03-16-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Brings On The Weekend

Friday, March 16th

Emails, Ted tries his luck against the FCC! Plus Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. It starts coming in bad jokes on the way email those bad jokes to the men's room manager live dot com we'll kick off the bad jokes right before the shot of the day our question what did someone really suck get so bad but it just didn't have a hard to tell me 44999. Hole. Hello wall Lott welcome to the men's room. Y eighty year old on Iraq. So you about me. You know you can track in many ways I do but I'm so I especially side and anything that has still less fighting. Manual dexterity because I have. An inherited trim. And unfortunately. I always. Had a hobby. You know I had to let tell rescue when I was younger can no I have a farm and neither animal need to be attended to that they need shots. Which they need to have their temperature KK is not. Sands oil is is that you'll come and I was shaking hands or intones. Yeah I mean old and to monitor that bella but. Well I mean dumb and lug my Obama love animals and you want to know house was shaking hands and thermometer and I know we're not like I I'm gonna take you snarls something Paula do you smoke. I don't should not also be entertaining as the regular session for a Palestinian analyst yeah it's LSU a misty stated that. Well you know atypical state here at that age that. I shake and not to Wear if you. I used to roll. Rom can back go yeah yeah. Alma and I looked like a real junkie and I would throw us an. Ought to be fair everyone already knows when they do which Iran would shaky can't look. I'm gonna lie to your ball and I think most guys our minds of all gone to the same place you can dominate you would have a specialty while Paula have you ever smoked any weed to see what that would do. You know we we sort of I I get bad bad bad effects that paranoia there yet now all that's that's and whatnot does that affect them at China you know all do once in awhile that builds up to me Salmonella in I have to work and you know ninety. I'm sick and paranoid rhetoric how I shaky and yeah I know what aids did is they did start were supporting you couldn't control them. Well Heidi Harris hit it so I guess you know I was born would get to you had a hard time writing and stuff in school. No that's you know you can override. That. Especially when you're young you're I actually I'd I would an artist and I get a lot of very spying apply work. When I was younger you know beat till dusk and I went to a neurologist my parents didn't did you notice they're around ten or eleven. And that'd. Neurologist. You know checked in and made sure Clinton Perkins and Jerry King. I'm in you told me an eleven year old child that a they had to get in front of the group like any kind you would normally cheeks. I'm I will be shaking worked so if I had to speak publicly he's said I should have a marquee crushed our. Why you pull amassed I don't know your eleven years old liberalism. Commodity anytime you got to get in front glass and humble crude oil Polly your years digging in front of we have a we have a huge listening audience at least fifty people so as is bothering you at all. I but they're being you know other people not to say it but like but like anything could carry your whole life you don't notice that so much. How many times you have to explain about a dozen people approach I guess. You know what I would translate it if you go to other countries that are probably didn't either prior to this country people actually look at you. And you know I'll like. I was traveling in India another played dozen people you know all that bad. That people who were native to the country would Wear it like at the shop they're you know they would they are you are bright. You know Ramadan Paula you have to understand okay look at a let's just say that we sit down said he tell Arnold playing all right. And you sit down and we wait for the beverage guards come and I'm an order like a double Jack engender senator looks when I'm gonna get into a new order the last one okay. The moment they bring that line in the moment did you reach for it in your hand is shaking like crazy and you go to grad that wine glass and everything and myself. Oh boy she's got a problem you really need it back then yet you don't reason my natural thought is gonna be like look at this out eagle on for the first drink of the best thing. Yeah alcoholic is beside you go on for his eighth you know so I know him talk but that would be my thought like we have a friend and in he has kind of some of those issues but he has a difficult time getting in the bars and other things based on the fact that people think he's RD intoxicated any eighties when I heard it. He's not he stone cold sober not only with the drinks now he does so is it you know doesn't make any sense. Well played you know I. I would I would usually ask that it not be brought in stand where I'm. Yeah. Your worst China please I would be thinking about you know add you know not Debbie Elliott but. You know. Like you I'd go out and have that in Manhattan which at my did you situation. Deborah Delbert I mean that's the full glass you know the little. My Keating. Lousy season has served in martini glass it's an artist glad there is to balance anything it. Just I know and I have yet to leaned out and got a little bit out to cut. Sure yeah I mean like you're asking like a guy would no arms to the ping pong tournament I like Kenny McKinley on the hardest thing that you could possibly drink what I just told to put it in a regular. I bought glass or something. Ideal and all that but good opinions of course after it had a few tips of the Manhattan and I don't shake anymore and that I can pick it up. And then that's when I think known more about you during the moments when I think even more on the play like I knew that you want you guys are all winner. Call upon you all happened back all the time and I exactly. We didn't go it's doing shots you know taken temperatures what does the one thing that's the hardest to do the most of those when things like is it like trying your shoes is that signing a check what. Well you know like Cheney but he. I any buttons followed I'm Paula hang on I asked when you had been reptiles sanctuaries like. Did you ever get bit by snake. Oh I have stories Jeff yeah of course you get that by definition have you know a hole lead chipped down but it's not. The worst thing in the world it's it's not even that big deal and let. You know I had wondered too close call. But I gotta say I have courses now and although they don't intend to eat you activate billions there's there's so much more dangerous. I would put away the fact that you figure horses might kill you says. Let's look I don't know what it is about people don't own any animal a blue dog right to miles your cat animal you can my graduate I can't grab me by the Fed right in your nose and decide how. How I. That's against duke. I would kill my boat like my dog does nothing OK I get asked Paul you said you have to take these animals temperatures. OK I would you assume that you have to take the temperature where I think you take the temperature only a rectal you. Correct I don't know if you should have that you egging him on that course or not I dorms and of course. Delegates do not allow you don't mind because he had that good though it met its review I then. I heard about all of whom are newcomers say they said they had good word is that the yeah those horses were attending music heritage it in my hot take my temperature mama and let's. Out packet. You know a big big big make little things that looked exactly like Huckabee and and their little. There'll old direct you know it's just like a pinpoint. She and. So I have to admit I did not know that about all I didn't I yeah I'm now pack guys out there. Say this you know little raisins. Touched up there looking that they elect copied you picking the order of gag Christmas gets now let yes. A man and if you send real poop that's out again mainly you're gonna see some wanna brag about practical move. I. It it looks just like it but they figured out except when they scored it into the great year. I got home my home crowd following broke off. They appall you evil men you are gonna. Okay now and I introduce our own might call me crazy but I don't tackle movement of playing somebody means they proved right feeds. Dave what do you know someone outside the door for a bag original have a large tellem a 449990. Look Julien told policies that are practical jokes. I don't have college you know actually go home move man. Jimmy just stop the liberal included in the grind and we can agree comment he said that don't know man I'm just did the bag full proof they'll be mad enough at that point. I. Don't look into the wind. Yeah. I got. Wired got a couple weeks so I'll put my normal and which owner that Serbs are doing. Do I need America. Kind of did it did they look so perhaps. It'll look like five year old Luke didn't buy any. Got a lot of hair wet so they bring it right thank god so loved Dokic so bad. Great call but I hit it any food. Not getting to that I got ready to go out yeah. Did you did you know this was happening as he was cutting yet or was the big reveal when she's done. Nobody can my girlfriend that there would never god. Go out of course doesn't. Kind of like April ball below the target certain that it. Jets in the we might total acute get a feel like I'll let you know crap out of thank god debate begged the lady thought he would do a great job. I can't art gallery like get it back in the word go. You can hit did not have a dog poop and or thought I had it a little old track stay the night that it can end up quite a little bit cut all the way around it. Putting your girlfriend say when you got out that the worst haircut I've ever seen around like. Well about data but I cannot be 20 I've looked at beer and you're like oh my god that is it's I think there's a bitter at all. All. The hard to anything if it does it look like a little bit late route you got. They've been all the outfield and. I'm out gotta ask it's so bad did you shave your entire head and this is the guy who's holding onto the hair you how how do you look with a shaved head. Like got a round and it. So I got big toe battle. I held up like that George did they don't want our. I'd like deployed they have the air on top but not my head girl bit the Blackberry. That is very notable. News alert. But look quite like hit it and whether or how to work out but I don't like hurry or not about it. Take a picture little. Or no did you take that you do things you the American how I do not. I thought. I don't know it maybe it was time to deceive you all did your resume to let you know did you girlfriend my usually save ten. I'd rather go. You can't tell you those are some different pitches so great in my school when we were the other guy is a good man to lead awesome. Poison what if someone such as so bad that they didn't have the heart to tell where did your emails Illinois the men's room events in my dot com also still look on the return of tea vs the FCC. That is all coming up next you are listening to the major radio network. And we'll have some effect damages and have a hard job. We've got about three and out there in the men's room mad men's or live dot com. Guys like throw one bag on here on the top of my head I learned to. Years back when I saw a picture myself holding my nephew and all the horror. I knew I was going bald and didn't realize that it and that was that bad until a celeb picture started dating my head the very next day. That from day. Guys I have a co worker who sucks it is jobs there is. They are basically a walking bagged a best. Can I see the requirements of the job without immediately helping in hand holding. His duties or work include taking calls from customers to assist with troubleshooting and repairing equipment. During these phone calls he stops and turns to me and asked me persistent some things I've trained about at least ten times. Yes it's. It's also he's in charge parts but never really finds time to make sure we have enough stock to ensure we don't run out of parts. He's also a charger receiving stock that comes in and finds it very much a problem that no one informed him when shipments arrive instead of walking his fat lazy ass outside to see if there there on top of that he does not they don't service calls your warranty calls. For heroes or for anyone else that commander who obviously had a like this guy very much got a few comments as well. Now what most of the comments are about are rougher and Paula who called Jesus won't del Packers and taught us all something that most of us did not know Campbell repeat what we've learned was that. Alpaca who's in spite of the size direct them. A little pinpoints knows what it's like there's Amelie pulled it's the size of coffee beans and looks a lot like coffee beans and that she says she's now accepting orders. For gag gifts. Because you'll bagged doubling a bag of coffee and we asked hey man do do people. People realize it's proved she said yeah as soon as they grind to be news. But people are loving Paula for her twisted since of your jails get the birthdays Mattel is new day our request for board they shot up from my little boy Bryce. He was born at 8:26 AM today him he would love your penis is too small. Don't worry little man I'm sure it'll grow that to get some of that Jews from your mom that from Peter dangles. OK. Okay for a newborn. It's. Oh that's out. I'll always about a little boy aroma gray bird day as mom and I are proud little man he is becoming turns eight today could you give McCann face and we decided I've got gay. And an Al hitting the window you guys the best keep up the good word that from I as the beast. Oh analysts say much when it first your brother so I'm looking forward to a joins a men's room original red excellent because of the biggest yelling. I can I get a barber shop they sandwich and some dirty dirty Germans talking about what I'm doing tonight and Robin and tell me what's not to do thanks guys that from then. Beers it to movie Laura Suzanne wins. G.'s daughter on this. Cody Stanley suvs do RL AC in the morning and afternoon at. You are you say bill took deposed by a lot of women don't read I think just the bedroom black. Guys when duty Germans in the 21 birthday how addicted you if you go into few. Nine even need to come and slug him. Hammer slog it out mergers blog and news Russa going camera camera on a lot of amateurs login please listen I want her role on this husband Chris added birthday and police blame an owl hitting the window from your lovely wife and awesome kids thanks guys you are awesome that for. Wanna say happy birthday to my Canadian brother. Could you guys give him a dirty Canadian from thrill and and Ted thanks guys that from your local lingle Barry. Hey I hear that your. Your birthday today I tell you want to recovery in the poor Juli give him a three finger in chili dog. Team gay and they're cheaper they lose their path to come over here and given moment Tim bits. But. No boot time this. He added what to do and eludes him 58. I haven't done the Canadian wanna while and I do boots I like you always very ever date amazing friend Russ. I'm very lucky to have such a great person in my life anyway the Gavin I give him some extra dirty Germans thanks guys that from Landau. I would do things with a borrowed ten thing doesn't one or fruits no semblance to. Yeah I'll kitchen I cannot happen. Titans to pin hole with the. Guys where's my niece Frankie she's in your building a happy birthday wish for me. She's a woman got me the shirts signed by you guys sorry Robin she deserves turtle wax with a what the ad for the middle and you like that at the end. She's also into Disney but I doubt you guys have any dirty Disney Germans are or do you. These are guys that from Bob. My god would. Fred I have a feeling this is socially in my steamboat Willie and Kabul and sometimes no lights and that would make sense to restore. I'm happy birthday you like Disney movies. David Beckham and you come over here and run the last thing you might Jeannie. Pops out and I will soon have done a donkey if you choose one that's. Choice spicy green beans pitches. Focus here for the group's soft into. It's my brother's birthday your palm appears dribble joy just not thanks guys up from Wally. I only jealous guy you know set up for my two bodies six bird download losing the show every day love the years I get up cupcake and some Ozzie Ted. Cheers fellas that from Andrew oh. And Dan if amendment. Daylight plus the moment if you played God's right Chaman dare to couch. And. Another clean about licking it. Yeah a lot of its well hopefully adequacy. The. That is my boyfriend David bird they love you guys and we drove all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah ought to read that Scalia. And the lady screaming about a small penis and Joey chestnut thanks guys that from Lizzy. Okay. Gotta fill there OK. Okay. My girlfriend at 47 birthday requested to get them dirty Germans and Ozzie Ted please thanks guys Raymond. Karl if you'll look that attention visual face to my testicle. Yeah. Did. That Fifth Amendment but to come on down south down under any digital bingo action. Yeah I read a book and Australia instant. Mike here's just a brother James he's 28 today he requested dirty German doc from thrilling to add that from Janelle. I scored well on Kosovo consoles on the jumble Ghraib it. Yeah isn't the worst thing that's gonna happen. You heard it's not my sister lost Lebanese he turns the Big Three oh today can you get a Joey chestnut the dirty as the Germans thanks guys from Jackie. And are now saying that treats are you an open that you will be covered the match and yeah. Shia and special song. We make it a total of the German deficit. I tell me I need to get a birthday shout out to drag he's 57 would love to hear an original traffic jam Jimmy. They sandwich about an Al splat in a big old bomb rep. This from his lady of 35 years the lovely Lisa. Sheet in a week sandwich. Oh okay. Guys is the thirtieth birthday cards I'm losing you guys get the last are my back hurts but anyway can I get up a barbershop quartet faced sandwich love you guys that remain me. Is it to movie Laura vsan wins. She's the daughter on this. Smell of the Stanley is he's still really is in the morning and afternoon afternoon. And finally vigils avert their request for all my Brothers and sister Marines and a bit of info on the United States Marines and tactically acquired it from another brother marine. A little PSA. If you don't have an eagle globe or anchor some of this will not make any sense. Today Marines will celebrate the birthday of the Marine Corps and the birth of our most fearless leader chest deep puller. Chest deep puller chest people okay. Will also herald the leadership of James Madison medley Butler Dan Daly and boys and girls are first recruiter and Robert Mullen. Worked in a bar because our service was founded in a bar. We are a breed not a service so here are few things to keep in mind. Number one to happen with that time. Wright Santana. Spencer Netherlands and that's really started to vote him number one. Do not be induced bag and say to a marine I almost joined the Marines. It's like saying I train USC while wearing a tap out church. If you're female you can always show marine your breast studies have shown that showing your press lowering those cancer. Number three if you are not a marine if you can buy a marina shot not a beer if you drink get to the point. Don't ask him if they've ever killed anyone because they were applied who said I'm done. There's no such thing as an ex marine the only ex Marines are dead and even though they are still wearing shocks on duty guarding the streets of heaven. Under no circumstances should you ever touch a Marines metals he will kill you and have 200 alibis and got himself. We'll voucher but he won't kill you all Marines took an oath to defend this country had never expires as long as they are alive. Number eight. Most Marines would walk in the combat tomorrow if need be even if they are disabled they can still call in fire or spot number nine. If you see a guy wearing a hat that looks like the last letters of scrabble that spell out. Who lies who CD done name and shop that man has a bad will follow in simply say to him welcome home. And number ten. We were here before the country was formed and we will be here for a long time to come get used to it because every man and woman who has an EG eight is a brother or sister. Told you assuming he's and squid birds. We would try to explain this to you. Well you know we would run out of crayons have a good week Marines simplify rather that from Lance corporal James S Taylor. So here you go guys on the birthdays. It's. Okay. Yeah yeah OK okay I did I'd be happy. Angry or danger to you May Day having a little earlier the request. Larry Bird let's thank you for all younger did you German drug. So available through truly is we'll stay on men's line dot com another sign retailers. Some trying to fly. Good food Lola Lola Lola Lola bits that I'm from gradual Arianna hold up all the galleries are Gresham Oregon error Robin useless category where we located their Wi near Portland and you listen to kgo endeavor is coming from. Citi's write your Portland actually it's his work and get men's room like for Thanksgiving thank you guys that from Scott's double will be finding out I think here within the next week or maybe even good quicker than that when moments or black Libya one are gonna lie to you we don't know you know what we do know is that very soon but with the idea we out we I don't hardest guys this is how it happens okay honest to god they will tell us like two or three days in advance as they look look guys the men's or black. Comes out on a Friday. And then that we will come in on Wednesday. It's almost in this 25 pictures of a full display of it located in like a knowledge today's being pulled out by right exactly 49 years does that matters is what happens doesn't matter what we see it's gonna come out I mean it's gonna be out there you see it just by Allison is in a fantasy the last three years in a row we're glad we have a big announcement will be available say like. Next Friday and that Wednesdays simply due to McCall school look at this picture a couple more here of most dig out your body does is disgusting. Guys and those fifteen dumb ass that I was I shot myself point blank when their postal miss her. Left camp. Thought it was unloaded I was embarrassed so anyone until they want it healed over and lose their the next thirty years thirty. Flash forward Halloween in Las Vegas. Gonna be a cake last night but my finger is swelling and hurting bad instead of paying my trip money dock in the box my buddy and I decided to do some home surgery. A bottle of Jack Daniels for the doctors patients and it was time. We lined the kitchen sink the paper towels iced my finger my butt says on three. One entity slices into the blistering postal. Green and ready yummy Nissen gushes forth. When top Barack Saddam is losing and it turns green in the BB had an iron core. It took thirty years for the copper coating to Wear off what was left looks like a miniature meteorite so much for Halloween in Vegas. I had from Bernie the glass and that's lovely why does. Isn't happening in Vegas I have friends that decided they were gonna stick to each other up and make us. Isn't Vegas you know they're I think Augusta is the word I don't remember how they got cut but the one guy was struck this they never did it but he basically he was so drunk he looks every Jessica's. I can do this go to the store to meet this this and this. And then they get back there like you really do its music no we should take into the hockey. Okay I gotta get. Just think it's so competent Evernote is wasted there are guards stepped it up. Guys mega nearly seven days Els working in construction saw a young carbon or nail his foot to a deck with a Erin nailed them two weeks later his father. But his air Naylor in his mailbag and shot himself in the right testicle. Yes true story. Harder than they were need to go back in time the last time we played dead vs the FCC's of a good let's go back intact. She gained wounded splash wow Shelley six. Sharks sit wild sheep see it. If she gained six or Shelby six where the sheep sits who will sit. With the shark dive back chain fits where Shelly. Car. Talent that was equal against Ted vs the FCC ever does yeah. Lose 30. 120. Boy. We'll go way. This is the FCC. Whoa man what a method earlier on last night but I know you wait to see keyboard commands will we do. Tragic well we sacrifice with the arrive we have like four or five notebooks just full of just unbelievably funny riddles relative not really easy to know that member tomorrow that servers were truckers you have looked look Raul has taken this morning. Mobile home against say. They get it dead vs the SEC from our good buddy Matt. They don't take a match today losers come first southern could use do as heroes like Hollywood discussed animal that met the service truckers. I'd rather make you discussed from the connection to prod prod I realize my records like eighteen any fish or your magic again and it's they have. I saw a lot of this tell her all we have included when he made as you know I played him. So you're eighteen inning. Oh no I'm point 59 and one totally I know what is the one. How do you tie my my I don't let you die okay there was one week where he didn't make it through the read through. But then he finished at three times found are all apply to muzzle on call this guy is a register and Barack it was an away game is an important point turnouts aren't so this week's Ted vs the FCC goes something like this and thank you met for the suggestion on era FCC Reynolds. Don't flock picked his flock of clocks continuously while yelling I'm picking my flock of clocks. The way that we do Ted vs the FCC Asian need to read that one damn thorough and then three times fast. It. Thanks Matt. Hopefully continue my domination you. Don't. Duff flock. Picked his flock of clocks continuously while yelling I'm picking my flock. A clock. If Democrats don't walk picked his flock of clocks. While continuously yelling I'm picky might walk up clocked more I don't want to pick his flock of clocks one continuously yelling at Dickey might block a lot to me not want. That just flood the box we'll continue to so impact it might walk up and. Big oil and pretend urgent campaign. It's a bad those trying to go 844 and 999. All you can email the bad jokes in the men's or amendments or live dot com health and into the to a their men's or live. As well we've got the drug charge rank castle coming up kick off the bad jokes you are listening to the men's or radio networks. This is you. True. I just I made far far 9990. Run away Rego of the bad jokes hello Chris welcome to bad jokes. Hello how are you guys on the bed on top. So I got a pretty bad Turkoglu. What you all are overweight Steagall that'll do anything but he's putting call an overly Beagle who'll do anything for truth. Saved the dog. I had some. And pretty engine. Hello Ryan welcome to the men's room. Oh. They've got. Bob what's the best draw a good to have sex on what. But it. Hello and welcome to the men's room. Oh wow. Get it. Please. All carry. What is green and Fuzzy and will kill you vote falls out of a tree breed. Breed wouldn't and Fuzzy what. Boulder home. This. Ridge welcomed the bad jokes. Well. Wow O and act. They're what are you can't Brunette girl black and blue aren't the golfer that was black and blue eyes. Suck guerrilla total one too many blond jokes. Coming from the emailed Gary the flu from bread to chicken man. Did you hear other superhero with a list who always worked out yet to thread I love before. It's incredible party I didn't get that he says data Wear my sunglasses. Son says I don't know where my dad glasses. Oh boy had been dead joke to the highest threw wire crown also wire crows aloud why cause. But the head Jeff what's the difference between a guard gonzo being and it takes me I'm not answer in that America god I can't imagine that. Pure. As usual we had a dinner guest Nancy with the royal find out who are tells us yes indeed and today we chose 32 year old Rondell old knocked from Anchorage Alaska. Rondo for listening man seriously what the hell was wrong here's the deal. He goes store grocery store in the middle of the night on Tuesday and decides that he's gonna steal the vehicle and I always made the argument if you're gonna still be able. But still miles erotic still something that's worth going to jail. Well gotta be a gold that he does that still. A motorized shopping cart. Moved Joseph Levy stools motorized shopping cart now one of the problems is that the employee saw what he was going so they called the cops. I believe it or not it's at the cops ten. Minutes to finally get there by then you'd think you medically get away but no the worst regard tops out at two miles an hour two tomorrow. Jews you understand the average human being adult walks three miles an arsenal's motorized shopping cart move slower than the average person walking. And in the ten minutes it took for the cops get there run Dell had made it only through the parking lot to the intersection. And a three got stuck in the snow. I don't the company used this quote riding the cart to have fun. He was arrested and charged with felony theft though maybe that's why our man if you're gonna get felony theft in a gun a steel vehicle. Did something bad to get something expensive. Shopping cart a motorized shot and tragic he would do it. Loaded into the encore driveway or something. You're double parking lot it's a contaminant. Mimics. The golden Safeway parking lot of noise you've got to be kidding. With more boos imagery this lose because we think it's yummy. Yeah okay so over the tongue down my throat do guardian are somebody's down now all nodded knowing laugh. Gujarat not a lot right out of your input profile those Keller 9844999. Obama. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.