it's important to have some who were honest I don't know I grew louder also in there is liberals I had always value in home aren't and he was a lot of content so pissed off. Our guys do you go Abby Abby had a card pad had a happy. Okay now have you had any I created they give you did today. Yeah I. Available through these oil and same on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Am trying to slow. Clearly giving go lectures guys in regards to worst day at work I have one about my buddy's worst day while we were in the navy we're mostly being in our racks when I woke up to see my buddy screaming and cussing I over the current Barack and look down the wall to see the walk deceit Indy. Cousin of a storm while completely covered in crap. He was staring at a busted sewage pipe spilling poop all over his rack that's right Andy was dead asleep when the sewage pipe burst above his head. We were stationed on an aircraft carrier so you can imagine the amount of herds and he had to endure. Everyone the sleeping area was evacuated and pour Andy had to get a tetanus shot. The hair and yet. That that are one reason I believe my job one day was. Working it to a grocery store the morning Reiman has produced department. And outside having a smoke break. Next to the parking lot in the railroad tracks well one of our regular customers was death but he always came in and any go over and mocked at McDonald's every morning to grab some breakfast. Well you just let the grocery store. And needed NC the train. I saw the whole thing and couldn't do anything since it was too late in that split second. He landed right in front me add 45 yards getting hits flying through the air. It took the train half mile to stop that was my worst day of work. The lost only go home after that experience someone toolbar hooked up with some volumes from a friend and had a few Beers throw we are pretty good idea. As far as things you found out guys here's one of the word is things by now recently my family has found out it was much larger than we thought. My mother was raised to believe her mom was dead at the she was been she'd been killed in a boat crash in Florida. Come to find out that the years later she is alive and well words and living in another state. On top of that I now have nine aunts and uncles I never knew off all have siblings yes that's right. Everyone has a different father talk about a surprise and all this from the one who contacted us after using Ancestry.Com. While. That is that is amazing and as far as the subject of lucky to be alive. Old Angeles it is August 2013. I am in Petersburg Alaska it is a gorgeous warm day. We just get done getting grub from the boat and had an and afternoon before my boyfriend when they get back out sane. So we decided to go to lake to hang out I hop in the car we drive about the road there's only one road drive on that island. We turn onto the gravel road ahead of the lake and the next thing I know I am halfway out the window upside down what by had been under between the forerunner. And the tree while my brother's a boyfriend are running around the car trying to figure out how to get me out. I was there for at least two hours before any help arrived holding the car up with my head. I was coming in and out from the bright light people talk about when help finally arrived they use the jaws of life to give me out. A look like sloth from the duties for awhile afterwards my face writes out of my body didn't move for months ended up getting all the feeling and movement back in my body but yap it was a close call. Are you guys are awesome thanks for bringing entertainment of our day every day and thanks again from lovely Juneau Alaska. And Wal-Mart guys as far as neighbors. My neighbors a stay at home alcoholic his wife as the breadwinner buys his smokes buys his beer bought his motorcycle he also pizzas burgers and is in the hands of those guys around he's a nice guy but kind of backwoods. He must be hung like a horse that from Josh for the hell of a life include all those burgers no job mother turn and no I sure like Audrey tells with a shot of the table as far as I can tell. You could control and making. Sometimes you don't feel it can be sudden it's an attack. But. It's. Regular people old people small children and every staff person I'd consider appetizer the stack of the meal. What is due mainly in Guerrero and that is now. Let's of this segment. Is all time I don't know half a little silent heart yet laugh because it is different here. Okay. Them. If if this is it a little amount. Committee's panel spent collect the this that this that the decision after he got to start using the third annual threat to know there are also Democrats and basically just did a survey on them with snacking habits people half. I think about history can now. So simple rightly do you think people are more likely the snack if they're having a bad day absolutely. 68. For 66%. Said yes. Actor and a bad mood nowadays you don't care a snack commits forty go to you know bad news. I don't know man like Bowman about woodwork it's limited to what we have in the end any machine I all right cut out typically goes sweets over Obama bad. Like I do rev a pop tarts over reverend she dose. But instead of by barbed darts that does not mean I'm gonna back and mood but Avaya Ahmadabad movement popular and achieve a CD love pop diva ST it's more than about it and I'm I'm Volek. If it doesn't feel weird to think some foods like if I'm excited like I'll let the G dose arm and a bad mood they're college teaching and student. Do people's stores snacks anywhere besides the kitchen my he had deaths or their car know how other night stand that on on their. I know had a pretty hillsides action and makes. We've had a heat political and made it sound horrible why I do know a lot of people is surely going to bed earlier you just that hunger that made it dissent is actually close the door open man bench staggers act. In case when you're embedded we opened in the snake I don't know are. And a bag only bad thing that you have Soledad atop I definitely know those people I know people move. It's where they you know it looked. There's certain people out there at the UC and you know they don't really eat a lot whom and you brought down on front of you. But man when I get home they got food everywhere I think I. I like to eat with like the idea never thought I don't know. That just seems way too bad we even okay like I kids they're typically the jutting out and walk around the tour full snacks I might bet you'll see only use your bedroom for sleeping in six court yet some exhaust a lot of people doesn't let people go their watch television or whatever DEA AA RJR when you when you close it down you shut it down you go in there it's it's over right you're right. I guess that's different I had a TV and it made it has its net charge pop Warner boot to use the loop Burress that. No wonder if there and a berth if they draw are there more to him almost no longer have brings us to and that's what do people ever even bet 34% said yes 66%. Said they don't. Because they hate having crumbs in the sheets yeah I don't I don't. Yeah I mean why wouldn't you that's what you guys like little not to yeah Lara. Why do you have a 10 yes yes yeah after I think it about what's in that up. But I'm worried a stadium you know you will mess Arizona we give them bluntly you don't have to get up mayor I swear. There that are better at it and yeah that's that's a good life we did your nightstand might let you got one OK I don't. There's a vogue we've condensed than before food but not to put the TV in a room broadly we won't see you again. Yes his golf site. Late night snack first meeting after 9 PM hell yeah I'm with you and I know it's the worst time. But that's the ideal time to have that your you're watching television one armed man I gotta narrow grab whatever 54% of people said yes. 46 or they usually don't mean after 9 PM. I of respect in the world you can absolutely together the kind of discipline that that's three that's for the fund food comes up. You don't need anything healthy or not worry now that I'm gonna get salad it'll do it as an. It's process that's all you need to know what they're gonna eat after an ad PIA does not come from Orange milligrams a nor and I know he grabs an apple or banana. Makes a Smart decision even on the snack and as 73 ingredients in you've only heard of three of them dividend thing where it's like you know what I wanna snack way to make a sandwich Russian media sandwiched. And and you just thirty and some lunch meat right to concentrate on dvds. Oh man a unit of the bread I cracked but activities today that she goat cheese and it always goes crackers from Miami's if you ask you don't scratch. Jerseys get me do you pretty much snack throughout the day or at a specific time each day and now Saturday night. CS 67% of people said there in varies throughout the day. 33% have a regular time they make have a snack. Yeah I would I think make time is clearly when Ira do more snacking. But yeah I think so there will play out their snacks in out and have lunch at this time and then a second battery gas yeah. And I like this when we say when you sat usually go for like sweet or salty. I like it's comedy is opponents. Six and I presented salty 31% since sweet I think overall I much prefer salty snacks. Again with the greatest of toys like the Salt Lake that chocolate covered pretzels like. Combine that but that's the perfect alignment I know that. I don't know I'm always like my daughter and Orioles all the time so I mean I'm not by midnight you know month mound on both that so I think to. I'll keep some salty snacks in my house tour but I just I just can't keep sweets snacks and there is valued at new tournaments yet not snacks or me my dinky snacks and he keeps them. I mean on May be too. Sessions and they're gone. Whatever India can't Pringles I mean I'll go wrong no question maybe choose sessions each side. And that's a whole thing do you want to pop with a sharp. It's awful there is there really is a reporter and editor of dry area who write them. This is like you do is open to tomb that no one lead discover from 4000 is that to better use of wall for a tomb of the unknown grumble over the truly Tutan dominant look that the with. There any nastier and lead to this part. Just you know get a chocolate milk shake for lunch by veteran. And a ferociously. Who'll bat again how he goes thousand brother and nothing good and I wouldn't sodomy what's a breakfast food could be considered a snack. To me breakfast cereal and all right that's fair I don't think about cereals are thinking about in my head what I French toast sticks to stump and know that I go awful aren't. I don't have to many times man. If I know it's I mean. But people even those doughnuts considered yes it's weird because a look at some call for both if you bring in donuts at 6 PM guess what the exact same number of people in the donut I mean they did donuts is kind of a snack. There are allegedly you know a little like that treats attack repeatedly do you sit down and just eat like a doughnut but I think most mobile replied I. You have to avoid it right there at the Rowland of I don't I don't need an otherwise I would be undone and over plenty both completed donuts stand again does it make it back to the desperate to make exactly as audio and no it's a donor. Well here's a crazy thing according to a new survey the average American eats how many doughnuts a year not enough. 52 lower 25. 31 that's it that's seems ridiculous to me too they say that's averaging around two to three doughnuts a month. You gotta be around and it lets you go and buy them specifically are you work or live by don't a place if he will bring in donuts we'd. Although I guarantee you were were over if not close to that number. I think it's got to be over just the amount donuts that are available radios a big big donor placement it is I mean it's it bring Obama yeah religion I don't know where the power to question known for vanity these unbelievably long after it is done it's I can't think I have the profession now don't want a perfect view of the panel think doughnuts they think radio always it was the first two words that most people's mouth from the citizens god. Dammit moon because they know they has brought in a full breakfast the full lunch or whatever and it doesn't matter. He's trying to be healthy you're still ready to doughnut. I think the donut is one of those who gee you're the most. I shouldn't be all right how hey editor don't look I got it is that the diet breaker mourn any of the food as a doughnut the famous the human. I'm trying to be decent but I'm gonna ruin you don't. Now I don't think it's that bad breaker I just think miles is right no matter what your arm. Or which you're doing health or fitness why do you think if they wanna Bobby had a gripe when you think you're doing well thank you worked out in the morning you're trying to be good are you a healthy lead don't it's me against Joseph public auditor. We'll pick it it expects. Yeah. Thirty went on a two years he averaged a lot of donuts is 125000. Donut shops in this country. And they're pumping out over ten million donuts a year. And even the donut that you don't like them. The most is still pretty good donut. Oh god I hate days are ahead of coconut donut and trust me there's number laughs but I'll play how little I enjoyed it if you played if you played over the doesn't have. I don't like society Obama finger of god in parable. If you took all the donuts that the United States eve last year and laid side by side they go on the earth. A nineteen time all my guys and those are just regular doughnuts that felt like maple bars and Mike. The long twisty sticks so basically with one to assist I don't know what you call it knowing good and all enjoy states. Yeah. It's a lot of donuts. This the survey also found that the majority of people prefer a classic don't have flavor. Blake chocolate or just the regular glazing over new flavors like bacon or Mingo. I'd I'd never heard of a mango donut. Down until just right now I don't like furtive I don't yeah I mean I assume that the thing. On the other side of that if you're like dead I like snack in on booze will good news. This does snack gap is that died bucket coming from cattle what they're not exactly colony diet. But he he. It has less calories it has 73 categories as Labonte less than regular but it's not as strong. Because they give your did your kids Wii's limited to a bottle and watered down your vodka right I mean that's basically it is less alcohol. It's more water it's less calories anise flavor. It's just not a storm's wrath. But I can't talk any trash I was drinking and hard soda water source heat and. That's film you're getting a drug Gloria. They got a good old hard soda water yet I wasn't. Olympic team is that we are waving back and forth so I didn't help OK okay it's and so it's really really good very smooth. Thank you had Jeff we appreciate still going to get those three up with the shot of the day return to North Carolina is coming up next few are listening to the bedroom DO network. I got a drink it tells with a shot of the day the first our own Steve destroy hill co. The globe it's believed her story and then I do agree. Eight yeah. Yeah. And away we go. Scientists should not re animate decapitated human hints reality well. Sure doc. Nevada and read the full article liable assume it is associated with the article you read earlier today. Suddenly effect of people what had transplants. What was the day look sort of like go insane gas sciences gotten a lot closer to hand transplants and that's warrant. These headlines popping up formal follow up was that people with entrance when they believe. Might go insane because of the kind we're getting used to hold new body left. Think about it things would feel different your pain tolerance is different. Are you lactose intolerant our you've got to put on like everything and then like putting a Ferrari motor man and a little tiny Smart card or price you don't know what's gonna happen. Or maybe Clinton. Terrible motor through an awesome every anybody to fifty C drag drag drag him I don't know cut from birth until now let us. Unpaid internships unfairly favor the wealthy. Jeanne well occurs are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock you don't mail brings some non they do work for me I don't pay them a dime and I'd benefit phone who would have thought. Studies suggest your adulthood self esteem as roots in the way you raised as a child and she. It cut. John McCain says quote Vladimir Putin is an evil mind. Well monkey's uncle and Sherlock these so called autism epidemic is not an epidemic it's an increase in reported incidents due to know. And Jarrett. God. And we'll give you one more. We're wanna go out there we go. If this is the quote if we let everybody go third we nobody imprisoned. And. That now and show up okay yeah I wanted to imaginary attack somebody out there and his standards to be ready. Newsroom. Then as usual we had to do great dance dance even throw hill find out who. Or tells them he has said dean today we chose 53 year old Robert L Williams senior. Of short of bird North Carolina and first aid congratulations. To our friend Robert here because. A few weeks ago he was elected mayor by just said that in the votes. Of SARS bird North Carolina and give my. At that oval wouldn't of this guy because he'd run for mayor two times before he lost both times poses that bring a third time by seven votes he wins. And then just a few hours after he had declared the winner. Robber pulled over for drunk driving. Early he got drunk while celebrating his win and the the cops arrested them. After start absorbing all of the road he's facing several charges including driving while impaired carry concealed weapon. And more and the police chief says Robert will still face those charters even though he has Lemerre quote. Nobody's above the law so congratulations to Robert who finally. Becomes mayor of the town he's been trying to become mayor of celebrates and he gets pulled over for drunk driving under way I am the bank and had a concealed weapons well. They're your matter I don't think it's real little lax mantown for a lot. Yeah I mean you just what did just they are like man coming give your right L any background and how big this town is eyes who was not viewed. Young woman assemble I did it you celebrate your happy rhetorical one night just one night you don't give pulled off. In a way congratulations. Report is moving to drink this booze because we think it. Yemeni flags over the tone it down the road you've already in aren't Tommy's. Now now hose out of their zone. Particular night online right now for profiled as C 44999. Hole. The shenanigans continues on the men's room. The radio network.