03-05-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Goes Over the Rules

Monday, March 5th

Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Population & The Military! Plus Mens Room Rules and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. These drills. Outside there what generation of your part of the gunfire conversation. A Pew Research Center has done you can't have enough authority that their opinion matters on weird stuff like. Would generation where urine and defining them. So they just announced the official definition of what a millennial is an and that as anyone born between 1981 in 1996 so anyone who is 22. And 37. This year I've so that means it'll o'neals were between the ages of five into money on 9/11. Ages 1227. When President Obama was elected. And ages seven point two in Sammy Hagar temporarily reunited with banned him too what new recall the generation after them. The bear is you know have a meeting we have for anyone born after 1996 there's no official name yet if that funny two years made you would think you'd come up with something do you know the name of the generation before the millenniums X generation accident accents are usually they were born. Sixty. Something and it's it's right after the baby boomers so they knew facilities 64. If there's like forcing every time it's 65 to eighty so by definition you're a Generation X. Yeah if you're. It's there on the lot I know that at 37 now already had a major Eric and it's only we could possibly do it. Like miles and I are on the forefront of it you're running back in the back battery channels or five days the way back in six days away from me on the back you know. So baby boomers were born between 1946 to 1960 or say that louder from baby boomers well actually does well before that the Silent Generation born from nineteen when he goes I. I think there ten miles 49 we got to be over seven years old to be part of the Silent Generation correct. Good morning nice owner of the matrimony nineteen other seven he's their baby boomers right. All you wait years for a highly generation now to my mom was born in 49 and she will be 68. She's a bagel if you're like baby girl gets you debate. World war right due mainly by GI's claim home the identity 7475. Years old for some to force him to five years older part of the Silent Generation my parents are part of the silent which is if you haven't bothered that is not true. She doesn't know that no one's older my father is part of the sun June edition I'm not my mama don't hop right now that's that would. Number of that memo a a friend request to question a 4499 I don't I. Brian O'Reilly welcome to the mineral. All wow O Reilly chemically altering quick by the way Gene Simmons as far breathing without fire deaths are resonates his expert Joseph dread reports retrieves Gene Simmons and band. Says Gene Simmons uses overlook some way of oil. Through that whole ball wouldn't stay on your tolerance is easy oil dangerous and we wanted to Garbo can olive canola oil man like me that it might inspire. Could make the filmmaker well. Kindness there. Okay. It was a weird kid you know growing up. And I was where. You don't say his name I bourbon kid who. At several pulled and doesn't elementary schools and you pull wanted to get army and humid 85 cents. He really at the things or remember. And I'm pretty sure is still lives in Rochester so I would not say his name. Probably you would eat grass from the recess yard huge sand but the woman got me. He you've caught a bumblebee outside none of us were worthless during recent weeks that mag down fifth grade. Is on Newman's I am but the bumblebee is like do you dare me to eat it relate. Sure man and I mean without hesitation nothing was done. And and that. Every day I keep waiting to read something about him in the paper. He's just let me bank yet. Well. I am in bed eat anything weird. By. There's there's one kid who. In his nickname was right now. And he would jump off of everything. I don't know talking. I get carried out elementary school all on the jungle again you climb up onto the real bite out of 15 feet and I am a big one. And you jump off did you like a park core thing very good roll around currently limited. You did roll but it ended had been allowed big stunt but I solid we're paying an Arab world body got there first place it. They all bring gain in party gaming heated daddy grandmother. And has gone decided to run and jump over the back porch. And on to the side of the hill which was it angle down it was late. 218 feet out and might NP fifteen deep down. Got this dude still alive as far as you know. Yet you still alive and being in not the smartest guy. I. Tons of. So I got the idea. Sugar. I'm working night. How much you can skill tree. Without any branches yeah just just Shimmy the tree he can go up a hundred feet and intrigued. No problem. Look around to come right back down like Mike Leggett didn't have mobile miles isn't telling you is that he was best friend with a monkey girl and it was like that he would just grab on to. Climb to the top look around like where it's cool view of. There boom I like. All right well that's collegial actually because sometimes an air force campaign can't be hiding whatever you can't really see any thing yeah like a little clearing and he'd just go up look around. The men it's nice view of their bed to bed because he was these. Good imagery to back down as just a lie I'm Jim of Seattle yeah course for the worship service and fortune well he should it would mean I have worked on that I thought this he did he was just using trees. America growing up you're got to Missouri and two kids are in jail because basically they went on FaceBook and according to the Kansas City Star. They are trying to get to people to to follow them and buy them pizzas. And so they threaten to drive and drag a kitten behind a vehicle. And that posted the video the thing you need to know about the story is if you're right Steve they the kid just looks like. Does not him yet it's. As soon as you see him. You realize like his brother at the kid that you want hanging out with your son that looked I looked at this care SR read the story and a season mug shot and more it you know I hate to be the stack. I don't want to sound shallow I'm not trying to pass judgment but. If you were a group of 100 people in said which one of these people do you think drag it didn't intentionally. Beyond they got all I do. No question about he looks like the cage what school was that you knew damn well would be the kid gets arrested for doing exactly what he did yeah. We never knew anybody that weird. Really immediate and I never thought anybody was. Now maybe I was the weird one. I can say I'm a breath ran into a dangerous if there is no little weird given your we had good clear you have for the weird yeah. No US open government. We'll talk all I. Hire less than a question question they would. What do you lost when did you lose a Jewish is still half maybe got rid. Somebody happened to you don't know what happened to have the would you lose her out and back in the navy which is still ahead. I was still under construction one times there has outdone went yes. There's always built in media fix these late fifties thing you don't I got to move garage in those terms she brought down. And not. Go download that actually a lot and it. Stocking cap go out there. It was promote the Olympic rarely. Got washed up he as super proud of it because it. You know I pretty much figured created equal when it was built there because there was talk back in the far corner of the how to eat it looked at all not so you've got. She blocked it and but I got onto Montana won my Maltese. Think it's. I. After the Monty had. Really any said did you start with I got drunk a Montana like it's not going to be isn't that the perfect end to backpack at Breck. It's a beer have probably from the 1950s or something and somehow I just got lost in Montana on a drunken Bender. Yeah that's going to be no Selig about I guess that dug up final that. Amongst got a broken Montana and fill an arrest and what we're really not so weird. One out. I only kind of had to try to use the night together and realized how we've gone into a bunker and I had. Take my picture from my do you battle that took the only number I got to the. Bally's gym memory you know every time he went skiing was that guarantees that at the check did the PLO. It pretty draft what did you lose Jewish still had here's a story Coast Guard warned mariners at seventy cargo containers seventy egos on the cargo goods in amazement sickening eighteen Wheeler bad. Fell off a cargo ship Saturday night seventeen miles off the Oregon inlet this is outside the outer banks North Carolina. The cargo ship. Told the Coast Guard by radio they lost. It's seventy to 73 cargo containers due to high winds and heavy season nor'easter. When pollen Colorado I remember just took it pretty well the ship was ready for a Coast Guard urges all mariners in the area. Do I travel the area with caution. I guess sometimes these things full throttle there the old air I I don't hardly empty no they're all full. But they go on to say the North Carolina pardon transportation. They closed these areas during the storm as the ocean wash over the highway at several locations they're tracking where they believe the cargo containers could have gone. But they are there are cautioning people against driving walking on beaches. A looking up for hazardous debris of any kind he might get hit with they called broken tendon a cargo container could easily wash ashore rodeo guy covered. But they go back to this in 2006. A container filled with thousands of bags of Doritos. Washed up and attracted dozens of damages now I don't know like if you get up at 5:30 in the morning right you wanna be one of those beach comer people who rare walk the beach and everything. Could you imagine watching the market of the beach. And all you see here is just. Drags it to read those everywhere he Guinea and survived I'm sure the guy or another collecting and you're picking out to take a moment that I mean like. People are going out there and take Madrid is peppered with five men and open up the right not open may have Egyptian fire impact. I just thought that was directed like once I met those at the beach. There's thousands of bags to read those everywhere is coming today all the weird can it do they think we can do this cargo news. They don't know and that's the other thing it's between seventies symmetry to it there's some guy and presumably you don't know leadership. You know would you Wall Street we're gonna during the people that have indicated to whoever it is that supply those like we lost this much inventory. So they I'm telling him there's still been good in that you gotta think though between. At least China. In the western parts of the United States that whatever route that is across Pacific. You've seen some of those videos for the high winds come in just its collar voters and off the side what do you think about like what is at the bottom of the Pacific coach what is the bottom all of these ocean Teddy bears are far urgent issues I mean giant animals yeah exactly shined. And effort I think you hit a big question of it's like you know budget food. Don't right he's gone in his crabs down there he'd like you know like castle frozen hamburgers are incredibly being. I ran a question question and get your emails coming up the men's room at men's or my dot com also still to come your death isn't gonna minor categories today. Population and militaries that's all coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. It is you. True so coming our death is got a lot of categories they population and the military and men's or rules coming up right after we do some emails here for the men's room mad men's or live dot jobs. Guys son Kyle turning nine today he would love a birthday song with a three Sam originally raw. All right Jim against thanks guys so much we love you guys that from a lovely Sandra fish sandwich. Yeah. I could never date shots my son Joey is Jen had a tenth birthday Joseph is always a big deal when your ten megs so you can OK I don't numbers is a big deal. I have announced today that for mom dad and I've been getting have some of rated PG eight Germans. Rated G Germans that from Geneen. And I know. You may be geez folks who have cheered and I don't now enjoy your dinner. Physicist yeah that problem. McDonald's did you go most of the movies you see now the parents of the main characters do not guide the beginning bamboo. Grove student. Who moved easily construct good and I think the older you want to thank god you're ten now we demand we were to do. Guys library is a big failures show he's 4060 love to hear original they sandwich it's a very dirty German talk from the dirty Germans. Thank you guys September dates key was just to begin lots of love that from the lovely Alexandra yeah. The army. No position to be a teacher but I would like to give you. Now an assistant with the deal. I say hello my life story is huge element remain a lot of you guys give a birthday shout out give them. A European is is too small. And a classic face now is love John wish another with miss David thanks guys. If David do gradation 21 of the greatest bartenders. Robin GOP burial and full of loaded. About a second come Kagan some of the dirty is German talked for the bartender with the most thanks guys that are mad Jack well. He flew above them out of the Boston seemed a B Dalton and could rub my local. Yeah probably if you bring your way round and played with my teeth. Yeah. Guys my name is Joseph Lieberman most people coming yelled at but what do you Joe Brown the sun today and I would love that they stay within a second of dubbed gig maybe some dirty dirty German talks thanks guys I lose and every day appreciated. Fish sandwich oh. I. They're calling you know. The troops in the bud song for influence. Yeah and analysis and wildlife and play and play with two of the fat go Hamas. Isn't it my gorgeous wife birthday 32 years on this planet and she never ceases to stun whenever she goes. She's spectacular mother to our two little girls I want to give her Kelly your best sound effects happy birthday Erica yours always that from a John with a stutter like Joseph Harden. And credentials to hook up both. Although I do as John just an age pronounced dump. I had B 3030 years on the job on the Iraq here's to another 33 spends about your penis is too small little Allen think thanks guys that from Chet. That's on guys it's our mutual friend Jen name is there's a Boozer is bird day hockey chick so please give risen thirty Germans talking about pucks and sticks. Thanks guys appreciate it had a birthday and go Kooks from Chris Heidi jacket and the Michael thanks for all the laughs guys. Normally not how I went to. One big but I talked to. So you play with. Yeah stick a little bit before we thought. Yeah on the. Today is my wife Ashley's pretty good occurred today until Moscow now about a guy that good job next dollar love the show guys that from Chris in Ian clock. And that's no. Net pretty pleased with my husband had a birthday his name is Patrick he's turning the Big Five oh today losing your show every day thank you that from Alina Allison dirty Germans please. Yeah I know you much enjoy a good cup of coffee was only. I'll give you my own not. Yeah that's when the so he's had posted. But I'll polish my wonderful wife a marine F five years our fifth anniversary was Friday happy 51 birthday around the sun. At premier loving husband and I Gary would you please give her some journal acts with a signed up cupcake in the plaza rock on guys thanks. Oh. Magical NJ. Our guys 30. It's OK. Okay okay kind of got everything a okay. Hey you know you don't you may jail they're urging Germans brought. Also available through news world fame on men's lives dot com another sign retailers. Shrine inside. Blue. Let's see all of my lawyer who's getting a contest online for your guess is does amount to color 9844999. Only John started listening a few years back after my Brothers and me a segment. With a birthday shout out for his wife by the dirty Germans not been hooked ever since I may. Washington native living in Okinawa Japan. Where my husband is serving in the air force. Moving over here has been a tough adjustment and they're been periods have gone through the best part of my day was losing your show take me away from my reality saw what thank you Mitchell's in the bottom my heart. For letting me through getting me through some of the hard times and making me laugh. And Exelon is an home red fastest of the top of my lesson all right spheres to sharing a beer in the future cheers guys that from the lovely Olivia all. Thank you for the kind words you'd be surprised this day NHL a few and far between they can be the demolition at shouldn't be a foreign country. Greetings from Kuwait. I've enjoyed your show immensely. The last three years or listen you guys now and I'm international again. What did I give up. I gave up boobs I was a bit of a late bloomer and the years after high school it was progressively dawning on me that I had a bit of a choice as to the women I date it. As time went on I seem to find more and more girlfriends all with boobs bigger than those of the previous. Spoke on my most recent ex had trouble d.s or. Also seeming related to each girlfriends seem to be exponentially crazier than those who came before the crazy here in the breast after each I met my now wife who has a fantastic gas and I never looked back. That's alive I look back a lot into it it's that's from a built in Kuwait it falcon and the this weird on so when I was about nineteen years old still live to California had a boyfriend that I was living with my car whether we're both on heroin. One night we found herself somewhere to sleep when we're back in the hills. Well only finally settled down for the night we brought our drugs out to do. Start a full around a cop pulls up twenty minutes into the Fuller around me and Dario put the drugs away before the cap came to the window long story short. I accomplice go like dumb kids who were just fooling around but the whole time I was whooping brick. After Mars. I will do brutal big break. Will be brick you're out numbers that. One tiny new born through our argued rooted core it is our blue route I think to heroin Mosul was back in yup and making a book Brecht. Let's see Brigham robot cat. When Austria was accidentally nutty stuff here that the that the talk group animal towners and OK listen to this one are at this guy just throws it like you can tell this is just like this guy's intense aren't. Is as far as what kind of animals you brought into the cut. Awkward doc is known as the dangerous marine life attractive I was an army diaper and currently worked at a dive school near you. I was working at a rangers' school in Florida are jobless to clear the river crossings for the Rangers students. I serviced on day a one day and was face to face when they five foot water moccasins and then I decided to go back under ASAP. I jumped in parachuted one night and when I was rolling out in my heart as I was face to face with. Eight pygmy radler amid a deal whether she doesn't buy my face and I save her from the burrowing owls. She agreed supple earning maariv bag in my cargo pocket and took her to the red tile house during the securities women according cutter. I'm blue banded sea snake holding my regulator host. In Kuwait I came Alomar with a doctor buzz about delve a dive Helen. And quads Elaine a poll was attacked by a gray reef shark. He won in my grouper I'd just spear him this guys on the the most interesting man in America and the world stunning and just trade group Merck is there a conflict in sharp for. It's all. I hear in the sound the sea lion has. I was friends with a GPO the lived on the honey bear in cove to al-Qaeda when that kid that killed the couple back all another used friends lose giant octopus yes that. And of course the orca pod got around thirty meters meters from us while teaching the students. That Vermont would dock. And Robin gets a chance for dirty German master to say. I can't even figure that one out anyway Bradley. That is amazing. To me it's orca pods manned and look I'm not trying to be insensitive in my as you show me the video and that. The way individual plays as you see two guys a remote. You see this cute little sealed it jumps on a boat Malaysia and everybody would you don't and then you see the orcas swim by and wanna eat them and look I'm not a lot of tea addict kick that thing right all. I'm not keep in Denver from a killer whale you you dig what I'm saying man on my ACLU or very cute and I'm gonna feel bad about this. But I'm not gonna dive for a couple more animal stories. I cruising Jimmer California over the summer and I just got dropped off at my first plot of the day which was right off the road. Well good sized black bear locks up out of the clear bush won't eat about fifty feet down the road all I had army was a hatchet a pocket knife. So I'll throw my hands and started yelling at him while walking slowly toward him I spoke to a first he runs about five feet. And that he turned around. And looked at me again. Walking toward me so I keep my hands up and start to taking very slow steps backward. He gets about forty feet from me stops for a minute and that is does a slow circle around me and goes on as well it all turned out fine definitely a big but Parker though. Cuba Iraq and all that from Zach. That the animals have a role gives as the hearing also do you think bearers can hear you farming like would you make I kind of do they hear what. I don't think there's some indication at this dude scared me. And I guarantee you able to hear from a hundred yards away I see a bear and it's looking at me you would know that. Wrap myself up. And as far as the random question what pitcher car. Guys we just got that two new transit vans for work the idea was that whoever got the new vehicles would need to put a scratch on the Brando. Just avenue one of the senior investors of the company was backing out it just like that boom he hits the back of a brand new van. Just driven fifty feet in the parking lot of the company. They blame the employed have parked in a way to could be seen as ever called he comments on the new vans before he rammed right into him. Good times that from Chris. It and saint George Utah. I still got more views amends or rules also we will bring it tells a shot of the day is on the way the first. Time really your guess is as good as mine it's an easy game to play we give you two categories picked from an and it's a deal to get as many runs a category. Before three strikes and out Steve who was our contestant voted to play your guess is as good as. Hello John welcome to the bedroom. Loft on Iraq. John Logan the shelf. And you know I you know how we do this game here your guess is good as mine you'd think two categories. There are ten left possible answers. Me you need to get as many right in the category before three strikes and you're out of your categories today are going to be population around the world as far as countries. And the ten most top powerful militaries in the world. So today the categories dealing with world that would be either the population for the most powerful military its. What is your caddie or a place in population of the city of those countries they are populations of countries. Cannot go yeah applaud it and don't go the population of countries with guys so as you know other a lot of people in the and the world. You know the exact number of people that are in the world. They exactly well in close route ballpark that is some good about that. It's point six billion okay and those sub we're getting close to seven good tonight when I white area. Who you know they don't really told up at this point in time this comes in 2070. Itself you know either way if we're close and close or not we're now but. These are the countries. That have the most people in the world each individual country as a more people than other countries. Pretty basic stuff fairest system that's ahead cap of one of the most heavily populated countries in the world. Boy trying to. Tie. China has but tough people man they got warned that. Billion. 388800000. People think kids if you're losing at home that exact number of miles is that mathematically correct that those equal it but that is they've but it's not a good but what I got that day so China is officially at eighteen point 3% of the world population making them number one. In Iraq. Okay which next guest. India. India yeah numbers you. 1326900000. People just behind China. At seventeen point 5%. Of the world's population zero one out of every four people in the world is from those two countries. Either either one of those two absolutely it's. It drops off. Amazingly after that point as far as a number of people in the generic country. All right let's see where America right. It's got to Rihanna camp numbers very. All 326. Million people believe or not the United States of America is the third highest populated country in the world where. Four point 3%. Of the population here again number 217. Point 5%. Now using the disparity right. Four point 3%. This didn't Avian Linda I would think right by many Russia Brazil Brazil Mexico and actually over a hundred million people. I know that I'm remembering some lives vote. You've got to go at it the other top ten. Put eight people live in Tampa. Aren't they all live in the south may I mean that the camera with a lot of territory that's very cold in by our standards in hospitable. John I'm totally and Mexico is not a bad demand this is my guess I don't know about. Russia. You'll go to Russia. Yes. Nine on the last Russia believe or not has one point 93% of the world's population 146867000. People live the results. Yeah they are a number nine hi John another event and you got four out of the sand. Only one strike against you and your guess is as good as mine and this is a list of countries based on population around the world. Tokyo with the most populated city I think both go to pay and. Japan who. Yes the current rule Japan in fact has 126. When they're 26. Million people. And they come no one point 67%. As far as population once you do think about something about this for a second time. So sure you know Russia the United States. Geographically very large we can kind of fit people India is sizable and I mean India's crowd of the family the size of the state of California and there's not a lot of not not a whole lot of expansion based and effectively Killen and Brian and me to do much there hysteria hey my job you know there's a bad and you got five out of the ten. One strike against you so far so two strikes remain and five possible more countries. In the list of countries that have the highest population in the world what is your next guest. I'm gonna go ahead with a whole lot country of the dirty ones. Let's go to Germany. You know majority majority there it's the. I. Not on the list job young enough to love them both streaks of them. Take reasonable resume resume and I think it's got to be right with the kind of people that debt. I don't go to build. And number. That's like Brazil has 208. Million people. They represent two point 75%. Of the world's population Brazil is the highest populated country. In South America and just give you a clue. John it is the only. Country in South America on the list. Yeah. Are you sure you're ever going straight. Brendan late Egypt maybe. This Egypt as densely populated but I don't and it could be the Sudan exiting I dredged don't know and he Nigerian. I think that there was that you're really the biggest population and he has a movies and stuff you know what you're right at bat that violate the yes because. They got so many movies. I generally think it. I'll let it try day. We'll glory. We'll go to the United Kingdom. Or Britain. Are aboriginal man as far as other games concern. You got those six Alexander. That's not bad at all considering this is based on population against him and against us they'll attend Nigeria Nigeria Ted you're all over that I knew that a hundred tonight. Million people live in Nigeria that I even as massive music and movie scenes 2.5 5% of the world's population lives in Nigeria. The other guesses. The mercenaries in Russia right you know we have got Obama and Asia may be number one well I Tunisia. Indonesia is number four that is correct. 261. That million people so China number one Indian number two US number three Indonesia at number four. Brazil are number six Nigeria at seven Russia and nine. And Japan at number ten. There are two countries left and he guesses. World. Australia. Australia not unless believe are not a number five is Pakistan. We oh on Saturday and ten million people and that number eight on the list Bangladesh a 163 million people of that deal that's it so. The top ten countries that have the biggest population in the world. And number two in Japan followed by Russia Bangladesh Nigeria Brazil Pakistan Indonesia United States India and number one China. With 1000000388. Million sale but I'm eighteen point 3% of the population. On this planet. Is from China and India is not far behind aren't they go on your guess is as good as my children he tells his job today. Return a member rules coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Crew was miles. Greg and totally shadow of the day about birds and. It's so. Roseanne men's in my back out there all there for an categorized a geoghan take him in an all of their glory and every was well a tingle time to see if we can put a new law into and a rule. Handouts today we're on the subject Bob bathroom etiquette which is a complete subsection as far as men's room rules are concerned. Some of the rules that you've helped make over the years include. Always close the stalled door even when going number one. If you have an option that never use the Arnold stall right next to a man who is already underway did don't I had that situation happened over the weekend. No man should ever take longer than ten seconds looking in the mirror and a public bathroom. There's more. No man shall drop his pants and underwear to the ground. While taking a leak if you've ever seen this before it's either young child or a very old person brat as a grown man like really. Really man I like this would never Shea naked in the gym bathroom that come from us and tic. Thanks guys are always there when it someone else's house and needing to drop reduced always use the furnace bathroom from the general population are look. That is our goal but nobody wants to prove is close to people they can but sometimes you get set up man. Do not bring food with you into the bathroom now from job in the drop the news wash your hands basic stuff from Dave never leave hair on the soap that from the Bode Miller. Another one just simply says let the man who opened peace section four read a man to take a picture in a public bathroom mirror with another man. And section 53 nothing except he goes into the journal's knows dip no gum cards no nothing no cracked this one comes to us. Rom. A big big daddy nick. He's as bitches I am a frequent listener and I heard miles a few weeks ago talk about there's a rule. Where if you use the bathroom more than three times in a day and you should go home from work. I believe this rules should be repealed because is a very large and on healthy man I've proved a lot. This doesn't mean it can't work it just means I below the bathroom or work roughly four times a day. We look we're just say more times every day guess at war if you need an excuse to go home we generally agree that it is during the course of war manly. If from the time you because everyone's taste dump on the wake of the morning right. That would doesn't count that she's handling her business but from the time you get to work. It's been the first four hours of leadership you've had to go to the bathroom through town. You should go home we just say that he is an unwritten rule we never actually political bloc. It's just only that we share with each other like oh two groups and someone away if you wanna blame the shows is obviously just doing a much time there there's something wrong with. I elect no we're not gonna reveal that is that had to put it did not put in the law it's not a law but we feel it's it's it's an unspoken standard if you have a suggestion for a men's or rolled issues an email to the men's room at men's or mud duck comic the subject men's room rules and away we go all right while in a imaginary attacks. Deserves to be ready. Men's room knows just. Saturday and as usual we had Jose Greg gas cans see that the royal flat out nortel's yes indeed and today we've chosen unidentified. Twenty year old man. I'm quite low loan for unfortunately while he has not been identified. I have seen pictures of him. And I wish I could unseat what I saw an hour recently are on marine he'd bordered a my Lindo airlines flight to Beijing threatened and didn't know airlines. But once airborne the man in this order stripped naked. But also born. It is started masturbating I want to make this clear he had the role seats by himself he's sitting in the middle seat under the some of turnaround a cellphone. Snapped the picture he is he is but native and has just masturbating now. Of course before you ask the other passengers. And the flight crew repeatedly. Asked him to stop you can understand how this was distracting. To the other doesn't do but he would not stop until we've finished and when he did finish. He got dressed again and never gonna let bygones be bygones and write the mistakes he made is at one point he got to go to the restroom he went to hug what are the flight attendants. As you'd imagine she rebuffed him he became violent at that point other passengers and flight crew totally basically tore a piece of their own shirt. Bound his had hands tied into the chair and he was arrested. When the flightless material let him go they let bygones are bygones really hard wow back on how else can you gonna do not so important is. We drink this booze because we've taken to young NATO flag so all the the onion down the throat to party in our Tommy. It's down and our whole job is known. Stick to our national ID four point 999 a low profile that's coming up. This year and many news continues on the men's room radio network.