05-17-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Is Under Attack

Thursday, May 17th

We play the game known as Big Dummy


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He what you're about to hear is real. This radio program are simply. Trying to a offend anyone. There's I'm. Lord. Invited to join the party. This is done. Other than secrecy. This is the they say shake your radio more than. Three times. I don't know why they go on the red zone over 2828. Along with Steve the throw he'll. Do Ted Smith and London blah. It by car. I did it I demand browse. Have been able to get we played ping. A down day. Dead meat and potatoes has snack food news. Oyster loggers back. Get ready to play profile this plus headlines events are Jonbenet bundle the three males and everyone's favorite. TV time with it like factory and it got arterial as we go to New York State and a sex offenders mug shots that will haunt your dream. Louisiana lawmaker unhappy with bill was blocked any punches as galleries and an expert. Please get 45 year old Dallas man posing as a high school kid at. Families are pissed that Mother's Day flowers a cemetery did read it and seven Wiener dogs attacking kill moment in Oklahoma. It is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. I've read there's good days to you and yours. Today is the day that we play big dummy in the game show that reward you for your stunning ignorance. And this is how work. You go up. From my caddie dwarfed. But if we're big dummy separates himself from the into more reputable and show we will continue to ask your questions until you get one right. Because I've always we want you to leave here are smarter they showed up. Now today our biggest study ever in the lovely and the talented job who dug deep. And found a way to answer twenty consecutive questions wrong can you do better we'll of course you can't forget about the call and hopefully go on big dummy. Think it doesn't play big debacle 844999. Hole that you like miserable on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and heads to Graham had been your mind. And to those emails to the men's room have been July dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. I know I haven't done over 2828. Yeah Korea. As the head Jeb is back dead meat and potatoes has some interesting new snack food news and some new products out there if you're looking for a good snack. No I Sherlock palatable drink it tells the shot today and another at a profile those and of course today is today we've played a game known as big Demi it's an easy game to play. Weeks in the category we'll always ask is free to get one question right treated playing for team sober or team that's over and every week we've played big dummy one thing we like to do is a little men's room poll. Now last week we asked you. If you could bin one day as an eagle on bald eagle. A lion roaming the African thus far in the great white shark. Whether you swimwear you get a day to wonder what you know where you like I told him and I am still think about being a shark as are really wanna settlement next to someone so of the ocean. Just look at the guy in freak him the hell out. You also said you want to be a bald eagle and as I recall specifically to snatch people's pets which. I'm not a ball I would do their part to believe you kept going and added. And flying that pads. Over the ocean. And dropping it into a pop of about orchids or my buddy who has a great white shark for the day is waiting it is luck I think maybe you took it to bid for I don't know but does that was one of your read products that axiom down there I can fly. Pretty cool right. Or even be on the opposite sex Fredette. And shockingly enough for not so surprisingly opposite sex was a clear overall winner on this poll a followed by the bald eagle. The lion a no votes as far as our contestants don't want to be the great lecturer Twitter Twitter the great white shark came in third it did a great white charred made over the order on Twitter opposite sex. Eagle great white shark lines I don't drunken. Now this week we're gonna forget the Pope took a turn when you realize you returned back into human midcourt as peace. All right Elena holly. Brian let me turn back to you and your having animals I think like Cinderella is. That both of them for today that Prilosec. That we're gonna pull it of an inspiration here on this story and it's it's a horrible story Mike Scott Maurer details are coming up. In and I just gave you look that basically says do why. Yeah or out of banana as you munching on the candy marvel he had extreme concerns they got a horrible man it's a brutal story so Michael tell you all about they weigh no more than forty now. Deeds and reached just up to one's knees but altogether. A pack seven Wiener dogs proved deadly force in Oklahoma. Carter county sheriff Chris Bryant has 52 year old Tracy Garcia was mauled and killed Thursday night by her neighbor's dogs near her home. Outside of our more. When first responders arrived on the scene at least one of these dash and turned on them to toxins toxins I band I've sources say we go to say we Wiener dog I was dash around. That's happened is that that's that's the man like dots like the car docs and yet exactly DO acts aren't docs is. Unfortunately that issue one that dioxins. Killed a little Wiener dog right now it's as unfortunate they've already eat human. Coal. The Wiener dogs and yet and they opened fired a protected deputies as well as a medical personnel. After the attack the owner request to the other six dogs people down to. I'm not clear what led the attack. But yes 77. Of these dogs eight a woman a 52 year old woman. And and local self. Our poll today we're gonna get into a fight so you're gonna have to epic between this and you're either take down 26 year old or attempted the city of 26 year old a six year old those would no children that would be a first grader. Mean our didn't garner her spirit aside from las understands that you see Allentown. Ma'am we'll get back to sort of 40s44 I'm 45% around 45 pounds and looked. This four reflexes thus why still cold app with a little bit but that they have the occasional stretch and people mind at the one thing about little kids man. Like literally get into an and they believe it's like big bite and they go for the the family drew my dad really established. Next up is that or twenty seniors who need. Now. As far as seniors are concerned mentality if you listen to our our last episode there those the guy who was delivering an order food. And fortunately he showed up to a and adults senior orgy yes because they said please just bring the food around back he opens up negating goes in the back a long ball that was once you've done it. And he said one guy was especially golf and was making eye contact weathering gave him ahead dot not lives you know getting busy with a lose lose with partner but I'm on averages just has won the ball off the senior out rove. But he says the senior guys the guys in the act contact him and I'd like to take care business yes he is the ripple right. So he could either be 26 year olds twenty seniors or seven of these Wiener. In which and and normally I would have taken Wiener dogs hands. But after reading that story I don't understand what they did our our happened in Atlanta details were deported seven together apparently. Couldn't reach a lot of Havoc so good out Europe. Just dealing with kids that are six and seven and in my. But son's friends and want to play soccer and how they roll. Obviously that kick their ass but I really feel it I get really exhausted. Like they're gonna get some good bloke I'd still like the seniors man and it's based on one thing all right yeah. With little kids okay and again that's just me observing it making crash on the bike. Blamed on the bike of course it does not delightful. Blame it on the bike they opponents they're they eat they absolutely destroy themselves in after five minutes when they're done crying their resilience in the back at it and we're seniors. Look only one group of people at the where the wife Laura Bush and all she did was fall she couldn't get a job filling a bargain not whereas down and goggles brittle bones and stuff man. I'm John it sounds horrible I'm taking the forty seniors. Rob Wittman Iraq. I am taking a look at I'm taking me mall last I'm sorry did note. I don't feel good about it but as far as my chances opulent that's my best chances arrival. It's a tough one. To be bitten by dogs would really suck is that that's what they're gonna do they're gonna bite us in the fight to get with the windows mail appeal later I was the leg action moment you can established dominant joke with a once they latch on their dog let go so you might be trying real income bachelor handy gadgets sounds. I keep in mind that what Michael just reminded me those dogs were bred to go on to badger holes became plumbing or sound very well know they're they're they are they are tough. They're claws are their men their they burrow in small holes by the river and they pull out links. They pull outs had their governments say Amanda writes letters won't have that like their backs or hold their bedroom community knew you you'll understand how ferocious those animals and also what else to say and I have commuter both of our industry too big to do that. Then I saw the baby had just taken the dogs. People with why take an adult like what what's your experience. McCain combine them yeah I'm logos and little by leaders on both seniors I don't know seniors went on and be at a by. That's I consider that and I just got me thinking about you connect with the seniors dog you might not dentures out and if you don't I'm saying just that and I and again I know this sounds terrible. But given the situation I got a mess on me mom and sorry I just if you receive those videos of Blake. The old guy that gets back in the box and ring and I only that's yet lawyer yup I'm not saying I'm not gonna get unless it a little wind blown up trying to figure into the groups that I wanna fight back if I. I don't think that I could beat the dog the urban terror me up though. I don't you know. The kid's a man and tell me they just they don't think like nor the the distinction between kids and adults is best I don't I don't pay little reaction of things is they're still burn the animal was that an army and make. They don't quite work of a lot of the system talent here. They do great like they're climbing under bad they're good over there and also still in the biting ears but the mile already going on or they don't care editor. Weird I mean you'll cope with the children is that the first one. Is hurt bad enough that scare influence it'll scare them keep my on the ideas are still gonna come out and look through it we told your best bet with the little kids. Is to pick up one by the ankles that you can Selena bitch like back in army yet and you blown up a bunch of but the truth is your arms are gonna get tired after awhile because there and light in right. So you can still broad bashed him like six goals but you've still got a lot of work to do. And I your arms are worn out these kids they have more energy than they Frick you need all I want to bite you in goal for the family jewels. I'm done to kids are worse than you think they would be it's going to be an interesting poll today and Interpol what do you fight twice a year olds twice seniors or seven. Wiener dogs there's no dummy 844999. Oleg who is our first contestant read a play the big game hello Eric welcome to the mandrel. Hello and welcome to them. Oh yeah. Are you children have children. Welcome to show aired. Erica and improved quality of five point six year old Tony figures are seven weird. That. Up there to tell your mom and scatter. Okay. Our marvelous. There are orphans. They pulled these kids off the store you're gonna buy it either way you're gonna get in a conversation whatever you think you go to those whoever your situation is about throw pepperoni the dog's gonna go you're going to fight these are you need to know like these kids unified and all of these kids the mother's name is Tammy. She is the unicorn tad too on the move it to its most Pall mall she doesn't care. Maybe we'll run back and this guy comments he says I have a fifty pound for you roll the third twenty of them no way out. Jack I. I'm I'm worried about the scene two or connect and and that demand. They're out that you think it would it would don't. I'm a man this is I mean may be. I'm worth fighting for our lives here this all Bob brutality. Yeah I mean a lot of people don't have to mention that when you get older and people forget stuff. They could organizing going half composer who he beat you right away after the remembers black for a man so what are you baker. I urged the baby girl go against the leader dark but I didn't think it they'd be able to personally you know. Yeah added in an answer we would have never guess that until this story popped up to them from what everyone is saying these dogs are bred to be courted itself so they look ridiculous but it bred to be tough. Yeah I think it. Opened up. The uptick. In a market to limit it to edit it quite a would you Stratton. I'm still going with the moment nick at all. After I round things out you know six or log on our I don't know I'm glad you gave some thought I'd hear is your first question. In 1959. I'm sorry in the 1959. Novel flowers for Albert what type of animal was Alger and and. When he ran for the couldn't help. He never read that one it's it's sad it's yeah for Alger yes yes there too much don't don't. Doctor Julia was either an adult don't watch the book is that. Go watch Brian's song if you're if you're in the mood to be in that mood. Don't Spaniard tired every book is come to the quick want to Brian's song I don't feel about this game is big dummy 44999. All of those are next contestant try to play the game. Hello Steven welcome to the men's room. I see these children and fill out that in the parking lot so far about the leftovers from nuclear super. I've been brutal looting plain and 26 year old forty seniors there's seven of the Wiener dog I don't know what Doug. You. People get the ball kind of common command Billy Dale old people smarter but the bones are brittle. A lot of people this is an amazing discovery of a lot of it scared of the kids. I mean if it was my columns about. Thought I got a six year old nephew who's crazy a remote close. Right afterwards I am am. However known for crazy in a good way our lives in his eyes beyond the concern. Yes and no I mean he loves the fight in a restful and he doesn't really well. But like what was the guerrillas say and that's our and they don't know the rules don't go right tools. Exactly. Satellite house start today that you don't know pool I would relate how little you know goal for the general if and if you feel like you gotta take one of those tunes to protect the excuses that. The government will. I hear if you're glad to welcome biblical figure was the founder of Judaism. All grace. On the. Not a religious person. I think you you have to contact compiled Jewish Israelis have spoken to you Bruce if it. Alex I would think color going toy. A true very true. Carter question I think we do women he did it at all what to do with you today. Look into the second most abundant element in the sun after hydrogen. Are you a unique. I'm glad you think its these guys worked there got a lot of people out under and gave his big dummy four point 99 Manilow is our next intestine ready play the game. Hello and hello Dan welcome to the men's room. I. The Vancouver Vancouver. Over their ultimate joke. We do for a living. And a man a loser before they have this whole thing up right Dan. You poor young guy didn't suffer and I don't know who in their system mass. Hi Dan men's room wolf. Who do you fight 26 year old when he seniors and seven Weiner dogs the all of their allegiance because if you're it's. You know how much we don't I think it will not doubt doubt our man on again not my. Just refer back to the comments your general on the thinking is aligned with those people as some luck. The seniors and we analogy of my theory like if I think given bound maybe they stayed down a little longer about the Tyler get back to defeat Al circle back around. Everyone yeah yeah. Ellsbury had three kids so. Yeah at sterilize it. I can definitely tell the parents of delight in our own effort against. Art is a question comment or question about what word become shorter and by adding two letters. Source. Yeah. One word that comes ashore by having you up. I. Nor did stop me if I'm on now sneaking back crazy crazy questions. There's big dummy for par 999 Olin who is our next contest and write play the game. Hello Matthew welcome to lament her. Hello Matthew. Yeah olive oil. These children have children. At Fuhrman through both gonna get into a fight. We get to choose between 26 year old Tony seniors or seven Wiener dogs. I've got a lot of stake at about this curse. When your dog to god that it actually figured out. They're vicious. And there and if they aren't that means the day itself I was beleaguered I'm really I'm sitting around McAvoy can environment. But and we own them. Well in my judgment dogged it say to look me. Oh that's sick I've failure that lol I love I would say slowly Jack bullying. But let's senior citizens that 800 and you wedge into seasonal that in. I guess I would go to kid. Good years in the senate opening night saying Jack hey we look where it went we we grew zero. DeBartolo global. And just him and people and in every generation says this but 65 now is that the same as it was sort of years ago and it's the oh yeah. I know man and I'm just tell appeal of the double leg sweep you can just hit a fuel boom down our relief and distract did you beat your ass was very well could happen at least you're going to an early dinner beside your crowded. And you know. I like it sometimes so did your uncle. I want available what do we do it doesn't every ounce while the crew of the early dinner on the weekend and who does not that glitzy lifestyle. Mean this to be like Bob Barker like they might just lose it Kabila to score like eighty years of frustration did you lose they. Special think of any talk of trash there on this. You know play a little bit. I just care last I think that's all you see me and I don't think dogs in Kenya they definitely people seem to get more mellow. Some people. Who were. I think if I did the question. I I had a granddad for Tampa right now don't. I'm gonna both sides. Who was charles' nephew on the show Two and a Half Men. It'll. Claim that while the target name but not you don't know which. I'm sorry. Really yeah. Tiger question during World War I. What disease calls 13 of all soldiers' deaths. Area. Never had a gonorrhea hill. Good not that I'm available Larry. Started bloop all the Spanish memo. Or that his face he's been running war. Well my fair pay analog import Matthew Goodman or big Demi come and others you'd like to big intensity for 4999. Old you are listening to the bands are ready network. Well did you know you don't have enjoyed the men's room. Heads have gone I'm dead to me and their nose at Sonoma. New snack food news the hedge have gone up right after emails on the game known as big dummy we do have met you a liar is up like do not sober and working on question number three. Our Matthew here is question number three what year did the main hour bring the puritans to the new world. Excluding it here. Sixteen and cards and the question. What branch of mathematics. Deals with the sizes and shapes of objects. A. Our man on man. Struggle and only daughter and a math at that point in time in my life man that I took geometry and I was like you know what I can get that. The managers and used the lead algebra as a normal brought Al dry had a tough time with the against giant ladders Dak a dagger figured out. Made sense to me how to rub out those current seventh grade in that I remember looking at the the chalkboard normally. Why the letters written in my father spent probably two month run of points to write you and I hated homework. And it sit down with him and he's trying to explain like what the letters represent but just as a kid at that time might work. If he represents do nothing one over the drug and absolutely that would have represented the way the right there it was. I know he got is a very patient man but he GAAP pro I hated it and I never wrap my head David big W 844999. All who is our next contestant right to play the game. Hello Amanda welcome to the men's room. It's. Over. A raft they don't want to bring their Amanda I don't hold it up and I could not do. Intellectual chill out what Baghdad Hotel Armon Drupal. Again junior the fight you wanna fight when he six year old when he seniors are seven Wiener dogs man. I don't know fifteen years I feel like they know better I won't go back with all of the love you know put a hint that we'll feel bad they don't know about it you kind of nomads. You feel really bad kids man. I'm like if I didn't I would hear about it I could beat up look at the city there. Don't feel. Like I kind of feel bad economic council and all my life I won't lose sleep about the way a lot of people agree with you but as far as as seniors to. Most we've on the commented we've seen the people made the mound to face and saying hey man. You realize like Chuck Norris the senior. Come on you don't lose Vietnam vets so those seniors those Sylvester Stallone look at the videos of him doing the right to work you know Arnold toward on an old saying oh we get it I don't get it man but still had in my bed and led to my bed that I don't see Chuck Norris on the other side. Long and aggregate and they'll be plenty of and the odds are that they're like one track Lori Arnold. Then they're like one old guys who can't walk our. Legal and all people. It to pay the regular I think seniors that I think my dad tour with a hurricane. You have national hurricane yet he got now but I deflate. Wicket taking it could take them. I is a question for which viral disease to the league pass or develop a vaccine. And although it. Oil. And I'm worried about getting the. Until it is important to hit it has its console. Melvin Matt Christensen and I'll bite our ratings of marine navy ships. The next question. What is the Hebrew word for peace. You both as a greeting and for what it's like aloha. Or oil. Peace peace it. Yeah Holler action alone I it's worked there a very good. He gave his big dummy for 4999. Poland was our next contestant read a play that game I would tell the story mean furcal and I both the second time sort of shook on Salome Baltimore. They came shall we have a thing we've both worked on a show called shall did you ever doubt that make peace. I don't know how I don't I don't know about. I thought it only meant hello and then you got it once hello Baltimore they were not but I thought I left of like hello I'd get a map but it it was specifically. Jewish leaning shows the a look I get it but then it blew my mind was working with them when they point though like dude it. It also means could bar. And Gore's my public just like Hawaii the late yes the Jews are just like. Just like hawaiians. By the F for the meaning peace had no idea yeah every every high holidays brisket point. Yes as reported that a fellow Max welcome to the men's room. All Ochoa thought wow. From the shelves and recalled today. Including a five point six year old placing here's our seven Wiener dogs. On the dole a little while just it's been compounded daily. Okay aren't men I numbers they really did little station identification come right back in I get so big and there is. We like to make it doesn't play because it could kill it or foreign 9990. Look. The show and many games continues on the men's room. Radio network.