03-15-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Wants The Piercing

Thursday, March 15th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!!


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You would sure love to hear is real the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to look. Let's send anymore. Lord. In the invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. They say shake your radio more than three times. And Jordan. I had ordered a lot of Arizona our 2713. Now. Along with Steve the thrill hill. To EJ it's no. Auburn ball. My gosh. As soon as I know mentor a yeah it was a really play big the other day. Dead meat and potatoes as sandwiches and sexy veggies. No Sherlock is back get right to play profile this plus headlines about your job today fumbled as their emails and everyone's favorite. TV time would take a class period and guy you're a man does most Iowa death ever after bin malfunction buries him in court. Meanwhile a Swedish couple gets baby named tonight as a young Posner will not be born. New study says Americans are good phones eighty times a day. Three new toys in the toy hall of fame if you wanna go old school would you play and more Iowa news as the FBI it's involved in high tech cheating. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men drove. Here's a question. Hello advances good day to you and yours all right today is the day that we've played big dummy. Big game. In an area man fired up. Today and today we've played big dummy in the game showed that reward you for your stunning ignorance and here's how it works. You call ups we've spending category we all animal as you quite. Category. And then we'll ask you a question from my category but here's where big dummy separate himself from grab more reputable name Joseph. We will continue to ask you questions and to do get one right because I've always we want you to leave here are smarter than you showed up. Now today our biggest armies ever it's a two headed monster known as the locally Kimberly. And the equally lovely Eric Bogle will dug deep and found a way to answer nineteen. Can thank you know. Questions wrong. In your new better well of course you can. We knew it was a call and all we go on big dummy pick it doesn't play a big dummy call 844999. Only you can like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter have been surmise. Answer your emails to the men's room mad men's or my dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know. You know have gentle men's room. Jaws and I'm going to show number 2713. When a big show we have foray today no I Sherlock is Baghdad head chef. Is in the houses well Ted's meat and potatoes as Sam would you. Is that the people find so appealing from across the United States I guess some of those more more popular cell does not understand just how many times that people lead and everything from a PB and and the new trend. That would be sexy vegetables acts as coming up with the with a head Jeff had today is a daily play big dummy it's an easy game play golf programme will spend a whale there. And all we ask is that you gets one that. Question right now every other week who played big dummy we do a little men's room poll last week the poll is based on poor choices in fashion you had to pick one that you would be willing to where. And the choices were an affliction T shirts overalls a Fanny pack. Or Crocs now as far as the voting against someone wearing all of those right now saying look over all of those looked. God Crocs were the least favorites. They believe it or are they came in fourth I believe that. That the affliction shirt and number three overalls made a strong run for first place for the Fanny pack was the overall winner. In terms of fashion and yes you can vote on Twitter as well Edmonds or live dot com disable. Same on Twitter dude OK the other hand I had a Fanny pack just. We just beat over and just one percentage point all right so. This week's men's room poll is about tattoos and piercings. And so you have to pick which one of these you would choose if you had to pick one our itself. The first thing I brought up that I have probable the drug charge right Cassel has said what about a tongue piercing. And he says well that's a guy. That means the same thing is it does if it's a book. Announcer new what does that mean I think your major Tom Peters Jeff exact number piercing tattooed guys are to me right like it doubled. But you know what I mean if you have attacked tongue piercing I would guess it'd be will be difficult talk the first the first little swell up you don't mean whatever the deal is so tongue piercing is number one. Engaged ears. Is your second choice. No I think that we know about gauge dieters is what he was at me. Don't they have their weird sick cowards Mona pop those pages that the analysts are not our dear okay I mean they yeah. Ranked in my head but one thing we know if you're not wearing to gauge the years your ear lobe will always have that giant hole and that's when you're just gonna whistle is your book as your head that doesn't. Maybe sometimes that it heals on its own but I think also big fairway you have to put in there the engaged years assuming you probably have the rest of your life. The next choice is a forehead tad too. Now whatever that tattoo is you get to pick it out but it's got to be on your forehead in plain sight. OK so so far your tongue pierced gauged ears eight forehead to add to or. Your ex is name. Tattooed on your neck. Affect so those are the four choices that you have today in tattoos and period and piercings tongue pierced gauged ears forehead genteel. Or X is name. Tattoo you get to. On your dad acts are exactly like that does it matter well yeah then X Emanuel who. I mean EYSA home and they named that because the edge and drug reference. OK I know we are talking about our lives you grab entered into his volley. Clearly got a total of drugs like I got the girl's name tattooed on the stand with the what you're gonna get what it. Just based on her name okay you're lucky enough to didn't want them you Molly. That people might confuse for drugs or do you leaning that direction. I think you'll need better than have been like just the name of the other axis is then it would be blatant like well layers. Yeah same name but eventually the truth is gonna come out you know I mean you start dating contracts. And their breath it's true. If I didn't know we don't see how why I'm good enough if I go for a walk up the food particularly if they expect I expected that. That's going to be a tough topic foray today. Don pierce gauged ears foreheads hit two or x.s name. On your neck I think a dollar to get one on my forehead and I'm always said that it would be of a house flawed and so on people sought to be like. Do you do unified your forehead right now it's tat row. The other when I want it was a Greenberg and dominoes with. Yeah they got to go forehead that's it but to be fair tattoo on the back of my head tattoos mean nothing to me insurance. I don't care what people think so. To me that's easy that said I would never get in I wouldn't had to my kid's name on me and I know that sounds horrible. And at tattoos that are devoted to them specifically. It's not a ball remain good I'm still convinced if you get someone's name right. Like it can be your kid in somehow at age eighteen million Internet. You can get do all mom's name right get a tattooed on me only to find out that was never real Mike so my towel yet. If you put your own goddamn name under Miley you're gonna find out and five years and that was never your name and I see you're kidnapped fifteen years ago I don't know what's up man. It is get this thing going on here the game is big dummy for 4999 all of the we have contests and online read play a game. Hello John welcome to the men's room. I Johnny played her seemed sober enough over. Robert John welcome to show. I just been through both tattoos and piercings you know getting your tongue pierced engaged ears forehead death to. For your exes name on your neck. I don't gate fears. Games there. Spears spears now. I'm clearly engaged now they haven't had anything and where I wanted to say fears but there's Hilton. So what are they won't look like when I heard nothing in there do they do they hang out early start to fight another look like a little swing. I look at all. I didn't little hole I mean you know I thought putting it. Let's. So no thought oath. So all but overall I mean OK we got to. Handle it it's about a little old deadening Mary Barr. I'd. I wouldn't pencils pretty sizable you know like you go but up until a new era hold it you know could still put a I think there Toronto. Yeah yeah I know you decide that I reporter and then my it has been about 23 years bat and in the theatrical but I like it start in their. I wanna do everything in LA just putting quarters in there that wager on your way to Boston user change like ban I don't and right now. Old ball until you can get anyone try to take your dollar bills. No no no vehicle if your male stripper you just on the foot the bills and here put it in my whole. But in my ear hole mama. The air I Don here's a question and I just ask this of Ted and I will give you the incident Ted game which is not the correct answer. But what is it what is a group all of our old school. A group of our office. Had a senseless and giving him. So what does Google bows and he could even think I British government or big cigarettes that's why people smoke Ted reader might move marked. But no instead that would be parliament halo they've moral yeah assailant a one hour as they were in agreement that benefits both. I what year was FaceBook founded. Oh. They are and. The world is a better place. I think the world in ways we just now know hundred no more table thinking you know. All right the Yangtze River is entirely located in what country. It. I had never asked him probably every tributary involve them as everybody sees China that excited. I think when they know the right all right actually but. One of the worst things you can do is be so confident in your answer only to find that you're wrong and I was remember this in jeopardy the question was what's the capital of New York State the guy rings and and it's just ways that is what. Do you are. Our new dog. Advance. No it's ultimately it's like 00 so much worse it's no problem being wrong it is such for no wrong when an act confident going into it usually are coming to a 44999. All I know they're next contestant read play the games hello. So very. Plug into the show. Title tournament broom ball. You can either get your done peers engaged ears a forehead death to have your own choice for your exes name tattooed on your next. Going to be weird and it is safe exit name. As is Damon and what is the end of the night which I would you go from. I. The very last month. Was he the best next. He's the only X following are well it is okay. How many letters were his man. Ford now has thought about. And is there any is there ain't much like Mali pretenders or anything else we might. Think that is named it means my given name is we'd do you know you can get away with this. Now there's not a meaning you don't joining just plain old Doug. McIntyre who I don't know I sat. Carl. Sean. Dave how did Eric bill yet that it Jarrett Eric Eric yet. Yes it's going to be air command the cycle for an event. All right here's a question and what year to McDonald's started serving breakfast with the introduction of the egg make most men. It's the same year as Super Bowl six and the globe. Who cowboys beat the ball sort of or three inches you can. Cowboys defeated the dolphins losing. Oh. Yeah the dolphins are perfect I know now him with. I'm Al hey Al was to come home I had no idea who it is it. I let her mouth how he wanted to give you don't mind me asking how old you. When he can and I just showed him way way way before you were born and. Yeah. I would AA Laker. In the eighty. 73 cents. And what's next year the dolphins are off. Guess sort of in the 72 seasons are perfectly the Super Bowl and 73 ragged him I was windier conditions. All right panda bears daily diet consists almost entirely of what went. And you. Everio anybody's ever planted bamboo would love to have a panic them over need every bit of an out of the other note Kim has done is just unbelievable. There's no doubt 844999. All lose our next contests and online replay the game. Hello Thomas welcome to the men's room. Blow up only. I dollars and assume you feel your card you're sober correct. I think I wish I wasn't so little bud Moore and those beds where and every every one of them that is and everything over. Thomas you go Thom Beers games here's warheads at two races name on your next. Well I can they're getting gauge here and I just like that there are committed gay but I did although they did not burn up. Our common owner of the look at these notes. Brigades home yeah regular man I exist you you say you know business. Yeah yeah I do live info they are. I'm very. The radio. Children. Keep them working night. Man mementos are so I senatorial bid got a lot of all is no problem Jose comes over our personal. I Thomas is a question and and Robin I'm curious to know if you know me. What is the name or confection. That consist primarily of sugar or honey you can call me deal. No Wal-Mart god what is the main port can section. That consists primarily of sugar or honey and omen to me. Issued you're my hero all England yeah sure or honey. And not only made death. And honestly I don't know if this. It's. I only did real good sugar 400 dollars at home in new. With that stuff cause brittle. Now there's a new hit my car is okay martyrs of OK AM yeah. Had to go through your fans your reserves its own and paying is occasionally calendar and places. His credit I apologize high in cold wind it's fantastic. I had to call it what it but I can't hit draws high school where I'd buy it. Oh yeah that's it I just read some ready ripped into my mouth today the attitudes at Barack. Free Thanksgiving. Lunch thing today. I don't know what it entailed a base and kids don't put construction paper head dress for children have parents you. They sing sing songs do you and I believe also could be diverted new you songs but all of them or to the tune of I'll crap holes they pop goes the weasel. So my door I know the song but what does pop goes the weasel who's on the Turkey and so it probably had Turkey stuffing and then there was called compiled some bread with. As I feel Muslim army age old question about a sprayed directly into your mouth while he's in school that is correct it took place told Warren Marlins. No better place the teacher I do think you're John McLaughlin yes I went. All right here's a question what major airline. Is named after a Greek letter. The Greek letter that is correct. This is so much I got this wrong but it's it's so much easier than you think it has gorilla. Can't imagine AA did like you blow a lot of pretty sure you know it's like like I have been so. I'll. Toss. If you don't get a good beards they don't like us and I guess wrong whom I got down and of course his. You're talking broadly yeah I get day. Do you explain tossed down match granted to every paternity you've heard of Ryan and. An adult they are disconnect with the miners who batted frustrated at all that's it's just like. And you don't connect to the degree letter is by law are a bit. Are connected to disappointment a long waiting times but as you're Rivera and not as delta. I question how many teens are on most baby grand. Aren't they the same number of keys is any other piano now because a lot of so give. Grand generals baby grand piano SpinRite in my house are Jews stand up here and there are about three sports talk up the same size. You know also a great piano that things are about 32 to thirty excuse side basically end. Sox. I guess Casio keyboard and left yeah like the name of piano bar I think it is late 88 easier that's exactly the cost. There. The Tug about a Janet. Trust and I think that was almost one in my hands the same number as easily every president and heard earlier tonight. Could you. And yet they didn't guitarist and he had a question really had the best idea now. It is even worse Mayo. It's a stringed instrument Google stringed instruments right typical. They've candles the mother ship of at all I mean if you ask a piano player how blistering drama guitar we're gonna know. Boy it. I'd hear the question what is the name of the instrument used to measure earthquakes. Oh evidence to let. Alone. Sales increase. Slightly girl yeah. And some other. You're so close. Has there guitarist Thomas how women measure you. Yeah as you say five commoner something dirty behind and go through a criminal records of any serious houses size on her own not good post on. What do I do now I don't got international and it. Didn't better than. I question for Thomas. What is known as the master gland of the human body. National and we'll get you. Are. So what it's like what we didn't hit it solid audience here how an hour out of this is probably the only it's only gland that I know that everyone says that Chrysler that that would be nice and I like guys sweat glands or does and why did you save many McCoy and this is the most popular yet. Usually I don't like that he planned community. It. Did it may have been in question Wal-Mart side what is known as the master gland to do human body. I'm glad I hit it did you consider gland and it and it's a treat your indoor palm blew it when you do the hard. Did you attend the truth. Homeland. Mayweather lands you've heard that's not what I just it's just. I thought I could probably either duck and cover ago. Your question now I guess and then I don't know who says I am a closer look at the center that would do yourself. I real gory and Russia a woman's name last name usually ends with what letter. Cool and PO. I Lana steak egg. I gathered good I only get five to get them together them. Kim is very done if you like to make it doesn't want eight 44999. All the more big dummy on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Sure go ahead Kevin how Sanjay details as sandwiches popular ones end sixty veggies which happens is you read he's exceed a believe it or not I don't even understand how does not count alleged yet that we get done with the game known as big Demi and speaking of who's our next contest and ready to play the game hello. God damn right. Hello Peter welcome to the bedroom. No rule on top. I hear you. If you flavor games over enough over today. Lara Logan to show you there. Are men who poll. Tattoos and piercings. If you had to pick one tongue piercing engaged ears he forehead tad too for your exes name tattooed on your net. For more important your food when your tongue piercing Barack personal for pierce talked. Qaeda had refused error in there appear strong than. I'm Peter here is your first question. What the door of the movie basketball diaries did not win his first Oscar until 26 feet. Scared. Nicky and the northern. For a film. In fact the very thankful that there. When Mark Wahlberg moved forward. What it is absolutely possible to hurt her so called passing. All right you're quite assist man. What does the military acronym halo stand for. And as a hands that age and halo stands for high that L and halos fans for love. Quiet altitude. Low. Oh. Yeah or so. And so are so you've got the first three right. I ultimately we all know gum. To gum Peter snow tonight is not a gum and calm not. No I didn't. Opening. All okay okay known as the mile I moved. I'm just a little aviator Mets. Never better off if that's the a solo aviator. And a local. Also youth hunting gear your own business unplug from the government's Bennett and Ted I know you had I have read the pilot of this plane. No I'm and it would just go to the bathroom. Yet who got. How well you know like I'll just say it's I can only it is like a 45 minute flight from Vegas to LA and I might as well I've never than go in the Cairo. Lloyd in New York took care. That is truly romantic sudden. Yeah he's amassed available route that they take. Fourteen hours since a long time and they flew west. Peter I got asked many on this plane going to be nearly what what was at the turn you off. Or don't poke at my dad is what killed Thailand's I Lanka I thought maybe Europe and the hard downfall. Sleep on trying to think of the reasons you might do there. Because he cam. It's America Africa generally that sometimes really would have made public mood and attempt on Goldie it's just so weird man because you know late. Here is sitting on a plane that's on MySpace user amana thrown to the bathroom and you just assumed or do on the number one number two and but not men there and everything now to America's got able displays up and he did. Just announce a way yeah. And so many squared and hand lotion on the back door. Your question. And hockey how many players from each team are allowed to be on the ice and the same time. I. It was cancer meanest little hockey and it let me get my hands there's one of those numbers. Of the peace. Nine if if if if but then I thought if I save that until we get the wrong numbers and throw myself on the window now. Game is big dummy 844999. All of who's our next contestant write play the game out yet given in villages nominee guys on the ice. This I didn't I just thought in case I need to get one that's going to be my hips and one of the three numbers all of the d.s. If you're like to make it doesn't play big dummy 844999. Cola more big dummy on the way after this brief the chance for a stations who identified themselves. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.