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Wednesday, April 18th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. He's thrilled. It's those sitting back caller ID 44999. All play profile this in. Got your headlines on the way one hour from now first we check in my cock with some of the stories and headlines he is. Not working out. Right Starbucks is now offering cold fall which is channel Eckstein melt but thicker. And no one more set than Harry Potter fans because there's a heck you can do to now make butter beer. Water beer but beer that's a big thing in their product of what is butter beer I have no idea and organized. Please don't you know that you don't know the mood ready you're greater battery Ali what criteria Harry Potter fan and you don't exactly know what water here is. What I I am aware of butter beer I don't know what's in butter beer my guess is they're butter there's deer in the drug put together and make about a bigger. The symptoms of letters and you're moving on for some Beers like root Beers and actually here. And I'm a routine right so doom my guess this would just meat and butter. It's like a butter they're they have probably butterscotch I'd just like I. I don't mind bought her I just wanna drink it. I don't know I'm drinking and I mean how did lobster in his. I mean look great when you got into a meeting lobster databases liquid water began seafood or red are on the red lobster. And every apart board of the movie theater man announced I don't know about fodder I don't know what it is and I don't care it's delicious you know they needed as well. Everything you did Debian but only you know I don't care. A company in Italy has created a new standing seat design. So airlines can jam even more passengers and for everything that needs to know that's not a seat shall support so your way would you basically be standing in the entire flight right final hour standing up and an airplane bank views. Crutches. Yeah pour your weight. We want it when they just have an option readership yourself and crates of I mean my god love does it's gonna give come down the manager Ned. Just Dyson an accord would now have malaria. And I'm gonna charge you more clearly say that all this additional weight of course is jacked up fuel golf course is a good forty more view on the worst part is that you'll still there on the flight logo. Thank you for flying with us some CEO of whatever product content you put a stop they give me I'm only under the Phillies try to that you guys that the guy that always wants to show me somebody why you can always your base. Stuff. We're glad you've chosen a soccer. Open and Australia recently thought to get about 200000 dollars from her father's estate after he left for nothing in his wealth. And she blew it all just nine months mostly on drugs and alcohol. Gee I wonder why he didn't put funeral will use to 2 AM on met at that she throw that meth and meth. Well sometimes every stories Dubai. Yeah I'm like I'm just so that was running on my math I would just lately you know that much on drugs I assume at least since high end stuff they cost money and yeah. The police in Georgia looking for a man who has got a video breaking into a GameStop. He tried to hide his identity by covering his face with a clear plastic wrapper. Can we don't I didn't march because it was a clear plastic wrapper. He got up and a package of bottled water. And Soledad as Reagan declared last plastic wrap gals wrapping that they've put rather like a twelve pack and our assets. That's just. How did last defeated done and there and then just kind of Ecstasy and and it's. Hopefully they're big duty had noticeable tattoos or visible so they can identify those you could see his face threw his hat I mean the guy was an idiot. It is just little depressed him. You just look like is that inside and classic Kraft cardboard box at an. The fifth column life at the moment the press stance that I. A new study on mice in New York carry at least six new viruses that have never been seen before. It never been seen before and Annabel resistant bacteria that could kill you are right does the wrath again. Tracks am I terrified and I mean usually based there while I carry on botulism mile oval we've heard things about Goss losing about politics shouldn't look. Apparently enough. Okay I'm more viruses can be created that just doesn't make sense to me that just come morph. Bare ma'am I mean they'll still be able struggled the idea of evolution but looks like you understand why becomes like bugs resistant. To things. The average age when used are becoming an old person is 4037. Thrill of that depth. Says that in the zoo. Miles did a close without going over 41 VAR guy when I went to its feet. Nothing free trusting no wind nothing that sometimes it is happening are your starting to forget people's names which are already do that always. Losing your hair done and done I'll come on and feeling stiff has your has your back there said yes I think 37. Feelings death would you do Y move some water bottle at. Orlando wouldn't know what I woke up right one of my armor to normal weight. There is no good idea read the latter but I'm awake and therefore bird. Who are you. According to a new study the higher your salary the more stressed you are. 60% of people are making over 200000 dollars a year have high stress vs less than half of the people were making under 100000 dollars. It's a good but straight like they probably all laugh is just cause you're the boss of some describe what it's like you might have more stress at work but I suspect you have less stress outside of your other Boston momentarily out right now. Well you're paying your bills do not work for you know the more you pay and work in fury he means emotional memorial want to move your CEO what he should do actually knocked. Like this month not smiling doesn't make people think you to learn according to a new study. It actually makes them think your list tool and amaze you made his most important adrenaline was a hang out with a putts. So with some I know in pictures. I think people I think for the look cool and not harm and hard. Yeah so you gotta think that photo you'd be hard but there's different like if they're not smiling we've got a different expression to go across to condone it but if you're just. Just not smiling I think it played an opportunity to replace that insulated. It's kind of weird behavior of senator chuck. He's not talking about any money Ted again dynamo look Carolina off I keep getting the ads. Realized yeah they get ticket and so they pick it up but they how they do and then my name is sentimental objected geez John I even know who I'm OK I was very happy that they're they're very you know again. January rural North Carolina died the local news after a tornado ripped through his neighborhoods. And even though besides neighbors drugs being very Duffy still tried to finish his game afford night. Does it library well. Good morning and a little later in dire not so there Americans suffer tornado that I had held a game going to kill me if you're having sex would you like you know I'd now like the Cisco this way. Made Diane realized file not die in this game chart Amanda Florida was busted for drunk driving in his underwear last week and he was erratically went away. They remind you know and I know we're working I'm already working on the island here we are or you're already you're already working on now when wanted to get the seventh place I don't know if we're working on. Now you're talking about the kid by the way who he watches the for America's neighbors involved. You have the story about the guy on the flight with southwest flight. Threaten the engine explode shrapnel goes and killed a woman another woman the most sought out the window yesterday yesterday they think they're going to guide the plane go on them for lending aren't Smart as the wall we discovered today. So there's video of it in my house you made a joke yesterday like hey I'm gonna dial thing video you know not only did the guy I think video but in order to take videos motel. He's our complained that at this point they believe is going to crash on me and that this is the boulder and people freaking out for obvious reasons. He took the time to order of the Wi-Fi through southwest. And yeah so I can read this this morning that the alert. And you at all. Our plan either just pulled out you'll notice all using it ultimately would have to pay for. Me each of the LA he would get to come to think I'm the lucky one. Base of the people also want to remember he was the lucky guy actually got through listened at the mall of the flight sort of blown out I guess and as stunned passengers happy warmth. For eight bucks for trying to get the Wi-Fi salute they could really lord know the last moment or Nadal does to somebody just say like look in her quote honey I love you. The plane cash you don't realize that comedy is there on the lot vitamin a phone call right look I know I'm just so you would be dead in my Amanda yesterday the last president video. How does believe FaceBook like that. Well there is gonna. I mean a plane crash got a real world side we should generally just one credit card number. Similarly. In Cincinnati blazer on the lookout for a man it's still the unthinkable from a local conservatory was that how they all about a one hour from. How are you might not guidelines on oil one hour from now of course what got him the men's room. Recess. Yes throwing early to please everyone help profile best is playing a short damn I hope that the symbol gam are reached their review a real life news story something good happens right here I'm planet earth. Are gonna do listen to the story based on the stereo type you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. Bless you Woodard is you think makes the story a story. Hello Colin welcome to the men's room. Full. It's. I'd how onions and other mr. nameplate. I do fantastic. There's not a ton to go on here but here is your story in this case. A man driving with a 26. Suspensions on the slice. Didn't elderly woman's car then drove off. Then he tried to flee on foot before of course being captured the thirty year old ran into a wooded area before being caught just 4:7 PM. Police say he was driving his 2010 Nissan Altima when he struck at 77 year old woman's car and drove about corporal mile. Before taking off on flood because as Altamont started computer. Anyway faces charges of aggravated unlicensed operation and leaving the scene of an accident. You say you know hospital to be treated for injuries from the accident as soon as he was released he was placed in custody. Do you believe this man started farming way if you believe do you believe the dismantled 26. Suspensions on those lies. Is who black white makes New York Jew is brutal and hurry up. Create. Can't I don't know who we respect and Tony is where where was this is in Florida. He's the older and older in his 2030 speaker he's thirty. One clue do you think these suspensions be I would just guess by his lack of care for the law he he might be whites. It's similar ma'am but I. I got to know out Florida's Nicky neat thing maybe. You're not actually. But they still in jail right. Yeah then take in the hospital first Evers I symbol when he got out there like you you need to come with us. Yeah I don't know I think I am gonna go Mexican. Makes it final answer. Or find out who's black white Mexican or Jewish next fat with a tease you are listening to the men's are ready and hours. Smiles so. It's thanks to Florida and a guy news at the best drivers in his thirties and Ernie has Tony six suspensions I don't correct in his driver's license any you know woman again. And drove off on him run and as Nissan Altima he was eventually must. But. Column we ask you do you believe that this town black white makes you do end and you do what makes me proud. Push car. Ran math. Black and Nissan says all so much why the broad enough. Even tenderness briefly today get mad I didn't think about it Justin wanted to everything and cannot Dorado. That's all the reason I'm running those true. Fifteen years ago we looked on the East Coast and in the future holds through my and I think because the love story are usually there's. No more a lot of clues about a month of the story but the one thing I got in her semifinal tomorrow morning yeah are those ammonia thorough check. Now draw TV news all time it's our duty damage day. Sure. Countless hours in front of the talking. Prisons. I've heard this from other people even though I don't often do it but when you arrive at a sporting event early you can watch teams warm up. Food so I hope I've heard the same thing if occur I think it's. So. If you go to a baseball game you can watch him take batting practice now won't lie when I was a child I would do this as an adult. Unless somebody says hey maybe got to be there early for batting practice I don't think Africa you guys ever gonna BP. No no yeah. So one good thing about BP batting practice if you played baseball you get the bingo brown. Content it's sad that they balls are leaving the stadium after right man. Like home run balls the guys who just tossed just some four hockey the same way. They generally when hockey team comes out I know some hockey teams don't believe an avid parts for the warmup but they're donkeys. But most hockey teams that you professionals Starbucks are right he should on the goal is stretching out the warming up your goalie. So there. Sometimes the pucks go over be friends get souvenirs the cement. There is a very cute little girl she sit in the front on the glass one of the Washington Capitals there warming up I think this is 41 against a classically choked him. He's gonna give her puck but it doesn't go so hot. I'm sorry it figured hey I'm gonna make is girls' night right. Here's the poverty shorter stick around. As did regular problem. Okay. I'm Santa's. Finally comes back. Hello is still a lot of birdie early. Paul yeah. Three woods every night and right now and hey how. Through eight Avalon orchestrated out because all of the children are always gonna get you made your dream to get got a fun. On the look in Arizona got all worth it right there. So he goes over and he taps on the glass like Yemeni give you the puck anytime also the first win over in the bad kind of wait a lot of it's the dead but. And older that are a grown up grabs it gives it's like a little boy. Things again. So you don't know as there's finally watches video than his FaceBook page and I promise you whatever is going on in your day your life. In the past week this video make you feel better about Mary. Just so so he throws over the other one and then the duke grads and didn't give it to another publicity finally if he's not kidding he is sit there like. Played begging like her like a pocket of the stock car and then finally she gets that you go you're if you see the video she is. Various stack to save at least. Well and I was like here goes on in here you go on the side twilight the other guys that maybe the father plan and a purpose that all three of the kids get upon. And now you at least are reviewed daughter. One would think. I don't know I mean that's Pargo and a sports game to rightly. He once in awhile you get a suit you know baseball doing is giving it to you know it's different if white look may have apart registries don't feel like whoever gets the gets that. This is understood if there's foul balls in baseball over test is that it's understood but if the player is trying to hand it to a child. I'm not gonna just snag a privileged huge news bitch though but that doesn't need I point. Even if there's evolve through those are his kids think so all right maybe they just don't all get up puck angrily to do was just trying to be nice to give it to the cute little girl. By blog this is what's gonna happen or gonna fight about a one gets bashed in a foreign over the park later this is that's just out got to play air. Yeah and maybe get one kid one thing and the other one doesn't get something they revert to lord of the flies in thirty seconds. Yeah I mean it did you go back to Saturday in and just you go to reptilian brain about point gap now. That sucks not having a brother seven years older. The weaker as well masks. And my brother was very nice and for a kind of leave it yet when it came down to that kind of stuff you didn't spend a day and that ball got. I pressed. Involved. Right in the middle of the segment you know in over Tuesday yes I do you never far did and didn't. That's true but I mean then statistic win do for one of those not in your defense and Nadal make some cards and I'd stinking day out one of those today all day they cashed out. All this is not one of those yeah fetching good news you're right miles I know I I'm I'm I'm pretty good on this month. Neat things you've beaten me. Yeah what do you have for dinner I'm not hungry a hundred the lost my appetite really did 'cause it was all that way I don't know. That Stephen col Baer. He's his prolific and add ratings just throw its authority. Basically he's each extends lead out of Virginia found more than a million viewers. Yeah is laden asks Tom to view. In spite of what one might think. There's not a ton of viewers on the late night shows and I'll do some of my million that's that is a massive. Game I don't yachts and I still just don't watch over there. But with that said I never watched a ton of the Kobe or report either. So they can't be flyover states doing that either. There's no way. Because you know the non military can't see that they're gonna lose or mine so that's local stuff that I don't matter for sure you have a cold air for short and I think oh bears and I will see this I think he's a much better interviewer. I think genie is funny here with kind of the teams they play and stuff yet he's a ringmaster of farmers interviews terrible because Jenny look man. Not everything and I like Jimmy found but not everything that someone says is the funniest thing that they've got upset correct that that's where I kind of fall apple app back or single thing they say we may get that's not death slap foreign. And I know to go to move and I get it in you're trying to engage them and keep people excited about lake. They send people way laughter slap didn't act act act act. All my thing is I just whatever their peddling is just the greatest singer that's one thing that I like. I saw the movie that it was unbelievable the Carroll is just on a coffee cans for two hours. And I got to tell you it was just it was mesmerizing and never CNET cob again and just watched him for two hours I really wish the Canadian journalist says luck this I didn't think it may look they they give me the preview I get to watch it my all the salt company in the debris come. I don't want to what did I'm really here to your car around for us once you move you're gonna supposed to go over the blocker and have time you tell me about it. Well back in the day like any digestive kind of code member like Carson head coach right. So you're comedian and you performed on the show if he invited you over to the desk it means IKEA proof sure so lake I think they just have like little bit code like. But if you do is meet right it's that you know the Ted Smith show like if I'd seen the movie but I don't bringing up in the interview that lets people know I think carefully. No there there if I hope we get a break into apparently I was the most unsettling moment I've had whether. They don't someone's asked him to be out look closer towards John CNET and this is right before. He blows a really big but he's on an upward trajectory I guess the diamond business savvy guy kind of follows the rocks blueprint of how to do interviews and all things so. He comes in but at this time unfortunately for me he's also trying to launch a rap career. Correct and unfortunately for me he he brought light his demo. So you know duke standing there and considers every bit like him he's suffered hole he's a very very big man and he's very nice. Wednesday he's very. Very nice but I get them personal territory because he's all fired up to play his rap song in the Marmara and I haven't heard it but you just know like. I don't know man don't do this so we play it right arm through three when you also got to add it's a very weird day lake I Iraq I was there have been left to go do something for the show. It's just you posted its engines on for a while you are or why I. How much governor thank hey you wanna play my wrapping up the different this isn't like Matt Damon. Doing a movie the movie's already been made he's Matt Damon doesn't ask for your approval it's like this is the movie I've major like Internet. John seems like hey you know once her best and are mortified because. Just know it's not gonna be good like I know it's not going to be good and let's he just has these skills you can see so. We play it if it wasn't the worst thing of her but it. You know wasn't good may have some but but he's on the Bob in his head man and he's legitimately proud. But what he's done. And Mike please just don't ask me this one thing just don't ask me this one question churn up we could find song. In after the one question that you don't wanna be would you think. I don't look anatomy and it's like a little kid is excited to show you that the piece of our they've done and LeBron you you don't garbage you know you should be offended so. He has that look on its face because he's real proud and and I really don't know what to say to Arnold say hey man you know. So it's about. I've if it were me. And now were you who. I would just stick with the wrestling thing you knew what I would say that. And he was very gracious. Is there. OK ma'am I kept. I want a thin enough to demonstrate what kids flighty about well I can't do I tell you that this was grateful wasn't great as a great anime is big enough to beat my ass to death. I don't know anything about nobody was cold. But I felt so. Ads say but I couldn't go our way we know that like. Well John met the that is rat we know guy Jimmy hit it and when everything of guy Fiat he's gonna go all these places and trial this food and I was I think liberal viable black commerce somebody asked Mike yeah Charlie Ellis who isn't that great. And he was like look now is that sometimes you know I'll take a bite is something instead of like man whatever his SpinRite thing is that this is just legends surgeons or did he doesn't really tell until it was good sailors and it and then they go to they stop and the owner of the restaurant of the cook whatever goes on glow that you you know deal likening the you know it's okay it. They be compared like picking up a rolling stones' sound like he's like look I'm I really like to songs on the album. The southern and only the alma two songs are really good the other stuff just OK with. You know I got. I can't take it every time like I can't like if something's really good them you know from my reaction was when I got out of. Yeah well demonstrated good pitches crap. And I hate or felon just seems like every 100 crap. That against Connecticut that that's that's the town flavor of flu altered sandwich man this is like the worst neighborhood and whenever you download stealing this from my own restaurant and you know if well also I will send eight. You know health cents with a guy deities defense. But also taste is that every. Personal lives version did you know you can go to also restaurants right like I don't really eagle a ton of mushrooms you can have the greatest mushroom result of all time right. Iowa 100% of but I don't like my patterns I don't let your people would like they don't listen to go to explains why don't like mushers and I was just terrible I just think it's a report about a mushroom right now looks better stake here people always go oh yeah get a portabella Tenet but everything like it might be done very well but I could sit there Billick. Get damaged or cracked my first visual I'll say some things but I don't give before why don't do drug portabella you may or may not like it. Right all the good of a mammoth lakes state no it's not it's nothing like state. Yet it's DT tomorrow it's not. So it's. John scene it was have been inside rap album. Another person and how well put your cheek to count but it. I don't know it. Our ability to hold it yeah you know all that old burial I can't allow extra back he doesn't just ask questions about rap songs he goes so bunch of different pop socks. Learn learn learn learn learn hurt hurt hurt hurt purging it's. Only Rihanna. Did not sound like her hey. Not to the odds of that no no no my name is no my sign is no my number is note. Catchers trainer Megan Trainor correct lyrics 12100 what are you doing to me what are you doing. What am I don't know me what what are you doing hon. I'm so glad everybody loved my rendition but I'm not sure Charlie truth would have liked it. Hi tops in the summer don't be a bomber BA don't be a bomber don't be a bummer. Eric was volatile right right wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah that wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle. Yeah. Eric with people know that's your mr. reload no and a poet Allen left eye out yes. We recognize. Rendition you're in the lead. In his defense it's very hard to read lyrics that are side and boy those lyrics terrible. Have you heard the Solio Woodward Woodward wouldn't it. Mood and they don't do like elves they go away go away go away go Hough. Where it all when will way to go yet but I think if there's a lot of music I would like every genre for him to read out laugh absolutely. Right. Trying to make a poetic Alex when I did hi I get high on the key to think that the act yet but I think if the yeah I just think we're thinking did I get at a again I had three. I think that's like music icons on it and what's to be that way. Rose and still dominating now because the ratings she's going to be first overall but I will say that's. Her lead has been. Completely well not completely but very much diminished but the first week she came out our re launch sexuality shipment. 22 or twenty million people watching. Now she's back to a normal number it's still number one but thirteen million people but also like almost thirteen million people watched Big Bang every week took up so. She semi she's still she's out there complain about that yeah. This won't shock people James told me the interview special. And almost ten million viewers and does watch it. Now I did I mean but it. Putting out open your eyes are even say anything you didn't party Jack I watch and outsource development and in doing harem there didn't pay her all of this before. So interviews seemed more like. It totally you don't have to watch him get the highlights are going to be on some website go to new audit daily base maybe now I get a lot of the same web sites on a daily basis I don't know if everybody a terrible West Coast though you know I mean if it's an interview like somebody of substance and on but it's on the East Coast first by the time it comes on new. You pretty much heard everything you need in any end like this at all he said the stuff you've already read or her. Yeah ballots Fox News and numbering up to. And see I asked by the way even a repeat that still gets in the top forty of course and then. You know I forget the shows on but the yeah the rebirth of Madonna ever sticks and it don't you know so we'll talk for a vote. Thought if I hate to mention well it's been ruled one of the worst illness for but I don't. I think the worst is still the best today and a right if there's some guidance and how much I know I can't change the channel we're still watching this one just Tehran's got a few Watson. Nicknames are called. Yeah I had generally the rule thumb it's somebody should give it to you need James Gordon didn't really play about that rule Sudeikis a nice Q were on with him in. He tries to bring up a new nickname and thankfully ice cube which is not that. I love this I feel that while wanna be wearing and a black thing. When the baseball cap c'mon man you stay to host you don't you don't want to count on them M it was yeah. I ask you Jason odds are all an opponent and we go Bowman. I have nothing about it. Umbilical cord and I'm a better TV new umbilical no doubt. She's renowned medical and I hate to say in time to come to court on a couple of just tied him or not I love it I knew what can own accord China the last couple. Local census the last weekend in this weekend and just going to be Coachella Q for the white out now no I'm not wearing yeah. Actor James is saying if you get the opportunity I'm just saying well. And I I live out. I does that Daniel. Hey I get it completed near me and I'm saying if the opportunity arises that you could put it out there yup I think you could be instrumental in Coachella re taking off. So what's been working on. Yeah yeah. We interviewed execute that he sounds you have it there he was super nine's say he's legit I know I think that's exactly. Pilots who James Gordon if you've never watched his show. You don't come on till 123590. But he he does he takes his chair from behind the desk. If he's very comes close to the couch. That's always use reference you might know you're the host you damn near on the Cal Thomas threat which obviously I think that's kind of cool the way he comes over and makes it a little more conversational. And everybody's out there at the same time now ma'am what I would do Obama guess on his show on the ground accountable and whose best. You stay there James I got this yeah yeah I I think it's cool how they can in our he kind of forces in the inner door. But it's different Wright is like. Like Fallon might benefit for some whatever they need a new great interview and Andre breaks record again I'm not positive he's the best interviews. Either but when you're sitting there it Nikki you know political roundtable break eventually there's no number one gas that you. Believe the norm back in the day email only alerts yeah I mean you are the first guess was they said there until the end but it always made the second guess more interest thing we know. They go often talk about it and you know they all come together and they bring another person and also there in the name. Pitcher several quick and they all join the conversation again and it's just been seen John rose in levels of celebrities kind of interact they are so if you're an actor it's been around forever. Your sit on that you're still on the couch the new guy you have to month that's up. Thank Jerry Brescia headlines got a Mike here in a few minutes you're listening to the men's or video network. Please and Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real primary goal Cincinnati authorities looking for a person who stole. A butterfly from a zoo. To California where towns invaded by tumble weeds and basically there is nothing that the town can do. Supply company comes up when more uncover away do that more people on a plane. An airline loses among my mom's prosthetic foot during flights which is a bit of the pain and 3000 dollars for the week and a big if just rock like it is time for your headline. It's Sunday it's. It's. Nice car. Our top story in Cincinnati police are on the lookout for someone that's still the unthinkable from the local conservatory. Iran closing time in the conservatory someone made their way into the butterfly exhibit and stole. A rare blue more full African butterfly. Police are asking anyone with information to come. How long does the butterfly live. Like in the butterfly for. I don't know I can't be out all right I wouldn't think so. You know I don't I don't know a lot about but a funny there I know I mean I know that first girl or terminate turn into a beautiful butterflies haven't had a little that is a worm what are we. The same thing doesn't work for miles is incidentally if it's he warmth in my sentence. I'll show you my ZoneAlarm and want to let you know hey honey feed that he uses to lug around and you can turn my worm into a beautiful butterfly and we're moving on very good in southern Israel what's the Michigan where five car pile of can be attributed to one man that was acting a bit strange. The man can find other rolled an old pick Evan plowed into vehicles causing one injury that needed medical attention. Even got out of his car and stripped off all of this close and began to dance in the street say what if he knew that. I've my guess to be also the he's perfectly sane but this helps is insanity case if things are absolutely. I think that he screwed up royal doing that but now because he did that he's an all I'm just insane you're on and then they send you know. Away for awhile that I would you do that be your go to move no I wouldn't think you're that fast the it yet did you running away from blaze but he was eventually apprehended and taken into custody Jack I would turn myself and I'm an awful I would just turn myself in how do the right thing. On army every home has. The fifty I like about an hour Rollins got to but don't aren't as an actor. At which argument has been earlier today was part of our question of the day more fun in Florida man was pulled over for suspected drunk driving what the officer ran inside in the cart confirmed his suspicions. He was found driving with no pants and underwear that read quote brutalized her blow here on the trot. And again he's 54 years old could hit them people wonder if they ever are as you know I made I bet they did I want our president. After abusing a field Tennessee was arrested for the bread lines again it if those things work we were all wearing them. Great men as they don't they know won't really ad that points. You'll attend anybody's gonna see them as when it's at least a possibility. Yeah I generally you think so I'm a person who reads lucky you and it's above ninety. No one else's. Feeling lucky. Those are great genes miles I love those yeah I mean but no one else is reading that the media should. Exactly be upside down so I give me the tag they shouldn't even say lucky indeed take them all right. Right maybe that's why adrenaline a pants on now it didn't think he just ran out to say did. Injuries like white and I got lucky you know streaks as for drunk people call you can read this you want OO. Noon. What do you you can buy wife underwear. And in South Florida a pair of drug dealers were doomed trying to buy 3000 dollars worth of wheat. While making the exchange they paid their supply the 3000 dollars and receive what they thought was their marijuana it turns out that it was actually broccoli. What's more the man it's sold on the faulty stuff then rob the to a gunpoint. Any count they just man did you 3000 dollar for something that should be free venables. As a unit and the rest of the money anyway. Damn man I know people like smoke and broccoli you can't really solid down my head. He's in middle class and really with the model there's all right so Matthew can tell a difference directly we'd tally how dumb are you you can smell it. You can see it you should probably smoke a little before you buy 3000 dollar an hour descended by three grand where I mean miles I watched the movies and you got a big like back cover some sort of like takes a big block nightly dip to fifty. That's a good stuff they make some profound statement like. They're going 03000 not the broccoli giving them what opened the bag checked it is great about the Mets are probably we go to the same color then and all of a lot of white damn well they really don't. Oranges with the airlines a woman is claiming that Southwest Airlines lost some pretty important luggage her mother's trust that reflect how. The woman was flying down the believes the visit her mother and give her the gift to the prosthetic foot. But it was lost in transit and wasn't found until she returned home to the State's two weeks later got a flight and elect. Okay I think I felt better about the story knowing that she was going to give her mother the process reflects. Why you gonna feel better. I didn't I didn't ever wonder if they get I just don't. Well maybe he'll let me visited once some random woman goes through the airport and say what and I forget that at security. My network indeed from buffalo DC metro and they found the leg of Molson crowds are realizing that my guy. And I Zamora who we await the return of big dummy ahead 7000 old Tom Green sobbing bio world famous comedian and another around and no I sure a lot this indeed it is all true but in the meantime we need all the above his boots. So until tomorrow do what you do best and Corley the six. CAB.