04-20-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Wants A Mulligan

Friday, April 20th

Mens Room Question: When did words do you or someone else dirty?


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This is the men's room. Listening to. There's just not a Portland at Orleans classic rock 93 KG oh and also 96 YWCMF Rochester classic rock. And good morning courage Johnny for seven Khazei Indy Alaska's rock alternative welcome to spring in Alaska and good morning to you big Joseph Torre a bad jokes on the way Ted vs the FCC. And they were to talk about when did words do you or someone else dirty. This went down just a few days back Barbara Bush who passed away. We know Barbara Bush obviously through her son her husband's she's been in the White House he was also one on the one dollar bill. She was on one dollar bill. Many tributes have been coming in. And former president George W. Bush says his mother was joyful and still teased him the day before she died. George W. Bush in all sincerity. Is backpedaling on a statement it. And I don't think he thought about what he was so that does that's the point of wind didn't worry is do you or someone else dirty here's what happen you tell me. George Bush was speaking warmly of his mother during a leadership forum at his presidential library in Dallas and this was on Wednesday. His mother former First Lady Barbara Bush had died a day earlier at her Houston home she was 92 years old. The 43 president on Wednesday told the audience that the he told her during a phone conversation. That she had been a fabulous mother and that he loved her dearly who. He says that she responded by telling him. I want you to know that you're my favorite son whom. Active but then he told everyone bush and told audience members feel they didn't feel sorry for me says he's a piece of this month's death because his mother was at peace. He says she believed in an afterlife and was joyously looking forward to all that's fine. But if I'm Jeb Bush. For Burton Marvin Bush ferries they Amare remote or I believe there is also. She had a daughter I know the ship one daughter that passed on early on in life probably she had a probably Barbara Bush had a child the past when she was three. Her first child but I believe it was another daughter. Either way doesn't matter who your siblings other way around him and you know the last thing. Mom right before she died said and I just want you to know that your mired for Erica. You don't how does Jeb Bush feel now please. If it's a very heavy but I think Jeb feels way you always get realized the damage it's always need if you like that that power like I'm the most decent one out of our everybody like. I have a I have a I was the governor of Florida that's like B and god damn daycare provider with breathtaking and Greenland and Jesus Christ in my leg kid I think are gonna give me some credit here. But I don't out of favor heat heat heat and little David George had to say that but he's gay he was AJ had put his mom said but he deleted. In retrospect you prevalent oh god it's not a bad was he says that teaches at an agenda. A routine that you don't know if you are good knows you have no one other words do you or someone else 3844999. All forgotten Neil Bush Neil Neil Bush he'll bookish. So there is that what Marvin in the Marvin jam. Neil Marvin and Dorsey in my house is correct. Colleen there is younger sister of rob in the from leukemia at the age of three compared yes they've they've babies there's Brothers and that was a door at the end or Marvin do good army and I did not know they exist with this isn't about Marvin Bush you'll debate Marleau and I Harmon owns a big tall stuff and we've talked to Hubert joking. Like Marvin but we looked and Oprah oracle guy. He's worked as the director of HCC insurance holdings are a razor sharp right and then about Dorsey. Yates I don't know how extensive that stuff with C McCarthy did it again. You went around the favorites doesn't matter what they've done but I'm good enough George. W is the favorite well he was president. Sadly door theme runs nonprofit stuff like about spoke on an underdog is still not the federal about the potion made Coke. Oh she's a Coke life. Yeah horrific it hit it right there at K she's the one they see as she's the one that makes the guy give the money for no vibe that Lou. Just to throw people off the trail like that's working. We didn't words do you or someone else 3844999. Old hello Brendan welcome to the men's room. Look tired and so I'm a plumber. And I got called for my baht to go to good jobs site to fix leaks and no doubt. So they're looking at him and all the starters got throughout all the copper piping is just awful look it is a leaky air. Everywhere. I called in my pocket I don't know Lil bit this we should probably fire. Oh this looks like crap spewed. I would need. I. It's. If they know that. Yeah I think this terror what is true no. Right. Oh yeah okay we'll. Mean these and other than. About it I knew a thing if you knew in advance of that you didn't as a job done. Yeah enough credit NASA does is gonna shell company that. What do words you or someone else 3844999. Cola. Hello Chad welcome to the men's room. They would dubbed as. I. Soledad. Holiday party appears that and I end. At a hat maybe like six or seven rushing guys that work with me and everybody brought their families and their kids out but he had a couple dogs. But let doctor rerouted in all typical dog they're begging didn't they won't doesn't articulate my dog as a husky that is Uga quit begging you got. And I can't tell you where it looks a wide so the kids were looking everywhere again. I get yelled at the dog try to keep looking at their table and now one of the guys. Came over to him it's your dog's names you've got. Act like Hewlett and even Russian I don't know. It will debut at the league in your enemies asked. But in Russian translation he's ditched. It doesn't need and at the dinner tables are crystal started all time and it bit squid bag and. OK so that's brotherhood could I ask you a man it's that would unique and you're always we have we see a female. Yeah I mean Israel's all equates. Like that's all I did our bench. A quid Reagan did it hit off the table and leave that alone had risen amid managed. Since coming here when George do you or someone else 38449990. Hello Dylan welcome to the men's rooms. ED. Below and only. And OK so I live on that day at school trip I'm back in my junior year I spoke with some other students and basically we just went on the Mexico it's just that kind of an in Spanish we where I'm going to this school. Where they taught English people that lived there until they're teaching bashed out cents. First day we were there have been circular and it just act and how we where we can only respond in Spanish I only had about a year and a half of Spanish experience at that point. I wouldn't occur expanse and I remember got to my turn and I just remember I wanted to comment about the whether I was really warm anti terrorist safe. I want to say I really high and I look like crap what sort hi nick and remember and slick and I just remember the words. Yeah I just remembered the words like spicy like hot space inside that so ID calorie intake. And all these churches aren't laughing and really hard in my. I don't know what they say in millions I teach that level especially when there instead you just said. You really already. And it was so embarrassed about it I hate the content look at anybody there at. But I'm Powell Gloria I'll agree the time. The timeout at seventeen you probably weren't. If that's I think you know I'd say I'm an all things considered probably hasn't changed much but yes at that point that absolutely yes. And decorate a good lord man but still I'm happy you know. Spanish class and I in high school at a very small Spanish class. That took me awhile. So like you know I mean in the it was a slower class so hole. Oh cool is that. Yes there's like six and is in there and we were learning how to save like on top of the table or table mesa right yeah Jose Mesa to a table that. So one guy says something about on top of a table and I just go heat and that's where is mom dances. Who entered the picture if it's this battle with a friend of my other expenses. And you just like you know I like yeah but they eat you gotta write like everything had to write a hundred times like this I won't make fun of people's mom. Good news it is yeah. I would not ask for Barbara thanks in Mexico for a week before your correct and oh yeah and good thing as a man as the bodega next to a hotel. So everyone let it expects to anoint him and the guy that owns this joint duties just he's not a friendly guy. And really a big former biker guy. Huge mustache but to meet my perspective Obama viewed. Israel Joseph what I walk and he always do the same people disarmed he leaned back in the of those big tomorrow if he was always happen to save me some light obviously. If you guys and I'm to give her off the cool by Obama got bought. But one thing I could never figure out is why do I get the same thing every day. Every day at roughly the same time I go and pack of smoke from a and so it did seem strange to me that when I walked then. It was kind of Bakalar from register and not like you know don't when asked before but Butler. These drone feeds from the guys so quickly and our last day there the last day there might payment let me stop the storming of a pack of smokes. Korea to the airport could be much cheaper. To load up and I looked at my pastor my mom role rose up bright and big smile in the range of up singing. For in process. Every day for a week so I'm leaving and the world have you have you been asking for Marbury also. All week from what we get the bureau I mean Barbara patent threat might add Dan it. No wonder this guy loves CME and I wait for me it woke up every good there man. That they can I have the number of pigs are at it and that's why he was nice to me lemonade safe. When did Dawood words do you are someone else 3844999. Ole Bob told the rock bottom of the all the controllers which. To our house was not Spanish at all rightly bridge to look there are some stupid work and so I'm in Mexico and these guys. Talk radio is not something that happens in Mexico so it's all music in the idea of talk radio my emblems from the gentlemen you've. But you're talking a moment I don't know what to tie up. Listen you guys have like a greedy newfangled people calls original what actually we do I say all of Mitchell's. Anders is weird calls and then Mellon talking this man is he told of another there won't remember Riegle were better. There are yelling to the Freedom Hall so these are becoming all the patrols pointing at me she falls overlapping there laughing on my wall. How bad that he's an honest to god don't know exercise of man hello. That is said look at its common slang but essentially what you guys have been thing at this point. Or about ten years hello naked ladies cracked that aspect I think that is hopefully Sam Young there are. Why do words do you are someone else 3844999. Poland where the calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. It's miles. Bad jokes ready to go you can email Matt Jones in the men's room and answer my dot com speaking of the emails man as far as our question goes when did words do you or someone else dirty we have some gyms of emails coming up on our question. Hate far far 999. Cola. Mile below the street guard Jones everywhere. Jimmy comments Jimmy you know zarrella is a gym today I would ciresi welcome to the men's room. An avid. Yeah. A few years ago that there are actually several years ago. And my girlfriend Anna that cheating on me with her act. And I mean that's just there was really has so we broke out loud she handled saint booking me about a few weeks later. And says in out. You know I could still read true and although a lot. And building and that you can responsibility for anything. But I agree just because I like to keep the peace you know I was just like their daily commute and whatever. But in reality I was still really are intent and yeah oh yeah they'll. Probably cleared. Really really good friend of mine calls and says you know whatever happens you end I'm gonna leave her name out of them for obvious treatment. Whatever happened you had her. And I start talking to my friend as you exchange and I ended a long match did you about how. She is that a nurse said that they Tokyo pat the only fears about. And there. She's terrible instead that you really expecting it to her you know lag it smelled like tiger. Yeah I am leaning. You and all end. And I ended up spending it here are answered and senator. I Janet glad Gerald brown. Knack and what did that I thought I road my garbage is responsible. At all. I read her response could actually actually made me laugh out loud after I got. Pruitt via an initial embarrassment and word. Instead and I believe you meant and that does someone else question marks. And now it's kind of an. Not a lot after the fact only and president does well in all honesty and let go of high garbage or dead sky viewing makes sense that and ours is this would be bad in bed because they're probably would just blown away there and be taking care of instead of lakers all of its all about them at that point you know. I don't know she would totally 100% all of out of her like I had that big hurt on to do anything for me. She was the worst lesbian she that's like he's. Gentler slower here are current why don't you like I think competitively on TV you could give out awards show went well. And today that that wants that's a different ethnic tonight we find out that I. Yeah I think. Who is the worst lesbian GA of America good takes on team Japan and. Oh and Rudy title load. I have done is probably how I govern than it does nothing to bed. Let's go until Tex here's here's let's give up for Debra. It's just winning weekend is lovely Lake Tahoe and rebound the match. If we get. Game five out of Ted god whose doors let's get over. I'm Erica hi Gary thank our society are you dating anyone now. I'm not actually I'm happily single. Oh man I'm just loving being single day you play and the him. 'cause I blame steel. I'm actually not you know leg. You know I'm I'm not my. My laundry and they're playing the field and not fun at all that right now I'm just really focusing on. Unlike the old band making myself. You know I battered her and then. I'm a plate that's good and really really great spending more time with friends. Spending more time with my family I would do. William Burns agreed that that's great like god today I'm sorry he's there again. Yeah that's a I exactly and then they'll like that done. Loyalists are not a knee deep on garden centers near you hopefully next senator via a nicer place to visit wow. Where. When did. When did work earns. Do you are someone else 3844999. Hole Robin you're here I have to ask you this right so look in the world of guys leave you say guys small penis that. Right that's gonna wreck RE banks do go to ranked into small beach front and that's not a seeker I mean what would be like the real key Regina is that it's like you that we have. That's the low blow it's isn't yet so call us I doubted Warner's. Well I would say it stings a installs bad any part of them. No sultan and sexy and that's the best remedy able you don't compared to like you know. Assurant a small penis. Or you don't in this seat legality guy and me going to would you do approval. And I hate it's it's definitely it's a businessman top pocket expenses. As a routine same. Who quit did go words you or someone else thirty and Iraqi training can meet laggard. I beaded up. When did words to you or someone else 34499. Idol and hello Matt welcome to the mineral. All articulated all I'll law. I. With flags and deliberate and words and I'm here like that is aggressive. I'd be aggressive and hurtful but he's he's there through the question of the day and right now yeah. Yeah so when the words doing the dirty. So I'll motivate can't count her outlook and I can't. And dumb I was put in the the roads where every day the course would embody to the early duplicate horse right. I do this big battle to the sport ever did say export export oil daily column by united for summary that I look at the candidate had no and I look up the myth that like. The eight year old girl they're really bad there ought to. And your own all alone. I. Pretty bad now that's sort of the idea the other one is both I couldn't hand Nadal because I lewd teacher. So numbed my teacher was every bit the principles you call on kgo. So yeah I'd sit tight until eyesight continent can joke and done in Japanese conduit between you do with your bigger east bigger moment but. Don't miss it if it yes it is critical of an apparent that the I found dvd video games then I'm thinking you're a pilot to do with the I got to raise our umbrella of. I'll see you oh poker face total program that I have no idea Iran is also a beauty to believe that they go about you. And a good deal that's on you cannot say that. I don't know. A man. Yes Ali but I mean that's if your name is that close. Look I blame that squarely on parents aren't. Because this prior to Japanese. You know you gave your kid that came and you know your kid's name is very close to so I mean like. Amanda file name my daughter shock horror rub it in her like she's going to run into problem. You have to understand her name is maybe I loved. When did words do you or someone l.'s 38449990. Don't don't may have been so quote. Brutal cold that's her name. Flew to the studio Boudreau Leo hello Joseph welcome to the mandrel. A whole lot are. I got longtime listener per cent collar thank you. So a couple of years back from a tour for years ago now my. But mother got them Internet and sold their house which is number technologically inclined and turned another Mike if I configured a polite to me so. I outsource that my best friend of the proper orbit. So. He he did they call and asked me what I want it to the password to and I said do I don't care and so. The need gigantic able here that he expects this to non underscore. Blacks. This is now this. Now that but part of not that I had to tell my mother the power cord she actually really didn't she got a chuckle out of it. But I poured about a year both I am I'm a mother forgotten about it by now. I was meant to change it but you never really enter your own Wi-Fi are very often so. She did recall Livan and another place to give me a call. Says that she needs the Wi-Fi password and about three months prior to that she had given Illumina house to. A guy who were moved up from Louisiana and the guys so in the DA. Six foot 3265. Pound black. Dad. And man on the moon. Yeah so she called me and you've got me on speakerphone. Unbeknownst to me and are so cute. She asked me a Wi-Fi password nine L a non Serb armed struggle and remember an omelet uh oh. Okay mom you you've got to eat eat you begun to speak up. And so she doesn't and then not see ends up. In the not that he jumped off a speaker phone and churn out from like well it. Underscore blacks in a no no capital or anything like that and she's just. But site or so in locker. Clean and the guy I was standing right there in the room next door. And I have never been able about one down. Never enough announced the it's mainly what peoples just their names are further for the Wi-Fi anyway. I mean you go anywhere man and you just look if it's looking for Wi-Fi look at the names that are associated with the area did you. There's some gyms just in my never a matter of fact I never had it not have the Gemma. The thing is it teaches me a lot about my neighbor's parrot because my immediate neighbors. All seem very down very well grounded and I would certainly be the odd ball the ball right by. I'll go online and these things pop up and all the protected network we you look at the names home plate. Now I wonder which one of my neighbors whose book munchies three Osaka and I had not herbicide right isn't all easily lady who's the old Ethiopia because meal out of Americanism but Monty the one the business. When now doing their words do you are someone else 38449990. There really is a weird thing may give people play if you consecrate this going 657 year old women you know I don't seem taken up the trash or never but ever since my experience maybe a summer ago. I'm not sure which one of them are my suspicion who is cracker man is a little our little birdie ma'am aside. Man handled you so much about you I'd never know. Hello rivas welcome to the liberal. AA. So well clearly daycare speaker on earth and blacks and eggs so. Some. But he met two weeks ago I was at Stanley reunion and atom my eight. And talking with my cousin and her daughter so what will color my niece even though she's like a second cut open. And I had gotten sick nodule on goes bad like hey because. Oh because we don't have enough water column and isn't it's. Yeah I dehydration I ended up passing out on the when he stood up in the bathtub and woke up underwater and I guess had ball and crack my dad and on my neck open on the TV often enough and you know. I'm 49. Okay all right that's the and it's and that. I have so but. But I'm also a diabetic and so she was stuck in my there's like you know you really got to take carrier diabetes because you know there's some like packages are a lot of control. This is what I tell him you're right you said that it is I root for release is about BBs. Now I'm out there aren't any you got to show and act. What they citadel my my dad was talking about that he said you know there's that. This guy that he knows that debt debt. If your brother was over and you know there are hanging out and they ended go to bed and a brother sleep on the couch the next day wakes up and eat and then elder brother was just dead you know he's just let him on the couch and these. And so my cousin's daughter she just looked it reached at yeah that was my husband and. OK. You know. And I area and then that was the point where clicked. That my dad had been talking about her husband's brother is the one that died and so the husband was the one that walked in on him. And I was so thankful at that point that the brother was across the room but I I didn't know I had you know. You make up percent and after that I still I like X I kind of got away from that never came back to that side of the party so. Now I you know all things considered I'm they were just trying to give it a heads up and that's why you know out as the nationwide fast. Not also know. Window words do you are someone else 38449990. Look that's why we're asking now will say this one thing that all these polls that in common is I keep thinking to myself I'm so glad among them to Saudi it's just so uncomfortable feeling it is and we've all been Nam Il sole bad you feel awful if if an awful feeling that you get is a very unique feeling. It doesn't go away for days it's always in the back your head in the when you remember what you did get it goes the four for your brain and you still get all that all feel yeah late night. Job hot. You know the regular. Iraq act there's one very hard thing to describe what you've been repeated now this is time goes on it's worth more and I truly have no ill intent but late this had to happen. 25 years ago in truth this day. I still feel bad misses some muscle was bulbs if you made a comparison and true this day every time I think about the way. I still feel is on call for more horrible now yeah narrow as they did then. Hello Evan and welcome to the bedroom. All up. Yeah. I got to do today and good and Ariza. I get home from work on an even better now direct good news. As so I got a buddy whose mom just treatment passed away from brain cancer about beginning this year. This happens probably December of last year maybe November of well hang out of buddy's house and we're all we know it's kind of a hot club are former trial was. And I he sent them to me and I said hey your mom Gil and I just. Like they looked out on the animals like I am so sorry in Canada I just I couldn't say anything that. Stop myself. Great town crier and I think. I don't know he just he that they deeper apology I think it just on the it was just a reaction. And every rock kind of looked I mean I was just like I can't believe that it yeah. Well yeah I mean rightly key which is soon as you said that I apologize he probably knew what you did it just a mom joked right I mean mommy the genre of jokes. And if that dead jokes and it may do installed succumbed right it's just you look at your momma jokes is beat. The earth like what people say sayings and you realize how stupid saying isn't it loosen my mother. Made this statement to me and I cannot remember the restaurant now. But use insisting that we go she said listen to me. This place is fantastic supplements like it she said he had made a father just found that she's like I honestly this brutal good to make you wanna slap your mom. And I looked at as you say I didn't let them know look to go catch a duet but does prolong this threat of Iraq this or are these are sometimes like you're Terry your ass off its game aren't good opponents are. Oh good you are right though. But I mean think about it she was like why what I say that I might if you want me to beat you or it's just bagged good that your story yourself out of your brother been coming in both beat you dead or the Lewis and her mother saying my way ended down only two words do you or someone else 3844999. All. Hello Michael welcome to the bedroom. It was going on I don't want the kinda it's pretty tarnished our and that's that's my son was like dude you got caught yup so each couple weeks ago my wife and I are marched and there's a younger guy shouldn't talk in church and other Americans should check whatever and he posture apparently yes sure if she knew his dad searched the home she should not I don't I don't know met my husband and I are here a while so he knows it and you know. Such and such asks about about a minute I go oh yeah Arnold I'd do the black guy works over the place or dirty Q what are worksheets. Still that's why they are actually and I actually have known your original trial in this town I used to promote your new your daughter as Obama is used to the. Oh he's a red meat and bad I'm up. Since the resolution. I. Okay. If. You can feel like Holden. OK animated some. Brought them I can't quite all she eat red headed marry should. I know it's. All the big. Would the bar right every drink you know old said that's why do you just did you mop and he's you look in his eyes easier or anything like that. All as soon as some of us are staged chambers of hopes we don't sail and he was like out of my mom do Dutch tomorrow. It's like I'm yeah. Which heard. Are you saying they mean you know I Florida's. Arianna your mama's boy and Grey's Davey says hey look she's sweet redhead merit because you know your dad I I'm I'm going to be like man today and it's better friends. Words do you or someone else journey 8449990. Look. More calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Good John bad to Osama my email bad dose of the men's room Evans or live dot com we will kick off the match. Jokes right before. We drink Intel's with a shot of the day are in our question today when did words do you or someone else 3844999010. Got a couple comments that says a couple of months ago I was texting my girlfriend. She just got that new to let him play well that that's me which she should do as I told her. In great detail. Exactly which you should do with. Did you let's take pictures and video far resource that the message but as I hit send. I realize I've gotten a text from my sister and I ended a reply to her instead. I tried to send a bunch of not for you text and rose that you wouldn't see it. It didn't work this logos are spoke about it again my opponents and it's it's it's it's gone. And I know once again onset technology channel and send it to an oh yards in regards to words doing your dirty I was walking down the street with my new French Bulldog puppy and my wife. No the body wasn't crawl through the streets are started yelling come out of fatty. All the sudden you guys come around but I hands in my chest and say hey man. You can't be doing the thirty guys separating my wife for me in talking or privately I'm not putting two and two together so let's say hey man of my wire bargain to what Barbara want. Now one of the guys is right don't bite me eventually have to look at them and let's say. Hey my wife doesn't the fact it's it's it's the dog. Now they had to verify the whole bunch of my wife and even then they stood in quite believe me and I think they assume that she was on some kind of emotional abuse how much. Man almighty god. The species list what are words do you or someone else 3844999. Cola hello drew welcome to the man drew. And oh yeah. It is up. Back query. Used to work registered work in there and walking past the computer when data some garlic chicken and eat melt. It looked like MP 98 that was on there there's like a really really huge tricks and it take up. And you know gym shorts and a good one of those before and after and yeah it was still really really good. In you know take up and work out here. So walking side and winning this cat like four but two super small guy and are not certified to kind of like but it. Lego men and it is such a girl on there and a leg that is enough now that's ever gonna laugh when a little bit let go when there are there enough. If you look at Latin. So actually the worst thing you can really say at this moment now men. Yeah because you're you're joking right this. And a doing notepad not joking has that's the mother of my child that is my wife who now ugly. Oh man it's. Not bad yeah I. And. Or leave it could go war bush whose advantage. No no here. Yeah. Knew I think if do you still working this guy. No I don't think but it's a sad thing about those guys to sort of work today and you'll only get it out trying to get along with. But the point. At that point at the end of the bad cornea of to that point B ever beverage from Canada that backpack. Com. You're joking right thing when did Dell words do you are someone else 38449990. Look there's no way that woman is found love. Don't see you Joseph can write because wouldn't just asked that question means you know but not. Yeah I ask that did you legitimately they've been joking and damn man. Hello who hello Josh welcome to the men's room. Oh okay. I. Well I used to work at medical option scheduling appointments. And I had fish. Mom called La and she left him more you know that you need to reschedule an appointment. And in the message you're eat. She's starting to she teacher and yeah she's got specific hours certain days she can be flexible. And incentives seeing. You know I'm a teacher. My schedule is pretty. Flexible. She's head and my teachers aren't pretty special. All he concluded that both guys are okay. Again and you could Jewish steal the awkward silent in the nation this. Class. Caller backed. Us got a call right now did you do this let's yeah it was slipped up it'll ever see here. I honestly I don't remember not seeing the new and really known. Yeah I think that I'm just glad we have horrible you're right. When did though words do you or someone else 38449990. Are now looking at your absolute drive and a Freudian Europe you are correct. Yeah I submit to a Ra I was kinda hang out with. In light we hooked up Louisville we hadn't had sex life cycle opened AMP music during the show I think I get off the sex and he's. Okay. Honolulu just. That's our guy on the 6 o'clock in the city. Don't know what welcomed the them that he drove. Yeah oh. You're. My question it based kilometer they've managed so bunny still must do. We do you evaluate. They're not a guy that I can get here ever echo what they're doing it. Okay you're just still my buddy. Out of surprise birthday party is quite sturdy a plan that you would any hair stylist. And all of her friends and worked our colleagues told they were gonna pick her up and an issue at all dressed up and down up and they blindfolded her and Carter back did well in their house older blind old super. And she was just golf. And comes into a popular colleagues were pretty flamboyant gay guys. And that's about eight Beers he's on the Patty Mills where there isn't a circle and octane extensions. And my buddy get septa grab a beer like say it. Yeah it's it's an eighth where does that may have scared. And I white belt owes me. Am I guess let's go rhetoric looks next to me and it's his wife mother and I mean she didn't as a dirty look listen or not. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.