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Monday, March 12th

Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Breakups and Food! Plus A Positive Drinking Story and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb Mendes her. Listening to. His grill my. Feel like categorize their break up and code in a closet bringing story gets hammered go shopping battling the reason we asked to and let history be your great job lease in the nation shocked you see said the Bill Cosby was just. Weird in a weird energy kind of way when they were she's a sinister energy down. I'll write your friends kind of like I you know without knowing whether those. She wasn't surprised ran right back as well I thought that's the point he's making without saying dad my horse fit everything except those words. Hello Roberts welcome to the men's room. Although I thought Iraq. I runners on that we're doing good man are you. That's too bad not Friday off work early in tonight's guests. But what would you save your life times. What is cost you a lot of money. But you know until like maybe your interest maybe. Is there their rules and lot of money out when where another like him. Alloy have to be. The green the green spent a lot a lot of money out of that and accessories. Okay how many songs do you think you vote. So activity question. Our legacy they're looking apparatus and that I don't is that now does that include your makeshift ones like the oil pipe did seasonal apple wired and the we have only two months. He AK include that but I also bought so many like us or our glass pieces are probably had like six genome. OK still have a pretty regular move look. I had some of them sort of broken you know I don't. Don't get those on the national Barry don't play act do you panic mode so. You have a an all time favorite strain of weed that you'll always remember. Bad bad street the you don't park you don't get much anymore arts anytime you did see Bill Guerin wasn't as heavy and got. Yes. Honor on how much money would you think got much money you spend a week on week. And Lee like Orrin HTR a. I depend on what I'm doing intra come by and welcome I'm been audited by people come out and nanny who roll up some in the tablet. They both numbers are much smaller now by like eight UH and now by total tax of three girls. Okay and on that look like her head as I about a totally in my dad's probably one of the things that's been a lot Amanda consistently in my lifetime. I parents we even beer I would think. Goes above the three main money dries up. According to a new survey do guys have any idea the most expensive age of your life. Most expensive age the most expensive age of your life. I mean I'm qualify that by saying if you have kids right around them but yeah in general I mean yeah and the fact when you have kids then but otherwise they usually. Mid thirties 35 you've got a 3035 is people or start families by no deserve Bremen are still willing to spend a lot of money to salaam good time. You nailed it according to the new survey the most expensive age of the average person is 31. And exactly why you say survey found that the age the most people either have a wedding have a honeymoon. By house have a baby. About basically the first marriage you have. Yes that's an unusual events of one the average person drops almost 60000 dollars from the thirty I'm saying it that way it's also hard which is much higher than any other age twelve I mean I was jurors triggered its first. I was going to be expensive the cycle what you learned from the four if you do an affiliate hasek when you learn from the first and if you're still on the first one is still the most expensive. That is true I mean like it's still expensive and in chains affected us not expensive now he's got to pay for it again but you hope it's less than the first time because you realize then. Maybe didn't need the chocolate fountain. Press TV you know I mean until at this time I mean there's all kinds of things like maybe I'll be in shorts I don't know. Madeira want to introduce kids over if they need everything all of that and the thing they charge. Ridiculous amounts for kids things just based on the fact that they know you still up about it. And so whatever their man down the outbreak in city company does everything in the world calls and as somebody using this the average person drops almost 60000 dollars with a 31 years old as a lot of money than just the average the highest month amount at that point I'm I did not make an filled during that I want near thirty and a wedding and 2030 and a kid or severity of but the survey also found 33%. Get help from their parents covering all those caught that via that is the one thing that I still to the state cannot wrap my head around now. I don't I think for wedding to cut that thing not weddings where they've got good parents want to be involved Matt bush is far but and that's fine because famously involved. So what government although I said that no money from anyone for that just like our of his life. You can buy a house and all like I'm like man this is on you you think Ted that if you go when you get married do you Kazaa the the husband of grooms family pays for the way. You audience the and is more pride all of the bride because most all the guys that any end I don't know I think everyone has piles on by Eliot traditionally was welcome our I aids yet the price only right and then when water is only would pay for that. Yeah knew their pay as Sox out of that have they got to go along with discounts dough to pay don't pay too much on the first ones ready for all the personal. I mean yeah. I don't know. As Smart and I got five Gabriela for this one left but I'll give you ten grand for your nice woman absolutely and you know what I'm really give you some money to put down a house. If you wanna get a whole wire southerner you know let's go we're gonna do a good beach California get married like that all drive down a flight enemy jet you can get that's a nice if you ask father go to your wealthy your breath for about got them and I'm not gonna pay for like 300 people show up in the middle of blood the Moines Iowa you don't mean eat chicken or salmon you know the option Jim I'm not do every day it's your question I would I would be very hard pressed to think it died from somebody trying to break eighty if you wanna pay for something offhand like. I'm an adult now and go to a wedding or some other man's going to be like what we're doing this event like the coast there and I got the Muslims as well I don't get it I can eat. He had a very nice wedding right in the father and walk crack some joke. And I kind of what my buddy and he looked at me in and walk down the hallway and he used the FIP for all of this service will be paid for one thing like he does and he is still open. Well I don't care and you can't breath. Kraft general aidid painful part only and trust me don't let anyone paid for them. It's like big government if they have the money that suddenly they have an opinion I know you do but I don't know what I took in the kitchen right dude don't my mom still for some reason though feels like she owes me some massive yet try to betting girl for your school. And when my brother was gentlemen diverted money that you can I assume he's really out do the right within my sister got married into the bunch of money from species like the woody unity of the separatist. I don't have to worry about. Award I want to throw a reception party without getting married but the problem is since they get everybody out here that party Colin to get married and you ought to and then we'll come back out. Right it's like I left everything to where you're dilemma your second marriage you wanna throw the reception party which and look. As a guy enough I guess before those guys before invited to a wedding we don't want to go to the wedding but we go to the wedding understanding the whip us into a garbage to go G reception. We're gonna cut lose ground you wanna go to the more crap duke reception. Your friends fly out but then on the chance that you actually get married you don't think. And you'll well right and I can tell you weren't because the wedding part is more like do do our part we did the par do we care about. He's only you're only forty a couple years so one would form comes for the owners say hey it's a forty year old birthday would write a fiasco that is not a lot of bombs that unhappy in marriages like I wish everybody else my family that went all there's much you want him back well I guess we think what I can you don't party right where they would feel obligated how calm they got gonna get it won't just insult the how. As you there's so much money though they need the money on you know re. And boy oh and I love unquote those 31 of the read them I'm bummed out about not be married basically the make their parents who fly across the country. Sit through illness and go to the reception. We are what are well how beautiful almost from PG counted him a whole week it if would you marry a woman if she said luck dragon I'm very true 3000 miles but I wanna get married or maybe she's from their two but I wanna get mermaids and almost your family left and I still. Kid did you know what you do them. Bi coastal party we're going to get married there the reception. She still here. I'm maybe I've into the round and round and we'll follow the grass. Cracked desert is dead yanked Janine. Name is welcome to the mint girl. Hey I ate it all cops. I James I didn't deadly day for good or user I've done all right Taylor really. It's nice out proud and I feel. Robin nods her head approving she's sacrifice. James what numbers associated with your own personal record what number is significant. What did he have a number this kind of stands out like. And his friends onetime Greg Kelly how many Beers one night there are packed race. Under a hundred isn't though yet that was different friends 30000. Under bears Monday that pretty big number. Jeff Jimmie to be on any number are the Mitt anything that is associated with a I think that's a significant number four. Ahead of nine marriages fitting since you know and particularly my cousins I'm. Shoots I have well. I am. I get two years I'm Bennett 3232. Years the Gartner. That's impressive. So yeah it does thirteen years ago time and it's. Do you wish you would have bought property way back in the day. I do OK I do I wish I could buy property says. Many will 72 I didn't sell holy crap make our money would tell would you remember a cost wise thirty years ago elect what did you buy waterfront property for. I'll man I'd probably terabyte for rare. They don't want a land. You would probably Italian automaker. Now says his face saying it's dad's got to. Original bill but it never changes right exact and our kids are doing a man I wish our ball back in 48 team and only 800000 dollar for a half an acre there is whereas what numbers associated with your own personal record significance. Florida man no walks into a Mexican restaurant proceeds and drink back is all day long meet Stephen lo does. Easier typical guy who has cable pulling off Florida got to move at any point his life and his time it goes down at a Mexican restaurant problem is according to the arrest affidavit. Loft does 54 cannot pay his bill at the Mexican restaurant in Vero Beach. About 1040 on February 18 police went into I how least go restaurants. Whereas the manager said Stephen at the bar couldn't settle is 105. Dollar bill. You'd see he'd been there for over eight and a half hours. He sucked down sixteen vodka is any H one that Jimmy Chong go over that period of time W drink every 32 minutes is sixteen vodka is. Yeah one Jamie junger. In eighty and a half hours. In a bar tab was a hundred in five dollars. But I look kind of hockey was as not a bad as I've been well. Well OK if I did it right it's basically I'm better than you under the quick math on that that's let's keep right yeah. Yeah absolutely. Florida sixteen about this one should reach out eight and half out. Hundred to find them and question question. So god orgasm as good as mine repositories are returns and we get your emails coming up next. From the men's room at midterm live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Safety is you. True calibrated those sad fans I know I first after a few emails here for the men's room and men's remind our jobs. I celebrated the birthdays guys up four year old daughter loves to listen to a Labor Day emails and yells the eye drops when you play and she even dropped them all of its own long Gramm off it. I guess that's sorry sorry game got a kid's face challenges are gonna come Gailey grudge against thanks guys in cheers from lovely Bend, Oregon. Wouldn't rule. Problem labor and organized we've always appear so it. And I. Okay. It's very lowest Milo Big Brother Austin habeas were down so proud of the man he has become how about some dirty Germans talking about installing floors. Had a birthday that from the lovely Torre. And I do. Not so much about installing. But I will install a hard. But to say the best part to uninstall influences and moved the that's actually one mainly looking up on the floor and management is mainly. Evidently has got to be careful may get to this proves incorrect. Guys celebrate nobody Adams heard deadly now Mike you met him over the weekend they can Burma nights is 37 trip around the sun. Good looking out and how to build longer Ed thanks to make in the days rider that from my guess. Cowboys tackle whoever they shot I'd have a birthday Jacqui from your ball lies where they penis is too small pleased. It's just my smoking hot wife Candace with a big old little kids they sandwich in a round of good old turtle sex thanks guys and Travis. Sell some others just last sexy wife Catherine she's Tony today has been putting able my ass for almost six years. I lots and dirty Germans thanks bitches that from the DOG. Yeah 219 puts on boxing gloves only give me a little bit of John happy birthday captain of the case stands TP. Oh Missouri there's other announces Tony's sister Brown's son Evan a kid's face and its internal sites. And a big old bomb ripped thank you guys appreciate that from Danielle. Sosa as they ask does your brother John. BS he's the National Guard soldier fire hero. And the good father had a birthday from the fry family pork chop. About a turtle wax in the European as his two small things guys that from crazy eights. That's fun. Birthday shout to my half husband who is very heads up on his 42 birthday and a faithful listener Diaz for years. We love listening to the show thanks guys. For the last seven birthday Perry from your lovely wife. Burnout like earn a million her not like earn a million how about a European has is too small please. He was okay. I'm Jose myself to make a request of the birthday song how about a LeRoy Jenkins and turtle wax. With thrill yelling gets in the Paz thanks guys and keep up the great work out from Fred. Moving. Photos tell you it. At apple. How Alonso on for Magnum a big old bomb wrap on his fiftieth birthday please thanks guys appreciate it. This is where ever they wish of a mystery Greg he's 55 from his friend Steve Slade given dirty Germans driving and beat up Suzuki to the spaghetti factory thanks guys per share. Yeah through both Paul and traditional back to minus twenty. I can tell when we were going to dinner with the sun. Kudos there is our Graham blog heavy 61 birthday and the eleventh was our Grandpa's ways he's birthday probably do the best grams on the planet. How are given diagram bought him be a little dirty German and Ted from Melbourne police thanks guys that from Emilia Evelyn their favorite twin granddaughters. Yeah football foundation the rat on the Golan Heights didn't pick. Dad did at the met an edgy nicknames having we'll see added I'll pull out some FOIA. Hi guys do go. Pat yeah I was I had yeah it's. Do you have in every time. I angered me could you maybe. They're two Germans brought. Also available through these world fame on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Who shall I fly. That's an online for your guess is as good as my will take our nine right now 844999. All of your guess is as good as mine coming up here in just couple minutes. A collection of guys that live in Vernon Texas would station would you all beyond here in Vernon Texas. From Bryant and the idea JK. Okay I'm no hero is there were not on an environment such not yet despite a family member whose name was Vernon I am not in taxes that in Texas a little burned you don't burn and burn. Got a burning. Luka and I never thought comfort of over the white dude go burn them to buy dot com burn. Greg in the learning stage criticisms is what his brother or cousin burn burn it and guys is a crazy went back when I was in the navy circuit 2007. This was what was used against you was a weapon. When my good friends Tom died a bunch of us known as the Dietz to hooligans. Drove from Virginia Beach to mar this bill Missouri for the funeral and stayed with Tom's family and at some point during the week we were there and our buddy hooked up with a local guys girlfriend and the local was not too happy about it. We found outs that he and his boys were coming to Tom's house full revenge. They did not know however that we were a bunch of military guys that just lost a close friend and emotions were running kind of high. Boobs PD the Mexican and I hugged and Tom's dad homemade convertible. And old junker he cut the top off of with a solves all and headed down a country road. There they were payroll ensued it was a fair fight it first and then turned into a scene from roadhouse. Some jail decided to hit me in the head with a bottle of Jack Daniels but little did he know. My head is like a cinder block it about the size of a large pumpkins and it's like sputnik quite spherical yet poignant parts of the the bottle ping pong and off my head and as I turned around to be this dirty fighter. Moves like a Norse god look puffy nibbles through right crosses and knocked his punk ass out. We I'll go back into the convertible the guy's girlfriend Intel went back to Tom's parents bloodied and victorious Tom would have been proud we miss him each and every day peace out guys that from Spencer AKA. Speeds others logos buddy's name is groups boobs. Lou impeding. An intentional pain. Brothers and I three years apart I'm in the middle we were 74. In ten years old playing with hot wheels. Every hot wheels town needs a junkyard so we're smashing unwanted cars were dead sixteen pound chopping acts. The blunt end not the charge splitting side older bro puts out a car Cox back over his head and swings little bro saw the car and grabbed it. The blunt in smashed his middle finger on his right hand accumulated a compound fracture. Docs wanted to Abby takes its what is finger down both sides like an over new hot dog. Crush bone into a million pieces mom said supplements now does amended any knuckle and stays stiff. He says the ladies love it that from day beasts. And finally when did you unintentionally injures someone I was an assistant coach from high school girls tennis team. At a time I was in a semi pro league in tennis serve of close to 140. Miles an hour. I was running a drill were both myself and other players were at the net we would hit a bit stay and she popped the ball up in the air and I told her to go ahead and hit to the back of the line. I watched her leave the courts and then said my eyes and the ball in the air. I'm lined up took it as an overhead smash as hard as I go to without knowing it's the girl had walked back on the court to continue play. I only saw her as I connected with the ball. The ball hitter square in the forehead in excess of 150 miles an hour as a doctor flat on her back she quit the team the next day ever give a cheerleader. I still feel bad even thirty years later. That guys. From Brian the hammer. Still job they've got to. Positive dream story getting hammered and going shopping and Audrey tells with a sell the data first time for a little your guess is as good as mine entries game plays he would get if it doesn't provide. You pick from one of two categories. And there's a few to get as many right. Instead category before three strikes and you're out doing the contestant ready to play the game. Hello Dave welcome to them inaudible. All it's. I Dave welcome to your guess is as good as mine you got to play again. I guilt I write your categories today. The ten countries in the world it with the best food. So the ten countries in the world the best food is categories in front of a few times been passed over every single child guys that's how. Can we do yeah. I mean I know today's appeared to read here I don't know what I did today BP for the future though I have good today with you to read these are the two countries with the best hope. And then we have these ten things we fight over during eight big breakup. A recent survey found that 40% of arguments during the divorce have to do with stuff stealthy alone and who gets to keep it. So they have ten things that people fight over during a break up. So are categories today on your guess is as good as mine that would be food from around the world that. And the things that we fight over during a big break up which category you wanna go away. No but they're both a moat around the World Food Program. Somebody from the victim have you have you traveled broad. You know all right well CNN travel experts did and they just released a list of the countries with the best. Food in the world the way we play your guess is gonna mind if you have against the ten best countries before three strikes and you're. I don't know if that's due out and check. I'm well I'm a go to Italy. Italy is not a thanks as far as countries go. Italy is known as the country with the best food in the world is in a pretty big deal because you know a lot of good Buddha there's a yes. You are one for one Italy is number one what is your next yes. Eight number of you don't China. That is number two at. While all right that is not all all right you don't even need to travel now you're really don't I don't. When did you use did you go to the food court minimal what is your favorite Chinese food panda express borrow you just did to. I don't do take itself. You know we don't like that aren't. Number one Italy number two China UR two for two you have three strikes remaining lease your next guest in the ten countries with the best food in the world. Let's go to Germany. The on now yeah like sausages itself principal who holds what if that's all of you. It's hit or they don't putt well Bartlett LL put that bottle album like there's this. Oh well then let it. Yeah. To bring you thought Aaron I don't know it needs and hundreds of the best food in the world. Japan comes in at number five so far you've got the number one number two in the number five countries in the world Italy China Japan. One strike with two strikes remaining on the ten countries with the best food in the world. What is your next guess on your guess is as good as mind. All right get a little bit of help from the book got to work. I mean I would see France just because French cooking is. This is presidential ring but I don't like French food buying by but they are kind of the mother of all things. Yes I yes I was before it's well look let's go quiet. We now. Mother food mother causes all the mother things yes France in a moment there is hosting Fries. And long distance. Yeah right let me about a girl and I'm French Fries thank the French person danced you have to go back again appear Italy China France Japan. Are correct you have one incorrect guess two strikes remaining and six more possible answers in the ten countries with a best food in the world. Let's go go to Europe it. The USA. Home of the corn dog got a her dad aren't our guys stays at number ten on those I think for good reason I mean you might not trying to be the homeowner and you're law on the food is good is we don't just good lie and say it's healthy we do see it's a good community is good and I was section you'll find the thing is just good and that's a thing. Are you gum Italy China. France Japan and the United States we've gotten five out of the ten with a only one strides you have to. Strikes remaining. And I'm more possible answers limits and countries with a best food in the world times thrown out there with the Mexico and India. Or maybe Thailand to load time in Mexico for sure yeah I'm going back up now you're nine at. Oh boy I. You're doing better than other people have in this position give one strike against you. Except it's incorrect there are four countries remaining in the ten countries with a best food in the world. You are direct. Number I. Hello art and your role. You have seven of the ten countries. But the best food. Touch strikes remain I would go indymac and basically I want another thing amazing is purely on the number of lows below particular countries restaurants you find. Right yeah yeah he had. But I'm I'm will be evidence let let's do that let go up what do you say end. I love that you were all in the Mormon would probably say it went into boarding is India. And stuff they're doing yet. I it's. I'm wears an a list. Number India any number six number six there's two countries left. I threw strikes remain you have really only got eight out of the tick based on your theory Brazilian steakhouse and bar pot. There are good some suggestions from the comments people saying great. Tie Korean reorient our eyes regarded as desirable I think it's a Greek Korean Turkish and religiously since I think Brazilian numbers though it went yet you've got a resilient state careless meet. It's it's an early. It's great. Number. Nine out of the tank. On the ten best countries in the world for food. Is my legitimate news. So did it gave the suggestions that are coming and you discovered Korea and Turkey. Are like Korea. As a right for forgotten strike number two but still the Taliban are routed the countries that you've gotten correct. Italy at number one China and number two. France and number three. And five Japan followed by India. Greece Thailand Mexico the United States there's one country remaining you have one guess laughed and this is up for all the marbles I'm thinking Spain. Hi this sort of thing in Europe and I feel good. I don't know a lot of Spanish food go to Philly well toughest empirical ham yeah yeah oh yeah standard video Brazil. Spain seems like it might be the benefit. Some of that few Jewish true goal Jewish. There's a couple of Jewish and there is Israel but I was. Yeah I know this lemonade out of all of I'm gonna punish you for the way and vision for the moment let's go with no Brazil for the rat. That is you're the man nights I don't know he has got his mind what is your Jonas is this thing is staying. Oh look I tried to help viewers don't do. And a minus come on I got nine out of ten knows a big deal very guys don't go. We're a drink it doesn't show the day is on the way and the return of a positive dream story giving you hammered and then going shopping. That's all coming up next you are listening to the bedroom video network. Was miles since coming have a very good so who shouted at a burn it now. That's. Adds another positive drinking stories are as far as bringing goes they would make some wise decisions may who makes him not so wise decisions but either way one thing is for sure are when you're drinking and you're out you're doing your thing. It's been a little bit of money. And you don't care what its own and he's been a little bit of money that that helps the economy now do you guys have they when you're getting buzzed you guys have a timeframe or any rules that you apply as far as which you allow yourself to do not to do not push you try to stay off social media. He moved past 9 o'clock here who drowned her the only rules been like as far as drama coming to the don't. No pass some might have been drinking solely on him doing a drink is three more okay well this is why acts. Because they are thinking about putting a breath analyzer lock on your computer. And one of the reasons that this ideas come up was because of the number of drunk shoppers. And how much of a big deal drunk shopping early it. And if they are right about this. That they might be onto something the average American will spend 400. In 48 dollars on drunk shopping this year alone. I got so bad that's more than double from last year. So it's really catching on here the average American but 206. Dollars worth of stuff last year after they've been drinking. But would be popularity up Hoover eats a number of other events. More money's being spent now than ever before by the way those numbers do include money you're drunk who we spend on food. Whether this delivery service Hoover eats or any of that but the money we spend buying stuff and we're drunk isn't anywhere close to the amount we spend it on actually getting drunk. The study found that the average person will spend 1901. Dollars on booze this year. That averages out to just under 37 dollars a week but they're saying yes. I think is more credible or other Everett was spending more money over a week. I'm a 100% of all of leaked. Man and I'm not even being public that's in the Dayton authorities have embarks on booze for shore. No study looked at how many people at each state drink to get really drunk and a lot of these states are spending money on the computer drawn well you'd be surprised are coming from actually probably wouldn't be. Any idea on the drunken state. In the United States of America obviously Alabama or North Dakota North Dakota number 124 point 7% of people in North Dakota drink in excess. Compared to the national average of 18%. And the strongest city would be. Fargo Fargo is in north Dakota's drunken city and that the drunken city by comparison in the United States of America. Now dormant it is pretty well geologic. Geographic geographic areas where as far as where the the drug estates up anymore guesses on the ten drunk estates. North Dakota that I guess life when I'm in Wisconsin is always up there they just got to step this year by North Dakota it's all in the same area. Montana North Dakota was cancer in Minnesota Michigan Illinois and then of course you got Alaska Hawaii and there is wellspring of that man of events during and down round. Yeah this is secure. Men's room knows just. As usual we had to liberate Afghan Steve throw they'll find out nortel's. Yes indeed and today which shows the man whose name album as pronounced but I believe it is jolt violent shoot. I'm simply going to share the story with you. As it is written a story says. Have you ever wish that you could spend the night and huge anus or even drink wine and a big bomb well now is the time. And Obama Dutch artist has built an entire hotel. In the shape of an Amos and field and don't worry we won't post this season their movement. Okay well welcome. All at all this is this is eighth day an include a sculpture vagina doesn't have. Com there's even a bed a shower central heating and Dez can stayed the night at the exhibits in the something's sculpture park now. Why hazing is part of an organized and hotel visitors are being urged to taste class is of why am I can't pronounce. The event organizer said quote after ten years of organizing classic wine taste and all thing Barry boring for both want producers and visitors. We started thinking of different ways of experimenting. And that's where the hotel which name is cost penis is the latest trash. However Israel play that I didn't get to interpret. The wind pacers as they be where the bouquet of the wind might be overpowered if there's a gust of wind through giant it was. And go on to say this is. I'm Megan so this is there article Andy personal run the sculpture garden did point out not love this they say the owners of the school for part maintained that the giant in this. Is not to be seen as an oasis. Again I want to point out that the scope and parts of mobile field. In this guy has recreated and Amos and all the glory but it is big enough for you to spend the night there and that I assemble. Won't post the picture you tell me what the night you think you might find this to be. An oasis but the guy literally created. A giant penis it's a hotel among the hotels are quite open yet you can do wind cases there but that's how the pricing of the wine tastings. Let's do it in a giant and so again that's unbelievable issue Google ID checking it out now. That is Google and this hotel yet but hopefully that's the only one is that the only one still one of the top prize at the Red Line it yet out of character that is formed on coxnews hotel music my NS points for the third night. I think Mike just mouth the words what the ethical when. And that is the correct response. So report husband whose district does boost because we've made a young man out back so over the tong and out of character Barney in our economy. Down the hole I made his own. Particularly on line right now 844999. All we've got profiled as governor foray in minutes. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.