04-23-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Has A Picnic

Monday, April 23rd

Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Picnics and Husbands! Plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Ever go out. Foundry tells of the show they are as good as my categories on the way to be picnics in husband's in the meantime it is RN a question question 844999. Doled out. Fran Gallo LA we welcome to the injury and friends. Jerry I saw. I'd solid figure there and a question questions Hoya. What would you say Sully is the worst thing that anyone has ever given you. For those of presidents one euros a day DL. I was a worse thing anyone's ever given me an stray dog in vice. All. The day. That has given me it would be. I guess the best birthday present when the kids. Would you get. Like. If it'll board game again not a player and I didn't like it. Or David C you're like why why do people do that. In the blanket second cabin miners on my dad I don't remember exactly who and when your kid he used just wanna scare the predators and play the quilts out there and you know after everything else. But it. But I remember who gave me the cool stuff it under the resonates so deeply as a kid like Dell also sounded this. The crappy gifts I didn't remember too crabby gives in my mind when your kids are like and I hate to say this vote close. And the reason the clothes are crap to get his because. Close should be something that's just they're like your gift at Christmas or pass our an error or whatever Honecker it should be. Get food. Like well let's just be a condition of your being there you know hopefully get a lot of different if you're gonna celebrate that they parents are my heroes but it was a gift. If the clothes that in my case something like. The incredible Hulk. This happens again this from the get that to get open notepad a jacket with your favorite football and brag that to get men who have won and it's a collared shirt like this is not a give you should be so this isn't a requirement in my mind that discover those years ago my cousin was real it was like forty now but he was. Six or seven maybe and they would drive to our home. For Christmas dinner so my cousin and his mother has had a Christmas Claire and she. Looked mildly bitter but you couldn't quite figured out my cousin meanwhile he had gotten. He Raphael. Action figure of the teenage mutant ninja turtles snacks and this to him. Was the equivalent of finding like gold blew it you could not part of this an early want to talk about Rockville and we knew he was excited we knew that was part of this Christmas Day. The daughter mom and civil what's up man assists a lesson. He's got a lot of gifts this Christmas but a lot told them. We're close and all the clothes were from his mother and he has now told me that Mamas blame meanwhile. Santa Claus from Paris listening. Gave him Raphael and he doesn't want to even talk to me now he only wants to talk to say and Pakistan to get them chair and mom obviously doesn't. Oddly enough the following year can you believe. Santa Claus hosed him abroad are nothing but closed. But my and it turns out a few regular about bottom all the good dip all okay now but I I had that lesson in my head through the exception of one gift this year. Most of the stuff that I knew the kids were truly appreciate oddly enough information yet and Sammy gave them some crap that they need. Other US horse. Saying that they've ever been given Ted you'll appreciate this one Washington fanned Matt freight which wrote a personal letter to dance Snyder back in December he had one idea. He was just basically saying like look. I don't know what you guys as plans are a lot of football genius but I think it might be a good idea if he's signed quarterback Kirk cousins to a long term commitment he's a fan favorite I'm a fan of Kirk cousins. He was riding one of those players just expressed his feelings. When he got back was something completely different. Frederick got a signed a photograph of team owner Dan Snyder in the mail to wasn't even a cover letter or anything he said. Just one photo of Dan Snyder that was signed. What traded had asked was for Saturday keep many cousins around for a while some in this matter obviously did not end up doing. But the letter basically sit please give Kirk cousins a long term deal that makes him happy. To be a Washington Redskins even if that means making him highest paid player in NFL history. I thank you that from Kirk or that from her cart path and I have a broker if you run like that deal. Operator said that day in the past that it look it is what is he's now what each year for the new quarterback Alex Smith. But he referred decider responding to his letter with a autographed picture of himself as quote kind of a jackass move. So there and dance man tonight kind of dad dad dad he's energetic guy it's an honor I have here on me as you'll miss actual jackass is a offended that we view them as friends about it. If I'm afraid I'm a big sports and I'm trying to think of an owner that I'd want his autograph. But maybe Michael drew what is that just in making the ultimate. When you see doing that on purpose like hello is people gonna follow you dig through my dad right I mean he didn't remake that latter yet done in my console stumble a bit someone's being a decent but you gotta wonder. You know he didn't send and so is the person being in the bag because dense matter who is indeed bags and sent. And in my picture or is a person working for Dan Snyder. Does not like I don't Snyder they're now they're on their tea bags enough to think that somebody would want that. Nobody yet but they just in the survey among. What an intolerant owners and players. Could ex players who have been GMs you respect most and owners. Arm and Dan Snyder I don't remember if you finished 32 but he fender somewhere between 32 Friday and dressed in summer would know it was. With him look believers not John Elway. As a general manager thought he was weighed about a few others. The browns distill the browns are still good and the bad angles because I'm an old Adobe had then you'll chatter nobody wants an autograph picture. Brenda Brenda from everybody ran down friend friends hello today and welcome to remember on friends grand Ole oh wow. Rather theory after you and Aaron a question question okay this is like go to and what did you get on you war and you. Oh well I'll work survey companies solo a whole lot of pace out of I thought it dumped on my leg before and Jen humour in just that anything's. No thankfully and Jen and you do look like or real brief commercial grade crazy things the way. I do but that's fortunately now what I had not come yet. Okay aren't would be the worst thing in your on your line of work to have dumped on you. Like tar from the roof of of building well I think anybody anybody can go that Leah. But I don't all of the crappy stuff I had to get out. I'm and it appears in the the oil base error. This stuff this specific before. Like. Morality. You area that are let me ask you this is it possible is it humanly possible. To paint anything without getting paint aren't. Who do well. It's it's there to look and die doing that and figure it out there covered at the dollar every day. Downtown casinos and I mean you know as it doesn't matter what it doesn't let you get pain I'm in my guide lead paint skateboard write my own time your dumb some others paint all of according to a new study out of the university of Connecticut's the hand dryers in public bathrooms or spring fecal matter all over everything including obviously your hands. Basically when someone flushes the toilet it since fecal particles swirling in the air the hand dryers on the man. Our best ball high. In a heated fashion which is just straight up disgusting man I think there are religious Bakes improved with a shoot it on your hand that. So what should you do the researchers say you should try to use a paper towels which kind of flies in the face of anyone who says we should not use them because of the environment so whenever the wind is they're if you don't have a favorite Tara let me typically if they have those hand dryer ruined Arab labors under the original paper towels and out and there we have Lamar story here on what did you get tough on you or and you. This what happens in Jacksonville Florida a Saint John county woman claims her Dennis gave her a bizarre foot massage during her appointment. The incident occurred at smiles yes sentenced yet. The woman Stacey Wellington said the dentist also offered her Renoir all right is a good time. The long thought the ordeal also strange that she texted her husband almighty god just offered me a foot massage and red wine in which he replied that is not a dentist office. Wellington love the dental office that she says she began to feel pain and went to a local hospital to get checked out. The staff told her she had an abscess. He was giving me a foot massage I didn't see him change gloves select their hands or in my mouth now and my whole mouth became infected guy man's PP. It's odd. Man that he got together like foot and mouth disease and so grope her and all this let. Guy. Wow. Why do you see give the full I don't know I mean she says I was so free donuts ice my husband who has his obvious to break down. Put a beat anyone else whose job hey don't Jim what America wanted to publicize. And whenever Brenda your ankle Randall. Friend a friend and I loved friend Tyler welcome to ruin your friend to friend hold up there still are going wow. Okay. Gatherings give Israel a question here is what what did you find in your home Tyler what did you find in your home. Fall from. Our guys know many of those. By my dad owns that I gave really if Harvard referring to almost scored the weird thing OK it's like what I had to think. I had to stay weird. You like the threat against the Pope appeared stalled everywhere. Weird bold all right yeah I saw like scary bloodied all of everywhere and yet this it will he has talked everywhere. So what does he collect now exactly. Do you ever collect data saying yeah yeah and they escape route so. You just like making six game road and sell you admit you build a truck. Okay adults like scary dolls that scary really you know. What is an escape Peru last. The rooms are going to and it's a committees think there's like little inclusion or try to get out of there and assert my time alt and escape the roof OK I call that my home when strangers visit your dad has ever living. That's pretty cool so is he weird outside of that burden of all the awareness gets funneled into his creations. Oh no it will we could. I don't even know he knows he's weird. Chet state okay and are you weird as well. Oh yeah I want that I am okay what what is your level of weirdness what is your word Disco. All right I'm an actor so I got beat pretty leery now there's some Roma OK those are gonna. I'm well that sounds interesting. I never heard of an escape through until right now. Or is certainly anyone who did the props for them. Reason we asked would you find your own police in Louisiana sailed we came home and discovered I get stranger and are better bathtub 00. Eating she notes while taking a bad call that four player rob from almost 29 year old Evelyn Washington was arrested on burglary and property damage charges. The responding officer found. Full total watered a plate of food along with a happy and she goes bag belonging to the victim on the toilet thanks to the top in Washington told us the homeowner and police and an unknown male have told her to break into the house take a Matheny to Jadox. Police on it's all ice chests and are broken window it's unclear Schiller it's Gomez make woman better be easy just it's it's actually good. So I got there are dozens got a minor categories may Mason husbands and a return and as a manager Matt is all coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. They just you. True. You're Kansas goes by Gary's pick next day unit is a national picnic day of course. And a husband your guess is as good as mine. It's gonna be yes we will drink Intel's with a shot of the day first time reviewing emails in the men's room amends in my back up. Does get into the birthdays here because dull to tell us today marks our son Aaron tonight stripper on the sun he loves listening to you guys would meet. And mama and we never miss a show giddy about oh man aside good up cupcake and a big old LeRoy Jenkins love you little stinky bad from the mom. And the Dan O. And guys I said that president I share birthday have been a Montgomery and a barber shop they sandwich that from. Add music to movies Laura this Sam wins. She's done her own desire. I don't understand is any reason do really is in the morning and afternoon and I cannot. And elbows with a very special French president give him a happy nineteenth birthday was in dirty Germans explaining the birth control. Our thanks guys that from the urban rednecks. Yeah I couldn't move controller belief. The word is. To them it is actually true anti big. Yeah the tournament and didn't German you don't know much about his birth control I would say ask. Guys nobody's done birthday today how to make only broad Jenkins thanks guys that from Jason. Yeah. Old it is it's my birthday is it possible for you guys agreed to sound bytes come out and play with a clinking bottles from a cult classic movie the warriors. Respectfully Dave snow day we're not giving your penises too small we don't play that. If he messes us you give assault. Sixty. Gifford Lloyd again young to me is this news small guys Illinois my beautiful wife and he's happy birthday she's the strongest woman I know she can lift any thing. And I don't know where I'd be without our love and sport always emotional thing. However to the moon and back could you please give or a couple of joy chestnuts and some dirty Germans talking about chestnuts. Thanks guys that for Mike. It. Don't know who took to the slopes you have to recently sent to your actions. The drill them both Jesse. Coincides with the appearance of people. Hi guys you know. Yeah. Yeah yeah there are okay yeah yeah yeah but I. Hey dude you don't need you. The dead I'll. And Germans brought. Was available through these world sings on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Are you trying to fly. Blue line right now 844999. All you'll play your download. Is as good as my gun appeared just a few minutes come lectures Jennifer here I I don't know as far as things of people says that a bit uncomfortable or what has custom one's mouth that man a man. As I was once asked if I had gotten liposuction when I lost a lot of weight. From having cancer role. Awful damn. Guys in the eighth grade graduation ceremony with a speaker before diplomas ran an alum sitting next to my friend and Eileen over make a fat joke about the bad speaker on the podium. He leans over me and says. Oh she steps. When the words do your dirty vigil as words Demi dirty when I had a girlfriend who told me she was pregnant. And according to hurt my next words were gonna tell anyone else apparently knows not the right thing to say instead of being comforting her letting her know I would take care of things. Anyway I think was only test she really was impregnated she was just crazy that was fun that from Christopher. That seems normal I know somebody who just went silent traffic that majority married he couldn't. He just he was stunned when Abu did he just went silent blizzard is my first kid to death she was they were pregnant and he just kind of was like. Yes nice and he's awesome awesome animal. It is just act and they excelled and people would still do so they he's enthusiastic about ten yeah right I don't. Subject toilet paper substitution. All of until it's sorry it's a bit later I'm Bob behind on the on the podcast but I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned. It was the first thing I thought of when you guys asked what did you use other than toilet paper. An army officer during World War II mistakenly used a poison leaf from the gym Pete Jim Petrie to wipe. And decided to shoot himself in the head because that was another option than having to live through the excruciating pain that this planned causes. People been known to kill themselves after touching it giving it the big name these suicide plant she leaves are covered with tiny sharp needle like here's a releasing pulled neuro toxin. And create the sensation of being set on fire and burned with acid at the same time. This agonizing pain can last months and be felt for years. Here's a close up picture thought you'd enjoy this club to show people I'm rocket. By the way I love hearing Robbins laugh and a background and in the making the audibly laugh out loud whenever I hear it too. That from John listening in Boston on WA AF Boston's legendary rock station John do you always brings sunshine you ended that way if hey I think you guys would enjoy that despite your story was I knew how wide disaster and it was important kill themselves. It's intriguing when I don't know that in Jolie bag is that the correct word I'm not sure what this email pertains to but it was a blank question we did. Situation I'll never forget from us someone wearing something was with my friend AKA the need cooler. He's agents old Korean fellow this was prom 20113. Decided to purchase his own to get for himself. He wore a red Fuzzy feathery dress with a brawl person red heels to match completely photo bombed our prom pictures some people complained others like myself. Found it to be the most epic memory for a high school dance ever. Even kicked off the first dance by himself in the senator what is arms extended out there is that he was dancing was someone. By the end of the night he attended to grind on the DJ that's part he was 100% stone cold sober one of my best memories. He also dressed up as a little kid at school one day and random halls as I wore a trench coat would dark circle glasses chasing after him. Good times cheers bridges from sunny and warm collects a co California rose collects cigar I don't know phone. Terms that I even pronounce that right collective California free crap yourself. Jesus is that wet. Those what is I don't mind that if I clear your thought like seven in a puddle and it got to stinky and Kevin is going to this one is awesome. Now let's horrible one earlier Bruce quiet on sanity and subject don't be like me. Let's see here let me show they'll be like me and go to a paint ball game and go behind enemy lines waiting a big German flag journalists. I've just Garza might just because of this but I'm not gonna lie it was worth that and I would do it again. Gonna going to super game 51 in the beginning of may can't wait them deftly going to bring a six pack a mentor who ran with it Annika did last year. A couple more here of a Joseph Louis as far as Ted bringing up with some playing time sweets he'd skills. Wanted to say thank you Ted for mentioning Sweetney heats kittles. Really good as I like spicy things and it served well as an April Fool's Day prank on my teenage daughter. She likes a sour candy but can't hang with spicy foods. Have a great day that from Keith who listens in Munro Lish. Black and help terrorize your Fam and attract. Always I think you're my part. And again here may be out of your mood you marry him. About puke stories guys and his cousin who is quite a few years older than me and he and my dad had been drinking money evening. When they had gotten a beer munchies they decide to go get a burger. They eat that burger and a while later my cousin Fuchs upset burger. Lo and behold there's ring to an onion a full ring not bitten and any pieces nothing just off bull ring my cousin let's Shannon says. Some are near and and dates and company sitting there all right other than a puddle of puke. I've heard that story a million times the still makes me laugh today piece of that is. That was cute couple whole onion my mouth so why can't you get there so don't put I don't get the first time there's nothing okay about that story yes. And a final which is my house story of a talking to someone who has creepy took up place on a bus. One of the first times herald the most I was sixteen I said towards the back so no one would sit beside me. This plan failed and an older man sat down effectively trapping me in the back with him after asking how my day was going he then told me the following statement. You know how Charlie Brown has always after that redhead in his class I'm the same way. I'm a ginger so I'm immediately creeped out and didn't either and asks if I am eighteen and I immediately respond that I am most certainly not. He then proceeds to tell me about his friend who slept with a daughter and how he found was disturbing and that he would rather see it to someone that was underage rather than his daughter. I've never been so creeped out in my entire life. This conversation continues for a bit longer and then he got to the next stop and I was so thankful that they got off. Word of advice never ever sit in the back of the bus. That subject I am soundness. My general your guess is as good as mine is an easy game to play we get a contestant on the line from there you take from one of two categories and it's a deal to get any right instead category. Before a three strikes and you're out I see who has Arkin doesn't ready to play your guess is as good Costello Kayla welcome to the men's room. Our guy. Scalable gonna show welcome to your guess is as good as mine are categories today which you'll be choosing from Caleb RV ten things the women actually appreciate about her husband's. And our ten favorite foods to take on a picnic. What category thing and there on your guess is the cruise lines. At. Ten foods are Caleb. Don't know if you knew this or not but today is in fact. National picnic day. I would think would fall in a weekend. You know because you wanna celebrated during the workweek smiles and goes mommy blog or during the dial they're only going picnic and if you're like most people. Even when you have that I opportune time to have a picnic you still don't guess. So Kayla basically what goes down as this new survey asked 1000 Americans to name their favorite picnic foods. The way we play your guess is as good as mine is you need to get as many right before three strikes figure out in the category of our ten. Favorites picnic food stuff. Man look I'm not a big picnic guy but I'd have to think she's just someone who should be believe why you are what yelled. Grade one of the keys are storming I know remember though there stays that we fly over here in the United States of America pickled pig's feet right. I don't know another full cart record of it is our 1000 Americans answers to their favorite picnic boots. Yeah. She's. On the list. Now picnic food does that mean look at sandwich. All of could very well being as specific kind or who knows maybe they're gonna have a meal out there in little bastard militarily a lot of good season and I don't know anything about the technical know panic should be like a bad gas but they need to be a butter and jelly your Turkey sandwich and in my back to chip I was thinking. Turkey sandwich we're remote lonely and Jesus and I'm in my world is disrupted. Think about sitting and picnic tables. There's nothing in the traditional picnic as much as we go someplace we're just sit on a picnic table I think that Sheen water right we look at this hamburgers. Breathing Caleb. Yeah what are known as number there. And our third of favorite picnic food according to a new survey now you're tracking you down one strike among correct answer. On our ten favorite picnic food. I'm hot dogs potato incidents. Dark. Nonetheless sure I'm not a matter of fact nothing on the list is grilled all these things can be brought except for one cold item. Trouble one article and go big big LA cooked potatoes salad and I can't imagine how it McEnroe now Bartok and and I ended. Potato salad is number four. On our favorites picnic food till we got two strikes. We've got to correct but I think you're in the right ball game. And just in game instead fried chicken I don't know if you take Hibbert you don't but meg payments for tragedy definitely fried chicken. Good former solo. Project it is. You'll notice RR favorite picnic foods now I think you're getting an idea the world we're living in here until fried chicken is our main dish. What are some of the sides that we could possibly have a fried chicken chickens. It's generally met Jesus something's gonna I don't know if I'm told that out on the picnic we got into how. Yeah located salad rules come and remove fried chicken and potatoes and I mean we got to anti woman who believe in himself macaroni salads. Maybe just a shift in general maybe just assault staff how likely goes on the ball away. It's thinking about it. Tips and tip number far and that is correct. Those so far our ten favorite picnic foods you've gotten two through five correct that would be fried chicken. Watermelon potato salad and chips and dip there are six more favorite picnic foods or remain Caleb you have two strikes with one strike remaining. It. Pasta sour our seven morale on the list absolutely there is one of more type of salad each type product it's not really bothers a couple of this is more of that tradition of a picnic outdoor. We sell an eight million U how marrow of the you know I go you know fruit salad he would need to have there fruit juice possibly be there. Yeah it. Now does number eight I was correct in his number eight on the list. As far as your favorite picnic foods. He goes back breakers out there young you are ridiculous and so we have another many amazing things we have a main course besides fried chicken. We have another side thing is to be honest with you once I eat one of these things attendees all five or six demo link all manner so don't let that. Death. Those that failed. He won't he's still do their tail up. Com or use phone died on now I am I you've got to think Devlin was because they don't experience those dudes Ahmed is number six I had cleared the way yeah I. Number two was fried chicken number three is watermelon number four potato salad. Number five Jews and their number six double legs seven pasta salad ate fruit salad. There is one more side item there is one dessert and there's one main dish the remains high coming from the the comments here people screaming to us were saying barbecue slash baked beans from. As surveillance still on the line that is not a man and a rollback okay eighteens I think you'd have to keep those up. I don't know. Well I really don't put cold flaw a familiar cool you know I love us involvement Kool Aid does it it's you know we we that was the devil they answers thousands OK not the bad and so there's no global automobile mayonnaise but it does seem Michaels one of those. Pasta salad macro myself I don't wanna go out and rolls biblical movie roles it was straight what I pay him. You if you do what happened to be put him in between two. Our whole family payments do you get a sandwich which is number one that is narrowing of the Henry's family jet there it. Out peanut butter and jelly targets down wedge in Afghanistan no idea that would be the number Linux yes all right now we got one dessert one side item. So far samba Java you could use a it's done damn and a dessert item and watermelon thing is that this kind of goes into the hole. Feel of the dumb picnic thing I jello now only playing. We already eating fruit salad. Deserve to rice crispy treats. Flowed back home you know he's also I'm really I. It's high. Pop and the client number nine all right. And then we have one more side and the ultimate well if you act called sloth is a little local anything. I don't know what I'm telling you law I have incidental mentally I'm past the common several liberal like I didn't screaming gold for all that's kind of tired of crazy things that I would not on the list I think you're gonna live in the KFC world here a weird way Amanda potatoes. Now all that's been out there Simpson did this. He's still that Dana and you begin at KFC you can get a KFC well it's not making cheese on Mac and cheese corn. Sock corn some. And I we've gotten kids get over. No biscuits. Who does get it is the size dynamic KFC. Potato wedges is a popular side got to make any plays and offers fried chicken. Red beans with I think your clothes. I think we're I think that's really does Google make beats it was okay. And I made me make it means no more screaming saying anything against Greg being the ones and dean made being mean barbecue means Martin yeah I mean Pete on the street new government. It means god damn it. And we did it. Got beat them after her for the local Thoreau goddamn beam them redo all things to come NN and guess what just say you know 6% of people out there who participated in the survey. Absolutely hate to picnics and the idea how it affects all here are your ten their favorite picnic foods at number ten they being followed by. Client nine fruit salad baked pasta salad seven doubled exit six chips and dip to five potato salad before. Watermelon number three fried chicken number two and number one food item it's her favorite pick and a picnic would be the so damage. And merry go. It's gonna attack on a rendering it tells the shot of the day return it as a man Jeremy is coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Men's room was smiles and drill. And bring adults nowadays is moments away the first kids instead that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us you know. STD. It's. It's my mama. Questions that need answers and yes we can help this. Is as good. But brass man's addition doesn't email to the men's room amends in my dark comic the subject as a man's or mask away and away we go. All guys now last year's red vest was absolutely awesome and the bands kick ass and were great. When he guy's gonna announce who will be there have been holding out a Meyer my think it's waiting to hear things like that from Paul. Flawlessly we should we should know we are probably no clue and a couple weeks make I think by the end of this week. As elevate those other jealous look at and ordered Baghdad Douglas hours aren't we just open drink so I got that email aim at Fordham directly drying castle. Who's the unsung hero basically organized as always thought he does and not putting got back to me and he said impacted this morning and man toward Morgan I'm now okay most of its lock down the lake Indy thing we're going to wait ten in Korea and all the closer we get thread festival let's look tickets it was so close are we get there we'll have all the bands we'll have all the food vendors everywhere and it's going to be there we do know is going to be bigger and better than last year and dumber and it's going to be just us do a good time. Finally figured until mr. want to counselor to the plug. I'll tell us what is the protocol on lingerie I have lingerie from a long time ago that I may have worn once or twice with a guy that was within. I don't warning years and recently founded unpacking some boxes. Would be wrong to meet where for the guy I'm currently wit no is that even a question that would cross a man's mind nice for your infinite wisdom fellows that from Christie uses PS. You're the best part of radio I mean it depends on the guy but all of the guys I've ever met and have ever known resoundingly. Do not care they don't care if you wore last night for a different guy debris I'm Andre that the guys' minds that is a real good place is put I I would never think to say did you Wear that your previous relationship I sure hope not. Yeah I have you ever made a mile Bindra restaurant that you either eight or went to in a brief brief relationship. Nobody gas debt less the less it's you know ruffled her looks really really well just you don't tell them right. Right if you're going don't you go to a place that may be used to take it acts that you really like them right now I used to love this place yet don't don't tell them that personal efforts no. Why did you sense that money just like. Yeah well anyway I just came out like I know loves secret spots here why you can hear a little bit marathon and on Larry I am. You. You didn't dare ruin the weekend with a chance of in any action. No but it did we never went back. It's never got a a you know what Leach came within a good mood right Ron. And things aren't so well and others are more for thrill all the visual is about white is under the impression that in abandon the basis it's the most ladies. I told that is simply not true like I said the order goes is such singer. Guitarist drummer and band manager stage hand if I tried to an audience member basis who's closer thanks bitches that from towns. Look I played Bates or about thirty years now and I can promise you. Your wife is incorrect. Luck and the lows. Alicia war Stephen Wright like nobody's who you front the main thing he did then I just don't know about it certainly. Good look at it comes down to this aren't because ugly Danielle Getty Lee fronted band plays bases tonight and ask me anything but why look it's his it's a band right. And you plan to band and was to just drop dead gorgeous good looking which we are not. I don't aren't apple may be my Favre don't help put that aside and let that happen. They're expected thank the big news more good into a blame them they load well it's just the base miles I testaments are businessmen they had sheath. They should have put what is your opinion on assembling your own pizza at home. When you put on the geez how about cold cuts and such is there a specific order to follow any forbidden domination that from Cristiano. Got a after the actor images they use an app. Call number is okay please do the best laugh Dominic pizza well into the night did make it if you don't lose Glenn. Marinara sauce. Geez topics correct. I can't stand unless it is in Chicago style pizza to depends on the topics like the Bologna out of by the top one the result even allowing Greece cups. And wanted to be hidden underneath the sheet that's why I thought the wake of the green peppers and they need to win your. I'll put him under the geez man. Now I'm gonna put among tossing a nice Krispy. I want to Chris you peppers and got marvelous little question variety of us here in the men's room this year they'll truth be prevalent than construed admits they're glad. Chris the period the and make these subject asked amends or my wallet we're better than Greg attack. Bloody it's a pure. It's just who it is. Shots of the. There's only had to do during desk and Steve throw he'll find out George tells them. Yes indeed and today. Today we chose 21 year old Jacqueline at the end of Hammond Indiana now Jacqueline she may be televised choice to drive drunk. Jumped under as Judy she started heading home. Well she failed to negotiate a curve drove off the road. Well the regressive medium. Announcing the exit ramp of understate Mandy for now she finally came to a stop when she slammed into another car. The other car slowed down the stop sign that the into the Graham. When Jacqueline came colliding now before you feel bad for the guy driving to the car you should know that heat like Jacqueline. Also driving drunk. Both were chartered DW I but Jacqueline was actually given a debt of gratitude leniency but gratitude. For helping police did too drunk people on the streets when they said otherwise they probably would have gone either. What are the odds of bats. You're driving drunk. Swerved off the road you don't entering an exit and be hit another car. The other bats seem pretty good. It turns out the other person to hit also driving drunk and should not have been thorough. I mean narrowed when it comes showed up to settle a quarter. We're kind of leave angry at both voted. Did you should know better but. It kind of ended well for all parties on this street that's there. Karma so reports this booze imagery this booze because we think at CNN our bags over the palm and down the blue. Slow to party in art honorees. Down oh yeah vigil mass. Particularly Arnott line right now hello profiled as a four Florida 999 all look. The show and many games continue on the men's room. Radio network.