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Thursday, March 8th

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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. The result is standing by color 9844999. Polo player profile is coming up being. And we do that your headlines all the way one hour from now first which I did in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working all right spicy skills are now if things. Saw Marchand doing that. Promo the other day is going around on old folks home on a golf course and a handing people. I spicy skills match it was a breast milk they're called skills sweet heat. And come in five flavors sizzle and strawberry fiery watermelon flaming orange lemon spark and blazing main gallery. Australia new version of the book The Spice Girls isn't it was one of those who watched the what's the rush on things as Marcia. And when you eat it when we were eating it it seemed to take a little while Ford's stake in Paris it wasn't right away so it was a real slow heat than people elect. All of our. All they are comfortable or are they happy they look like they get a handle it filled up in the manageable but who would woody came on you could see a difference and other like oh yeah are. Your gun the couldn't see the tears in the past I don't like spicy and I can't. I waited but I know I can able to have a huge thing like put in chilly here haven't spicy chocolate I think the atomic fireballs one I was like but other than that Iran and it was in the cinnamon things but that's what the atomic fire. Yeah they got to like spicy ice cream come around. Spicy crew spicy Korean. Just what your backside needs NIC creams somebody in Gainesville Florida aggressively haunted Ford cop cars and a fire truck that or blocking traffic. Jesus and so they searched his car and found guns 101000 dollars in cash and a bunch of Coke and throws it well I think yeah I was wondering if it's Ingraham and none of feel like that just happens every week somebody just basically rats themselves out they might as well just. Put themselves in the south and the thing is obviously every woman's already busy all you're right you can just wait the net interest and the new boy you're horny guy on my craft and I'd bet money he was on some of the company and the car the things. Yeah right I mean this. All you have to do with turnaround to a different direction right is he aggressive no no no drugs in my heart that I don't know aren't apparent Jose patients and you're good to gal Friday mode did not think that stuff firearm offense that he's there are times sometimes natural selections of works yeah. And can disagree with you there. According to a new survey your brain may peak when your thirteen years old. Brand that is not good at all resisting that when you stop start creating new cells are your hippocampus which is part of your brain associated with the memories. Up until now extra stuff that you can't creating new cells even as an adult. I think we just keep killing them. Again and a lot of just the war on brain cells to my brain was that advance the third team and apparently masturbation is the thing to do. I don't know what your your most Abdullah right in thirteen years old that's about the only thing I did that judicial aliases you mean you're opening up like a Sears catalog and looking at the brawler talk stuff Manning had to be creative and out of the big grainy brawls and an ordinary incisive strap like five inches longer. The new study found the most expensive city in the US for raising a family. Similar Connecticut. Great experience and we're on Ted. I think Boston down our gonna there today. Actually does a San Francisco ever since. Our power to set people off topic much all right this is the one little left again a day Ted Koppel. Thanks but I'm I'm here all by myself. I don't side Italy's Colin before you guys do this. A yes. Well I guess Phil throughout the bad ones on a couple in Canada recently had their Foster kids taken away because they wouldn't tell them that the Easter Bunny was real. That seems a bit extreme that they were Jewish right now judges ruled that the rights were violated and I was thinking the exact same thing miles at what point is that move into who cares from right. Laura Foster kids man life. No offense story about what they think of the 14 eastern yeah they have bigger fish to fry Franklin I don't wanna whose bad thing and and homeless stable. Enjoy and grateful to grab that thing reads like no help balance a little kids. What time we really help him out some eastern thing rank and cannot get over friendly Easter bonnet and above off. So we thought it would be funny this kind of throw candy yeah like behind their backs. They configure I was coming from. That's our reigning champions little kids' heads know there's like they we shouldn't just be do when it's at its fifth ave hash. Rock candy. A divorced Dublin Pittsburgh is fighting it out in court because one of the once they're seventeen year old son to stop playing football and the mom of the one who wants to keep playing. The dad is too dangerous because there's some authority has three concussion she's a Seneca who. Well that's too much death threats yeah they're not going to be in the NFL and you like to play if you're not. Not only that but there might have become a point I'd say that's where the school system themselves need to step in and they need to mandate that on their own so that he doesn't. Practice the next week. He doesn't play the following Friday night. Hill I mean the NFL has all the protocol. In high schools that's that's just not swollen and you know maybe their maybe I'm completely wrong maybe they put all this and I have no idea I've just never hurt. That's with the best technology money can buy and you know sit there and he's in a panic in the schools and these days. It's it's not the absorbent stuff that that they have in the NFL either I just. You know most the time to be honest what did you just don't bring it up unless it's blade and less reckless you get up off the ground in your walking sideways insulin can see it. You just don't bring it up right. According to a new survey 44% of votes of working Americans are chronically under slept because of their job. Yeah I don't know that life. The top five things a key to suffer long hours assessing overwork issue. Probably the co worker warring you'll get fired and having a nightmare of a boss notes entered masturbation. Now my bad route Aston mourn for our I just have nightmares that I missed a curse word. Does not just any nightmares in general. Now leaving you miss it you've missed your your preview cuts on the air in that somebody does Dan and innocent and got all I was distraught enough on the rest. These if there isn't it. Mean it has to go to two shelters sun confident and Robert and his game. That's tonight and how do you think maybe you should know due to the that's if that's Dan had zero is that we're gonna go and win a coworker who has never done that before just gonna want to let's go ahead you can just do it you know so hardcourt just get cramped up like I'm you think I'm less stay active and I look as saying the F wired and Dennis. Always thought that literally you just see how good it felt and what we do how will not get how I know we had the idea that we didn't do a similar here and I think that it dividend. If the average American. We'll spend 448. Dollars on drunk shopping this year according as far as us you know a man that number's a lot lower. Then I would expect that same cohort that we were talking about a guarantee that she's doing this right now would guarantee she's been more than that already they used. If you they used to be okay I'm not terabyte these VQVC. Has filed mother she can be season lifeline after awhile they they would just. They sold a ton of stuff on TV to people who are home the oval where haired man. Info mercy yeah oh yeah oh yeah I think the only time you feel you need to be thing that you saw on TV when you're drunk or high and you can use it nationally are your kidneys 99 we'll also just so easy now. Triumph as as a wave three's if there was so society and I'm proud of our game play fantasize about a half or Sam while artists six weeks. A Bullington to Missouri was driving to a big tournament on Saturday night when their car broke down so they had candidate in the middle of the road to run to the bowling Alley to toughen up towing it. And the driver got a citation for impeding the flow of traffic flow yeah that is electric car and the hero darling little roads and down portable and you are right whereas yes it was an emissary. I love their Poland. A surgeon in Scotland walked eight miles through the snow the other days like cancer patient surgery wouldn't get delay. And our residents were told that's awesome and all our promotional. Get real thing yards and it's big men women are being celebrated it should be noted that there the doctor was of FEMA dish they say hey miles good walk period much lessons now. I don't use our riding in complaints after hearing something weird coming out of their Alexa devices. Smaller than that I'll tell about a one hour from now. Thank you might knock headlines coming up one hour from now first gala loan. Is truly precepts. Yes even through having to police general and how profile this is playing short Dan miles it is simple game more conservative you will like new story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. Earth. And as you listened to stories based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make well less wooden did you think makes the story a story. Hello Kayla welcome to the men's room. I our guy Caleb we understand how does your game is played. Fantastic for the purposes of the story understand and I'm asking about the driver of the vehicle I. The driver of the business and in this case. A driver for a Texas private security company he was fired after an in maybe skates while the driver. So what did the queen casino hotel and piecing loosen. Now the driver was transporting two men from Oklahoma to Texas but drove several hundred miles out of the way to visit a law. The driver to do inmates they checked into a hotel around 10 PM on Sunday the driver woke up less than an hour later to find the inmate god. I was still unclear why the driver traveled all the way to easy Lewis he told police that he was scheduled to meet the supervisory in the area. But authorities are still investigating those claims I think we know patent. Now spokesman for the EC Louis police department there's an officer of searching for the missing inmate identified about a block. But the driver didn't mind he didn't go all the com for a few hours after discovering the god is missing. He said he was looking for the suspect himself and security cameras at a hotel they did catch a guy walking into the parking lot around 1:30 in the morning. He stole cell phones and clothing from transport van Walton the direction that he's bridge in his disappearance could. So the driver also inform believes that the inmates told you know 5200 dollars in cash. And Indian central police are investigating why the driver heads apart somewhere. This guy shady all the way around would you believe that this driver was black whites make secret agent. Well let's go to their resident great at it. Thought our sanity into the fifth and I'm out of Atlanta the question consultants. I tune drabs and out of the way you are several hundred people from Oklahoma to Texas. He himself chooses to drive several hundred miles envoy to go to casino and he singles. Most Houston gambling and in his uses normal job drive and I believe it is the believes what he does address. Anything I have I don't now I mean EC Lewis course. Screamed the widening gap but also. I don't have a hard time picturing like. And our tradition of black do you do this job teams and a white guy would be driving prisoners around. And he stopped and had a about there's not a routine you like the I don't know nobody. Five we now lose you really feel I think obviously not Jack I have one idea that is the over go to. I now go on why tactic. Final answer. Okay we're gonna find out whose black white Mexican raise the next fat as a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. And still you know have gentle men's room. Takes us to love into an Oklahoma Texas actually profile mistakes is Yves saint Louis Missouri Missouri's attorney driver with those who transported in May between Oklahoma and Texas. Somehow I decided to dig a little side trip few hundred miles worth and any ended up outside a casino and he saint Louis Missouri and it went in to gamble. But then the inmate is that it takes money against the to a few thousand dollar 5200 dollars to 200 dollars lead is walk the hell off I don't think they found him yet but the driver. Is the question of whether he was black white Mexican or eight. And Kayla and and you went whites like current youth yes there you like yeah. A car. Blair. Hollywood days easily they lose his destination was east like if you can drive anyway. He's very easy sale he was comparable an open goal to easily moves. You and not going to casino and leave the truck outside any say in the Indy Saint Louis. He's culled from the little guy that's all you know what when iron and I would not even close anybody can do it but he was comparable to. Now proud TV news saddest average TV Taliban. And yeah. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Charlize Theron. Keep yeah. By the way I should feel like I should mention she is South Africa and yes I only mention that because I have recently told them anything that. Only they knew that they're like out of the yeah Benton. Shall easier route from. Reserves of African heritage. If I guess he wasn't worker on the Charlize Theron Stuart error the recruitment. It anyhow she's the new movie about. About medical Vera products. Which is a great funny subject if you could tell them laugh. I should he do an interview. And they ask invasive the question is late did you ever smoke marijuana that's that's as he talks to adopt such use dislocating kind of stopped and then she has issues sleeping. So who. Where the story picks up she just kind of mentioning how like her and her mom took some sleeping pills they thought about getting into medical marijuana. So they can help sleep. We respect singer you know maybe we should figure out a way to. You know try some and it as like this the sleeping strangely like something that could help us to sleep. And she's like yes yes and I really thought I would be the responsible one to have to going get Scott yeah and last week she showed up at my house that really really drove and in a little tennis outfit. And brought me a little container and just left it on my kitchen table luncheon his leg. So I got some blueberry covered chocolate one that's good. But if you wanted for the ouster acting he should go for the men each facility sock and then playing. Aspect the good and that's the student issue than a tennis self made that shoots forward with some one young tennis friend. Place I was obviously really cool young girl. And so last night we we're on our way to the premier actually and I think you know as funny as thinking about Blake who is this person at the time I was a that you're getting that the marijuana from. And she goes. I went to the store by myself. I would do the same thing down crosstalk I'm on the she probably even so it isn't like I'm a grown up like a notably store I know to have. And in my favor brands you be surprised. It seems that in. States where it's been established that that is a very common and a good thing people are getting up medications were so that regulate financial aids medications are. Maybe taken a double the important ones but a lot of that stuff like in music to sleeping pill anymore. Or you know we get an idea yet they form new wonders like come on Arnold when you watch a full interview it's a the F mention FaceBook page I recommend. As are talking about the we've just pretty feisty issue just like Manhattan which is I had great think eight year run. And I just found myself staring at the icebox or that refrigerator for. Parents Karen and I was and it's okay that's fraud or new events that. Back to the club. I you know I I I said days ago I don't talk about the bats are a lot that was a life well my guess pretty much all talker alright I'm obsessed with it everybody knows it. So old fashioned from opening. The mainly because the prestige is me and I could get more and more evil so you heard the big. To be who did you would ever about the guy don't been back they go with Lauren whose name is Ari. So now I found out that the producers tracked the women's menstrual cycles Jesus cry because they think if they catch them close to their cycle. That they will be more emotion. They've really thought this thing through August every national women's. A exactly. Eight what ABC. Family television what producer says quote it helped because value discipline. You've got someone who was emotional all you want is a motion. For that show I guess are probably not too far off kilter. He also said quote when women cycle together in the house critic with a different vibe. More of our unity and how happy were the cool older voters is period. Eighty. I think they were list. Now they want to blow you all all different and I was on the same train now they really probably just kind of agree with each other stupid selfish women. Yeah always cycle together in ruled the bachelor. Yeah I hate to say well I don't I hope you can sleep midnight. You're right that is off itself has been very selfless they should be ashamed of themselves. Do you think there's one guy they came up with a bachelor or maybe it's a woman. Beating there's one guy or woman who just sits back who goes all right man this is the next evil thing to do to mess of them yes totally totally. But I people keep sign at all parliament were good. They won't let us emotionally punish them why my helmet. But signed off if this show called finger for fame really get there and drop your passes and I've put on rubber glove and vastly under finger you know you just took it may be right. I'm good I want another good all right stick your airman that you know like they wanted to win good thousand dollars opponent wouldn't win it if they pull out. The bachelor the gold ribbon I went around the. The badgers harsh. Silica abrupt right turn to pound sand like if you wanna be on television that bad if you go to that link in business just about you being famous so. I'm sure they feel like to have those liberties you sign your life away when you sign up for the coming year how do you know what they do mean they're yeah. They're not very kind you just as a person they treat you as an entity is is something that's not even human. And but did you sign up for anyone to sign for quite sit right that is the weird thing I agree with you on that because there are treat them badly but also they don't care they want. I will say I solve thing with doctor drew what Terry doctor drew Penske Penske. And yeah close and welcome doctor drew says he's famous course for love line back today and then like Celebrity Rehab and this and that. I saw him on our buddy Tom Green show. And they were illusions they choose to slivers have the most trouble. And he was like the reality stars from these kind of shows it's just like being a citizen for the like musicians. They both knew drug abuse and this and that but they can fall back on. I'd go in the studio in the music completely haven parks where they can also try to find some complain our thing was seen with athletes rate they can go back to be a Mike. I am an athlete and you do this amenities that when you're kind of famous just for like these drone showed the Serbian famous comedy I know are Laura can go back to back you are an art. Yeah other than being a desperate or hit nice good television but he's got to find another show yet. It also does work right there I think there's a lot of people would start our reality shows that end up having great careers in the thing they want it sure but I you know like Amoroso. I mean I was thinking more like the masses or I think carte TV originally was on Mike a reality show. Here's to do this so many reality shows after they're I'll make relationships and stuff that they re like I. I want to do a lot dressed they thought even I'll like what the difference famous from what we've beaten that it's on twelve years legit duties on dating Joseph VH one like. A guard them yet it's still scrappy. Like Vanilla Ice rehab. Blue moon but due to build houses are vehemently you would have no idea are like wait so what they said Vanilla Ice and might. That is in fact Vanilla I Elena not to let their. Propofol a powerful powerful if it's if it's gonna I gonna rip a cop an outlet. And I think that you. So that's a change a kitchen now there's a big special coming out about OJ Simpson right and this goes back today if he did it kind of stuff right. So basically they keep release being you huge negative. Humana word from Ida could so when you Wednesday he did. Who would you listen this clip I mean. It's in single disease basically. It's almost like he's laughing about it books hypothetical. But you just you tell me if this makes you feel comfortable or uncomfortable. The chapter chapter six is called a night in question. And you write in the book now picture this thing keep in mind that this is pure I was I don't hypothetical. Once you tell me what might have happened on the night of June 12 1994. And let's just walk through an iBook first floods this is very difficult when you do this very difficult for me because this hypothetical. I know and I accept the fact that people who don't feel what I would lead. You know they've gone. You know some little water would have been home for. In the book the hypothetical news. Charlie also. Paid by you mentioned something. About what was going on at her house this guy Charlie shields up guy who had recently come from what. I don't know why you've been behind him. Cole's house with a whole new you wouldn't believe what's going all of that. And I remember thinking what a monolith just stock. You remember thinking. You remember thinking. You remember thinking. That's a hypothetical situation but you explain it. And I remember thinking and it's just like. As you go I men's journal in the interview and our PR people aren't we gotta get he laughs like a man who got away with mark he had yeah. Florida this he's confessed to eat late. Does this really neat deal like this is super member this is all hypothetical. But I remember back right right OK I want that arbitration just walking through. My knee my thing walking through my life like. Remember I guess that I had been a I remember. Yeah and I remember I think in I don't know what's going all but he's got to stop. Hypothetically everybody I didn't have a that I throw one thought. Any better known for having a hot temper the right why would you ever uttered those words I remember thinking it had to stop. Because he's a murderer to have yet to solve that's that's why he would. You know why you know when I need say that because they got killed and about when he when he would be admitted what thing on baseball bats and their car analysts say appears before that this thing was like we accounts Cusick. Now Annan Annan. It's okay. I'm OJ. This is my car this is my wife were having disagreement on what does bashful in the house with Chile and about what they're not like okay OJ dervish he's still there have a nice night let me look. He did all this stuff right heat he's evil person and I think that's a huge part of he data will be would be dominant woman. For years and got a way of Dylan and got away with murder right leg. Direct at a I don't know who else would write a book it's that if I did it but I guess a guy that confident you can get away with a. I don't know I don't know you have to say do I remember getting his merchandise back in the the hotel room was just easy course and what are going to my stuff like I don't remember anything that did not happen to me. I think I'm alone in that it. I don't remember that on how he's doing India us civilian life haven't heard from him and a few weeks on TMZ he wasn't always really like Israel is going well today that we have somebody came out we we heard from them for a couple days and eyes is coming on. The last thing I saw was when the bills the buffalo with over a playoff game he went to a sports bar and took pictures of people in Vegas I'm sure in your favor of that. You know I don't I'm glad she used to elucidate thriller that Ron Goldman has no idea who made money. Stephen go bear is a funny man. He's recently I guess on another talk show in here's a pretty good theory here about Mariah Carey. It should be Oliver are and. Legally you want to plug that there that legacy is so huge I don't. What you don't like gays who like monetary if Mariah Carey was anything less than a humanoid match. I love to be should he should be encouraged to bring. A New Year's when she was sentenced you start complaining about not having to me is that I'm just got to be luck the rest of view a nor have teeth like what presents. I was not remotely angry it was appropriately she smokes down into America. Yeah I'm was not about immediate surroundings I'll be heartbroken and. I hate the minutes right guys these are resilient yes that. Also I just. It sounds like hasn't always sounds bad chore but it sounds even worse come from a British team are there. How many pills you're right they they do it sounds so much more insulting yet that it's open but still friendly. Is I don't know more people in our heroic president. Now we have a tab for you as we still don't want to interact burdensome B blues shoot. So that's that's it I'm back. This filing dates right. To our over course is the host of last week tonight with. John Oliver bang I'm always a very funny show spoke for as long as we're talking about erotic put together on his show they put together a great montage of up Maury Povich. This season. That's why it's so all of our shows are you a woman dating a much younger man and you suspect she's using you for your money at a place to live. Can see him much younger man and he's back he's cheating on your father getting a bunch of a woman do you think she's cheating on him are you convinced your daughter's boyfriend or husband is cheating on her you can finish your mother is having sex with your boyfriend or. Feels it's your right to control your wife or girlfriend air. Ability and you're more men being a father or your child there a possibility that one of two Brothers is the father of your child. And you believe in your father claims he is not get pregnant from a one night and it was set up on a dating her child look like they belonged to another race another woman. We'll track where you grab my love wearing sexy reveal. I just thought. I tossed them. I know I never thought about it I did not show any or honey do that within when you hear them all together like regulate. This seems and so it is but what is going on I of people can respond to this to the your baby you look Clegg is much different written piece. She Cisco IO review was there to your kid about it. Into an open storminess outages. But now. I think with the kind of batters in your bank is goma the I think it's tough it out yet do you suspect drew Kooks places as schools in the management data boats. Do you all Maury do think he stirred it butter threat. You think your neighbor as said through his domesticated pets Cold War. Are you above the tree and think it's cheating on him if they go off well more or if Atlanta your air V Indy really a spy cam. We don't judge. The juicy stories. Both fox and NBC. Are gonna cut down commercials. Fox plans to reduce at times just two minutes per hour we can't solemn Celeste just I don't I don't I give you a little bit of food down there were no there are more Promos. NBC same to cut down commercial across our network by 20%. 20% rights that would include there are other stations they telemundo didn't go to the moon or no. I USA MS NB CE and Bravo. Does it does NBC actually don't know viewers toward showing commercials. Actually MSNBC. Presently spending money too sure commercial you've no one as far as cable news shows that they're always at right behind fox relate. Yeah aren't so there was what in the toilet. No good eternal. Yeah I feel it. A good both of those are very extreme ones. Really left extreme you went to be kind of right to true simmer between there's good news the rest of us. Right the but I think that's why both those networks get such high rate of course and a Fox News in downhill and no one here undisputed champ when it comes to. Her to two cable news in depth the New Britain you know. They do their job well to get rates absolutely we know exactly what to do and and were the targets and they their focus and that's part of yeah so like since say they have OK yes they know who do they know who to talk to cut into an. I. Eight all wearing nick offerman. From parks and racks they're doing a show this summer basically called making it in you know he likes to make stuff. He's a wood worker himself. And it's a showcase all these talented makers and reunite with my current experiment. Charismatic pal Amy to brute who bet that should be a good is that a new name ME two boots she's Canadian. I di Leo moves on a show. Interpol alerted Vuitton. But seems about right. I took today. We were talking about would Janet if you had to eat one burger would be a bald eagle. A pet or go to Canada early Reynard are mostly don't know ran out of frustration over the street you're pretty sure your burger as well. Ironically enough there's a new bald Eagles in DC and Seth Meyers was talking about. A wildlife experts are reportedly puzzled. As to why a pair of bald Eagles at the national arboretum. Named Mr. President and the First Lady had not yet laid an egg this spring and. Haven't really been getting along since Mr. President had an affair was store key Daniels. Act route is because it's the start he gave no thought of yeah I. Just seeing how far out left when I played. Store you do over reddy's could very it's very good job waivers jail I'll take a break America's got headlines going oh my god you are listening to the men's or radio network. We are Swiss miles. No let's see what's happening in the real. I don't go on and on top probation and of thanks goes those are met its from a doctor and she's got the prescription to prove it yeah. Meanwhile a car thief takes a stolen car to his court hearing because he just can't play it. Jorge Cabrera thanks wife after she complained he Baltic governments for their six kids. A fourteen year old impersonate a police officer was the real law happens to forbid and some are satellites up pretty baked it is time for your headlines. It's time it's. It's it's here's my car. All right our jobs sorry people around the country are reporting that there Amazon echo devices are doing something rather creepy and it sounds like this for a hot. That's literally what it list. Nothings laughing at them get started to blow up onto what that feels the mother and I are breaking out analysts on each child's laughter. Looks like they're getting Smart already ranked. And the does respond to the bizarre issue by saying that they're quote working to fix it. It's getting smarter to try to make it dumber they are working on it isn't adding of this going to kill you remember they're counting your flaws I'm just imagining of what I'm saying there would. Telling you how far it's been all that tiger bones of an all of the road they're there where everything you do for. Every time you've ever done anything here's a toy of the flies they know how many times the other bathroom. How many times you Florida. How many times you turn on electrical switch how many times would you say would you mastered it I just don't wanna be watching a scary movie and and all the sudden lands and she's. And paying watching it with Max Friday. She hasn't been Datsyuk. Around the world a New Mexico woman would talk about the germs profiled as on probation for. Not a drug violation org or rather I guess forgery and as she's back in trouble again you'll never guess what type. Courier in just a dirty last month but she claimed that the Mets they senators is the most prescribed by her doctor and she even provided a bottle with a label. So update on that by the way Mike edges we brought it up earlier that since that point in time we've had a couple of nurses and we've had a couple of people who. Do your analysis. Say there is a five milligram tablets under the name of the just socks and maybe until I either way they have. I guess. I guess they've got a prescription medicine. We understand that I have responded to one person so I don't know we we understand right they don't call it. Medicinal math there local arts he's medicinal heroin. I call them they don't I was you know called Ritalin go bright enough and she forged it is that you did an old methamphetamine and elect right that's not what you call right. Exactly that's why they get into how can make some of these pills like hot. And you're moving out with a very little investigating if it was proven that these were forgeries and she was once again residents had been a couple more charges. Yeah dismal heroines. It sounds Khamenei Connecticut shows an interesting vehicle to drive to court and the man was appearing before just to defend himself on car theft charges but decided to show up to court in a stolen car. I mean why do right where memorial middle finger right arm and I don't know bus he was charged with second degree larceny and arrest now here's the thing the wit that they found is they actually have a security guard at the courthouse. That just rolls around the parking lot checking license plates sure. What's it like that's the stupid world we live in that he can actually color people by checking license plates at the core house. Yeah because people owe money and that's how you identify them in the look it's just money it's all about money so when they haven't a stumble upon a real crime all they want is their money. Right that's all they wanted to pay it had to do it says is our reds added that one in town is that they all they want your money. Anyway they get your money employee overstating to engagement party ticket might not anonymous and OK about it. Do you think this goes common there. Just kind of put up his middle finger or do you think he was actually just festive and even you defense and I think they'll go payroll and I think he's erratic things Iraq it with a journalist obviously there's this is a pattern that he hadn't been. In Southern California a fourteen year old was pulled over by police and arrested on charges of impersonating an officer after he was cut launching phony investigations and pulling other cars over in his neighborhood. Gaza port Indiana it's do or is he strong dirt stash man. He's gone through Hubert and I am most confident about how he looks very limited a bomb went for the all the sort of fourteen year old kid rolls off like rich get away when I was fourteen houses brain and a hair would finally grow under my arm I think he went through puberty way earlier the most. Right. Yeah he's probably like six and a half feet tall already he's just RD shot up. I'm just at fourteen how do you get all the equipment that you need in order to actually pull this off not easily so caught him you think. Yeah are. In south California. I'm really what job you have or you can afford mildly it come true monster they've put on rural vehicles might just south California has this isn't pleasant South Carolina. The difference. Yeah this is flown it since. Southern California learn stuff here from sting and there's a guy and say OK it's not south California dollars and I'm Caledonia in fact long dude did it. Frosting and Rahal fifth with. Suzy how people in the machine right hourly whose rap guy and I guarantee. Apparently there are two men alive today that are direct grandsons to president John Tyler that's amazing our tenth president that is amazing. I really offensive missiles during an older zone and you never now that's every headline then I talked about. They drive rivers it was in a cent return instead vs the FCC bad jokes all very good to us once again with the shot of the day yes indeed it is all true women know about those match. But we shall return until then please. Do what you do best and poorly this thing it's. And yeah.