04-17-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Gets Busted

Tuesday, April 17th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Musician Marijuana Busts! Plus and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Casillas an animal a Major League far far 999 all are talking Joseph Joseph so you said you're on the horse horse get spooked by back fire from an ATV or whatever those travel around there in the news is you're taking off at this point. I get up and down the beach but I you're says there is mama lawyers got mumbled or straighter so. Sheen took up that to me from back to concede that wasn't entered my head Brad. I'm a simple recorder but I'll and I can eerie yellow amendment. And she basically like Greg but Y Stearns got right up next to me. And grab the reins of mine chorus and use you know the power of her horse. Slow boat or solid on. And Canada's galloped then of course it is each side up. Did your buddy's mom look at you and kiss you you start making out Erica. Is I'm happy that if they lose their very. Yeah I'm honored their own and learn Senator Obama if he yeah. Made them the power of all I wanna picnic table you know horsepower. About only one or so that was just crazy. Let's go yeah yeah I know Ares yeah when you know it's really weird though you will like. You will you walk along the beaches. Especially in the Pacific northwest in their. The bottom there just really really desolate in the state and national parks are so big and bass and they really do it's like. Plan under the age Charlton Heston like all the humanity stuff and at times I've been around the league a place no one would be meant I was on these thousands of beach called mile and apart which is an Oregon. And you see anybody for three hours and then all of a sudden these two vs just come up the breach and are walking on their own. And they just walked right by there's nobody on. It was just freaking bizarre you're like where Emma hill and the wild horses on acid sleeker Chincoteague with dating scene while they have that they just slow college plot along with a grants adults know but they were like grow the nerd like you know I mean they they were like somebody's horses it's seen well groomed yeah I mean like right it's just like you you know beach Lockett what they do it credentials from the do well that's how would that were now I am seen another dissonant when now when did an animal amaze you 8449990. Brother who the issue marks on the beach. Schmuck don't sure if that's the court ordered review at that the other issue luck finish mock shouldn't. Hello star welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. Yeah. And I'd really never notably why it's just it's mind and it's my I don't I don't know sorry. OK I want to tell you about it and you know one animal OK it all ours. If you go kill any week shop you can find Richard made animal. Yeah waters I've seen the things is now in the present since. And the things in there and the Pentagon. Right and I don't know they're stronger that they are different company back we had it sort of the Don I'm calling about. Wish you afraid of everything. And if staffs where unplug the July in New Year's and even if the game look all the fireworks. We're out of time. Under Charlotte thundershowers another good one that's yeah and be able to since those always start if they have a problem at the height and the bed like ten minutes before start rained. You know I was as they can Wear because basically. They're just feeling it in the atmosphere you know there's something about the chair whatever that they get a gauge earlier and I had air pressure like it's gonna pour down rain and then they hide it in the Betty like. Are seeing this movie is gonna rim thunderstorm later. Yeah I don't we do the same thing. Ruined but it's a hot summer day near someplace it's human it's not that hard to walk around like now thunderstorms come until I got a brown dogs it. And I didn't write down. To does is still work. It works like a charm we try and set it it smarter and it would show that. Will drive and it would leave their eyes are droopy it was our fault that he's a lot unkind to where. I had our I mean these are my ground I don't started snarled and also of the merit for the most part all that stuff is it's the same stuff that they give human beings is just based on weight. I so I mean. Ballot could shedding practically like that so we try can't thank my eighty it worked but she still look like you're gonna have a heart attack she still shaking and I'm so I told someone I haven't worried about it and said to go to pot shots that they had an opt out of the way better then that human medication. You know I had an animal stuff yeah you tell me and I am man regarded by reducing it has animals are warning when asked how the how old are you man I gotta ask. I'm forty okay we are the same agent we are basically so. When we grew up. There was no separation anxiety and annals is like the gluten thing to me or someone like everybody I know who as a dog the dog has separation anxiety so I'm assuming this is. Nurture over nature because I don't ever remember this being an issue so late. Apologies to be dogs to the end of the restaurants stores with the does and I'm saying I mean they don't like dollars this past and he threw nurtured can be nature because I never had anybody like. Oh yeah I don't miss this dog may get separation anxiety and so I think we need to believe that how's he gonna cry the dogs that there was dogs in the neighborhood there was a knowing that never shut up put forward that wasn't separation things closes the enemy. Barrera yeah I guess so but I do think some of it is cities is nurtured just in the way. And trust me I love talks Madonna well I don't have one I really like to hogs but it. I don't know that the way people treat them now is a lot different than I don't think that you're like Archie Bunker of dollars you relate. We'll Wragge added I don't usually read dobbs flood yeah they you don't alienate it's like Ed box. Well I'm I know I'm so sorry but my dogs indemnity acknowledge my dog is on for my dog might see my dogs are pros. Among making another dog is on pros that would feel like the whole idea saying that out loud just makes me go like one and a half is going on my dad's on prozac I know he would not Isiah thing I mean god damn well didn't go to via nine nobody on the same drug lie lie lie that is the making these sick and it's like Europe for eagle but get over out there you go more than that I like this is not a big someone feeds you think pick up your approved with their hand I mean Christ if you how hard is life you look bad at. Did you get sleep then you choose not to easily but the big bad anyway dig up all the god damn room relay around all day you can watch television if you want he had to square meals a day yet walked twice today god damaging go to Vietnam. Thank you don't if you. And just how late I think it's amazing my dog Tigger. I wasn't at this part. Because of them I think you just want to bring you hit my sister through it but a lot of people from my high school went to the party. And they were like your dog to keep in mind he's a Scottish Terrier Brighton and so I mean what do they weigh forty pounds yeah. The Jews and use all means dumping their games have polish back office gives. Off the don't want to present on the skin is he's asked the question is did they don't lose its law eating his face and hey Reynolds I don't know pizza and he he would eat massive amounts of food is probably the greatest night of his life I don't know how we survived. He with the thing it doesn't would kill taker is found the grace of our dog act like mold to grow also present at garnered no one night they don't hold leads the days on my own smoked weed I don't need all bogey putt. It's amazing. And now and then and animal invasion of the 8449990. That is amazing yes pillows got to welcome to the men's room. Earlier on and Olaf. Let's look at this one without. Kyra awkward conversation that little unparalleled on the couch with my cat and my girlfriend. We would like to have become a man for the Ersan. Since learned why wanna eat. It straight. Vote an erection on doubled me. I really yeah you jealous you're girlfriend's Elian. Maybe maybe he's not a very low I don't know it's we are brilliant and you know I'm not a liar I was gonna. Little bit and the little. It's. Like to think and tribute LO. Other. This your cat like to sleep on W. I. Oh oh what the win or lose guns and wanna remind us summary nominally government have mechanics item a back seat and that is a question I have peace that the moment you realized that. Jen has an erection while sitting on you what's your next move. What is your girlfriend sent me are you do lose you have this like what the hell do you swung the thing off what. I'm looking at it and I didn't. Children. We're good night. Content. And utterly accurate. But it's okay. You can name anyway are you Canadian content. I am definitely Canadian and hello to my friends in Washington you're listening to meet our own anyway is so yeah. You know I can't imagine right out of moved around like a little thing you're like why can't mind. You know mom and I'm not only home. Use learning the good news right up until our. Gamble dental bridge such in this study any other is how their boat went up like that it. What is the animal and cancel trade and we re clean and these. Yeah anesthetic appreciate clearly spoken minds what to do is three months. Well now you know you're Hamels against oaks saw some of the options that we got to do. Customers are squeezing anal glands get out and out to the region ago. Did you unless you play with Leno about the when I was fed through a want to give and do what went ahead with your own we'd legalization when is that going to affect them in any an announcement period and I would. Well. July though have storms opener July it'll just be legalized. So loyal to be legalized I guess slogan do you whenever I wanna smoke here. So you know what I wanted an anchor and but you'll be able to buy yet correct. Not yet know I'm not I'd her regulate that they wanna do it here government liquor stores in light you know like all calls. A guy I remember growing up one of the best budget big it was BC bud. NBC bottles like the mother was on even on the menu in Amsterdam against see pictures of what was available from around the world doing the website wouldn't he would they have the most expensive strain that had was. BC bud. Was and it was the most you know powerful stuff you goodbye bit of sterling record I'm assuming that that's going to be on the menu. When all the stores open I would think so you know this just in case they've got to go to Canada for weekend's hangout for whatever reason be a good idea. Oh win that an animal amaze you 844999. Although we've got your emails Illinois men's room and men's in my back on you are listening to the men's or radio network. So come back up the prior to our dreams and spends a tin of musicians who are busted with the weed as a tool of weed league rolls on first the time reviewing emails there. For the men's room have meant a mile dot com. Guys animal blew my mind. And Ted is pretty close to the story you were saying earlier. My indoor cat got. Out now searching everywhere all of the property calling his name. The all time there's a Crowe following gawking while I'm trying to listen for my cat to make a noise. I yellow the crawl to shut up a few times before and well maybe he's trying to tell me something. So I turned said what. When I walked toward them he flies to the next tree I keep walking toward any flies to the next tree he leads me across the property around the back of my house on a path without any obstructions fences gates are down the driveway to the streets. When I hit the streets he flies down to the neighbor's driveway and lands on a power line. Sure as hell here comes my cats walking out of the neighbor's driveway right underneath. And down city land to the cat yes but still as I don't have dad wants I think back inside. I don't have time to call but I'm a zoo keeper. So I've seen some animals do some crazy ass man first on the comes to mind was just the other day when I saw 300 pound tiger. Run head first almost full speed into our perimeter fence. There's a head prints in the fence that will always be a reminder of that time I didn't get mauled by tiger I know are not friendly love the show. That from Cali from the mentioned states did say here and then may I state remittance date to submit. I know she's from the mid states. Probably some place now gone yeah I guys may you know I think it was cold. There Fred went hiking in the Olympics for a couple weeks are made based gambit Dello divide and they hiked to the peaks around the area. A bronze medal candidates a lock up all our dehydrated food and well a black bear broke in and open it up. And he ate all of the food. Of course it was a bit thirsty after word so he's lacked his thirst in the creek nearby of course adding water to dehydrated food it. Will expand that either walk oven poke that thing for three days it would just moan needless to say our triples got a little short. That from Bernie the Glassman. All of which allows them a vet tech and onetime an animal amazed me was what a Golden Retriever came in for an in this copy. In those companies can't be removed after we remove the foreign body the owners asked to see and I brought the blue pair of panties up to them and they proceeded to might not be about how there dog ate apparently see blue pennies. That did not belong to his wife. Needless to say they were on shortly after. Thanks to guys that have a farm you're a prisoner of Florida. I found and brought you don't see that on every day count shows. Harmon dropped eighteen evidence and proved it out late it was sad as she realized her husband and the dog like that make good to see these guys that I urban farm basically what that means is a live in the city of ducks and chickens are backyard. A several years ago when my ducks is making a big fuss at the backside indoor. I don't think much Jonathan that I noticed that as I moved through the house she ran toward me still freaking out and picking at the doors. I decided to go see what that the quacks were all about. Her a sister had a molded a bit too much and and gotten in the pond which was about double bird in the Benson's it was October. The water was very cold and Selma sister patty was near drowning because she'd hit a hypothermic state. We managed to warmer back up achievable through that's the story of the amazing Patti and Selma. And the connection they had a sisters. To ducks who were big fans do that another Disney movie they Obama weathered Mitt and state Brett. Michigan's. It's a state of Michigan liberalism is a man of Michigan is shaped like you made them mad that my favorites as it's resilient dumb so I see okay you have to let me what is now I'm like glad Bob Parker gave the load me up when now my 100 gallon salt water reef tank cracked a sort of flooding the living here about probably because he thought it was a load of trouble Barry to happen. He actually guilty about anything are great for blaming carts on our parts on. A boxer Mac almost got wiped out in my yard last week as well he's a friendly dog ever but didn't trust this lady for some reason lies on a complete dumb ass. That from the spear checker any common. My daughter didn't. Check Tucker on on our enemy action that is fear at all and Allen at whose experience checkered adaptive coach. He is and I think yes. Yeah the last when we came and desist. Bless them and it'll amaze me with this weekend boomer fired up and our review real all right and that he did it there you fully. Yeah that I don't Tara here's emails measurements in my background. Only a magnificent benches today is my friend Doug Colonia AKA Minnie Mouse is warning its trip around the sun did you guys play a symphony internal sex. Because I know she thinks it's funny thanks guys and stay beautiful that from the bearded wonder jet. Shanahan they thought if they ever say Jake Roberts lobby how about early. All right Jay gains that from your mom. And I'm loves you that the a couple of my fiance Lars Tony good birthdays uses your buy gas everyday while driving to work we are also expecting our first child in June. She would love to hear the dirty Germans chatting with a Ozzie Ted about sexy moms to be. Thanks guys that from Lucas. You won't recreate the nation may. Death to any amendment. But like false is the fear like monsoon season rolled around with a couple days. They got big bad box they do it if it. It's just wrong. I'd hate the government and are led. They know best friend Stephanie brown such es birthday and she would love to hear you guys talk all over ourselves about marathons. And she like all of us is a big Ted fan I think you guys so much you fellow dinosaurs. That from Brian and the photographer well I think about people who road America this thing you bring your financiero yeah Ireland the Netherlands why let everybody feel young men running out of water in Illinois and the European allies that are out there might call him things up to hasn't gotten America needed to jump rope tape. I'm told is today's. Broken little finger brother Tony ninth birthday he's in a bit of a fun feeling down about his old age and probably thinks a normal given the time for proper shot out. I want a second cup date and your peers is too small under the Omega is day bad guys are all bad for Malayan assured. Yeah. Okay. Oh wait wait. Yeah its own me this guys down there don't you feel bad for him to make him feel better giving your you want those previously bet NASA and a good exotic birds that visit today and I did this and let these guys get up. What are you folk. This is my husband's every browns Joffrey is thirtieth birthday he's already a silver fox and I'd love to hear some pointers in the dirty Germans on how to make his. Dirty thirty the most memorable day of the year thanks guys that from Chloe. Big job. Free the home. Yup it's Jeffrey if you. If you do the decision that he could construe this loan net. He's been through my name is Margaret and I'm writing to you to ask a favor. My husband Joseph was a hard working plumber and he's a big fan of your show we always looks forward to listening. He turns 35 years old today in the have a moment I would like to ask you to help him wish they had him a happy birthday. With turtles thanks and Allen think and maybe some flooding puke as well. Thanks guys in advance Iraq respectfully from the lovely Margaret. Those funds and it. Actually guys give my very special happy birthday to my lovely wife's death at age you'll love the men's room to talk all over themselves about non flying squirrels. Thank you guys so much that from there. Galliano I don't know how the world and government are usually plant or that way there and Larry sellers again when they're number I don't prayer around around camp thought Lance freedom and apply to inform. Almost outstanding team of entertainment providers today my mother in law's birthday and even though she is a mean law. She'll be celebrating this week right along with you can really get a suck it up got engaged in a big old bomb ripped thanks guys happy birthday piglets. Wound. I. Hi guys do you goals happy I didn't I was I had yeah yeah OK okay yeah yeah. God died and I had the room. Made. The young and they're two gentlemen brought. All available through he's world fame on men's lives does come another sign retailers. Know him trying to apply them. You're doing here guys my friend are restrooms and a flushing my friend and his friend of miserable and out to dinner restaurant. After being seen about a host as my friend proceeded to go to the bathroom. He goes about his business but once he was done he was unable to find a way to flush the toilet there was no center no button or handle. Finally giving up on the way to flush egos to the sink to wash his hands. As it turns on the faucet he hears the toilet start to flush apparently in this particular restroom you had to wash your hands in order to make the toilet flush. All right once the arrived back at the table is friendly to use the restroom after a few minutes is for in return it's a dude I just could not figure out how to flush in that restroom. You do the mass. Effect. Hand and no more guys I'm so fired up and there's actually this up. This email comes in a five point 5 AM 8 am and considering do this justice. I'm so fired up right now for this question what pisses me off vs the police think she was sorry excuse me I shouldn't be raging at 5 AM to give you an idea and I'm gray area gym unicorn a 592. To enact a deadly if Ted Smith have been Steve the throw hill's squad my cock and clean injured miles when he went. That. I'm no Barbie. So when someone bumps in the me and doesn't apologize I wanna fight us swear to god I'm not Roy raging too I give those who don't say thank you to be a sarcastic you're welcome enjoyed our glared bomb never been just fine and I'm not far doesn't. The bubble and Amir to execute me is a great opportunity for me get them until our blog and let it and why I don't knock somebody out. Have a lovely day gentleman that for mentally. This week. I've still got a broader military adulthood Saturday the first they drug charge and now it is time to sit and spin now. Yes friends it's time once again at all. Six and spend let's gather around the old radio and listen to some sweat a. News. We. As as you guys are doing on the show this week we are talking about the danger is oh that's right we are highlighting the dangers of the Maryland the marijuana it's going to be terrible things can and I'm not talking about just losing your car keys now I'm talking about serious stuff you'd get crisis getting in trouble with the law. And you have. Just because. You did. The marijuana there's a lot of people right now who are listening to this very radio show and they are sitting where they're sitting right now because of the marijuana rights MMI the living room or jail so they could be sitting you know women's prison outside of apple to what's we don't know if we don't know how to divide us having that was a really that big of a deal other than you know. Well maybe I do it these musicians did to her resume today today I thought I would bring you even musicians. Who get away with a lot of stuff sometimes. Get busted. For doing. Or possessing so you're saying to marijuana these musicians more than likely smoke some and as we did they had an I don't know but they definitely got. I'll go way. O line. You know clean straight laced Carlos Santana I don't see how does he waved him through the San Francisco music scene in the 1960s believe it or not this man who may or may not have smoked the marijuana I don't believe it I don't you got married truth. I believe he was forced by guards L division drug mule sole reason it. Carlos Santana no chance he was a rock so I think Carlos Santana was probably straight for most of his life because he didn't get busted. We know marijuana to a 1991 and 91 under the nineties were a strange time for people. He made that 91 minutes and I want which is remarkable. Com and I'm only one bad he is smooth and we figured out of this I was that was five grams for. Has led five grams from Mexico so apparently couldn't get good we in America you have to yeah textile. But these are ten musicians who smoke the evil we. Yeah okay. You did a great. Yeah I. It's true in North Carolina the legendary. James. Brown. Godfather of soul. Then 91 phones under the hot 100 the third best Sama among all solo act after Elvis Presley threw a low lane. Got busted for marijuana. South Carolina is not a good place to be busted for a marijuana would get. Now I would think not now. These are attending physician south Carolina's final good place to get busted for any kind of an undated standalone player bulletin musicians do both of the week on. Lifetime. Van Halen bass player Wolfgang Van Halen now all really brave new Iraq and again in the 1990. David we love you guys are are this this is kind of a sad story he bought. He tried to buy a quote unquote dime bag from an undercover cop like an apartment and centralized so yeah. Yeah Dave David you're David Lee Roth about your out trying to. To buy ten dollars with a B from copper park. The sense that that's an advantage and that's why you don't do the marijuana skid it's such a horrible thing to do don't do it. Ten musicians who were busted literally on city. Our car air guard yeah there are no way who apparently has bigger problems than not just marijuana Cleveland and Aaron Carter like you have well it's a gateway for unleashing my back. Time on the Ku up. Unless they're Carter with customer accounts in 2008 after they discovered a fat stash of Sweden's vehicle. Hello all their final that's yeah I thought what I would assume that you guys do brightly on the greatest inhaler and and Shaquille O'Neal. Yeah it. They do a song together I don't know I was going for the accidentally got to beat Czech system but yet they had nice seasons at division I think I must into the evil nasty lead on city. Owners say. Good audio and oh yeah yeah yeah. Judge David booty pop. It took you to for the price of one on this one yeah amazingly did go away if you pop pop up quite a bit. And apparently. They did drugs together cheese salad ahead. He wears shirts and also probably. I didn't do weird hang out there really wasn't very truth yeah dude I saw I bet they get caught in the Studio One time in Miami and he was shirtless of course you yeah. Yeah it was. How do you look he looked great. They're good great okay death toll fees are ten members there were no drugs involved at all who are both in with a lead yet tonight. Yeah that's the only. And ironically enough when I had the marijuana store oftentimes nobody will les reserves veteran who's got a few different strain on top of the got some of this hooligans wheat it's a different time than it was in 2006 miles in 2006. It's Willie Nelson of what got us if you didn't six thousands of Jesus well on this honest. Tour bus in Texas but there was a stretch of highway in Texas where they were actually. Intentionally pull over tour buses looking into poor people smoke and we are able awesome Willie Nelson you should've known better you know he's got to be the model. Why do you think Willie Nelson Stewart authentic if it if it walks like a duck and quacks like lose like this like it might get stuck right to musicians do more busted with a Leon. Hundred walk. Relief over. And we do here. Only happen. Now we're lucky you don't like graduate this year Susan and therefore role. Now. It didn't happen. He has. Your crush yeah that's right ladies and elements Bret Michaels did do something cool. Tim music sense there are updated Palestinian camp FM we can upload. Police marijuana and other drugs owners to tour buses it doesn't say no arrest these rights are welcome back who was rocking the cradle. She needs to move on yeah. Dominate until I only had people hate The Beatles got my office. Finally and make these people are vulnerable or not he's and Paul McCartney had I have found weaknesses taster. So he was in my summer the Aussie daughter I want you followed car we rank these are ten musicians who are busted with a you believe we've made. Well. My way back now 2006. Once again if you once again an airport. Yet come up sometime tomorrow night store in my neighborhood night by some snoop three shy pretty math now. Made it's not run it doesn't every time we live a mile desert tonight physicians who are posted with that evil wacky week I think it's a much blood drink a and I would just part of a five with a shutout today and the return to master bedroom is coming up next your listening to the men's or radio networks. Did you know you don't have a gentleman newsroom. Now coming levels are against those who shot of the day as most oil the first. It's been said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you keep us get over. It's. Is my mom more questions that need answers and yes we can help. This is as good to. Got a question and far the bedroom to shoot us an email to the men's room events are my doc I'll make the subject Assam and terminal where we go. Here's a nice email. It's as old Mitchell is my name is Koren and my dad and I have listened to your show for years we love all you guys flatulence at all. I have heard on the show a couple of times it may be listeners of command to watch your show life. Is that possible for just anyone. Yeah really enjoy spending an afternoon Liu fine gentleman and I can't think of a more unique gifts for the man who already has everything. We make it happen I really appreciated if you get back to me on if or how we can make it a reality either way please let me know thank you for your time. That from Koren the daughter Koren proportionally. What we've learned even more so over the past few weeks months. One person can really F things up. And many many many many many years ago. We have what we know as the incident now. We were at that point in time no longer allowed to have anybody in studio now it woes not are. It was our choosing was not the way we want things to go but again Goran won the person that has the ability to F things up. For everybody and never forget that on many many many many levels. Many levels if you have a question press amends in addition the same elements room and then July dot com make the subject and Simmons room Robin have we made it to drink intact. Let me just say secure. Israel knows suggests. It's Saturday that I should go ahead of their very best dance even throw a little fun out nortel's yes indeed today we chose mr. James. Pin delight is pinned light this my old man Australia new survey can mandate marrow Benton doesn't have a heroine her. According to him that house that was a being built next door to him was an. Bayesian of his privacy however the council look overseas construction as shorthand. That the new house would have frosted glass and a five windows overlooking his bedroom. And living room this is what we ask for social building housing as some enemies my privacy symbolism. They will have frosted glass well guess what the difference how's it did not have frosted glass so what did he do. You can prove my point is sort of walking around. Getting very angry in the merely decided you know what and these are his words nobody wants to see every Greek guy with an all hanging yet. Yes indeed if there and are. That is his quote. Not my and so immediately. He's turned down historically is donors that he led his gas group he painted he worked out all the broad daylight normally do the new residents. He said that that he wanted to have bomb situation rather than giving your award goes to a six days later the police showed up they heard his story. And house make store now has frosted glass or not yeah. That you can get Jesse relevant to doesn't want do that think that the ethnic epithets are the cops don't. But the zero. They also a hero if it is that it. And you know it's all things that are Hedgecock a great. But for a lose lose and we drink this booze because we think it's GMA on bags over the tone it down look forward to authority in the arts comedies. Down a hole and I've Arizona. This Deco and I live right now we'll profile this 844999. Whole lot. They should many things continue on the men's room. Radio network.