03-02-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Finally Learned It's Lesson!

Friday, March 2nd

Mens Room Question: What happened to make you finally learn your lesson?


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Is thrilled. Got best days and seven are now 590 point five these outlays classic rock as station in San Jose also ninety Iraq the legendary rocker. In Sacramento California and out our newest affiliate big dog 97 point nine. And Joplin Missouri that would be every thing. That rocks big show for a bad jokes on the way to vs the FCC as far as the story with that Ricardo goes as I didn't know what the and you know those in the in the in the pipe. Susteren he didn't like seeds in early is solid the whole it's a night it's on and it's a night. Party we walk out on the deck I hit a ball it's a glass bowl accused smoke weed and it wasn't like you would look difference in Iraq and that's identity anyway I let it don't mean it might even have been like Al. A smokeless pipe I don't remember let me give you the first hit Apple's okay so I hit it yeah I mean that's proper and as soon as I know crack at it as soon as I like wheat. And as soon as I can I went about men like. Okay. My my what in the hell is that you know he's like it's crack and unlike in the now pissed in an interview show I never would have done that he and I'm hit I think and now I'm extremely go to nonchalantly guy Iowa does it feel like you know I don't like no no I don't know. Let me ask you one more question. He said everybody else that this party was broken where I want Joseph the most part as it didn't seem odd that he specifically wanted to go outside to smoke a bowl. We were talking is that you wanna go smoke a look at Wisconsin welcoming it was no different than any other conversation I was having with anybody else. And it got pissed because. I didn't know smoke crack I didn't know what was gonna happen next on paranoid Israel and that would never be like abuse. It is electors dragon dude no way and I am like back to you not doing these are not doing what I'm not doing these drugs. Especially ones that I hear are super addictive. So now I'm pissed now wanna beat the living hell out of this guy but I realize they can't beat the with a hello this guy that does. It's also friends with a guy who owns the place. I didn't drive there the entire thing you know we like this is not a good situation itself but I've cookies and flag of us into what are you don't you hey ma'am and I unknowingly to smoke cracked what are your good four point. I went and I've talked to a couple friends and I did that you going to believe this you know when I go to the whole story in what just happened to mimic just keep an island like I. I don't know what the hell's gonna haven't given I mean there's a pre show outside don't cracked Lecavalier added that falls Minnesota and you know they're not talking as a percent of the many as a dozen it's ultimately as a missing you know. I'm looking for that again and again. Just like Ricardo what shall more credit oh we have we wanna do more crap no I did not want to do more crack and I did not do more crack but I thought about it for men like. I see how this works and I'm like I'm not wanna smoke more credit right click right in a play date that's held. Got any speedy drug networks exactly but I just if you can't afford the good stuff you do crack and that time so I'm like are I would typically but voluntarily. Exactly day. Jesus I do I have I have some friends that like other things right sure and I sort of got you can't have more than two Beers with them before they're Colin summoning and it that's an act like. I felt like heartless gonna explode you know what what was your. My high was more of did you win an umpire and all my outlook I think go into it I army once you've found a small locally you were just gonna take back and review. I was waiting for the absolute worse. I mean I didn't know what to expect but just like anything else that connect you know I was waiting for you know to be united to get drive. Past Elden you know enemy and liquid Leon testicles in my forehead and people make about a year like I know world's gonna ago earlier that because I never done before. And then once I did and I was like oh man I can see where. I can see where I visited via video IC reduces this this could possibly head very quickly for anybody who does it because. I'm having its. You. Well let me and I got into a well that's an apparent on. Grab a beer yeah go on and leave us they don't if it you know that's something like this is all I did this happening there my thrive here in part exactly. Times after that. So challenging admitted afterwards I didn't those basically I was still is he still like dude sorry. Filler that anyone else already smoked crack I don't know I mean like I don't know happy when I told you whether it is like. Wow that's crazy you know they're there and he never whatever. I'll have to make you finally. Learn your lesson a 44999. All looked so what exactly was the lesson you learned that don't do that other is that Greg stop Barack herb make sure you don't just look at both. Always look at a bowl but if all it does sound you're out of your left yet exactly and all the snow don't do cultural crack. Right bells out of new doesn't sort of alluded Democrat brown that's been around for awhile but then have a buddies gone through a tough time hoax oh crap that's Virginia that's so don't get a crack at my bags. The guy never smoked crack feel pretty confident in late. Know that yes but I have a buddy is Walter real tough time I won't say where he was. But usually when you don't like a break or whatever and you're just out of the don't throw Sammy had a dire liked screw it. Let's smokes crack that's of hate great idea crack smoker now. I don't even know people Eagles to a breakup and his decision is this is a better obviously openly broke week afterward indoor is one of those nights there and a seedy part of the city anyhow there already drunk in that screw up man but this is to do it. But same thing they begin it and then say. They're nowhere near a house they notes they end up like hide and somebody should it was trying to slow with a cracked. I used to hit like once there's like this is what would I guess it would be doing wreck that we had broken tuition as we've spoken per cubic. Because you broke up with them right it is at this is the first time they've tried it happened that quick. Because I think that's unfailing good link immediately first of all your best you know funerals and you're like I had an idea that that. And they were like we were so drunk really remember. Yeah what's Elin have to make you finally learned your lesson 844999. Cola hello Mike welcome to the men's room. Victoria on ma. So we're where I was back one hour of the before an adult league seniors. All of in the car trial on and a couple of my buddies and iron ore outlook Marion around 2 o'clock mourners. In his own world. Q counting your neighborhood. And got him to a caller. And nobody played all right all watch your back your please you know when you watch in. Certainly not far from the sideline ligature noted no life to tell mom on the list or out of their house and I'm going to work. Little in this car turned and turning you weren't gonna get out of it we should get out by the way it does anything that's in an exterior. Speakers. You know I'm. Audio equipment your hair's. And I guess I'm missing for too long nobody can the government do your mic and a lot of glorious and you've been in their girl I'm analysts as long and the like are almost old daughter actually in Africa strip in the back with a little bold to demand gets a have been silly literally I believe we play and total war with this stereo. And losing really bad minimal and are easily leads they're dash off like I mean actually. You guys do today it's. And so on my god do I get frustrated or do whatever man. And I guess he moved on my guess you can have the new no longer want to look back and ensure that applicants a year on the window and I erupting in general I looked up. I'm at gunpoint in a market. And it might. OK and I look an attitude to the lady. Whose car isn't he issued by get out of my car right now and talking of course I'd get out panda. And to argue on the ground and I started I started to abilities saying do you know that you realize it dude are your immediate shock and saying. My allotted for whatever reason kick you right no legislation is usually good little deal to sell it. But let the man oh no you're right like if he's huge junior. She might go to jail and tried to broken her car but. And the moment the today program which is still got shot I get mugged in Baltimore wants the guy having gone but at no point I think hey you know what man he's not gonna shoot me because he's gonna go to jail like. This bitch is gonna shoot my ass man you are made to give my one dollar than a little ahead of I don't think that in memo when it and here's the difference. With her you're breaking into her car she will get away were shooting you believe me. Did you did you run. I would I would I started down the religious right launch this sort of derivative stepped between my luckily well I would have been getting down on the ground so I put one and all like the road. And a one mile road and put the other need out of hand. Unstoppable right now that. Targeted hugely and I started backing up web and relentlessly reached and a about it on July aged. Stop right there are some hardware and I got I don't know like. A yards from the radio right I've gotten here or so or she's not a machine and Olympics. You like you don't want more stigma and I wanna. Tomas limited so ago and I looked older to little slightly lower the worst was pulling drivers signed a good guy just steam anyway you look at bowl where it used about it and I mean and much of it was totally betrayed I spoke at a time voltage and diet literally within the sector it was like behind united shield guys Griese and an iron. And and I'm Ryan and I don't worry about talent and some somewhere and break your jackets and outright. I'm gonna catch you down my age not your not and that's enough right there will begin not to give me an adrenaline still it'd. You know look at the list in that direction and just let Clinton do that a guy who reached an arm and grabbed me and basically got a lot of my backpack and like so much stripped out of it like darn good candidate and. I'm not. That good until you never Brooke it runs or more hours without Michael without legs screw this it's not worth it I can of diet. So you oh era over a car stereo you know it's amazing I meant exactly I don't know what it is about people. At a mile and a kind kind of the same way about a scene of so many times were so it could have gone and don't scared of parchment. But like a popular style right Richard at of people deeper if they say. I know what the ball to go written dog does not having gone the dog's not going to kill you it's door front catch you gonna take and once they bring a dog. People stub outs if you look at Barbara knew no guy has ago is still wanna go outside a unified says if his big as a body gets up he said the woman's son. Then one piece. It's just that they have to think I was like my problem I would rather do with your dog to get shot maybe I don't wanna do you'll be the British consulate. Wanted to McCain and marketing grant. Are you wanted to shoot a political don't do dumb luck if you Rhode Island bullet if you. Have a bag or my jagged you'd have some way to identify me. We don't you right there be something in there were like you could just give my backpack and after his allies but wouldn't you had your bathtub like in there I would still let them keep it more demands he evolves it gym membership card to a place where 2000 people when they go like Iowa there's thousand in 2000 women Howard and without briefly if I. But is out of the still better you can be shot you can get your escape or have the cops find them and he's breaking and entering he pride in having me. Identifiable. You would oh yeah yeah but now what happened to make you finally learned your lesson 844999. Along all the library calls coming up you are listening to the manager of radio network. It's my sales. Fat jokes on the way down to Matt Jones to the men's room at men's or live dot gaveled the bad jokes right before we drinking and toast with the shot of the day brought to the story about the the guy from New Jersey. In another Morgantown, West Virginia as he was parting with some friends maybe went to school they're maybe not either way. It's three A man he calls an over and when they come to pick him up either he says take me a moment. He puts in a home which is his address in New Jersey or he told them to take him to New Jersey either way doesn't remember. Only knows is he woke up in a Toyota Sienna minivan. Either in New Jersey or pretty close any ended up paying the entire effect. Yeah then we have these could he had to be there on vacation in cities come back gives back X. I would guess so and thus slate go insane to type it in tone to Molly back to our Theres any left jurors who went to visit friends of the college and stay there the weekend. Hits home which takes him back to Jersey now is gonna go back to what Virginia give bags to go back to managers that think what it was quote you think well coming back this weekend of what you tell me you are bad. Yes on the exact totals 1635. Dollars and 93 cents it would have been about 800 bucks but he accidentally ordered an uber XL I believe that you brought that up when the story came out to do is go elect. Food he owner and excel in order. Pretty old the most expensive you for himself. In West Virginia I also read somewhere that there was a surge you go to lake sometimes they have the surge pricing right it's a twenty left Morgantown could easily surge price. I'm done with the rural Pennsylvania for the morning like man original servers so he's just outside of Philly. He's in Gloucester county probably. Who knows if that's Cherry Hill or whatever you know I I yet says nice gonna go back to West Virginia bigamist backs. We have a story about Torres a tourist who was up mauled to death. It is this added part of his wife. Children but it's not that. Its outset is it's and he made a conscious I'm sad for his scrambling but he made a conscious decision he did not I I think that he made a decision. That ended up port so basically what happened was he was trying to be a little frugal there. Our pomp and needed wanna pay for the ticket to get into the zoo now there's and sister don't go to the zoo that's all I would argue. This is an eastern now Regina OK and so he. His wife and children were great they'd what you gotta take you to win and the he and his other body decided you know we're gonna jump the fence. They just didn't realize that when a case of the way this zoo is is kind of laid out. When he jumped the fence they did not realize that they are going to jump into the lion's. Enclosure wasn't a lion of the tiger tiger and while I understand national wildlife park can present it doesn't once you're at age you I'm sorry remand argument I would make of one German zoo. I would not climb any fans because my assumption that I'm out of place religion nothing but wild animals the reason they have offense up is because most of these wild animals are dangerous right we don't understand the so I would think Eddie zoo if I climb over firms. The police I'm going to end up as an ablaze with one of these wild animals that they have in this place that we all understand to be the gap aims to play successfully dodged a fifteen dollar interest taken. And then horrific mobile phone footage which is gone viral on Chinese social media and media and which was later removed because it was horrific and graphic. Shows. Sang being dragged around by a Siberian tiger and and and other big cats also surround sang as he tries to fight them all by kicking out with a splint. But the animals refused to leave with one and then biting down and clamping on the back of his neck because that's what tigers do at the end of the clip Zeng has dragged under the trees while employees of the wildlife park try to scare the animals away. They used firecrackers and everything else took about an hour to retrieve things body he was pronounced dead in the hospital shortly after. And then of course what do you do one of the survived a Siberian tigers was also shot dead during the incidents. It did what did our outlook. I assume Richard kept the Siberian tiger and offensive in the cage because you understood them to dangerous creature AM. Part of the reason do that is good if you're human being inclined to where it is it's going to do exactly what you did great so to me. Mike Webb this mile and everyone's nature vicious this is what tigers do so. Don't have any questions about why we keep him behind bars. That is duke is still killing you if we don't so just so you know how about the tigers' full young worth zoo was shut down for a day following the incident. All right all right the next day the next day they shook his Judah got to the very next day. Is angst family opted to hold his funeral that day that day and just get it over. They don't want anyone to know by the time the news got out. They basically just you know like oh he's got. So either way they are I guess. Somewhat embarrassed or are just wanted to hurry this thing through and it maybe you agreed to you know rather quickly as possible but that is at least negligent. It could be that too. Seems a little fast. I mean I don't know that for the guy man so are you climb over confident suits like. Jesus Christ I mean if you grab a power line. And get a look at I don't feel bad for you we understand what these things war. I mean I would be it would be embarrassing event so many in my family but on the same token I'm a little hurry up funeral. I think like that American the that would happen your probably do I can't explain it. Problem. This grown ass man made grown I have made sort of an inning grab over offensive zoo and while I did not know he was that stupid like I and a better for. You know maybe it's just my relatives it's it seems like in the in my world enough that this necessarily true but. I'll knows what it passes away Muehlegg I'll I'll help him make Darren. The three weeks and I just came on ice mammal do it and you know we did in June oh sure. It it to you guys wait no it just seems like with Obama hoping that there like it's more convenient like they're back again the last of the my grandfather passed and then the funerals like a week and a half later earth element that I mean he was on ice for one there are few really didn't mesh guys all right look you don't you how is he happy you'd think that maybe you know it's the funeral exactly and really keep. I wake the united again he's been to have that he was a lie and he is exactly what I'm one who don't play any job it. I feel it in my family because when we grew up Catholic you gotta get it done and what's it within like three days sewage runs like that to you the choice is much stricter like happenstance you get it done within like four or five days aren't but you also gotta have three days. Like before you start morning and you got to the three days of sitting around the house the person lived in like. Easy to treat and now I era grades story as well as you wanna get out tech act. What tell what haven't you want to make you finally learned your lesson 844999. All I got a couple of comments here it says what happened to make me learn mileage and two divorces. Both time almost cheated I'm never getting married again. That promote and gentleness is what happened regular my allows them was getting caught by the police breaking into the veterinary clinic is still. Can demean and. It amazes my. Boy. Many ads man and a barber to all that stuff and rejected the new over fueling of the world like I guess you lost your veterinary technicians license after that one I knew it was going to be kept me. Why else would look at everything else is for summing it's a smaller animal so unless it's horse tranquilizer in a veterinary senator unless you're taking on. Both lines of whatever they tell you got man's dog and cat it's thirty pounds sixty pounds I guess how many. OP Lloyd you give that drug is just not gonna measure out based on weight. So if you got to go big or go home if you're gonna do it one of those clinics but did you that they usually give effort to kill yourself over the first sixty pound ball and public Internet to your pound man. I don't think it's a good idea but I'm saying are this probably get really really high but not not be dead like you know I get the euthanasia stuff to back. Now not my dogs on like some kind of just mind altering drug is supposed to knock the living hell out of a but it was a ligament difference but it's the same it's the same name as a human drug. Think the same thing you give you a dose like half of ABC my mushrooms now now he's he's like a million Maddux Helio was I think he's like guns and Texas Democrat. You know not decline that there's a new one out that'd even know about them they told me. What are you for puppies and dogs just humans I'm not like xanax there have been mocking prayer. But like I was somewhere where I've kind of stressful thing happened at there was a guy need to pop whatever they have it with a yes housing what is that thing there like if that is an. Yeah hey thank god because those everything wrong fields and let's. He floats. I would have to make you finally heard your last at 844999. Mile honestly I haven't seen that story. OK and I I was drinking and somebody I didn't know within X was somebody gave me one night completely blacked out Gaza garnered it a good on ever mix and those two things did they tell you what it was supposed to do at least two regions like give me a bill doesn't knock down and in. I don't now what how over her it was sold to me seem like a good idea sure at the time and I it always is about the bill normally yet normally yeah they are having faith nor will it really it was bad you know like one of those wake up. Outside of the city. Got half naked in like to close the well I'm I'm a fairly good bit hot tub party get really hands it. At at and I know did you really. I yeah I don't think he'll lie to me reckon it's what you've been told. You could do drab off Karl. At all at all and Carl gov Blagojevich writes don't you write to gap to fuel. What don't what Abbott and you violin earn your left today for far 999 cola hello bill welcome to the men's room. Old. Yeah. I get good afternoon bill our user. I'm not too bad and got column about your yesterday's question and today because that made a portal of the port decision. I made it back in 190 load that 94 I believe. Down in San Diego California goes in the navy and I got pulled over. Been drinking out my brother and well long story short the top let me get the and he said don't watch very against. You know that's a veteran and made the right. Retired navy now let's get. So did you realize that we're on in a San Diego today is all your friends out there and everybody that knows the drug you are listening to this. Yeah well they all know. Jeff yeah he's the navy guy that got drunk the engagement zone and you only now I'd say I don't know David the reason for that is that the top candidate Obama. Unable to. So I get pulled over and the top Vietnam ahead. Given the set actually give them my card he's listed here I'm not gonna dress. There are here regular rate decision we're at a restaurant I went and my brother and I create. And I help you build a better life killed out in my pocket I got. The other side of the car keys for whatever reason I had my my wife's. And I'm like you know I'd like to stay in that killed near it I'm only about mile map away from home. I can make it no big deal. My Brothers like not bond is called cabinet might do but go we. Well. So they got the car. About three blocks down the road but I don't. Same cop. Yeah Ali who's playing foray wind at least you gave him your car keys of course he's waiting to see what you gonna do after that. Nevada and learn how much Rebecca Diddy Diddy you. All that other envelopes that Larry. Earned involve like yesterday's question is where I actually got to rest didn't invent the first time but then as a suspect. I stay outside present them costing all altogether. You know fortunately enough back then that was 1984. And plus being in the may be that kind of hold me comes. I did community service. I don't spend like eight hours in jail that night it. And it only man I mean let the split hairs but if you're in the military aren't you already kinda doing community service. Like I hit a litter all facade of the robot a believer in the military leader total lunar orbit and violate that is community service something the absolute took a I did they have to do something different but what happens as far as punishment from the navy itself of that civilian law but the go back I can't imagine your commander was the world that you got to do you are. No doubt that loads at a different time there was almost borderline. During those years because. I'd seen people getting hammered and then depending on what kind of person you were in you know the workers and I was pretty squared away I'd made a bad choice that night and I didn't get in any trouble with the navy. Now look terrorists that you gutter ram you have to go back a handful of years and in Montana A Vista driver around with a beer opener and your car out. A man Brett and that's within ten years it's still doesn't even seem realistic and to think you could hear drunk aegis you could you could have a beer if you want to be drawn to me doesn't mean your dream legitimate ovitz container your car. More than likely your dream to run for the time being I think editing and then when they fought it and after they made illegally I doubt that that you can't do that ought to. We're on our air. What's the rule I understand an open containable what's ruling to be able bottle Jim beam just damage around but I had not brought I get that apple that's gone sort of an open but you know as high as it is. Of again it's free and giving me legal advice no offense any of my friends I don't trust you but. You've gone like parties were like out what pellets is bring the rest of the right to go on to grab whatever you've got thorn in the Carnell lake. If we get pulled overweight. Am I gonna be way up s.'s create. In Atlanta hey man this is an open model we know it's not physically open but it has been open. Alcohol drink consumed a mean do I could drop ads on how drunk you are in the car if I'm not broken bones man I'm the guy who won't nobody's house he likes Jim beam this is. You're not drunk I think they'll probably be fine that we got a cops stop me wants I have like there is a empty beer cans in the back seat but it was like 11 AM and he was like I know you're not properly. Clean out your car right he's part of but I can buy had had a few beverages he probably wouldn't charge but did you. Opened beard and a six tendered and keeping your kids in the backseat let that screens that you had been drinking and call. Throwing it doesn't mean you war does not mean you were but to me it does and say Obama Koppel ago. There's no booze on either one's breath quote one of these guys as empty beer to insulate them backseat yelling don't go to McDonald's. Each or McDonald's and McDonald's put it all brown bag it figured out front to back. Your car and mr. arrive at that hour. You eat it it it if you take McDonald and I'm going to drive there you are your food throwback. Probate Obama talked like you and I think I had not been drinking all the Libya and I believe people. Other people in my car actually I didn't even know they were in. I own just you know you are a heated up last Tuesday temperatures again you know you have a peek at that national. The worst is when you don't know and I we've taken for a couple years ago. Flew from one place to another and once again airport. People might be so paranoid like I got enough and I'm not going to be up to no good at least not clear how old are you up to no good is whose land. I was probably up to no good up until the flight but man. Not gonna don't think so. We've flown to San Francisco. We go to the bar where our 10 in the morning or something refined as Irish bar and had a B twelve holes. A roller drink can were celebrating the fat release ever Cisco we're gonna go see Metallica later this is pretty cool experience we had. But when we come to settle up on the tablet everyone pitch him no problem over my wallet and there's a joint public. Holy path to liberalize and are remembered I'd got that the night before. From a listener whose we've had to spend the night before we fluent to a certain Cisco. I look at my while normally Jesus Christ mean there there is that African joint in my while nothing is. Had they noticed it when it like anything the polar in my pocket threaten the bucket goes to the scanner. I'm not worried about it at all because again I don't know what's there and I realized even if they TSA pulled me aside as the sir. The number one and while I'm ballot bowl pat I mean I would have been out of Italy you know that and then they would have opened in public. Oh yeah. Am I bad that was that it's weird to get in that post to your adrenaline. Went hand search they can point Jesus Christ and they've been hit me with every African federal charges can come up. They obviously there's a good lesson plan I was trying to Miami wants. And the guy in May be animals apart at the airport there for a wedding. And yet here is give any drugs on in Vietnam and we smoked and now it's. And I music over here and really mean a little room starts houses they had I'm from the state of Washington it's legal there I was just making a joke and they're like it's not funny dude did I also up. Arizona I had an idea to those they did beverages. You learned your lesson did you did it if I said the same thing to do was done the same thing to me. What the hell they tell you ended Denver airport they want discover hands or something the one game over and it's random ha ha sickest thing but she's the type guy Schwab company and along comes over she was very close. Dirk crunches. Circuit we go we squadron had a salute when you can't Melissa would you lobby for. If you so it's her I would like to Schwab had little we've we've covered this salute them and Europe federal employment could come on my paycheck I'm being mean master question expect an answer. What is it that you like to swap him for. Some bomb making materials it took Jessica about to look for drugs so I just O clock rule. What's that stimulus walk through. Yardage through security that went right no no hello on the Euro and an apple. Air were right either one of us that that man beautiful and RS out somehow. Maybe have a little better delivery of Frontline that's what we're not funny yes exactly the type except that I is that timing thing is really good luck heats up she did around and a gentle. Like I can't believe he's battling it out we'll get a whole life that now may have wee hours about that so you get him out there at the end of the men and I have it. What's I would have and you finally learned your lesson a 44999. All of our accounts coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. So John is not a return on dead vs the FCC and yes we will drink and tells the shot of the day is coming up as well our question today a one out and make you finally learned your lesson 844999. A lot. Public comments here it says one diplomat from Greece ten years ago after I got through customs I had to go to a special area to pick up my bags. When I got there they were Schwab my bags and swab my hands afterwards I asked what they were checking for same as thrilled they were searching for bomb making materials. A brother or check you for Lahoud vowed to weed out brought with me in order to smoke dope I was threatened beast of that to go through all of that and still gotta make my flight from JFK back to the West Coast and under an hour. Course I sat on the tarmac for two hour for the crying baby sitting behind a wedge and takeoff. Into some and then this guy and. I wanna say if you're a guy and you have had sex at a very good chance you have been in this horrible. Horrible horrible situation. I learned my lesson not to buy it restroom condoms after one broke on me when I was a team that are what the performing rhythm method of speak by Grover was crying freaking out says Trojan all the way now and listen. I feel like every condom because we've all had that thing where either having sex and when you're done economy is broken or events say so when you're done the economy is no longer attached to your penis and a but I appeal in a moment that happened to be a built in soundtrack producer. And you know and a moment hey we gotta stop for a second to that I've had that experience myself and it is. It's not you know it's not quite a good ticket with freaking out too late or McGovern covenants like well we know ordered it is made and you don't like. It's like initially you just cannot figure that you know how to use the condom to your little president is correct form a scale like when year. Guy now like we nearby and organic peanut butter you don't mean. You don't really lead that read a label on it you realize that he that are very economy to or manly don't you bring in peanut butter wine label. You don't read labels to follow farmlands just get its act aren't usually connect the dots between condom usage I sure am and bring him what he wants Nova Scotia okay Cyrus organic peanut butter right. You and I have does that group have probably end zone delicious again. I don't put in the refrigerator. If ought to read the label it says quite clearly refrigerate after all. Next time I gotta make a peanut butter jelly sandwich which I do I use that peanut butter I get sicker than hell chore. I never read the label I didn't realize is this refrigerator after opening it been few months ago but here's the difference is definitely a condom in your daily got a letter. I know how the use of time the show I'm not saying I'm fantastic about it but I don't use the column it's that and the condom maybe have a small penis but it was no longer attached economic severed occasion it had broken and that's the way it. Hey don't go reasonably and appeal for news is common duty thing and put Obama so what I did was I was. I did like you buy condoms at home with my mom. And my stepfather. So I put my thought about who do I put my condoms underneath the seat in my car. Any quite clearly says on the box as far as the do's and don'ts of condoms you can not keep them in extreme temperatures can be a really hot plays out. Can't be in a very cold place now I never read the box I did not follow the instruction sure. So they kept breaking one after enough how many did you go look at dozen of them probably five or six in July figured that this is just a duke this is a bad boy is this like five or six in a row oh yeah they just kept breaking like even his right it was a little girl Aaliyah. Oh just didn't try to put a marked his team trying to put Monica were snapped it started to here guard targets Abdul 120 degrees had nothing to do with that was just the fact that Arnault the heat had completely ruined these things and I didn't realize it. And then ran a Mike. On loan lung cancer of the dollars and had no idea how they'll think it's a stretch of the organic peanut butter Dem I didn't read the instructions but you obviously you can have been IKEA I mean there's like him really well enough that you have but I don't millionaire but I've never filed as you all united you who has never messed up like different if you would. You've never most of I don't know maybe even leave an extra screen he adds I think I got is that literate thing when them they intentionally give you nice and screwed just remind you when you're done and then the little thing I'm supposed to attack into the wall so that they won't fall over which you know whenever you have never done it yet. Addressing it might do it. Cincinnati is continue. The mix for radio.