04-18-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Remembers The Wardrobe

Wednesday, April 18th

Mens Room Question: I'll never forget what happened because _____ was wearing _______


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This is the men's room. Our president on right now I WA AF Boston's rock station also 989 Iraq in Kansas City may doc and any seven point nine Joplin Missouri and 1033 the fort rock and and Fort Wayne, Indiana welcome to the show guys we've got we we go all the way. The Sox last coming up which you don't need to know gets obscure wasn't crazy rules in sports and we're talking about basically what Simone was wearing. When they did it whatever it was they did is we have a couple of stories one of them about a man who. Tried to rob a GameStop with a box on his head that with plastic from a from water bottle. Also have a story about two Florida and one dress and a bull costume accused of trying to burned on a house. With regret you spaghetti sauce. And we have the guy who was busted for drunk driving in his underwear the underwear said a breathalyzer. Blow here. Our men's or blank question I'll never to forget what happened because blank was wearing black 8449990. Hi Corey we got to back down alive ma'am the reason is startling your bureau with your buddy who's six foot three and went. We are in Sylmar California salute before I moved appears in a way. And we are hiking six miles into the canyon while we get there there's national wildlife sign saying you know he can attract bats hear the wildlife preserve well. Kind of looked at each other Leary came about three hour six miles market turnaround that we wanted it created. Hung out we come back it up for a stranger seeing now fire track. He he could he doubt that they know so you guys went out that we are you know. I might we have yet in the nation door shown in my all the attention he then looked at Mac looked at me they're so us. You've got to bring our a local woman level and yes we did not jump the gun and says no sir actually I don't smoke in. Cop looked at me smiled I look at match and I counted the future not wearing a bright white tank top with a pot lead but that the fortunately somewhere. It's all. I. Mac. Max. India had a story this deviates Gigot for a while walking and natural always believe you it's pretty cool about the whole pie incident plays he beat it give it to they can trust apple announces that. Dallas 850 dollar ticket okay want to bet. But. Under fifty bucks on and I if not why would be a betrayal. Rios six miles in and then right there early like I stopped around like he's just probably shouldn't have the trail if if you're going someplace where you can't go not a how far taste gimmick. You can walked six miles an area 51 there's gonna jump down there's going to be a fantasy can go to far rudeness and our own our idea of about it if you gonna turn around a Mac David Price turnaround. Men's and likewise and I'll never forget what happened because blank was wearing blank 844999. Hole. Yet they can you on certain heights and certain mountains you knew that you have to likes to simply restate on the trail. Yes an election is kind of march around the world cart path only as with a poem I just assume it's for a good reason. Like Alomar and breaking rules and stuff going on the trail him like I believe the endorsing every day national park. Took Iraq. You to run well this is all just right around take Iraq is that if they rule by Tennessee shall general rule from all national parks would leave open yeah okay. Well what what architecture. Gettysburg welcome. To run from Denny's burden Gettysburg famous they look I know I don't have an a bunch of us out of a couple shelves. They attack like download them from but either way at that very out of the East Coast they're a ball jar or whatever those things are in your kids go on the collect shells and simply picking out. My daughter somebody maybe owes me. Suddenly kind of spread amount Pratt a Mike Gravel outside and while we're doing is premarket as long walks by and she goes. You know those are protected your nostrils thinks he should. And my daughter goes. The sea shells are are from Atlantic Ocean from the beach. She's again the protected their tune. On the beach Hoya. As it's like Jesus Christ and we certainly can I just stopped on handling and check please man seriously just just go away and onward from two sleeve. So protect mentally you're not Jack shut out right the I'm pretty sure that these shells panel look like now I don't know. Nortel the same joke that I can buy on the right back by the way. They've pulled him off the beach random leaders tap water and we'll put the body can't do you strolled the beach he did show that they welcome more of your kids. It's kind of a thing as job do my mom still doesn't look like seashells he asks why. I don't know when she finished seven eagle would you don't she puts in the plastic bag and then when she leaves she forgets. All go to. Another really haven't because blank was wearing blank gave 44999. All hello Nathan welcome to the men's room. Oh. Hello Nathan. Hello all up. I don't imaginary I mean those who led the pocket now continue it was just let him figured that I he's walking around kitchen hello Justin welcome to the men's room naked. Both luck or ankle ma. Eight that a lot of energy that did all of stayed there way back. You know what are you a life both good guys and a lot of energy that's good I agree incumbent for him. I'd I did you know some people get on the radio and they're like hey what's up and I am I I'm all about energy anyway. Vacuumed that you are the eighteen year old. And that's the I highly energetic and that there were sitting over there aren't a bit black site. And we hear. The tank movement and we didn't hear. Wore pink plane on the speakers are not siding. Nobody didn't. Our pour and bring Bradley fighting vehicles and on top too long. It's good that tank commanders where it just they're prince. Error boxers and it's easy alternate delegate we. And I'll never ask. My dear war pigs that security till then you and sweeping through the desert. Is that now if you want in your mind when your corporate staff. I did thank you it's one of the baby is acting like Al every attic yet but I'll always got to talk about it and I want that. It would in any fiber 130. Saying he's. So our Amanda does so did you know they are coming your way or did you hear them first. So you can hear you can hit the ball will all be. And three of their distinct why. On and they were moving with some M one Abrams so edit group that combat unit would move in and you know what other units everything in the area. So there were probably. I don't know or 500 meters from us. But they had huge speaker strap ons that are slightly lacking more eggs at it and don't 35 miles an hour brought. He watched my a let me assuring madman exactly how many numbers that are out a delegate I'm in the desert it's not intended to resign or rumble and apply here. I think everybody died Vienna there. It was surreal but if any kind of help people patriotic. It's a little bit beats you you you know would your people Laura Diaz absolutely. Absolutely no Iraqis blame ignored him by become little boxes on reduced their boots. They had honored her there are ideal lighting. They're combat duty and add a DDB Miller at able to pick pocketing gender strategy but there. But a millimeter gun barrel gaining on it. Do you look at life iMac that's fantastic. And I what I picture I hear more things I like Jack. He might. Your Deseret Muslim units saying I saw it and that's what I would expect when you hear that desert and you know wars and make you slightly losing your mind probably yeah you can kind of and it's a 145 degree. Some. Miserable I'd question I'll never forget what happened because blank was wearing blank 844999. All. Hello sever all welcome to the men's room. Eight. Now I want my candidate why they are you forced out more and that's awfully nice to have you. Well why did you go through whether government or script. A wedding aren't Padilla. I know I went right behind me and it is OK Mona of course. I eat. The timing. Was working at a barring any wild horse that I would only work eight. And you are hit a holiday heart their bellies had issued getting married yet and you think I like you and urged it be right back. Intel I had buried in a hole I hit it what I needed Donny Don at the barn. And then you get her wedding aisle and leaned down islet averaging I didn't Ers don't you don't some of the winning. I look like quite a time and not able Arab and light out no. Now now look some spam was it doesn't matter any cheap and then. You know that's a good that's good I don't brag but it. You didn't have time a lot of source Cooper motto all put your lower half before you went. I didn't have trying to block only. We were RA really. And we had a it yet to drive a little bit he kicked at a wedding bell only way I would build it ain't ain't it actually ready for a wedding. Would be cute little peek at the minute you carry actually everything which I can't credit. Okay I'm why did you miss every covered head to toe north Cooper what. No question is glad I live and let it isn't like I yell. And we have. I'd drop off my dark and I had to get a different car every light action and we get checked out traffic this theory. So we try to clean hallway there. It was at U I aren't easily the worst thing. I don't know how many horses now. Great now I don't how we're a guy who has helped Oregon. Okay. We're used to like an average they were to get home. Or cleaning. They won't material that one more question did you go to your Brothers reception he missed the whole way. I live. That ceremony thank god they're not in my brother and I know I knew everything it back or picture I'm. Yeah I mean missing the ceremonial lunch alternative I literally looks at the pictures it's just a bunch of crap. It's always an attacker is always been a bunch of crap delegate. I'm sorry you're gonna get 800 pictures taken is going to be one that they use is eight and you actually have an album it and who gets in now many more people still don't look at. Now you still don't care like. Everyone saw you I'll look at sort of you know in this box but other than that it's that the pick that you don't pull an arrow moment pictures are most the time Powell accidents just on I don't know it's like it's and that's SA also allowed are gonna stop that's Iraqi head of the guns entered the six officials to find one yet. What you would you could take one and then there's the one you've got you could tell the other photographer you need him for like three hours for his birthday party. In the rate would be like you know a third of what we're going to get dressed up then when he gets Tobago surprised at the wedding she'd just anyway with the kids Reagan ran a birthday party do matter. I know it gets hurt when he and Ginsburg they get out always wrap all of mormons are blank question. I'll never forget what happened because blank was wearing black people are far 9990 Lamar recalls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Lot of guys busted for drunk driving is unaware that says a breathalyzer blow here now Florida retire and others in the office and or double just just people ironically enough you've seen the the deal lies with the you know of movement move on drunks against mad mother T shirt on go to the dealer aren't heard the about that does story. From a few years back and we dug that back up forever. As it's entertaining itself. And you were called maybe that this happened in in Phoenix Arizona. And in 2009. As speed cameras photographed the man in a monkey mask. Basically any speed checkpoint. Dave Von test Merck starting getting his 181. Dollar tickets last year but it took Arizona state police several months to realize. The same driver was repeatedly triggering speed cameras and refusing to pay the fines. By the time they did more than fifty of the tickets had become invalid because the deadline for prosecution had actually passed. Montana's Marc who has amassed. 67000. Dollars in fines is fighting each citation by claiming he was not behind the wheel. In Arizona people who receive photo enforcement tickets in the male have four options they agree they were driving they pay the fine. They say they were not driving and send their driver's license photo is proof. They requested court dates and buy the tickets or they simply ignore the ticket because law enforcement can't prove they received it. The ticket becomes invalid if the violator who ignores it isn't served in person within three months so that's kind of hard to know do right. Well they served Vonn does mar in person with. 37 tickets mostly between going eleven and fifteen miles per hour over the speed limits. The pictures accompanying be taken joy driver wearing either a monkey or grab. In light sobero. Which has black and white checkered racing figures on the sides and a sticker on the windshield the reads but tooth raison. It's a peaceful active resistance that's what this country was founded on said bonds has sparked a flight attendant from Houston. I'm not telling my nose it DPS but photo radar is not a DPS officer protecting public safety it's nothing but a speed tax. Monty as far didn't deny that he was a driver wearing a mask but he did say they can't prove I was operating the vehicle. You've got to identify the driver if you can't identify the driver. It is not a valid tickets at. Where are pretty strong claim against him and according to our graves from the DPS bitter person we're just asking for is binds to be paid. Grave says that bonds has Maher has repeatedly endangered public safety. And that DPS is taking his case very seriously on test Maher who said he simply drives without flow of traffic. It'd DBS does have surveillance photo of him on the road. If they can prove it's. And he's not a danger to other drivers then maybe should be pulled over by cup. Paramount Sony to look it is the case I'm there every day pulled me over. Since these speed cameras began the static photos of drivers going eleven miles an hour or more over the speed limit the backlash against them has been fairly constant it's not just him. Speed enforcement. Operator Doug G Amani. A believer and I was shot to death on a Phoenix freeway Jesus as he was seen working with a box Somalia pissed off and and that amount while it's not worth format so I have an hour though I do like the monkey mask it is I must say it wasn't me which you can improve their lives are miserable I question I'll never forget what happened because blank was wearing black 844999. Hole odd coming comes and says my dad's mid life crisis wife. Georgia see through dress really migratory grandparent should the first no underwear and she's only four years older than me. My grandmother was mad after she was out who'd she mama slash prostitute she let go around much afternoon. Our UA hootie mama. It's good term Bagram and Abu Jamal Abu Jamal Davenport grandmother may she stormed on the golf Gucci cornea and you mama you. Hello to him at hello old Taylor welcome to the men's room. Ordered a lawyer colonel Morris. I don't think so. How much. Alcohol or it may. My Buddy Bell on this it was a sports beam party. And I I had just shot I'm he would let me know I do it obviously too late that it will they seem party. But I remembered today he had this in to this man Don that we are all well moms you know when the night got a little crazy. I think it's this is the more at all on the one Jesus lived and young Greenland. It's so it's sure wrapped crane which I mean that doesn't come around all the time move. So I was like some are dispersed slap battle on paints a muscled a bit bodybuilder. So please start the drink in a wanna let friends go but a couple lecture while vodka. There's all of their watermelon salad watermelon spelled like it. I don't either but I'll drink it. I proceeded to drink the entire ball within one hour boom and in. Yeah oh yeah and I. So. That power comes by and a leg of their dock did you guys that. Those that there are no men know all you. All of a sudden I become the life of the party meanwhile again. Just a man can't pin it on pat Durbin and I'll muscles. And that lasted her I'd it's OK maybe fifteen more minutes before I'm. Shooting the ball. In the middle hallway and throwing balled up. They took Brad. Like it this it is. I'd shake you are a units and everyone at the party an early look overbay broke. There and fifteen minutes welcome life of the party to the person you're walking around shaking your do you any good or evil that is fantastic. Like and it. Like viciously Q it wouldn't even let charming I was like. As there are charming way these shake your team isn't the month. I'm not hello to bite and a helicopters not directly shaking and activist more like do you know. What does it charming. In Norway at all I mean Arizona go all the so friendly and if anyone finds you attractive he's fretted that disregarded their common denominator in this. It's the final primary in lake. Like a towel at the beach governance failure mission happen if people aren't. And yes it's. I woke up the next morning I'm about perhaps my muscles were off and what do my. Buddies look and they are out so I had a sombre let it keep everything out let yeah. Who are meant a hundred about a lot. How many how many days they take you. Get right. Oh I it was literally a purge everything and I I think I lost maybe seven and a half pounds. You know sometimes sometimes it takes a couple days to feel right after you've been through one of those short while two are peaking goes along it really does mean you got to give out your system if you were to go to the hospital duty to put charcoal in your stomach or try to make you puke it out and do the same way. President likewise and I'll never forget what happened because Blanco is wearing blank 844999. Will definitely get an idea pronouncement hello Jeremy welcome to the men's room. Hello my story contained sort of elegant OK I was working there and I opened the window to get somebody money. And this guy is wearing an essay memo that I mean. Portland or strapped across his chest would circle or middle. All of their hat on. And the other problem. Was it play Judas Priest. Yeah. You know it's they were pretty pretty creepy no look into our country music but I am 100 no longer in the wind up. And what they. Target here that you like Lima did for your body god did come back screaming and yelling at me this because the guys are sitting on him. More so number was it was it was awful about it. Look I'm I'm I'm just that he's gotten a little booties may have been unbelievable you lead someone on exactly the right attitude which is exactly the right athlete as a man guy as an and gag order. Council wanted twelve really overload to me. We try to know that it was just it was weird. You know it's funny you bring this up there was maybe it was an England but I happen earlier this week there was. A big gas fire alarm at a club. The club happen to be in Essen and bondage club but the thing I. Everyone evacuated belatedly thing like ours are real scares maybe there are smoke or something but. No one took their time to legally raid turned so far sighted way you know the police fire department they show up and these pictures are great man it's. A government run late Nike tennis shoes on this chilly enough that you sold your gear on but after that manned by human society and its. Leather all means it's nipple clamps were like thirty people come standard arms full of waiting to get back into the club go by that one thing I don't clearly suddenly they were all real cool very thankful one bag can close the door and got back to whatever it is they had been built Calzaghe I was real excited to season if. Higher plane yeah yeah those there there was a when I was in school those that the freshman dorms if you're a freshman in college as they want these storms Lisa first year. So the athletes as well have their own dormitory that they stayed in which was close to the other dorms but they were kind of more monitored sort of some it's too yeah but they were OK but the dorms were not you know sexual so the you you had a dorm full of other guys and then the women who played athletics they had a dorm. And then they did have a couple dorms for general students that were mixed you're right so you could have guys and girls living and in those yeah. But not on the sports athletic dorms so contain. One night either I general's actual fire or if because I wasn't in that dorm at that time or if if if the was an alarm pulled or whatever. But they really thought somebody was going on and it wasn't just a regular fire drill for whatever reason. They get these kids outside for at least like 45 minutes to an hour until everything was clear I don't know what the deal was on that but the next. The next day. They put out this picture. In the daily Anthony M which was the student newspaper. Of like feast for chicks right and they're all huddled up under a blanket with her boyfriend aside and they're looking up at the the tower you know I don't. Now the problem is is that there are all football players. It's the dorm is not. For women brighter and all these girls are freshmen and they're all staying in this dorm and they're not none of them to close on the basically all underneath the blanket. You write the first comment was Pena but he picked for a he had a leg. I thought that. You are supposed to have anybody up in there you know all that you welcomed the Caldera who exactly right chair. Miserable I question I'll never forget what happened because blank was wearing blanket 44999. Or hello rich welcome to the men's room. Okay. Once you're back. About twenty years ago you know but let friends were slowed down to a river carnation. And now we came the play where we had to get out walk around some obstructions in the river. As we did this guys opened up fire us with an AK 47. Jesus Walt. Luckily a lesson. In that they did you dated. The guy with a gun was naked. Video upload photos sound with. Lousy shooting had Judy no. You're cut battle. In the river. On a speech. That's what you do fire people and making of episode did he get arrested. It out that day OK thanks guys for the guys that go all the jobs. Note someone else did anybody. Know. Jesus and he's naked except for their moms. It got a tech years that's freighter right there. It's freedom. I guess I'd remember that moments and America's all about right there man just sitting on your back porch in negative fan often people think trust fasten your property. America. Men's room like question on every one of them has blank was wearing blank gave 449990. There's a lot of people out of shotgun sneaky or want to. You know I mean I want to yeah. It was only about that that appeals you more than this from new gun like man. This from the better for an well you know what have you ever done some stuff naked I think it seems I don't know how to explain it relate. Yeah we're beyond what I wanted to unable to rely on an area like hey volleyball is much better make it an allegory you do agree it is as much better than I grab in the mail all. Throw a football once they can't figure out trying to find is that this so much better than did you seem fun it seemed a three year who is well it's certainly catching the ball a check. She was was she naked yet she was athletic. He's so you're both naked yet. Throwing a football it was one of those things like hey we're naked Blake did you want to know is Gary writes the middle of the day you have open space flight but that the time catch and she wanted to throw a ball that yeah. Okay. I can do that I don't think something's you're like I'm on the wrong parks a lot do you cook well you gotta get outside the city OK okay if if if if if that's good stuff happens Vatican got to go real rural all right get into Lightfoot naked football. How she looked. Well good iron did you catch a thrown yet I was just use athletic career. And you see me throw footballs I notice that they elect to make your head doesn't put any data aren't in agreement. That the. Hello Rudy welcome to the bedroom. Yeah. Our guys love it struck back there exactly here they go Mike Gordon brand made. It all started dragging the trailer he's got he's dead in the nation and not. He backed off the truck is loading dock where album. Art didn't. Got out after both walked away for a little while it. I don't Wear out the board game gave him and he decided to play it on the driver. And not dig the dirt. Yeah it's too big to why did their duty trading blatant bit stagnant. There was it's an act. Blue so. Yet they backed it. Dog gate this quietly open the back inside the drug war and he asked not to get married and I think I did not be here bop you've been. That's how it. Another forward with all right cold water and they'll hit it the only thing adopted he finally walk Pierre out. And he opened up at bat it is front door he stepped inside start loading and edit out quality. Just tell them why it could air it created Adam and yet scared the daylights out of state. You have got you dead man. Yeah pat I Levy. Did just about jumped out of it did didn't and got Dick. Kind of glad it did appreciate it guy in the birthday in all she won't be. Always opt out walked off the. You're a driver he got to be a feel for fifteen hours of the glad some servers. And. You know the word bought this story. A year later make. He got a heart attack. OK. Okay. Me. All and I all jumped out bothers me and attending her coffee and let alone it's and then a Figueroa jumps until I don't think about the charities that that's. Relate of course it scared the guy does no one expects a guerrilla. To jump from how to box and scream at them. But even if you do if I say hey we knew opened that door there's a gorilla managed to. You know less nervous no like no lose situation but it won't even if you know there's a gorilla and rheumatoid scrimmage you didn't have the exact same reaction. Yeah I know Ted relaxed Randy we know and adored as you know there's a gorilla grabbed a box and it's going to scream act. I think you go on those slate haunted walks you know around Halloween or whatever. Like that corn may I had a US and but you know stuff gonna jump out legitimate. You still get scared of her husband leaves at least put that you you intentionally. Went thing. Yeah literally this guy you're just. At or to like if I go to the heart to think I must say in a remarkable job but like I am kind of prepare for it don't mean like I gave them money for this spring but tomorrow Walt. Fight over in the bathroom door. Here on the fourteenth floor in a guerrilla. Jumps out of the bathroom stall. I'm going to freaked the hell yeah yeah that's just that are now front. Yeah you know what there's no but I love it when you want to movie peoples that. Man that were me and my brother that you'd you'd have screamed Enron just like that I know you would have been mauled to death just like that so okay. Coming on the Muslim as a as our I remember this what ever reason. Who's the people who dress of it for himself and solar. But the in the native there was a call read to stand to be able to get money you know living statue of the living stat OK okay it's one of those guys it's on the bus he's completely covered in silver paint all right all right I on the bus for them. It's Saturday is not a lot of people on the bus but he still sitting beside me close to the front of the bus Arnold was a praying going on or what the hell. The number of people will downtown ovals bomber shoot something's going you're gonna engage him. No actually I'm not OK so he's beside me Anthony and myself. Do I say hey man what's up is a really you know and what's going on in Hyde on merit ways children and he is just completely still want what he'd done this stills can be like using territory right. And no sudden his phone rings is like. I'll pay Johnny an animal bus that was good that you've just got to I because like the I thought he wasn't supposed to talk rarer that we should navies and lowering the Biggs and other RI AA Amylin has done. Now via like fifty I took their message that you'll save him it's over that they can do because right back just perfect posture doesn't move. It's getting into character and he's right now compared to several of the folder. Miserable my question I'll never forget what happened because like those wearing black 844999. All of Rory calls coming up you are listening to the manager of radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle men's room at third startup boot socks plus we'll bring adult flu shots. Bravely league rolls on our question midterm blank style I will never forget what happened because blank was wearing black 844999. All. Hello Josh welcome to the men's room. Oh. At first though it's it's an honor that artist. Powell know what was it like I was gonna get a lot better for you just. Yes there's a bizarre highlights and yes you got to the their days and. And I realized that many outside the melee. This story it was 810 years ago he and another for him. A couple of where are and where they're gonna they're brand source Rand. At a party I was just tapering off. And Dallas where the party lies was down one of those. Back now leak and go to main room sticky can no I mean. And so we got there a little earlier so are you still don't want to allow circuit literal this part this item has children are and any delay at night. Where the Syrian airline the most feared do we really looked like the right economic Saatchi down the road a little machine disliked blacks say here it's like walking up. And the staggered a little. I know that and it didn't know you're close they're close and take the two local men and Indiana Jones. And erodes. The and Hannity did are you can't art care. You've got to move this yeah you are properly well I don't know if you don't you don't eat it smell like it had the windows don't stop until last. But the best operates its about a picnic here so yeah must get. I don't. Indiana Jones hat a rule and a musket. C play and let me tell me I lower my leg a twelve foot long must get like a musket rifle. Yeah right like like I go back powering and upload our buckshot not Tampa dad must give. I don't know what to name and a guy who let that Alamo that kind of must get like any are had a little blade on me and still no land and we. Yes and we had I ate a fruit Darcy and I was in the passengers to other driver's seat. And yet the window down and Shawn solo hero in a window out and we don't you legitimately gonna talk it through the window this. Hour shoot anybody camp park air are all respect. Real facts particular friend he just didn't outsmart your historic pact yet and neither is right horror in his carriage staggered out on social hockey LA again like what what they're owed back. And minimum and a trend comes not only drive up and we tell all about it. And yet knows this. We always remember that night because due to show. Brando may experience. Imagine you go without knowing this guy he doesn't see people much. It. At all and you cares about parking space at that point to and emulate it's not about the parking space and he doesn't want anyone on the track feel that mark and us markets face he brought here he's the guy who sits by the window waiting for someone apart there's Wii has something to do swing got that he's the guy who watches outside the mailman to come. But I think if you know people these other people elect complain like little things are now right no matter what you do someone's gonna complain to them onto got to be upset about suddenly got to be heard bad bad. Then at some point you like to get old enough to realize like whatever was that you're worried about this time is absolutely made I don't mean god damn thing bucked. Deepen your heart. Bitterness in conflict can be only thing delivered for so. I filling those in the bitter old people lately you don't have anything to complain about you retired some markets and the problem. You yard looks decent that's not the problem to you just sit in your window to wait for anyone to do anything salute that. That flame of complaint that you use your entire African life you can still use it on something right. And there are going insane that don't give out interacting with other humans and stuff would you just sitting and throws right you just look out that window and it's like. Betemit can't miss it yeah not to be heck you don't look at the window waiting for anything good to happen. You look at I went hoping to see a young man help an old lady across the street we're groceries you bitch about that took you just that person. Imagine that guy kind of on Amazon he be fired up now I don't worry about robbery right front door did god to music. Our question I'll never forget what happened because blank was wearing blank 44999. All of Morey calls on the way also still look up. What you don't need to know gets obscuring to some of the more obscure rules in sports we'll do that before during its own for the shot today. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.