03-02-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Trips into the FCC!

Friday, March 2nd

Emails, Ted vs the FCC, Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Was thrilled. I had read those Philly or San Diego how our inside Iraq. And lovely San Diego California alike is bad jokes coming up ten vs the FCC. And yes we will drinking and tells the shot of the day are ahead sorrow on the way as well yes exactly our question. I want anime you finally learned your lesson 844999. All. Hello Joseph welcome to the men's room. And hurt and let them. That all are you doing man. And I would do what. I'm sure do look or grab about every. I don't go great arguments. Robin. It. So drab little part due partly to. X lags well what he or Bert Berry and it was a sixty sorties party. So the other goes. Gadget over what some by. RD Cannes winners okay I does your city like you know that Gaza might have another guy who reliably into and her problems you know guys like us now. Now you're gonna end. On a wild thing as the week at a time ago I am on the car is Katie bring his organic peanut butter and we've got to either I think the functionality on upper perjury is that. Israel. Well I've got it already has sure didn't look where you know 67 event bell bottoms statements used picture. At a certain when it long and black candle light hour spider. Who can cheat the it dish rooms then Portland did whatever about forty minutes to an hour. I go news about. So you know about them washed and look at him Embraer. In the air just started like movie. And that's where I basically lost it. So. Did you read out. Oh actually a little bit and then you know everybody in the code full you know 6070. Doubt it right. And wiping sweat but I am at despite. Color shall rest and it looked like and a that brutal spot. It's as brittle glass and then everybody started looking like art teacher. And I'm like Jesus Christ is. Marlins as the sixties we know hon time they'll kind of party. People did look like cartoon characters then what are you one of those people that can trip and still people like I'm pretty good tripping Norma driven it but just enjoying the ride. So yeah the joy in the right but he kept getting more and more intense game it was right OK I can't. And a dual purpose dubbed you know still drink and then. So I was determined that. I go outside and smoke a cigarette match cigarettes is enhanced like everyday and I'm like hello I. So all in its current. And at their house is gonna try to agree belt so his words and this is what I mean I just basically went over and sat underneath the blister about two hours. Just grill and balls. Just like negative people don't know where it. I don't want to build new. Needed him ignored I don't know when you came back in the party did you just fall back in into a New York Goddard and it was like two or you worry okay. There it didn't work or. In my Al outside smoking a cigarette they're like we're look to reply to somebody else on the arts. Just hang it out. And if I went out at an Ontario man I I don't know I think the most intense trip I've ever had on troops were actually. We were at a work event and our eggs that I can keep it together whatever these melting around me and I had been warned man just promise me you're not gonna take these the only. Yank him and know check it says it turned back and how much so but but the trip hit me and I'm having a great time with the battle what point we and actual duty. And a woman or remember it is solely from freaking gob smacked right. And it is very hot this day. And so he sweaty but he's not wearing a shirt. And he was rather instances denoting a matter of those really how to sell it was wearing a shorter now go appointment but he sitting across from us we're going to send or view. And a hole and I wanted to say something so bad but that the Smart part of my blankets like man. Don't tell people which are thinking person and it just kind of statement of regret but as so into one underneath pocket and talking and talking and I'm start of the student remembered like. His in the polls started melting awful his chest and I'm like. Ohno like I don't wanna see this right because this is this is kinda disturbing not the rest of him. Justice metals and it was. It was an agonizing and view the interview itself is fine but hold them in the cultural moment. Can't stop watching his nipple I think OK I like him. I can't shared this with anyone and I know that no one else sees this presumably no one else he wants to hear this relate this kind of signs. I think the best advice that the lesson I learned from that stuff I'm not I'm not I'm not like you like I can't I can't keep my craft knobs of seniors you buy it no obvious I dies you know a little bit and then I'm okay. But I just remember if you go to the scene making everybody makes where you take him you think you've waited long enough. Someone who sells them to ISIS' you don't eat half you know you RS Limited Brands whenever you maybe have an extra and eat half. And you're waiting around in the nothing happens and I think that you need to rim remember that we when you think you've waited long enough. You have not. If you eat anymore after that I think that's where you learn a hard lesson in life which is. Boy oh boy I'd never do that again and I he'll do it again I never have I been stronger ones were still too much for me sure but I never will go back. And dip in again my once that he wanted to eat then I'm done. And I'm good at that nothing happens that's okay too. But I know for a fact that if if nothing were to happen. I could take a small little bit more often. One on order now this ticket and killed. Yeah I mean you know that. But I'm always always get Italy and all that stuff. I don't know I would ruling meant only you have of the brown amenable. If there's just I don't know why like I I have to bring you little emotion upon probably the melting doubles was here are three of them BC super strong this is we'll explain to me when current. Don't do here of course alliance and I won't I did but he send it to do just eat one and that's all in all four hero in my office. And it was it was an all day trip man what happened to want to make you finally learned your lesson 844999. Cola. Hello Bernie welcome to the men's room. Yeah. Yeah. Well. Our lady it might. Opt out and get their own dirt cheap to call eight. The bulls want to call 88. Can I get it out but kept it I. But the last bit but people will all get picked up front page paper. She can't get it all our church group. Well they hate tracking our car up and down the road. And she just that don't look at it oracle want to court got it at the ticket scratched it up at bat. Well let it get that. Actually eroded. Can she. Quote I don't oral becomes what are the road split or like I let a little bit. And let but it goes. Oh cherry. Pick it up next bucket got this air. Unlike the local rap so it but why I think all right I like to. In fact. I think I got darts at it. Yeah I'll bet you. Thank you. Just can't. Yeah I don't think you and where you are sure earlier aboard all you have to edit the first I thought you aren't all lit up like bat edge. Get fired there are a little off all of our back right. I quoted Piniella are caught go by cheap or like I don't know Qaeda. Say Gail. I sit there where you indicated that. Should she dish. I pill. I don't know where they are on that but it apoplectic at built to draw update I opted tech. Perry might sell it all back there I hit an all out there if it's your turn on the oh yeah well. They don't know that I didn't know how to argue that aren't you. The biggest thing about it is all out a lot. Play that kind of our little. But he. Dirt and a cute. Arnold Kirk chipped it. I hear it blowing up an acute at parties are all our great threat or not at all. I at APEC auto but it gives the let out. So yeah they're Iowa or eighth. Ellen that you learned your lesson because you're foreign got mauled by the dog. Like you're I don't know what happened again are my man I don't know and I've said this before adrift. I'm a red really interactive canine dog and god willing I'll keep it that way about. Memory and ATM and I'm downtown man and her account behind me waiting too easy team to be deal. But he parked car ran on the side man in the business canine unit and to mine and we've omni in this time we does not legal anywhere but. I was running. More than I would normally carry but basically I bought for a bunch of us and I'm delivering from a woman exiles to the place about it but anyway I'm gonna stop could be team. Can't stand behind me in Norway I wouldn't sweat it. But this dog ma'am this thing is to sit and Carla holt on. A Monica look over my shoulder to the first article of the conflict and I know someone is Robert Turner. I hear the dog barking until the votes closest house angry so I looked as he would commotion is and his dog sit in the backseat this thing is staring at me just bark bark and bark and so now I'm starting to sweat bands like that seen in now the pulp fiction Iraq. Reza more daughters were not present a bathroom and the dog to Barkin and all this in your sweat because in my mind I don't speak dog but all of this dog was saying. Quick wit. Wait wait wait wait wait you wait. Over and over so finally and I give my money correlate to the cup. He looks at his dog he gives me a weird look at as comes fraud a walk like five feet in the imaginable every and I thought took off on. A look at it and it made any effort to pursue but I'm slate. I don't like this man and a dog can we have a close that he saw you take off dude it was an ATM on a sidewalk in the cockpit park and the other subsite also sells ten feet. I he's right there but basically there's AT numbers to be standing in front of that the top directly behind me waiting in line about a three foot gap and then his car. In this this dog is distant backseat staring at me barking its setup. However that I was kind in the country meant you that you go to Uga can't either like you know the Libyan border like what are you go to Europe all you know I was gonna go up there and dust slaughter 900 are arraigned here that I'm gonna bring their targets as back Elena seller gold miners are thousands of doubt when you have a good time now have the right you know into weirdest letter. And you come back to the border man. In the United States Border Patrol man they're just like why were you. We were skiing for a weekend. Breakup talk express flight yeah I mean they're just like you know I'm a resident here and trying to get back in my country like we know what you're up to. Ali finger up to you. We're bringing the ball and I ordered all of the tile floor opened by ear off about being up in your ass like you can tell mechanic. Sitters and I'm just gonna go there and of Ahmedabad burning happier you're forced out of it well I thought it'd be fun you know that if he gets a lot when you burn everything down it and do you enjoy here Tim Hortons. Get back in an election. Our question what haven't you to make you finally learn your lesson and get your emails on the way for the men's room at men's in my back I'm coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. You don't have gentleman's room. And what happened to make you finally learned your lesson here come those emails in the men's room have men's or mud doc job. Anyway again go all the guys and Robin back. 2006 me in my navy buddies it just got back from the Baltic Sea and more partying and that Virginia Beach, Virginia. Everyone knew that I didn't drink tequila because when I did my Alter ego. Seamus came out to play. Well they didn't listen and convince me to down shot after shot after awhile they noticed I was gone because they saw me on the bar security camera. With footage of the outside of the bar at this point it I was in full effect. They watch the camera as I punch some smartest guy in the mouth. They came running outside while the kid flagged down his friends from across the streets and they begin chasing me with their skateboards. So my buddy moved still need to go hide and I picked up a tree about moves I think is a pencil to hide behind as I watched boobs now shirtless. Final four kids swing skateboards at him as his popping nibbles fluttered in the breeze. We're back inside the bar and they told us that we had to goes we call a friend to get us out of there. Picked up some beer when drinking at the beach well at least moves in the others were drinking while I decided to strip naked and fall asleep. Using the beer cases of pillow with the shall Layla Al for all the C every guy and girl that wanted to fresh beer that night. Had to pass the drunken sweaty naked sexy lifeless body of tequila soaked sailor. Needless to say hasta drinking tequila for about ten years after that hopefully that other persona mind Seamus stays hidden for awhile. Military things have in the drink can Alter ego. Is a feeling that yet is I don't know anybody else the military guys are losing them Alter ego. Dan. I consider that a warning or maybe it's just each day maybe most of us as payment when I drink and then they give a different name for who they are more it. That's the morning. The height of the I was like frank the tank. You know from just being frank to frank the tank the rhymes about it you know them very good director to be frank thank you you know I know you know on those days. Guys are my lesson after a former governor that I worked for did not show up in a court judge to defend the charges of theft against me. Judge was actually mad because they did not show up so we can only charge me with court fees and probation he was holding gave me with the restitution as well. As far as would have been a Mamie finally learn your lesson first relationship two months and I got she too. Second relationship two years and I catchy line third in most recent relationship two months and found out she was cheating on her boyfriend with knee. I think I'll take a break from dating prevent that from day. I don't have any comments worth dammit now it's more along lots of drug comments apparently he that we inspired bean can what we do that's ever viewers are emails over the men's of amends in my back up. All the guys my son and I get a kick out your show that we're introduced to within the past few years could give a shout out to my son Kyle. He has fourteen today where they sexy female German. Not too dirty but puberty based you know kind of sits in girls in general and that would be great at thanks very few of the great work that from scouts. Not you can stand them for 98 election. Dad is little boy and boy no more. All domains that is available lotion. What I do his job Brant brown to get had a birthday getting of the dirty Germans talking about him. Being eight pin state alumni. We'll learn the court threw it back unthinkable Sulu since joke about who school. The student. Now consider them yeah. And essentially you know which put them Vissicchio happy. Yeah happy valley maybe even pitching. In the it is indeed an investigative. Beaver stadium. I was that you really love. I was gonna stay there for three dollars and this actual people. That was then you are. And my son Corbin on his fourteen Trevor on the sun pub and Al hitting the window followed by an Allah thick and a second up cupcake that. Is from Jason. Who'll Hulu gonna go with. Yeah. Guys is my money I'll bet he's birthday not sure how old he is turning but it's old can he gives them dirty German thanks guys I know he would appreciated. Now I do not know who could sport the true streets and. And speaking of DE. All the guys and buy a home sliced his birthday is today. And because of me he listens you guys every day while we are out there delivering your appliances token you get a big old bomb hit. And let's see maybe a European as is too small thanks guys appreciate it. That from jobs. All the guys today as my best friend golden birthday always it appears is too small no way. It was. It's almost as a veteran Colmes birthday AKA the tricycle. Both love to drink men's or read and enjoy listening to the show how about some dirty German talk guys that from ray. And I threw reload folks who don't really read your books and the boxing. You can probably hear it opens up. German troops or. Only as my husband doesn't every day but I knows lazy ass all right in there for I'm sitting in my Olmert they shot out. Would love to hear what that evidence that bro dirty Germans and Melvin said thanks guys are being awesome that from Erin. Might not look. At all and I do not want to be responsible salute will soaked in the print the Simpsons and we use my. There did it amendment and I understand Dan Brown's it's one day and it. Don't Wear them make a page and Lilly hasty I don't mind beloved tonight. I don't want to thank obese people ask. Plug demos are guys showing amber deja to my wife Veronica she's joining the dirty thirty club palace I get up cupcake and the dirty German doc thanks guys appreciate that from necklace. Oh it. None of the right to your name of the deal only thing that reminds me of the that's of these. Yeah and should go to therapy and become over again extremely. I have my iPod that you thirtieth birthday is today I thought it's only fitting that she gets some dirty German doc. And may be an Al hitting the window thanks guys special on the radio keep on even on that from Y. Okay. You know to know if you enjoy the taste of mobile young but truly doing my school. Yeah Mickey statistics he made a winner if you like football could have enough to not make. All guys out thank you guys to be the source of laughter for me I finally landed pretty good job and there is a radio on my shops listen you guys every day in my puppy also thinks the boxes from your different varieties of men's room. Six bags of critical loves to run around and play house with a few of the arsonist. It is my birthday from a man today is namely shaggy and he is 33. I'm an Al hitting the window and Allen think Andy suck it up cupcake thanks guys appreciated. Yeah look it. Hello I'm always my gorgeous wife Tammy happy 41 birthday that from Corey here's more what Alicia I'm happy 46 birthday to my lovely wife Sheila good to get a face sand wedge and a big old bong rip that from Tony. And. Oh yeah there's my bunny hop is birthday is a loyalists are living down in Alabama absolutely loves the show and pay bawling. How about some dirty Germans and Robin saying something in German while using the word dark. Much appreciated you guys around them that from leopard. God for a couple of dozen about distributing the baby greeted brown. Lahood an Alabama fan the good news like the gap commercials you might try. Young good again talented athlete who. I've only ever they shot down in a second up update to a huge fan of the show happy birthday little cupcake that's the name little cupcake we love via. Thanks guys that from a leadership. Oh. We're gonna rule. Yeah it's okay. Yeah it's. Happy yeah. I tied I can't I can't be co. Bids. As thirteen chairman Francis. Available through his world fame and all things I've done come another sign retailers. Know him shine light blue. Who subject is teachers having sex with students which apparently we missed out on of the seems to be all the free can read lose in this email very close. I'm. WTO. It seems like these stories are appearing a couple times every week. I wonder how many relationships are happening without being exposed. I did in my science teacher in high school I was sixteen she was 31 thing we try to keep it quiet I think a lot of people know anyway that was back in the seventies when people are better about minding their own business track and I. What the. Might never Jamie who is almost like thing like what the hell's up with these kids having I don't know murdering people you know just randomly what is wrong with it who would do that. Now I murdered someone backing us you know different diet and a friend the science wasn't there much easier to do those indicators are that while the ginkgo now probably a boy which is apparently we missed out on Barack. The difference of a social media now PW busta with the text right. So teachers keep sending like the nude pictures of propositions to the student apparent inevitably go look at the kids phone right and then they find out back in your day. Back when you get they would have found our business. You probably didn't like take on a billboard and say hey you hook about the science class and subject is Eastwood. I'll be ready for this one he's one listen up seriously. Guys I heard he's would play big dumb the other day and I wanted to tell you. The stuff he talks about regarding his partner and her massage therapy license. All sounds legit to me I'm in the field as well then. PS please don't pick on ease with so much. You guys are better than that. Stay classy that from the lovely Megan in Maine. And I hit it make it back on us that part if you're in the business that's great and understand this guy ease what calls those in just one of the comments he made aren't. A corporate admire the guy we know is a significant other. He will always say she's on the soups. Look I'm so okay that's right so yesterday as were talking to Lisa there it'll sometimes regardless small town and is it recently we stayed and Dave recently some low rent. Motel. And for three days I stayed there. While she went out and bitter thing. And just from our perspective like that sounds like a hooker it just really don't this article appropriate Bob a look at heard about this and you know different. Our bag are your biggest ratings whether there's actually someone out there that like you unfortunately there 3000 miles away in Maine that's about right got to go as far as you possibly can the United States America by some of the degrees it is in the interests. Should have been arrested all I know. See I know I should have been arrested. Some friends I'm planning a trip to Santa Cruz we're gonna steal beer from a beer truck that we had been scoping out for a couple weeks cheeks. Driver always looked as role of doors when night inside the storm we're gonna get it but my friend Kenny. Notices the keys in the ignition and that's where the story becomes epic instead of digging. A couple cases of bare waist and held that it's a gold and drunken and of the Santa Cruz about eighty miles away without getting caught. Drop the truck off of the people park checked in or hotel grabbed three shopping carts filled up while telling a locals that bark free year. It was until about two hours later after finally the police showed up and took possession of the beer truck I think just maybe I should have been arrested what are you guys that. Yeah from Daniel yet Daniel's death is just a recitation of rest. Boy oh boy people has about this worst Batman ever our lord but we opened can of worms and as I did not realize how important was to be able to more recently not only do I disagree that Val Kilmer was the worst that man but I don't consider him as not having a memorable role in which he showed his acting talents besides just being known as. Being from top gun in his first and top secret in real genius okay maybe not so much for the acting ability of besides being a willow. His portrayal of Jim Morse and definitely surprised me I admit the rest all the trailer for the doors are gonna give us Marbury grab myself and around the house gym at best role ever so far. Best rollback holiday to pro also seriously he literally may see himself to resemble buck having derby. To market tuberculosis. Almost heavily through that messed that up we said the George Clooney was the worst that we did. We do you know our right yeah most of what we said was George Clooney was he works Batman the frame of reference we were quick to give him with this if you might have George Clooney. Who's acting chops you know Michael Keaton who's acting each afternoon Christian Bale even Ben Affleck we sit. As far as giving us a sales pitch a bomb Hollywood executive and you say you get one of these five. So Val Kilmer would just be fit on the list doesn't Levy did a bad out. That's always say Atlanta man there's been a lot of back Deri a deluge we've got to a bad jokes on the way but I think first we need to go back in time the last and the we've played Ted vs the FCC so we could let's go. Back in tan. It only little sick man. I am not a shocking cannibal. In over a thousand I shocked and suck a fat circling duck on a truck. So boo. Did it with sit and shot the duck got it done for. Fully fit and I am not a shocking dependable and overly is that I thought it shocked at that cycling duck on a truck. So didn't hit with kid that shot that Dhaka wide totally sick Donahoe. Sit there and I think I'm not a (%expletive) Hannibal and over how the eye socket jogging back sparkling doc struck. So get hit with it. It shut the backup tool poli sick man the company did any shot he payable and over how that I shut it sucked it back up and ducked out trapped. Could get hit with six and shut that back up. Plus our motto Edwards who's dead president's New Zealand's David you know everyone's favorite time. It was 325000. It's. Their job or. Won't go away when it's nothing but it's not. And a TC. And I. Fortunate person preemptive statement about what a late night all of our own blog generally improvement. Acura outmanned but fellow boldly come in this morning and I check the email bleed or not a listener was kind enough. To send any listener submission for Ted vs the FCC his name is Christiane Noll. Suzuki. Any no urge you all Christiane leverage in the game that his name I would go in the porno my name alone Kristi on Suzuki. A hero. Yeah it goes on the likeness. And a christianity as the top name is about your old dog uptick. To occur so it Tigger the tiger called make the digger. Tigger wanted to know where's the best place to go to dig for gold and make the diggers had to Tigger the tiger but the nuggets and brightest are bigger at the ninth year liver. The way we do Ted vs the FCC is eatery that one time through then at three times fast. Him. Am all right yeah. Tigger the tiger called Mick the digger. Tigger wanted to know where's the best place to go to dig for gold make the digger Sydney Tigger the tiger. That the net that the nuggets. Are the brightest and bigger at the Niger river bridge us back together tiger called Mick the dinner. Tiger wanted to know where's the best place to go to dig for gold but the bigger said the Tigger the tiger that the nuggets their biggest that our biggest of our brightest of bigger at the Niger River bought. Of the tiger I'll admit the bigger sticker wanted to know we're the best place to go to dig for gold make it bigger city Tigger the tiger that the nuggets their biggest it. Brightest at the Niger River tool to have a tiger got that the bigger. Here's what it couldn't figure what that over the best was the go to. To dig for gold but the bigger said the Tigger the tiger that the nuggets their brightest the bigger epic tiger red. Now right now. Ahead jazz numbers that they have stayed there hybrids is getting ready to go bad jokes on the way 8449990. Email that goes to the men's room. And men's or live. Dot com we'll take a break in the kick off those bad jokes next you're listening to the beds are radio network. Is true with us. Very far far 999. Hole high and away we go the bad jokes. Hello Chris welcome to bad jokes. Split and all our league or at all our. What where and and look at what's worse than ants in the pants. And uncle. Andrea. Hello Ross the welcome to the bad jokes. What did or go backwards. What is Forrest Gump passwords. One port one. And it. In your hello Andrew welcome to bad jokes. I'm all and I. What do you call the president when he runs out of money would you call the president when it runs out of money what. Trump. Hello Chris welcomed the bad jokes. Well Mitchell all my job. You're the amount that Joseph just dropped computer so no do not hear about a joke yeah it megahertz. The. Hello hey I'll welcome to the men's room. Or. How many second there when here how many seconds are you know when you're coming. Well here in February march that. Well the hello Michael welcomed the bedroom. Boot gentlemen Hulu. Plan but just terrible liar. Why students at double weren't the invisible man why is the invisible man that the terrible lie. Feed energy right here. Hello Josh welcome to bad jokes. Old. And yeah. Good of the people extremely blocked Kendall's car and the bartender immediately. You'd be adding you don't hurt your guys here. This thing goes out anything that can close this cop car and bottom part. Our mini skirt. Tighten up and do and not. Come back game in the market reflects and I expect that got an angry all right wait Jackie beat Pete history that would at vineyard is now on the great not. Well done didn't look like a political football whenever I read during it's now. Bloody up their deserves to be ready. Men's grill no. It's just. Who it is. Shots. Your data that is usually heads of the very best dance even throwing how to find out George knows that yes indeed and today we chose the doctors. It Kenyatta national hospital and he gets is worthy Kenyatta national hospital this. I. They intend Erica so that it Kenyatta national hospital and they actually. Doctors there there at a hospital for two hours they were doing a brain surgery bid to remove a blood clot from a patient's brain. In a matter how much they dug around and couldn't find the choir which would seem like good news I'm Barkley bet wrong patient. The man the patient they were operating and simply needed some non invasive treatment for swelling in those of delay diplomat bill what do the hell does he give. Stanley Cup by a person's an open dug around for clot could file one realized oops we got the wrong person both patients they were brought to the hospital unconscious. And the reports blame the patient identification tags being switched around from the makes up. Hospital CEOs is of course you know deeply regrets this and opened it calls an inconvenience. About the way it should be announced that via the neurosurgeon has been suspended Israel's borders the theater receiving errors in the anesthesiologist. Because apparently you has. Can't cut open heads of people who don't need their heads gonna know yet. So we're bullish mood to drink this booze because we think it's yummy okay so over the target double broke the party in our Tommy's down and I'll elaborate on top. Did the killer nine online right now it's more foreign 999 all you reclaim profile that's coming up in minutes. They should many games continues on the men's room. A great network.