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Tuesday, April 17th

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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Still standing by conine a four point 999 a little play profiled as in minutes. I got your headlines on the way one hour from now first we're checking my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has. Not worrying all right a thirty year old woman and England said she had to go to one neighbor friends weddings over the past four years. Went broke because of it and had to move back in with their parents. And jazz sometimes fiance can't make it. Friends back. From a 310s you've been to a lot of letting did you ever built nearly go broke. The general known as. I mean well I had to fly across the country and then when you're in weddings you've got a Deanna had rented tux is in this imagined. I mean it gets really expensive due to that people expect you to buy gifts. Not that I'm upset about it throughout none at all eighteen time all that crap. I'll anchor at all for you yeah exactly we'll new convert is much. It's. The it. Downloads just announced the start delivering a more than 150000. Nontraditional locations places like public parks and swimming pools through. He's like a recipe for disaster are getting around literally as. But I guess no now unaccounted you're gonna die I really don't know hold to my little to thirty do that you give disorder dominoes so far. You do you'll be able to. Don't they want my heart address though. When this whole thing now right amen corner so and so and souls of people daily are more important address. Jeff none of them things. Here but really in the park I got a bunch of kids around him and offer pizza to throw at this if you drive the dominoes that William L anonymously do you like that idea man. Hey great news delivered to a park. I don't know I think it's kind of cool just because they. What do we have a barbecue I like up beat yourself that I infuses every a lot of you know yeah. I then later in the night we've been drinking around the fire were hundred let's order some pizza so we drove pack of dogs back and finish these funds we don't have. The promises too much of a liability for them ten what happens if you order a pizza and some Jamal's. Danced on the beaches know this they had barbecue food will out of the pizza yeah I would be sitting SO part wait for download traffic out there. Houses are that I'm as I'm done I'm dressed. This is giving these sort of it all right I have a good driver real men and Florida's place facing fraud charges after claiming one of the hose from a voter signs off his foot off the umpire Bob are you said one of the Osama bin that day when. Whoever knew him. Do his 55 fifth fifth with a limited limited who we've come on surveillance was he married name has you're weighing in a big and you. They offer music on I cracked my tail to teach at. How ice age that it didn't see it would take care to bail us. I'll pay for Vermont January. It should surveillance footage shows that he was lying you have probably half huh. So they dig really get messed up like it was probably a couple years ago signed fell on my card paralyzing us and wonder where god forgive signs off from outside of like a shopping store. As normal wind storm symbol Leo it. Very guys remember able to draft them live streaming there was a senseless death and I remember lies her baby just tennis for further Orleans fell off. How long divided over the long drawn out birthday party them. That's like six weeks. Somebody gets a but gusto and Australia's selling Iraq jokes guy who has I don't get what you do remember how Frick and long out here Ratliff right now I don't think I bet it does go to Australia silicon six and a half carat engagement ring for the low low price of 388000. Dollars lol. Of banks. Custom left Seattle it's still. A lot of money and six care six and half to fool. The way you think unilateral move for me and they began turning into a necklace with Shaq and according to a new study one an eight people have Trace amounts of cocaine on their hands what an eight people want handling money even people who never did drugs got a while no nobody handles money anymore. The party left out of all of them are children there's a lot more people handling money that you think if you have your hands in the cash register if you channel changer if you handle any kind of fills your years you probably have cocaine and it's particularly just you know we'll have to once held. Don't tell workers dental species and though. Well I mean that's why you be shaken it's a war truly want to continue to want to enter all you need deep and it. Won a war and June former never. I put the idea that Mike comes in every day follow that path follow that really make a re doing cocaine on a Thursday night and this is good this prison miles overload. Do former neighbors of Florida have been fighting for custody of a dog one of them adopted two years ago. The other plow went to Carolina invade some some of its vet bills so a judge has ruled that they should have a joint custody and shared time minute. One of the Marty says that they're appealing that decision. Joint custody of a dodge on and it's for the world. Part of the site. How did this we've made dodge people only 6% of Americans think they pay less than their fair share of taxes. Certain powerful right 35% that'd pay more at 33% said it's about right at 46% weren't sure. Also 6% of Americans usually wait until the last minute to file amended its only 6%. And it's something we do there are refund is payoff desk. Yes good to Smart movement. I try to take a trip. Not a bad movie either a mistake as much money you due to added a whole host she's innocent you know you might you write my. Yeah it's kind of money I don't admit that I about your glorious destination. A third of employers think they do their boss is done that is the buzz does that. Another time complaints we have about Airbus and they don't communicate well there inconsistent and they sent their own rules seem like a boss would. Back to this don't rule amendment smaller dogs. As they run things whether they would want to death this. It's true yes one of our. Last week highs but a but football asking if they should bring their ketchup and Mayo hybrids Austin America. Are they gonna do they got more than 500000. Votes saying they should while the nation knows they're gonna do it. I mean I like that for house I don't know party and I think it's a good idea over inflate. Are you that lazy you know give what is the main reason you catcher but I can already Hillary getting tell exactly how mainly noted that little custard cup mix and abduct dammit you go to guy did Starbucks they serve any peanut butter jelly sandwich. Yeah and you think yourself well. You couldn't have made it feel better jell O salad and home I normally when I don't have peanut butter and jelly and red are those three things you can you can bust I am guilty of theft. What buying dealer Joe's salads there. We templates on the bottom of everything yeah it's feel like. Trust your grape jam but I got things rolling through compost and like jelly back and I guess the chicken biscuit there. Eminem's ever released their newest flavor. Which is create I don't know and a host tonight now it's green circle you. It's an orange cream sickle is their new dot. I don't know if they dissident avenue flavor that's what I'm doing do you play creams that goes out and got tired stratified and against her. One woman orders vice included a data makes the guy she's with seem more attractive according to a new study. All the way she orders of food the guy says she's attractive. No I got hot yes. That's right it makes that Jesse more attractive so bad guy order spicy food yes our editors think none and now if he'll order spicy food he looks more attractive. Just get all worked up there aren't a lot of volleying he doesn't so I was please describe Fuzzy foods like hot and intense. So we associate those were with the person or west I'm NSA I have the Suez and make sense that it first state wants to win joint. And worked out well. Yeah these evening news priests are now able to perform extra citizens over the phone. Yes. All of they'd. Come on yeah at all. The real attitude that you know sort of a photo of the phones. Over the phone extensive. Our highs and I'll shoot. I think that I gave then President Clinton into the power to cut its deal rove knew it at plus two if you need more convincing behavior. Fish or no there Fresno area to have holy waters spread over your cards who have since we've been mismanaged. I. Told Obama that probably charge of that and I. Leigh Tony Robbins it's always. Good and all his remarks old. They need to redo the entrances to hit as good or are you finding I can't hear from this side very user's head spinning around and vomiting. In your child Spooner had 368. How does the Logan would empty hand still managed to hold a crack pipe. I don't know shoulder outside L bottle are now. Thank you Mike Gartner and I don't know I want our now first we go to those loan. Precepts. Strata to police are on how profile this is playing. Until ten miles into civil game where we share review a real life news story something that happened right here on planet earth hour. Or or an if you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be drew people. And the decisions that people make the last you wouldn't you think Mason story a story. Hello Shane welcome to the men's room. Below oh god pallone Shane. Now I'd say we understand how mister Damon's blood. I do fantastic here's the story. I'm 33 year old man you want to convenience store and Sebastian Florida. About 2:30 in the morning. On the weekend he goes there by some beer but the plug says look I can't sell you any beer at the city bans alcohol license. After wanna him. So we answer what would happen if I stole the bear financially feasible uncle hookups. Though he knew if you re dead serious and obviously he ran through eighteen guys to be here and ran out. But turned to a word she called unconsciously she said she would and they greatly tracking down and arrest them for petty theft. You believe this guys like white makes the or Asian. On another slow don't miss these tests. Send it. Come national. I mean in my white or black. Nom. Now to eighteen impact of the year there's a chance blended into what kind of beer laws no no no. We're looking into the eighteenth agent eighteen packs so it's a McCain yet so one thing that we are we have established for the most part. Why people love drinking beer out of kid yeah and also the journey convenience store down. We'll have more room to tank which is the whole thing abolished through. Sonar sounds pretty wife and into eighteen past eighteen dad's home jobs of our guys any. Ask first what happens if I eat drop yet when I was at my steel that's the so called them to get the three white thing to do like nothing bad can happen right now with miles man I'm white dude I love question came to hear them tonight Jane what is that. Light final answer. Final answer we'll find out of this beer thief and was black white Mexican Eurasian next sat with his tee you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Well my face the Florida and 330 man who goes into a convenience store I believe it's after one month learning whatever their. I called selling time isn't he says what's a good thing for me to get these Beers and nothing you can't buy a new tablet I still dominant performance as well I called cops solution and he picks up to eighteen packs of beer runs out the door she golf scouts he's arrest. He has and they just like she said would act in the same week as you did you believe that this guy I was like white makes your agent and you went to the white. And I. How how good news club to add to our TV damaging. Vijay sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. And the men's room presents. You guys played baseball. Yeah of course. Nine. As far as the people going the numbers on television the whole thing up people going I think baseball struggled a little bit also it's been which it called they've cleared for a lot of tea tea with a sock sock on the baseball players like. We could probably shorten the season and ai and I and I I'd surely agree that yeah. But I think based oil has been struggling numbers wise and ratings wise but I think part of it to actually mean my cousin or just talk. As a parent is talking about this a big part of the issue baseball hats is the NFL has done such a tremendous job. Of making themselves a year round sport. Yup total votes of the fewer games than. Image I mean America United States of America is just you know it's NFL obsessed June. There isn't there there's TV deals and make money but look on a Saturday or Sunday yeah you know what if I'm not doing anything I get it taken out of the ball game on a Tuesday night. Against you know whoever the Detroit Tigers on the other guy is not that they did their had a great year it just it's Tuesday night. I think party gets to all relatively easily to any I mean if you're just a casual baseball fan like. It kind of gets boring ranked yankees Red Sox went. Dodgers giants and then every once in awhile like another team kind of council on them by their cubs are gonna be good for awhile now Arafat there. It's not like football or radars are haven't LV is. It in in NFL anymore you take that packed Saturday that's about the only guarantee right you are aiming so the baseball you know I still like baseball. They establish struck a little bit now if you know anything about baseball if it is so many. Breaks there's act thigh. Started slow and yeah and act somebody breaks their back while they're hitting. Generally that means a fast ball came inside any hit him very close to the rest you know and it lower and the back. Generally that's gonna be a foul ball this of that Bryce Harper is not a usual human he is not usual baseball player and his bat breaks here but. Still goes yard. And will would soon setting up inside the barrel of the bat flew all the way to the screen and you'll get this C. Hit the screen behind the bad boy. And Bryce Harper hits it out of the yard. Ease that freak usually strong. Apparently self very heated seat video the Manger my FaceBook page yet it's unbelievable have you ever seen a miles never. I've never seen that in my own white and he's still holding like a little sliver of what's left in the batter's hands like it has jogged to first that's exactly it's like yeah it just quickly you told the pencil. Yeah I mean look I watch so much baseball back today but I have never heard of a guy breaking a bat it's still going art I'm guessing. He was playing on the visiting team that yeah I was a lot of noise in there and unedited. Now prevent any amenities in a number on the shares are got a good start. I will say Bryce Harper is one of the few he's kind of like LeBron James and the way he said he hasn't won a championship. But I mean I remember a buddy of mine sit on my couch we were drinking Beers and we are watching videos of him in high school. In at some home run contest just going yard down at Tropicana Field in just going crazy. And you think this guy's gonna be awesome ball wide he's whether you like him or not he is basically lived up to that hype. I like him he's intense. All right. Not gonna get sad I'll know easy and well a lot of sorry mayor it's not my fault people are barred it people died this is how life works. That's that's out hard. The move would never say that wealth and his dad died while I know. For whom life. He had a song written these harsh all right which one you want first was what are what are the army. You remember him from any movies. You see him on TV host email call. Probably his most famous movie. A or remodeled all metal jacket Jesus thank you. But would journalism two years are the army was also at a Disney movie. And I he played sergeant in Toy Story size. You know what to do. Sir you are right. Blueprint for me we are. Brent recon why Charlie execute. And good Guadalajara. Are you are quite I don't watch box there lose yeah she. Well why did the. Right now yeah. When you hear is voice there and your earliest wrecked you know millions I still of the stories every three keys and consultant. On form on a jacket and is he's actually was a drill instructor who I think Marine Corps. And then he keeps giving him tips seven finally directors like you just play the role. And then you know he got he got in Hollywood in this or that I used to really like male college doesn't watch that show every once in while it was on history. That he would just go to like an army base or marine base or whatever. And they would have them shoot stuff and everything and and I mean. Usually put ads ever did far above seven abstentions and what right. And I'm gonna get to borrow the bubble era to our early our. He was one of the few people to meet late the late. Everybody that knew those movies like Tim but also you could see massive amount of respect when he went. In in train that these people either marine drill sergeant I'm sure you just commands that in general. He does spreading UTE Selig was a heart felt they listened to him you know science I was like the guy I know Matt might as we are top drawer like that that's a barber. Let's dig out that while you never want to see anybody that it. So she got the early hurry how old losing. In write that down okay this. Is seventy wherever political autorad semifinal got themselves that the cells at a long life imploded group. If my tribute going to. I hope all of them that he's somewhere in there. I can pay tribute to get the wild that's an extra question yes I'll let's go to our don't have that Iowans. All right that we had another death. From. Hello another dominant OIR and I couldn't do that for the staff that you okay. Because that's our tomorrows. All right did you guys couldn't but the are you okay. Okay you're good relief Mary Anderson Gary Anderson yes Harry he was on night court. Night court has one of the best theme songs of all I'll agreed. And entertainment. So they've got my number assigned don't think we're. And let's get right underneath. Like that. So nice court with a show that Harry Anderson stars are basically just like he was the judge at the make or lose ridiculous cases. We'll show ma'am it was. I mean I have ever been a child in the show was gone which seemed like he needs public Internet and my hump right. And I remember even as a kid out like this on both he. I'm not a big thing back together to name my book with a rock saw blog is I don't know why did you couldn't put it. Alice through an honest and own the fund to pick up and look at. The because it gave packed with my pockmarked rock with the but while he said earlier they had some ridiculous cases and a court and sorry track he's even get made fun of for year. Pushed through rehab marital friction and clicks the old track he's and the new. Thought yes sir that are involved in a brawl that broke out of the convention during a seminar on the role of android's on star fleet command vehicles. Not gonna throw a ball out. And none of that language in my courtroom. And it's on my client's plea dissing your iron from ground slowly claiming victims of a mine emailed. Mind. Come on yeah or real gun. Star Trek to the TV show for a crime he thinks. I find each thirty bucks and I suggest you stop living when your parents. It's like a mantra he's to get me for years that. It's funny I did not realize this honestly thought he passed away. But he started out as a street hustler MD and damage issue and then he turned a common. I heard I heard an interview he did with that David Letterman years ago before he got on night court. Then beside you guys are seen make big guys they still doable it's the three card Monte yeah it's like EF three charges seem much street corners and stuff. So they're gonna hostile U right so he was talking about used to do that but using it because he did by himself that people would be a mop. The Pentagon. How he retired he just got he kind of went away went Nashville are actual North Carolina. Yeah welcome to politics may be or some that in many distillers and I'm done. He and then he started out with a guest appearances on cheers replace Harry the hat gilts. Basically you need to think they are remembering them on the right and and that led to him getting the roles the judge on night court and Alice from 1984 to 1992. And that's a pretty good run together and I would think meg court was definitely in syndication for awhile ago as I absolutely. He also was on a show called Dave's world from 9397. And then now he's won the Stephen King miniseries. I just know that everyone liked that show. Most of the time or did you ever heard anybody say like that in like unity in Washington has gone on you watched it and people like was it was a big guy's name the bull bull right. Oh yeah the bailout found that. Did you do that you're right and it's funny because you never. I don't hear night court you brought up Blake signed fell older Marleau but it is a desertion but I've never heard anybody do it I hear it actually know who wants is John Laura Kenneth John Mayer cat was our man. Marcia wharf were feel Warfield yeah yeah. Should be dressed him he wasn't handled so well and I don't know what happened. He was 65 yeah that was you're a young in this scenario. Well it's funny they'd say said he died of natural causes and a 65 years old. That doesn't seem natural qualified is natural causes you just I'm all right that's always my question can read all the murders natural causes pain in the senate battle there are supposedly so many there's seven he's had a heart attack if they did. Is that almost at a natural calls or what yeah it was some homes 87 minutes they data what are they Dido and files. Because of this little mantra clauses if you're whatever gives gives is that natural. I mean if you. Even if you held prodded along a little bit and you get the what you know one you have to understand is done it. Yeah 87 sure. Brady you immediate get a sickness like pneumonia. That's still a terrible yet you don't wanna die just catching is sickness but I would think it's delicate natural cause the Abbott Hewlett I think there's gonna get to a point where you can be really specific about it looked. There was an artery it was clogged he had a lot of bacon death by that. Kyra you know enemy like you could start today I chopped up exactly exactly. How this person that. Like look it was years and years and years and years of French Fries. The one time we undertook to check them move kill them. Back side yes. Is an android Dinah weird way basic idea until I die choking on food. Tired of I mean I don't wanna die Joseph you know food that's not a black and ways they re tyranny like that's not how I don't want a blacked out of the toilet. Gonna die that way that I regret about the country song re waiting to be written and NY can brag arrow around and talk on it and just hard around with toilet. Era. That's good god game figure one once when word of runs in toilet I bet. We often well because this is what what Hollywood does now to talk about the shows to come back and they're getting rebooting it. Of course this and that I think you know mad about juice coming back and talk about that. So. Or lose couple weeks ago whatever we are talking about solutions amount you brought up sign felt. I end you know Lakewood that show ever come back now. I I still think Jerry he doesn't wanna do another player gave it cares to do with it may have enough money any the other people might. But basically NBC executives usually look we we thought about reboot and everything. But he is like friends will never happen in Santo was virtually guaranteed to never be reboot it based on the size of the starters. Yeah yeah and it just you know if I am I too late they asked Ted Danson a rally cheers. He's like I wouldn't reboot it. Twenty years ago pride you know now they they tie in Spain has been so big I mean you know if you could it. I would mind watching a sitcom based in a bar though. He's better than ever are represented by Tom cops that Connolly at least just have sometimes. People meet up and had Beers in a bar like you know like. Normal people. Yet remember we talked about that we thought there wasn't that many shows the periods. The fuel VW up in a bar. Right and baseless but I met your mother and dozens of Lowe's it's always sunny in Philadelphia oh I mean that always joke about my Rachmaninoff yeah it probably does think there's a thousand varsity course he would argue for a doctor Spencer's actresses that. Yeah bar shows are tough to man. But I know. Was it on TV yes they had a bunch of comedians got together and did so elements on and that was a pretty issue which may sleep they were just at a bar. At the bar genre too late. So just not realistic. There's always meet up in bars and how about you guys but sometimes whether it's me you're somebody like. Surely there's always a couple of really drunk people. Yeah like TV bars the Eagles beat up and make have a double drinks eat dinner solid rear responsible they're drinking ever fireball of it touched down this early Friday night like man I better make it out you Donnelley is the matter how. I think you ever see somebody throw for and walking overtone we like drink water. It's all America as a bar crawl fifth. The incentive clauses for the protective of anarchy that part of it. Yeah right some of that stuff of the slates anarchy. Yeah. It's crazy man yes definitely so the bars whatever I think some muscle me sit Nash different choose to. Sharon Osbourne everybody knows terror. She's Austin yeah. She's she gets fired up about stuff says she was talking with Larry King about I guess that she didn't care for in the main reason is because she had screwed up his name. And now I think on purpose here she screws up his name again I. Didn't gain on week one guy back ash didn't commissioner. Oh absolutely and hadn't yeah I did well act check it sure didn't get on with him until the highest Payer grouping called so if you look. I hope you know like what did you like about actually. It's a church for me for me because I goodies name wrong so heat wise. Becomes only and teaches it and that he carries and and where you would have you done. In this industry analysts like to eat can't stop it's me because I'm couldn't eat you up and and so I I was just like you don't know what you're dealing these kids. She's way off base here. He's ash and could share. Right he was the first person familiar Kushner for pretty quickly priceless don't screw up just being good things and large Turkish Kurdish culture. And I think cushion when he did Jesus. But if it. Could share yeah. He's what he's doing but where can you said it is our highest paid actors on TV right that seventy Shillue have little holds. And then also late. We share Utley can check out for what's to sit there and say he can't even come at me when he's talking about like Iran and Iraq fest or whatever I don't I can you got that. But he's a massive TV actor right that I inherited like. I guess her dad was a manager in the music industry she followed suit she did that for a number of years was very successful out of she married someone new her dad managed to is very successful doing what he did and then later on life they did the Osborne's and her career took off and she did her thing to. Other than that. That that's that's a resident. Yeah I just don't see you she could sit there and kind of crap on coaches there I don't leaders themselves. I have a united to like really he's a pretty legit TV start it has a right to be like hey Ted know my name. If if I'm going on your show. I guess our had a horrible it would remind kids or not the fact. All right thank you it's now we appreciate ahead I've got a when Mike Gary just a few minutes you are listening to amend your radio network. Swiss miles. No see what's happening in the real high era Illinois were a man asking yourself 5000 figgins is kind of bringing people out. If you live in Bellevue there is an eighteen year old underwear sniffer who is roaming about. Follow Intel's got these most drugs from the tire gauge these guys is where the sun doesn't shine southwest jet makes emergency landing you know all of the passengers are not doing fine. At Pennsylvania teacher is set to lose jobs after making hungry kids whole grain pancakes. It is time for your headlines. It's time to live there. Yeah here's Mike Cox. John Daria and Indian river county sheriff's deputies stopped a woman driving down the role they busted headlight and side used syringe and clear liquid substance on the woman seated next door. While she was detained sealer to mobsters to more per paraphernalia that was on her person a tire gave that she shoved into her uterus to use as they are Ohio. He was arrested and charged with possession. And moon. And intolerance under the Firestone and he will joked that tire needs looks like it but I can imagine. How you would actually use the lessons for the damn thing apart we'll sheer greed and figured out a way whether he will lose the way in my past. And I am. Yeah it's hard core back yeah. Yes around the world a bit of a scare in Germany as police received a call about a headless lifeless body laying covered in blood by wherever. Understandably so there's prompted a major police operation to get to the bottom of the situation. Simple and authorities got to the side of the incidents they did find something headless lifeless and covered in blood. However it was adult. Now own merits this it's better than a person this was somebody punk in the cops both York. And Graham betterment of bombs there right mean yeah sure enough. Even though that's looks terrifying if I was walking down the road a look into an easy mr. content. I thought earlier in free dad's back hit you coming our main danger even if you walk by of course I think you'd you'd think some good. Yeah yeah all right and is not a Barbie doll magnolia the snapdragon and it's covered and this is intentionally just to screw with people now freak me out. As Douglas plane was forced to make an emergency landing at the left side engine blow on the craps. Man oh man does created an even more dramatic scene on the plane as debris from the engine shattered one of the windows injuring some passengers with shrapnel and even partially drawing one woman outside of the plane and one one woman passed. Since I'm a story first and wryly yes. Down don't know pulls the person sitting in that window seat that they try to pull back in or somebody was it pumped up I'm pizza man breather came in through that window when that happened. No I did I haven't read that far into it yet I don't think they've announced that tennis fits she's worth to pull back in the plan by the passengers on the plane did make to make a state issue landing. No miles no slides were deployed. Well you only have a couple of them. Going on in other news out of Peoria Illinois bar domestic disturbance story of the week. Element helpless to help remove out of her home after she found her roommate doing some disturbing things with her mention doubles. She was living with two red male roommate that would make sexual comments to others while visiting the home. But the final straw was catching one of her roommates rummaging through her underwear sniffing and even funneling them smell it. She doubly so that's help. Asked them to help remove so that she would feel sixth that is creepy man. I'm just wondered if there were any warning signs before she agreed to move into these guys. I don't know maybe shoots is generally bad spot check in a minute I am. When sound ideal if they Alli there's a warning sign and you move an endless freak like that no really. Not I mean not that I know I don't know that you there's of those men you can get any kind of roommate enough fun out some stuff for awhile while the remaining going gay man if I'd known that he never wanted to learn. Don't know what that's I was going to be sometimes it is like to think that creeps like. Can almost see if I guess and I are roommates and revenues for the for the moment millions from the past. People don't be gross. That'll do it now Lenovo. I nodding your draw or don't do lift and it's. In Hawaii moving on to. Our I don't get people man's smelly and all I like out of a movie and analysts link please enter a drastic measures to escape. Wall on the run the met the man escaped the grip of police and actually jumped off the cliff and landed on an edge roughly ten feet below. It appears that he admitted clean getaway until they massive wave came by and swept him off the ledge. Please element phased out on the water for a few moments before being Donnelly by the current rescue teams are still on the lookout for. Rescue or recovery Dan the man iron to recover and and yes. Why would you jump off a cliff. Because there's water below and in Athens in the movies that's not that's not where you wanna do that. Now goes way with the smack you over give the right man. And those are blades for rocks yes. It's not a bad guys just get arrested last service like at the wave bullet you know the water park is like Jack and haven't you learned there should be an earth right. We go back to Peoria Illinois where resident of a home told police about a suspicious stranger than knocked on the door with an interesting offer. After answering the door the stranger asked if there were any trees that needed trend and then moved on asking the resident had any children over the age of five things. When asked why because that is probably the strangest question in most suspicious question you can never possibly ask. The chase to begin rambling about how kids over the age of eight can get a loan to purchase up to 5000 chickens. And and then after a stranger to leave and called voice. That's creepy and I authorities searched the area became a venting and if you have any tin can have a PH and four. I can't imagine tenth seed I don't think he was a preview event I think he was just matter of fact about it. Gensler are needed to make that information about being creepy you know they can he's it and kids over age is legally immune move like up to 5000 chickens. It's a red flagged badly he just thought that it wasn't his previous Jackson was. Okay. I think he didn't think he was previous the next I think he's just not so they did a story about exactly yeah. Exactly they found a Nadia I'm saying he's confident because he has no idea just how insane if I can write that story while after walking walking two blocks. I mean finds Ameristar about dividend on our new door as a means the bad debt to a Macy's store these. Go to Palin get to bend the ladies goals take issue with a teacher beating his students. That he just said pistons were charred prepare for their standardized test and decided to reward the students what they pancake feed during glass. He set of adrenaline maybe student cold rain being gay duo enjoyed during the class. All but 5% of the school students come from lower income families and thank case that they received could actually have only been the only hot meal that they would get that date. But regardless when the vice principal walked into the classroom he informed the did you that he would be terminated for causing a distraction. My mom had great guns best president that I understand you had should day until we wake remember there are no little losers only winners. We'll see you next Sanford whose sex less than another turn to learn yes indeed it is all true but in the meantime we really know about losing it. So until tomorrow please do what you do best and for a leave this thing it's. OK. Okay.